Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 03, 1909, Page SIX, Image 6

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' .'. ... . Jitnit'n sheimaii
I'Iiiihi di'r ('. Knm
Prv-'i-nt . ...
Vli- I'rrai.t. in . ..
SetT ' ' "
(itiin .1 I r.-aanrjr
SeorwitM W'ar
llorni v (.i iHTiil
oamiaaUT li.'iK-ral
iKTvtarviil Nar
....Franklin M-Vi.nh
... Juiiii I. I'ifk ii'"ii
ii'oriti W . WW-lnMahain '
Frank H. Hltclu'mk
Cft-orK Vu I.. Mi'trr
. Kit-nanl A llitnii.'r ;
tVrri'iiirv "I
ri.iilMir ,imi w HK..1
(crromrv oi l onnnfM
,'hli'l l.i-tlrf .
Wapa ' t .rnt-r. I . S.
W P. I II I'.
. . lirlt' Ki'l
Miivl le K'liitt
vi umoii t'immtaanm--s.
1 jiii. I t muiniM"ii
(Jiri"r nf Slate
A 1 innu'V liolu ral
8ufi. runne lnirn'tlnO
la'M K.nxt 1'nm . . .
... K W H. n-t ,
K. . Ken
t,.o A. V.-.
A M. I'rnwlnt.1
J. II ,i m-rnmii
W s. Iu 11 1 Mill
i. w. ni.e
.1 iliu.ii Int.. lliinnr. .it
I, .i. A. 'imiiil'.-iii
t . i . Hw 1 1 y
. K r.iiw
t'oniiri -i"'
!ll I'hl'MK I y f.T
Chltt Juan.
V M ur
.1 K K .Hi!
-UTH iV'HH'1 t. l'ISTK"L
; n.tai.A riVK
i 11 il S-lltl 1
.. II Mr
II. 1 . I
H. A. 1
uki. 1'uiN rv
Jim... ..
I"r-'ir r.
CtHMil Slll
Survt yi
6t(H'k lllM" I'
V ( A II.' I
II..TI I V !
I; r. n '
:. V
.1 l.-i.rl
Jo i 'ii !
Kill., K llt'l
1'. "A. ti. '.ir:
tl. K. ll.ryMr.'
in. rrinutiix !
Hir-' Hili
. rui'iiiiii (
P. J. 1 i-.-s. t
J.$. Ln:ir )
. B. t-iiuter .
C mi '.ii.'fi
hi'i ir n :
.. VrciisuM-r
J.y. Wms.!.:
?rJ V. CroueiuiiliT
ixer 'U!
Kittm!.' C'tniiiitteniiii .
Muu.cirt! "
Agricultural i"
v. II.
K. M
L. K. i mm
. I', r. ..--.
w. F l ion? .
w iSi j
... i v. K. hrt i
RfK- u Heudqimrli-rs tor -'.re g
a o f. rv.-LAKEVIEW LOPC.E ML 111.
Meet everv srcouJ nd lourtb Tuurmlay ol
each moni'ti. in Ir.ic Hull. l.evit;.
Ch. Tonniiigea. W.M.: W m. t.nntlipr. F.
Ko. 77. P.ofH., A.O. C.W.. Mrtli first an.l
third Thursdays of each mohlh in Masonic
Hall: Llllie Harris; t". ot H.; uta Pracotut,
L. of H ; Mary Post. C. of C; trrah t. arret!
I. O. 0. F -LAKEVIEW LODCE, No. 63, I. O
O F., meets everv Saturday evening in Odd
Frllows Hall, at 7:80 o'clock, from October 1
to April Land at 8 olcloclt Irom April 1 t;
eeplembt-r 30. A. E. Cheney, . ti.; t. t.
Cheney, Secretary
0 o f LAREVlfcvv em AMi Mt.s'l No. l.
I b. b.F., meets the first nd third Thurn
?yveniuit.ofewli montu ir ,y'
Had. Lakeview. C. D. Arthur, C. 1 ., . n
Hi mmersley, Scribe.
T I O. O. F., meets the second and Inurth
Fridavs of each month in Odd Fellows' Hall,
-Mil. J. L. Heryford, V.G.; Mrs. Ida Hery
ford, w. G. ; Mrs. M. D Moss. Secretary; Mrs.
L. J. Magilton, Treasurer.
view, Oregon, Meets on Tuesdsy, on or be
fore full moon aud two weeks thereafter, in
Masonic Hall, at 7: Ju o'clock.
Visiting members are cordially invited.
IDA I'EBACH, secretary
first Suudsy in each munth, .re bitig.t 11
a. m. Aside from this, preaching every sun
day at 11a. in. and 7:30 p. m. at Lakeviaw.
Siindav School at 10 a. m. Lf"u; at6::i0p.
m. p'raver Meeting Thursday 7:30 p. in.
Ladies A'id Wednesday 1 :3U pi m. Choir
practise Friday 7:30 p m.A cor ljal invita
tion isLXteuded to youu. J
I. C. PARKER, Pastor.
Preaching service al 11 A M and 7 . P M on
1st and 3rd Sun. Sunday Schixd at 10 A M.
Junior S..tie;y at 2:30 P M. Baptist Young
People'i L'nlnn at 6:30 PM on each Sunday.
Praytr Meeting at 7:30 PM Wednesday eve
niug. Every body invited to atteud all ser
vices. ' Pastor.
and Beuediciion at 10 o'clock a. m. Sunday
school after Benediction. Week day M- at
(:30 a.m. 1. A VASTA, s. J.
al New Pine Creek, Oregon. Prt-aebiwg r
vicei at 11 A M and 7 :3o P M of each Sunday
of everv mouth. Sundav School at 10 A M.
Prayer Service at 7:30 on W ednesday eveiiinr
of each weed. All are Cordially iuvitcd to
lteud he services.
Attorney at Law
Ijtltevlr w, Oregoa
OFFICE-balv Buildm.
Attorney '.at ' Law,
Laud Matters Hpeclalty
OFFICE Daly Building.
Land and Law Of i Ice
Abstractor of Titles
EiDtallshed IBM
Lakeview, Ore-
Attorney at Law ;
Office: Over Bank of La view
Attorney at Law
Office la Daly Building
it eg on
Thf AlnlCd -
m m m - -
Exposition Opened
By President Toft
i Thee
i mHoh,
Aliiski Y ikon Ptcitli' Kipo
as will sirni fro n h sot-finl
. ill., a hi.n is now open to I no ihiimii'.
j is international in scope, being
devote I tt"r.' especially tn the inter
e-t of thi" I'sciHe Northwest, on lint li
Hide of Un' boundary bit ween mil
i . ii.i: .1.
the lintel States mi. l me itiiihii
,,o,.-ea.-io if, ..ii. 1 in tliH. rtl.tu-t will
lie u rivol:i:io! tn tio lu'oplc of tli
iolii Wll.M'lt'll illtTKlt H niiini
i,t i in t f uii.lfr!nkink nil t'i"
i j r.' i" ifi i' ' i " " '
.Hi k'll' 'itTi U Of ' Iu Hurt.
1(. i . ! ill llt t!,i riifllio
a, tliiii veiir tlmn In miiv I'lf
tlv vi-ur ,1'orioil." unys .luuif n
u I. inuvii r i t KiH iirtiinii ot
No It
til.' .
) i
ly t!
,k.l 1 l.kl'll I'lU'lIU' f.pxosii ion
, . . . 1 1 , - i. in in tnll 1 1 ir-t i !!'
tullj jiilill'' I
i ft ir
from our rsn ili('
tin' Iftt "r.- 1 ffk-rivi-
mi I I tu
tl . ! t.ll
r','.'rt tor tin- ruii-i'.ni
rii'.roti is uti.i tdfir loni'i'
... i a it I Ml'iiit'Hi'oli-.
II. HI.-. '
:,r i i. i
i i:.:l.iin
i.'t l ire i n i'n' ii ii i
i ll'll l lll'!-l I.H'.I t. i
!i I nil tlif i'-i
,1'llio Norlli
ill j ;iss tliroiuti 11" It it"
' lie ( r.ilKll If t'Xtfllt Ot ttll' UIOtflllflH
I i3 -reiitir iuoreiw i l .v rrports fr ;n
all the other Hiii t'itios of the L'liite I
States. More put.lioltj liu 'eo wiven
Ulie Alu.-kit VilKOil I'm i'io hxpuMti ill '
: inrii k' the five nioulli tlmn iM!
. H t1 El nil e X I o.-
mi rxio.-itioii Ht'l I 111 IMS
i-iiuntrv since 1'hiciii.o. r.iistein
railroad otlices report h more neut ral
ljipiuy ttmu wan made oonceruinkt
unv't exutiMtion. Tl'f move-
tuett ii hlieady on. His estimated
lrhn ti-.llx- U.itx' nw people have
lonuie to Wnshinnton. Oregon
I l.iati.. and I'.ntifh Columhia,
since i
ittl'-K ! March 1j. largely drawu hither by
,Ml "r'the iilti.utite hoiut-.seekei 's rHtes.
II t.:o 1 . ... . ,,,, i,.,i,w uiili
.uui rue i la: iui-ruirin ..a..,.. ......
ttia Mrst iIht of the exposifiou raies hlj y,,, Workot explnilittiou we
have put the Fueitle Northwest to the
front w ith lbs exposition n.t a leat
i feature of a tnu this year, .xm our
visitor tu a huudrsd who couien to the
I exposition ehonl i be lacking ceu
' eral iuforaiatlon couceruiuit con li-
tioud aod ipportuuitlen lu this ami
the borderiuif 8ttes and the province
to the north. This worn has been
most effectively advanced by the
publicity and the passenger depart
menta of the railroads and 1 waut to
say that the Northwestern repreeenta
lives of the various liues are the most
active, euerpetic aud helpful bunch
of men that ever got behind auy eort
of project.
The Exposition is complete ud
ready. Atteutioo has been drnwu
from every quarter of tbeKlobe. The
i visitors and hotuei-eekers are comm.
! bv tens and hundreds of thouiiHndsi
and it is up to the people of all parts
0( te Pacific Northwest to give them
a welcome worth while..
June 2d,
190y. FromDtlv at twelve o'clocK,
on the first day of June, President
William U. Taft pressed an electric
key in the CaDitol at WashmtKon. aud
the Alaska-Yukou-PaciUc Exposition
was formerly opeuert to the Kleata
from every uart of the world.
Th opening exerciaea weie con
ducted in the presence of a quarter
of a million ceonle. These impressive
icere-uouies were hell in the immense
' natnral ampitbeatre on the shore of
I Lake Waebiniiton. 'Ibe enormous
crowd stooa silent ano aweri as inese
! solemn w or Is of Invocation were
I uttered by the Ristht Reverend liiahop
! Edward J. O'Dea. Bihsop of Seattle.
Not a ttug or Btrip of l)iintin flutter
led from the thouasnd Ha statfs aud
idumen; the entire exposition city
j awaited with suppressed eaKerneas
! the the touch of the President's hand.
With th- tiri-t stroke of the bei'
aunouncinK the arrival of h)h noon,
the deep 90undiui whistle soundini;
whils. from the University House
Poer taken from tne Russian Uun
boat that announced the transfer of
Alaska to the United States years ago,
Bave response to the IJash from Wash
inton, and every wheel of the expo
sition machinery was set in motion,
it was the signal for general paude
mouiutn; from every whistle, bell
and iiren of the great manufactories
aud steamers the sound was taken up,
and the great throng gave vent to its
witheld enthusiasm. Prom tne top
of a giant flagstaff two huudred aud
fifty feet in height, the largest
American flag ever made, broke loose
and the exposition city was buried in
a cloud of nags, banners ana gaily
colored bui.tiog.
Over the blue waters of Kll lot nay
came the thundering salute of twenty
one guns fiom the ships of the Ameri
can Navy, and re-echoing this raug
back the answering reply from the
it . Jf a.U
gum muzzles or ine guns 01 iue
The program marking the most im
portant happening of general interest
ever held in the Northwest, was par
ticularly elaborate and interesting.
Its commencement was announce by
the firing of the National salute from
the guni- of a mountain battery sta
tioned on the grounds, and this was
the signal for the movement of the
military tnarcb hnd review. Thin
was made up nf one thousand regular
tioops, two batteries of mouDfaio
and eoastjartlllery, two companies cf
cavalry. Ijattailons of marines aud
blue jacket from the navy and two
companies of marines and sailors
from the Japanese Cruisers Aso and
Soya. These were drawn up in parade
rest just bank of the ampitbeatre.
The formal program opened with
the playing of America, by Jnnss
Rand at eleven thiry ; this was follow
ed by the invocation by Rlsbop O'Dea
which was brought to a close at the
exact minute of iwelte.
The add ret of welcome was deliver
ed by Dirctor Uenreul 1. A. Nadeurj
and following this march, Gloria
VVasbiotgoo, the official exposition
march was rendered for the first time
tn public. Further addresses were
made by Hon. Hir James Hryce,
Rritisb Embassador to the United
States, Jas. J. Hill. President of the
Great Northern Railway Company,
Congressman Kodauburg aud after
heso.'iit of t!n AlunkH Yukon
I'Ht'itlo Kxpocition. '. 1 t'liillur!.
tiirne. I tho oomplet exposition over
to ttio people i't the city an.l t-tntn
The lieiM'ilii'tioii whh tiroiionnoe.i
by Kiwlit Ueverevil I'reilerii'k W.
Ki'titiT. liUhop ot Olytiipiti. iiinl
I'lono.l the oeromonieH of onti iiitf.
A iiutkiiiitU'ient ilinplay of ilnylii;lit
Mre works folio -oil the throwinu open
of the fnir, Hii.l tills was oont liiue.i
thrmiL'hout. the Hfteriloon. With the
close nf the piocritin. h luncheon miih
serve. I to ii lt in k!U ishe.l (.'Hosts Mini
us Htteiiili'l I'V in imy prom inent
' n lii'i mm. I k'iMitleuien uutsts ot the
ex po-it inn iMiintikonit'iit. In tlo1 ive
nini; Hii.i o.'IIcihI luiiniiiet whs leioli r
el visit i:i.: .1 iw'n it or ies lit which shurt
iilliessi's were ili'hviMe.l ly tl o k'nv
prnor 1. 1 Wiishmuton. Mnyi r of
Sriltle. visit lui! itove'liors l.l.l II lllini
, ber of ilist incuislii-.l visitors.
The O! en li'k! nf the A lilskil U knn
! l':iciti.- I , posit ion wms wnitliv ot Ine
' nocHsioii. Tlie piesentlnc tf the
norl 1'- fnir. comi'lettt niul tlnlsheil
w is dii'iie t tiintf reumi kMl le tu expn-r
Hon history, ion! wheii Ilie lnr pr..
sente I tin I jiifiille.l the clitinis of its
hull lei's, nini in i I 1 .i..i the i' pe. In
ti.iiis .! luM i i ki the iiinst I i mi I it n I
ex luisi t urn ever luiilt, tne
entfiiisi.isni of the lniuinllt"s
west I hi i futllcieiit t".iiiM
in. I in al
lit ,'iul
No ScrJ ol IVom Khrunint i-ni
It is a mistake to ulluw auv mm to
mifer from rt eiiuuit ism, as t lie pul.i
cn always. ! n-llevetl, Hiid in most
cases a cure eltccted by aopltinii
CliHniUtTlain'8 Liiiimenl. The to
ll"! fi.uii pain which it all iris is
alone worth many times its cost. It
inaki-s sleep hii.I rest luissl hie. Kvi-n
in id loiikj stand HU luis lini
meut slinul I he used oti dcciuint nt
the relief hich i atfords. 1V not I
il iscniiriu'.'.i until you hare k'iveti il
a trail. Kor sa-e by Paly A Hall.
N OMAN 1 1 1 K W A I I k -;SS.
"A wouiau." reniarked the wise!, "is always waiting for a tins- '
"How do you iU'tire 'hut oir? '
ijueried the iutete..ted hpluister. i
"If she isn't married, she is wait- ,
inK to Ket one, aud it she is, she's i
always waiting 'or him to come
home." Chicago News.
l or a 5prlntJ Ankle
As usually treated a si raiued ankle
will diaable the injured person tor a
month or more, but by applying
Cbamberlaiu's Liniment and observ
riutt the directions w itb each bottle
faithfully, a cure may be elfected in
many eases in less than a week's
time. The linimeut is a most re
markable preparation. Try it for a
spram or brume, or when laid up
with chronic, or muscular rbeuma
tim, aud you art certain to be de
ilKbted with thea prompt relief which
it aflords. For sale by Daly & Hall.
Lawyer (cross-exauiiniug) Von
testified that 'iiss Smyth" was walk
ing in her sleep. How do you know
she was asleeD?
Wituess Well, a mouse ran across
the floor, right iu trout of her, and
sue never even Jhatted an i-ye. Chi
cago Tribune.
Born In Iowa
Our family were all born and raised
Iowa, and have used Chamber-
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Uiarrhoea
remedy (made at Den Moines) for
I years. We kuow bow good it in
from experience in the use of it. In
fact wtien in El Pami, Texas, tin
writer's life was saved hy the prompt
use of this remedy. We are now
engaged in the mercantile business at, Fla , an.l have introduced
the remedy there. It has proved very
sucessful and is constantly growing
in favor. Ennis Rros. This remedy
is for sale by Daly & Hall.
"There Is quite a scandal tn town
because an elderly man of science
was chasing a butterfly."
"No harm in that surely."
"Well, there might bo. It seems
the object of his quest was a tociety
butterfly. " Birmingham Age Herald.
Sure Nipple
Any mother who has bad experience
with this distressing ailment will be
pleased to kuow that a cure may be
effected by applying Chamberlain's
Salve as soon as the child is done
nursing. Wipe it off' with a soft
elotb before ailowing the babe to
nurse. Many trained nurses use this
salve witn best results. For sale by
Daly & Hall.
He The major is going to be mar
ried again.
She Whj, when his wife died be
said that the light of his life bad
gone out.
He There's no reason why he
shouldn't strike another match is
there? Illustrated lilts
Stomach Troubles
Many remarkable cures of stomach
troubles have been effected by Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
(Jue wan who had spent over two
thousand dollars for medicine and
treatment was cured by a few boxes
of these tablets. Pi ice. 'ir cents.
Sample tree at Daly & Hall's drug
The area under cultivation In the
Soudan was 1,423,U71 acres, an in
crease of 115,3'i9 acres over 1SXXJ. The
Soudan irrigation service, lu addition
to its work connected with tne var
ious projects for increasing the water
supply of Egypt, is also engaged In
the proposed oanaliztion of the
Uezlra, which will bring under cult i
vation large tracts of fertile soil for
the growth of cereals and cotton.
A Thrilling Raacu
How Dert R. Lean, of Cbeny,
Wash., was saved from a frightful
death is a story to thrill the world.
"A bard cold,' be writes," brought
I on n lenpfrt lun tronlil Oust
iliiirie.l hii expert iluctor her. Then I
h'nl fid to tlb H tlslt to m Iiiiim hpec
allst III SptikHiiit. who illil nut. help
line. Then I went to fill iforiiiH, Imt
w ithmit Iihim III. At Inst Iuhk I Pr.
Ixlnu's New )t .'sovery, which colli
pli tely cured ine au.i now I hiii hs
welW n ever. " l'ir l.uiw Trouhle,
llronchltl. I'liuBlm mul (lul.U. Antli
uin, froun hiiiI Mioo'iK Couuh lt
Hiuiieine. ,"itv hiuI II. (0. Trlnl
Imttle free, tiuiiritntee.l ly A. I.
"All the wor (I'm a stat'e."
'Hut you never hih n crowil of ixiiln
haiwuik' iiroiiu.l n holler faclorr to
watch the mat lion l.lnls come out."
I ,iiu i sv i lln Courier Jouiuul.
X'umrn S hn mrt t'nvlril
Thnse attractive woiikii who lire
attractive in the lace, tnrui uihI tem
per me the envy of ninny, who m In tit
he like 'hem. A wciik, MoUy woiiihii
w ill lie sickly ami li I Kiilil... Constl
1 1 1 1 1 i.'ti oi Kiilney poismiH hlniw in
pimple?, l lochi's, skin erupt lotus hii. I
a wrt lcheil complex'on. r'or nil such
l.lectric Hllters wnrk wntnliMs The
rck'nlate stomach. Liter an.l KnlnnVs.
inn it v l he l; k'lve stroiii; m i vrs
hriuli ' eyes, pure preath, smouth
Velvety skin, lovely ciuuplex inn.
Many chain inn wtuncn owe 'heir
health ami luiiuty to them. ""V at
A. I.. T l.i 'I'll t r n 's.
Tin; i;n. i:ai. mdtdkist
Mis. t in-;- ip - I'hey tin say that h r
Illinium. I h'ls ac.piireil IncuMintiir at i
Mis I'aivemie - I don't think much
nf I tmse cheap cars; in jr tin t mini has
an imported tine Smart Set
Coulil N..I he llrtlrr
(on has ever made a salve.
ni nl in i i , li.tiim or I ;il in tn iMii: i,u e
ivith liiickleu's Arnica Salve. Its
I lie ni:e tu ifect healer nt lnt, ('urns.
Hoi lis, Itriiises, Suits, hi'alilft, HiiIIh,
I'lceit, KtVeuiH, S.ilt KheiiMi. Km
role eves Cul. I Si res, Cliai I c I llaui'.s
l supreme. Infallible f.H' pi.;i l -s
Only -."c at A. I.. Thurutoii's.
iin; ih.m .mi Ft ut vi'i'i.i: wood
The ri'iif lie. nan. I fur apl lr
fur the manufacture nf saw hau.ll.'s
ha- been n I'l'eclutp I by the lara't'
number of farmers n ho have lust their
orchards through the ravages of the
San Jose scale. Iluyeis have been
uoliig through New Jeresey niakinu
temptltiit ntliTi tor the Umber lu
some case farmers IiaveJ.fninnl it
mure to cut down u .l treis
that are not prolific rather than de
pend upon an uncertain crop in the
There are many Imitations of De
Witt s Carb illed U'ieh Hazel Salve
DeW'itt's is the original, lie sure
you get DeWitt's Carbolized W itch
Hazel Salvo when you ask for It. It
is good for cuts, burns and bruises,
and is especially good for Piles. Sold
by Daly A Hall.
French business interests in the
We.ttern Sound have grown until the
telephone has become a necesisty.
Hundreds of natives are uow engaged
in stringing telephone wire to the
Niger aud down that river to Tim
buktu. We do not know of any other pill
that is as good as DeW'itt's Little
Early ttisers, the famous little liver
pills small, gentle, pleasant and
sure pills with a reputation. Sold by
Daly A Hall.
"Cordelia," ordered the teacher,
"throw that gum iu the waat bas
ket I"
The pupil's face grew scarlet but
she did not stir.
"If you do not put that gum iu the
waste-basket immediately I will send
you out of the room," said the
teacher gravely.
The girl walked reluctantly to the
desk. "I can't, teacher," she con
fessed; "its' ma's gum au she'll lick
me if I come home without it."
Success Magazine.
By Special Arrangement with the
San Francisco's Leading Daily
Lake Ogunty Examiner
Is Enabled to offer Old and New Subscribers
The Lake County Examiner, per year
The Bulletin, Dully, per year
Both Papers, one year,
This in extraordinary ofTer and may la- withdrawn at any time,
we suggest that all old subscribers in nrrears pay back accounts,
that they may take advantage of this tsprcinl rate,
TUB HULMJTIN is famous from Coast to Coast lor its fight in
the defense of good government, and is read by more people dai
ly, than the combined circulation of nil the San Francisco dailies.
You w'll appreciate the value of this offer when you consider that
any of the other San Francisco papers will cost 8.00 per year.
; Wi furnish the most complete Camping Outfit lor ttia money iter offered to tin public
, Wc liavc iiimto i. piuioliHU to hirnluli lite ( luvrrnniriil mnl nil ilrnlrrs nml hi IIiuh ol
j Hulls i.l hoi. I (is will m luiiilinn, hsliinc mnl niininj; pnilii with a ' t
I it hhlii weight inl i.'iiM'niciit tmiipinii iniilil. Iliuii la a i- VuA,.,
li. a In (nrnisli I tin onl lit nl lust enst we tie . . " "V 1
ni(4 i'( n iiiiiviis la-il a
.link i ii tnmplnjl
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40 L. Jaakaon lllvJ.
Reliable Seeds
So much has iilirailv Itch uiil on the
iuipur'anrc f 1 . iiij your st t-ils fron.
a rt'lc il-.,!cr -h;itto r. pet it isonl
v:is'e of wnr.i.a l'ltvi. St rJs have
proved thtrr wtirth our incrcav
- tS, ing lu:s :!.;. is protif ituicrtl th:c
f V''X merit alone ha nude the
lSVVv C bus.
U. Lilly Co. forr
V itict scrdatiirn no tfir 1
I'ucific Coast. Srnd
VA, frraal..Bp 120
'V. irjtrd.di-
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am ii ii
ive '
ln temperance, " said lloractt Hlx-
by, the oldest Mississippi pilot, "Isj
what kills most of us olf. Onoo we j
fished out a passenger who hnd been
soaking in the river for ha'f an bom.
i When the whisky was brought, the
i... . ii.. i . ,
1 victim s lips moved siignuy, aim i
stooped to get bis last words.
i "Roll me on a bar'l fust and get
some o' this water out," lit; said
itaiutly. "It'll weaksu the linker."
i Success Magazine.
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;t h if;
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il ld in coo tinr ciisiiiiiu ti iho benefit or T7 1t31."
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M,,ir aul.ail.lfH I'm ny t.Oirr l4.l,,..n
iti.i;.iir -million ii" P . Ilw i"!' -. 1 '
r.l aHlr,, pill la, i,ii.m,mI,I,K, I.,, lull. IV,
plain arwlliK, I m. V Hffil rl..l. li lllJn aaii.j ,
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in AirnK. I'ii.IiI iiiiik pirmlum cjUIo;u
anil new raali pi.enllr.. Addteat
Til BcCAU CO.. WHIMH. 171 a 81.. HIW tela
M -m ItliiLn i ret III Hum- John. lTrend
where a scienl Iflc exreditlon explored
an extinct crater 2IKKI feet deep and at
the bottom they fouud the tones of a
prehistoric woman. How do;Hyu
account for it:
Mr. Hlnke-Oh that is Hr
accounted for. Martha. Von
woman Is at the bottom of e.eiy
thlug. New York tllobe.
Truulil rtakar OuaUil
When a sulferer from stomach
trouble takes Dr. Kiug'B New Life
Pi Is lie's mighty glad to see his
Dyspepsia and ludeglstlon fly, but
'more-he's tickled over his nwe, line
appetite, strong nerves, healthy
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.' (KI
;i on
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