Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 27, 1909, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    1.AKK CltlWTV AMIM'.K, l.M- KVIKW, OllKMOK, Tlll'KHIA, MAY 27. limn
The best possible Merchandise at the
lowest possible prices that's the policy
wo have followed for years and are STILL
AT IT. We want to satisfy our customers
and we know that their satisfaction comes
only when the goods are right and the
prices likewise. To sell you goods of the
the ruling forces in this business.
We direct your attention this week to
our particularly attractive new line of
Low Shoes for Men and Women. The
newest, snappiest styles in every respect.
If a pair of shoes purchased at this store
goes wrongwe are ready to make it
right with you.
to a lady who had reoelrod injuries
tu mt accident and closed with the
following: "At a Into hour hut
iilttht she n rcporteu Hfl lielnit tit
much paint, hut doing well
ciiiilit be evpecte I." .Inst wait until
the patient Is aide to call upon the
eilitor. !
Kiiberoir1 rooifng. utinrantoed 10
j yenr. Auten Hardware Co.
1 1 .). Fririkl went down to Altnras
! Inst week ami secured the Sherlock
! WOt. I lip.
HhII IHT WH'stS, tlit best to be hrtil
1 in any city, Mmo Co.
I Tna limns Times says : A sage
! brush waste ii year nun unit a field of i
iKrowlcg grain now Mint onlt make
the "tears" uriu with delight I tin1 :
record ot the Harney Valley settlers. ,
Mexican taniah's, hot. every evening i
at f o'clock. IMue (loose. IStf.
l!et your I 1 n m I i n mi l Tin Work
ilom nt lit niMi d V We do tlrst chins
work an i nuaratilce sut itaet ion. 11 !
The wool clip hi Mum iko w as pur
chased bv sealed hids, come if it go-
Watch this Space
For Bargains.
ing at -'J'i cents. The average price
was S cents larger than that received
last year by the growers.
"Look here hoy I dont' nee yon in
Sunday school any more. Pont' you
want to g.i to Heaven?"
"Aw. not vet !"' Portland Tele
Horn: Saturday, the 1- inst. to the
wite of I. I'. Ilulies, it daughter.
The Kdison phonograph ami 4-niin-ute
records at Thornton 'a. l'rico
?t0 and ?f.. 10-tf.
"Mabel! 1 in surprised at you,
j potting .mt your tongue at people."
i "it was all rik'ht, mother: it w
the doctor going past.'
If the real estate dealers ot Lake
county desire to reach the people who
are looking tor homes an ad. in Ttie
K.xambier will do the business. We
j guarantee a circulat ion of over --'V
which is ftil; increasing, in every
state in the I'niou.
Atkin's saws guaranteed the"llest"
iu the worl I. A ten Hardware Co.
man w ho
a pelican
will partition It otf Into bedroom '
and establish a Induing houe that
will accommodate ahotit. KHl people.
He intend putting In tlrst class an-
eomodatlons. It la an enterprise that'
is needed and will prove a prolltahle I
venture. He expect have the
pUce ready for btmlneM lu a very'
efiort time. '
All klnda Wire Netting and Ornl-j
lueiital Fence and Oaten at Her- I
tiard's. l'.-4 !
Horns Times : The first thing ton j
know those who are selling out. fruit
treees will he liuikiug moiiey trom ,
their foresight and hen you will wish,
you had set out an orchard.
tiar len Hake.-, Hoes, etc., at II.
ami M 's.
, Win (ireen. a thriving farmer nt '
Surprise Valley, has heeu in Altnras
'this week, and Informs us that very
little damage, if any, has heen sns
tained hy the recent coll weather.
He says there may he som patches in
jdilfereut have heen in
jured hv the froi-t, hut they are very
, scarce, and he looks for larger crops
than we have seen foi years in Modoc
county. i
La Mode - Special
Saturday May 29
For the above date only
Ladies' Muslin Night
Gowns, Drawers, Che
mises, Corset Covers,
At Cost.
A ii ten says that any
cannot tell a swan from woul 1 not kno.v the
d liter -
Mr.. I'enland and family are now
occupying the Moore house.
Judge lii attain has purcl used t h'
ltoone residence on Walter street.
Wm. V. Mong has orgnnied the
"The t'ooe fount y Stock Co. , " anil!
will play III all the towns of that!
county His many friends over here
will wish ti I in success iiuhoiiuded in
his new enterprise.
Fvanceli-t Marklami will he here j
the rest ot this week including Si.n- ,
day. and will give a course ot lectures
as follows: Thursday, nt .1 I'. M. to i
the married won en. Saturday
atfernooii to the young ladies oer il'
and under 101, and tn the men Sun
dav a'teinooii. .None n! m It ted with-'
out tickets, which on npplic it ton are
The 1'. S. Forest rv agent for the
Mod c reserve met a iiu::iher u: .
stockmen at Aduras ilurlin.' t'ie past :
week, to discuss range matters with
them. Much .1 Islact Ion evlsts m
regard to tins reserve, as the govern i
meat lias no timher upon it. and do
wnier L, dug owned t y private parties
the outside range is particularly of
County News
: ii .ttr r-
I t r
t he
I ani'h,
li'lh. Telegrams
direction trjilit
m -d
W ere
w it h
We have for sah "20 acres of land,
Id Klamath County. M mile west of
LaKeview, the most p.irt ot which is
mountain meBdow I.-nnl, witb some
pine timber on it. There is u cieek
rtovviu; throuLrii tliis tract Inir is not
used for irritr itiou, us t his land dues
not require irriiritio-i, there U-ing
surticient sut'-irrigati'iu to produce i
a g;ood growth of grnss. This is an
excellent property tor a dairyman,
or is first cl.iss pasture land l'rice
per acre. ?!2."i0. cash, lialance as
per state terms on school land.
We also have another school land
assignment for "20 acres, located in
the Warner valley, and is nch land,
hut excellent pasture laud.
This tract is lower iu elevation
than Lakevlew, hut there is no
water here for irrigation, and the
same would have to t.e u-ed either as
pas lire land or for dry land crops
The price o' ?4. per acre will justify
you in huyiuir this for a speculation
Half cash will handle the aliove prop
erty, the lialance as per state terms.
Further particulars regarding- eit li
er of the above properties will be
furnished upon application to,
euce between a w heelharrow and an , value to til national Kovernmeiit
to lease to i-toi'kilien.
New line of Fl iresheitns Oxford
Shoes at iiieber'a.
If you have an item of news, dont'
k' p it all to yourself, hut tell or j
phone the editor about it, so that1
your neighbors and the rest of the!
well I, can also he made so much the
wiser. I
Offices, Bank of Lakeview Building,
auto. Well don t they both no
wings, and what is ttie matter
wheels lor the latter?
Highest market price pah! for long
wool sin ep pelts, by the l.ukeilew
Merca nt t.e o. 1't f
A connects I bine print map of
l.iikeview is needed in these growing
times with the town full of strangers
making enuuiry as to tins or that
piece of propertv. Some one shou
gei busv and provide one to
tluatfcial benefit.
Paper! 1'aper! Paper! of all kinds,
Rosin sizing, P A II liuildltig, l)ea ieu
iug Felt an I Mooting. Prices right
at Ueruard's. 101
A. ('. Mills, wife and child, from j
Northwestern Kansas arrived in town i
. . i . . 1 1 . i .i , t
IHsl ween, ami are n wen, m.iw. ,..,v,,rJ ,,
be has decided to remain. He has .,.,' K-.,,,,, M
plove I on
appeal ed May
sent In evii-
locate Mi. ( ' h i e ii ni ;ii: , but with
soccers It was then I eat o I lie had
t ie! with play as he had quite a
sum of inonev on him. Hlstrict
Mtornev K uy kendall and deputy
1 n i 1 1 f Snider came nvei Thurn lav
to investigate and oil I'Vi'luy the
Ii i ii n i n ii ii was seen at Sal, deck,
seen miles north of Ijtikoview ami
Satiudiv moiiiing he took the south
em stage at Willow lam h. We hunted
l ir two davs f r the chinaman mi l
the next chink vour'n truly sees has
g'.t to light.
Facie. Ion Morrow to Lake
view to make lliial proof on his desert
claim. Win. Cooper mid I'. Morrow
and wife accompli) led 'ilui
('ill Iw. lU move I Ir'iui the ll.itey
ihlltll to the V liigtbl 'I run -h whein
tin y will make their lu'lile home.
Ask leiyd who they call (!onkie?
I'oin.'ny Ferris Imys a ranch, a good
one too, the I lodson ranch 'Mill a ten
loom llinl-e. Must be something do
ing Tom, eh. Iltive vim a k.'h iolma'
ii i ti or a merry w I low .
W. v. S. ('. bought the ('ameryii
I n well ot ,1. ( ' l)i dson.
Udl piactlce Siilldav, everyone la(
1 on hull. I t I leep Creek.
J H P. I'.iowne left Monday tor the
jiiolroa! wlele he will i t Mrs.
Hr mn mi I hts .laughter .Mildred,
I who are on their wav to Warner tit
spend a few en jnvalih' we"k
rented the skating rink bull. ling an I
Knsiness Locals or Reail-rs Insi-rn d in this
roiumn uf whatever ieseri ption lu ceHts a
liue fur t-aeh inscriiun.
The cla.sfiH-ii aivertinlru rolmns afford the
irrtaiest market fur used articles. Vou can
btaiu cash fur anything uf value.
L. L. Hopkins made Uncle Dick
KiDgsley happpy by bringing him a
wooden tray, made in China, on
whicn ia sculptured the lotus flower
Mud other designs dear to the Oriental
fctraw &tid Rag Hats at B and M's.
Most of our merchants have been
making improvements of an up to
date nature in their stores. Mr. Hie
Ler got in ouie of the latest designs
of show cases, and then JHailey and
Massingill and A. L. Thornton fol- j
lowed suit. Such enterprise is highly
commendable when we consider the
reat distance from the factory here,
and the cost of getiug such furniture
to Lakveiew.
The wool shearing plant north of
town began operationa Monday meru
it g and will continue until all the
clip is in the bale.
The schools will close this week
with not very satisfactory ratings as
to scbolarahip, due to several causes,
the chief of which were tha several
diphtheria scares.
The big fellows sometimis make
mistakes, too. A Quincy daily iu an
issue during the pant week referred
SO ft. Carden Hose u
Lawn Sprinklers, all kinds.
Lawn Mowers from ?5 up.
Scieeu Doors, all sizes, from 2 tip.
Window screeua, all sizes, from .'i5 up.
Uuildiug Material, full Hue.
Kuberoid Koofiug. guaranteed
i() years, J co-t of shingles.
Klue and lied Building Paper.
Water Motor Wanning Machines
Guaranteed to run od less water
Pressure than any other machine
M ade.
Buckeye Mowers, Peerless Hay Hakes.
Repairs for Buckeye, McUormick,
Deering Mowers.
Paints and Oils, Wood Stains and
Hilly Williams, the drummer evan
gelist. will be here .iunday J-.nie t'.th,
ami expects to remain until the '.'Jnd
The work of painting the Opera
House inside and nut, and kalsom
ing the First National Hank was dune
by Clark and Sterling.
The Adin Argus stays: We are in
formed that the Southern Pacific snr
working south
are now ecampeii
about four miles north of Lookout
and ar surveying south of Fug Lake
toward Full liiver valley. When all
The followin. were among the arri
vals nt Hotel l.akeview t he past week:
I . P. Derrick, Ke.l llluir, Culif: John
Ovens. Mi'es City. Mont: U. J.
des. Santa Ko-u, Calif; K. K. Boss,
e.llteno Okia; C. II. Weston. Poit
hind; I' in nk Mart, San Francieso ;
Duke Bennett, Warner Valley : J. I".
Kittuer, Santa llosa; Fred A. Stront,
S. !'; F. Lngles. S. F; Kobt. Dufur.
Snoonville L. Amest, S. I'; J. J .
Anson Los Angeles.
The Snider
The following ii''e arrivals at the
(ireen (iardn House for Ilia pa-t
week; Fdza Harrititgon, r.verelt.
Washington; ( leorge llnrrintgou,
('rooked ('reek; Joseph Bciuart,
iermany; W. V. Trotit'iian, Bedding,
Cailf. :(?. A. Laiimau, lieuo; !'. A.
l.'..,.Lrw..ll I. ,1.1.,, Mm - V I. 1.,rnu
. .1 I l, I..I.1 l...... I " - ' ' ' " -
"I IIIK miril'JJ KOI uniiu mm imi I j. , ,t , ()hll).
there will he no room letf for the! '
grass to grow. But dont' be alarmed I
they are nut built yet. j
It is cloudy as we go to pre-is and j D. c. Kenyon, of Klamath Falls was
looks like more rain. I in town Thtmday interviewing n
men In the Inteiesl of su
n l f tl, w.. r .".TTuT I business
,.,.nM u,i. 1,!,!.,, tin., ...i,l frlui forwaiding warehouse he
. ' , , .... i... ; estaiilished since the coming of the
people locating on ttie dovernmeiil i . . . ".. .
t I ... i nil piiti.l ffn thul r.lui'u If uoll Ink u
j 4 i
and Desert Claims
We have surveyed out, yJZrJ'T '
Sage brush land, soil as there is in this
This land can be irrigated at moderate cost.
Do Not Overlook
This Opportunity !
For this this is about your last
chance to secure a homestead.
We are the only firm in Lakevlew
that makes
The Location of Covtrnment Land a Specialty.
InfAHmrifiAn regarding these Government Lands promptly
llllOl nitlLlUIl supplied. Call at our office and see photos of
Warner valley. We also have homestead reinquishments and school
land assignments for sale, tour Scandinavian and German Spoken.
1 a n ii a. tvl.-.-r- .' -
Miss Irene Tull has ('isposed of her
photograph gallery to Northup A
Stickney, and wid leave Lakctie for
Medeford iu the Bogue Liver Valley.
Her father, K. T. Tull aud
brother A. B. arrived in town
Friday for her personal eilects. Mr.
Tull left here about a year ago. Miss
Tull will be mis-ed by her mauv
friends here, who w ish her success and
happiness in her new home.
Our lightning manipulate. Welch,
says that earthquakes iu North Dako
ta and.ioritaua, wtre also due here,
and that the only reason this section
so far has not received a visitation of
that HOit is because that earthquake
shipment in being made over the N.
C. O. and it is a little slow iu getting
Postmaster Miller is contemplating!
changes in the postolllce that will I
bring it to the up-to-date mark to I
meet the growing requirements ot the ;
town. He will take out nil call Luxes,
and replace them with IHl lock boxes, t
This arrangement will admit of leav-
ing the doors always open, ho thatj
thuso holding tioxes can obtain their j
! mail at any hour ot the day or night, j
j something that w ill be a great
' accommodation to the, business pub
I lie.
I The greased pig at the Link Sunday
! night refused to run. He knew the
j day and refused to labor. Conse
uue.utlv it was a very easy matter for
Buy Blurtou to catch him.
Pi of. Chas. K. Bice hail reorganized
the LaKeview band, and the boyH
are now practicing and getting ready
for the Fourth, New comers, or j
others who desire to join the band I
for practice or for the interst of the
town Hhould see Mr. Bice
railroad to ttiat place. It will be
great convenience to shippers here, j
and we believe the business men of j
Lakeview signed tip with the gentle
man to handle their freight.
of improved land on East
shore of Goose Lake. This
land will prtduce grain,
alfalfa or orchard has an
abundant supply of wat
er. $27.50 per acre,
McCleary fl Shauers
New Pine Creek, Ore.
I'iiii'I inl-s the lilif 'I hen I re iiU
Ing. Sniiil.iv Mght. Mit.v :iu
New Miohltie. .Vow Pictures. .New
I Iper.i eh ills,
s-iimet long; Specllll I be lirst Night
'Fire , it Lri nnd Other Cel. -Iirnt Inns"
Dm M ill'iv on l ues lay pnrrliii-,' l
(' W Dent's miel yeal'l'ug sheep
at per head and his U year old
wetheis for i? I. He also bought the
mixed y 'hi lings ot (i. L. Holbrook
furtfiT"'. Mr. Malloy Is in the mar
ket for more.
Supt. Jackson Is down from Paisley
this week attending to his school
me near you write your terms. Box
1H7, Portland, Ore.
four show cases, etnUlre uf A. L.
Thornton, Druggist, Lakevlew.
tamales at the Blue (loose. IHtf.
Green Garden
When you get to Lakeview coma to
the ( ireen ( iarden House. You will
Hud good, clean beds, and you will
ba made at home. Th (ireen (iarden
is a modern house aud Din'' will
treat you right. Opposite the M. K.
Bunch (1p Tussey
Commission Merchants!!
Week eliding TueHdiiy, Mn.v, 2, I'.liill
M anagrs.
For Particulars, apply to
Iny iiiuinlli, preelp mi'w j eliarunter
llalinn full nl 'In)
VVeTfT (i!Ti .11) Tum") ""(TtTi clwTr
thlir. (II) I L'S ll.Ot) 0(1
frid'yl 7.". 1'-' 0.10 I , chly ri v o.oo " ; no ' "
ami. (is i-T) 0" 1 'cienr "
inon.l t, j 27ti.MjM
TiieH. j 75 i :i5 Vj'.OO J 00
Alturas, California
We carrry a fuli iirve of Fresh FruiCs, indludirg
Buy Lots In Watson ' Addition
Before you buy lota any where in
this vicinity see those iu Watsoau'
addition. Close to business center,
of Lakeview. il!l tf.
Children Cry
mOrnncrnc I .omnnc RirvAtinc A t W
1 11 i- - r Rl A sx
pies, aiso an Kinas 01 nuis.
t0 v vviuiivv;, sucn as
Celery, Cauliflower, Onions and
fpFresh Fish, Oysters, Clams, Crabs.tfj
ffllf your merchants do not handle
Tnf r iiirF tt n c rrnr wnn'rrv r r r
Vjl ftAliiranoifl In na f "k r 9 f nlrotfiaur