Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 08, 1909, Page SIX, Image 6

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. .. Wlllnm II. Ta( '
. JnmriS. Hir.miil
it....nll.r I k turn I
frC" '"Ml
Vi I'r.-JMl. ii
HT- t-r.v ol -vl
Heci-tnty of l'
Sort clary nl V ar
A linntt'V li. Ccral
Franklin MaeVrl-h i
.. . Jll'Oh II. IMcHtlllMH
licuryo W. Vtirknliam
. Kraiia M. HiU'hiwk
(i orsc Von I-. Mi'MT
1'O.t MlftXHT lfll'rl .
iMTclnrv 111 NVT . . . .
Swr-urv lnt rnr
Hwrctarv of Ai,rt. nlturt
Uuliar.l A. H.xl'inm'r
Jaill! " u.ii
SWr.-iaryof omm.r. e n rW .l
Chiil Jiiniii VoiTlle" filler
VrMmuoii Warner. V. S. ". ii.kmi Ciiiiiitwlonc!
W S. Ki. Iiar.l I', - rommtwlo""
15.x ri'-nrv ol Slate
Adonic- tloiicral
Hi-.. I'uWic Instruction.
.. ..... ......
... V. W. Hon win
F. V . Heiiaon
. moo. A. ''i'1
..A. M. Craw loril
J. II Acaernian
. W. S. Otini w ay
lirr nn.t Kix1 i'om
.J. W. Kailr
i J ilinoilmn Bonne. Jr.
XJ.S Kenaiora 1 (,0, a.. Chamberlain
' . V, I' II .W IfV
iW. I'. Hnwirjr
)W. K tint
rcc ;v.a: !
Awu'iaio Juntltv
f v ill K Kmt! I
J VV . r. Saior
hith jrmriAi lITRl1.
t.o II. N.l"'l
p. V. k : UkoiuUi.
t.K.ll HVK
I Jim souatoi . .
, i;. 11. M' :. ...nan
v h. r. jvikunp
) 11. A. Hrattain
l.AKK iTN rY
cbool Snnl
Commiiiontr .
Mock lusrwctor.
H !
.'.. . . k. v. rnyiu'
. . . AUmTI I'o '
K. ii. Uiietruu
A J Kti l r
. K B Jiic son
i; M. Kanlaner
i . A. K- imri
H K. II' fyior.l
NVm I'roclioot
Hir Wnllojr
M.. i
V . Unfiling (
J.N. W rnson J
F. B. Snider
CO lltl'llMH'l f
. K(M '.Tllfi
. . 1 riiaurrr
frvti Y. Crouemnlor
... 'i-RI'' -
... Rveiv. r
KiHAiu'i. rouiiuinemu i.. r. onii
Pat.lli ity " ,w W. FllH-
a,0.k . . . W. 1' Hi-ryford
MU;.:ci,.l " "v'vT.'hlrl
AgrleuliurAl " h- v- R'r
Koo ii HoAil'i iHriors for Sirnap-rK
4 0. V. W.-!.AKKV1E" I.OIXSF. M. 111.
Hn-U vterr s on l hii.I f.iurtli Tlmrs 'ny of
ohcIi monih. in M!.lc llil. l.ntei wvt.
Chan. Tot ii iu sse n. W.M.; Wm. GuiuIht, K.
No. 77. I', of H., A.O. L". W' .Meem flrt nd
third Tinirsilari of nu'h tnoiitli in MusiDit
lla!i. l'or lirVen Col!!.; tHflm I'riri". L.. j
I II.; Vid Cuiniu r, C of C; Iraiicvi '
wanor, k-cor.ier. j
X. O. O. F--LAKF.VIKW I.OIm.E. No 6.1. I. O.
O. F., ini'fis k-vtv uu!i1k funiu; in Odd j
Fillows tlll, Hi 7:: o'o( It, from Volrl
n April 1. and at olcl ioli from April 1 to
Boi liTitnT 91. A. E. I liviJiy, N. u.; K. F. j
I'ticufY.StMTwtarv j
T. 00."F.-I.AUEVIhW E.Vi'AMI'MKNl No. 1 j
I O. O. F . uiwtfi IIih first and third Ttinra- !
clay . v-DiiiRS of eai h inontli in Odd Fellows' ',
Ha.!. Lik-eview. t .u. Artnur, c f , . it.
Huniniersl v, (kribe.
?J I o. t F., ineetH Hie second and fourth
ridaa of cuc'i monih in odd Fallow a' Hall.
Mrs. L. N. ileryi'ord. N.'i ; Mrs. Ida Hery
ord,W.ii.; Mr. l. I) Moss, beertary ; Mr.
C. J. Ma.iltont Treas'irer.
O E. 8. ORIENTAL I'll AITEH. No. 5, LAKE- !
View, l.eIl. .lee. on I'ue&day.on or be- i
tore full iiUHjii nod mo Weeks ttieredit'T. In!
Masonic Hail, at 7: :0 .iVi. ck. ,
Vuitini; luemlieri. are cordially invited.
iKNKI.lA A. WaTsoN, W. M, i
IDA t'ERACH. fecr.-tary ;
riri?l i-uuday in eah inontli. prej'diiinj at n
fi. m. Aid" from this prt-aeliinK every Sun
day at 11a. m. sod 7: lup. mi. at I-aKeviw.
Sunday Schiil at 10 a. m. Ltf-j at ti M p.
rn. 1'rayer MetiTii Thursday 7:A" p in
dies Aid Wednesday 1:10 fV m I'lioir
f.raetise Friday 7;. p in A cordial iavita
"wion is cltellded to vouu.
"1. C I'A RKER. l'Hor.
frlli-T BAI'TlfT (H flu 'H OF .U'KVIKn
f'reaohinit service at 11 A M and 7 in I' M on
t and ;iril r-un. Sunday School at lo A M.
lumor Society at l-.-'U I'M. ttaptist Vomit;
'eople's f n i i in at !: Y M on eact! Sunday.
1'rayer Meeting at 7:)F.M iVedmnday eve
iiiij. Every Uolv ia vi ted to atteud hi! s. r-
rxices. Pn-tor.
ttA B.-u. diei ion at lo o'clock u. in. Sun. lay
m hool after Benediction. Week ilnv ,V-s at
;30a. ui. I. A. V AS A, b. J. j
at New Pine Creek, Oregon. Preachinn --r-j
vict-a at 11 A M and 7:J P M of each Sunday
of everv month Sunday nchool at lu A M.
of ear li weed. Ail am cordially inv.'.ed to
4teiid i he aervlrea
Attorney at Law
Likkrvkrw, tr-fu
VFFICE ialv building.
Attorney at Law,
Ijnid 31 altera Hp-rialt)
OI'FK-'E Daly Building.
Land and Law Office
Abstractor of Titles
KhlitulUliud IHM
Lakeview, Ors-
Attorney at Law
Office: Over Hank of La view
Attorney at Law
Oflice In Duly Building
Woman Cab 'Drivers
Not a Success A
Warning to )oung
Mothers Handsome
Old Women of GV
thiim Town.
Woinnu lias lnvn trliM atul not fouud
wantlnjc In a Kl many occupations
which the world believed were only to
be tilled properly by man. but nt Inst
she fieenis to have met her Waterloo.
AeoordlriK to recent advices fntii I'arU
find Berlin. It appeals that t!i. women
In those cities who have esiyed t!ie
business of cab driving have nut been
suit csMtil. The Parisian iiui moiiicii
f.iuud that they could not enluiv the
lniiR hours and the exposure to all
kinds of went her. in Berlin It has
U".i demonstrated that vi:ne:i
,Mvcn lost their nerve when ceiifrout
p.l wi.h thi. k tratllc and stieel;
aiicv Many youns mothers gradually k -t
into the way of believing that with
house and children to look after It is
quite Impossible for them to leave
home long euouKh to pay visits and
too much extra trouble to have friends
with them. After awhile they practi
cally give up seeing their frleuds ex
cept on very rare occasions. This Is
one of the saddest mistakes n woman
can make. The woman who stays at
home who has practically no Interests
outside her own household Is certalu
to grow narrow. More than that, she
Is tjulte as sure to become prematurely
aged and U lessening her chance of
happiness Immensely. Should her home
happiness fall, what has she to fall
back on7 If she has been w ! euougu
to keep her friends, even tltuJKh doing
so has euturled more or less hardship
aud u little se!f denial, she will still
have them to help her over the hard
places which are sure to disclose them
selves In her pathway. For this rea
son, If for no ot her. It is vv Ue to lose Do
chance to make friends and to take the
time to cultivate them. Most reason
able persons demaud very little atten
tion from a busy -woman. An occasion
al visit to show that they are still ap
preciated or even a note If the visit Is
lmix'ssible will do the business. We
cannot Ignore our friends for a time
with the ejcpectatlon that friendship
may be resumed when It Is more con
venient. Most jiersons will decide that
such a friendship Ls not worth having.
The present awakening among Hin
doo wonign uppears to meet with the
full approval of the men, who are be
coming anxious to have educated
wives and daughters. At the last con
vocation of the University of Bombay
two high caste women belonging to the
families of Brahmans took degrees.
This year also Hindoo women were
graduated from the Madras university, j
At the University of Malabar, Srimatl
Annua received the bachelor's degree j
In arts. She Is a married woman and
mother of a large family. Her hus- 1
band ls a prominent Brahman, and It !
was In accordance with his earnest de- '
sire that she went to college. I
New York has the reputation of pos- j
sesslng the handsomest elderly wo- ;
men In the world. On Its streets one j
sees any number of women past mid-
die age who are positively pretty, j
With their snowy hair and clear com- !
plexlons they look more like young j
matrons made up for a smart function !
than the grandmammas they are quite i
likely to be. When one sees them
Ninon de 1'Knclos and the other beau- ,
ties who knew the secret of perpetual I
youth become realities. What Is more j
beautiful than a beautiful old woman; i
Nothing on the face of the earth ex
cept a beautiful young one. With her
forehead still white and free from
wrinkles, her eyes sparkling with the
sheer joy of living aud her cheeks
Ktill rosy with the afterglow of youth's
radiance, she ls certainly a dear. She
moves as briskly as In her younger
days, dresses even more smartly and
is fully abreast of the times. Such l
the astonishing old woman of Gotham
In these latter days.
Recently the Georgia legislature of
fered the hall of the house of repre
sentatives to the State Woman's Suf
frage association for Its annual meet
ing. Thirteen years ago a governor of
Georgia declared that It was unconsti
tutional for women to bold suffrage
meetings In the cupitol.
The only immigrants desired at pres
ent In South Africa are women. Of
the 841 who went there from England
during the last twelve months as teach
ers the majority have found husbands.
There are still many vacancies In the
ranks of South Africa's educational
forces and also many prosperous
bachelors who are awaiting an oppor
tunity to become benedicts.
Cart Wheal Hat.
So far the styles do not show any
thing very widely different from those
of last season, but some of the new
bats are simply Immense and piled
high with everything that ever grew la
garden, wood or sea. One particular
hat seen recently bad five roses on It,
each as big as a small cabbage, one
deep red, one blue, one purple and the
others a delicate pink. Besides these,
there was an enormous bow of black
velvet ribbon and one wide but short
black ostrich tip. The hat itself was
not visible to the caked eye, but was
of fine mllan straw. It w )W faced with
pale pink crepe de chine.
8ttfftn Kay to tha Arch.
All signs at the Chicago university
IHiInt to a one man football team. It
Is to be Captain Walter Teter Steffen,
the brains, the ground gainer, the
punter, the forward passer, the drop
kicker and -It Is hoped the winner of
games. Not since the days of the fa
mous llcrshbergcr. wheu the origina
tor of the spiral punt won game after
game with his place kicking foot, has
Coach Stagg been forced to build up
hN eleven ho closely around Just one
What little has bceu revealed of the
maroon style of play In the opeu prac
tice so far has Indicated that In the
first few games of the year at least
Steffen Is going to be the mun of the
game from the time of the ktckoff un
til the final whistle concludes the but
tle. Steffeu figures in practically ev
ery play.
No player In the maroon squad ap
proaches the captain In ability to
squirm through a mass of players,
dinlge In the open or snake his way
on a returned punt, aud at this stage
of the season no rival appears lu sight
among the other colleges to claim a
share of the attention which the other
various coaches are showering on him
In an effort to stop his gains.
On Armed Ball Player.
Handicapped by the loss of his right
arm, yet able to field an average flf
.9S5 and bat .380, Is the remarkable
performance of George Ely. an ama
teur baseball player of Los Angeles,
Cal. Ely ls a lightning fielder and
plays bis position, second base, as well
as oue with both arms. For the past
seven years he has been In baseball.
He traveled with the Sioux Indian
team during its tour through the state
of Washington, and, although he went
against muuy classy players, he has
yet to find one who can beat blm. In
addition to being a crack second base
man, Ely can also pitch.
Ely thinks that a oue armed man.
while handicapped to a certain degree,
should be as good a player as one with
both arms. He says that a man loses
time transferring the ball from his
right to his left hand, which he would
not do If he caught aud threw the ball
with the same hand.
Two Handicaps at Readville In 1909.
According to the latest plans of the
New England Trottiug Horse Breed
ers' association, not only one but two
handicap races will be given at Read
ville, Mass.. next year. A great deal
has been written afier the recent
big race about the association aban
doning the track, and officials were
quoted to this effect, bnt most of this
was unauthorized and without founda
tion. Indications now are that the
grand circuit horses will again perform
at the ReadvllJe track In 199, aud
both a paclm and trotting handicap
will be on the programme. Details
have not been worked out yet, and the
handicapping system may be slightly
changed, but the main fact that the
big events will be given Is practically
Joyner May Go to England.
A. J. Joyner, who trains the Ilarry !
Payne Whitney string of race horses. I
has been asked by Mr. Whitney to go j
to England to handle the horses be In
tends to race there. Joyner has not
yet given a dtfinite answer, but he will
probably accept the offer. Mr. Whit
ney's horses will be sent to England ,
shortly to become acclimated for next
season's racing. They will be quar- (
tered at Newmarket, where a training
establishment was recently secured.
Coatos, Andover'a New Captain.
Francis William Coates. '09, of Pal
myra, N. Y . was elected captain of the
Andover footbal team recently, suc
ceeding Earle A. Itosendale, who was
elected captain Inst fall, but failed to
return. Coates played a brilliant game
at left end last year and ls oue of the
five veterans to return. Coates Is six
feet one and a half inches tall, twenty
years old and weighs 104 pounds.
Kramer Expects to Go Abroad.
Frank Kramer, the American short
distance bicycle champion, will go to
Europe to take part in the interna
tional match event for the world'
honors. This race ls to be held In
France and will bring together the
best sprint racers lu the world.
Dovey Aftar Players.
President George Dovey of the Bos
ton National league baseball team say
be has spent $30,000 on his ball park
In the past two years aod will now pat
his money Into players.
Department A.,
Lakeview, Lake Co.,
40 acres, I2.VX.) oue mils from Lake
view, could be MitvtiHxfnlly Irrigated
as a poultry farm, one and one half
story house 'JlxltO comparatively new,
4 rooms oti urouiul floor, 2 nu upper
Door, hnru 18 It posts, lSx'24. good
well. etc. No. fil 2:1
H'.0 acres at (10 per acre, hhko brush
laud. Hi miles from I.nkeview, Hiimly
loiiui soil, unimproved No. fxi '1'
HHK)-:ii0 acres, a desirable ntcck
ranch ami etutlt farm, about one tilth
of this Is liny l-ui'l, romiiiucli r grain
Hiid pasture IhihI, huihII bouse wild
barn titoatcd 12 miles from Lakeview,
sma'l cret-k and itrigatiug ditch on
the place. Is patronized as a way side
in 11. No. tU-121
1IM) acres at 25 per aero one of
the !( t aud inoxt desirable farms and
stock ranchee lu this part of the
country, One thrifty orchard, two
story dwelling 72x4U. a lditiou 1H27,
milk limine, wood house, cellar, smoke
house, chickeu house, upriutt water lu
pipes to house, tiarden Hud horse
liitrn 80x1)7, la well adapted to grain
and nlfnlfti, cuts lino tou of hay, would
cut 1000 ton if sealed to iiltnlU it
is a barguiu, is within 12 miles "f
Lakeview. No. 120-83
80 acres at $20 per acre, level bottom
turn!, all fenced aud cultivated, in
good settlement, good grain and
orchard bind. No. IT t 71
40 acres at ?8."o per acre, unim
proved the SW quarter. See. 4 T.
30 S , K 10 K. No 021103
IkVJ acrse within 5 miles of Lake
view at 910 per acre 100 of this is
choicest buy grain and alfalfa laud 200
aoiea best ot bay laud well irrigated
Mil fenced with good commodious
bouse and baru on the place.
No. 008-85
.120 acres a 118.75 pr acre, this Is
choice level productive land, all
fenced, and adapted to all kinds of
grain, a good dwelling aud bain, flue
orchard, situate within 13 miles of
Lakeview lu good settlement.
No. M0-18
' I24i'iO 24G acres on lake shore, 7
miles south of Lakeview, water covers
a large'portion of it which will even
tually be drained by the government
reclamation service, making it oue of
the moid desirable places in (Jo one
Lake bottom. . No. 015131
120 acres, at 120 per acre, within 3
1-2 miles of Lakeview, adapted to
grain alfalfa or vegetables, does not
require Irrigation, this is a desirable
piece of laud. Terms i"00 down, one,
two and three years time on balance,
deferred payments to draw 8 percent.
No. 2f-40
f2C00 273 acres in the foot hills, all
fimced, never failing creek on iIi-e
and about 10 miles trotn (loose Lake,
just the place to budl a stock ranch
with good outlet. No 41228
430 acres at t8.0f per acre, this Is
a creek bottom in the foot hills over
three miles long, is all fenced, and ii
admirably situated us a dairy or
stock ranch 0 miles from (loose
Lake. No. 442 1-228
120 acres at SC. 50 per acre within six
miles of Lakeview. Unimproved.
No. 4e-65
320 acres wibin six miles of Lake
view, is nearly all bav laud can be
ntilized as either grain or nay land,
all fenced, good bouse and luarn, is
nearly all under ditch aud irrigation
for 20 per acre. No. 48.177
200 acre 7 miles south of I"Mdey,
antnll creek t hrough plitce this I n
bargain at f 10 H-r acre. No, 0145
200 acres at $& 60 per acre, a aum-
mr dairy ranch, would cut 250s tons
of aativn hay, has cairied 80 bead of
dairy cows and several bead of other
loose stock daring five months of the
dairying season, outlet unlimited.
No. 4 19--101)
For Conay ipatloo
Mr L.. II. Farnbam, a iominent
druggist of tipirtt Lake, laws, says:
"Chamberlain's stomach aud liver
tablets are certainly the taet thing on
the market for constipation." (jive
these tablest a trial. You are oertaln
to find them agreeable and pleasant
In effect. Price, 25 cents. Samples
for sale by Daly and Ha l
A Meacbam man says that coyotes
are so numerous and so bold this
spring that it is next to impossible to
raise colts on the open range In that
region. Often a coyote will follow
a band of horses for days and pouno
upon a colt as soon as it is born.
On Touch ol Nature flakes tha Whola
World Kin.
When a rooster finds a big fat worm
be calls all the bens in the barnyard
to come and share it. A similar trait
of human nature is to be observed
wben a man discovers somethinng
exceptionally good be wants all bis
friends and neighbors to share the
benefits of bis discovery. This is the
touch of nature that makes the wbole
world kin. This explains why peo
ple who bave been cured by Chamber
all n's Cougb Remedy writes letters to
the maufacturers for publication, that
others similarly ailing may also use It
and obtain relief. Behind every oue
of these letters is a warm hearted wish
of the writer to be of some use to
someone else. This remedy is for
sale by Duly and Hall.
I2i!0 100 acres, 80 acrm goo I tim
ber. 80 acres Hue meadow, located
about nine miles from H imiuer Ijnkn
1'. O. lu T. 30 S. K. 15 r. No. (534- 144
1 1 3100 3ti0 acres, one of the most
detdi able fin in In (ionno Lake valley,
yields h 11 liiitnniiMH qnaiiity of liny, I
well n lNi'tui to all knids of farming,
all lenced and well improved, dwell
ings burns, out houses etc., and good
orchard No. (I3S 130
1 13.000 305 acres 10 miles south of
Lakeview, all fenced ami under culti
vation, two goid duellings, barns,
out, houses, 1 erpetusl free irrlgble
water, 81HJ irult trees hearlutf, 100
voting trees. 40 H.I strawberry vines, 800
dewberry plmits aud many other var
Ities of plants ami vluea, a place of
good possibilities and ss pretty as
profitable. Nu. (51081
100 acres at 121 per acre, 12 miles
from Lakeview, this has been proven
a very productive farm, it is nil
fenced an. I cross fenced, all the I m
provemeuts sil( new and permanent
good dwelling, barn, nuthouses, spleu
did water well 20 ft. Joe 11, 100 acres
cultivated, 15 of this altalla. The
clearing, plowing and improvements
ran not be duplicated for less than
2, 200. No. 013105
1 lii 1 ucres iu the Chewaucao valley
on Lakeview mid Palslev stage road,
choice agricultural laud, produces
well without Irrigation and will even
tually come uuder the Chewaucan
'rrigutlon project price !0 per acre.
No. 0128
f:iOK) 80 acres, Improved, all
fenced, well watered, never falling
creek on place, small well built dwell
ing. oue story, good baru, out bouses,
eto. No. 1U2 20
3i50 acres chnlce bottom land, all
never fnillug water, nearly all meadow,
good house and large barn, nine miles
from Lakeview. ?'.iK No. 21388
.'1500-1G0 acres this Is an inviting
place In apperance, It is well im
proved fine orchard produces well
without irrigation, is a bargain at
this price must be seeu to be appre
ciated. No 235 :td
$11000-210 acres' In Warner valley
all fenced and cross fenced lu five
Melds paid up water right of2O0 inches,
two story dwelling 24 x.' 10 6 rooms,
frost proof cellar, one story 12x10,
frame barn 20x00, wagon and wood
house 10x50, sheep shed li5x 10J, orch
ard bearing, 05 trees, berries of all
kinds Improvements cost over $8n00.
Stock if wanted at market price. This
is an up to date ranch. No. 20243
(5,232 acres at $5.50 per aero, situate
in Nevada, 50 miles southeast of Lake
lew, and 18 miles east of California
line, it ls all In oue body aud a large
portion of it skirts tbo lakesboie. this
is desirable for any kind of r-tock
ranch, with the meadow land it em
braces and the exteoisve opeu range
adjoiuing. No. 4!)3 Jill
100 acres highly productive Und.
good bouse, large barn, granaries,
etc, small orchard, creek through
place, 05 acres In cultivation one of
the best yielding farms In (loose Lake
valley, 10 miles frots Lakeview for
$3500. No. 510811
80 acres for f 1200, one story frame
four room house, new bsru, never
failing stream, on place, 50 acres
fenced, 10 cultivated, an ideal cbickeu
ranch or small stock farm about oue
mile from stage row) and about 12
miles from New Plate Creek.
No 4.U-102
1(50 acres 63000, good farm bouwe aud
baru, on stage roud, 10 iuchea Irriga
ble water, cheaply made reservoir site,
150 bearing fruit trees, 200 younger
ones of good selection, 50 acres plow
land, residue pasture. No, 42138
100 acres withta 3 miles of Lakeview,
choice bottom hay laud, outs 00 ton
of hay, price 910 per acre. No. 020U
Wosxla to Fra.ia Tha Soul
"Your son has Consumption. His
case is hopeless." These uppslliug
words were spoken to (ieo. li. Blev
euB, a leading Uifarebaut of Bering
field, N. C. by two expert doctors
one a lung specialist. Then was
shown the wouderful power of Dr.
King's New Discovery. "After three
weeks use," writes Mr. Blevens, "be
was as well as ever. 1 would not take
all the mouev iu the world for what
it did for my boy." Iufallible for
Coughs and Colds, it is the safest,
surest cure of desperate Lung diseases
on earth. 50 0. and $1.00. Ouarautee
satisfaction. Trail bottle free. For
sale by A. L. Thornton
A Marsbfleld man while taking a
drink of water, tell over dead. Here
Is conclusive evidence of the dauger
of drinking water.
Swept Over Niagara
This terrible calamity often happens
because a caieless boatman ignores
the river's warnings growing ripples
and faster current Nature's warn
ings are kind. That dull pain or
ache in the back warns you the Kid
neys need attention if you would
escape the fatal maladies Dropsy,
Diabetes or Bright's Disease. Take
Klectiio Bitters at once and see Back
ache fly and a'l your best feeliugs re
turn. "After long suffering from
weak kidueys and lame back, oue $1
bottle wholly cured me," writes J. H.
Blaukenship, of Belk, Teuu. Only Mo
at A. L. Thornton's.
$25 per acre IH'iO acres ai fenced
and well Improved, 2 good dwellings
each with coiiimodloua bsins, out
hoimea, 2 orchards -over half of it
iiienilow, the remain ler is rolling and
hill bind--It Is oue of the verv few
tracts that could be so evenly divided
into two farms that it would be diffi
cult to make choice of I hem, has all
the free water it requires. No. 2071!)
2H0 acres at $14.25 per acre In War
ner valley, all under fence, good
bonse and bsru aud out Inuinca and
siumII orchard, never fulling creek
through place. Terms $2500, balunoe
12 aud 3 years at 0 per cent.
No. 28077
100 acres at $10 per acre, 14 miles
from Lakeview, this Is good iiuitn
pn vnd saga brush bottom land and
wilt come under one or two of the
Irriuatiou projects conteti p'st(l hi
Hint vlclolty. Wo. :i52 5';
80 acres at 12.50 per acre level sage
brush laud ou the west side ol (loose
Lake, lu good neighborhood, 110 lm
roveinents. yet a good haiualn.
Nn. 372122
$2000-120 acres 14 mtlns from
liilnh. about 80 acres fenced, 20 In
grain. 20 lu timothy and clover, 10 In
alfalfa, remainder mixed hay land,
timothy, rail top and blue joint. Is
a creek bottom, comfortable house,
out houses, barn, corrnls, 2 wells 12
ft. deep A line opening for a begin
ner In the ntcri'k himlncMM. No. 37745
t0 sores at $17.51 per acre, never
'ailing creek through place, a good
farn. dairy or stock ranch, VKI urtce
hay land, residue grain alfalfa and
pasture land, all fencrd. a good bouse,
baru aud out houses. Terms easy.
.o. 387-47,
$11)2010" acres level aage brush
land m growing settlement with good
pr.-ispect of the Government l(alam
atlon Service iu the near future assist
lug the settlers in their Irrigation
scheme. No. 411 112
320 a.iresat 85.25 per acre an ideal
stock or dairy ranch on tributary of
Chewaucan river about twenty miles
from Lakeview, Is nearly all uioudow
with good outlet for stock.
No. 418-08
200 acres of Chewaucan pottom,
choice land for any and all purposes,
at 915 per acrt. No. 0155
100 acres, price $1,000, located on
border of Desert, small creek through
place, 120 acres good farm land, 40
acres pasture, with extensive outlet
for stock, 20 miles to uearets town
this Is a first class opening for a
young man to build up in the stock
bujluess. No. 0281.
Iu addition to the preceding we
bave over 200,00 acres of land of
every grade and quality, In tracts of
one to twelve thousand acres ranging
iu price from $5 to $100 per acre, the
quality of soil, location and Improve
ments determining the price. The
above embraces lands principally in
Lake county, a goodly portion of it
iu vicinity of LHkeview with aome
few choice tracts iu Harney and
('rook uoiiuty iu Oregon, als some
choice tracts ia Calfornia and Nevada
bordering oil the Oregon line.
Residence lots in Lakoview sell for
$125 to $1500 each. Business lots from
mo to $7000 each.
Ordtuarl y the town lots are 50125
feet in the higher priced lots there
is no uniform My In size, the location
and si.e determining the price.
We have the town lots iu the "Wat
son" and "Vemou" addition to the
town of Lakeview for sale thee
additions the nearest tu the busi
ness and residence portion of the
town we atto hare a large list of lm
proved aud unimproved towu property
of all kiindu for aale.
Any tbtag la tha preceding thai
may inteieet yon, write us fo aiore
particular desctpt'on
Dept. A. Lakeview, Oregon.
06act to Strong Medietas
Many people object to ta'ilng tbe
strong tued lolnes usually presort bed
by vhysluiaus f or rheumatism. There
is ao need of internal treatment in
any case of muscular or ebrouio rheu
matism aod more than ulne out of
every '.en oases of tha disease are of
one 01 the other of these verities.
Wben there Is uu fever and little (If
any) swelling you may know It Is
ouly necessary to apply Chamberlain's
Liuimeut freely to get quick relief.
Try it. For sale by Daly aud Hall.
To pay an 84 cent tax the Wallowa
county sheriff received lu an envelop
a oheok for (57 cents, a nickel. 2 oeut
stamp aud a ten cent railroad fare
A Healing Salvo for Burns, Chappo4 Haads
and bore Nipplce
As a healing salve tor burns, sores,
sore uipples and ohapped bands
Chamberlain's Salve Is must excellent.
It allays the pain of a burn almust
lustautly, and unless the Injury 1b
vrey severe, heals the part without
loavlng a soar Price, 25 cents. For
sale by Duly and Hall.
Up Bcfure The Bar
N. 11. Browu, an attorney, of Pltts
fleld, Vt,, writes: "We bave used
Dr. King's New Life Pills for years
aud find them such a good family
medicine we wouldn't be without
them." For Chills, Coustlpation,
Biliousness, or Hick Headache they
work wonders, 2.5o, at A. L. Thoro