Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 11, 1909, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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On-Miies' Anti-Pain IPs lb.
felN inchest.
Distress in
If fom H
Try On
They Relieve Palo
Quiddy, Uavinf no
basj AftaWfsxU
of the LilUe Tablets
and rue Pain is Gone
25 Cents
Never SoU in Bulk
Ttili It jtiat the' tlma of trie year
ho you are molt likely to bur
kidnay or bladder trouble, with rbeo
uatlani and rbeomatlo paloi eanaad
lay weak kidneys. Delays art danger
ma. (Jet De Witt's Kldoey and Blad
der fIH, aod be aura yoa get what
you auk for. Tbey are the beat pill
mad, for backache, weak back, orlo
ry dlaordare, Inflamatloo of the
bladder, to. Tbey ate antiseptic
and act promptly. We mil and
recommend tbem. Daly t Ila'l.
A Complete Record
Tlaaaer l4 Matte
Department of the Interior. U.S.
Laud Office at Lakeuew, Oregon,
November. 25, 1908.
Notice ia hereby given that MIL
TON Br III' HICK, of Lakeview, Ore
goo. who, on Nov. 10, ISXJfl, made
Tim bar and atone Application, No.
0H(1, for K half HW quarter. Section
3.1, Tnwnahlp 30 H., Rao 1S H,
Will. Meridian, haa filed notice of
Intention to make Final Proof, to
establish claim to tb land above des
cribed, before Register aod Kceiver,
,'at Lakeview, Oregon, oa the lltb
day of Feb. 10OM.
Claimant oames as witnesses: C.
O . Dimenoerry. O. W. Ktee. Mabel
Hloe, Geo, "Lynch, all of Lakevtev,
J7 '.0 J. N, Waon, Register.
c have made nn entire transcript of all Records finJLakc County,
which, in any way, affect Real Property in the county.
We have a complete Record of every Mo.tijairc and transfer
ever made in Lake County, and every Deed jjiven.
In transcribing the records we have found numerous
mortgages recorded in the Deed recotd and not indexed; and
many deeds are recorded in the Mortgage record and other
hooks. Hundreds of mortgages and deeds arc not indexed
at all, and aie most difficult to trace up from the records.
eVaaeMMMBaBaBaKBaaMMsJeVBa a
We have notations of all these Errors:
Others cannot hud them. We ha ve spent Hundreds ol dollars hunting it
these errors, and we can guarantee our work.
J. D. VENATOR, manager.
Practice deep breathing. A person
with fully developed lung capacity
purlfles his blood several time per
A. cup of cold water before retiring
ao4 a cup of hot water In the morn
ing before breakfast work tike magic
as A curs for Indigent lou.
Almond meal Is preferred by some
women to soap and acts as a pleasing
alternate to soap st any time. This
often, cleanses and whitens the skin
The most easily dlgestod foods
which coutnlii Lb greatest aniouut of
nourishment and are free from acids
and starches nre those beat adapted to
tho child's needs.
Uubber gloves to wear when wash
ing china and old kid glovea when
Ousting are au inestimable boon to
housekeejK-m, for nothing so ruins the
skin as con r soaps, soda and dust
To soften and perfumo tho bathing
water mix together four ounces of al
cohol, one liu If oiiiko of am mould and
one dram of oil of lavender. A few
drops of this mixture will be sufficient
for a bowlful of water.
Tales They Tell.
A cousin of the German emperor la
a dishwasher In New York.
A Des Molucs man buys his mother-In-law
Ave pounds of csndy every
Howard Buchanan of Royeraford,
Pa., aays be saw a waau spilt tbs skin
of a cabbage worm, roll It up Into a
small ball and fly away wltb IC
A crowd of 1,000 Boatoulans recent
ly followed a woman who wore a
knee length "common sense" skirt and
so annoyed her by their Jeers and
rudeness that she was forced to ap
peal to tU polk-a.
Plays and Players.
Maxiue Elliott will be seen next
spring In London In a coetume play
called "1801.-
Mark Sullivan, the magnetic singer,
Is a leading member of the "Lota From
Berlin" company.
Olive Oliver Is to be In William Fa
versham's company, producing "The
World and Ilia Wife."
Eugene Walter, the author of "Paid
In Full," has written a play for the
Llebler company called "The Dream
er" and one for Belasco entitled "The
Easiest War."
Tl saber l4 Mlee
Department of ti e Interior, U. 8.
Land Office at Lakeview, Oregon,
January 11, 11 J.
Notice is hereby given that ANNA
M. NE1LON, of Lakeview. Oregon,
wbo, on August 31. VJUH, made Timber
and Ktone Application, No. 0109, for
Lots 1, 2, 8W quarter N W quarter,
Section 1ft, Township 30 8., P.ange 16
E . Will. Meridian, has Hied notice of
intention to make Final Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, befor Register and Receiv
er, at lakeview. Oregon, on the 27th
dsy or March, 1909.
('aifunnt names as witnesses: Wal
ter Howard aod Ouy W. Rice, of
Lakeview, Oregon.
MIS J. N. Watson. Regiter.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land Office at Lakeview. Oregon.
December 24 i'J08.
Notice is hereby given that JOHN
O. SVEEN, of Lakeview, Oregon,
who on Nov. 20, 1907, made Home
stead Entry No. 3 SHI. (Serial -No,
(K:5) for lots 1 2. Ebalf NW quarter,
NE quarter Sw quarter Section
:, Township 37 H., Rang
17 K. , WHL Meridian, has Hied
notice of intention to make Final
Commutation Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described.
before KeeUter ind Receiver, at Lake
view, Oregon, on the Kith day of Feb.
Claimant names ss witnesses: John
Jacobson, P. M. Cory, of Lakeview,
Oregon, Ole Soleim, Kristian Jorgen-
sen, of Hly, Oregon.
1)3110 N. Watson, Register.
The Kind Yoa Hare Always Bought, And which has been
In one for over SO yearn, has borne the Ignatnre of
and has been made tinder his per
fjt-y2, sonal supervision since Its Infancy
CiCCA6V ATlnrar no nn i1moIiia tah I n f Ma-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good " are but
Experiment that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Caatorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fererishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Hp Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
thc surraim M.N.T, Tt mMUf mat, Bear T. am.
There is not liny better Halve than
De Witt's Oarbollzcd Witch llazei
Haifa. Wn lutreliv
f viusi we are not rewpoiialtilelfor any In
j jurlous etfucts raiiHed from worthless
or poisonous imitations of our Oar-
bnlized Witch Hazel Halve, theoriglu
al. It is uood for nuything when i
salve is nederi, but it is especially
Kood for plies, lie sure you get De
Witts. Hold by Daly and Hull.
"This Is n foino country, Rrldgetl"
exclaimed Nurnli, who hud but recent
ly arrived In the United Stntes. "Sure,
us generous everybody Is. I linked ut
tne postolllce ubout slndlu' mouey to
me mil her, mid tho youug man tells
li me I can get a money order for $10 for
10 cents! Think of that nowr-Touth'.
Wellington Once Osve Up.
to three doctors; was kept iu bed for
live weeks lilood polium from a
spider's Lite caused largo, deep sores
to cover his log. The doctors failod
theu "Jlucklen's Aruioa Salve oom-
ipletely cured mo." writesl John Wash-
i iigtou, of JioH(iuevilln, Tex. For
.. '....Wn ... K linil.. I. .... .1 I 1 It.
vutDuiO) uuiia uiirua hdu piles 1L IS
supreme. 2Th'. at A. L. Thornton's
Esslng Whooping Cough.
"When my boys liad the whooping
cough," suld the mother who was not
afraid to try simple home remedies,
"I greatly relieved their paroxysms of
coughing and reduced the number by
having the children gurgle frequently
ewltti lemon and water.
"I alHo gave them a laxative diet
and kept them In the open air as much
as possible. Two of tho boys who had
It In summer fairly lived out of doers,
and each day I would niiiko them take
sun baths und run ijrfr- "
Seve Money by Buying Chamberlain'
Cough fcf.BMdy,
i on wiu pay juhi as mucn lor a
bottle of Chambtirlain's (!ougb Kern
edy as for any of the other cough
medioines tut you save money in
buying it The saving is what you
get, not what you pay. The sure
to-cure you quality is every bittle of
this remedy, and you get good results
when you take it. Neglected colda
often develop a serious ooudtion, aud
wtieu you buy a uouga mediolue you
want to be sure you are getting one
that will cure your cold. Chamber
laiu's Cough iiemedy always cures.
Price 25 aud 50 cents a bottle. For
Hale by Da'y & Hall.
l&fr sr i a
-rr . O
This new 6-shot
model is the simplest,
surest, and fastest 12
gauge repeater made.
It has the solid top,
side ejection and
double extractors
special Planfct fea
tures ot comfort and
convenience. The closed-ln breech
keeps the action clean and the shells
i dry keeps out rain, snow, dirt, leaves
iwigs ana Sana.
The new take-dawn eonetructlon allow,
you to '.ake sun aoarl In ten second (or
t cleaning or packing, yet the Joint la alway
r na firm and rigid aa In a eolid frame, non
1 tuke-down gun. The fat forearm file vt.ur
inn.snd help quick operation.
The full choked gune ere guaranteed
cloue-ehooting, hard-hitting gune, and are
unequalled lor duoke, geeee, foxes and all
lai'S-range work.
A circular giving large
Illustration, with full
deacrlption of thie
handeumo new gun,
Sent free on requeat or
with complete 136-page
catalog for t stamp.
77?art rearms Co.,
Reewoa Enthroned
Bceause meals are so tasty tbey are
oonsumed in great excess. This leads
to stomach troubles, biliousness and
constipation. Revise your diet, lt
teason and not a pampered appetite
control, then take a few doses of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
diets and you will soon be well again.
Try it. For sale at Daly & Hall's drug
store. Samples free.
Kotlee- for Publication.
Department of tbe Interior, U. S.
Land Ufllce. Lakeview, Oregon, Jan-
nary 7, ism
Notice is hereby given that tbe
State of Oregon baa tiled its applica
tion to select under tb provisions o
tbe act of August 14, 1848, and tbe
acts supplemental and amendatorv
tbeieto. tbe HW quarter, Sec 9, T. 36
S.. R. 21 E.. W. M., per list No. 0953.
Any and all persona claiming adver
sely tbe lands described, or desiring
to object bees use of tbe mineral
character of tbe land, or for any other
reason, to the disposal to applicant.
should die their affidavits of protest
in thia office, on or before tbe 6tb
day of March, 19J9.
J. N. Watson, Register.
Tbe foregoing notice will be pub
lished in tbe Lske County Examiner,
h weekly newspaper, printed and pub
lisbed at Lakeview, Oregou, for at
least thirty days prior to tbe date last
mentioned in tbe above notice.
J21M5 J. N. Watson, Register.
Tde Star
El J
Subscrlbo for The Exuuiluer.
is electing a plant at
for the nianufncturo of their
world famous
for water, oil, gas, etc., elc.
1 A frwfrnA ntjinutif fif
4 ni"V will Rlift tm ill
n profitable bttsiueai.
havo been proved by
Competitive Tests to be
The Mesi I t 1 he World.
For full particulars regard
inur well drilling niailiines,
tools, supplies, etc., write to
Notice ror HahllcatioB-(laolatrd Trart
I'l HLIC USIl H-4I.T".
Lakeview, Oregon, Land Office,
Jan. 11, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that as
directed by the Commissioner of the
Oeneral and Office, under provisions
of Act of Congress approved June 27,
1900. PubMc No. 303, we will offer
at public sale, to the highest bidder,
at 10 o'clock a. m., on tbe 6th day of
March. 1909 Dext, at this office, the
tollowiug tract of land, to wit: NsV
quarter HW quarter, and S half SW
quarter, See 12, T. 39 3., R. 20 E , W.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are aa vised to
Ulo their claims, or objections, on or
before the day above designated for
J14M4 J. N. Watson Register.
Fred P. Cronemiller, Receiver
H. E. Bark eb, Prop'r.
Office in Thornton Store
rStage lesves Lakeview daily, ex
cept Sunday at tt a. m. Arrive
at Alturas at 6 p. m.
Leaves Alturas for Lakeview al
6 o'clock a. m. or on the arrival
of tbe stage from Likely. Ar
rives in Lakeview in 12 hours af
ter leaving Alturas.
. . . TIME TABLE . . .
In Effect May 1st, 1905.
'Lv. Torall ... A. V.Lv.Pof.eeame 10.45 ik
Ar. Bogua S.JS Ar. Dixie 10.55
" Bteel Br'f .45 " Kl'h Sp'r ' J 4C
Tell Cr'k. 7.06 " Fall Creek 11.45
Klh8p'g7.10 Steel Br'ge 12.00
" Dixie. ....SAO - Bogua 12.20PM
" lVkegamaH.20 " ThraU J2.46 "
Klamath Springs Special.
Lv.rrhrall...lJ P. MXv. Kl'h Sp'gaj ttP. M
Ar. Bogua lJi6 " Ar. Fall Creek2.50
" Bteel Br'ge2.15 " Steel Br'ge S 00 M
Fall freek IJ5 " " Bogua 1.20 "
Kl'h8p'tt0 Thrall . ...V4i '
Freight - Matters
Strict - Attention
First - Class - Accomodations.
1. E. Tavlor, Prop.
K'amath Falls-lake yi ew
O Stage Company
Hereaatlle Ce'a latere, Lakeview
Aaeeriraw Betel, Klaaaatk FaUa
Baa4 Trip
Oae Way
- ait
- 10
Office at B. Reynolds' Store.
Stage leaves Lakeview Mondavs. Wed
nosdaysaod Fridays at 6 a. m., arrive
at Plush st 9 p. m. Lesves Piush Toes
lays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at rj
i. m., arrives at Lakeview at 9 p. m.
Passenger fare $3 one wav or 15 foi
round trip. Freight rates from May j
1st to Nov. 1st 9.75 per hundred ; from I
Nov. 1st to May 1st 11.00 per hundred '
Timber Land Notice
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Laud Office at Lakeview, Oregon,
November 25, 1908.
Notice is hereby giveu that JULIA
ULLA KICK, of Lakeview, Oregou,
wbo, on Nov. 1h, 1008, made limber
and Stone A Implication, No. 0842,
for E half 610 quarter. Hoot ion 34,
Township 38., S., Kauge 18 K., Will.
Meridian, baa tiled notice of Intention
to make fluul Proof to establish claim
to the laud above described, before
Register and Keoeiver, at .Lakeview
Oregon, ou the 17b day of Feb. 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ueo.
II. Lynch. U. W. Kloe. Buit 8. Tstro.
Kdwiu Tutro, all of Lakeview, Oregon.
MHIT . -v. WtOQ. Keglspr
until you Lave Boen our New f
Uoable Carrel models fitted
with Steven Compreued Forged
Steel Barrel
The mode of constructing these
siqierb Trap and Field Guns is
fully set forth in our Now Shot
gun Pamphlet. Send two-cent
.stamp for it.
Aik roar Dealer
for Steveaa
Desii-Bloc Gum.
1 -
Jtuist on our make.
Bex 40
CakopM Fall lUn.
Northern Stage Line.
A IV. BRiAN Proprietor.
leaves Lakeview at 6 a. m
ereiy day but Sunday.
R. tuniiiiK, leaven Paislev
at 6 :b"0 a. m very day bu
Paasenseri' are j Rovd trip I
OFFICE- Xernolds A WingOeld'a ikevlaw
America's Great
Toledo Hladz
The Best known Newspaper in the
United States
Popular In Every Stats
w,th Br. King's
Now Discovery
In many resets the Texlrde Blade is tho
most remarkable weekly newspaper published
Id ine United stale. It ia the only uewapaper
eauoriwlly editad for National circulation. It
haa had the In rues t circulation (or more years
than any newspaper printed in America. Fur
thermore, it is the cheapest newspaper in ttie
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so arranged that Lusy people can more ea ily
coinpreiicuu, man oy reaainir cumDersome col
umns of dailies. All current topics made
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only paper publihed especially for people w ho
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lisher short and aerial stories, and many da-
pertinents of matter suited to every member ol
: the family-. Duly one dollar a year.
I Write tor f ee specimen copy.
I Address
j Toledo, Ohio.
'THE EXAMINEK, both n ne
Jamps Barry
Brndi with Swallow Fork la
rlKht aar lor ewes: revere
for wtvuera. Borne ewes Square Crop and bill
to right ear. Tar Brand 111. Range, ('rant
Lake. foatnUc address, Lakeview. Oregon
?'7.s .f.f. p'11 tak Pe :,u'8 Zac Whitwonh
Gentle, eaay, pleasant little liver pills, i
Sold by Daly A Hall.
Brandt with Crop off left
ear. Half Dnderorou off
Tight lor ewe ; rsi arse for wnthora. Tar Brand
W. Kauge, fish Ureek. foaiofflee addraa
The Lake County Examiner baa
changed bauds, C. O. Metzker having
sold the paper to Fred J. bowman.
All moneys due on subscription are
payable to Fred J. Bowman, and be ia
to continue tbe paper to all subscrip
era who have paid in advance, for the
full term for which auob subscriptions
have beeu paid. Billa due for adver
tising to June 15 are payable to 0. O.
Signed G. O. Metzker
"Wl .1. ti in