Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 31, 1908, Page FOUR, Image 4

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LixciftttrN rv i'.xaminlk, i.akkvilw. oiikcon. tiu ksda v, m cpmiu it a. iimh
Lake County Examiner J. IUWM.V,V.
I.KrgrM Paper, and I aigrat Clrtulallon In
Kaslrrn and Son th can tOrrfon
Knicr-M ai lilt- Vest oittci at ,lv!e. Oro.
a Svt'on1 lift Matter.
I ol NTY oKI-lmAI. t'.VIKK
One. sr. in ailv am-t-, $- 0C-
Hii mot lot. " I'-'
Thro, ti out h, " ...
g& li n,,i pal. I i.i a lvix . . .10 rat.
SnbiTtlrr ( tin' Kiamtnrt oho n nwn
from one lix-alttv In another. tr ctiainct
Iht'ir posiorriee a.Mr. v. .ii.Mild ivwrnNT tr
drop this 1. flic a car.1 so tie ir paper vai he ail
dresse.l to iiir ruilti sstottu-' tlUll!g ill ilJtlW Ulltl
Hie tucon pltshu-ctits titii
which llinko 11 (-il aiMitiMtll;
aud liH' y.
In fill
tl I ItOtH)
Ml -U
T!i oi'iKrniiuo t it n-ci
(state Daiiy Association at rVilem tat 1
week was the tin tMivotwfiil fw j xii Commissioner if thi liem'ral
hell by I tint body. Washington i j jj1U1(1 ot!!o, )-niilr 1 1. ISM is. rrn.
California ver rr"prweili1 in j ored a decision in the case of Thomas
attendance. mi Th grand t y kM,ir li.T s. (tcor;e S. Harper,
prlre for let display of ilairy i'- Li,.),, if in-lu l M y Hip Seeielaiy i.(
the Intel tor, have h iriy d"eltlcd
la airing on n nunitirr of other entries
Bailey (Ik Massing!
duets who awarded to F. A. Schuttin
ger of alom for Jan etiitit inci'tM
1 mi 2 rarities of crn?ee. Tbe Hong
las Ci earner j Co. of Roseburg u
tirst award for highift oiring 'naai
ery Putter. I'. 15. Mattke of Si
Hen ! r hit. I est soc-rlng tiiiiry but
ter mi 1 T .1. ItMllnntyni', of Hohson-
villi-, for I'ik-l ps-t scoring che.. Tlx j f()r jm,
dnir men ('li- Igcd a fiiml of fl' Hr :M,t H
i.i,.. Ill I Iiu intilovninf of fill -'
Ki-c.'ar tiul:i' a.l- H.w' "
r.lm 11 iMt't. t. r II ll Ail 'rtl'
c 1) 11 l; ' : fri i' I u o a' 11 "in i.n.ini ."
tinn 1 imriM'.t fur a 11 extra 1(1111:1 Ail -V
poslui'ti 'tra All fli.irl i.-i 111 aits viu
...!. r 1... ki i'..;uinn. v ht liui- li in
avllion. hiiI B't. a Jjivi-ai h o
rani,.! Mlm. 1'. f.wi (
1 olli'" . II .Hi 1U11I l 1' af'tv
gSr 1 rlin'i 1 A'tvi ri 11 114! ana Jut'
IliK. ihsIi 111 B.lxau.r
All I I Is must !. pan! h rt.if tai l! lu.nilh
"No deviation Irnm llns-o HTU's
1 lal
i-r; oil
I pri t to I link' lUiry 01 iiiitioim lliioiicti
Ollt tilt ctnti 11)' to t lit llik'llt'at OHri
i Thf ( i t 1111 11 lull ti 1 no t I In tiii'i 11
j rial ili-tii It j-r-t ivltlo. iiiinniu iiIIht
tlnii'j!. Hint tin- iiiin-il il ut'vor lit
I will 1 ;ikf t'vt-r 1 lit' lo It-fiilo Imiiiiir
I an. I t.f jijilnt i. t li" f il-- I'lln' tt
' Iw lei. n '.i toil o )i In irtiilm i' )t in t
! rt'vn.iii' 1 it 1V iiiillitni tiiill it. I'lif
ImiT t;i ivi'l l- iiii-rt'.is' tl. w I I
tlint t'li litittlt'il wim-s lititli id 'tnost
11111I fttiolun. A tax wlil In- I- vlotl mi
I'lti t i lrit v am! l'iik, also.
l.imi1 Mrooi.
couiraits lor
is Ut'itt on Hl' at? 4.,
San tiAUi'iMXi,
atlveriisiii i-an ' iuuJi
Th" tiiiy is f-'one tb. ouhiut the
Anierioan L'Dion, in wbub tle lotruor
can be cousitierml to occupy a lower
station in life thau his town lrat.Ue.r..
Thp ivlea was conceived roui coa
ditions prevalent iu the rural or
peasant districts of the Hntjsb Liles
aud of tbe Kuropeau uation. liut ju
America some of cur meatt nveu
epruLi; from the soil, and proud ww
tbey to ackuowedk'P and proc filial abut
PunnR rec nt years tbediuitf kuid
deh-iraliil itv of larm life has two
moro an. 1 mote Inpi arnt. Tbe eetab
lishment of agricultural colleges has
lifted tbe callitikr cf the farmer to aj
scieuiv where lumns, educated and 1
trained for petting the best there it'
out of the farm tiring greatest sue-1
ce. Aud many succesiffnl business'
men, there utreuuous days, after a I
life of tumult and ttiess iucideuttoj
wrt-s-tini: a fortutii' tbe territlei
con -pel ition of tiU.-iuees pursuit,!
tmii In tbe thnu lor re-c.t aud comfoit'
for approachiun old ae. '
but irreat as tins I eeu llio advance,
in farm met li' d.-. and in tliv introduc
tion of luLior mviui! tievu'eti, tbe
future rromis-es -till betttr t b i u j' s for
the iutelliKeut ;aruier.
For instance tie future will
euli irrigate hi- laud, aud d!r 1
drought as well as floods. lie will
hec'iiit- a gcit-utifii- forester, aud i-veiy
larui will produce wood aud luml;er as
well ti-- wbe;it aud a 1 les. A single
acre v. ill pro luct- t:;it teu acres yield
now. Women v. ill u rk out door us
beiiitiiy as li eu ; iu fact, tbey will be
bolt: Uiuisls and the truck garden
ers J'::ere id I j a closer re'aticu
between the prcduoer and tbe con
sumer, iunoriri a horde of middle
meii (iO frequently waste rnnre than
is destroyed L-y iuorant help and 111
rpt toe coii.biin-d. Uulcr tbn
alliance with tin.- c. bi ol tbe furm wib
be Vrtlii" 1 11 it orjlr for ttie uro.-s
wei-jr i' ji t'i" oro Imc's, but for itn
ar d its 1 d';i hticn.
iur rctoi ;; I ecoiJie places f or
ti- hcjuirlny kuri'.1. 1-
louieH will
tli garden,
f a rin. Tbe s
i'.t: and t lie
very c
: ' 11 .- is iilrea
t.- tl at lie haw
i.fnl I its weultl
b u t he I olden
mmms getting
A, II. Moli. id, of Kf.l r.luff. r.ilif
II known iu L.'ikt-vi.'W. and who ix
the won! I.iiyt r f. r lie lir.11 of K. It,
Llmlley & I'.i. of ltoftoii. n-ci'lved a
tt'lfuram jroin hU hoiist-tai iuu that
the i.lNH' bajrs of .ml cotlHitftlt'il to
tbem froiu..rt.v wool nr..worn of 'IV
luillia County had li-en tlisposet) of
anil that returns mild l' uiaili' at
oj co by mail. ilcspatch from Kotl
Bluff wiys; riiere mimiih 10 lie a Mi;
demand for Iamb. h.iiiI Mrs. Matfirie
1 Treiit' has sobl I .Mo head to V II.
J, who bii" whipped them to
Tracy. Mclnne- alo l.ouirbt '.'.KX)
' lu'inl from I i '. .Mitchell, of 1'ankenta,
! aju) those ill best lit to M ultpit-eiicy
i liros. at II '
Ucavd Cough Medicine tor Children
The season ior cuuhs and col's is
now ait band, and 'mi mucb care can
not t u.-ed to protect tbe children.
A child is mucb more likely to con
tract diptberia or scarlet fever when
be has a cold. Tbe quicker you cure
bis cold the Jess the risk, i'hamber
laia'scoutib remedy is tbe solo reli
ance of many mothers, au I few of
those bt have tried it ate wllinn to
use any other. Mrs. I'. F . Sturchet.
of Uibley, W. Va., says: "I have
never used any thinif othci . than
Chamberlain's Con'h Kemeiv for my
children and it has always ciien Hood
satisfaction. ibis remedy coutains 1
no onium or other narcotic and
in this laud district. It was a case
riini out of I bo n-storiit Ion of
forestiy luiid-i in this tlls.rict a year
k'o. Harper II 1 i 11 if n timber and stone
l application u r tbe east halt ot the
southeast quarter of section III, .H-I.'i,
nud Murphy II I inn a homestead entry
same Hint, iiIIikiuk' settle
month pi loi to tlie time the
t wo 11 1 1 i 1 1 t'li t ions ere 11. mil'. A bear
Iijk' whs ordeti'd by the l.iikrview
Luu-d .Dllice, and subsevpiently 11 decis
ion was rendered it'commc ml'tiit the
iiJIowiince of the timber and stone
apl lie ntlnn of I lnt ,
At tb" heariiiir it was virtuiilly con-
eo 'd that the homestead ai'i'lii'iint
had ma lo tiood so fur ;.s was possilile :
for bun lo have done so at t tint
nine, dot bus to residence mid 1 1 1 1
piiMi'iiieut. the 1111. In contention be
I ilk.' that the bind was more valuable
or its flintier than for any other pur
pose. And to that end Hie timber
mid stone applicant Introduced vi- I
lenie tendluk to show that the In nd
Mas not suitable for ark'icultural pur- !
POM'S. j
Alter roiiHideritik,' tbe testimony '
siit imt tii t tbe bearing, the Com-
missiouer r eat-bod the follow lutt cou- :
lusions: :
"No pr-ctiiMvl compliance with the!
repuiremeiitii of the homestead law 011 I
this laud is otijble in tbe matter of j
nil1 ivHt ion, for the land is not even
tit for crazinn imritces
"It may tie ruui'eded that tbe lauds
in question arc. vacant and unappro
priated, hence falling within the
general category of vuds mibject to
homestead entry. tMjt it is also true
that tbe homestead 'aw imposes cer
tain requirements on the eiifrymaii,
one of which is cult ivail ion, to the
end that the eulrymau by such act
can demonstrate bin nood faith in tak
iutf ttie land for the purpose of a
"The cultivation iu such case is
mire as essential a requisite com
pliance with the 'aw- us that of resi
dence, aud must consist iu the entry
a substantial ue of a reasonable area
of the land i-mhi-ftced in the entry.
"W here tbe Intnl. as 111 this case,
is of such character that it Is
apparent that no practi 'id compliance
with the homestead law is possible,
iu the matter of cultivation, the
homeafead application should be re
jeoted, for it is evident that ood ;
faith must he wanting on the part of
tbe applicant. (Wright v Larson,
L. O., "."."): Metisotl v. Stale of Idaho, I
-1 I.. I) . 272; Jamison v. llnyden, l.'i;
U D, 27r..)
"The homestead application of j
Murphy is accordingly bereiiy reject
General Merchants,
Carry an Up-to-Date Line of
Ladies and Gents Furnishings.
We are Agents for famous
Hanan and Red Cross Shoes.
Prof. H. K. lluchauuon. of the
Ames, Iowa, Atiricultoial College, is
in town. Tbe yenl leuinn came out t i
see for bimseff ami make a report to
others as to tbe actualities of thin
section of tbe I'nion While here lm
will mnk" utile trips from tioldeu
Uoose Lake Violoy iu ordt-r to mote
fully tlt-tt nil ino the auriculliiial and
horticultural resources of Lake
County, and if satislled may conclude
to invest with ultimate intention of
locating with us. If he does so,
it wil' tie a iu lent tier in the cap of
Luke dimity, as the cent lemaii
Smiles and Squalls
M "lllK tKIII.tT .
A Los AiiL'eles mull nut a divorce
from bis wife becaun she unshed her
two chlldien with Kasiolene, and let
them run iilonnd linked, as It wan too
much troublii ami took too much
time for her to "roperly bathe ami
dress them. Ho snrelj must l a
inlKlity piirticular man !
IMri'i dories for Sali-
Tli is office has 011 bund a fnw copies
of the county directory, which will
bo closed out at .Sic tuilf price Thoae
"IshiiiK a copy should not delar semi
inn their orders. It contains t be I N T1CK
name of every voter in the county.
There is a special write up of the
county ami ut the towns. In it there
in 1 . ... .
. aiso is a synopsis of tie umo law of
Norit l.-Ulifiii'cni iiiitrnn ih'Hln-M
M'tilce dlscontliiui'ti. or cbaiiu'fM
inaile In bimpM, notice thereof iiuiHt
l-promptly t to tbo :'oiiiihhv'
otherwlHe current will "Mi
charKi il for all wiring. eliTtrlc lljrht
Mocki tH nml i lii trlc IroiiM. up to the
tlmcHiieh notice U receheti at tbn
olllce of the Company. All eliitrlo
IroiiH, when ordi-rotl illwoiitlu ,
miiMt . Mont t,, t. olbc. and a rii
celpt will M. nivi n ihercfor, until re
iiit Ht for ii in'wal of such wrvice lx
made. All l impa . ft hiiriilnk' In voliil
the lime lor w hit h tl.v iin- riitetl,
will be churned for Tomporarv of
fice at Fir-1 Natloi at t,mi , ,kevliw.
N-I' -M NSiiN. Proprietor
' Lb ctrlo l.Kut Co.
traveled exteii-ively tbiouhK'out the
West, and would be abie to tlran con
clusi ins from the slamlpoiiit of
' u. i.i 1 iiu i.r tr.i i...
may 1 ...:.. ,ii 1 i,.u, ;u i, ,.u,,...i 1 know lotloe and ex pel li-uce He bus
tie uiveii as conn. lent. y to a cliil.l as , , r,.r,f.t his applicatou for tb.. land
to an adult, l or eale by A. L. ; applied for by him "
luorut0"' iSijned ) S. V. I'KOCDITT.
" 1 Assistant Commissioner.
Who can have the temerity to iVri'b' .
the power of the hoii it is I Some of the advertising matter of
authoritatively reported from tin-j the Oreum) Valley Laud Co., agents
Antipodes that a novel plan is heiriii , says that "Lakeview is tbe comini!
ex p-i - tilt 11 ted with In Australia in ' Metropolis of Southern ( Ireu'on. "
W fiat is tbe inatrer with them? Lake
view is not a k'oi'ii: to be! It IS the
metroplis of the (in-at Inland Kmpire
of Or-L'i n. and is iJ.wiys yoi.uu' to
maintain that prou 1 distiuctolu.
ttie State. ami much oilier valuable in
formation Lakeview ami
1 11 (nit at y country.
ridding it of tin' rabbit plague.
A iiewspnpt j is placid at the mouth
of tin-burrow, and the bole is then
st . .ppeil i' I, eart b. The lal. bits an
sa i. I to I f so fri' b t t-I let) by tin- rust It
1 1 1 ur of 1 he pa per t ha t t bey w III not up
fnai btbt- spot naain, prsfor riuu-t . .
dit in 1 be burrow.
irone over into Warner Lake valley,
and will take a trip into the ;bihl,it
; Creek coiintiy, and will also isit tbe
. mines at (iobiriin.
.1. l' Snyder and wife of the famous
; Willow Ibincb, Calif., were up Sun
: flay to attend the (irel er-llahii wetl-
tlltiL.'. While here tbey mmltt a plens-
ant cad on The Kxuiniuer.
A llanicrroitM Operation
removal of t I.e it r peudix
poem t
apply it.-!.' as w eil
ediie. r-ur fa 1 in
intei.' 1 a! 1 ai ts of
and tin; nb.
between tie bo
will ) e c .1 to e
A valb-y lull or f;
tiear.-t t-i t a I i
tbe tot ore v !ll ti
1 1! ri.- '' i 1'-
Al 1 in 1 ..e f'lt.
This is Worth I'.eading
Leo. !' Zeliuski, of lis (lit sn st,
Luttalo, .N V, kiu: "J cun.d,..tbe
most at.tifyinj ci.ld soic J c-tr had,
with 1 net I., u'ti A niii a S'lu', 1
6ff lied this B iht- otice a day for two
days, wheu every trace of the sore was
!fjiit'' Heals all sores. S 1 I under
;;arhutee at Thoriitou's driit' el ore.
m ill . tr laruf your
r furs is. y on call
.if t.p f cash bv
h lsci Liow., ot
is 1 ne removal 01 w.e iipeioiix i v a
siiinion. No one who takes 1 1
Kin Li's New Life Tills is cut subject
i-d to this friublfiil ordeal. Tbey
w 111 k so iiuielly you don't feel tbem.
They cure constipation, lit inbiche,
bilousness and mnbiiiii. 'J.'ic ut
Thornton's diUh' stole
I'lmii Itn aUic-, lliinaaloM
K. A. liui tin.tbe architect and con
tractor, south or Ablstroui's harness
shop, on Mu 11 St., informs The Lx
I'lnlner he bus a plan for a Iioiik'i.Ioh ,
w ith four r.ioms of irond size, which
can be constructed here. Complete t r
?, iiicliiilinu' bath room ami pantry,
tree pi iiu,' t he tltnr..M.
After the 1st iluv of f --
elnlMr. IIHIS. nil bills for el.itiic
Hk'his miiHt be promptly pni, , ,u
or before the lath ilat of each molitli
at tbe I list National Hank of Lakf.
lew . r, I'loii ptni sH In 1 Ins particu
lar w III insure . out, nuance of the hit-N-
I" .)I:Ns.., iToprlttor
drilf Llcctrlc Llu hi Compai y.
W'ANTLIi. binds. farmlnu binds.
Iliuber and other hinds ilinc! from
the om in r. (ilt- full pnrtlciilaiM ami
I"'"' I" ALLS. Ml Kl in K,
-'Volii Atlorpiy at law.
l'MlvHroailw u. . I ).il, IiiimI, C'i.
I't'-r.s. Mv; iiu 1. iiu. l isp
.' 'n '' '. Li. ;t. ills nud ( lojit'H to bo
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 III I f
I. .III.
.1.11 I
I 1 I.Ll; U IiI-in
1 1 .1 1 . ( w lui 1 . I m
1 ni -l.y mmlf
In -
Cicosc Lake
the b-.a.e (.!
t hose id .-id i - 1 -Hilly
tea '" tf
Aii.' i i. ... i 1 -
lit v. .-bbll have bi-c- :i e
f rosi.r;roiiH tbou.-ands,
ducts, ;
.nil .in
I I 1 t i; '
'is will be n.ore
'iy wb.-te else in
climate, aud pro
:"i 1- to make t iis
pat tor tin;
I (.n'.nn. ailHIIIIBW-Dcvj'f. i , f "--j " '
but fit-j'J'-iU'ii.ii ViYfr-T-i'Ti-inMi.rl'f iMti t- i
and U , i II
t in tne mine
C.: t! t tit''' : w s-' 1
lr. r. v.t'. ; o. lliog'-r. Jt ot f
W wtirk'-n on - lm i---r :
Levi Sirr.uss & Go's
O.prcr Ri.cted Overalls
i;. 1)..
st I. A
dltor id the;
r ' n " of (.'I. icayo, ;
.-'eh marked praise i
s t be follow liiU to ;
tbe current issue of -
"A.; .
who t
011 H'i:i:.i-: Ur,
say ed itoi iaily 1 1
the ' 'Lum Lei man " :
The Pacific NM-thweht makes
wonderful appeal to eery visitor.
is a land ot iiviiif. waters, of uuldc.11 i
soil; cf mineral wealth beyond com-j
prehension; of forests which will bless,
mankind w ,i a uliier lauds are dean- !
late; u laud of mountain, plain and!
valley; of a pimple meat in intellect, '
energy, enduiauce, aud kliniliness 1
In this trolduu Nortif west, in a climate
without the harshness: of tbe North j
or the euervatJUi; softness, of the j
South, these people aro building au ;
empire. They haie harnessed the i
streams lor power, or, pouriUK thc'i
over tbe plains, have produced fruit
tul fields aud k aniens ; tbey are wrest
ing from the eaitb its mineral wealth,
tbey are coavertinK the forests into
forma of utility and beauty; tbey are
building school-) and colleges; the
Dible vision ot every man dwelling
under bis own vine aud 11 K tree is
realized here, where bin every bodily
need aud intellectual want may be
gralfled. The natural wealth of the
country la reat aud great are its
cbivenieuts, but better than all this
are tbe peop'e tbomtielvea a chosen-
(.reiioratiorii of live, widc
awiku Atncricau Uoy.s Iiavo
obtalno'l the riglit kirnl of
by ljoiii' orjuippfd villi the
unerring, timo-horion.'il
All proffrf s-ivt; illn-.hl .lie Hil'l
h'piti-tinr iioo.l-i MiarliaiiM lianule
t-'l I-; V K S. 1 1 you 1 1111 nut t a, tain,
wo will sin 11 ih re. I, ex pit si. pri. ,al,j
upon ret cipt i.i I ulult'ir 1'i a e.
,np u
r-erel li cetiis in Htaiiips lor
1 0 Pu-fc i iiti't I uiulttir.
Hepl.-I.j Willi
S T K V K N r!
untl K('iierttl
fireui 111 in.
H 1 ri kin if cover
in cnlui-H.
P. 0. BI 40N
Cticnm FUU. Mua,
Siiip vour bidfs and furs to An
dt'is.'h Iiros.. and n-d 10 to .".a pcreunt
more imii i'V,
No inattei- how
sbiniiifiit of bides
.-ilwas ol. tail. 11
shipping t In ;u f A 1
MifllieapoliH, M fit il.
They are tin- oltb st and most r.'lia
I id" fur In .use iti 1 be Nor l b w est , liack
etl In tuenty-livf years of honest
tlealinys. A tiyoiie interi'sti'd Inbuilt.
iuu or t rapping sha nbl have a copy
of their famous hunter's and tlap-
iff s ytiulc
! contains J ."ill pai-s fof the most
valuable iuioriiri'lou to bunt. -is and
t ra ppers.
The rt'iiular pilce of this valuable
book is jfc'J.OU. To t III if shippers Si. .'.",
Write to I lie III t ni III y for free book
let, jtri f list, sbippino; tans. etc.
I'hcy aie nil ffec. A il'lress
Atid.'iscb Iiros. Ia-pt. n"l Minneapo
iis. Minn.
All fanners or fruit roweis in
Lake county are hereby notified tnat.
under the s,tf Jaw it is imperative
that all tin it trees should be sprayed.
Lor that reason fruit croweis most.
obtain proper appliances iu order I hat
; such work can be done dmine; t he
I period previous to I. odd in;.' in the
sprink. H is known Hint two
011s Hindus growths alreaiiy liave
found lodgement in the counlv
Sprayiiin will destroy all i-sects and ! before lb-lister ami Keceivi r, at Lnko-
fuiiL'UH erowtb. All Hint growers WJ
observe this olllcial notice, aud com
ply with the retpiltctiients of the law.
Hated, New Pine Creek, Ore., Dec.
'.) V.lhH.
A. '. Smith, Inspector.
I 111:
I ami
( t n-f . t n( pi r in... i.r
1.1 li ll r'li.ii. ) l.iru y,
a. .rili. jr-N.i ii.-,irt
-s 1 li it ii ti-ii t
in 1 1 r Muni,
r It l p. r
lii-rl.-il ..r
Nonce lo Creditors
In tie-County Court of . t he Slate of
(In oii, for Lake (,'ounty.
In thf matter of the estate of ( j
Oscar A. liulettf, ilect'iist'iL (' '
The ilinlcrslirneil having been up. '
pointed by the County Court of the;
Mate of Orcnon, for Lake County,
Administrator of the esf.i'e if Osiai,
A. liulftte. ilfcfased, not ice I- I ii'i'i-t iy
glveli to thf cri ililors of. and all per
soiih having claims said tie
ce used, to present, them verlilfd as1
rei Hire d by la w, wllhiii si motiths
i'lter thf lirst publication of this "no
tice to said I.. I". Coiill, I t his nlllre
III the town of Lakeview, Lake
County, H i's: on.
L. I''. Conii.o'
Administrator of tin- estate
(jsi-iil' A. liulet le, deceased. 1 1. t'1' l' 1 1 1 , puis. Tit
tiiite lor I'liliiieiilloii
I Jepitt t mi lit ot the Inferior. L S.
I Land Otlice at Lal.eview, Oregon,
December 1H. 1!IUM.
I Notice is Inreby jriven Unit. .JOHN
lACOliHON, of Lakeview, Oieioa,
who, on Nov. LI' l!'i'T, made Home
stead Lnt 1 y No. .'ISTIi, Serial No. UH.VJ,
tot S half X half, section II. Town
ship ;i7. S Kaiik'e I-;., Will Meridian,
has filed notice ot intention to make
Fluid Commiitat ion Proof, lo cstah
lull t-a 1 i 11 1 to tin; land above described
W'AN'IKH-A ranch In Lake or ad
joining counties. Musi have good
; water right Address X. li. "o ex
aminer. No'l ICK All liuriied out or brokcii
lamps must, be ret iiriied to the of
fice of the Company; oiherwlsf an
extra charge of a cents will In- ina.le i
on 1 in 1 1 new I 1 n 1 i
N I'.JLNSKN. Proprietor 1
'- 'f Llfi trl.' Light, t:... j
AMLIUC'AN LAUNHi:V:--lf you!
wunt food washing go to the Amerl '
can Laundry. Mrs. K. Mcl (an iel.t.
WANTLU: Loomers. Hoard by tin
day, week or month. Mrs. lb Mc
I bin ids.
I.011K T TIIL Nil II ( T-; I I ); ;;
"aril Issued by the Tclephoni'
Company for destro lug lis pia.p-
v. ' iiar
N'O'I 1C1. Customers miirt comply
with tbe rub's ami regulal ions of the
Lakeview Water Companv, or the
water will be shut oil.
-'-If. S 'V. LKIIALT.
-a It .011
it i;v
W A N"J I'.I ) Tl M lll-.l; LA N )S -IIOM M
stead 1 1-1 i n 11 ie ti 11 10 1 1 1 si wanted. Wii
want to buy direct from owners.
Write particulars to
M. II., Pox -i:i. Kilgeui', Oregon, lit
Nd'l K'l All patrons sin. old pur
c b isc hi 111 ps 1 if 1 1 p. Coin pa 11. v iu or
dt r I o secure I he best lights. No low-
grade nor Inferior l imp supplied.
11 I" 1 il lll't tllllLl lli.l ....... I 1. .r t.l. I.i
can be puri-hase.l each morning at I t lis rc-pilr. inents ma v I it out.
. allace ,v. Co ri. lie w s st and 011 Wn ' p , LNSKN Proprietor
tor street, north of the Pusi olllce. lutf . ;,f " I'leit rl'c I Ight Co
view, Oregon, on the loth day of 1'eb-
riiaiy, i:hi:i.
Claimant nanie., as witnesses: Ole
Solie'ii Chris .JergeiiHcn, of lily Ore
gon, and John O'Svecn, P. M. Cory,
of Lakeview, Oiecon.
D'Jbl'JH J. N. Watson, KegiHter.
Deiart inent of t be Interior, C. S.
Land (Hiiro at Lakeview. Oregon.
Ib'camber LMiH.
.Notice is hereby given that JOHN
O. KVLKN, of Lakeview, Oregon,
who on Nov. 20, I III 17, made Home
stead Kntry No. USUI, Serial No.
Oia'j j for lots 1 'J, Khalf NW quarter,
XL quarter KVV quarter Section
110, Township .'17 H., K a n g e
17 K., Will. Meridian, has tiled
notice of intention to make Final
Commutation Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before ltegister ind Peceiver, at Lake
view, Oregon, on tbe l.'Jtfi day of Feb.
Claimant names tu witnesses: John
Jacobsoti, P. M. Cory, of Lakeview,
Oregon, Ole Koleiui, Kristian Jorgen
sen, of Illy, Oregon.
1)31-10 J. N. Watsou, Register.
TiKil.t e l.uinl -Volice
the Interior U. S.
Lakeview, Oregon,
Department of
Land Olllce at
November 25, i:08
Notice is beret. y given that William
N. Jilfibop, of Lakeview, Oregon, who
Nov, Ut, VJUH, made Timber and
Ktoiie Application. No 08:j:i, f or H half
NIC quarter, NL (juarter riE quarter,
Sect 1011 lit, Township 37 ti., Kange 20
11, Will. Meridian, baa tiled notice
of intention to make Final Proof, to
establsh claim to tbe laud above des
cribed, before JKeglster' and Receiver,
at Lakeview, Oregon, ou the Moth day
of Feb 11)00.
Claimant names as witnesses: W.
IL Wendell, O. L. liarnum, A. 11.
iiuruum, C. A, Rehart, all of Lake
view, Oregon.
D3F.r) J. N. Watson, Refeister.
'I lie Lt'ikt'vicw Furniture
p.'iny li.-is moved into the
Ilriek: Ihiildiiiy; on Water
where a Lare Stock of
thin"; usually found in a
i tu re .Store will he kept..
Underta ker's Parlors
Repair Shop