Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 07, 1908, Image 4

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i -u'n Q'Xiwnintv
.iM ahrd Everjr Thursday.
I Jitor and Publisher
. Dafldlng
Rnlcr"! m I ho -ot offlwiit
K-PonJ-Clwui Multor.
One Year .$2.00
Six Months 1.00
Thrre irtonths, 50
could befall the state tlmn v ill follow
an apathetic state of mtud amongst
oters relating to the various proposi
tions submitted to them.
Nothing elt upon which you shall
rote it of so great importance. It Is,
of course, of very great Importance
that the principles In which yon be
lieve should be truly represented by
your senators and representatives lu
Congress, And that the noiuiuees of
your party for every ottlee should te
loyally supported.
Candidates' Cyrils
For 5hoittf
Albert He nt. As I am the Regular
Republican no.ninee f- r the otlice ot
Sheritr or Lake County, I take this
opooitunity to tliHiik the voter l
the county for the hum r they have
bestowed upon me in the past. It
elected again, 1 promise them the same
faithful duty to otlice llutt I liHVe 1 v
eu in the past.
Lakevi w, Oregon, Hay 7, IPOS'
The R- ,ublicsu ticket is composed
of as g .1 men as ever went before
any pi- 1 le aud asked for their 'siitf
rage. Froui the top of the ticket to
the biitom, the men who seek the
offices ere well kuou to be honorable,
and worthy of the otlice they seek.
For Mheiilf. we have Albert Deut.
Mr. Deut has live i iu Luke county
ninny vars, and bus been successful I
lint, ,11c iiijiii j u J . - ... V- . ,
State from loss on any one or these l-or County Urk
cases wouid be as nothing compared I v- N JPish. Iteing the regular
with the damage resulting from the ! Republican nominee for the oihVe of
passsage of that lot of initiative I bounty Clerk. I w ish to express my
measure with which your ballot w ill J gratitude to the reople of Lake Conn
bo in cum tiered. T fof l,Htit favors, ami 1 promise that
I I shHll, if elected, give the same care
fill attention to the duties ottheotlic
They Hre vicious, mendacious, fool
ish, the product of visionary in 1 mis,
so weak mil impractical as to be
ed as ha.luciuations.
constitutional amend
ment providing for equal represent
ation of all parties, and of voters'
i properly clas
I The proposed
j oragnizatious,
' rriptioii.
. IThe proposed
is of this latter Jos-
amendmeut w ith re
in ev ry pursuit. For years he Work
ed 01 lock ranches 111 this county,
1 . . 1 .. .-i. ..i,f
as t y are mm as a public servant, j K to taxation is 11 most wicke.l.
He eitiuto tbestcok business for i deWitful plot of capitalists that cau .
htm f aud hs successful. His i depennd ou nothing but supposed j
frh is two yeais ago urged him to be j gullibility of voters to pass it. Four i
a ch lidate tot sheriff, kuo ing him .atllrmative votes only should be given, (
to the kind of man ttiut good j 311, 3:10. All else is either j
sherurs are made of. He couseuted, j unimportant, or injurious, foul. If
. . . it.... ...... r..;i . ..k, A..m-n I
Juried that otlice iu au bouest
an satisfactory mauner whs
in the next two years that 1 have given
iu the past.
Tor Aifttfor
J. 1. Hlair. Regular Republican
noniiuee for As.-essor tf Lake County
To tllise lipmi whom rets nv elec
jiiwi 1 o 1 ne omee ; seek, I wish to Miy :
, Study my pat record as such otlicer,
and if I have not failed In my duty,
1 then 1 as-k you to give mo your sup
i port iu the coming elect inn.
.1. H. HLAIK.
- 1
fair ! measures, Initiative and Referendum of citric add.
Removing Ink Staint.
In two quarts of water, previously
boiled 11 ud cooled, dissolve four ounces
v-jucbed : will be so discredited
that its repeal j
for by the rousing vote he received at j "st, aud ought to folllow, aud the ,
the uoroinatiug election. ou,y security tor true representative ,
r'or County clerk we have Mr. 11 X. democracy will be lost. j
Jaquish, a mau equal iu abiltiy, watch-, Voters of Lake County; save the,,
fol iess and paiustakiug to auy man . Initiative and referendum, your
who ever b mored the otlice. Mr. only power to preserve government by
Jaauisb has been tried aud found to I the people, c-y voting against every
be juet the sort of niton for county
cl rk that insures an honest au up
right cou duct of the affairs of bis
office. He has beeu di'dgeut, harwor'i
icg, and has attended to the duties of
bis office iu a mauner that bas failed to
bring criticism, even from the most
We believe that not'a Republican in
the county can refuse tu vote for him.
For Treasurer, we have F. O. Abis
trom, a. so a tried and worthy man,
who bas beeu prompt iu every duty
of the otlice for the past two years
Mr. Abts'roni bas uo opposition, but
should be have, we doubt if a better
county treasurer could he fouud.
For assessor, we have Mr,
Blair. Mr. Hlair bas been tried as
assessor of Lake county, and bis rec
ord as cucb officer will stand as the
best recommendation any man cau
have. Mr. Blair's judgement on
values cannot be questioned, nor bis
firmness be doubted. The Republic
ans could uot have found a safer mau
upon whom to place the great responsi
bilities of the office of assessor.
Mr Blair is one of the pioneer resi
dents of Lake County and bis
knowledge of the grow th of the county
in values especially fits him for assess
or. Fur County Commissioner, we
have Mr. C. A. Kebart, a man widly
kDOvn throughout tbe county, and a
mau who tbe people are not afraid to
trust in any capacity. Mr. Rebart is
a mau of wide views on all subjects of
public interest, and being a fair
minded man anl ready at all times !
to look, not. to his own iuterests, but
to the interests of the county at large.
No better nor more representative
man could have been found for county
commissioner. Mr. Rebart did not
seek tbe office but the office sought
him. The Republicans did tbier
party proud by nominating Mr. Re
bart. For School Superintendent we have
Prof. J. Q. Witllits, a mau who bas j
been at the top of tbe column in edu
cational matters for these many years.
Ho has served Lake county nobly in
the capacity of school superintendent
and is certainly qualified for the office.
Educational matters are of too great
importance to tbe rising generation to
be tampered with aud experimented
with. Vote for a man who has beeu
tried and found true to tbe office.
For Surveyor, we have C. M. Faulk
ner, a young and vigoious man, high
ly educated for the line of work he
seeks to perform for the county. He
is a graduate, and also a practical
civil engineer. He came to our coun
ty highly recommended, and it is safe
to vote for C. M. Faulkner.
one of these proposals except as above
indicated, and save yourselves future
aucoyance by teaching sophists,
visionaries aud crauks that you aie
not gullible, nor inattentive to your
duties as sovereign rulers of your own
Tbe capacity of the people for self
government will be fully tested by
your attention or failure to act iu
each aud every one of these cases. No
legislative assembly cau ever do worse
than you will do if you fail to vote X
at every odd number on your ballot,
I except as sbown above.
We have ever defended, and con
tinue to believe in, tbe principle of
John this lav, because we believe voters
know how to use it, and will not fail
to do tbeir duty
Our future support of it, and, we
believe, its continuance as a. Statute
of the State, depends upon your em
phatic disapproval of nearly every
measure upon which you are to pass
at the election on June 1st.
Oregon bas no better law tban this
if you use it wisely. It is tbe worst
of all laws if you cau be influenced to
vote for, or. fail to vote against, al
most everything submitted to you this
Add six to eight ounces of a strong
strained solution of borax, after which
the whole may le prit In n bottle.
Then to two quarts of water previ
ously boiled and cooled add three-quarters
of a pound of chloride of lime.
Shake and let stand from four to six
dtvys, after which strain and add from
Fix to eight ounces of lrax In a strong
solution and place iu a separate bottle.
To remove Ink from paper, cloth or
other absorbent substances, the com
position In bottle No. 1 Is applied so as
to saturate thoroughly the Ink covered
spot. A blotter placed underneath will
absorb all waste' moisture. Rinse out
and then apply fluid No. '2.
By the combined use of the two
fluids thus described writing Inks or
other fluids will ! Immediately dis
solved and removed. If Ink spot is on
paper, the paper can theu Ik? rew ritten
We have just opened our
spring and summer line of
. shirt waists, zephers,
wash goods, ging
hams, laces, em
invite your inspection
isn ; Cold in One Day
t - mm MM t - . f
This s?crnatiTre- v9 f&yr
Cures Crip
in Two Day.
on every
box. 2Z.z,
Black Bart
Soason wil' open 'April l;"th
and close June "kith, l'JOS
Hold Your Saucer Correctly.
Did you know that there Is a cor
rect and an Incorrect way to hold the
saucer In which your teacup restsl
The correctness consists in whether or
not it is held gracefully. Watch the
women at an afternoon tea. and you
will see that not all. Indeed few, ban-' morning: to Siiturduy uim nlng:. nod
Horse lx coal bluck; welglm Kioo
pounds; French Cunadliwi; bred
and mined lu Canada.
Will stand nt A MEL from Tuehdav
year, under it.
die the cup and saucer lu the mot en
gaging way. Hero is the secret: In
stead of holding the saucer with the
four fiugera placed beneath It and the
thumb above the rim, as nearly every j
woman ds, form a half circle wlthj
the thumb and first finger, clasping
the saucer in it and giving a slight
support from below with the third and
fourth fingers. A woman who does
this may have the largest hands In tbe
room, but they will appear the most
graceful nnd charmingly managed. '
Save Initiative and Referendum
Iniatiative and Referendum should
never be renoi ted to except iu emer
gent cases, wherein large majorities of
citizens are dissatisfied with what tbe
Legislative Assembly has done, or
has failed to do.
Tbe people should never be troubled
with mattters of legislation except as
a means' of relief in unsatisfactory
situations from which there is no oth
er relief. If so used, aud only so us
ed, this law is the truest, only infalli
ble safeguard to a pure representative
democratic government.
The state of California is ou its
knees to tbe railroads, made so by leg
islative enactments, which the people
of that state are powerless to annul.
Oregon is happily so situated by means
of this law that we can keep ourselves
free, llut all laws are susceptible of
abuse, and uo greater misfortune
Only Four Good Heasures
No perfect law bas ever beeu made,
nor can one be made. Tbe initiative
and referendum, and direct primary
laws of Oregon are no exceptions to
the rule, but are admitted to have
weak places, by tbe stoutest defen
ders, yet we do not kuow hosv they
may be reformed without creating new
defects perhaps more dangerous tban
those now existing. Tbe sharpest
critic bowevc, can And no great cause
of complaiDt against these laws, if he
be friendly to the piiuciples which
justify the existence of such laws, ex
cept tbe facility with which crauks
may incumber the ballots of voters
with a mass of needless, foolish,
hurtful stuff, as is the case this year. :
Our here of relief from this evil is, :
that voters are not so ignorant nor
inattentive, as they are supposed by
,sme to be, and that they will so em
phatically defeat t he expectations of
I those who have trusted lu their want
j of understanding or apathy to pass
I such measures, that such attempts to
I gull voters will soon cea.-e. We place
I such confidence 111 the common sense
aud watchlulrie-i of Lake County vo
ters that we vent 111 e to predict not
more than lour 01 ttiene propositions
will be approved by them j
The aUJnjjativo numbers which;
should, uud iu our opinion, will be
voted ou in Lake County, are 1104 3uG
iUl Xt), aud we believe votera will
uot ran to vote aguinst every other
proposed measure. We wait anxious
ly for devel-puietits.
Statement No. 1 seems to have be
come a fixed principle in Republican
politics of Oregon. Not content with
instructing members of the Legisla
ture how to vote when it comes to tbe
election of a United States Senator,
it is now proposed to send an in
structed delegation to tbe Republican
National Convention. All that is nec
essary to entirely disrupt tbe Republi
can party of Oregon is for it to adopt
a few more populistio doctrines, and
from present indications it is not at
all impiobable that such acton will be
taken alcjimlagjije election.
' . N
Sheriff Dent returned from the
north end of tbe county last week,
wueie us went, to summons th
Your Expression.
What kind of expression do you
wear habitually ?
Is It sour, morose, repellant?
Do people look happier when you ap
proach them or do they shrink from
J ou ?
It mukos all the difference In the
world with your prospects for success
In either society or business what sort
of expression you wear.
The candidate for success should
learn the power of a smile not only
because It wins friends, but because
Its power over one's life Is 'Immeasur
able. The effort to be always' kind, con
siderate and gentle, no matter what
may be ranking In the heart, has a
great influence in transforming life. 1
at I'U'SII from Saturday evening;
to Monday morning. I
Man-H brought from u distance will
lie cuivd for iu the Ik'hI ixmHible man- 1
her. I
TERMS. Ten dollars: for the season,
payable on or liefore June l.'itli. 1
Homestead reliuiuishmeu'.s wanted.
Want to buy direct frum owners.
Write particulars to
M. 11., Hox 10-2, Eugeno, Oregon. VI
HUSINESS. daily profits, 0
'articular free; write today.
Lous Co., Ilea Moines, Iowa.
to eio.
U. K.
1 !)-tf
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, )
NOTICE to sheepmen: My shearing
corrals aud dipping vats in Cuinas
prairie are now ready for us, aud in
gond idiape.
1010 Rosa Me Daniels.
Races Commence Thurs
day, July 2d
Cure For Chapped Lip.
Chapped lips come from the drying
of the membrane and constantly mois
tening them, when they crack and be
come very painful. Sometimes the Hps
are ko painfully chapped that nothing
will do any good except a bit of court
plaster put on over the cracked part,
which prevents further cracking.
bit of self colored court plaster wil
not show and prevents Infection. Son
places in the corner of the mbutr
touched with alum will afford relief.
It smarts severely at first.
A Fudge Tip.
The girl and boy who like to make
fudge will find they can give their
canuy a delicious navor ana make a
pleasant variety by using about a half
teaspoonful of lemon Juice Instead of
vanilla, or if the candy Is not liked
quite so acid a little lemon Is used
with tbe vanilla.
If you'd thread tbe lace or embroid
ered beading quickly after it comes
from the laundry, tack a narrow tape
to the ribbon before it is drawn out
and then pull tbe ribbon out and the
tape In. When the garment returns
from the laundry, tack the ribbon to
the tape and pull it in as the tape goes
for the coming term of circuit court
Be ready with the? pleasant look and
the gentle answer, be ready with the
kind word aud helping hand, and what
a world of music you will make around
Illogical woman, she never can claim
To argue without dragging In a friend' J
How strange 'tla that man, formed so
wise and o cool,
A soft word from her can transform t
j The Lake County Agricultural Ab
jHociation Will jgive four days' rating
on their track iu Lakeview, com-
mcncliiK J uly 2d nnd ending; July 7th,
11WS. Tht mini of fliiOO will beill
tributed In purruH, as follows:
i-IliST DAY Jn.Y 2i.
i't km:
1st Knee X-mile dash $150 00
-M Race " furlongs 175 00
:!1 Race heat 200 (X)
ith Race C furlong 150 00
THIirD DAY-Jii.v Otii
5th Race -rnlle dash 175 00
Clh liwa7 furlongs - 175 00
rOL'RTII DAY' J 11. v 7th
7th Race -inllo beat 1'50 00
Mb I tact 1 utile and 94 feet 175 00
' Race Consolation orsoino
other special GO 00
The reuHon for the mile und 94 feet
race Is that the truck Is 0110 mile and
94 feet from wire to wire.
All of the above tucch are free-for-
all, five to enter and three to start,
but the Association reserves the right
to hold a less number than five hy
reducing tho purse In proportion to
the Dumber of horses entered.
Kntrleft to cImho the evening liefore
tho race, nt 7 o'clock, sharp. The
I'uclflc Coast Blood Horse Associa
tion to govern all races. Entrance
fees, teu per cent of purse. Money to
be divided as follows: 70 per cent to
the first horse und Hi) per cent to tbe
second horse.
The Association rescrveH the right
to change any of the above races, In
the event of not filling. No money
paid without a contest.
Roard of Directors Oeo. I). Har
row, V. L. Knelling, K M. Miller.
Robt. McKce. 1 I'. Light.
L.ieitH Com. ty)
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is sanior partner of the llrm of l
J. Cheney A Co., doing business iu
the City of Toledo, County aud htato
aforesaid, ami that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED D()L
LARS for each and every case of
Catarrh that cannot bo cured by the
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworu to before mo and subscribed
in my presence, this 0th day of Doo
j ember, A. L 188C.
j (Seal) Notary Public.
I Halls' Catarrh Cure U taken inter
nally, aud acts directly ou the blood
and mucous surufces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75.
Take Hall's Fumily Pills for constipation.
Tlmbrrlml ollrr.
United States Lund Ofllce, Lnkcvlcw,
Oregon, Mch. 'Jil, I'.nih.
Notice ih hereby given that iu com
pliance with the pp -visions of the act
of Congress of June .'I, IhTH, entitled,
"An Act for the siiIh of Timber lands
in the states of California, Oregon,
Nevada, und Washington Territory."
10 extended to nil the public laud states
by act o August, t ls:rj,
Puul U. Hugos, u Lukeview, county of
Lake, statu of Oi rcgon, bus Hie. I in
this idllcH his sworn statement No
'KIT, for tbe purchase of the E half H.
W. quarter, West half KE quarter
of Section in Township :is S.,
Range Hi E., W. M., and will oiler
proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purpose 1,
aud to establish bis claim to said
land before Keg inter uud Receiver nt
Lakeview Oregon 011 Thursday the 5tH
day of July, 1!MS.
He names as witnesses:
Powell, James E
Thos J.
Murray, Jim, Anteii.
Storkmiiii, all of Lakeview Oregon
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely mo uoova iiescriiieii lands are re
quested to fllo their claiiiiM in thin
ollice on or beforo said Hlh day of
July RXJ8
18-10 J. N Watson, Rcgi til IT.
Tim In-r l.nml Villi-.-
United States Land Ollice Lukeview
Oregon, Feb. i:n)h.
Notice is hereby given thai in coin
plianco vitli the provision of the act
of Congress of June :i, 1H7H, i i tdbd,
"An act for tho sale of im.l.ei- i,ihi,L
in tho Stales ot Calilorn 1 a, ( li ei;ii ,
Nevada and W shinglon Ti 1 1 Itm j ,
iin exienueu 10 nil the rohlic Ennd
, States by net of August , is;i-j,
Ldwln S. Fitzgerald, of Lakeview,
county ol Lake State of Oregon, Jm
Illod in this ollice his sworn Matenicnt.
No. 402i, for tho purchase of tho N
! half. NW miiii-iiir W ,.1.... v i.
spot-the very seat of my cough- j quarter, of section 15 in Township 41
when everything else failed." Dr. K 1 Range 17, E., W. M., an l will of
King'a New Discoiery uot only reach- fur ,,ro"f t(? H,'..w t,mt t," sought
ui.ra . . i.,iwjii, in, iih iinnatr or
w v Miiiiiu riiuii rf n....i,,,.i,,.M..i
" " I'tsl IllllLllltll
It Ueached the Spot.
Mr. 11 Humphry, who owns a largo
general store at Omega, O., and is
president of tho Adams County Tele
phono Co., as well as of the Homo
Telephone Co., of Pike County, O.,
says of Dr. King's New Discovery:
"It saved my life once. At least I
think it did. It seemed to reach the
es the cough spot ; it heals the
spots and tbe weak spots iu throat
lungs and obest Sold under guaran
tee at, A. Ij. .Thornton's drug store.
50c. and f 1.00. Trial bottle free.
fi. D. Clark
Contractor and Builder
Job Work a Specialty
Estimates Furnished
Shop next door to Ahlstrom's
Saddlery Khp
and to establish his claim to said laud
oeiore noglHter and Kcicuivef at Lako
view Oregon 011 Thursday tho 'Hth
duy of May, 1!K)8. '
He names as witnesses: U. W. Har
dlsty, WJIInrd Duncan, Joe Lane.
Henry Roydstun, all of Lakeview.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described 111 11 ( I hi ft r a
j requested to Hie their claims in this
! m"? r.!Jm0r ,,efore "Bll th "V ot
aJU N. Watson, Register.
Dealer In Real Hstate
1 have libted some of tho best
Ranches, Timber Lauds ami Town
property lu Northern California, a
country that is bound to improve rap
Idly. Alturas, California.
President Secretary