Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 07, 1908, Image 2

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    , 1 rt v
Pa'N inchest
.PatES'AMTI-ilN Pills
r- a m
Take ONE
of the Little Tablets
and the Pain is Gone
If you have
Try One
They Relieve Pain
Quickly, leaving no
bad After-effect
25 Doses
25 Cents
Never Sold in Bulk
'; 1tr l.'l
ut ii ore't .
Notice, is In .el y given th'tt tli.'
fallda de-cnt ed below, rtiit rHClt'K V
Wres, witlii-i t t ionse Lake Vulion
al Forem iiifii'on will l -llijui't lo
att If ' ' 'rv mi lln 1 "
Visini "-tea i I i i1' he
Unitee tin' act ''i'"' II.
ijm; ( i. i hi it. i'i it
StuW i tl.nkevii .Ore iii,
on J': Any - I h"
van H.-M..I.!- , in good " ' h I - "i1
log anv i -in . 'i fdfur ... i u' li nil
purpose- pi loi ' .Inimiiry I. "Mi",
ii lm I naire. h h pc er-
mic i ' h hou'ei-1' er'ry
for tU I i mIIv I'vi'i i i."l w'.ld
lauds v... lit-. ..(ion Pi. apO'CH
tifirjS I I ( ' .. Ill-I ll fl Iflnv.
who 6' -c.ce r ' ! eft
to tin - n - ' ' "',
prof ' nr Hi ' ix
qualit' I ' i.enets- i. ' i n vl
the fuc ic . . u'ir is c.vcti'i.cil i or
to June '. itt'i on whic istc ' ii
lands "i i 'iijci't I i -cttlc ' lit
ami pct' iy 'iv qualitbd i.r- ii.
The 1 - U II. s:
The VK M ' r. - '.
11. T ' " i- ''.! 1
flpOTI t -' i i: lit V ' ' ''I' ' It,
tfldre-- i h .1. . . I i e-
jew - H i lie .'!. n-
Ciffei. i i ;-iiir' ' 'Mi t.
Arm 'V i ik
?ierc. . . i"
the In 4
Hanrfco . N Ci.i ' j Tr.-de Far
;-.. t - A t to i.l Hint,
(in ir ihc Ii ' ii.'- i'i ii.- I i'i' the new
Ion ; !:,:.!! I -i i. Mi.. i' i'i' I.' I'li-r i oloretl
hrn.'.ti. '..t'. ti I- llin- 1 . : Ii i:i!i riif
fee i-....., .-.I Ilk I. I I'i'. met tin'
Kli'i'M"; .i;e t " y I i nt .ill if lie
In.; ! I l'cil ici ii I :i c I. 'I lic
tllimi'ln : lit' I' ' i i i : . i ; i n' h iiuc
IiiiuiIS i'. ic ''cr co. hi. i ; 1 liuilc'i
t!u i I. ;;!,. c Hi'o'Ui : ' ' III! I
.low ti t'.ii' I .'lit I r 1 c wide
I'lilul of Cllli't ll . I. c I.I till'
IKItlll'lll l II H. -
Tlu wliiicr li.u- iv i'I'i' i'i'' hilr to
o iirnin rcl o v'.i" ' n i l hi I irt;.
iHiiuiMilo: i-roniul Cic : ' c I'I Ic
n ;ii'.n ' i mi' i '.ic 'i.'l-'i'c cr nidi
tin l . : ; t ; 1 1 1 : : i . lure.-.; of l.i ti.'l .
Miiny wiii.icii nro Ii ' i'i t'lclr luce
WIlh-lM of hl'-t MKlllllCI- ll I'll l I'l l'cll
their tmw winter cosliinu' Tin wlille
liloiiscs me I'd oniln ci-ru -. Iilucn.
Krcciis ami I'fowns. I ). i r I !u w:ilt
lit llOllll1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ll'MlIt l!I a llilll: l.v, Imt
It H nhvn.vs snfc lo soul It to n re
llnl'lo (l.vclii el:iMlsiineiiK
Tin- new ti :lil I'M'Milu nklrt onlaltH
that the pctico:il' iiiiil In- a tlieain of
i J U5T PUB1.1S
In t
Orpf i
F. X
l '
OF til
the let
fail o
UMint t'
fcltf ll
'or t lii
Ten l l
cit n'
' -iicty i
i. 'I'titf
Stat of
I i.k.
;it. tif ci'iiunt rtl" ve
ill'1 TDK ST- K
ii hi c ! t-1 y e
i ii.) Hi ' . r 1 1 c il -
I y 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 h . i i'
. .1 fnU'r i l: IT I i i e
. I'.H'fi 'i'i i' il
-niil i-'v ; 'Hint ii
I I.OVH ll u c I I u
ii fill l i:.iillt ' "11
h en linn re.l i-1
i . hi r will' iuti-i .i-t
i'.-iv "JTth. lii'.i. at ' ib
rate of . i I i ci cent, pel iinmiii .mei
for the i i. -i- iin i tlihli1 r-emeut- of
thin act i
This mi ' i - i f.ere't upon you
liy pijli!'. ntii)ii thereof 'or ix ci n
nerutive eek-i in The Liikp County
Karni'!. r h newsparer pn'jli-le.l
V;rkly lit Lakeview, Luke County,
t3rei!on. liy or-ler of the lu. ilery
L. iienaon, iinie of thp OirL-ui' Court
of Lake Countv, Orewn, uiarlp ami
.iateJ tie Mh dHV ..f Mmch. l!Xi8. hinl
the date -f th tirrt puhlicutiou here
of ii March lOth. (M)H.
h V. Conn,
127 Vttorney for Plaintiff.
Karmi'ew, hiive yr tnittcr vnti
jUTu printed it The KxiirniiiP ntfiee,
iMteii(i nf Ht-iMlin-; awH.v fur them.
Von keep your money nt lnnne. nml
patronlae them that patronize yiui,
ftenides, you He.- what yiu are wt
rtng and don't have to iay for It if
it doi-sn't Hiiit you. tl
The Kxaminer prints townt-hip plain, '
and Qiakee them into book to order, if
Baking Powder
The only Baking Fowddr made
with Royal Grape Cream of Tartar &
made from imnps ws
(V -
Insures healthful and
delicious food for every
home every day
Safeguards jour food against
alum and phosphate of lime
'I .-HI Volllll'I'H Wl'll' Wt'ltlll I'"' """k
lllii(ili( tin JntTliiui'l I'llllilllii i I 'I'll- "' ! '
Money icfuinli'il if (In villi i I o"i!
KM-'M OK'CI !) CONkkl li: ; NV. I :''
fo". 5,l,p., I ,F i'i" A in iiiinl " ' 'I
iiu'Oi'mIk fur Ar Iiiinl-. 1 t t. " 1
Civil imkI iliit;iry I'.ni.'iii' i i n I "'
. tln firm lim iinuli' kiimui t" 1 'ic ' I '' I
mi recent c uihlnn tinu work t- ci i '' 1 '''
Prico :
IM'lLDINd stllliWIMiiNIM;s H, I N- ..
2iH) pp., 25illn. (!nftly inihi ikcn m i in llii"iii'li
link of at tint ion at proper I -. Inirl I'nl I" Own
er nml ili-criililalile to Ar liitit tmH 1'i.i il i
OivcH tlioruiifili knowlcdj.'!' of mi iIioiIh nml innli r
inl. Piit i' . f I ..''
w t
Timb r .i N I
I lied StHteit Llili'i i.lli'C, l.i.kcMert
(. i-ii. .inr "Jti. KH'S
Notice i.s herehy tin-ii Unit in coin
I . innce w illi th pr -ii nt- Uic act
o i out refri of .Itiiic i. entitled
"An act ii. r the i-aie i in r iimda
ie the Statea of Cii hiiiIh, i ieK n,
NeibdH. Hint Wufhliii - lei i Hoi y, "
tifi .Xteli ed to till 1 1 i in I iiinl
SI mes liy ai t of Ai - i
Clayton Kia-ell, i i ie . . i nn
ty of Luke, Stutt 1 i . i - illed
in 1 hid ollice hid i' ' ic . No
112 1, for the purciia . naif.
NW quartei. SV ij'.j i. .) wirter
of Section No 8, ii. '! . : I,i No :W
S , Kmivre No. 17 i . . ii mI1
otfer proof to h ti.-.i iiu- hind
bought is ii ore vahiH' 'e i h li.elier
or Htone t lian for at 1 1 n 1. 1 .,1 n rpii-en,
and to PHtHhlinh hin c. iin lo .i i hind
hefore Kekiifter aim l;.-i-. ixerat LHke
vitw, Oretion, on Toe-.; ay the Tth day
of July, VMH.
He iiHiiies us itnee.- : Fi e f Itoris,
Dau liod-il. tieorj I.yneh, L. H.
AHCOiinh, all of Lakevie Oieu'ou.
Any and all peinini.- cluin iny ad
Verpelv the uhov-j cie-crihe I lauds re
requested to file then clainm in this
t'tllce on or before haul Tth day of
July, l'J08
U-10 J. N. 'AhIm ii, Rt-k'ister.
L iko
T ml- H ii .
Jit d -tat -s Lan I I il
vie l u e'iin, Apr. .
Noli.- i- hereby k-'lveu I i il in com-
iiliiiin'i- with the i ro'. I- ii of the act
jo: Cum k'pgs uf June .1 -IS 7. entitled
! "An act lor l be sale ol li . bei laiulM
iiu Hie stales of Call'iii'ia, (ue'on.
I.N' ihiI and sVarh-ni'ioi. lerritory,"
1 n-. r leu. n il to all tlie I'i i lie Lan 1 1
Stale- I y act of Auuu-t i, IH l'J, Jos
eph I.. Ilan pton, ol li" ! y. county
oi Luke, State of Orcu tl 1 - ti lu
1 1 i- i U'ce his e a an it el int. No.
40i ii i r the purcbar-e Sl-'W NW
Iquhilei, N half Stt ip I, M'l'. .r
'an. N HF. iiiai t tr ttiii. Nn,C,
i in '1 ii.'. nnhip No. :54 S. ll i . No. IS K ,
i V M., and nillotier pi nl lo nho
that the laud nought ia . aluuble
for ltd timber or stone Itici lor Hk'ri
! cultural purposed and to evtal linh his
claim to naitl laud befme Ke'ister
and deceiver at Laicevie v, Oieiton,
on Tuedday the 7th day oi July. I'.iiH.
lieu lines an nituessed: Jehu Har
' haui. H. W. Farrow !eoTi.'ii Harper,
1 W. W. Hampton, all of I'i icli-y t Ire'on.
Any and all persons clalini'i' ad
verlselj the above descrO'ed lands
are lemiPhtud to llin itieir cln ims in
this oil ice ou or before said 7th day of
July. 1908.
15-10 i. N, Watson, HeKister
nni ill!-: wi t: nova - ."K
loveliness, wifti hu e ini'les anil chltToii
palore. It must have n perfectly fit
tine tip Hindu without a wrinkle,
swiitliliu' the hips and buck with the
grace of a uiennuld's akin.
There never was any salt devised for
small boys more aatlsfactory than the
Kus-sliin style. '1 he Inn;; blouse Is ex
ceedingly becomiii);, mid the trousers
mean perfect freedom for ucllve youn(
le's. As Illustrated the Milt Is mudii
of pretty htrlpi-d cheviot In shades of
tan and brown, while the collar and
shield are of tan broadcloth, banded
with brown. JITiIC ClIOl.MiT.
A tag from a 10-cent piece will count FULL vain
A lag from a Scent piece will count HALF value
F Z jPl s&k
with valuable tags
bave your tags from
Old Statesman
Otd Peach
Hosier's 16-ox.
Spear Head
tailor's Pride
JoBy Tar
Old Honesty
Black Bear
W. N. Tlnsley'a
tUtmal Uat
Big Four
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. ',.- .
Skirts Still Plaited, but Gor.d Effects
Newei Lace and Fur.
Rklrt.s of htrlctly tailored suits are
almost Invariably plaited. Anulu, there
are ninny gored Kklrts. some showlnR
ten or twelve gores, the seams either
lapped or stitched or set together with
black or colored piping.
There Is no method of trimming
which cau be depended upon to give
more charming results and lend more
style to a garment than soutache braid
If properly applied.
I.ace Is used with fur In a number of
attractive ways. Sometimes n band of
rich fur alternates with n band of luce
In the composition of a Paris. tuufT.
By the way, muds are very I urge, nml
the new whim Is to use half a dozen
or no skins on u muff.
Gold cli.iln bags have lost none of
tluslr popularity. Indeed, they Hcein to
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ment's notice on arising from the bed
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uf cotton eiderdown trimmed with
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Vellum lie Luxe, Ue l' x IiicIich. Sent prcpnld
tn any part of t lit world mi receipt nf price I'euilt
by Prafi, I'tittnl Order, ICxpress Order, ur Ib'glsier
ed I't ter. tti t In-
Lake County Examiner.
limber l.nJ Nulic
United States La ml Olllee, I. tike
view. Ore. March :il, 1!HM.
Noticti if. hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Cmigre is of Juno I), 1H78, entilled
"An act fur the sain of timber bonis in
the States of California, Oregon, Nev
ada, ami Washington Terrtory,' as
extended to all the 1'ubllti Laud Stated
by act of August 1, W.r.
Oriu A. Keslar, of Sau I'iioicIhco,
county of San I'Vancisi-o, State of
California, has tiled in this otllce Ins
worn statement No. .'KI70, for the
purchase of the N half, N half, of Suc
tion No. 10, 111 Township No. 'M S.,
Kuiige 21 K ., W. M., ami will oiler
proof 10 show that the I111J sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to
ei-tablish iiid claim to said land be
fore Ueglster and Keceivt-r at Luke
view Oregon, 011 Monday the Cth day
of July, l!-8.
He name as witnesses: A. J.
Neilon, T. M. O Connell, O. W.
Hard idly, lOlzu Liuville, all of Lake
view Oregon.
Any ami all persona claiming ml -versely
the above described laixla are
requested to Hie their claims in this
ottice 011 or before said it ti day of
July 1'JtW..
J. N. Watson, Kegiater 18-10
Tmber Land otlrr
United States Land Ollice, Lake
view, Oregon, Mar. 20, 1908.
Notice is heretiy given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the
act of Coogresa of June 3, 1878, en
titled "An act for the sale of timber
lands' in the States of California,
Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the
Publio Land btates by act of August 4,
1892, Luther S. Adcough.of Lakeview,
county of Lake, State of Oregon,
has Hied in this ofllco his sworn
statement. No. :I9VX), for the purchase
of the H half NK qumter, N i quarter
NB quarter of aectou No. 8, in Town
ahip No. 38 K, lUnge No. 17 K., W.
M., and will offer proof to ahow that
the laud sought is more valuable for
lta timber or stone than for aurlonl-
tuial purpose, and to establish his
claim to said land before Register
and Receiver at Lakeview, Oregon,
on Monday the (3th day of July, l'.K)8.
He names as Witnesses: Kred Itoaa,
Oeo. Lynch, Clayton Kiddell aud
Dan (ioddil, all of Lakeview Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely thn above described lands are
requested to Hie their claims in this
ollice on or before said (!th duy of
July, 1908.
U-10 J. N. Watson, Register
Zac Whitwonh rvs
ruiui for emu; rucriK) for wmIiom ir BrauD
W KiliKC, Flab Oriivk ln.iiiltr silrtrcw
IaI-i-vIhw OrHirei
TIN II I-'. It I.1MI Ml l ll :.
United Staes Lnml Oltlce, l.iik vclfW
Oregon. I'Vb s.
Notice is hereby given Unit in coi
-'liicp with the piovlHiomt of the net
til Coiikichs ot June :i, 17.. eutitlei,
1 "An act fur the mtl of ttm tier lamia
In the Stated of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,'
as extended to sll tlei l'uhlie Lau1
States by act of August 4, iMiri,
1 Rosetta Powney, nt Lakeview, couu
ty of Lake, State of Oregon, has tiled
in this ofllcti his siwiru statement, No
4o.'I7, for thn purchase ot lie K half
NW quarter, SW quarter NWtpiaiter,
NW quarter SA' quarter, ot Section
3'J in Township :iS S., Range H ll,
W. M., and willolfer proof to show
that the land Hought is morn valuable
ir ltd timiier or stone than for urgl
cultural purposes, ami lo establish hin
; claim to said laud before Register
and Receiver, id. Lakeview Oregon, oil
Friday, the "ith da) of Jiiiik, P.hih.
I lie names mh witnesses: I'i K. Wootl-
cock, M. J. Rurues, (it-o Lyuc.h, P. L.
koss, ail or I.akevlew Oregon.
Any and a I perMins ciuimlng ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to fll- their claiuiH in this
otHce on or before said fith day of
June. 1908.
1110 J. N. Watson, Regldter.
Tlmtxr Notlc
United States liud Otllcp, Lakovluw
Oregon, Apirl. 'A 190H.
Notice ia hereby given that in com
pliance with nrovlsions of the act of
Congress of Juno 3, 1878. entitled,
"An act for the aale of timber lands
in the States nf California, Oregon,
.nevaaa, ami Washington Turritory,"
aa extended to all the Public Land
I Statea by act of August 4, 1892,
oauie 1 iiampion, or Paisley, coun
ty of Lake, State of Oregon, has flle.1
in this office his sworn statement No.
40tjr-, for tbe purchase of the NK V UK
, Sec. 1, T. 31 8., U. 17 K, W. AL,
and Lots 5 ami 0 of Suction No. 11, in
Townnhip 34 8., Range 18 K., W. M.,
and will offer procf to hIiow that tho
laud sought Is more valuable for its
timber or atone than for agricultural
purpoaes, and to establish his claim
to said land before 1'uislufn.. u.,.l lL.
Oelver. at Lakeview Oregon, on Tuos-
uajr 1110 .ill nuy oi July P.K18.
Hu named as witnesses: J A. liar
ham, H W. Farrow, W. W. Hampton,
J. L. Hninpton, all of Paisley, Oregon.
Auy aud all pe.r-.ona clulming ad
versely the allOVH lewi.rll,...l 1,
- - ........... J..U..B . 1'
requested to Hie their elui.n. ... tt.i.
- - ' "' lli I.UI
otllee on or before said 7th day of Ju-
10 0 J. N. WatHon, Register.
Eli Restaurant. First class mcula
at all hours. tf
H. F. Alildtrom, the sutMlor, has re
ceivod a new ahipment of gloves, the
best in the market. If yon wan
gloves-good ones call at he Ahl
stroin llurne-irt Shop. 39 tf.
oWull street t'ti:rav('il atock ccrtlfl
Mining blanks at the Examiner
tti '.