Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 30, 1908, Image 5

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Progressive Store
Everything worn by women
and children
A prettier line of hats than we h.'ive
before shown, reeeived this week
iiikI they are selling like Christmas
Ladies' Dress Hats in Merry Widow
and other latest shapes, without a
pieee of trimming that is not rich.
K-lliiiKut : $.r to $7.f
Hats may be shown at higher pi ices,
but they .'ire not better.
A complete line of Misses trimmed hats
at .$1 f) to $ 1
Ladies' street hats $.'5 to $:i.f0
No better goods can be bought any
where at the prices.
(Concluded from !'0 1.
sort of Rummer realdence, nod a man's
residence Is presume'! to lie with that
of hl family, hut the presumption In
this ruse I overcome Ly the evidence
showing that defendant's occupation
ma required him to reside elsewhere.
Ill occnsloiisl visits for (he purpose
of complying with the law have not
heen ij flic Inrit to entiilHah and uialn-
A , lain rirldouce : r'ondof ?. Crsry, 20
I !. He may have done the)
hcvt he coujd under the circumstances, I
I lint there are certain requirements of!
, the hoiiicMlead 'aws without corn pll
J ance wilh which an entry cannot he I
j Completed. '
1 It I contended hy defendant that'
Jilt wan necessity for hla family to re-
fide In Kliimath FhIIh the greater part
of the year for the purpose of sendlotf ,
hla children to school. This how ever, j
I- not sufficient to excuse him from ;
MHldiidiiiitf and mniiitiiluliiK n iesl- ,
detiee upon the land in good faitb.
8all homestead entry la, therefore, 1
lifll for rancf-llation, and your ac
I Inn la accnrdinKly reversed So note
on your records, advise the parties
in interest, and defendant of hisrlKht
of appeal to the Department. In doe
time make report to thla office.
AnHlHtant Commissioner.
Ostermoor Mattresses
C. K. Mc('l wry and A. Winner
were up from I'ine ('reek hint Kulur
day. They report that work on the'
new road to tin mine iiliove I'ine!
Creek will atari noon, and that con-
1 leruMit work will lu donu in the
in I ilea till Ml miner.
If you can't o to Kan iWiiOlsoi to
re the hutlleahlp H""'. Stnl
appeaHe yourapi elite for sin li scenery
somewhat ly tnkii a look at the
hattlealiip In T K. liernard w liidovv.
It U made up of Imrdwaro from the
shelves, nnd la a kiuicious reprem-nt
at Ion.
The nnnuiil, teacher liiMitute,
held In Lnkovlow lust week, whs very
nicceaaf ill. The night sessions ero
especially well attended ttud the pro
riiiiin ariHiiued for the eiitertiiiiiment
of the public were very highly appro
vliileil. i'rof UoIjIuhou' s addles on
Thursday evening wbh well receved
by the liirgu crowd In attendance.
At a meeting of the members of the
LnkeView Ihino liall team Monday eve
ning Thos J. 1'owell wus elected cap
tain. Something over f:UHJ hhs heeii
autiMcrilicd for a hall totiriiameiit in
( Concluded from I'iiko I.)
turned Into 11 mr the lieat noes j Examiner
through lour procerus, lieing cleaned I
twice nod acoure I twicn. Afterwards - -
It pHsses lhloutli tour (i lit el nt sets ot
dou tile rollert lifloie being turned in
to n merchantable product.
Mm excavnt ion was completed a few
iluyti hi me, mid now a guug of men are
at work pitting In u concrete foiiuda
tlou. Order for the lumber were
placed Home time alnce, and tbo Hist
payment made on the machinery, the
cunt of which la MKX). The entire
plant, Including the land and build
ings, when ready for operutim, will
reprertent a mini of money exceeding
IU,(HKi, nearly all of which lien already
h en an Inert bed. However, there re
main aeveral ahnrea of Block fur aule,
' which w ill no doubt bo noon taken
i up. The enterprise la one that ahnuld
: and,la receiving the nearly nupport of
all euterpritdut; citb.ena hnvinit the
: ben l iutercHttt of Luke County at heart,
for It will not only keep nt home many J
Notice to Subscribers to the Lake-
vl.w Hour Mills Stock. '
KutiHcribera to the (Capital Stock of
i The Lakeview Flour Lillare rexpect
! fully reiiieited to call at the office of
i A. Uieber, Secretary of The Lake
jvl w Flour Milla, wheie certiflcotua of.
' ntockare ready to lie Uaued upon pay- j
I incut of eubaclptioua. !
j A. Uieber. !
I 18 1 Secretary. !
I Fine Creek, Or.. April i!8. IIMJH.
Guaranteed Better than the Best of Hair.
It will never Mat nor Pack. Dust, Moth
and Vermin Proof. Absolutely Non
Absorbent, practically un-wear-out-able.
It is Built not Stuffed.
Superior to any Mat
tress Manufactured.
Lakeview Mercantile Co.
tiie kiiv.
Wm. F. MINE.
i'rdiiiut and careful attention irlvcn'
toaurvcj'M of Land nnd Towtifltco,
Map work &c. Settlcra located. Land
nnil Town property foraal'.
1 'Sf?;..-,
ulmcrllie for The like County Kx
Mininer. If you wiint the newa.
l.aaeview lourin or Juiy veea. i ne tlll),Hn,,M ,)f .j,,)),, that would other
anoiint will be Hwelled to WW if ; , , , ..,, for t,r,.u(lhtuliH,
poMHtble, and there ia uo doubt that
thia amiiiint, and poaHibly more can
bo rained.
The Kxamiuer In In receipt of it let
ter from John (iermail, of 1'ortlaud,
once a ruitiiieut of Lakeview. Mr.
Herman miivh: "1 am very aorry to
any, and 1 xuppoxa you have heard it
before I li in, that the inajoiity of our
representatives liave pledged them
olvea to vote for Chiiiuberlain for U.
H. Senator, or Franc Ih J. lltmy, I
don't know which. "
Drove Team to Death
A ma u who.) niiino we did not learn,
who U believed to be aotnewhat un
balanced, hired a team from an Altu
ran livery atable one day laat week to
drive 'to Davie Creek, where he repre
euted hid mother to be, and anld aha
w as very ill. Inetead of atoppiuK at
Davia Creek he drove on to Flue Creek,
where he left a tired horao and hired
another, ututihK that his mother wag
very nick at Lakeview. He did not
atop here, but drove on north n few
inileH, and turned around aud atarted
back to A It u ran the name day. One
home died at Fine Creek, and he cot
another there and drove on to Alturaa,
making the round trip lu a little over
12 hours, 120 milea. Tho fellow was
arreated at Alturaa, and flund ?- and
turned loose. He came toward Lake
view ou foot.
es Your
Heart Beat
Yes. 100,000 times each day.
Does it send out good blood
Jr bad blood? You know, for
good blood is good health ;
bad blood, bad health. And
you know precisely what to
take for bad blood Ayer's
Sarsaparllla. Doctors have
endorsed it for CO years.
Olio f raiment ram of bad blood It tluf lh
llvi r. llil. mIiii' cuiiallimiluii, I'oliuuuut
illiHtanrrn aiu tlii-ii limi lii Into th blood.
I.. . i lliu IiohuU uou Willi Ayt'. I'llla.
Mda by J. O. Ayr Co,
AUu Uiauiuaoiui
T.ow.ll. Uua.
uuiuMlur.r. of
j hair viooa.
W. hT. no tooratal W. publish
th. formula, of .11 our nadlolu...
A ri'prcm'iituilve in thin country
by u liirg real Vatnte corporation.
but will alford the farmora a market SimhIiiI InduccinentH to tliow who
for their aurpliiH Ki alu, and thus iiiil i winh to become financially Intercut-
in the development of Lake a vat re- led.
The mill will be of tVJ-buriel dailf
capacity, and cannot be excelled in fort Dearborn Bldg. Chicago. M,
the (tiality of product.
! Dr. Chas. H. Drake,
I Veterinary Surgeon
1 Rmo Fmonr. Fmmo A Lirtmr Stablm,
; West of Hirst National Bank.
Lakeview, Oregon.
Cbas. Lambert, Manager
Leaves Klamath Falls Daily
at 7 O'clock, A. M.
The Real Estate Security Co.
Office; American fotel
The Lakeview Furniture
pany has moved into the
Brick Building on Water street
where a Large Stock of every
thing usuallv found in a Furn-
Store will be kept
Undertaker's Parlors
Repair Shop
fipiam"'-1 ""I"1! ,f J4 1
Band'A Laat Concert j
A Ifaud concert will .be Kveu ,by i
the Lakeviewi band next I Friday eve-
niiitf at the Dpeia HoiiHe Kvery one
ahoiild attend and ubtiiat the bund, j
Prof. Hice will complete hie year's i
contract with the Hand on May 10th,
and uuleaa a ne contract la entered
Into by tho citizons of Lakeview, thia
will be the hint coucert under the
preHcut management. It la to be
hoped that oui people will employ Mr.
lilce ou some aort of terms to. teach
the baud another year, aa they are
getting along so nicely, and it ia a
ahuma to see it go to pieces. Mr.
Illce ia a Urvt data Instructor and
takes great pains with hla band.
A mooting of the citizens of Lake
view is callded for Thursday evening
at the court houau, for the purpose of
arranging a bane ball touruatneut for
Fourth of July week. J. M. Lane,
manager of the team, states that he
has no doubt that (500 will be raised
for the touriiumeut aud poasibly more
alty Co
Work Is Progressing;
Most excellent progress is being
made on the foundation for the new
Court House, and it Is expected that
the end of the week will see the stone
work completed. There will be a six
foot brick wall on top of the stone to
complete the basement, and the laying
of brick will bo commeuced next
week. Judge Duly is highly pleased
with the manner in which the work
is being couducted under tho super
vision of W. A. Wingato.
Bam tli I"' Kind Yon Han Always Bonjjl
At the Theatres t
THE MONO CO. will play six nights
lu Lakeview, beginning May 4th.
BlIKRKVa Musical troupe will play
one night in Lakeview, May 10th.
KMIUEB STOOklJo , will play in
Lakeview six nights conimeuclug June
TA Y LOli U AN 1 ELS CO. will play
six ulgbts in Lakeview commencing
June 32.
kVmMMa. tfaffV fl VI Tr T!
ilhe Ovenand Mnscmg Rei
Of RENO, the Hub of the Slope
Invites Land or Lot Buyers to call and see or
write them for a List of Good Investments of
Houses and Lots
in Reno and Sparks
Acreage near Reno
North to LAKEVIEW, ORE.,
Real Estate is the Best Investment
Towns Tributary to Reno:
North Susanvillc, Madeline, Alturas, Cedarville, Cal.; New Tine Creek, Lakeview, Paisley, Ore.
South Goldficld, Tonopah. Carson, Yerington, etc., Nev.
Wkst Tahoe, Loyalton, Verdi, Truckee, Boca, etc., Cal.
East Wadsworth, Olinghouse, Elko, Fallon, Fairview, Ilazen, Lovelock, etc., Ncv.
The Overland Banking: Realty Company
(Formerly Hibbard & Turner)