Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 26, 1908, Image 2

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Terminal. Tract lots in Heart of Rich-
mond I
The Coming City is Richmond.
IDOG Population 0000
11)07 " 10000
1010 " LVHHH)
A former Orconian, G. A. Pollctt is a city Trustee
Many of your people have already located here.
If A. L. Spellmver, 7th iMacdonald, Ave. )
m T S. Handley, 1306 Beseel Ave. j
Richmond, Cal.
Write us or Mrs. Geo. Miller, Lakeview, Ore. j
Big: j
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Lake County Fxaminrr
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by Hrafi, I'o-ttal )rd-r. Impress 1 (r-l.-r. -r Kecl-t.-r-ed
Ietter. to the
Lake County Fxaminer.
-i ii -.i-a it
r.-.H- j tn ttKit.
. I el hi el t'fi-M.irjr.
IT-'I-II el W r ,
tlieri..') .ini.ilal
I'l.allllH'.li t elllrill , . .
Vet'-litr y nl vy
m r.-t.ry liii. rlur
Murj t. Urlriiliut
.-t-r-i ir j' .i I ,iti iit.-ren
.'hli'l J.iil
11- r i in 1 inn
Th.HMorp M.M..-vsll
I mi., W , t nlrlntiikt
I I1l.11 U.m
. . I..'l'.. M. slmw
wm. 11. Tr
W 111. II M.hhIj
Im'ii, II. I erli'lvilll
1 Im. J. IU111 n 1 rl
. K. IIIH'I.I'.M'K
. J in. W I Unit
I . M. l. nil
m.-iIii..w K.iiii.r
V. 'iillilll Warner, I'. . I Vnl..ll I .,lillul.lelirr
A . s. Ill, hr I ... I'. S. I 1111.I I .iiuiiil.i.iiier
m 1
eivetllnr I.eii. r. Iii-ihIh'I Into
-.. 1 l - ,1111 Jnl;.' ., A.
.... ri-'ury nlHimt,. c, liuiilmr
I rm.iirer C. S. .M.inr
oi.-rn. y i;n...rl . M. i luril
upl. I'.il.llt' net Inn . ( J II a. .fiiiHii
I'rliner J. K, W liiinxf
'uliy mi.l I-immI Com ,1, W , Hitl'fj
I Jelill M. Ilnlll
i c. W . .1, ion
1 Itmr-r lli'rinn
J. . S..l,il. .
t -illKf. II
'i.l-. ..
'0I11I Si.tmiur
! V s:;.,.r.
N Viiiit hi
IITM Jl l.l. Il l-l rn I -1 .
II. I.. Ii. ii.i.n
iollll A.'Ut-b
11 f. a. i.-ir
) I.. II. Mi-l rinail
W. J. M.H.r
. I.AN It OKI- II K,
It l.m
1 aki on rt.
'ti'lu-... 11. .17
"l-r K. N. J. n.h
tm-rllt Ml,. r. l-.Mii
I' . K-o, ' ,ilr.nn
i er W . 0. W'f
lionl Siipi J. iv, W nun
iim).r c K. M.ior
:'-- J ii,'i,ii..V;!ort
im'Ii lii.iwH'tor Iimi I". M.IId?
I.. Mnelllllil
-?".- IUII. Yl
i. I', M.ll.iy I
I. W 1 m-Her I
I. S. Ijltir
V. H
t.ll,..u. r..
Co Itirlltunu
K. .-.inior
, . . , I r. iir. r
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: ir p-
;e t f these 4 great publications is -
ake County Examiner, Lakeview, Oregon
TIM III-: I' I. IMi NH 4 :
C-oted StH-p La-H f)tlice, T.hkveiew
Cn-'-cn, Eel) S Kt8
Kntii'e i h'-leby pveii thht in cotn-filisp'-H
w on t .- .r.n iriiont- n: the act
ft'ousriesa o .'une 3, H"H entitle),
'Aii ct ir.r tho i-.d" ti' ti tier lauds
In ne Ljtat.-s ei' Ctili'nrni . Oreyou,
Nevada. Hn l ''ashi'iit'.-i T-'titory,"
ma extended t.- nil t !i Public Laud
fcUtcs l,y act r. Aujiist 4. l-.2,
K n.-U.i lJu in-y. t)' Lakeview, cotio-
cf Lake, ytnte of Oieumi. has Oled
mm 'i!s r:r!.v 1
403T, for the
WW n'lt.rl tr
wu . ... ,
12 1, " K . Rama 18 K.. quarter, of section 15 Id TowrjBhip 41 i 1? E., W. M., and will offer proof to
W. M , mi I id offr .rno . tbow B , KanKe 17, E.. W. M., and will of- j "cw mat ta 1 land ouKtit la moreval-
tbet the la-id -oiiuht U ntire valuabl proof to ebow that the Und sought uat)1p tor its timber or utone than for
(or ltd. touM-r ur ftotie than '-.r ari- 1 more valuable for its timber or i f.rBJcultaral purposea, and to eetab-
:ol. .i..I iarj...jed, uu l to ebtablibb Lia etone thao for Agricultural puroosea, n'a elaim to aaid land before
ro i.i iiwi .Afnr RBIiipr and to etabtih bia claim to aaid land : County Clerk, Klamatb Co., at bta
. - w ! 1 . j .. . . r 1 1 nmna of U Ir. mi.ll. L'.. 1 1 I.A,.AH
nri Jteceivt-r. Ht Cdkeview tJr-aon. oa oeioiw twKiuier aaa neueiver at ijane- y.""." """ ui-huu,
rri'tv. Hie' n -lav or Jun-. I9()S view Oregon on Thursday the 28th, vednenday, the lutb day
' 11. ,n'ims , -. itneee: K E Wood- a".y 01 Aiay, jauo.
eck. M. J Ii -ich. tJ n Ly.n b, V. L. e names as witneaaes: U. W. liar- - He. names as witnecaes: W. P. Reed,
Hot-H, nit of I -tUer4 v Oreifin disty, Willurd Duncan, Joe Lane, I Mattio B. Keed, Charles K Mulkey,
. - ... IJ 1 , 1.1 1 I . . . 1 A .f Vl 11 I fllinwlln nil r. 0 1)1 m tnnn
Anv end a I iicr-oiis clal ad- "bui j uujfunvuu, mi 01 ijaaevtew, , " v. wiiiu, on ui ui, uiuu
wrelv fh. above described luods are Oregon.
mquetted to I'ueii claia.a in this Any and all persons claiming ad
fflce on or t efere bal l 5th day of tersely the above described lauds are
Timber Land Notice.
United States Land Office Lakeview j Jan 25 1008 aKev,ewr
Jregoo, Feb. 13, 1908. j Notice is hereby given that in corn-
Notice is hereby given that in com - , pliauce with the provisions of the act
pliance with the provisions of tbe act : o1 Congress of June 3, 1878, entilted
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled, j 'Aa act for tbe sale of timber lands
"An act for the bale of timber lauds ,n tDe states of California, Oregon,
in the States of California, Oregon, j Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
Nevada and Washington Territory," j 88 extended to all the Publio Land
as extended to all tbe Publio Land j States by act of August 4, 1892,
States by act of August 4, 1892, I VVUlis J- Mnlkey, of Cromwell,
Edwin Fitzgerald, of Lakeview, ! county of Lane, State of Oregon, has
v unnniT nf UIia RfMt nt Orncrnn. hna : nled in tbis onJce bis sworn state-
n - ... li ninc iirui, .tu - J n 1 . . ,
.rcUe of He E half Uld In tbla office bis sworn statement 'ul. o. lor me purcnase oi
'-Vn.,rter NW quarter, No. 402.1, for tbe purchase of tbe N he Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 , of Section No.
.niHiter nt Section uaa, an quarter, v uuarier, .!.;""! " """""" v-' '""le "
Timber Land Nolle limber Land Noilcr
United States Land Otilej, Iikvview United States Land Office , Lakeview
Oregon, Feb. 4, 19uH. (iregon, 1-Vn. O'.h, l'.HiH.
Notice is hereby given that in com Notice is herbey given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act pliitm-t with the nrovinions of the act
of Congress of Juno .'1, 1H7M, entitled of Cumress of June :t, 178, entitled,
"An act for the bale of tun her lands "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of Calitorit.a, Oregon in the States of I'alif irula, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory, " Nevada, mid Washington Territory."
as extended to all the Dill. ho Land as extended to all the Public Laud
States by act of Angunt 4. IMirj, States by act of August 4, 1892.
WAKKHN HOWARD, of Lakeview, Fred L. Ko-s. if Lakeview cotiiitv
county of Lake, htate of Oregon tins of Luke, State of Oregon, has tiled iu
I HI...I 1.. l.,u ... t ll. . l.i I.
Iil-J.l IU l.illD UIIILO lj o pnuiu DL.H.IUIVIJI. vnin tiiiit.,- inn nwui II S-.HLt.IlltMlv i. O
No. 398.1, for the tuirchase of the S 3!)94, for the purchase nf the NE tpiar-
half, SE quarter, NW quarter, SE Ji, ter, of Section 32, in Township 38 H
SE quarter, SW quarter, of Section 2, Kange 18 E.,W. M. and will itfer
in Township 38 S., Kange Iti K, W. proof to show that the laud sought is
iM., and Will offer proof to eliow that more valuable for its timhoi or stone
the land sought is more valuable for than for agricultural purposes, hhiI to
its timber or stone than tor agricul- establish his claim to said land before
J tural purposes, aud to establish his Register and lieceiver at Lakeview
claim to said laud belore Register and Oregon, r-u Saturday, the 9tb day of
Receiver at Lakeview Oregon, on May, 1908.
Monday the 4tb day of May. 1908. : He names as witnesses: (leorge
He tames as witnesses: Henry E. ! Lynch, E. E. Woodcock, Marlon S.
Holbert, Frank Howard, Walterlloward , Humes, 1nn Chandler, all of Lake
Plyner Howard, all of Lakeview Ore- j view Oregon.
gon. Any aud all persons claiming ad
Any and all persons claiming ad- ! versely the above describd lauds are
versely the above described lands are : reuected to file their claims iu this
requested to tile their claims in this 1 office on or before said 9th day of
ulllce on or lierore said tu day ot May, juon.
limber Ijind NutU.
United States Ijiii.1 Office Lnkeview
Oregon, Feb. lith HMW.
Notice is hereby gl-en that iu coin
plliincu with the prnvisiinis of the act
of Congress of Juno 3, l7s, entitled,
"An act fur tin sale of timber lauds
in the State of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington 'J'eri ito-y, "
as extended to all (hit 1'nlilic ljtnd
States by act of August 4, lh:2.
El. leu 1-:. Woodcock, of lakeview,
county of iaki, Ktate of Oregon, has
filed in this office his sworn
statement. No. 39!l., for the pim-hasn
of tlin SK quartet', of Sect ion 32, in
Township, :i8 S , Range IM, K , W. M.,
and will otler praof to show that the
laud sou. ht is more valuable for its
tiinler or stone than lor agricultural
purposes, and to establish His clalai
to said laud before Register and Re
ceiver at Lakeview Orcyou on Mon
day, the lllh day of May, 1908.
He n a in us as witnesses : (ico. Lynch,
M. S. I ia rues, Fred Ro.s, Dan Chand
ler, all of Lakeview Oregon.
Any and ail persons claiming ad
versely the a'.iove described lauds are
M-piested to file their claims in this
office on or before said llth, day of
May, 1908.
710 J. N. Wataoii, Register.
of April,
lane. (908.
11 10
J. N. Watson, Register.
h-tnta 9 Ila Kicul Yoi Haw Mar lz&
requested to file tbeir claims in this
office oo or before Bald 28 tb day of
May, 1908.
910. J. N, Watson, Register.
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teoi: vt'l Monday venlnir. If Hf. Dont suffer longer. Write F. W
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tbe above described lands are
requested to file tbeir claims in tbis
office on or before said l'th day of
April, 19C8.
510 J. N. Watson. Register.
yo i. i .. I s.lii-W cel l Idea tea aee Oil
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May, 1908.
J. N. Watson, Register.
Timber Ijind .N'otlre.
United States Land Office, Lakeview
Oregon, Feb. 13, VMH,
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with tbe provisions of tbe act
J. N. Watson, Register.
Timber I. anil .-Vol Ire.
United States Land Office, Lakeview.
Oregon, Feb. 4, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with tbe provisions of the act
of Cougress of June 3, 1M78, entitled,
"An act tor me sale or timber lands
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled, ( , tU, wVtL nf i 1, U
"An fm th of timber land-' i? the. Httte9. ?.! California, Oregon,
in tbe States of California, Oregon, e7;n 7"8j'. Ti pmi i .
Nevada and Washintgon Territory, tu StS&unf"
as extended to all the Publio Land , i? iw. u V t I .
uiai. i,. .., i am.,mu. i iho Stella L. llarnes, of Lakeview.
. up. -. I fniintV fit l.uLa klala rf Orannn
i u a t w i I 1 county of Lake, State of Oregon
iiuwuu nnuor, ui uibovibh, uuuuit ii..,i i l.i.. i . , . 7
of Lake, State of Oregon, has filed la . 2'edJ,thJ" i"' f WOrn .t,Jen,?J,l5
tbis office bis sworn statement, No. ? ' f'1 v?.'! Ja,PilTif',fiP 6 8K
4(o for the nurehnsA nf thn Lot 4 'quarter, NL quarter, N half, SE quar-
.1 ... .1 . tttr. K I-j i ii rulif I-' 1 n i, tl a ,f
and HW quaiter, W quarter, of Keo- if'' "Y,-i"Za v W m
sowWiba"HbeDVnWdou,gbt TZ ZtlZL f"'1'! 'it'
valuble for Its timber or stone tban for , , '" r "? " ..,0' africu tural
agricultural purposes, and to establish ' 3 t?i"uV"r,0b,i iUia to
bis calim to said land before Register "? 7 hl J1 "ditooe
andReoelver. at Lakeview, Oregon, ' fr, ? 'Wednesday,
on Tuesday, the 2otb day of May. 1908.
He names as witnesses: Fred Snyder
O. Sherman Easter, Jack McCulley,
Chan. Umbach, all of Lakeview Oregon
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tbe above described lands are
requested to file tbeir claims In tbis
office on or before said 20 tb day of
May, 1908.
J. N. Watson.iRegibter.
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tbe 29th day of April, 1908,
tie names as witnesses: K E.
Woodcock, Frank Toler, Cieoge Lynch
Ada Toler, all of Lake flew Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims In tbis
office on or before said 29th day of
April, 1008.
8-10 J. N. Watson.Reglstor.
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