Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 02, 1908, Image 3

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    Eossip About I
Famous FolkJ
A FT 13 n iak
Idk mil 11mm
In the gro
cery trad, having
Mtnlllntil in or
than a huinlrMl re
tall atorp In New
York city, J a nice
Iltitlor haa atrurk
another gold mine
In the Kniplra
raring track at th
outaklrta of that
city. Tlila trark
wa built tjr tlio
lata William It.
Clark, Ilia alte hav
ing Ixvn discovered ly Mr. Ilutler In
1H7. At tut time Mr. Ilutler waa
president of the I'rlvtiig Club of New
York. Alwaye an enthualaatlc horn
man, be conceived th Idea of a trark
for drlrlng and trotting meet.
Mr. Clark bad more ready money
than Mr. Hntlor at the time and ho
Imllt the trark. Th plant roat about After Mr. Clark 'a death It
waa aold under foreclosure proceeding
and wna ttotight In ly Mr. Ilutler and
an aaaoclate for atout half what It
towt. Tli remarkable aueceae of th
August meet tbla year la aald to have
doubled the. value of the property.
Much of thin aurreaa waa due to tho
clewing of the pool rooma In tba metrop
olis by Platrlet Attorney Jerome.
Those who wanted to bet on the races
were compelled to go to tba trark,
which Dwelled the attendance far be
yond rxpertatlon.
Mr. Ilutler la aald to be one of tboae
men whose touch aeema to transmute
everything Into gold.
Booth Tarklngton of Indiana baa
been abroad for aome time and baa re
turned with a new play and the inanu
acrlpta of two new novel.
The play be calla "Tbe Man From
Home," and It waa written In collab-
oration with Harry L. Wllaon. author
f "The Hpendera."
The pluy In r romtdy entire on the
American abroad, and It will receive
It Initial performance In Indiana.
Mr. Tarklugtou will return to
France after hi play hua lecn atnged.
The mitlmr gives the following hint of
hla lnlet dramatic work:
"The pluy deal with the adventure
of mi I milium lawyer who goe to
Europe In reference to tint contem
plated niurrliige of bis wurd to an
KnglUliiiiiin of title, lie If Just the
average well to do, untravcled cltlsen
you might meet on bii iiccniiimoihitlou
train Ixtucin IxgnnHpirt and Koko
l'.iHiih I'nrLliiirtou mill Jaiiiex W'Ult
couili Itlley lire old filentlH, and the
former tells hmv ho ued lii hi younK
er iluyx to ilelluht to trail aUnit at the
beolx of the llooNler Het. lit nil hotira
of the lny and night. Unletting to bin
"unKiiili!g." The at roll uuitlly end
ed In the Minnll hour of the morning
by a lunch of pie, watermelon. Ktrong
coffee. WMi rabbit. This wim prob
ably where Turklugton lenrneil to take
bl break flint at noon and do hi writ
lug by an oil lump. Mr. Tarklugtou la
exceedingly companionable and la en
tirely without aelf consciousness and
egotism, lie Is a ready and entertain
ing tulker, tells a story a well u be
writes It and hua a keeu beime for the
Senator Uobert M. La Follctte of
WIhcoiihIii, who Is how recognized a
one of the candidates for tho Repub
lican prcHlik'iitlal nomination In 11KW,
Is hwIiikUik around the ChnutnuUii
circuit, on which bo Is quite Mipulnr.
The Henntor'B great speech on the rnll-
road rate bill bud the distinction of
being tbe longest speech of tho con
(grass during which It waa dollvered.
But unfortunately for hliu it did not
get before the country under auspi
cious clrcumBtnncos. The npcech con
tained 1)5,UU0 words, and about three
days were consumed in Its delivery,
put aa tho Hnu Francisco earthquake
happened about that time tho papers
Were full of this catastrophe to the ex-
iastoon- . I a 1 I
ornm. J I 1 ' ,
an i i
rlualon of almost all other new a. Ben
ator I -a Kollettc'a experience waa
somewhat similar to that of hla for
mer colleague, Rcnalor Mooiier, on
one orcaaloti. Four year ago Senator
ftpooner waa scheduled to make tbe
great speech of hla life defending tbe
I'hlllpplno policy of the administra
tion, lie made the speech, and It waa
a great one, but there never waa a
Una of It printed In the newspaper or
anywhere ele outside the Itecord. On
the day be made the speech tho tele
graph wlrea leading out of taahlng
ton all went down liecaua of a alert
atorra, and not a word waa tele
graphed from the city, fpooner might
J tint aa well not have apoken, ao far
aa the, effect of hla speech on tba coon
try waa concerned.
Pearl Wight, whom President Ilooae
velt hna appointed t'nlted Ktatea com
?Ualoiipr of Internal revenue, to take
office next Iecemler, la by business
a ahlp chandler In New Orleana.
He waa appoluted
by Chairman Cor
telyou to fill the
Ixulnlana vacancy
on tbe Republican
national committee.
Mr. Wight be
long to tbe ahlp
chandlery firm of
Woodward. Wight
& Co. It la under
atood that Mr.
Wight la now prac
tically the firm.
Mr. Woodward
having been made
poatmaater of New Orleana, la hla
line of buatneee, which tourhee tbe
lumber trade Intimately, Mr. Wight
baa figured In various contract for
aupplylng lumber materlala for the
Panama canal, for llgbtbouaee and
other government worka.
The now appointee la aald alao to
be tbe bead of tbe Uly White organl
I aatlon In Imtlalana. a political body
' which oppoea tbe too active participa
tion of negroea to public affaire.
I). II. Morris, ex president of the Au
tomobile Club of America, waa de
acrlblng In New York tbe aucceaa of a
certain wily automobile cop.
The mau'a cleverness la wonderful,"
Mr. Morris ended. "In aome waya It
reminds ma of tbe cleverness of old
John Jate.
" 'I thought you aald you were going
to bring a friend home to dinner with
you thla evening? snapped Mrs. Jatea
aa they aeated tbemaelvea at the beau
tifully appointed table.
"'He couldn't come,' John ana we red
"And then, with no little enjoyment,
tbe clever fellow fell to upon the first
decent meal be bad aat down to for
aome weeka."
William 8. Taylor, former governor
of Kentucky, who has been living In
Indlanapolla alnce bla Indictment for
alleged complicity In the murder of
Governor Goebel more than aeven year
ago. haa been offeml by Governor
Itcrkbam of Kentucky Immunity from
arrest If he will return to the state and
testify In the forthcoming fifth trial of
Caleb Powers, who I Indicted on a
charge practlcnlly Identical with that
which drove ex-CJovernor Taylor from
hla native atato.
Mr. Taylor Is practicing law In In
dlanapolla. During the past seven
year the governor
of Keutueky has
requested of the
auccesslvo govern
ors' of Indiana tbe
requisition of Tay
lor, but the Indiana
governor have re
fuaed to honor the
The fugitive de
clares that be Is
Innocent and that
there Is a political
conspiracy In Kentucky to murder him.
He has been out of Indiana but once
since his Sight. That was when be at
tended the Republican national conven
tion at Philadelphia In 1900. A plnu to
kidnap him and carry him to Kentucky
was foiled by bis friends. Tbe wife of
tho ex-governor has died during the
family's exile.
Mrs. Mary Ixvcran Tucker, whose hus
band has Instituted suit for divorce on
tho ground of desertion. Is n (Hiv-tliter
of the Inte General John A. I.o;; i i. She
was educated at a convent In George
town, P. C. Shortly after leaving this
Institution she married William E.
Tucker, who Is now a paymaster In the
United State army with the rank of
lieutenant colonel.
Some time ago Mrs. Tucker uiul her
mother, Mrs. John A. Logan, filed
charges URUInst Colonel Tucker with
the war depart
ment. Colonel
Tucker wa ac
cused of conduct
unbecoming an of
fleer and a gentle
man. It was al
leged that ho hud
not conducted blm
aelf properly In the
Philippines, the
name of a soldier's
widow being cou
pled with his. Mrs.
Tucker and her
mother sought to
bave Colonel Tuck
er reduced or removed from tho army,
but after Investigation the complaint
waa dismissed. Tbe husband then be
gan divorce action In Chicago.
It Is understood that Secretary Taft
of the war department, who Is bound
for the Philippines, will make aome
further Investigation of the stories re
lating to the army officer. Brigadier
General Garllngtou of the Inspector
general's department baa already spent
considerable time on tbe Tucker case
and will soon report.
; J
' tin iiii"'MlfcriMj
W( !
Irylrf tirrmrntlnn almply deveU
ip ilry enuir li tli'iy dry up the aTtions,
lirh ikIji r to tiiu raetnlirana and denom.
fKum, e-tunlng a fr more arriou trouble the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid
all drying liilmlsnts, fiiroea, amoke and
fluff 4 and uw that which cleans, aoothe
and heals. Klv'a Crnm Halm will mantor
catarrh or eld In the bend easily and
plMnnt1y. All druggist ll the 60 cent
size. Kly lirotbora, CO Warren Htreet,
New York.
Th Halm (a naed without pain, Ana not
irrllnte or chiho aii'ter.lng. It apreada ltlt
ovar an lrriliitd and an (fry surface, reliev
ing Immediately the painful InfuiturnaMon.
1,1 y 'a Cream ilnlm contain no oocalne,
meroury nor other harmful drug.
Thn LtsMflng rap oi the
Pacta Coast
Th" Sea Francisco
The Weekly Chronic!"
The very fc weakly Newspas
published la tfa eadr Vast
$1.50 a Year
t-li1lac p aar rtrt nt Ike
alt4 atalaa. Uw4l aa Mlr
It Is feat beosMM, beside
prlntlar all th aaw of the world
on wim an tn'.eresflng way
and tally Illustrating maay
rtle:, It has ayadal aaparV
m at oavetad ta
sad S OkT9
Thnae ar praeidad mrm by
ad lor having a thoroufh knowi
tii't et thsir apoo altifli Th
ri drvetad to Afr cu.rum,
Horticu tur. Poultry ana Lin
.oo ar- wvll liluatrated and
'l ed with matter t th (rtt
tiu-ren is all eegsgad la the
n uiir1s, Try Ma ala(
r!ii-:B by thae wh ar In eloe
i uoP !' oo4Jtlo preralUnf
on f hla Least
It wtll a east tra.
Da jree waa4 as CTa1 asset
: Reversible Map?
! Slowing the Ust4 Sosaae, t-
mm:ee of Ceaala aaal Maf-Ukar
Kaxlo aa aM ). MAP OP
THE WORLD, sraeeattag t Wa
in m oattoa aaaa, with all
a In traa arsaoftloa, the aa
r aarfaoe tarn Earth aa the
ethar at da.
Saad S3 tm4 r anal
The Dally tnd Kls
Only a;5 a Yecr
The Tanner' Wife
Is Tory careful about her churn. 8he
scalds It thoroughly after using, and give
It a sun bath to sweeten lu She knows
that if ber churn Is sour It will taint tht
butter that U made In it. The stomach is
a churn. In tht ktomacb and digestive
and nutritive tracts are performed pro
cusns which are almost exactly like the
i-hiiriiliiK of butter, la It not apparent
then that If thin xiomnch-churn la foul it
make (out all lneii m pm into It T
Tbe evil of a foul stomach Is not alone
the bad taste In the mouth and the foul
! breath caused by It, but the corruption of
j the pure current of blood aiid the dlsscm
' Inatlon of disease throughout the body.
! Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical Discovery
makes the sour snd foul stomach sweet.
I It does for the stomach what the washing
and sun bath do for the churn absolutely
removes every tainting or corrupting elo
uinnu In this way It cures blotches,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings,
ores, or open eating ulcers and all
humors or d isease arising from bad blood.
If you have bitter, nasty, foul taste In
your mouth, coated tongue, foul breath,
are weak and easily tired, feel depressed
and despondent, have frequent headaches,
dizzy attacks, gnawing or distress In stom
ach, constipated or Irregular bowels, sour
or bitter risings after eating and poor
appetite, these symptoms, or any consider
able number of them. Indicate that you are
suffering, from biliousness, torpid or lazy
liver with tho usunl accompanying Indi
gestion, or dyspepsia and their attendant
7 "'WSy'"'" KPQya mwlUri,
ence u,r tiu- mrr. pi ui
u HlHivesvnnitonis
ti:(TIlV thittt rltinirS
atrth77vertf.r.lf m.-liT pr
bja:e My.
comlilueil ilT'.r- I'Tyrec s I .nl.lmi Afiririil
l)ihiuvxtx That this is absolutely true
win do readily proven to your satisfaction
If you will but mail a postal card renncs'.
to l)r. It. V. Pierce, ltuiTttlo, N. Y.. lor e
free copy of his booklet of extracts (n iu
the standard medical authorities, giving
the names of all the Ingredients entering
Into his world-fumed medicines and show
ing what the most eminent medical men
of the ago say of thorn.
Subscrllx) for The Lake County Ex-
arulncr, lfjyou want the news.
Ely's Cream Balm
Is quickly abtorbad.
Civas Rslial at One.
It cleanses, soothes,
heals aud protect
the diseased meiu.
braue resulting from
Catarrh aud drives
away a Cold in the
Head quickly, lte.
stores the Sense of
I yv(IVC
8 Atmrmw
BBr uni'iLvrM f
sj r' J J.
Taste and Smell.
Full size 50 eta. , at Drug-
Uta or by mail. In liquid form, 75 ceuts.
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s flhsMaBBBBMSst sTaTaBBBsV
t j i
The best Vatiuofc-fl
die on the market.
Also a complete line of wao
& and bugsry harne., wbtu
1 robes, rlatM, blta, spurs,
quirts, roaet tea, In fact eyery
thing in the line of carrlnge
and borne furnishing. JJe-
ptilrlg by compctente mn.
p P UdMT I in HT X- HAODnW lrrrn pttir
A Memorable Day.
One of tbe days we remember with
pleasure, aa well aa with profit to onr i
health, ia tbe one on which we be-1
came acquainted with Dr. King's New
Life Pilla, the painless purlflera that :
care headache and biliousness, and
keep tbe bowels right. 25c at Lee '
HealTa Drug Store. j
f REE Knowing what It was to Buf
fer. I will give FREE OF CHARGE,
to any afflicted a poaltlvecure for
Ecaema, Salt Rheum, Eryalpela.
Piles and Skin Diseases. Instant re
lief. Dont Buffer longer, Write F. W
WILLIAMS. 400 Manhattan Avenue,
New York. Enclose Stamq.
J. II. Cutter whiskey at the Ilote
Lakeview bar. The beet and purest
whiskey made. tf.
The Examiner prints township plata,
and makes them into books to order, tf
Ew ArniwDiPWPPmpn
r VVi'll JL-aa-a- a a. a v
I 1 Sn- 1 na
f MtMHlMsaWpmiWIlnWH
ever made in Lake County, and every Deed given.
In transcribing the records we have found numerous
mortgages recorded in the Deed record, and not indexed; and
many deeds are recorded in the Mortgage record and other
books. Hundreds of mortgages and deeds are not indexed
at all, and aie most difficult to trace up from the records.
We have notations of all these Error5:
7 Others cannot find them. We have spent hundreds ot dollars hunting up
these errors, and we can guarantee our work.
J. D. VENATOR, Manager.
.' . 1
: V ' - J
m iv v !
' I' J-?:,-;
. - . :'V ; 4
' - '
u. - ; : , .
saV 3 t-
Farmer, have yor butter wrap
pers printed nt The Examine oiBee,
Instead of wndlnsr away for them.
Ton keep your money at borne, aad
patrotitxv them that patronize yon,
neflldeg. you nee what you are get
ting and don't bave to pay for it 11
It doenu't Hult you. tf
I o cure a coid in One Day
! lableit. All drai!ii-i8 retnnd tbe
; money il it fails to cure. E. W. (T-ove's
4iinatme if on each tiox 25c.
Tbe Examiner baa a supply of firs
class butter wrapper paper on band
now, at tbe following prices: For 500
wiappers, printed, $2.75, for 1000
printed W.50 tf
K. F. Ablstroin, the sa Idler, baa re
ceived a new shipment of gloves, the
be3t in tbe market If you wan
gloves good ones call at he Ahl
eti?m Harness Shop. S9tf.
e'have made an entire transcript of all Records in Lake County,
which, in any way, affect Real Property in the county.
We have a complete Record of every Mortgage and transfer
Blueprinisof any town
ship in the Lakevlmr
Land District can be hafl
by applying to the under
signed. All work up l
date. Checkings made
from the Land Of
fice Records at the time
the prfntsare made, work
neatly and promptly
W. li. Snider.
Lakeview Oregon.
t'j;t$i:it t
ilUM " IIIVliF ksu.
Recently EaIrxS
25,000 New Words
New Gazetteer of th TTerid
'h more than B.eu0 tiUal, based aa V
UileM. oeusu return.
NewBIocrapblcaaDlVHetnnrr I
- - ft
purxous, uate oi Dirt a, ooam, ma.
t -itfcvl Stu.UA Commissioner of Ktlttcal liafc
2380 Quarto Pace
1 If- naua. M0 ITInrilli i Kl
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jLL, Wabstar'sCaUatiat Dicttoaary
Pera!r Edltist)xB)xrH
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'Iiher. CprlacflI4MM. i
Baanta yf " HawAlwatl Borj
4 60 YEAR
Trad, JIark
''rrirt' coyrioht ac
Anraa t"" ke'rh and eeaert J'
oiilc-.IT aacertimi otir opinion fraa wlitlir aa
SwrtMS probably paten th!i Cor. niunlca.
Paianta taken tbrouah Munn A Co. reeaitaa
trntnai naUc, aiihout cti.raa, laUia
Scientific JInitrican.
A handsomely IHntTd weekly. l.Jf-
tlUNM & co.3S,8rMd-a- New Tort
Si J ' I