Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 17, 1907, Image 8

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. I
Lakeview And Vicinity
Beginning to-day we will take pleas
ure in offering our direct Importation
and Exclusive Styles in the new Fall and
Winter Suits and Overcoats for men.
ionable as well as comfortable clothes. A
serviceable overcoat is necessary. Here
are several styles all of them worth your
attention. They arc the newest pat
terns worn this year, with all the usual
points well loo ed after carefully made
and sure to satisfy.
Black Kerse :7aTWoq Overcoat 50
inches long, heavy serge lining Velvet
Collar $15.00
Oxford All Wool Vicuna Overcoat
50 inches long heavy Venetian lining
Velvet Collar $17.50
Heavy 'Frieze' Storm Ulster 55
inches long with 7 inch collar, the best
Ulster ever shown here, our price $16.50.
Mens' Good Suits fro n 12.50 to $25.00
Lad lee ' Winter waists lit L M. Co;
Full Llue Japalao at Ahlstroiu 11 ro. 1
New line of 1 .ace at A Mat rum Proa. 1
Bonanza Creamery Butter at L. M.
Co. 1
Dutch lunch at tho Brewery Sa
loon, tf
' tlnteli lnin'h nt t h llivviirv kn.
loon. tf
Dutch lu lie ti nt the Hrvwer.v Sa
loon. tf
J. II. TunncL ill u about laid up
The Lakeview Merc. Co. for School
Shoes. I
II. K. Barker.tha Southern atag
contractoi, wna In lakeview flint of WEEKLY WEATHER RLPORT.
thin work, making collection. Below we give a report of the weathei
Chaa. L,l, . Fin. committed anl .1 ZTT' .T
i ai mamawi r ana a lew uajra ago, XIHh report In changed each week, an. I II
by nittltiK hi throat with a laror. . our realer wind to keen a yearly record
A. Hieber Is having Ma ,o,e Tllt
lug repainted, ami a new sign painted ; line an. I pant it in a acrap I
WTk rmlliiK Tinaduy, Oct. I'.
on the north ai.le of the building.
Boy I'nxton, who oon.lucts the l'ark
I.lvery Stables at Morrill, paid Lake-
view, hi ol.l home, a visit hut week.
1 am agent for the Sncrameiito lice,
the I 'out daily paper on the Const,
Win. Wallace, at the Furniture Store,
Prof. C. F Kice an.l wife have mov
eil into their new home at the foot of
Wat it NtrocL nuar .1 I. (VliL'..
llnr riinr Knlilwir nn.l 1 1i-.rvriiiu nil .
' ' lIlMll'IV
U .'I. Co. I
week after another. Thia reonl will
taken on Ttieaila" to eiul each week i.l
begin on Wednesday for the neit week
Covernment Weather Bureau Sta
tion at Lakeview, Oregon,
C. U. Mrrr.KKR, Cooperative Olmerver.
r maifmln. im-rlp m'm hr.u-l
(l. in in full 'l "r
wc.l. I " j W ".no I w I Hn.r ' "
tlmr. 711 i'mi I " I
fnd 7n I I '' I 00 I " . .
mit'vl r.:t 4 o.o ; tm "
aim. L.'i in "i I " I . ;;.
iiioiU tin .nO I I clcnr
; tun. ' ;:. l u.t I I
Now Hats, ami Caps, just In at A his-
from Bros. 1
l!crt llarUr, the 7T Mcri.loma,
j m i lt a trip to Luke City this week
altera load of Hour, return nut here Kesdaurant. Firt class nieaU I Momlay.
at all hour. tf . ... , . ...
I . riv..v k i iwr ami piUMI ougK)"
C. C. Pratt was up from the ranch ; robes ju.-t unpacked at Alilstroma
last Saturday. 1
Henry Newell wait in from Prewt .Lakeview. tf
Valley Tuesilay. , ri.iiiW T.,,1.,.'. !. I.o.w. I.. i... f
ft f r e
ami Jar Capa at
are over from
Jellty lilassoa
Akletrom Uros.
Ciov. and Mrs. Wise
I'lu.-h this neck.
W. A. Wiltshire ca'e ia
paw ui ill TucmUv.
I'or Sale: Uoue auj lot
lrenk l A Paiue.
Yotiutt mens Overcoats ami
coats at I M. Co.
.The Progressive Store..
We are DOINtJ, not promisiti. IitiA? tliin tl'-'''
treat your interests and our own a().'I). eau
not liny oods here without plainly svin thi I i. t.
Many have seen it, ami ate now hvipietit purehat-rs
at our eounter, who have not Ikvu aeeustonn-il to s
Inlying here. They tell us we are sure to win. We
hall siiiveed, for th.- rea-oit lint we s
wa v
at the corner directly South of the Hotel.
a Mition a. 1,1s greatly to the appear
Buce of that t'ectiou. Iikoview in
Krowiu rapidly.
Phil Lvnche is sick with ervsioelim
the at the hotel. He is not .)anK-i rously v kllOW that VC
i ill. however, and imuvls tii l. .ml i N
! ithin a few ,l.(ys, jv never win alone. Another invariahlv w ins with
.i.. i
I "The Silver Itke Lender itatr that
1 IV.. ..... . t ,111
j the iiouv;h hotel at silver Lake has i We tlou t lielieve it that we sUouki Here.
changed haiuis, Mr. It. Heifer l eiiikj !
.1 .i.v .... ... U'l I I ...,.,. WITH.
'" iiv IV(' I J Ul',1 IMI HI IIMIII O' 11.. Il'll 11 IIIK li'im , ......
Swell hue of Mens Winter Suits at . , i N
iiios. .iinersou came oer iroui j , . ill
; Warner Inst Thursday, and Saturday ; i 0"l Oltr ttrlll. I lie faets at e eoilUII' to the Kliowl-
, started for rviu Francisco, where he j . . .
' Koes on a l.osiuesM trip. I ctle ol Lakeview people in a ijmet
I ,
Prof. C. F Kice 1' his wife! , , . , , . . . , .
an.l laty home from A.toras last knowledge ILL spread, the lacts eaiinot Ik-
week, where Mr. Kice has I et-n since!
she was injured in the train wreck. j
W. V. Miller au-l C. W. Withers, of.
Paisley had the crack barley -rpp ot j
that locality this year. Miller raised .
i.S I'listivls to the acre and Wither. j N
NOTCH: I will take a f,.w Orders 1 v
for choice pitati e. to lie delivered,
this fall The ipiality the l e.-t uud , yj
price rinM. J. C. Oilier. IJ J : S
TIm. Klauiht 1. Falls Kvpre say, t Ik.I ; ; MM W IT55 WJf fK ffK V
i.v,. iiuiwiii euoD ofii m phi.iv-; t -r A r' t 'i -1 ') -I 'j I " t, Y-r
Kraph KuIK-ry in Klamath Falls. Mr. j w w tt ua mm limM n rnu'tLiiil ..f I i. L . I
Lakeview Mere Co. 1
Rubbers and overshoes all kinds, at
Lakeview Merc. Co. 1
Mens an I Boy Hu'h top Shoes at
Lakeview Merc. Co. 1
Isaac Deter was up tow n a couple of
day first of the week.
The West Side wa well represeuttnl
iu town last Saturday.
tieo. and Hoy Chandler was iu from
Ciooked Creek Sunday.
Press oods iu all the latest fabric
at Bailey A Massin-iU's. tf
New lot ot Press Cloods just re
eeived at ALlstrotu Bros. 1
Steve CInylord is spending the week
in Lakeview from Paisley.
Joe and O. W. Howard were over;
form Drews valley this week. j
S .W. Young and family caiu over j
from Rock Creek this week. ;
hut the
Indies are telling theni to their friends. Hih sound
ing words have no place in our ltisiues, seheine.
Lvery sale we make appeals to the Inner with
effect, .tnd she cannot conceal Iur satil.ietion Ironi
her friend. You will come.
fit fox
I- O.
Huipiist was iu tiu fiom the;
sheep raure Brst of the w at k. He has,
tnuvttl his slxi'p over to Vortli War- ,
DeT. an l will out them on the winter
Under Entirely New Hanagement
HaviniT recently pureh -etl tl:e hotel irom
Mr. fePonald. I ea i - v s.!ieit a share of
pul! I'.atrona.i .-. .i m .xhall Ie to please.
Wanted: Valley ranch with, :ood
orchard. Dreukel A Paiue. x
A. L. Hi'Llill aud family came over! run e.
from Warner first of the week. ' ill Burns, sou of J. B. Burns of
Cieo. Harro-v and Will.ird Duncan I'lnsh, met tin father in l-aktview
went to Lake this week. i la.-t eek for the first time iu 1" years.
Ed Haitz.v was up from Willow j Will came iu on a w heel Jr-jm up in
Ranch la.-t Saturday i a business. ; l-astaru Oregon
D. M. iiryau spei:t a couple of days' "See Bai i Hdwiu, tbegnat
in towu last crk from Clover flat '. Ha.-teru performers, with Tbt U'.Malley
Sisters, Friday aud Satusluy, Oct.
'S, and "Ji". Jiwj rvd wiib at Thorn
trifle !)rn ' .ti.rM. 1''
lit-o. I. .viaupin spent the urst of I
the week in I-.k. vi. w frnni Itidurll. i
ttiri'HWh t'Mii Uist Sunday
A swell line of men's neckwear just
received at Bailey A MassintMll's. 1
Childrea's and Men's wool,
family J-a.-.-ed j
nuroiitii to I
underwear at Bailey A Massinglll'. 1
Rogac River valley, wheic they will.
4 '
i:lk iu ; i.m.N',. Portland. oki:.,on
V, i trive jist xinri-d tie w r !.! t -.v. i hi jh-n',ir',e'! . practical, men,
. ell as lfa.V.ii: l.asii.i-fs lvl :'; from the W e leave no
. '.n:.i' r.'.fin.v 1. ''e ire ii-nv
you the tst that money can .r.'urv.
. i res. Sh.VL) I Ok CA I ALOul fc I m
w a; ki:k, rnn.
.Tia.iti.1 tit uitiffei i -ii't i n t ( r turn
Li.-t your lands crtown j rcperty for m,uie in tj. ... -jDtf.
i sale or rei.t with Dieukel A Paiue. 1 !
i ! Iriiii: Marred, bile w orkitag in ti;e
Burn: In Lakeview-, Ore., Oct, 10,' , ... -hi. i
iti'iilur at the mill la-t wi-nk ia.- so
V. '. to the wife of lrauk Barnes, a I . . i.
j unfortunate us tu fret his fuwt caught ,
i , uikIm a log and hadly He
See the New line U ladies furn'frh 1 i,.. u.,. ,.r,.,.hM sine,.
t ,
, lLg and ilre:s irooO ul l.auey Jl .ias- j
j sllii-'lll .-. 1
A full line of Ladies Coats expnted
; to arrive at the La Mode Sattir-'ay.
! B'iy one. t
I Si Henderson came in from his
I sheep canip last SaturJay for a few
.J;.ys rtay.
1 Mrs. Aunu M. Neilon is having, tho i
i'lteriur of Ler tore fluii-hed u? iu
! neat style. ' It is preuy rertaiD that tnullej
Drr-nkel A Paine, the real -tate , would ensun,
I men are at work ou a new irjj of
Someone la.-t week was looking for ;
the address ot Harry 1 liwtlelon. It '
seeiaed that m;m money wv going t.i ,
Mr. Haz:eton. Lf Be could le fmin I. !
s i Itarry had r.ettr auswr. "Here". !
Phe pric of horseshoeing atter I
i October Hr.-r, tw4 st.oes tl. "xi, eiuoottil
' J., old shui-s fl.-'po. A Bar n-s.
4 2. Arzuer Brut bars, i
the town.
1 Study the.
dvertiemeut of Mirth
Boone A Co., in this isua of lhe
Examiner. 1
John O'Connor peot the pastt week
in town, I re paring for the wiattr on
the desert.
A full line of shetpfekio, Blanket,
and Pluah-lineil Coats at Bailey
Masjingill". 1
O'Malley Si-Urts, FTidfy anJ Sat
should sum of the coil
ltd select!-J for congenial mairiagu .
j Dr. BMiorofl Tuesday evening, uu
Jertake t c-irry out th Doctor 3 ad
Everything Carried in Stock for the
Miner at both our Stores.
Boots and Shoes for Miners, IJucca
roos, Sheepmen and Ranchmen.
Groceries, Elour and Grain.
All kinds of Canned Goods.
Hardware & Hilling Tools.
Warner Valley Mercantile Co
Adel IFTusIT
rurday, Oct. Z and -J
Opera IIoue.
W. M. Masters spent
( Lakeview from Summer
the pact week.
One ot the heaviest rains that ha-
tisited thia place for some tm foil
last Friday night. Stockiaen art
pleased aa it will make ttia yooog
grass eu the ranges, spring up like
Miss Ksther Cobt, aud aunt, M ins
F.llon Cohb. sailed for Europ laat
Tutday, the 15kh. Misa KssU will
coatinue vocal culture with ttte test
' m .jluf j nf ViMriA vKil a V -i u il
a few days in Their stay is inJetlite.
Lake during
v.nis each etu-
at'l r putation for
& o 4DMSTRDNG. LL. B, rmnwr-t
rM,.o for success in a short time and at wwll "1, n
... . rrrvtert. OualitV IS our t-iof.
u,nt to a Kon yrA " . ..... oh far oiicc V.d. Iadivilual in
action .nst rai,d r - bookkeeping. U our s'aorthand;
voucuer ana - .... ,n rc caiii'irue, - , 1
any n:erchact. any lck. any njr;trr in i"oruau
vmte toJ-r. Kefcrenc-
V U.OW..lM(llWiiK" r, rv mr ...Mi
1 L iST A I uncb ot keys. Fiudr
! i lease leave at the Lakeview Furniture
Store. M. Heald. 1
Wra. Kimey was in tou Mouday
aud made application foi timl proof
ou his homect.!.
N'ever mini the line-up the
Laud Ottice but get iu line for a new
hat at Tbe I -a Mode. 1
Boys School Suits Two pair pants
with douUe beat aud knee with each
Euit. Lakeview Merc. Co. 1
Jehu Cannoo, of Lake City, brought a
I oai ol Lake City flour over for the
Mercantile Co. last week.
Ladies, why say "Where did you
get that batr" You might kuow it
came from Tbe La Mode. 1
Joe AmLrosoaud eon were iu from
tbe Ambrose ranch lafct Saturday. Mr.
Ambrose Lrougt in some tine turnips
rained by biro. They were left on ex
hibit at Maxwells' real estate oHleo.
One of them weighs over four pounds.
Owing to repairs being made on the
church building the Methodist Sun
day School aud preaching service will
' be held iu the I. O. O. F. Itampuet
hall on next Sunday. All are invited.
A. J. Armstroug, Pastor.
FARM FOB KENT: I aill rent my
farm on Kelley Creek, one mile north
of Pine Creek, for one year, with the
privilege of Hve. One hundred aud
seventy acres of bay and grain land.
Imiuiie of W, J. Moore, I-akeriew,
Oregon, or 1. N. Converse, Piue Creek
33 tt. I. N. Converse.
COUBKLS Claaaicul . . A. It.
Uternry . . B. L.
Scientific . B S.
l'htlimophlml . Ph. B.
Tbe College of LlU rnl Arta umln
tnin the following whooU:
The College of Oratory, O. B.
The Teiwhera' College, B. I'd.
The Norunl Seliool, Diploma.
Tbe Ongon Institute or the
Arndeiny . Diploma.
The School ol Commerce,
College of Mcillclnc, . M. D.
ColUge of Law. . ,,, h
College of Theology, . 11. D.
College of MiihIc, , . J. j,
Tlie Allillated CollegcH are flnan!
cially Inilipmilcnt of the Collego of
Llla ral Artn.
The School of Art. Certlllcato.
The School of Ai t Ik hIho llnan
daily Inili'pen, lent of twi Collego of
LI era I aru.
For Catalogue address I'KFSIDKM JOHN . CoLLMA.N Halcm, tr,.g,
l oity acres of g,.ld ' Do you wrnit a
"rlice" ol il Writ,, tho Lee Com
tock Mining Common- P.,um
I V m J
( Box iVt. B.hyolite. Nevada, forpnrtic
jualr. If you are in a huriy neiid iu
cloHure for a blin-k of to k at lo cents
a hare.
Foil SALF. S.V) head of goats
Inquire of V. F. Stanley, Lakeview,
Oregon. V-tf i
Foreot Supervisor lugram and rang
er Musgrave left this week fur Bom
burg to attend the meeting of the
forest rangers of the Stato to bo held
at that place on the 1Mb. 1
I J. K. B.tniter was down from Pais
The Lake Couuty Wool Crow-era Asao-1 ley first of the week. Mr. Banister
ciation will meet Oct. 20, at7::- P.M. j infornm us that he and bin wf will
at the office of tho Couuty JuJge. at J go to Missouri iu about a mouth to
the Court House. By Order of the ! look after some properly they Lave
President. j there, aud will proUbly mil it. They
- J. N. Watson, Setty. 'will remain Fjt about a mouth!