Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 27, 1906, Image 5

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    BtftUlonnl oa
Dutch lunch nt the llrcwery Na
looii. tf
Mlitrt Hull returned homo Sunday
. J KuuckelU wont to HtiMim vllln with
u I Minl of beef
Quaker I'ulfcd lll(H) 1m good. A. M
will supply you.
H. K. Koozt wiih ini from l'ino
Creek lii"t Sunday.
Our Shirt Waists Mm up to (Into. No
two pnttcrn alike. M. A. M. 1
(lti), L. 1 tdll.ritok wade (liml proof
on Inn tinniest end hint Thursday.
Our grocery Unit Is complete. Lnd
Im fancy golf sweater lit II A M's.
Stockmen's supplies of nil kinds
Warner Vullcy Mcrciiulilu Co. Ailcl
tiu.i I'IiihIi, :w If.
" Wu want you to look at our lino of
(I rend goodrt, WC ItHHiiro courteous I lent
liient. II, A !.
doing to tlx iiiIiich? Supplies of nil
sorts nt tlio Warner Vullcy Mercantile
Co., stores Add ami l'lusti 'M It.
Tho laundry IliiHki't will leave every
Tuesday for Iteno. Inumlry left ut
Itlehcrs Cash Store will lie iittcnU to.
Hiimliiy School at the Union School
House, on tlio West Side 111 open
thn llrst Sunday In October. Every
body Invited.
The public school of I'liltdey started
a week ago liiht iiiouiliiy, with rror.
11. II. Jackson, principal, and Mint
Martin iim teachers.
V. I Sncllinsg and F. 1'. Light
went over to Surprine valley hint Hun
day oil business and pleasure trlp
tnore business than pleasure.
A. L. Thornton, Mr. Allen and Mr,
Cuudeld report a Hun time shooting
ducks, geese, coyote und other small
game over in thn Warner couutry.
Some plo think that we are "fib
bing". No joking, we are telling you
tint truth when we suy that our Full
ami Winter drcHM goods are of tin) lat
ent patterns. It A M.
MIxh Mint Miller will, about IhelMth
of Sept. organize a Choral Club for
JiMlic from lint at.'" or ! up. -Mho ii
Choral Hums for girls between tlm ages
of H and 15 years. All those desiring
to join such, w ill please call on Miss
Miller immediately.
:i7 1 mo
.State Normal School at Ashlnud
begins it atlliuul hexxion the U'ith of
September. Inrgn additions to faculty
apparatus, library, new water system,
ruudern system of heating, strong
courw) for teacher, well emiiped train
Inn school, good iiiuslcul advantages
and opportunity for general education
For catalogue, address,
II, F. Mill key, President, or,
W. J. Van Kcoy.Secretury.
X, Oct 15
J. D. Ihtlgrnm of Meade, says coal
oil is ail infallible remedy for thn bite
of a rattlesnake, and while, in Texan,
where big rnttlcHnukes grow, a man,
who made n hulsiicss of catching live
snukes, carried with liiin only this re
medy and that it never failed. He
suy soak the wound iuimeidately with
tho coal oil and littlo fear may bo
felt as to tho result Thin in a very
simple remedy and nearly always done,
at hand. He says persons goiug pic
nicking should ninny take with them
a bottle of coal oil louo Proclaimer.
State Normal School at Monmouth.
Dcgln Kb 'i'lth year September 'M
10OC Three full courses of study.
Higher course recognized iu Washing
ton and other states. Tho best and
shortest way to u ntute and life paper.
Additional work in both peneral and
ppccial Methodrt; ulno, Hchool iniuniK'c
ment for graded and unnraded hcIiooIh
will be Klveu thin coming year.
Louder terniH, higher waca and bet
ter opportunities are open to Normal School directors appreci
ate the superior ability of Monmouth
graduates., mid tho demand fur cx
ceodn tho Hiipply. Catalogue, contain
ing full information will e tcnt on
W. K. McCorniack wnn down from
thn ranch yesterday.
Our I'all Hun of Lndlea dren good
nro up to dafn patternn II k M.
Ilcmdn Mariner haw purchiiMed tho 1.
Cloud lot on tho north ftldn of lMh
utrei't, In Iiiikelew, for ilWi.
Wo hold up our left hnnd and nwenr,
that our Khlrt wuMn are new and Mty
IInIi. Coinontid look ntthniii. II A M.
ThroiiKh ,T. W. Maxwell. J, H. FlfMa
o!d to IIckmIk Mariner n 1 acre tract
of land on tho dash, aouthwent of town
known an thn Cook place, for tWh
The deed hna not been Hindu over yet,
owing to koiiio littlo Irregularity.
Tho' following pTHond have taken
out iiatiuallntlon pnpem during the
month: Morgan K. Verllng, John M.
Flynn, 1'hlllp Lynch, CornelloiiH Fln
acaiie. mil lve of Ireland and Montz,
Kn'pilst, (UHtKn'tilHt, Frank Lludaht,
native of Hwecdcti.
Ijim (,'oinlm ha purchuned tho I'alace ,
leidHuriiiit from Oarrett 4 Ilarrln. The !
IraiiHter win inndo Monday. We un- i
derntaiid the outlay to Mr. Comlm was
about tl.Vl. Later, wo learn that .Too
Lime Iiuh taken tho leHUiurant back
and Is now In charge of the hhiiic.
J. F. ClarkMon ha received a II-;
cense from the Sttito Hoard of Veter
inary FxaininerH to practice veterinary '
Hiirgery. Mr, Cliirksoii will devoto
hl eutlro time to veterinary work, '
with head.piartern In takeview. Any
one desiring Ida ncrvicci should ad
dress J. F. Claiksou V. H. Lukeview
Oregon. Ho ha hud practice in veto-
erlnary work for 21 year mid thor
oughly uiKlerhtands the buslnoMS, ren-
derlug him preferable to truvellng
vetelnary surgeons.
JiusiucHS Opportunity A Manugur '
to take charge of otllce aud also do .
work lu connection wiiii ingaziiie
Subscription Agency otallihsed tweu
tv vears. lolu a biiHlnes of fKt.OK)
,.. A hI.h Iu rj.iit rti ul . I
blo and expressive In minting people
and canvassing, who wil. not object
to appoint itig agents and working w ith
them lu hi territory. To auch a per
son we will pay a mounthly Hilary, a
commission, ami also a further inter
est In the bufiiies of said territory
that wid bring in a parmaueiit return
and Income. Address The Homo Mug
Miiie, llox 40, Indianapolis, Jnd.
Hiv you money to Invttt,
property to bt ctrtd tot or tuu$
to M nunigcd?
WlO your fMtlih, time tnA
private affaire permit you to
manage them properly and
You may have the collective
Vladom of experienced men la
the management of your Inter
cateH you cotuullthia Company.
It alio receive dcpoeltt
Subject to check, and wvlnn
accounts Irani one dollar tip,
paying current Interest thereon.
Acts as trustee In all property
relatione requiring such services,
buys and sells bonds, cllccts col
lections, lends money.
In many other ways It can be
of service. Call or wrhe (or fret
ptmphlet etttlng forth the scope
of Its operations.
117 Waiw. 5t Portland Omr.
; t lUfiim1 l!lli)lf(
: si25 M1!
I 1
i .
$500 Reward 53
The Oregon, California & Nevada
Livestock I'rotcctlve Assis'latlon
will give .VK).tM) Howard for the con
viction of any party or parties steal
ing horses, rattle or inulca Isdonglng
to any of the following: inembcra of
till Association:
Cox & Clark, OicM ncan Land &.
Cattle Co., Ilcryford Iand & Cattle
Co., Lake County Laud & Livestock
Co., Warner Valley stock Co.. Oeo.
W. Mm pes. Win W. Hrown. teo. M.
.lone, (ieo. llunkliia, S. II. Chandler.
.1. C. Hodson, C. A. Hehnrt. N. Fln.
1 ho. Mutton, W. A. Currier, I rnnk
It. ltauers. J. C. MotchklsH, Calder
wood Itro., T. J. Ilrattaln & Son.
,1 lines M. Moore, A. I. Cecil, T. A.
Crump, V. 'A. Momh. 1
Creaslcr & Hoiiner, XV. T. Cresslcr
Acty it (Jllhain. Hill & Toney.
I W. V. Hkiivfokii. I'resld't
M. Mi M.Kit, Sec & 1 reita,
Okkickiim I
Fin a nth C
i.m. F. M. (im:i:.N
Address, J.
Correspondence Invited.
JJ. V. Hutlor, KeglBtrur
The Song
of the Hair
There are four verses. Verse 1.
Ayer's Hair Vigor stops falling
hair. Verse 2. Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes the hair grow.
Verse 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verse 4.
Ayer's Hair Vigor makes the
scalp healthy, and keeps it so.
It is a regular hair-food j this
is the real secret of its won
derful success.
The best kind of a testimonial
"Bold tor over alxty year."
Madv by J. O. iynr Co.. Lowell, Alaa.
Aiaa muuioiurora si ,
If wl O CUUKKY pectoral.
tL . s:J sj... - ii. n La
Bears the " una lou nan Aiwarj
Deflert Land Final Proof,
United State Land OlHce .Lake view
Oregon, Sept. "25 l'JOti.
Notice 1 hereby given that Alice
Mctirath, assignee of George P. Love
'rove, of Lakeview Oregon, has filed
notice of intention to uiako proof on
hi desert land claim N. u2i, for the
NEU' NE'i Sec, IB NWtf NW.'i Sa N
WtiNE'i SWJtWSESec. 14 tp 33
8 U 11) E W M. before Register aud
Iveceiver, ut Lakeview Oregon, on
Tuesday, tho Cth day of November,
11KH). He names the following witnesses
to provo the complete irrigation and
reclamation of euld land ;
Al. Christen of PaUley Oregon,
Fruuk Graham of Paisley Oregon, F.
A. Fitzputrlck of Paisley Oregon,
L. A. Mobs of lakevlew Oregon.
3D J. N. Watson, Register.
ii.AL riooi'.
Department of trie Interior, Laud
Oillce at Lakeview ,Ore., Sop. 25 11MKJ.
Notice ia hereby given that Ran
dolph Random of Paisley, Oregon, has
filed notice of his intention to make
filial five year proof in support of his
claim, viz; Homestead Entry No. 2282
made October 10 1890, for tho Wa' 8
V4' NESW!4' & SE4 NW. Section
1!) .Township !H a. Range 17 E W M,
and eaid proof will be made before Reg
ister and Receiver, at Lukevlew Ore
gon, on 6th day of November, 11KX5.
Ho names aa witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, aud culti
vation of, tho land, viz; J. K. Hani
ster of Pulwley Oregon, .W. Y. Miller
of Pulsley Oregon, Dh.ia. Harcua of
Paisley Oregon, L. C. Woodward of
Paisley Oregon.
J. N. Watson Register.
'Opportunity treads upon the
heels of achicve&ent."
i Mate ready (or ittccrss young man
and young womw by equipping your
kK with tin knowledge and skill which
not only desrrve succrcs but which ao
complisli it, in spite of obstacles.
J The Holmes Busin."ts College has
contributed this to lite success of hun
dreds of young men and women: care
ful, inlcllicent, painstaking training, to
develop the qualities ana knowlc-!ee
demanded by modem business rthoJs,
and then, after graduation, lending them
every assistance in seairii.g positions
offering opfxxtunilies for aJ3ncc.-net.
J We are proud of the file of
letters received from out students who
graduated ten, fifteen or twenty years
ago. They all ring with a tone of
'achievement' of "success. Almost
every one attributes his success lo meth
ods, habits and knowledge acquired at
the Holmes Business College. You are
at lilicrty lo read as many of them as
you please.
a Our folder idling all about the
olmes Business College, the courses
of study, tuition, etc, it worth getting
and worth keeping. Send us your
name and address and we will send it
to you free, post-paid.'
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior.
United States Land Office, Septem
ber 25, 1900.
A sufficient contest affidavit having
been filed in this office by Perry lams,
contestant, against homestead entry
No. 2950, made April 28, 1903, for
SEV4' Section 15, Township 30 S.
Range ID E., W. M., by John W. Chan
dlor Contestee, iu which it la alleged
that Bald John W. Chandler bas never
resided upon said tract and ever since
the date of making said entry said
entryman has, aud still continues, to
desert and abandon said landsnnd fail
to reside thereon, and that said alleg
ed absence from the said land was not
due to his employment la the Army,
Navy, or Marine Corps of the United
States aa a private soldier, . officer,
seamau or marina during the war with
Spalu, or during any other war in
which tho United States may be en
gaged. Said parties are hereby noti
tied to appear, respond and offer evi
dence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. m., on November 13, 1000,
before Register aud Receiver, at the
United States Land Office in Lake
view, Oregon.
The suid contestant having, iu a
proper affidavit, filed Sept.. 21, 1SKH5,
set forth facta which show that utter
due diligeuce personal service of this
notice cau uot be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice
be given by due tnd proper publica
tion. J. N. Watson Register.
Our Fall And Winter Goods Are Now Arriving
Before'Buying Your Wintir Supplies Come And Look
at Our Stock And Get Prices
We have the largest and most complete stock of childrenfs
school shoes, boys' suits, men s and children's clothing in
We expect in a few days to have a full line of Ladies' Fall
and Winter Waists, Ladies and Misses' Dress Skirts, Coats,
Jackets etc., direct from the factory.
Be Sure And See Our New Goods Before
Buying Elsewhere.
Lakeview Mercantile Company
is now on the ground. We have a complete line of
Mowers and RaAes, also a lull line of Extras. A
good Header we want to sell to some good farmer.
We have a few Mowers, Rakes and Hay UucAs we are
oflering a bargain in. Call and see us, we can save
you monej' and give you the best values.
United States land office, Lake
view, Oregon, August 22, 190G. Notice
is hereby given that iu compliance
with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June 3 1878, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," aa ex
tended to all the Publio Land States
by act of August 4. 18U2. Robert Cas
ey, of Klamath Falls, county of Klam
ath. State of Oergou, has this day fil
ed in this office his sworn statement
No. 3103 for the purchase of the E
SE aud S'vNE'x, of section 33 tp.3u
S., Range 17 tl, W. M. and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, aud
to establish Lis claim to said land be
fore County Judge, of Klamath Co.,
at his off icial place of business at
Klamath Fa' Is, Oregon on the 1st day
of November lJXHi. .
lie names aa witnesses : Chas. Mo
Cumber of Dairy Oregon. Chas. Meas
lier of Klamath Falls Oregon. Chas.
Dusenbery of Bly Oregon. O. E. llad
ley of Klamath Falls Oregon.
Any and ail persona claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to file their claims in this
office on or before said 1st day of No
vember 11K.
35- J. N. Watson. Register
A Square Deal
Is assured you when you buy Dr. Pierce's
family medicines fur all the Ingredi
ents altering Into them are printed on
the bottle-wrappers and their formulas
are attested under oath as being complete
and correct. You know just what you are
paying for and that the ingredients are
gathered from Nature's laboratory, being
selected from the most valuable native
medicinal roots found growing In our
American fores tTwwtjvh lie potent to cure
are perfeEH harrqjiy4acto the most
delicate woinNca WTrnlaTeTi Not a dron
). liTor e v
Lire s.-
les usedTTT
ofalrnhol pnfprTlntn th
much ncit.T ul-wh is ns.-.i 1
uiim iuirs useu in nii'in. viz. iij
renin! givci-ruie. mis agent possesses
luuiuaic mruicium properties oi Its own.
1 .IK-
mfi iruiln-
LANDS Notice is hereby given that
the State Land Hoard will receive
sealed bids up to 2 o'clock P. M. on
October t), liXiG for the purchase of
the follow iug described School Land,
A11 of Section 10 T. 38 S. R. 21 R
All bids must be accompanied by a
rogular appilcutiou to purchase iu ac
cordance with the law for the sale of
School Lands and by cash or chock for
at least one-tilth of the price offered
No bid for less thuu $2.50 per acre
will be considered.
The right to rejoct any aud all bids
is reserved.
Applications and bids should be ad
dressed to li. O. Urowu, Clerk State
Lund Hoard, Salem, Orcgou, aud
marked "Application aud bill to pur
chase School Lauds."
O. (1. lirown,
Clerk Stute Laud llonril.
Duted this 11th day of July, llkXi.
being a most valuable antiseptic and anti
ferment, nutritive and soothing demul
cent. Olvcerine plays an important part In
Dr. Pierce's Oolllen Medical Discovery In
tho cure of indigestion, dyspepsia and
weak stomach, attended by sour risings,
heart-burn, foul breath, coated tongue,
poor appetite, gnawing feeling in stom
ach, biliousness and Kindred derange
ments of the stomach, liver and bowels.
besides curing all the above distressing
allmeuu. the"Golden Medical Discovery "
is a specific for all diseases of the mucous
membranes, as catarrh, whether of the
nasal passages or of the stomach, bowels
er pelvic organs. Even In its ulcerative
stages It will yield to this sovereign rein
edy !( Its use lie iiersevered In. In Chronic
Catarrh of the Nasal passages, it is well,
while taking the "Golden Medical Dis
covery for the necessary constitutional
treatment, to cleanse the passages freely
two or three times a day with Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Hemedy. This thorough coursa
of treatment generally cures the worst
In coughs and hoarseness caused by bron
chial, throat and luntr affections, except out
umiitlon in lis advanoetl -.lak'os, the "UolUea
Medical Dlscnyery " in a most efliiient rem
edy, especially In those obstinate, lianu-un
coughs cause.! by Irritation and coniresllun of
tub bronchial mucous membrane. The "Ills"
covery " is not so gxxxl for acute coughs aris
ing from sudden colds, nor must It be ex
pected to cure, consumption In luadvnncci
Mages no medicine will do that hut for a!
the ohstlnale. chronic coutrhs, which, if n -leofed,
or badly treated, lead tin i cmisiv
'. it Is the best medicit.e lha' ''mi !
Aapbalt taetl In Tlaee of Maeadaia
on Xm Jrrnrj Illch vr-
If the experiment! to be conducted
by State Itoad Commissioner E. C.
Hutchinson of New Jersey turn ont
succcssfu ly, a.s he predicts they will,
the day of the dusilcss country road Li
at hnnd, nn.l nutomobiling will be
given a boom in New Jersey surpass
ing even that which Its unexcelled
macadam road system uns given It,
says a dispatch from Trenton, N. J.
Commissioner Hutchinson will during
the summer experiment with the une
of asphalt Instead of macadam for
building country roads. The roads
built of this material in the rural dis
tricts will not be like the smooth sur
faced street pavement of the city
streets, but will resemble the macadam
j roads in that they will have small
broken stones for their principal com
ponent, and these will be bound solidly
; together, by asphalt This will present
' a hard surface from which there will
be no wearing of small particles to be
whirled in clouds of dust In the faces
of travelers and In the homes of bor
dering residents.
Commissioner Hutchinson's experi
ments have attracted the attention of
road builders all over the United
States, who are watching the result
with the deepest interest Mr. Hutch
inson asserts that the asphalt country
road will cost no more than the mac
adam, and that Its wearing qualities
will surpass those of the material at
present commonly used.
Within the last few months Commis
sioner Hutchinson has been bobbing up
most unexpectedly at the scenes of
new road operations in different parts
of the state. This is the result of the
recent acquisition by his department
of an automobile, which enables the
commissioner to keep his eye on new
road work much more readily than he
could before. Contractors and inspect
ors receive no notice of the commis
sioner's approach, and consequently
any shortcomings of which they may
be guilty la,, the construction are
quickly exposed to the gaze of the offi
cial who has the sny iu the distribu
tion of the state's road appropriations.
In several counties Commissioner
Hutchinson has pounced down upou
derelict contractors aud Inspectors, and
he has not hosit?ed to call the atten
tion of boards of freeholders to the
conditions that he r.iuud. uUJ In some
Instances he has exercised hU authority
of withholding the state's money until
the work was properly done.
Commis -loner Hutchinson is ut pres
ent payiug p.ii-t.cular attention to ap
plications (rc '..te.l to tliii for new
roads, lie. k. that only Cie most
traveled io.i...i i.-.- .tuproved, und in this
way instead or t. lulling ro;id.s that will
bene Ht only u small sectlou be Is ac
complishing the Joining of tl;e chain of
macadam oad crossing the state In
all directions. This encourages auto-
tuobillng, aud lu consequence the state
treasury Is euriched the more by th
increase of the receipts of Its auto
mobile department. The day of the
narrow macadam road, teu aud twelve
feet in width, has passed, and Com
missioner Hutchinson uow enforces
strictly the rule that he laid down
when he eutered upou hU olHce that
no road less than sixteen feet in width
be built in New Jersey.
W ANTED: 10 men In .
ti travel, poht ii;nH, ml
1(11 M' Mlllllpil'tt tlf Dlir tlii i
7."HK per Uioutll. g'l.lMI
expenses. ROYAL si:
Ih'pt. W, Atlim Ulock.t'b
Hl.ll Wtllt
nine hi. I
c ! i fur
I.Y CO.;
Adopta the County Road System.
One-half of the Use- i t!u villa-,'-of
Munlslng. Mich.. I p.ii.l by (!:
Cleveland Cliffs Iron conipiuy This
comp.inr ha n -rived t expen 1 $1 fo
every dollar ral .-d I Vn f ,,
permaueut sheet Irrinvei ;(!,
that, lu fue tl. :,-' i thn r, (j
of street luiii-ovei: fill wil l . . ilj t, ,
the con !-u) M'w i'.n,!:i . svhi,- .
Muulin I.- lor ie I : :i ( ' nj f .
load of the CliMt'liin I riifi'-i 1 1 ,1 oi
pnuy. adapted iln .aty o i l i.vst.-
Olid vntPil r; 1 e 1 1 1., Ii! ( ,r j(, ,
Improve-neiit lu (he ountv