Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 07, 1906, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 12

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    lah GCtnmtu J5(r.nln-f
PuMUhrd Every Thursday.
mm, n . Building
Kntereil at the font nfflwil t-akr-Tlew, Ore.
Seeond-t'laas Muter.
(One Year, $2.00
J Six Months, .1.00
(Three Month, 50
room, the lonk in the dike, aecond
ami third jtradea.
Class History (8th grade) Vrcnn
lVadcr. Wand Prill, fourth and tlfth
grades. Recitation, "Hunker Hill,"
N'ita Ureninger. Piano Solo, "Song
of the Swallow, Martha Fordney.
Uratior., "George Rogers Clark,".
William Alien. j
The follow lug eighth tirade pupil 1
having passed the state exams were!
awarded diplomas. Rcna Miller,
Vrena Trader, Martha Fordnoy, Nit a
Oroiiinger, John I'crroTv.i, vicryl Sin
gleton, William Alleu.
An Inrldrnt IChlrh r h cw V vtl ad r
prUrd II I m Into Trara Th AilmU
ration, the Loyalty and th .arr-
nnlty of Ilia t Iro'ir of Krtrnda.
The following lucidcut In the life of
pnnlcl Webster was related to the
writer by the l.tfo Joshua Seward:
Mr. Seward "cuine to Woburu from
Another Reserve.
forestry service 1ms
I Itostun In tte early seveutles and
j bought n fill in. wliere lie lived until
1 his h In 1SS.Y lie was a native of
The forestry service has notified I the New lUmpshlrc "I'ence City, from
Senator Fulton of its intention to! which 1ikv ho came to Itoston In early
create the Hemner forest reserve. nuudiood and hitor engird In the llv
along the north fork of the John Hay ! or f 1 "
River, near Heppner, to embrace
about 13 townships. A map of the
He was
a tenia l, nodal, u live young man, mill
lu a short time many of the business
Aiiil nrofesion:il men of the rltv worn
proposed reserve hua been submitted j hu trrul ami patrons. l'milil Weli
ti the Senator, aud he has been asked j st,r, then In ti e fullness of his m:is
to make any suggestions of desirable , terly manhood. w;is his particular
e'jaiices in the boundaries. He will frleud and mi-t favored patron, due
The wedduig of King Alfonso and
Princess Kua will cost eiO,lV,000.
The tax payers of Spain will have this j take up the matter with persons living year Webster early encased to deliver
ine ivurtn or .liny oranon in tite city
to pay, of course.
Binder llermaun's Washington trial
will come up about the tenth of this
month. F. J. Heney will be prevailed
upon to go to Washington to conduct
the case against Hermann, but will
return to Portland by the 21st to take
up the Oregon laud fraud cases which
will be tried in the federal court be
fore Judge Hunt, of Montana.
The public rejoicings over the mar
riage of King Alfonso and Princess
Victoria had a terribly dramatic se
quel at 2:30 o'clock on the afternoon
of the day of the wedding, as a bomb
thrown from an upper window explod
ed with deadly effect near the coach
occupied by the King and Queen.
Providentially King Alfonso and
Queen Victoria escaped, when an
electric wire deflected the bomb, but
at least sixteen persons, most of them
belonging to the personal and military
escort, were killed. Many others
were injured.
Ashland Normal Notes.
Thirty-five is the number of
uates of the class of 'UO, and
names as follows:
Misses Ella Anderson, Medford ;
Anna Beeson, Talent; Nora Beebe,
Central Point ; Florence BisselL Ash
land; Kate Broad, Jacksonville;
Mabel Cambpell, Lorella; Minnie
Chapman, Talent ; Ethel Corbin, Ash
land ; Clara Daviea, Ashland Esther
Jarvis, Neil Creek ; Edna Kingkade,
Oswego: Anna McCarthy, Albany;
Elva McFarlaud, Lowell, Ethel Os
burn, Clackamas; Eva ' Poley, Ash
land; Ida Robinson, Elkton ; Clara
Sherwood, Coquille ; Sadia Snigleton,
Monmouth; Vara Storey, Ashland;
Ethel Stratton, Ashland; Anna J.
Swinney, Woodville; Martina Thiele,
Gold Hill; Jessie Wilson, .Medford;
Minnie Yeo, Ashland ; .Messrs G. C.
Benedict, Ashland; Clarence Burke,
Medford ; Herberrt Eastman, Ash
land ; Golwdin Uerndon, Ashland;
Harvey Inlow, Trail Creek; Robert
II. Jonas, Eagle Piontj Jaines Martin
Ashland ; Obie H. Newton, Klamath
Falls; Alfred and Hermau Seullen,
Ashland ; B. S. Stancliff, Phoenix.
The class this year is an exception
ally strong one, and tue largest class
ever graduated rfom the Normal.
Everyone is preparing for com
mencement week. The following is
the prcrgam contemplated.
Saturday eve, 8 p. m. June Oth,
musicale; Normal Chapel.
Sunday eve, June 10th, 8 p. m
Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. F. V,
Carstens, Medford. This will be held
at the Chatauqua Tabernacle.
" . 1. T . . 11.1 11 1
iuonuay, ouue jiiu. io a. m. cjuss
day exercises; '2.:'M p. m. Field meet
6 p. m. cla.-s cupper ; 8 p. m. mu-k-ale
for the Bus benefit fund.
Tuesday June 12th, 8 graduating ex
ercisea at Chatauqua. Address to tlie
Seniois by Rabble Wise, Wednesday,
June 13th, Alumni Reunion, 8 p. in.
Last Friday eve the Boys' Literary
Society held their last regular meet
ing and after an oration by Mr. Peter-
eon come debate, "Resolved the pol
icy of National Expense is wrong, '
in which the following manipualted
the argument for the aflirmative.
Messrs Newton Jonas and Smith while
Messrs Martin Iulow and Peterson
did full justice to the negative which
After the business was finished all
then enjoyed a social time after which
all repaired to the dining hall aud
were served with strawberries and
cake. The boys are to be compliment
ed on the success of the event.
The economics class completed
their work last Monday.
Misa Ida Howard, of Drews Valley,
who has Leen spending the w inter in
Belma, Calif, was a Normal visitor
last Thursday. Miss Howard is en
route home from Calif, and stopped
to visit Ashland friends before going
Last Friday afternoon the pupils of
the training school closed their year's
work. The following program was
rendered :
Opening address Rena Miller, con
cert recitation, primary grades j Piano
eolo, "The Blacksmith," Meryl Sin
gleton; Essay, "The Panama Canal,"
John Perrozzi, Chorus, My Own Unit
ed States, sixth aud seventh grades.
in tlm immediate vieinitv of the lro-
posed reserve and transmit their view s ' A public ,,-..ces.on was the,, an Im-
tiortant feat!-p of the celebration, and
to the department. f (,1V WW ,lu (.Wif
The Senator has been assured that person of d'fttuctlon In the parade. In
no grazing charges w ill lie imposed those days JJiere were no four wheeled
this season for use of the range in the, vehicles for convenience or for pleas
Heppnor, Goose I.ake or Fremont re- j ure. A ch.iise was the proper carriage
or-ra nr. nr In anv other reserve!! tor gentl. icn to use. Webster was
that may be created later this season.
It is the intention of the department, j
however, to impose a charge next tfea-
sou on all reserves created this mn
mer. Oregonian.
Our Sping Stock is arriving:,
will soon be Complete.
New springDressGoods
On June ttth and Tth, July 2nd and
3rd, August Tth, 8th aud Oth, and
September 8th and i'th, special low
rouud trip rates will be in rtrect to
all points East, final returning limit,
days, but not later thtm October
Colorado common points.,
Missouri River,
Mississippi River,
Washington and Baltimore
New York
For particulars, see any Agent
address D. S. Taggart.D . F. A P.
Reno, Nevada.
! :xu
72. oO
Mr. W. T. Perry a mining man, of
Grants Pass spent several days in
Lake view the past week, and yester
day in company with John Westlake
went to the Sagehen mines to pros
pect- Mr. Perry is an old telegraph i
. I
Bean the A Yjq Haw Always togtt
lopular aijl proud as wpulur. He saw
no chnWc.'ln the city as good as he de
sired to 4piear In on that Important
occasions and therefore he ordered one
to be bAiilt by the principal carriage
maker Jt the city (Sargent. I think It
was,. Mi be ready for use on that day.
In the morning of the Fourth he ap
peared nt Seward's stable otllce and
requef ted Seward to go to the carrlnpo
shopimd get the chaise he had ordered.
Seward harnessed a horse and went to
the farriace shop as directed and told
the proprietor he had come for Mr.
Wejistf r's chaise. The proprietor In
firai and measured tones that could
not bo misunderstood asked. "Did Mr.
Webster send the money to pay for the
In relating this to me Seward saiiL
"I was never so astonished lu my life!
I slould have been less surprised if he
had raised his list and knocked me
down. 1 had no thought that there was
a man living, who had ever heard of
the great Webster, the godlike Daniel,
who would or who could have dollied
him any request it was possible to
grant. I could only say, 'He ent no
mojiey by me.' 'Then.' said the pro
pritror. 'tell him he can have the chaise
whiii ha sends the money to pay for ft
f and uoc till then. Sewaru salU lie
was lierer in sucn a uneinma in an uis
life, lie could not gj bafk nnd tell that
great Bian, whom he adored, that he
could rljt have the chaise till he paid
for it. 'And yet he ninst go back and
tell him somethlng. Uut what could ho
tell him Finally, after lum-h thought
and stuly it occurred to him that he
had a nj,v chaise which he would offer
to Welijur ami tell him that the var
nish on fhi oue he had ordered was not j
Ye have here ft showing in all the
leading shatles of ray that has never
been e(tiakil in I.akeview he I ore.
Cream and White Kii.nlisli Mohair
liiillianteefis, Henrietta Alhetross,
ete., including many novelty wnist
inijs for spring.
New spring Neckwear
Haek and
Nilk and
An Attraetive Arrav
Neek Kihhons, Tinsel Belts
side Combes, Hand Haus
Kid (lloves.
New Showing of Ueantilnl Shirt
waists in Lawns to Arrive soon.
Men's and Hoys' Spring Clothing.
Do Not Overlook This Store.
Pioneer Store
The children's friend
Jaynels Tonic Verrmfug c
Drives out blood impurities. Makes strong nerves and muscles.
i. lives tone, vitality ami snap
:t it Irom your Urugi(
- - -
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tcke Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets,
Seven iVTUion boxes sol ! In post 12 months. TlilS Slttliatlire. JCsyT'
Cures CHp
In Two Days.
boxes sH In post 12 months. TlilS Signature,
on every
box. 25c. h
Ifttnv ubecriber of the Examiner
wishes to bubHcriltefor "Tom vent-1
son's Magnzine," we will accept f 1..V) J
from them, write the letter, bnv the I
postal order and send for the inaa- haT I,D1 ,h:lt w,ou'd f ,la,b'e
'. . . , . Injure if talsen out In the heat and dust
zine to anv address. There is but , ,. , ... . . ....
.. of that public day. U ebster met Sew-
one price on "Tom wat.-on.s Majrn-j nnl at tlie dow w,.n he rnurned. and
zine." und we do not club with it, , l)efon w.-bstesr could lusk a .juestion
but as a matter of accoinodutiou to Sew;trd was tellizii,' him the story he
Subscribers to the Examiner we can rhad invented i the way home. Web
j;et them the mnyiazine without any , tT made no p-i'ly, but accepted Sw
trouble or risk to them for the reyn-1 ans statement m true and rode in his
There may bo a liun!re! mon In this rlly who have nrma ihn unrtiw IrnKth
as youra but Ih ri i him. iilr rii.m In the uhulu itmiily wiio la tlm n.imu
US Jouruelf In all oilier irti.ortIniiH,
It Is Blmj.iy an linposHlblllty to Kc t n pc rfu, t nttliig null by buying rcady-to-wear
clutlie.i. ' ' '
We will make a suit to your mnmurr for 20.
Tou pay thut much, or Hourly that much for every huril-rne-lown milt you buy.
I ii-t.ini rl. .!),.' -',.h.- - nr- liirtml
lar price.
Bean the Ha'9 'OTVS
clrfiise that day
About a wwt later Webster came
again and said to Seward, "I think the
varnisb on that i-haise U hard now,
and you may ko down and get It."
Seward said: "With a heavy heart I
harnessed a horse ut,d went asaln to
the shop. 1 knew I sLould not fet the
chaise, and I was not Vlisappointed. In
the name manner I waq asked the same
(juestion us before. I eWuld not Invent
another story thut woqld be credible
and was therefore compelled to go
Lack und tell him the truth." Webster
was impatiently awaiting Seward's re
turn, and when In hailing distance he
called to Seward: "Where la the
chaise? What U the trouble?" Seward
approached him more chuely and In
tones so low that no one could over
hear him replied, "He told nio to tell
, . , ! you that you could have the chaise
The hxammer prints towithip plate, : w,jea yo)1 w,ut tfae mon,.y (o IUJ f(jr ,t
and makes them into bjks co order, tf 1 and not before." Webster stood bllent
- : on Instant ami then with voice trein-
Summons. ! hlmg with emotion exclaimed, "My
God, Joshua, did he say that' and
l.uii t.y nta:i tt;ai''i ! i--.-r
H-Otfin-!! by oiii h: ! . '
KxpKrific4i aim ruii:j f'-ir .u .
01 J ak- t.t.n- .)) . '.
rourf l'rpiratory. I'.hkm r-
Irtte. rrt-par- for pmi n '.
-iirr your con'liliiiii anl f (!'
in iMiiri-i. SUuinu ttiiii jp
fverywlierc. twii
I4rti(-alara aiid
prrltl offer
B44Mj(stic Bid
'lln'f ai. rut
iml l.y !).. tlHniNniiiJ,
.' u.H.i.iiifr.
null It why J-..IJ lit, l.ii.'l.t ill l.rrrto.
II. mi lililf ii il.iy.
i- v - I i -
n nmII
I,, r
V"l U'.-iit,i
't. r..r l-i.
II M...I . I, .t
i.l M.-.I..H- j.i-i ,.rr ii. o
1. nil. I .ii'..-.l ,.ry M,',
lliM-tl Hltlj lii.irti-.l 'i-nr.
I: Y.u -.i.l
iriini i ' !
- He . I. .Mi Ih h.-w
l.-in ... ' .-.( ml I. -rli
I. III!. I M i fellk
li.iii rl th.
W. l;-ivi. . i.-.-i.-.l n.Tirnl fmlliTnt. nnr 'f
ul.l'h w- will ii nkt. tli lo iii.Miniin. f..r
I i.,. xpr.-B. ..!., i. .r.'-.-i.Mi. . win n,
Jim M mm l l. i.r n Inn. I.l.t' otiTlllii .uM.-tn.
'I'lili jnit.rn In iirir Ii Hi II will Ihj ,y
t.illirn lu ll yrnr ml II. e
T; In . Uirr.mii.l (,f ii.i. pntN'rn U a .l.-.-r Krny,
Willi Hit nliiioxt ln.ifT'r.l eVfrllm nr
i ii'-i k. 'I In l-.r ef liiln fiil.rlc .). i,..i kI.i.w
it i-nl!y. iliaa nut wrinkle mi. I l..ia InW.-n llin ho will tl.iit thiT 'iirmi'iit look lk iuw
linrll It lu all worn i,ut. 'I In w.mi ui..h u weav
lni II. In Kurimne wnu lt-.i.-. wlili ii-maiml
iiri. 'I I.ito U no (.I. ..rt m.l In rnl.rlc Hint
tin 'I l.i Hull! ImN no Hun a Wi'int th'.t
It (iritifiila a fnlrly Imril nnrfiti-i. ninl nt th.
mi ci i- tlm.i h m.fl ami'. It w ill 11..1 nrurr
iii r ii nlilny. 'Il.l rl.illi rniinnt In lniiflit
flcim tin 11. Ill fur I. tl.lill I'l.WI a ynnl, mi
mattiT If you l.uiflit flri tliniiiiiii ynnla. Wo
an ti.i Ciii'lili 1 ount r.'i.ii'wiiinilv.ii of a unl.
ntc of lit lnrtit wooliii mlllii In 11,,. worl.l.
'I'hiit trrin ll.N im to irinkH thin niiirfi.i.iti ,.rr,.r
of a null to your inrnniiro for Jl. M.n.l f,,r a
4niiiili- I111II It to n m.e liow lonif ami itii
tun W'HJI
tout act.
alruiiila an. noti ,nvt will Uic"ilyo
in the Circuit Court of the State
Oregon. For the County of Lake.
FItANK X. SCIILtCiiT, Plaintiff,
ant above-named :
OF OREGON: You are hereby re
quired to appear and answer the Com
plaint filed aKuinst you in the above
entitled Court aud cause within nix
weeks from the date of the first publi
cation of thid Summons, to-wit, on or
before the Ulht day of May, 'J00, and
if you fail to to appear and answer
the same, lor want thereof, the above
named plaintiff will take judgment
against you for the sum of SEVEN
70-100 ($710.75) DOLLARS, for money
loaned you, together with his costs
and disbursments in this action, und
for an order of said Court for the Bale
of any property which may be attach
ed herein.
Notice in hereby -riven you that thia
summons is served upon you by publi
cation thereof in the LAKE COUNTY
EXAMINER, a newspaper of treiierid
circulation, issued and published
weekly at Lakeview, Lake County,
Oregon, pursuant to an order of tho
Hon. Henry L. Jieuson. Judge of eaid
Court, duly made at Chambers. In
Klamath Falls, Klamath County, Ore
gon, on the Oth day of March, 1900.
ihe uate of the nrat publication
hereof is April llHh. 1000. and the
date of the last publication hereof is
May 31 st, 1000.
L. 1' . Crtun,
Attorney for Pldlntiif.
Bank into a nearby chair and cried as
would a deeply aggrieved child of six
It lu well known that Webster would
Incur debt, apparently with no thought
that thisre wwe two parties to a con
tract, ii creditor and a debtor, and
that their moral obligations, were co
equal. Consequently his creditors so
multiplied and bis Indebtedness bo In
creased as to Interfere with his po
litical plans, if not, indeed, threaten his
political future. At this time his
friends came to his aid and, It Is said,
Till nnt till coupon ami mall lo tia and wa
will acml you a nnmplo of tl,H . lotii. We ifuur
antci? that thi nun, p I. In nrttiHy nil from Ida
vi ry hlt of c loth from whli ii wu make tlm nult.
When you Tlnlt I'ortliiml. oiiu In ami verify Ihla
or any uMrtlon wi maki. If you wl-Ui, ak
aome I'ortliiml frlinl t" tll yon au.iit thu ni
uiailon aud. ntuuilu.) or the Coluu.hla Wo.,1. q
tlllla Co.
it la the itlmtilent tlilnit In the world to hara
aome friend tuki yonr ineaaure. We will a-m
you a tae meaaure free, and Inmrurtloua bow
to take a uieanure for a ault of rlotliea.
He aure and aend for thla aamiile. If yon gft
a milt from thla olTer, yon will ) wenrlnv
liaruieiit tlm pattern of whli-h local ilealera rn
iiot p,n,nllly Ki't In ntock liefore another year.
The pattern of our $) ault will te aold next
year aa the Intent ty other tallora).
Woolen Mills Co.
Portland. Ore,
Columbia Woolen Mllla Co., Porlliind, Or.
I'leaao aend me fro., aumiilu of lull pat
tern KiikIUIi nverllne (.lanla, from whlili
yod aicree to make a ault to meunure for
$JI. Alao aend tue, free, a h ket taie
ineaaure and Idank, and Inntniitlona for
taking meaaurea. Thla doea not ohllirato
ue to buy a ault uuleaa I wlab.
Timber Land Act June .'1, S7,
raised the sum of $10,000 to cancel bis I United Statc-H Land Ofllce, Lakeview
Indebtedness and relieve him from the Oregon, Apr., 4, 190G.
further annoyance and presHtire of bis
creditors. When we realize that f 10,
000 was a larger sum to raise then for
any purpose than would he $200,000
today we have some measure of the
admiration and the loyalty of hU
friends. II. C. Hall in Uostoa Trac
ecrlpt. Jlat So.
"I thought yoa said you couldn't live
without me," siveered the girl.
"So I did," answered the man.
'Yet you're llylng."
"No; I'm not. Just hoarding; tbaf'i
all." Louisville Courier Jocrnal.
John Hunter, the famtmi enatomlst,
once said that tlie ferolnkie love of cob
Yersatlon was a consetjOence of a pe
culiarity In braiu tissue,,
Notice Ih hereby given that In com
' pllance with the provlBlona of the act
lofCongrcHH of June 3, 1878, entitled
I "An uct for the Hale of timber lamia
In the KtatCH of California, Oregon,
j Nevada, and Wellington Territory,"
j as extended to all Public Land States
; by act of Augimt 4, 1892, Solomon It
Chandler, of Lakeview, County of
Lake, State of Oregon, has this day
tiled In this office his sworn state
ment No. :i078.
For the purchase of the REJ of Sec.
No :iL' In Township No. aOS, Range No.
21 K W M, and will offer proof to ahow
that the laud sought la more valu
able for Its timber or atone than for
agricultural purports, and to estab
lish his claim to Hald land before,
Itculsterand Receiver at Lakevlow,
Ore., on Friday, the lOth day Of
June, 1900.
He tiamcH as wltriCHKes: E c
Ahlstrom, C. S. IovelefiH, R. A. Tax
ton ami i rank wllson tf Lakeview
Any ami all pcr-Hons claiming ad-
i.-in.ijr im uiiviMM'Mcriiie( laiidHnn
reiiii Hieti io ine tuelr clainiM In lliln
iiiiiLt- on ur ut'iore HUKl J.itll day of
U UIIU, li'tlll. '
.). Ji. Watson Register.
Deaths from Appendicitis
decrease Ip the same ratio that the
iiho ofHr, King's New Life FiiH in.
creases. 1 hey Have vou from tbinir,.-
and bring (julck and painless releaao
from const Ipatlon. and th H grow
lug ont of It. Strength and vigor
luiynj aiomnv lliririlHC, lj Uariltl leCll
iy jeaii Jrugglst. V.ic
Vou must have a permit before you
can travel scabby sheep any placo in
Lake county.
J. V. Clarkson, Stock Inspector.
Tlmliir I .an . i . r
failed Mates l.niid Ollii-e I.nkcvien
I Oregitn .March "0 11km!. Notice in her yi
; by nivin that in compliani-e with UaU
I pruviaiima ,f ilu, Act of June .'I, 1K7H,
entitled "An art fur the aultt of timU r
lands in the States of ( 'ulifurnia, One
n.n, Nevada and Washington Territory,"
as txttiiiltd to all the I'ublic Ijind
states by art of August 4, 1
Conn. Paisley, county of Lake, State
of Oregon, has this day. II l.-tl In this)
olhce his sworn statement No .'JuTl',
for the pun haw of the V J SWJ !i
NWJ S.e. si:j Ni;it ,,f wet bin N,
II In Township No. :w s., Itaiigu No.
17 I'. W. M.. nnd will offer proof to
show that the land sought Ih more
valuable for its timber or stone t (win
for aicrlcnll oral purposes, and to
establish liU claim to said land be
fore Register and Receiver at Liike
vlew, Oregon, on Friday, the J.MIi
day of .1 uue, Usui,
lb- names as witnesses: C.i:. '.Mo(r
of Lakeview. Oregon. !. W. Knrrow,
I. It. Conrad, A. A. l-'arrow of I'alsly
Any and all persons claltulng ad
versely the above-. lesrrllfil IniliU
are reiiiente. to lili tlielr lalins in
this oilice on or before said l"'th dnv
of .1 line, .;. i
L.. Watsmi
rillllt.K .., MOIK H.
Timber L'Hid Act .lime :i, s?t.
I 'lilted Slates Land Ofl'ice, Lakeview,
Oregon, Apr., I. Rmmi.
Notice Is hereby given (hat In com
pllance with t lit-provlslons of th,. ,Kt
if congress of June .'! H7s. entitled
"Au act for tlm saltMif timber lands
la the states of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory, A
as extended to all tho 1'ublc !.,...',.
Stales by wt of August 4, lSUa.l
Llmer C. Ahlstrom, (f LakevlewJ
County of Lake, State of Oregon, ban
this day filed In this Ofllce his a worn !
statement No. .1079, for the piircliano
of the Hi NWJ & sj m.;j ,)f No.1
i-'IuTownslili)No. :ifJS, Rang,, N.
:'l H W M, and will offer poof t Hhow
that the land Hoiight Is more valu
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agricultural purposes, and to UH.
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Register & Receiver at Lakeview Ore
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I uue 190(1.
J. N. Watson Register.
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