Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 05, 1906, Image 6

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    The Hoybwrn IMII. To Present Statement Popular And Ptcturc.uc j
OoniiroM mma to prow more earnest Tlmt nil Onyon land now embraced j The only thin nerecNary 10 make the j
in the pnrpoxe of holding clone hands within foret rewrvea which U more lenvr and Km (iratide mwt pop.
on any prent work of the nation, and 1 vnlnnWe for other than timber pnr- nUr, a it ha ever leen knn the)
not (('WH(inc absolutely ! nnpml- 1 iHne. tnnv bo opened to imitate own- moat pleasant anil nioct picturesque J
Ifled control to executive ollticali. 'nrhip and development. Senator Kill- way to cross the continent, ha come
When Senator llerburn, of Idaho, ton has innupirnted a movement to about. Mil is the establishment ol
brink's nn for consideration his lill hne presented to the Interior lcpnri- tnroniin s u-rpintrar service
to place forest reserves umler ureni- ment authentic statements or me poo
In connection with the ). It. A N. s
er direct congressional control, and ,h, eontlcuou and most Interested. tlirounh Pullman Standard Sleeper i
take back apaiu the power of creating xhe Senator bepin with Lane county, i now run from Portland to Denver, le
such, it seems assured of greater sup- which, from reports, aoemed to offer , ing Portland at ..' p. m.. arriving ki
port than was thought probable some n striking example of the vile. Jnd:e j Salt Lake Ht .0 a. m, the secern!
timeapo. Chrisman, of Lane, any that at lenst , morninn, Jeavinti Salt Lake at 3.0 p.
If the Heybnrn bill does not secure 50,U.) acres of land within the bouud- j m. and arrivinn at IVnver 4 "JO p. m. the
a place liefore Congress, jrivlnK West- nru8 of his county and now embraced ! following day. Thin schedule gives pas-
ern iuterests an opportunity for voic- the forest reserves, is amendable to j senders seven hours stop-over in Salt
ins the feelings there on this subject, ncrn-ulture horticulture and livestock , take, affording an opportunity to visit
it is quite certain that some other raising. This statement by one who
bill will le introduced. Senator Fid- ( j i position to be informed hasloen
ton has been endeavoring to get an taken as the basis for net ion. Senator
impression of the Senate on thisques- Fulton seeks the sigued statements of
tion, especially regarding the creation , HU citizcus of Lnue county who are
of more reserves. The experience of 1 informed on 'the subject, and when
eotue of the stock interests of the slate
in bo far being unable to convince the
reserve management of the right of
Oregon men to the range in that state,
has been one feature of management
that has created much discussion. In
the creation of Oregon reserves, the
necessity of appealing from some of
the bureau otfieiuls to the President
in person, w ith the consequent trouble
and delay of this prolix procedure,
and the positive statement made by
many persons - affected that land is
now embraced within reserves which
would be valuable for agriculture and
horticulture, emphasizes the necessity
of giving the people where reserves are
created more of a voice in the work.
It is held by many that this cannot
be unless the power of creating reserv
es is left with Congress, cn which
body there is a marked tendency to
defer local questions to the delegation
t-,1 If J
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy is a Specific,
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It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects thi
diseased membrane. It cares Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly,
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ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warren St. New York.
gathered, if these War out the report,
will present them to the forestry bu
reau as reason why such lands should
be reopened to private owuership. It
seems apparent that the Oovernment's
experts often differ with local resi
iTentTregarding the real value of for
estx land for various purposes. As
these exorts are not always familiar
with local conditions, and the resi
dents of the community w ho are accus
tomed to build homes iu forests
should lie, a full expression of seuti
ment and judgement by the practical
mnu is sought. If land is found most
valuable for its timler, the Senator
says he will not be a party to any
effort to throw it open, if the reser
ves are held to reasonable liouuds.
After getting at the bottom of existing
conditions iu Lane county, it w ill lie
the purpose to take up other counties
affected by the reserves, until all agri
culture land has been eliminated. Iu
the past the agents of the forestry bu
reau have traveled over withdrawn
areas, sounding local sentiment, but
compluiut has been made that some of
these agents were over-zealous in the
reserve work, and instead of reflecting
local sentiment as to the value of
every pi.rt of the withdrawal for var
ious purposes, were eager champions
of making the reserve as large as pos
sible. The work now undertaken is
to put iu organized form local
thought on the values if limited sec
tions of the reserve, and finally deter
mine what may be developed otherwise.
the Mormon Capital an well a a day
light ride through the grandest scenery
in thcjworld.
For reservation in this car and for il
lustrated booklets picturing the scenery
contiguous to the IVnver & KloGrande,
proving it to b the Scenic Line of the
World," wiiteioW. C. Mdiride, Gen
eral Agent, 124 Third street, Portland.
Doctors Are Puzzled.
The remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Mclver, of A'nnceporo, Me., lathe ub
Jeot of much Interest to the medical
fraternity nnd n wldeclrcle of Irleuds.
He stiya of his case: "Owing; to 11
seven itifliuiunnt Ion of the Throat
and congestion of the Lungs, three
doctors gave ine up to die, when, ns
a hist resort, 1 was Induced to try
lr. King's New Discovery and I am
happy to say, It aaved my life".
Cures the worst Coughs and Colds,
Bronchitis, Tonsllitls, Weak Lungs.
Hoarseness and La (irlppe. (iunr
n 11 toed at tae Peall's drug; store.
5oc find Jl.(K). Trial bottle free.
1I'AN'TK1: Two men In each cou
nty to represent and advertise Hard-1
ware department, put out samples
of our goods, etc. Traveling; Posit-
Professor Sottle of the Vlrgluln m
peilnieut sta'tlun recently made the fal
lowing report of a cattle feeding test:
1 Hiring Inst winter an Interesting ex
periment with sixty head of beef cnttl
was conducted at the experiment tv
I tlon. The twenty cattle fed allnv
I mado nn average gain of l.-til pouud
J per head per day, the twenty cattle
fed timothy hity 1.10 pound per head
per day and the twenty cattle fed
shredded corn stover, pound per
head per day.
There was thus a difference of on
third to onehalf pound of gain per
head per day In favor of the silage fed
cattle. The silage fd cattle finished off
the best nnd showed more quality Hutu
the others nnd Iu any discriminating
market would have brought a consider
ably higher price.
The strong prejudice against using
ullage for the winter feeding of beef
j cattle Is hard to understand, for It has
beeu fully demonstrated that sllnge fed
cattle will kill out tilte ns well as tln
dry fill cattle, and the meat Is, general
ly sM'aklng. of a superior quality.
Whereas the sllnge was alt eaten up.
Kl.5 of the stover and 4.1 per cent of
the hay were wasted.
The gains show that the cattle fed
were uot of a satisfactory quality. In
previous experiments a pound of grain
has Ihmmi made for n consumption of
three to four pound of grain. The
silage fed cattle In this test consumed
0.54 pounds of grain for a pound of
gain, the stover fed cattle It. IH pounds,
or about twice ns tum-h, and the hay
fed cattle 8.!t pounds, or 2.45 pound
more per day than the sll:igi fed cattle
With better bred unlnials fed In pre
vious experiments, the average gain
per head has often been 2.1H pound
throughout the six months' feeding pe
riod, which ngaln testifies to the un
satisfactory quality of the nnlmals fed
In tills test.
trrrtrrtt t'frs r t f t r . ''C
I ff , VVIIII'M, M. 0, S
ritpi IAS pm4 mi li.l:o
Oregon. .
Ill T V II 4 I.I.
rh)fttrlan mm4 hnrra
omCK- Nvw Paly lliill.lltK.
1.. f. tw
Atlnrnr) a l.nw
jtkrvl-H. Ilrraok
OKKIt r.-tmly,
IjukI nailer MM-rlall
OKFH'K- !)' IliilUtlnic.
and Union Pacific
Salt Lake, Denver, Kan
sas City, Chicago, St.
LouIa New York.
unnnuru nr tut unnin i.kcvi-w
v nomjfln ur inc nuniu c.ii.pNo.Mn
)' ' Sli m on 1 hp Id k ix1 41I1 Wc.liM'.ilnjr l (
t-krll In-Mitli III Mumillll' Mull, HI i. ni. I
) K W ikiNih k, I'oimiit ( ointiiftliiliT. t
. .N. Uyl lull, I ht.
.(s I. O. o. r. tm-nn 1 ho ll mul l Thnr
S ilajr vrnliiiciic)( ii h mnnlli In Oitit Trl- S
Q low.' lkrvlr. A. W . Mmirlii. V
S V. P.. J. W. Tin ker. Hc-rlls.
r Painter
New Pine Creek,
I anger
. Oregon
illlf Mri'rl,
CtHllrai K (nr
l ki.i on m- i K. (' run',
A'l v. ril,iiiu Ak nrv 1.'4 smi-
ln prMiti'lM-o. I nl., wlirn
'!w rt!Hi ran ! nimlr lor ll
Imprrna of Hie Shorthorn.
Our cattle today would have Ix-en lin
Ion or Otlice Mnnnper. Salary t'Hl jht I mensely more uniform, fully 11s vnlun-
He nntl irolni'ly uuto uscrui im n
mini l ll, V frn nu ai,t , " nn inn .i 1
paid In advance. We furnish every
thing. U
The Columbia House
Iept. C10, h2M .".til Ave ( hicngo. 111
Bri itm j Ito V:a KafflAlwavs Ba:l
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Otlice, Lake-
view, Oregon, Mar. 24, HMW.
Notice is hereby given that Harry
F. Calderwood o( Plush, Lake Co.,
Oregon has Hied notice of Intention
to make proof on his desert-land
claim So. 407, for the SEJ .NEI4 See.
14 Tp. 37 S., K. 2o E W M before
Helster and Receiver at Lakevlew
Oregon on Monday, the 21st day of
May, l'JMJ.
He names the followinj; witnesses
to prove the complete irrigation nnd
reclamation of said land: Clay Sambo,
Frank Dotiison, Thomas Calderwood
and Nelson Calderwood of Plush.
J.N. Watson Register.
Lost on Goose Lake."
That which was lost was, "two
soft checks nnd two soft hands.
Thornton's Favorite Cream for
whole if none except Shorthorns had
ever been Imported ns Improvers,
Stitwrltirr, to I In- Kinmliirr who remove
Iritln out- IoikImv Ii Niiiolii r. ur rtntncr
I lii-ir .iiHli .!ilr.' atiniilii r" iin iiit. r
ilrop tliln oltsi-r i itr l ili' lr n. r i i I't- l
ilrrM'il to tin- riLhl rtttf11rc.
I mowinIu
caTALOGucs rare
1 o Cure a Colli In One Day
Tsl IfO-. All I r 1 1 w' w 1 - ridinil the
money il it f.iiln ti euro. E. V.(Jrnve'
ikMittir in 1. 11 f :t l ImiX "V
Ocean Steamers between Portlami
and Sun Francisco every llvodnys.
Low Rate
Ticket to nnd from all part ofj tho
United .Vtatf. ChuhiIh smi l'urope,
For particular, call on oraddre,
A. L. Craljf,' (J. ,
Portland, Cre.
. . . TIMU TAI1LB . . .
ZZZZ I Meet May lt, VM't. '
l.v. Thrall ..A A. M t.v. l'..krKln in ii A If
Ar. lloKiia. .. ' Ar. Imi.. .. , In.f.i "
S I Hr' IM." ' kl'h II 4l "
" Kallfr k 7 IW " KalH r... k II 4 "
" Kl'h Si'7 in ' Hlwl Hr'gt' li '' "
I Miln Ill " " liocni l. ail'M
" I'oki-Kaniaa.ju Ttirnll U.ttt "
Klamath Spring Special.
I r. Thrall...
Ar. IIi.kii. I v
Hl.-i-l llr'l(r'J l.i "
' Kail frt-fk J.1A
Kl'li r-'K t.u
I ! I'. M.l.v. Kl'h 'f 1 H
Ar. ran i mtlM
HlrH lir'gt-g in "
" lioK'ia . M
' llirall..,. S.
To All Our
The Great
Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Nation,
Edited by an Able Corps of Writers.
The American Farmer is he only Literary Farm Journal pub
Ished. It fills a position of its own and has taken the lead
ing place in the homes of rural people in every section of
the United States. It gives the farmer and his family
something to think about aside from the hum
drum of routine duties.
Every Issue Contains an Original Poem by SOLON L. OOODE.
BiioiMiryu.v cow. ;
writes It. 1. IJo-h ill I'.reedcr's ;i
zette. The fact Unit with the excep
tion of n very few herds the AiiH'rlcau
Shorthorn Las been bred for beef for u
century, nnd by Is-ef men, und ut thin
Uuy does persist lu putting out cows ;
with some value fur milk liiillcnies n
milky way lu the Shorthorn lirm.nueut i
somewhere. i
t. ........ .!... .... ,1... ll... ...1,1...
lUUIUllUUIIti Uli IliV, tut' i iuku, i
of the Gazette says, "the excellence
claimed for our so culled 'natives' of
the present day is generally to bo creil- j
lted to a dash of the blood of some tin- i
proved breed, usually the. Shorthorn, '
which Las been the pioneer cosinopol-
ltau improver of bovino stocks."
Within the Next Ninety Days We Offer
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Tlie Leading County Paper and The American Farmer
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C. O. fletzker, Lakeview, Oregon.
Fat Uraft lloraca.
Large, Leavy druft horses bring uiom
money than lighter ones. I-'or this rea
son a great many dealers and hundlers
of drafters try to get them ns fat as
possible before offering them for sale.
Discriminating purchasers, however,
are very quick to notice the difference
between fat add muscle.
A corn fed, closely stabled draft
horse Is In very much the same condi
tion as a fat ox and Is of little more
ervlce for hard work. In buying audi
a borse the new owner bus a Job on
bis Lands to work the fat oft! and de
velop muscle enough to make a valu
able worker.
With proper feed and a reasonable
amount of exercise it la Just aa easy
and Just about as cheap to cover a
borse's bones with good healthy mus
cle as It Is to stable him, feed him corn
and set blm hog fat. The muscular
horse gives satisfaction and belps sell
the next one. Farmers Advocate.
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Preterit - Mntters - (liven
5trlct - Attention
Western . Stage . Line
Nam of O. I. C. Iwloe.
The O. I. C. bogs are simply what
their same (Ohio Improved Cheaters)
Implies. They constitute one of the
numerous pure bred strains of Chester
Whites which are recorded la the Ohio
Improved Chester White Record asso
ciation. It Is from the Initials of this
title that the name O. L C. Is derived.
There have been no less than five rec
ord associations founded for the re
cording and protection of this breed.
Including the one above mentioned, the
others being the American, the Na
tional, the International and the Stand
ard. Michigan Farmer.
Growlo Weol.
If you want good quality wool take
such care of the sheep that they will
not lose flesh or get out of health. Any
thing that stops the thrift and causes
sheep to get out of condition will cause
Injury to the wool and depreciate the
Eminent Dcctors Pralss its Ingraillents.
Wo refer to tiiut IxKiri to w;';i, nervot.",
nlferiiiK women known an Ur. i'lerocj'S
Favoriui Prescription.
Ir. John Kyfeonoof the Killtorlul Staff
of Tiik Kc i.Kcnc Mkdk ai. 1!kvii:v nays
of Unicorn root, (r Inula lUnif.i) which
Is one of the. pli iff im.'redie nls of the " Fa
vorite Prescription " :
"A remedy wiilch InrarlaMy nets aa a utor
lim In vlirnratoi' uiuk fur iiurtiiul ac
tivity of tlm entire rciii'.xliictlvii amicm."
He continue "In Hi'lonlu v. e have it medica
ment wlilcli tnoro fully uiisweiH the aiiovii
tmriaiwK t'wn mil othrr tlruy with which I on
UiiiiuilnttA. In the treatment, of cllscawM tifl
cuilur to women 11 la seldom that u case In
aowi which doc not preai'iiL Nome Indication
for tli I m remedial aionil." Ir. I'jfe further
aaya: "The followhia' are amoiiir tlm leading
Indications for llclonlaw (Liilcoin root). I'aln
or at'blna In the hack, with lciicorrho-a;
atonic (weak) condltloim of thn reprixluctlve
oryan of women, mental dcpreHHlon and lr
rltahlllty, aMHoclated with chronic dlHeascaof
thn reproductive orifaim of women, eonniant
animation of heat In thn rwtflon of the kid
Buy h; monorrhaitla (Hooding), due to a weak
ened condition of the reproductive ayntemi
amenorrhu'a (HUpiiretaed or absent monthly
period ), arlnlnif from or accominnylng an
abnormal condition of the dlg-cHilve orvana
and anaml3 ( tliln blood) habit; draa-Klng'
annaatlonH la the extreme lower part of the
abdomen." ...
If more or lessor the above symptoms
are present, no Invalid woman can do
twtter than take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription, one of the leading "(redl
enta of which la Unicorn root, or llelonla",
and the medical properties of which li
most faithfully represents.
Of Golden Seal root, another prominent
Ingredient of "Favorite Prescription,"
l'rof. Finley ElllnKWCMid, M. 1)., of Uen
nett Medlcul CoIIcko, Chicago, nays:
"It la an important remedy In disorder of
the womb. In all catarrhal condition
and general enfeoblement. It la uaeful."
l'rof. John M. Kcudder, M. I)., late of
Cincinnati, aaya of Uolden Heal root t
Jn relation to ita rnral effects on the
ayntt-m, liter (a no tnalU-ine in ust atHtut which
thert it iiu-h general unanimity opinion. It
U univtrmilly revardnd a IM tonic uaeful in
all dubllltaUid atata."
Prof. Uartholow, M. D.. of Jefferson
Medical College, says of Golden Seal :
"Valuable In uterine hemorrhaa-B. ruenor
rharla (tloodlnv) and conaemlvo Ui'Hmonor
rhu a (painful menairuatlon)."
Dr Pierce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above named In
jrredlenls and cures thn discuses (ur which
they are recoinmundcxU. ,
J. I.. VAUIN, I'roprlclor.
Office In tlnkville Ifotel
klf math fall.
I 'nil v from I'okeireuni by Ketio, Klain
ath KiiIIn, I (airy, Jioiiiinza, and Ply to
Daily from Lakeview by Itly, P.onanza
Dairy, Khunuth Fall, Keno, to Po
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W.Kanga, Flah Creek. PoatoBoe addreaa
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