Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 16, 1905, Image 8

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    - - o i r-u- ..i.l vuu I
Have You Decided
Where to place vour next order for your season's necessities? Some
store may quote you redieulously low prices on inferior oods to at
tract you to their store. Others may offer you sugar and salt at a loss
and charge you from two hundred to five hundred jkt cent, profit on
other snoods to make up their losses on the sugar and salt.
It von hae money to burn and can afford to buy your necessities at
such places, you are at blurty to do so.
HERE AT .MY 5T0RE, business is conducted on different lines
I have !::t One Cash Price to all. I aim to make a fair and legiti
mate profit -. all ales. I rkr r.u laits and solicit the trade of Cash
Buyer h are on the lookout t -r Honest Values.
When y.'ii -ay here "you always get your money's worth," or
Money Back." i: you arc .itist"ud.
Satisfied Customers make a
striving to attain these cikvts.
mess irrow. and I am constantly
to relatives and frieuda Inthlx vat
Icy fint of tli week. . ,
All the lateat novcltle In Indies
Belt At the Lakevlew Mercantile
Co', in a day or two.
The tuost popular saloon to Lake
view Is lmt & Kind's, where the
beat of everything la kept. ft-tf
Take your orders for goods to
Weber's Caah Store. A saving on
every Mil of good purchased.
A large establishment, with ample
capital. In soon to he erected In
Portland for tlie manufacture of
Compare the GOODS SOLD BY
CO., with good sold by some of the
other firm iu tow n.
The M. Co. will have Inn few
day the lnrgt and beat line of
Spring KiHiilnrvtT brought to lkke
view and their price will Ii- lower
than ever lief ore.
Dr. J. S. Iiewey la now ha-atvd In
Boom 44. (fimt floor I Hotel lake
rlew, the frame rooina he occupied
t i wjien uo wax nere ueiore, aim la pre-
flolow we give a report of the wettber
aa recorded by tbe Government ethf
bureau station at The Examiner Otfit.
Thia report it changed each week, tod if
our reailera wiah to keep a yearly record
of weather condition! tor future refer
ence, cut out tb report atone the black
line and past) it in a arrap book ot
week after another. Thia reord will t
taken on Tueada- to end each week tti
begin on Wednesday for tbe next meek.
Government Weather Bureau Sta
tion at Lakaview, Orejftm,
C 0. Urrzxu. Loral Observer.
Week ending Tuesday, Mar. It. 1DIB
max jmin,
of aij
fhur. lUriL'fl"
frid'yj M :t?
aiit'rj 1 :r j
aim." ! :.4 "
iiioii. :i
tue.rr.v. f:i
I o clear
l 'I "
I JH.MI,l7
r i
a" !
.,, WKM mb
will yw ear
h rut
m t T5A3? "an StMt .tTATai
A J. TOWH CO.. OtTO Bttl , u
LakeviewAnd Vicinity
Frvfeh candy at the Monogram.
J. P. Duke was up town Tueaday.
i rang and Letuona at tbe Mono
gram. Jim Partin U on the rick liwt thia
; wef-k.
Warm rius ;irv reportel
( P. Sit-y.
lin-at IleiiijLt Sale i now en Jit
L. V.. Cii.
pared to do all kinda of dental
j j work. 6-tf
It baa been deinonatnttel that If
Chief of Police Hunt had no kno
edge of tbe an loon a of Portland be
ing open letaeen the houra of 1 and
j a. tn tie la Portland'a eolitary
monument of Ignorance on thia eub
Ject. Oregon Journal .
J. B. Blair returned thia week from
Anaconda. Mont, and Pendleton Ore
gon, where be baa been on an ex
tended vlwit with relative. Mr.
Blair reporta bin fattier, who 1m near-
!... t... I.'rt n...l. .....1 .-
. . Moss has been In town the i
He had a good trip and wi'ii lot of
country on his travel.
Phil Lynch la bere from Warner.
The Kit Restaurant for a firat-claaa
Did you rvad P.iebera advertUie
nient? J. Burua came over from Warner
at ! pant week.
C. s. Andrews of San Fraucinco waa
here this week! j J. X. Teal of Portland, a capitalist
ien. Lynch waa in from Spring . IntervMed in railroad buil-Jing in Ore-
e t!.e i;-w adv. of L. M. Co. in ( re.-k Saturt'
S2.00 Reward.
I- rrr i ' by Lake
Cty-r.ty W - : i.r AfH: .ati-.n fr
t!.4 ,-r !'.; t.r.i n f.iay j-r.n
cr ;-r-'n if 'ii'ry of or maiming
arr sL,rr-p r- t j:iv ctrtiiber of
ti"i --:ia;.' t. ty ( r !rr of the Excctive
S. E. HiNDLt, Pels.
J.N. Kjis-vj, fta.
tl.; ;-ue.
i-'or aooihiu refr-t-iimeutp go to
' I'u-t lis: Kiii. l tf
W. p. U-jut a ix a vUitorin Lake-
'. Y Xli'.ri Mvet.
'rt-'U reJtctiuu in men 'a L;it of
a I kivi at L. M. Co.
Wui. Aiford came over from Wj-r-
Ler f.rst of the week,
i W. C. Laird la bere from Warner
on l.uine thia week.
D. M. Bryan 6pent several days in
Lake view the past week.
Don't forget that Ahlatrom Bros.
i are filing hata and ahoea.
Lake , J K. M-Innea and wife came down
fiom Chewaocan last week. .
Mi-- Bertha Iean of Alturaa la tbe
i.a Pi.r. ,,, ,vaitrv at Hotei Lakeview.
1 t.:,.-i aif- Ijirid Office, lkevica.
Oreioti. 1'r .'l irv io. pi". s.,fi,e u D.i2 BatUter la a riaitor iu
r . (. tfi lettice f in- ' '
- -r rti on 'ietjert-
ron writea to Dr. Steiuer, March i'tli.
Sheep for 5ale.
i have for sat-, about 19-'iC ewes and
j yeri:ng. which I w;a to nell
within the next month.
.Voi-p may U- at Thousand
Valley in umtaer
'J'Hof. H. .StIKHI.Oi.-E
1 -:.
s r:
, iw froi Paielev thia week.
siilri r. turned from hi re-
C. M. Harvey wan here from Altur- j that the building of a railroad into
in a few days ao. ; thia country from the dirr't!iu of
H.Ient waa In from the Bunting ; Portland, "l now l-ing taker, up
fttx-k farm Monday. land agitated with the purpow In
Mr. Polly Wither ia vixiting Mina view if accomplishing aotnethin.' I
ir;ice Hall thia week. i I'ortlaad in waking up.
Dan Chandler waa in town from! G. L. Holl.rook came iu from Jun-
"U. . r- :. a: Oregon on
-t'.'.f :ay, : i,y ! Man, 1 '..'..
tit a:.r l .r i-A.jVk'iiii w:tfrfKea i.
:rriirtiijri aud rec- '
I Krne-t L. Holl-'
Si, M-!.-:r, M. fi.n. . H. MuiiH--
tA i -r I I.. A i i--n . all of Jnio. Oregon.
I- J- 'ViTao.t, Keii'er.
lai !. 'V -a, : la
.). A. Nv.v, irner atarteJ to the
r.: ilr. ,-. l after a load of freight AIou
d:iy. Pont ii King keep the very beat
wine and li'iut ra to la- bad iu Lake
view . U-tf
Hurry Bolerta and Jeff Pariah
in-.rt i a iui rnr.
i'e'j'-.jry 1), Notice u i came over from Warner flntt of the
neV' M-lviu M. Jkh, of i we-lc.
lirt',, Orrrvsi, t,a. fild notice of in-'
tertian t-j fr;k- pr.j oa hia deeert-laud ! .1. N. iivan tame over from Adel
m.:. 4 T,.. I; .i", f:, w. ..Wfore - w""i;i.r witneaa in the land con-
J. ( '., t . (Judj., at Lis ! teat cane,
fr?i al J'. riK rv.,i!, n .Saturday,
'tbe .! day -A March. Pr'j. He name Jad the big new ad vertlaement A
t.,e fee.-i u.o,,-, v, t., U.e l-.a.-y i Maenlugill in tklat iaaue
Drew valley Monday.
Call tn L. M. Co. and get their
price on all tinea of gooda.
Joe Jonea waa a Lake view viaitor
from Pluah firat of tlie week. .
O. O. Hefner of Lexington, Nebras
ka, wan here firat of the week.
A fine aaaortmeut of ladiea belt,
juat arrived, at Bailey &MaaaingUl'a.
L. B. Moaa and George Batchelder
cauie in from the deaert firat of the
week .
We underatand that tlie Palaley
Public whool will lieutiu another
'. palmerlee waa regiatered at
the hotel firat of tbe week from
t ine Begiatered Percherou Hal
lion for aale. Box W, ' Aahlaud,
Oregon. It-l"
E. J. Nbbatd waa regiatered at
Hotel Lukevlew laat week from
The town council under planed the
flume thia week and made tt aub
atautlal. John P.U-b of Klamath I alia waa
regiatered at Jtotel Jakeview a few
day a ago.
j:. '.. Voodcx k baa ret u rued from i
tt4 Ij'.'J: (!:iu:. y. Jloiioaav. xam iljer.
t-ii-t I . II -. . h. . Mur.r. ml.) . ...... j B'-iio w here be aiieut the winter with
r i ne lien ii'jv. oi j.. luwurtr, i
l;i f itlier.
t'i jtkevew-BIy .MJie contractor
J. A, Murria, the Pluah merchant,
Ple.4 i.. A .fii. .l !-:.
n i J. N. w
i u t-aMi .
(.'fii e at J.aiteiic.
iud Jlotel keeper.
February L'-i, 'J.
ret:iij, I h.i. M-Jnii'-n came down from
I waa iu Lake view firat of the week
oitm.ier Lake laat Friday to ajH-itd !
aft- r gooda.
AOti'e i hereby
ii ..i . 1 u 4, .1 . ,.u i t. ..... L..t . i...
Ifj rCTII tilt. I'i ,vj.,-,i.,fc . WI-. I ,
tiU tiiwd notice ul in iiiteiitiou to tunkt-, a t-v dav iu tiiO rotiuty beitt.
.wK'Ki U."! M- Mae Snider baa received j '-i' their mammoth naaortment
v P.etrater and Be4ir at Lakevjew. Crr la.-lta.
n, on Artl t. vut: bvoj.unn K !
fUrnum, IJ i- Kotry No. 2317 for tl.eiKJ 1 aiiottSuiU, hkirU, JackeU Itaglana j 'J'Le L. II. Co. are Selling ull ahoea
B. !4 W. and lihlrt WaUt Kuita. Ml
t S7 K I:. 80 E.. w. ui. He namea the
joilowtnit witneaaea to prore Lia cjoUo- j su eu with beda oa their backs i ,or Lalr r,ce-
aaid land, via i. C. Myer, w;; H. Men- j were on tbe road between" Lnkevk w j J". O. Bunting and family were Ju
laMirt'umt"1 W' T K'a',,t',, Ml1 ! au1 w la,,t Thursday, coming from j from the Dnjwa valley farm several
jj3 e 1 ' J.. N. WATioa. Egiater Klamath Fall to Iakeriew to work, j day a the past week.
( i.11 at Bailey &. Musvlnglll's and
made by Edward (Stan wood Khoe
ij.ier Mouutain biat week, w here the
Holbrook Bros, have wintered their
abeep. Mr. Holbrook Informed ua
that Ida sheep are fat and that heex
pecta S pounds of wool to the sheep
this spring. He started on tlie re-J
turn trip Monday afternoon.
laaac Bobnett, the stockman and
farmer of the Willow Puinch country,
was lu Lake view Monday. M r. Bob
nett'a family has been In Oakland,
Calif., tbe past winter Jw here the
children are in school. He expect
them Lome next week. Mr. Bobnett
made Tlie Examiner otlice a pleimant
thought to be a candidate for Guv.
eruor. Mr. John waa a candidate
for the republican uominatiou time
yeara ago; and, in referring to thia
fact, the Telegram aaya, "hadne re
ceived It, there la reason to believe
tbe reault of tbe campaign might
have been different from what it
turned out to be. , Jeaaie Kirk, leader J,A the
Klamath Indiana on the reservation,
in an interview with an Evening
Telegram correspondent, ; 'charge
the agent at the reservation. Cuptnlu
Applegate, with dUlioneaty, and
aiwcifie the collection of rent f-oui
stockmen, for uae of tribol Inuda,
and failure to account for many so
The Mercantile Co. are makiiig
some Improvements In their eat'ab.
lintiUii'Dt that are urui. and novel.
They are boxing In the show win
dow lu the drygood department
aud w ill tine It w ith a flue material
so that when the windows are dreas
eJthe articles w ill show off to the
best advantage, eapeclally at night.
Harry Haxxieton la dolug the car
penter work.
lily News
Bi.v Oim:., March. 1:!, p.mj.
Tli Iidiea Aid .Society met at the
home of Mm. Jnme Boyd, mi Feb,
M, ami organixliiK the Society and
electing the following officer: Mrs.
Jan. Taylor, Prvaldent; Mr. Louis
Pankey, Vlce-I'renideut; Miaa Cora
Klnley, St. and Treaa. Then ad
Jourmnl until March. 2nd, when they
met at tbe home of Mrs. Pankey, and
pna-i-eded aa follow: Made and ad
opted, resolutions for I?neflt of tbr
Sia iety. elected a new Sec. aud Treas.
and t!xik tbe following tuemla-rx. all
of tlie three societies, under one Pres
ident: Ividieg Aid Society. Mr. Jas.
Taylor. Ja. Parker, Inila Pankey,
Tho. Smith, and Sutherland.
Young People's Society elected Mrs.
loul Pankey, Chaieron. MeuiU-n
inn follow: MlHeCora Finley and
i I'-eth Taylor. Mer. George and
Jan. Boyd and Jack Watta.
P.uny B."-: Chaperon, Mr. Jm
Boyd. Memla-r a follow: Vrs
Iat-tteki-n. Grace Anderon, May ('
U-er. Ague and Ivan Pankey, bur
ner and Pearl Lundy. Carl uiilh.
I Nori Boyd and Glen Packer.
Mr. C. H. IIiiIm. jur road !t.
made a trip to Dairy lant week after j
a load of need grain.
The atockuien have turned inont l
their atock on the range, an the
weather la fine and grass fairly good
and now devoting most of their tin
to putting In spring crops.
We are having a little rain at pre
eut, tbe firat of tbe week.
Mr. Jas. Taylor started to Ashland
on a bualness trip and will vialt b
daughter and other relatives wblk
there. He was accompanied by
Miaa. Cora Finley who will take
three months course In Photography
liefore nhe return home.
Mr. John Wells started on a hus!-
j nena trip to Minaouri iaat Tueaday.
Mr. Courtrlght of Bonanza 1 visit-
lilt' hia daughter, Mra. Jaa. Taylor.
Mr. Metzker, of The laaktvlew I
aminer male Bly a bualneaa call Fri
day. IU;v. Starr from Klajnath Falls ex
Iecta to be at Bly to bold BellgeoM
Sen lcea on March i'lat, and the week
School started at hly laat MouM
with Mias Dora Goss as teacher, aod
will start at Garner next -Monday
with Mias Hamaker as U-atber
Bothyoung lad lea are from Honaua.
1 ua