Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 12, 1905, Image 2

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gala Onwtg SsvtaV
Serond-t las Matter.
' CI. Mnnrtn 1.00
(Three Montns
Fifteen tent n Inch per wee.lnirie cot.
TVn net rent, for preferred ipaee-
Ten per rent, rtiarount on yearly contracts.
n pT o-nt additional diM-ount whore d-
-vertist- rs furnish eteciroa. chanrta prepaid.
Ton rents per line first insertion, and flv.-1
. i, . -.... ... v itiuirtinn. to
k , i. .... in,, tnd miiM In vltn
" '
oew mstter.
Iefeiona: Card., one dnilar per month
T:niler-land notice and all otnr ieai no -
.... ..k.' nih!i.., lh
tic ui..uf .-..- -
Uomeatead final proof nottcei. liea-rt-iana nn- .
1 pnwf notice. hort fiirm Conteat notices Ad- tidll tilt' JSlireuU will flll'lliwh lllfor
inisiratnrs' notice. Notice ol .pp.nntn.ent of , ..ppiy 0f ,,le timU-r
Aflmiairrator and all oth-r lapl notice re- 11 1
tjninne fire weeks' publication. 7JU j Mild Hliell jjeiltTui advlfe an I1IH.V lie
M-tnortai. Cards o! Tnsnks. Lod,te Resolu- j ..r r I unrW
tian. etc.. ti-it).
Tbe lencrth of service of a tele-
rapb or telephone pole hi determin
ed in a section of tbe pole not more
ban-a loot or a foot and a half
long. In a standing pole this sec
tion extends about six or eight in
-chee above and below tbe top. of the
abound. This Is the universal point
ut attack upon the life of the pole,
and Is called Its breaking point. De-
ajr Is tbe arch-enemy of these poles.
It seta In at the ground line and
reaches both up and down the pole,
jot onlj so tar as tbe. conditions
exlat which promote tbe growth of
-ood-destroylng fungi. A few Inches
below the ground there la lack of tbe
tteoeeaary oxjgen and heat, while at
about tbe same distance above
ground tbe requisite moisture falls.
TTie exact time at which decay be-
gtos its work depends upon the cli
mate, tbe character of tbe soil, and
wimllar conditions. In a hot, moist
climate it ordinarily sets in with
?reat rapidity. But at best, in a
wery few years after tbe pole is set
struggle has commenced. The
lecay soon girdles the pole and
gradually eats Into it deeper and
deeper until It is so weakened that
t breaks under the weight of its
The experiment already made by
the Bureau show conclusively that
polee can be subjected to a preserva
tive treatment which insures ma
terially lengthened service. This
Treatment consists in impregnating
the wood with antiseptics which
prevent the growth of tbe fungi that
-aue decay. The treatment of tel
vcrai li and telephone pules, when
attempted at all iu tbiscouiitry.gen--ral!y
hu Iieec applied to the whole
pole, reijuiriiij; (K. (Jf ,,;r t;i;;;
- lindeif Imi feet I.,! - .,r inure. In
I fire Mi!.j-.-;e,i : o ),,
'iii- Utile, wle i
t-:n4oe til
i r i : ii in
1. 1 ui
1 , 1 1,11 -
I iieVlill i in- -.. , ,i- ( ..
1 '
:ia :K. '1'ne i-re .- , e i., ;,.!
will !.- iirted Ulid (lead oil of coal tar
for. e.i through the butt of the p.
" In n it in kuovu' Unit decay, h.
a teriuiu uu in Ur of years, cute the
liaiueter from tverhas 12 to v inches, '
and that below inches the weaken
ed pole falls, the course to be pur
sued is obvioaa. Aatiseptics pre
vent, fur the tiaie of their effuctive
uetm, the starting of decay, aud tlm
Jiertiiit tit the outaet the seLttiou of
an S-lnch diameter rather than
12-Inch. The 4 Inches saved repre
sent a tremendous difference In the
lae and age of true ued for pole.
Both tbe companies and the ownii
of forests wjll he.great gainers by
thin economjr. with Itsjdiortentng of
tbe length of 'time neceJary to grow
h pole.
Another feature of the cooperative
work will lie treatment of rrose
arms. The companies have lieen
treating them, but report too much
utiHorbtinti In Home caws and not
enough In others. The Bureau will
more carefully grade the different.
kinfls ol woiki. aim irein eiu-n cuinx
... I
. .
sepruu-i. . iu (
Vil to secure a HHire e mil nborl- !
tit !! mid more
.i i I '
, l it'fcf an I lie ihmiii mmiiih
' .... .i; :
. . cntruttf. tiiouirii in hikh-
j riij,iiirnii u ' ..- ........
Arrest It! f5 Reward.
Foranv kin diea!. Kl'ZEMA, OLD
SORES. FILES. Pl.MFLKS, etc.. which
will not cure promptly. Send today for
afn tnnii nipnt Riitfif'int tn rnre tnr
ordinarr tn. BuYD CHEMICAL
CO., Rand McNally Bldg., Chicago.
The exhibit which' Mlsaouri will
send to the Lewis and Clark Exposl
tlon will lie one that could not be
duplicated for $3d0,000. It will con
sist of the cvam of Missouri's dis
play at the Louisiana purchase Ex-
position, supplemented by an elabor
ate display collected for the Western
World's Fair.
A C ha ace tor 5 pec ulators.
K-CHOOL LAXD. 280- acres of level
unimproved agricultural land for aaie
cheap. DiscripUon : S H , f? ol
NEW ami NW of BEU taction 10.
Tp., 39 S E. 19 E. W. M. This is a
desirable piece of land, located is Goobs
Lake valley and will make some man a
good ranch.
The Oregon Territory, which Lewis
and Clark opened op to settlers a
hundred years ago, when they made
their expedition, which will tie com
memorated at the Lewis and
Clark Fair, had a population in 1900
of 1,093,441. In 1890 the population
was only 747,524.
$10 Reward.
For a black heavy set mare brand -
ed, 1 (hat) on riirht ahoulripr
and J2 on right stifle. Delivered to
F. O. Bunting at Drews valley. Or
a suitable reward w ill tie paid for In
formation leading to the recovery of
said mare.
52 2U C. A. BUNTIJiU. Merrill. Or.
To Care a Cold ia One Day
Tatiiets. All druKKiata relund the
money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's
itiiiature ia on each box- 25c.
The beauty of a woman's face or fiirtrre
U but tie external ign of the good health
within " savs Lr.
R. V. PieTce, of !
Buffalo. X. V., the '
specialist in !
women's diseases, j
hUTtaer to Vie h?.
Iy and beautiful
one mu:-t naturri"'v
hav- jr-tr.rl h'-..1..::".
:r.-i J-.iir.
i--e:i: r
y-r 'AIM 1.
' - . ... .' i :,- ; . . ,.: ..
' n.--t'.n -in-' rr iiat-Ui-ii.
1:: n. my i. :,r k. V. 1-n-rtt"
- 1 -tSf
!--. , i-Tip-i.jT! ml; I!t xn- ne:i air;
lix;y in hvai'.nv f.nhacn.
sun- Hi it i, Iir I'irrce, hi ofTcrs a
r-:ward of .-ii fur wuuieu who cannot be -cured
of Leucfirrhea, heniaie W'tai: ne '
PTolajisus, or Falling- 0f Wotuli. All he 1
a.-ks u a fair and rcaonaoic trial of bis i
mean of cure.
. y.. i 4iow me utraier to insult your
intelligence by oflenng you a cheap sub
atuute. bend ji one -cent (tamp to pay exjiene
of mailing and get In. Pierce Medical
Adviser iu paper covets, Ore. Adcfcaa
Vr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo V V.
Tn. Pierce' Ple,nt p !:c!1 -rf m
tUanable iaative for dchtaie womca. j
Vl '; f -
Sheep ec Cattle Ranch.
More ranches far tale. Thia time a
heep ranch of !" 'in long
Pitt River, and controls l;veat range on
the enks of ther-river and lor anile
back. Thii stork ranch If a .snap at
ItfSOO. 'Write to the IkjCountr Ex-
mlnar Mr oerticulars.
v u ik. alwiM 14 Im-tlM l
in aumuuu u ----- --. - ,
there are 3 forties lying 4 or 6 nUM,
6 miles ,
distant, on which there are two large i
spring. The above price i lor tb en-
lire 17 forties.
is iu. Notice is herebT Biven tnai
the (olioainB named settler ha Bled (
ti trial b A Until '
tirnnl in minnort of his claim, and that
..i. 1 . ,J J.
anl prooi win ne maae ueiore wiira i
j. Catlrw. U. S. Com. at his orfi.-e at
IVnj() 0ngoB m Janul(rT oy, lw5. vi :
Charles F. Hnllowav, Hd. Entrv No.
m. . - l ffl ' at)
VU't.- VU'UVH.' 4a T 411 S. k.
t if . . L. f..n
, r.. . M. lie nimn me mnnmina
i t naomi In nrovA hm tNintintitiiia rpi ;
7 ' ; n." :
iliinon mmn nnit rnltivatinn nf aaid land.
vii : M. M. Doan, E. L. Holloway. ,
Kred Allen and Jte Catlow. All of
IVnio, Oregon.
Dec. 15 2 J. Watsos, RetiUu'r.
Ho! For the West.
Tell yonr frienda that tbe colonist
rate are coing into effect March let 1906, '
to expire May 15th, 1905. The rale,
from Chicago, I1L , will be $33. Peoria, i
111. , $31. St. Louia. Mo. and Sew Or-
leans. La. , $30. Council Bluffs, Ia. ,
Sioes City la. , Omaha, Neb. , Kanaaa
City, Mo., Mineola, Tex. and floustan
Tex., $25. Rates apply to main line
points in Nevada and California.
. For further information apply to
Southern Pacific Co. Agents, or to,
A. H. KiRiKfl,
Acting D. F. A P. A., So., Pac. Co..
Reno, Nev. . .
Some Real Estate Bargains
S We Sell land on Smallest Commissions
Vp Unimproved Land for aaie near
(ik Paisley. In section 28, 29, 15, 54, 23,
O in tps 34 R. 19.
.1 m '.IU
. 1 i
rrtri4ii ircctort.
nnrw art at.
Pjaaideot-.) ., Tbaodor Kooaaralt
Vlea-Fredeat.. ? v '
Hecriwarjr'lif "taw.... l;johHy
KertataxyyVTrwMury ...... Laalle BUhaw
"Secretary Ulartor X. A. Hlu hoock
Secretary of Wat Wm."H. Taft
orwiv aTw. ......
,;..Wra. H. Moody
, 1 r
. . jewiiat.
r: '....,
.Henry C Para
Attorney Ueoerai
.P. C. Knot
Governor.. .....Geo. K. rhamberlala
Secretary of Stata P. 1. Dunbar
. -C. B. Moor
I Attorney General.
.. A. M. Crawford
. t. B. Ankarman
J. R. Whltnny
J. W. Bal'ey
l j. H. MlM hall
( :. w. r ultou
l BlntiT Herman
J. N.WIlllamaoa
" ' --v-"' -
V. 8. Senator
0. E. Wnlrerton
Supreme Judge....
K. 8. Hean
F. A. Moore
sixth jrtiiciii. uiirrairT.
H. L. Benson
W.J. Moor
Laai rneirnr.
Jodffe ....
J",nl 'n,nr
John A. Lay cook
SR.F..I.. Kleiner
John 8. bliook
B. laly
A. W.Manrlng
... E. E. Rlnehart
... r. O. Ahlstrom
W. D. Wert
J. Q. Wllllu
C. K. Moor
I W. A. Currier
I C. W. imnt
....J. r. Clarkaoo
Repreeiitt!e. . . .
; Clerk
P her Iff
School Hnpt
8lock !".
More School Land For 5ale.
We will anil chean an on eood terma
. the west half of ec. 26, tp. 29 8 R 20 E.
Also the west half of tec. 28, tp. 3S, S.
R 19 E.
All thia land ia unimproved and 1eing
located ai it Is, makes it very valuable.
wt r call at this office for panic
;nlara. if
Unlmpro red Land for aaie, near
Paisley. In section 35, S3, 36, 2tl, tp
S3. R. 18.
Unimproved Land for sale on Lower
Cbewaucan. In sections 13, 16, 25, 36,
tps 35, R. 20.
Klamath county. Land for aaie.
Unimproved, at a bargain, write for
particular! and numbers.
Valuable Ptmture.W't wil! eell pas
ture land in large or email tracts. If
you own laud in Lake county andwant
to buy unoccupied land adjoining it
w rite The Examiner.
Tiiutmr Camas Fraiiie.
Home tine patches of timber can lie
Uniiilit at thifj otliee.
;ir .;iAct7eii .om. . . , ; t- ;a
8J acrei'iif pasture land. Write or cull
i'n'i' ll v hi iinl !,, line.
1 :ir
C. 0. MliTZKIIR, Agent"
Dan of service of Pastor of tbj M. X. '
Qhnrrh, Lakeview, 1st and 8rd Pan. .,
days ol each nyntji. .
Bethel at it m , and New Vint
Creek at 7 p, ,.ii nd 4tb Snndava .
of each month. -Lakeview
at 11 a. o., and 7 p. m.' '
Prayer meetini Tharsdajr. 7 P. m. 6th
Snndny Union School House at l a.m. .
Lakeview at 7 p. m. You arc cordially
invited to all the aervioes.', ' t ! -
SiKroab 6rrpBa, Tastor.
. United Htate Land Office, Lakeview,
Oregon, October 27lh, 1904. Notice ia
hereby given that in compliance with
tbe provision of the act of CVingreaa of
June 3, 1878 entitled "An act for the
aaie of timber land in the states of Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory, as extended to all the
i'nlilic Ijind t-ute by act of Augant 4,
1852, Manuel J. Swarei of Lakeview,
count v of Lake, state of Oregon, ha thii
day filed In thia office his sworn rtate
mentNo. 2IH1 for the pnrchane of the
Swa Sw-, sec. 1, NwJ Nwt Kectioa
No. 12, in Township No. 38 8., Ii. No.
18 E., Willamette Mer., and will offer
proof to show that the land sought ia
more valuable for iu timber or atone
than for agricnltnral purposes and te
establish his claim to said land before
Register and Receiver at Lakeview, Ore
gon, on Monday, the lrlth da? of Jano
190 . He names aa witnessee: Frank .
O. Bunting, W. A Wilehire, James
Young, Elnie Ruwtell, a I of Lakeview,
Oregon. Any and all persona d aiming
adversely the above described lands are
requested to file their claima in tbia of
fice on or before said 16th day of Janu
ary, 1906.
44-1 J. N. Watson, Register
lam tea " yel M tal ttW Hem jag).
i ml lfi i.l4,t,ini,WX