Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 21, 1904, Image 1

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NO. 1G.
Republican 5tate Convention at
Portland on Mth Indorse
President Roosevelt.
At till CollgH'lollll COUClltloll
(r tin- first iIImi rlcL 1 In Suit-in
April I I, linn, Dinner Ih-rinnuu was
IIIIIIIiIiIKHIhI.V cIlOM'll ( MlCClvd llllll-
M'l( III (lie I'nltcd State coligiv.
llcfore tin convention several run-lliiiti-M
wcrt In tlx1 field, it it I fr it
while Itlooked iiM If Mr. Hermann"
candidacy was tn Im i-ImmcI,v contest
d. Hut at tin lost hourothcraopliiuit
for tin place tM-gan to realize the mu
nition and no opposition to Mr. Her
mann wn offered lit tlit convention.
In Portland tilt second dlMl'Ict con
veutlon wan doing polities on the
innjorlty rule plan at the Maim time,
atio! Hon. J. N. Williamson wan nom
inated to succeed himself lnciigre;
lie too Winn nominated ly occlnma
tlou. The DrHt district In strongly
repiilillean, and It Is conceded that
t he republican nominee will have an
niMy rare.
At the state coil vent loll held III
Portland on the day following tho
lonureMMlotial convention, the fol
lowing men were nominated for tin
different oIIIccm In tlil dlMtrlct ami
ntate; Supreme J udgc, 1'. A. Moore;
Food t'ominlHhloiicr, I'.alley; Joint
Senator Jltli Senatorial DlMtrlct,
l.aycot U of (irant C 'utility. Kor Rep-it-MMitut
Ivt'tt Dr. Stelner of Lake-
lew and John S. Shook of Klamath
roiii.ty. For DlMrlcl Jtidgc.4-Hamia
and r.iiixon. 1 Im1 rift Attorney
Neshcry of JjukMoii county and
r.nittnlii of Lake county,
The convention elected lour dele
natc to the National convention at
Chicago and liiHtructed them to sup
port Rooev-lt for president. Res
ohitloiiH wen pned Indorsing the
preHeiit administration.
The delegate to the National con
ventloii are, Harvey W. Scott and
W. II. Ayer, of Potlnnd; S. L. Kline,
of CorvalllM, and I. S. Smith of Mal
heur. The nominee for presidential
electors are, J. M. Hart, Dallas;
JameM A. Fee, I'rndleton: (irant II.
Dlmmlck, Oregon City, and A. C.
Hough, Corvnlll.
The convention indorsed 1'reHident
Roosevelt and hi pollcleH.
TI.e Klainiit h Fulls Republican In
rpeiiklug of the ticket put out by the
state convention Mart out with the
headline "Klamath Shut Out."
What Klamath wanted we do not
know, uulcHH it wax ahuih wire fence
around the district. Klamath got a
circuit Judge, and a representative,
nil they liad lcfore. (Irant got a
Joint Hcnntor am Crook nothing.
Lake a representative and dlHtrlct
The Klamath papers put up a
light agaulHt Kmmitt, the only man
in the county who could have been
nominated for Joint senator, ami In j
view of thin fact Klamath county
was very fortunate In getting what!
t hey did. A more appropriate head
ing for the Klamath paper would
havo been "Hamaknr Shut Out."
Land Fraud and Bigamy
John A. IleiiHon of laud fraud fume
ha other trouble which go to
mako life Interesting to him after
many, many year of high-handed
fraud. It would aoein that Mr, Ben
mou from year of crime would be
come calloused to the trilling charge
of bigamy. The following a print
ed In the San Francisco Chronicle of
April Mth:
"Then I no doubt that John A.
HeiiNon, the Indicted land-gmblier, I
married to the diiMhlng young
woman who wax formerly the wife
'Swlftwater It III Gate. Then In
CoiiNldcrnble doubt whether he In not
married to the woman who ha
borne hi name for the past thirty
seven year ami Mill bear It. lien
sou May he wan divorced from and
never remarried to Mr, IIcuhuii No.
1. Mr. Jlciirton dcnlcH absolutely
that there ha ever Iteen a divorce.
IteiiMoti dicllueM absolutely to dl
cu the why, when or when of the
divorce which he allege. The mar
riage of IleiiMon to the former Mr.
'Sw ift water ISf II took place nearly a
year ago In the remotet corner of
Tim for Train Wreck.
The time of year for railroad
wtc-efe" ha arrived, and new of the
wni'ki are not lacking in tin- make
up of the dally paper. The spring
freshets when the ground I Hoaked
w ith water cause the roadld to
give way, and scarcely n day pasc
without It wreck, At Roscburg
lat week seven freight car were
smashed to Milliliter In a wreck
canned by the giving away of the
roadltcd. No one wi(K Injured. A
Great Northern paenger train wa
wncked on the l.'lth. near Ix-aven-worth,
Washington, and Engineer
Jack (Vook and Fireman J. M. Wll
on were killed, by an embankment
giving away. The engine, mall and
baggage car left the track and roll
ed down tin embankment, but the
paHHeuger car clung to the track.
A big laud slide occured on the bit h
on the Southern Pacific at the north
cut crencc of tunnel l.'l, near Ahltne
which held up traffic 20 hour.
Democratic State Convention.
The following telegram wa receiv
ed yeterday:
Portland, nr., April 20, l'.HM. Tho
following delegate were elected to
the National democratic convention:
W. F. Butcher of linker, C. Redford
of Morrow, 1'. II. Holman and Jan.
(ileaMon of Multnomah and J. 1.
Matlock of Eugene.
iH'inocrntU: Presidential elector:
J A Jeffry and T II Crawford of Mar
lon, V BPIIIcn of Columbia, Johh II
Smith of ClatHop.
Nominee for congn', first district:
R M Veach of Lane.
Supreme Judge: Tho. O'Dny of
Circuit Judge: Win S Crowell and
J It Nell.
DUtrlct Attorney: A E Ueame of
Jackon and W J Moore of Lake.
The telegram contained no nomi
nee for stato senator or representa
tive. Hearst Down la Oregon.
By the narrow margin of three
votes the nntl-llearst democrats won
out against the supporter of tho
Journalist politician in tho Mult
nomah democratic county convention
In Portland ou the 14th.
Stato Senator Alex Sweek headed
tho Ilea est faction agaluat L. T.
Perry In one of tho hottest phlitlcal
battles Oregon democrat have ever
Crook county democrat Instructed
their stato delegate for W. R. Hearst
tor prosldcut. Some of the most
prominent democrat la the county
refused to attend the convention un
der such Instruction.
Thirty-Two Officers and flen are
Killed By Accidental Powder
The moht appalling dlxiMcr In the
hltor3" of the American navy since
the blowing up of the Maine In the
Havana harbor In IsiiH occiiTcd on
board the nmt-clax battlcxhlp Ml
Moitrl at PeiiHiicola, Florida, on
April l-'lth, when 2M)0 pound of
MtiiokclcM powder exphnled, killing
twenty-nine otllcer and men out
right and Injuring five more, two of
whom will dk.
The accident hapned about noon
while the MIourl, Captain William
H. CowIch commanding, wa going
through It first target practice on
the range about fifteen mile distant
from the naval station. She wa
accompanied by the Texa and the
A only one man of the twenty
five who composed the crew of the
turret and handling room survives,
the exact cause of the disaster can
only Isj conjectured. It I believed
tliat the gun pointer accidentally
fired the fourth shot of hi string
from the starboard gun In the after
turn-t Is-fore the breach wa locked,
In his anxiety to make a record in
quick firing. This was blown open
by the explosion, tilling the turret
with llamlng gasses and hurllug the
blazing powder into the handling
room Is'low, where fourothcr charg
es, weighing nearly 4m pounds each,
also Ignited.
In less than five second twti
streams of water were Is-lng played
In the rooms, am.' when voluuteers
were called for every man responded
eager to go to the rescue of their
The twenty-five men of the turret
were found lying lu a heap. They
had started for the exit when the
first explosion occured, and had Just
reached then?, when the mora terrl-
' ble explosion In the uaodliug room
burned and strangled them to death.
The bodies were hardly recogniz
able, the terrible and quick fire hav
ing burned the clothes from their
bodies, and the flesh hung from
them In shreds.
The Missouri Is the very latest of
the big battle ship to go Into com
mission. The flag was hoisted on
her on December last at Norfolk by
Captain Cowles, a brother-lu-lav of
President Roosevelt.
Ofliclals of the navy department
for more than a week, while nJo!c
ing in the world breaking records in
target practice on our war ship,
have feared Just such an accident as
Later Three more men died a a
result of their Injuries.
Cxpreanlon of Sympathy.
Tho President ha contributed f 100
nnd the Secretary of .the Navy n like
sum a the nucleus of a fund tor tho
relelef of tho dependent next of kin of
tho enlisted men who lost their live
In the disaster on the Missouri,
Paymaster-Oeneral Harris, U. S. N.,
has been authorized to receive any
other contributions that may be
made for this purpose.
Tho President accompauied his
check for $100 with tho following
letter to Secretary Moody:
'My Dear Mr. Secretary May I
send through you this contribution,
to be used for tho benlftt of tho de-
endent klnfotk of the men who have
Just lsH-n killed on board the Mis
sourl? I'nderthe condition of mod
ern warfare. In order efficiently to
prepare for war, risk must Isj run
slmulnr In kind, though not to the
degree, to the risk run In battle, and
these men have died for their coun
try as much as if the ship had lieen
in action against the enemy. Sin
cerely yours,
Another Railroad Merger.
K. J. Atherton, a railroad man of
Chicago, passed through Reno recent
ly nnd gave out the Information that
a merger has ls?en effected between
the Southern Pacific Railroad Com
pany and the Western Pacific people.
He would not give the source of his
Information, but stated that the
Southern Pacific, now that it Is In
possession of the valuable right of
way through Beck with pass, intend
to Improve the opportunity and
build o line from this city through
the pass, connecting with the road
again at C'hlco.
The above statement was printed
In th- San Francisco Chronicle of the
15th. J. Dallzcll Brown or San
Francisco denies all klowledge of
such a merger, and futher new can
not lie gained.
Will Loose Their Crops.
The continued warm weather of
the past two week has caused an
almost unprecedented rise In the
Truckee river, and hundreds of acres
of farm nnd garden lands along the
river Is Hooded. This is the second
flood along the Truckee, and as it is
so late In the season there Is no pos
sible chance for farmers to replant
with the assurance of getting a crop.
Workmen started on the 14th on
the new block system between
Truckee and Reno. The Southern
Pacific has been figuring on this im
provement for some time. The great
numlsT of curves and steep grades
between these two points makes the
danger of collision great. With the
block system a, collision will be
almost an Impossibility.
Should not be Pardoned
Governor Chamberlain ha been
asked to cuncur In a petition from
the General Assembly of Evangelist
of Chicago to the Governor of Ken
tucky In behalf of Caleb Powers, who
has been convicted and sentenced to
death for the brutal murder of Wm.
Goebel, governor of Keutucky. Tho
letltIon asks for the pardou of Pow
ers, and every governor In tho Unit
states ha been asked to Join in ask
ing for executive clemency. Govern
or Chamberlain absolutely refuses to
Join in this request, nnd protests
against such action on the part of
the Kentucky governor, claiming
that both Power and Taylor are
guilty and should pay the penalty
with their lives.
Withdrawal of Desert Lands.
A telegram wa received at tho
Lakevlow Land office last Saturduy
from the general laud office at Wash
ington, ordering tho wlthdrawl from
entry except mineral entries,- 09 sec
tions iu townships 24, 25 nnd 20, in
range 71, all east ami south.
Tho above discrllied lauds He in the
vicinity of Christmas Lake, about 15
miles cast uud from 10 to U0 miles
north of Silver Lake, ou tho desert.
What such u wlthdrawl could be
made tor 1 a puzzle to those ac
quainted with the character of that
portion of the desert.
Committee Report Fire Appara
tus to be in a Very Bad
At the citizens meeting held last
Thursday evening a fire company
was organized with Dr. It. E. Iee
Stlener ns chief. Committees were
appointed to report at the next
meeting, held Tuesday evening of
this week, when the committee re
ported a form of resolutions which
were adopted. Warner Snider wa
elected secretary, and A. Bteber,
treasurer. Member signed the roll
to the number of twenty-two.
The fire company will meet annual
ly or upon special coll of the Aire
chief, who I elected by the eouncllto
serve one year. It ho heretofore
been the rule to exempt firemen from
road tax, but under the new rule
this clause is stricken out.
The Tolue of a fireman' service at
a fire Is Inestimable, and he cannot
be repaid with the paltry sum ot f 3
o year. A fireman who I not worth
more than that Is not wanted. In
the opinion of The Examiner thi
matter was wisely handled.
The committee appointed to re
port on what the department had
on hand reported the following;
One monkey wrench, some rotten
hose, hose cart, one delapldated fire
engine not worth a .
More time was allowed for a re
port on a new council room, jail, etc.
Showed His Pluck in a Runaway
An exciting runaway occurred last
Sunday afternoon In the streets of
Lakevlew, but luckily no one wa
hurt. A. S. Down drove his team up
to the postofllee and stepped inside ,
for his mail. His team ls?came
frightened and dashed down the
6treet toward home. F. Campbell,
horse breaker for the X L firm ran
and grabbed one ot the animals by
the bridle and swung on for three
blocks, the horses rearing and run
ning their best. Mr. Campbell ex
hibited some of the nerve that quail
fled him for a broncho buster In
swinging onto the animals while
tearing down the street at break
neck speed, sometimes being flung In
to the air and only striking the
grouud every 10 or 20 feet, until his
hold gave way and he was thrown
to the grouud. He fortunately land
ed far enough from the wagou not
to 13 run over. This teat, too, was
accomplished with great presence of
mind, lie only received a bloody
nose, which he has probably become
accustomed to by this time in hand
ling wild hoeses.
The runaway team kept the road
a far as the bridge across Deadman,
where they stopped. Mr. Down say
the damage amounted to f 1.50.
Henry Heryford poisoned one of
his best horse Inst Monday with
poisoned wheat which ho waa put
ting out for squirrels. W. II. Shirk
went out to tho Heryford ranch af
ter his team, and he and Mr. Hery
ford went out into the field to catch
the animals. Henry carried along a
bucket of poisoned wheat, ' and
whllo driving the horses sat the
bucket down to head off a horse,
leaving the bucket about three min
utes. The three minute proved fat
al to one of Henry's best work ani
mal. The horso took one bite ot the
wheat and died In a very few minute.