Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 10, 1902, Image 1

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    VOL. XMII.
NO. 11.
Mr. (i.itcs Says III Company
Will l.vpict to be Trent vtl
ur I y ly 1 .oc I IVopk'.
, 1 1. . I ..! ' ..I i : I ii in Miir lii-t
nr. hi' ! ' i'l .i' ti tl.e ' ' "I'
ll I i i . ..Mil i i !. in.'' '.ii hi I In-
.. ,1 v ..f ! . . .. ' ii- !.:. '"n''
;, .,. i .. i .,. .. ! I-; i .
mm i.ti in::-M-i'n uij inv I! .ni'l.t- i.iif-
ln I 'll!" .1 li'in in. in A-lii ni'l mi l I..ii.i
sn w I'" -1 1 ! im Ii.ii f MM. Ill
tl.tie. mi" iiimI. i I i J. 1 1 to In in ;
V''il' p.-.tpic II. Li loin lulllli.'ilt I'll ttll'l
till- III. ill" lli'l ill pi-.ipll' "ViT till :ltr
Mil. I I'.illt iM.i.l now tl-iurf !'! I 'li'M'-.
We are l.uililiiik' it k' I line, ni'Ci'M-itrilv
,it lii.ivy .-x j ii-i-; it i through spar-
nrly settli-d MM"ll. niid We Illllt ile'li.l
. in .11 r iff iiiiiiulii lur mi.ii t. We have
ii rl-lit In expect geni-nniM treatment
inn! conliiil welcome your i-ople.
We i'liu hi i;tnt,'c mi exchange tlmt will
I'luii' ii plume lit III" clliow ui our pa
trons ul home, hoiel, (r huMOurs house,
through w huh tiny (-mi communicate
with anv other u-r ( the Bell phone
there or outride. No one else has tli
authority to promise or do this in Lake
view territory. K any other system
gs in we will Ihj barred out. No two
.yaWius . can .exist tltare one or th
other must keep out. Your people
must make the choice between system
that rolilitH-lM them willi tliu outside
world, and all the ramifications ( dm
longest and greatest service in tlio
world, or tt miaH Ih'hI affair.
An this choi-: uiay effect our con
ftnu'tiini in Ihut county no hope to
hear of some public expression at once.
Peaceably wc go there, Imt we will not
light lr hii opportunity to invest
money where there ar so many hcu
lative chance to take.
Yours Truly,
II- V. Uatks.
Hii.VKii I.akic, On mio m, April 3, l'.KlL':
(To tlm l-Mitor) : It in truu a Imd h-ii-ny
nlw uyH ri'turiiH, no Ja-ro 1 oniiiu iihmi
w ith a It'w ilciiiH, iiftor a ImiiC abfcmi'.
iprintf linn coinu ami n'vi-ral Hl.xk
iiiuii liavti turnuil tliuir rattle on the dea
'rt. Mr. Vri(lit arrived (runt the desert
Sunday, lie rcorta uritHa growing
John Myura la camping on the del
rt for hia health, and is engaged in
pumping water (or Joe l'orter'i cattle
juat to pan away the time, you kuow.
MiMaua Vada Bonharo and Isabella
Wright two ol Kilver Lake's young la
dies, are teaching school this spring, the
former in the Johnson district and the
latter at Clover Flat. Tom wishes
them all success, while Lo extends
ayuopathy to Elim and Ram.
F. M. Chrismaa bad the misfortune
to make a "miallck" while chopping
wood, the other day, and struck his
right thumb with the ax blade. He
aays he is "taking vacation now and
somebody else can split wood."
Miss Dovie Blair is visiting at Mrs.
Maud Small's.
M. L. Troth is working (or T. J. I
brie. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Cull Hamilton intend to
start for Portland in fe'V days. Little
iMhmael and l.ina will stay at Mrs.
KiiHick's during the absence of their
Ir. Smith left last Monday on a busi
ness trip to Portland.
Several tA our stockmen have, k'n'i'l
rain'lii'ii nil tliu KUinnili iniirli, wIhti-tlu-y
i'x rt to lit' w hii iiliilii'liiiH'ii n(
day III in i h'Hi. TuM 'I in mil
Ol Mil: I.OCAI.
Central Sy .slcni lor I .nkcv ic lie ;
Suinc liimril of lii d tor it mid a i
New .SctriUiry I.Ucti'tl.
A I Ii." ;nii.'iil iiH'i'liu of f In l.'lUi'j
I ', .ui,! 1 1 ,.- . . !, ( ' i ii ; i ii v lii-M lit !
l.'i.i. ii ,-i.ii..!.iv, ' .liiiin ll.niVj
, i .. n- .-..,!. .i 'i ......i. i,i of I In- I '.mi- '
I , . I, v , :i i.. t !i;i . I in I,. n Ii i lfi I - 1 j
.-. . 'i l.n l.i i l, i' i. V. I.. Mii-illliU, ;
1 .; -iik a ui, .a. I li-rin. 'I In-1
i,.. 1. I ..( .Iii.tI .i-, K. M. I'liri- !
in. iii. I..-.I. Co in, WilliHiii lUrvi y,
V. I'. 1 . i I'.i'l iiii'l S. l. CliHii.llt r
ru- Ii- i U i l.-'l .
Till- '... I IllI'l.TH V'.tl'.l ll llll'.W till'
till rrt.. Iff l.l 111. or lill lli'lrlit.-ila.-n-i liw.
to i xri i'il 1,1hi fur tin' jiiirM.i of "
tiililil.iiiK u I.M iil f v n t -1 1 1 witli ci'iilrul
inlliri' in l.aki-vii'w, nml to nin'liuno
' .i..iii'N an. I kiIi-k ami inaku m-i't-HKiiry
! n-'iiir on tin' liiii. Two ilown plionen
i-rii or.lori-.l fur tliu ynU-ui and
nllii'm w ill l orili-rtil aa tliu tiiifiiifp"
ol tin' lo'al yU'in incrtam-a. Tlie
w..rk ol xvttiiiK tliu kiK- out and put
tu.K in tliu fyclciii will U'tfin an ihkiii a)
The Italian Company
The company ol Italian gardeners who
have hatd B(ty acres ot fine land from
John Iteid at New Pine Creek, Intend to
eiH!ue in K''ii'''l ganluning on anexttn
rive pcule. The 1'X'nl gur.leners, it in
Daiil, are up in arum aitniiiMt the new
enler priM' inaugurated by the lore-gu
elfinent, as they U-lieve their buniiieHs
will l Kcri.iiinly injure.l in conneijuence.
However, the Italian eomiiany dincluiin
any iuU'iiti. in of injuring the loeal men,
and alU'tci' tlmt their buninesa is legiti
iniite, ami proniKu to con. 1 net it on
li-itiuate plans. The iiulii-atioiiM are
(uvoralilo fur a merry war when garden
truek reaches the market. The Kxnm
itier hopes tlmt no man's bitniiiesH will
ln serioiifly impaired l.v Uio advent ol
the Italian tturileiiers, and thai there
will be HHiiu for all. A Vexetable war
w iih i"it prieu in pumpkins and lieuns
and "sieli" will redound to the benefit
of the eniiHUiiiers, but it ia to tie hoed
that the cmniietitiou in this line will
result in nothing disastrous and that
each gardener will receive a fair price
for his product and nothing more.
Socialists Will Meet
The local branch ol a rapidly growing
political organization known as the
Socialist party will hold a meeting at
the court house in Lakeview next Satur
day at 1 p. m. for the purpose of per
fecting au organisation in this county.
The meeting will be addressed by W, O.
Moses, a gentleman who' recently came
from Njw Zealand, a country where
Socialism ia practiced and its results are
apparent. Mr. Moses is well qualified
to give an interesting discourse on the
subject, and invites people of all politi
cal faiths to attend the meeting and hear
what be has to say. It la understood
that the organisers will place a county
ticket in the field to be voted for on the
second of June
Hon. 8. P. Moss is in attendance at
the Democratic State Convention held at
Portland today, as a delegate from Lake.
He also carries with him the proxy of
II . C. Fleming, the other delegate.
F, Leonard and wife of the X. L. ranch
were guests at Hotel Lakeview last
Thursday. Mrs. Leonard was formerly
Miss Ella Ilollingsworth, who lived in
9 i
t'l .
7 .
J 1
KXprouut itoiicncj.M'-viNK's m:st of titk south pole.
i K. iJort'in-rrrvhik, tiji Nuwiaii -xphn-r. m hnn Hn-trat-fi mre thnn .Vi niil-
rt'"ftr r tlii tuith poli: tluttutitv of Ian jtr'ij'.MH. in uli.i.iv prpH)intr for iuwitoT trip to
tlmt iiiyurifit ttMl imtTi P'Mituiiit liicli miMjrt no rintuimnliiia life nd pr(Kl-ici no n-nrft
ii.-fi'.iJ t fi ' Ii- vi '. "-S.' kiMi'iluiti Pi..- nu ii'itn p irtnnt lichen. Mr. liurcJtifnsvink will
mb.ttily up a in iui -Hi oltl atiip, the NMifh-ra U.'ii.
Hot Thins: Por Our Demo
cratic Friends to Use
as a Campaign
Document I
And Puta the Mark of Falsehood on
the Daly Vote-Catcher, the "In
creased Debt" Bugaboo.
The Seuii-Annual Statement of the
county oflicers preentd to the taxpay
ers of Lake County today by The Ex
aminer is the best argument present
able to refute the statement of the po
liti ul enemies of the Republican
county administration who are trying
to make the taxpayers believe that
Lake county is gradually going deeper
and deeper in debt. The leport is a
glaring refutation of the statement so
ariniduously and iersiHtcnlly circulated
all over the county aa a Dr. Daly vote
cat her. The figures do not lie. The
reRirt is sworn to by the Clerk, Sheriff
and Treasurer.
It is not The Examiner's purpose to
mislead the taxpayers by claiming that
all the credit for the excellent financial
standing of the county is due to the ad
ministration of the present County
Court, but this paper would have the
public know that the present sheriff,
backed up and working under the or
ders of the County Court of Lake
County in the collection of taxes, has
made it possible to show this excellent
condition of p'iblio affairs at this time.
It has been charged, and is still being
bruited about, that the County Court,
through extravagance of public funds
and defective business management,
has failed to reduce the public debt,
but on the contrary, has continued to
run the county deeper and deeper in
debt during its incumbency. " The facts
do not bear out the statement.
' Wheu Chas. Tonningsen was elected
to the County Judgeship the public
debt was t09,OG3.00. On the first day ot
April, 11)02, the actual indebtedness
was H5.tlO4.02, and today it scarcely
reaches 143,000. On April 3, three
days after the report was made, Treas
urer Lee Beall called in county war
rants to the amount of $15,147.53, cut
ting off further interest on that amount
and reducing the debt to about $45,000.
The Treasurer's books show that today
the indebtedness of Lake county only
runs back two years and four months.
i ft w f y sz- v .
f f i
7" 7
: 'v. M .
The Southern Cross .j
aA--. w-
And today, also, Lake county warrants
are Hi'llmn at par.
! In two years more, under the present
conduct of public affairs, Lake county
'. should be practically out of debt and
w ill be if the wealthy men of Lake
county are compelled to pay their just
proportions of taxes, the same as the
poor man does.
There has always been a disposition
on the part of the wealthier cIbsmss in
this county to evade the law in paying
their taxes, but Asaeesor John Blair is
determined to use every means at his
command to compel the wealthy class
to give in their eworu statements in a
just and equitable proportion. For
this reason it is probable that As
sessor Blair's re-election will be warmly
con let-led by those who evade their
just taxes.
There is also considerable comment
on the increase in taxes this year, and
the blame, if any is merited, is laid at
the door of the County Court. It is a
well kuow n fact that the State tax has
gradually increased, and the Court
must make the levy to meet this in
crease. In some districts there are
special school taxes to be paid, but this
cannot be attributed to the County
To sum it all op these matters coming
betore the people at this time is for
cammign thunder to be used by the
fellows who are out who want to get
in. It is fallacy for any man to make
the statement that if Dr. Daly ia elected
County Judge he will reduce the taxes.
He says he will, and it is repeated by
his trusted lieutenants, but the state
ment is absurd. It it claimed that be
cause he bas been successful in bis own
business ha would be equally aa success
ful in managing the county business.
Managing one'a own private business
affairs successfully la accomplished by
various methods o( shrewdness and often
by deceit. The shrewd man gets the
better of bis mora credulous neighbor in
business matters. In his private affairs
he ia not compelled to publicly acknow
ledge his methods of doing business.
But, as a conductor of a public business
everything must be open and above
board there is no cover under which
to hide business methods in public
The Examiner believes that the pres
ent condition of affairs in Lake county,
as shown by the aemi-annual report,
will prove gratifying to the taxpayers
who have been misled by the "iucreased
comity indebtedness" story circulated in
the interest of Dr. Paly, and against
County Judge Tonningsen and Commia
sioner Martin.
5o Called Democratic Con
tention Failed to do its Duly
and is "l'p Against It I"
I.;.ki view. On-i.m. April 5. )'M)2
( I 'o Iii.' Editor; :--Clfvela:rl iMnoc
r u'v, 'ioM I'nzitm simI l;x!le IIi-uri:-t.
'l in like c..urii ; J'njmli-tM inor'd
ni'l hilvi-r I'fiii'frg t Hiricndi-red.
'Ilinti- the C'.rK'ili.'ti we are brought t'i (ace wi'.h in tlx? I'.tal contest
now on. The pimple Silver men fol
low, without A. art or inmpa-p, in the
wake of the Lake County l'ai.k.
In locking over the Kuftler' ac
count of the IKmeratie convention it ia
a most in.t ical.le fact that that party,
wl.i.;h always prided it.ielf upon its prin
ciples, has failed for the firpt time, so far
a we know, to ad .pt a platform or en
dorse the Kansas City Platform, or any
oilier platform.
ror years the cry lias been in Late
county that the Populists were loyal to
the IVmocrats in their fusions, but that
Democrats had often Heeled thernselvee
by "awapping off" Populists, and the
result of the past elections lends color to
this statement when viewed by impar
tial mind.
The so-called Democratic convention
ol Lake county, having failed to adopt a
platform, or to declare for its principle
as announced by the last National con
vention which must be the party plat
form until another is put forth haa
failed to nominate a Democratic ticket ;
and unless the candidates declare them
selves siLTKK mk.v, and endorse the Na
tional platform they are not entitled to -the
support of a single Populist, or Sil
ver man of any party.
Endorsing no platform they represent
nobody, and are not entitled to have
the names of their candidates placed
upon the ticket. No one denies that
there are two wings to the Democratic
The Bryan Democracy is the only or
ganization of Democrats that has had a
ticket in the field here in Lake county
for years. If this party is intended to
represent the so-called "Reorganizers"
Disorganize) of the party, it has had
no previous representation here and it
is questionable whether the candidates
recently nominated are entitled to be
placed on the ticket w ithout it is done
by petition.
They have only the name of the Dem
ocratic party. If they are Democrats
why do they refuse to adopt its plat
form. If they are Gold 8tandard Dem
ocrats, why not vote with the Republi
cans, and why bid (or Populist votes?
If you have no political principles wby
graft on to another party? Verily,
verily, the more one turns the situa
tion over and examines it the worse it
will be (onnd from now on to the day
of election.
Candidates you will have to . have
vote to be elected. The people who
will cast those votes have a right to
know your political principles. De
clare your political principles over your
own signatures and place yourself on a
candidates' footing.
A Bkyan Democrat.
W. A. Sherlock returned Sunday from
bis sheep range near Christmas lake.
Hi lianda will he headed (or the lamb
ing grounds and shearing corrals today.
Mr. Sherlock says that Springtime is
noticeable in the north, that the new
grass is several inches high, and the
roads are dry aud dusty.