Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 04, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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tuMlhl Evrlr tltttrliiy
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k Building
(One Year, $2.00
TERMS: Six Month. 1 .00
(Three Month. 30
l4K:tir, .. JI'I.Y 4,
Kolrri Miller, an engineer at Harri
son, LUho, i a maniac oyrr t lie cruel
desertion nl himself and two children by
a heartless wife, eys tlie Oreg- n Repub
lican. A liard-worktng man of quiet habitat
this shock has dethroned his reason,
and the untoappy husband calls from liia
veil to her taint has tied. She forged a
note statin that his mother, reidit.g
in Colfax, wax ill, and urgently desired
to set) him and h.a children before she
died, lie hastened to respond, t.n I y to
d! scorer the trick, and then returned to
his Ir.mie, which had been defer ted dur
ing iis ahoenee.
Heinke II tie of the desertion, but
wrthin a lew days incvhervnt talk re
vealed the deranged plate, into which
his sorrowing miml had drifted, and he
M placed in a cell. Perhaps this iray
oman in her light-hearted abandon
ment of home for the revel uf a ara
mour, doe! not feel the dreadful panir
of rem trse w hich should sting tlie hear1
at hearing the (dan live -alls of her de
ranged husband, and irhaps ler life
will Mart forth with a whirl of pleasure,
but somehow one leela that the avenger
will come.
A ("park of motherhood will blow into
a flame, and niavhap dreams will be
broken by the cnlli:.g of children for
their mother. Then in lire anguish of j
her soul she would repent for her rash i
deeds irrevocable in lime, and the re
pentant misguided motheT would )iive
worlds hut to have her home, wi ll it i
plain honest hushand and loving child
ren. Folly has terrible endings some- j
times. ,
Assistant Attorney Ocneral Post
of California Expresses Him
self in Regard to the to
do: Lynchers.
Assistant Attorney-Heneral 0. N
l'osl, of California, who went to Alluraa
to assist the district attorney in pre'
tenting evidence to the grand jury in
connection with the lynching of I 'akin
Hall, hi (01m, nnd Pan Yanlia, at lok
otH, ha eu.roed to Sacramento.
Judge Post informed the Sacramento
Pee that while iwclte or ihirtien men
constituted the mob which did the
lynching, the evidence adduced in (he
course of the examination of bfty-otie
witnesses was sufficient to warrant Uie
tirand Jury in indicting but three of
These men are James V. Brown, the
deputy cciistable, who, with a man
named tioyett, were in charge of the
prisoner w hen they were captured by
the mob; Isom Fades and Robert K.
I-eventon, w ho, with his brother, con
duct a bliickMiiith chop at Lookout.
Judge l'ot. in reviewing the cane,
stated that nothing had developed to
chow that Calvin IUII had la-en guilty
of the offenses charged agai'int him.
On the right of the tragedy. Hall wait
in custody without due process of law.
Judge Post 'aid.
He had been arretted on a charge of
petty larceny, but was released twiday
lielore the tragedy on his own reeogni
zanie. Ju1ge Post cava that there is no
doub' that Hall's arrest without war
ran' was part of the conspiracy to lynch
The mob was parly armed with
Ufcon spokes, ami these were obtained
front Ia-venton t b acksmitti shop, Judge
Pot staled. !
; have ttt:my new custtimcrs each season coming to our establishment
w ho tell us they always understottd tlmt we handled good quality ol
goods. Our reputation with our customers is not made hy nny par
ticular line of goods we hae, hut hy the general excellence ot every article in our
stock. We acknowledge we carry good quality ol'gools. This refers to our
cheaper goods in just the same degree as to those of the very hest quality.
In ordeiing our goods we give just as particular attention to the durahility,
the suhstantial make and the suterior quality of the low priced goods as we do
to the medium and better grades, hut our assortment in mainly confined to the
medium ami better grades.
The strength of our lines is apparent when you look at our stock, ami for
Spring anil Summer we venture to assert that there is not another stock of goods
in the country that is equal to ours in its wonderful variety, in it gtvat range of
price, in its particular style of everything that wc show,
W'e solicit the business of the people of Southeastern Ofxgon and can readily
convince them that we are the best house to trade with in this entire region.
The N-C-0 Folder.
The N-l'-O Hallway company ha i-i
sued a neat folder, tile tin ever i--ue 1 j
by tlat company for dctilhutioit. It
contain a correct lu.ip of the country:
brutish which it line ex ends and the
time tames 01 tin; u ami Merra al
ley railways. JJeS den it briefly sets
forth the advantages ai.d resources of
t:ie country aion tiie lailpntd routes.
In the next f...Ler 'o he i-ued Lake
county's re-oun.-e. will lv amply hsik'-.i
after ami given to the pul.!i Trail1-:
Manager iietmett has invited the edinn
of Tlie Lx aiiiiner to attend t this par
ticular part ot the f.iMer. The Kxaini
ner le-ver overlooks an npjiortiiriity to
advertise its own particular ticld, and
this will he attended to to the "ijuenV
taste," us the saying g-s-s. The N-C-O
folder is sent hroadca-t throughout the
country and every railroad line in the
United States will handle the advertis
ing matter.
5 00 Horses Wanted.
A. F. Looker, horse buyer for the
juvef niiient, telegraph" from an Iran-ci-c
i to W. . Moss that he wants oiki
hori-es in L ike county suitable lor caval
ry purpose. The animals imi-t be l"i
iia'nls, I inch, or over. Mr. Looker
wants &KI horses in a hurry. He wil
arrive here July 1'Jlh. Horcnin will
lleas'j take no' ice.
Accidentally KilleJ.
A dispatch to The Lxaminer Iron,
I'edat ville, Modoc county, under da e of
June 21MU, gives the inforinat ion that
Henry Pel ry w ;is accnlelitall V killed
near Kaylevdle on the L"iti ult. by fa 1
ing beneath the uliii l- of his uiigoli
while ti anting near that place.
Several mountain fires that are devas
tating the lor-sts ol thi-i co-iiitry are al
ready in evidence and can he plainly seen
from Lakeview. Mo-t of these fi:es are
the result of wantonness of Homebody.
Thousands of dollars wortii of tine timber
in Lake and Klarnalh county is destroy
ed ekery year. If jusii'.e duea not over
take the forest fire bugs here, there is a
hell much hotter than their lire and it
is kept at a white heat lor such peopl
who wantoidv lire the forests ea' h sea-
The Willows Journal, one of the most
radically radical Democratic papers in
California says tixat four members of its
county board of supervisors are demo
crats and "it is unreasonable to expect
oi demand" that the patronage of the
county tdiould go to opposition newspa
pers. Tlie Journal believes that to tlie
"victors belong tlte Bjtoils," and it is
eminently correct.
Floods that were almost as devastat
ing and frightful as those that made
Johnstown famous, swept several towns
in West Virginia last week. Keystone,
the metropolis of the KJkhorn mining
district being the worst stricken. Many
lives were lost, and millions of dollars
morth of property was destroyed.
There is no immediate danger of an
Italian uprising in Modoc. A sufficient
nuojberof the red men have been sent
to the happy hunting grounds within
the pst few weeks to satisfy the "hig
Governor Nash was renominated for
Governor of Ohio hy the Republicans,
on first ballot. The Hanna delegates
won and (Senator Hanna was made per
manent chairman of tlie convention.
Everybody w ill drop business today
and celebrate the National Holiday. I
Herman K. Loss, one of the e.rly
pioneers of Shas'a coumy, Cal., and for
over a (piarter of a century a resilient oi
Mdivilie, was thrown from his buggy
iast week and received injuries fiom
which he died six hours later.
F. O. limiting, breeder of thorough
bred Heryford :attle, will have on ex
hibition at his corral today, Main Mreet,
j'lst south of J. S. Field's store, the
yearling registered Heryford hulls. Mr.
r.iiuting invites the public to call and j
i see these animals. A special invitation
! is extended to all the stockmen of Lake
county w ho may be here.
I V. S. Indian Inspector McLaughlin
! was here ami at Klamath Agency a few
days a'o and while at the Agem y in
council with the Indians completed the
treaty with them to cede to the United
States the strip of WMJ.OOO acres adjoin
ing the reservation. Of this 1)00,000 acres
300,XO acres are covered by good yellow
nd sugar pine. Klamath Republican.
The sum of $3000 has already been
paid to the attorneys for Leventon,
ISrown and Fades, charged with the
murder of the Halls and Yantis at Look
out. Judge Harris has received $1,000
as a retainer, it is said, and Spencer &
Raker f l,.r00 as counsel. The attorneys
will receive a like sum as the case pro
gresses, making $6,000 in total for the
defense. It is said the accused do not
fear the result of a trial.
Dr. Schmidt of San Francisco has es
tablished a sanitarium at Ameede, the
one time terminus of the N-C-O railroad.
A park will he laid out and boats put on
Honey lake lor the pleasure of Sanitari
um guests.
The Examiner was overruled hy the
good ladies of the Fourth of July com-
mittee of arrangements, and the pro
gram today calls for a parade, a Reader,
and a Goddess. The Examiner is satis
fied as we presume all the people w ill be,
as pretty Miss Edna Heryford will be
fpieeu of the day as Goddess. Charmed
hy the grace and beauty of our queen in
royal robes let us all bow belore her
throne. Miss Heryford is claimed by
Lakeview as all our own. Fair as a lily.
Hail to Goddess Edna.
Heryford Ilros. 5k.-1 1 2ooo. j
Within th lal ten dii the well,
known cattle linn of llerxford tro. t
have solil l!iM head of U-ef cuttle from
their I-ike t'.ninly rain he and range.
I. Ca-Me pureha-ed 1U head of this
-.lock In be ih'll .sie.l in two lot, July
IMih and SepteinU-r l-Vh. Louis o-i her ,
of Klamath county purchased head
and "J.iO of this uu b.-r were delivered I
at l'.anies Valley, the remainder to be j
taken about Augu-I 1st. We understand
the price paid was alsnit $1'7 for 2-ear- I
! olds, dry cow- and heifer-, t ' i for Il-year- j
J olds and up, and $ H for eai lings. The
Heryford 1 ins. cat lie are coii-idered one ;
ol the lineal and hc-t bred lot of shs k
, ill Olegnll. J
kobbed China Sain. j
( 'h ina S i ii s u-siiiu rant wa- the scene
of a robbery la-l Thut-dav right. Twoi
' men entered t he phfe while Sam was
j ahi-ciit, and went to the closet where the
proprietor keeps his money, and took
' several dollars that w ere detsisiicd there,
i and also a few silk haiidkeichiefs. The
Chinese helper was in the kitchen at the
time, and detected the robbers as they
were about to depart, lie attempted to
i ii lit u r.- the man with the li. milker
I chiefs, but the fellow broke away, and
the two made their escas'. Two men
were under suspicion, and their room
was searched, but no evidence was found
to incriminate them.
J Is r iiiilly forging i 1 n -: i J ntnl
l'olh tt Mini Alnick. the .Mercli.itilH
A are trotting iilntig at tin- In inl
id' the rici-ssiiiti.
lias nlrenilv been received ami iiinrc
m-w goinU n!e nrriviiig; at mir tore
x nil the t i tiii
W'e have vetytliiiig' ilesin.tiM in the
A (inii i ry Line. A special line nf (ieids
T l''aii V .vl,irt-. All eli giMd line of
t" ('.iiidies. ("nars Mini Tiili.'ico in. ati li
A fur mil' I I'V lui-:s Mi-spl-iy.
0 poLi.irrr & amick
If We Are Not Blind.
Says the Alturas I'lanidealer : W. T.
Mitchell and wile returned Sunday from
Surprise Valley and we regret to learn
that the project of establishing a cream
ery at ( 'edarville has been abandoned.
Mr. Mitchell will go from hero to Susan
ville to place in sition Home new ma
chinery for the creamery at that place.
He will then return and go to Lakeview
where there is talk of establishing a
creamery plant. The benefits of a
creamery to the community have been
fully demonstrated and if the citizens of
Lakeview are not blind to their ow n in
terests the necessary funds will at once
lie provided.
By Far the best.
(.'edarville Ksenrd
The Rudewin Dramatic Co., Buchan
an & Meade, proprietors, arrived here
last Friday and have showed to good
houses every night since. They are all
star artists in their line and it is lieyond a
shadow of a doubt by far the best troupe
that ever visited this part of the coun
try, and we unhesitatingly recommend
them to the public. The troupe is com
posed of ladies and gentlemen in every
sense of the word. Their plays are clean,
entertaining and exceptionally well
rendered, and those who wish to be well
entertained for an evening should not
fail to attend.
JffV I" known the world over us affording the most simple, re-
flTiS Ijf", liable and economical siwer for all purposes.
Ten Thousand Wlicelt Now Running
',., . r I'll ling ever v eolid it ion of service in the most ellicient and
sal islactory w ay.
i h r r : i. 1
I 'let trie Power Transmission
I'LLTON WIII'I'LS are the recognised standard for os-rating ienerntor. ainf
are running the muj r it y of station of this character in nil pails of the woild.
Water I'ipe and Transmission Machinery
And all appliances connected with a pow er plant , supplied on t he most rca-oiiahhr
terms. Shipment made from San Francisco or New York a iiiny afford the
most favorable freight rates. Catalogues, English or Spanish, furnished on appli
cation. Address, giving conditions of service.
A courtship of fifty years has resulted
in the marriage of a man of eighty-six to
a giddy young bride of seventy-eight, in
Michigan; but that is no argument for
the general adoption of half century
Hereford Stock S'arm
Drews Valley, Oregon.
F. O. Bunting, Owner
largest herd of registered
Herefords in Oregon
Vfc :-pV?.eifl ICT Dpnlctororf Voarllnn Riille
v i VjHf A 111 vi - i mi nny uuio
f ti'vc-'J inn ion n ,i nn i
LAIDOR ALAMO head of herd