Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 14, 1901, Image 6

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    A Reconsidered Decision :
By Nellie Crej Gilmore.
CTtwUa RaOM Mnaailn w t.hlndoa. IqHaM ky
THERE wii no douht in Dorothy's
mind that she had rnnde a wise de
cision That is. ueoordinj: to a e
euniary view of the thing and the smil
ing approval of a host of KKr relations
whose proclivities for advice, hereto
fore, were in ill proportion to the hi if
of their purse.
And though inwardly rebellious, the
idea of sacrificing herself on the altar
of Muiunon seemed to herns int rest
ing as it was tMtik Hut nu'inj could do
an tiling! All the pinching lit t le con
omics that they had been eon: pi .! d to
practice for years would vanish like
now under a noonday sun. nt.d some
sense of independence be established.
But there is no g over t lie bitter
fact that other thoughts, ami. perhaps,
other hopes, had been crushed into the
"All that is pmst and pone, though,"
Dorothy told herself with a stanch
sense of propriety, "anil I mustn't al
low myself to think too much a Unit it."
She p.icMii her hand, a litt'.e wearily,
through the brown hair that waved
back from her face, and lear.ed on el
bow meditatively on the window sill,
thinking of the future she had laid out
for herself, and living over, in a hun
dred ways, the past.
Then she thought of Harry, and look
ing gloomily for an instant nt the dia
mond that sparkled on her finger, drew
it off. slow ly. and with a sigh laid it on
her lap. No, it had not been an en
gagement, exactly but
There wa all the difference In the
world now. Had he not, rnly the nip h f
before, after all that had passed be
tween them, entirely ignored her and
carried Adelaide Hunt, a bright, dash
ing brunette, to the svel!ct hop of t he
season, while she remained at home'.'
That was all. But it was enough. So
that when Col. Kggerton, as usual,
called around, and, us usual, proposed,
she prorriM'rt. in desperation, a tiDal an
swer on the morrow.
So that answer of acceptance was
written and si trued with a scrawl, and
laid on the library table to be posted.
In one day everything hail been
changed. It did not seem possible, yet
as she sat by the low vine-scree u d w in
dow, a so:t wind lazily lifting the loose
hair on her forehead, each event rose
up in lurid distinctness before her
Then a brilliant red flamed over the
girl's face, an! faded off suddenly, as a
tall, athletic young man came quickly
up the wa'.k. As Harry liainbridge
stepped on the low veranda, she left her
seat t;y the window, and gave him her
hand with a friendliness that iil-be-tokened
any inward agitation.
The shining regard that broke over
his face at sight of her, brought the
soft color to her cheeks. She smiled a
little uneasily and drew her hand out
of his.
"Will you sit out here?" she said. "It
is cool, and pleasant."
He bowed a smiling assent and sank
into the empty chair next to hers.
"You did not expect me?" he
queried, studying the girl's face critic
ally. She was pretty very pretty. A
tall, slim girl, with regular features,
and expressive gray eyes.
"I knew you were here, and I came,"
he went on. "May I tell you why? I
want to ask you to tell you how much
I love you, and to ask you to marry uie,
if you will "
Dorothy flushed and turned away, a
tort of desolation sweeping over her at
hi words.
, "I would rather you would not not
say such things," she returned, nerv
ously, moving away from him.
"Uut I must," he continued", half
smiling and trying to look into her face.
"It is my first opportunity to ask you.
I did not feel that I had a right to be
fore. But now, I am in a fair position
He paused for one moment to glance
at her face, now turned to him, half
frightened, and with an earnestness al
most pathetic.
"You must not, you must not, in
deed," she choked back a little dry sob.
"It has all been a mistake a wretched
mistake," she went on brokenly, ber
face pale with suppressed feeling.
She was staring past him, vacantly,
at the wide green garden, now bril
liant with a thousand perfumed blos
soms, while, with hands cold and trem
bling, she took the ring from her lap
and reaching toward him suddenly laid
the glistening thing on his knee.
He looked at her in a dazed sort of
way, the happy light dying out of hU
face as his fingers closed mechanicaJly
over the trinket.
"Why Dorothy what's the matter?
Won't you keep it?"
A look of keen disappointment
crossed his eat ures as he looked at her.
"I would rather not," she returned,
ber voice tremulous in spite of herself.
"You see" twisting the end of her
sash "I am going to marry some one
else, and "
He had risen and was leaning
gainst the banister rail, where be
could look her directly in the face, and
where she, too, could see him. He had
grown very pale, and with a deeper
throb of pain than any be bad yet
known, waited in silence for hrr to .iy
something, but she did not, and he went
on. never taking Ms eyes from hrr fnce.
"I came here to ask you to be my
wife, feeling and believing that you
would give me the right to t hink of and
love you -always. Was I wrong?" he
continued, his breath com I tig iilck ami
dry. "after all that has parsed between
us to hope?"
The girl looked up for an Instant, but
the stern gleam that shot from her
companion's eyea caused her to t"rn
away. Suddenly the thing that she
done rose, gigantic, before her. black
with a thousand nameless doubts. She
almost fnltertd; inly a strong sense of
propriety withheld her, am! a sting of
memory nf the night before Mili.icd to
strengthen her resolution.
"t'ouM you not easily console your
self with Miss Hunt? You seem to
admire her very much." She spoke
with some bitterness anu her face
hardened. The girl's heart was mak
ing its protest, unconsciously, but
su rely.
An expression, half of amusement,
ramp into Hainbridge's face, aa he
caught the strange ..ghi in her eyes,
but he made no answer, and, in spite
of the girl's indifferent shrug, a look
of annoyance crossed ner face.
A breath of wind, heaxy with the
frngrance of summer, fluttered the
ribbons of her soft gown, aa she
turned to him, her eyes black with
sudden emotion.
"You took her to the hop did you
"It was by the merest chance," he
answered with a gesture that seemed
to indicate: "What else was I to do?"
There was silence for a little. Then
he looked up suddenly, and said:
"I was surprised not to ace you
Dorothy said nothing, but shaded
her eyes from the sun with one small
hanc". and gazed idly at a climbing
rose at the other end of the veranda.
He had not asked her to go, and a
sort of silly pride forbade her to let
him know that no one else had.
"1 meant to come here," lliiinbridge
began, after a pause, "to tell you
everything. I thought perhaps," he
went on slowly, "that you would not
mind so much. Hut I heard some
one told me. that you would be at the
dance with Eggerton. That is the rea
son." The girl's hpart began to beat, and
a look of surprise swept the latest re
sentment from her face.
Something in the man's tone, in
the earnestness of his manner, forced
his sincerity upon her, and she half
Hut the die was cast, and there was
no going bnck now. She caught her
breath, and the wave of tenderness
that overwhelmed her for a minute
was quickly crushed down
Dorothy drew a deep breath. There
was a pause. Presently she spoke.
"No one asked me to go to the hop."
she said, determined to let him know
everything now. '"I knew you were
there with her, and I thought, of
course, you didn't care about me."
Her heart was throbbing painfully,
as she went on, unsteadily: "And now
since I am going to marry some one
else I don't see the use of talking any
more about it."
"I suppose not," Bainbridge re
turned, coldly, reaching for his hat.
The careless tone made her heart
sink. She could not let him go like
He turned back.
"Can't we be frienda?"
He gazed at her fixedly for a mo
ment and an ominous cloud gathered
on his brow.
"No, I think not."
A glimmer of disappointment passed
over the girl's face.
"Do you mean," she asked, locking
her hands tightly over each other,
while a look of hurt surprise appeared
on her face, "that we are to be stran
gers?" "I mean," he answered, slowly, in a
voice in which pain mingled with pa
sion, "that it will be everything, or
nothing. I shall always love you, and
I cannot pretend to a friendship which
I do not feel."
He paused for an instant and looked
straight into the girl's eyes. "It is
better," he said, calmly, "to be an
enemy than a hypocrite."
Something in his voire awed her
into silence. The sun had begun to
set and great patches of gold fell on
the man's face, now white and deter
mined a face that brooked no com
promise. Suddenly he came close to her and,
stopping, pressed bis lips to her white
She' shot a quick glance into his
eyes and the warm color died her face
"It is for the last time," be said,
tremulously, and was gone.
There were tears in the girl's eyes
the white lids quivered, and. her lips
trembled. liroken down by the vio
lence of her emotions, she turned and
hurried into the room, to be alone
with her misery.
In a sort of desperation she threw"
glance toward the table,
The letter! It bad not been posted I
ner breath came in quick, sharp
In the moment that followed, she
realized everything and did not hesitate.
The nest Instant she was bark on
the veranda, a dr color in brr
cheeks, and a radiant light in hrr
She east one sweeping glance at the
retreating figure, llalnbrldge was al
most at the gate, and not AO fret
away, coming directly toward him,
handsome and smiling, Adelaide Hunt.
"Harry!" IVirothy's voice was clesr
and Arm, and there waa a new thrill
in It.
He turned, a little coldly, and
looked back inquiringly.
"You have forgotten something."
He paused for a second, then, under
the potent Sell of her voice, rrt raced
his steps ami followed her into the
She went straight up to the table
and indicated by a gesture thr blur
tinted envelope lying there, while the
soft color stole into her cheeks.
She placed one hand tremulously on
his arm, and the eyes lifted to his
were full of meaning
"i might tear It up, you know."
An r.'Hlor' Life staved ly thssik
laln'o ( iiujh Krnrity
Dining the curly purl nf OrioU-r. lxnil,
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in v ImikTH ami uns m elected until I
feared that coli'iitnpti'oi bad ,ippMtcil !
in nil ineipi-'tit -Is'e. I w n- coiisiHitt Iv j
cnuiiiiing ami trying '" 'X 'i sotiiriiiing
which 1 con hi not. I Ix-ame alarmed
an. I lifter giving tin Imal l. 1i a Inn!
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Notice of I Iruil Account.
hi the Mailer of the Kntstf of l.e 1'. Ili-lisrt,
tli'i'rsM-i! : Noil e In herehv siten Hist I have
tlleil my tlesl hi count nn niltnliiintrainr of nnlil
tntaie.wtih i he oiiiuy clerk of I skM Colour,
Orcsoii. Kiel Hist llo- JidIki of It))) County
Court of ssiil i uoiity lis )! ihi' tirnrltiK ihi-ri'-of
fur TiuUy, tin .Mli ilny i( Msn h, l si, si
tooYtiit'li s in. of nlil ilsy, si Hi)' County
Ju.lKi 'i ullli'i' i).' i-mIiI i i.liul v, i I oliicti II no'
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I. ski if , Jn. i;. I'). Jons M. hi iiism i .
No. J A tl in , it iHior.
I nil) l stnle I sml olii i l.slo'Vl) . no sun.
ii-i f mlii r .'s. I'M) .i i ice l In ri'li) ui n Hint
tu e oiii)lKiui' Willi I hi -ru ltoii ul I til si-t of
uiir mi i.i June H. Is.", i ui II I. il " A ii m l fur
ll ,i' ol 1 1 1 1 1 1 i r IniiiU In l hi ul nil
liireln. I in-lino. Nftmls slut W nililuiMii! 1r
ritr,"H fktiiultil In nil tin 1'nlilif I mill
Slnli.l.y net .if Annual I ''.'. II ri 1 1 1. C I. n .1
li-r.ul f -sk )') ! w , i on lit i of I ski , Htn 'f ol i re kom,
lis llll lny ftiftlll I Ion orni'ii her nolll nlnle
mi in. No J-l, fur Hi.- uin lui.f ol the sw'4
ol N A 1 . ol ,-ei I loll No. In III I'liH llnllli No. Vi M,
hnntfe Nil '.'s.niul will offer -rM,t to show
ittsl the Iniel MiiiKht In inure slunlili' fur
It iin lii r or mom- limn tor ssrlf ullurnl uir
Ioaei. slut lo fntnMUh lie r i-lslllt lo nslil Istut
lore He lilntf r nlul Kff el' i r of lll i. Hi re nl
t-akevtew , orfunit on snturilsy. Hit- nth ilsy of
Msreh. I'nil. Mu- linnii n sn wlttonni-n: h. h.
1 hsnitli-r. K. W nlt'h. w in. miiim k, Kll lisriiiini,
sll l.skf vie w , on sou.
Any slut s 1 1 iernoiiN i-lultuliitf slvfrely the
stHiVf -lt--M'rlU-i tstlitn Hlf reiltlfSIfll tU tile
the ir f Inlliln III thin oftli-f on or Id (ore nslil Vt II
lis) of Mnn II.
Jan. M: f. V It K A TT AIN, Hi lter.
1'nlti'il Mnti I nn, I little.-, I.nkri lex , Or.K.m.
Jntt 'II, l'l. Nuilif In li. n l.y iflu .i iiisl In
i-uiiiiintu i w II II the I riiVlnUilin o,' tin- m I ol
CoUKrenn t June :i, n,s, entlllfil "All set fi
n l lor
llif nalfol tllnlii r Inluln 111 Hie stnti iof
for nln. I ireKiui, Ni'V nits suit snhtliKtoll li-r
Mtory," n ell.lul .l In all the .ul.Ui' Inmt
Mnti h) nel ot Antrim! I. IV., loaae K. Iatlen.
nf l.ake leu , oiilily ol I aki-. Man- of OfeKiiti,
linn till, ilnv tlU it In thin iittli f ton nMuru nlnl)--tiii
nt No, js.', fur tin t'"r-linf ))l th'' V-. uf
s 1 , ami sW nl v M e nn.l N W ol w
i,ul -i r. Nn. In Ttiw nnhlp No Tis, llatii'i'
No. I K ami tl l olTi r priNif to nhnw that lio
Inlul niiliiihl In liiorc alunl'lt- lur II n Hinder ol
lulu' II mi f'T iierf)itlir' -iirM..fn alul In
inlalilO'll litni'lnllU to nnlil lalul lifliire the
Hi'lfinti r ai it I: e -Her o.' tl l iMeenl l ake
v lew . Ore k I'll, nil . atur-Uy , llu ' I, uay of H jirll.
1 'Nil lie iinlii.' si w HU- mu n: .l 'Irae). II
A. Mel'nul I. Al'n ri I" III ami Jnlin Mi l-llllti
tu-y all ol Inkiiru. nrek-i.u Any atul sll
H-rnon. I'lniinluif silii-r)': tlo- aln f -t.-nM-ri
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1'Sil I . M. ltH4nts.
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l.akr view, Oregon
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l.akrvlrw, Oregon
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I'. K. Iu'mwav. J. II. Hr.NNrrr.
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liiTantlnn la prubably nalenlabla. Cuniaiunlra
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(ant frna. Ol.lmt aunnef for aacurtng pataiils.
I'atauU takan lliroush Munii A Co. raoalT
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Scientific Jtmcricatio
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uui Im Iniught. Ihiu'I save a
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dollur on Ilia harvt-st.
lunl Haed Annual frao.
0. M. FERRY CO..
Dilroll, Mkh.
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Laxative Uromo-Quinine twou
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