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    The North Santiam’s
Serung the North Santiam
Mill City Enterprise
Lyons, Mehama. Elkhorn
Mill City, Cates, Mongoid
Detroit and Idanha
-n~ - tbs »»
h > bi
. auuhuimii aunau*¡ j » w iii
Looking Up|Petitions Call
...i For Liquor,
the Canyon Beer Hah
Gravel Truck
Taken in Jaunt
It’s not often that a gravel truck,
loaded at that, figures in the stolen
car news, but last week out of Gates
such a story developed.
On the face of it the news was so
outlandish that even the man whose
truck was stolen didn’t believe it.
William Dorsey Harden, 24, of In­
dependence, who had been visitang
relatives in Gates, was arrested ¡at
the Dallas-Independence junction 'at
about 3:30 in the morning diiving a
stolen dump truck. Harden wanted
to get to his home and, having no
conveyance at hand, decided the dump
truck would o as well as any. The
true kwas still loaded.
When Gordon Weathers, Gates, the
owner of the truck, was notified by
state police that his truck was gone
—it was about 6:30 in the morning-
he wouldn’t believe it because he had
not missed it.
Haiden was lodged in the Polk
County jail in Dallas. He is a rela­
tive of the Harden who created So
much excitement in Gates when he
held the whole town at bay with a
rifle with which he^had.shot a cousin.
State police finally apprehended him.
Two petitions, one asking the City
I’ve knocked off a year or so from Council to ban the establishment of
my earlier guess that Consolidated any business selling alcoholic bever­
Builders, Inc. would be heie ten yeais ages, and the other calling for an or­
from now working on the Detroit dinace phohibiting the sale of beer
Dam after I saw a smaller operatigli on Sunday, were submitted to the
of theirs ?Tr-**O»ark.
council Wednesday night.
Last week Joe McNealy hadn’t even
The first one bore the signatures of
received the plans for plat. But by
93 residents; the latter ortf had 90.
Monday, this week, the forms for the
The petitions were submitter! to the
foundation were already up on one
home and the excavation completed city council by the Rev. Donald Hin­
kle, pastor of the Free Methodist
on three or four others.
Church, and the Rev. W. W. Wat­
The homes will have large living
pastor of the Community
rooms—not “loving’ rooms as it came
out of this i’nfernal lintype machine
The petitioners explained that the
last week.
purpose of the petition to prohibit
• • •
the establishment of taverns did not
Fbrmer Governor Sprague s,panked refer to existing ones, but was inten­
The Enterprise recently for suggest­ ded to show the council the sentiment
ing that "Highway Engineer Baldock against further ones.
had stalled upon the urgent job of As a result of the petition, the coun­
doing something abcut the hoghway cil tabled indefinitely applications of
between Salem and Mill City—that Tony Ziebeit and George Ditter for
route with curves so sharp that they a beer license, and a renewed appli­
must have been a hazard for o:
ts cation of Frank Blazek for one.
Mayor Harold Kliewer said he did
The blame, if any, according t**Mr.
Sprague, was wrongly attached to not know wether the petitioners on FREE AIR TRIP
the highway engineer, when it was the Sunday prohibition proposal are
Spectators next Sunday, and at
really the concern of the highway planning to seek a city election on times thereafter at the Davis Airport
the plan.
will be given a chance to draw a
Most of the signers’ names were lucky number for a free airplane
However, in actual experience, Mr.
Baldock leally initi | es most of the on both petitions.
ride, Byron Davis, owner, announced.
highway programs, and the commis­
Mr. Davis said Ted Galbraith, fly­
sion usually ratifies them. Mr. Bal­
ing instructor, has consented to take
dock chooses not to initiate anything
the lucky ticket holder a 15 minute
up this way. Instead, he’s concentrat­
ing on ramming down an unwilling
The Civil Aeronoutics Administra
Salem the so-called Baldock Plan—
tion has placed the local field in it’
which upsets almost everything that
Mrs. Lee Ross was elected presi- master plan for impiovement as’a
city’s long range planning commis­ dent of the Mill City Women’s club Class I airport, it was announced in
sion has worked out at great effort Tuesday night at their regular meet- Washington this week. The program
and for which $100,000 was contrib­ ing in the recreation îoom of the included 149 Oregon cities and pro«
high school. Other officer aie Mrs. R. poses an improvement program of
Mr Baldock says, in effect, “Take L. Faust, 1st vice-president; Miss $17.143,000 construction fund foi
my plan or you don’t get the Inde­ Daisy Hendricson, 2nd vice-president; them.
pendence Bridge.”
Mrs. Charles Kelly, secretaiy; and
The low -ftnte of Oregon’s roads, Mrs. C. E. Mason, treasurer. OINN MILL CITY GRADE SCHOOL NEWS
as compared with other state’s, is a
Miss Viola Hansen, Linn County
The hot lunch progrom in the
good illustratibn of Baldockism, a demonstration agent, spoke to the Mill City grade school closed Friday.
kind of highway planning that makes group on arrangement of living-loom
Twenty-three new students have
“good-enough” the standard.
furniture emphasizing groupings, i enrolled in the Mill City schools in
North Carolina emerged as the center of interest, pictures, rugs,'etc. the last three weeks according to an
leading state in the South because
announcement by Vernon Told, sup­
its late governor, O. Max Gardner, NO JAIL FOR DETROIT
erintendent of schools. The influx is
risked a heavy state debt to set up
'due to thenew families for the dam.
Detroit won’t get a jail, after all.
one of the finest road systems in the
Achievement tests weie given to
A ruling of Deputy District At-
the 3rd,V>th, 5th, 7tii and 8th grades.
Oregon prides itself in having a torney Sam B. Harbison in Salem The 4th grade will have theirs this
splendid array of scenic attractions ’last week ruled out the possibility week.
—yet it leads visitors to them on of a county jail anywhere except in
Mill City grade school lost its
narrow gauge roads planned by nar­ the county seat, The request came league game to Stayton this week by
by . _ petition from 40 residents of the a score of 10 to 7.
row gauge engineers.
The best Baldock Plan for Oregon ¡upper Canyon community,
The 8th grade is starting rehears­
Judge Grant Murphy of the Coun al for its play ‘Feet First’ soon, The
would be a highway department mi­
ity court remarked that the decision male cast has not been chosen yet.
nus Baldock.
A subscriber told me the other day: made the Breitenbush justice court Tiy-out* are still being held.
“Keep on hollering.
A squeaky of doubtful value, inasmuch as all
wheel is the first toaget the grease.” 'minor offenders would have to be IDANHA BUILDING LEASED
taken to the Salem jail.
• • •
The Tdanha Theater, owned by Ed-
Sheriff Denver Young’s resuest for ison Vickers, has beer leased to Van
A bachelor is a -man who wouldn’t
more deputies in the area—there is Soneren, of Silverton, for a dry goods I
take yes for an answer.
tone now—was postponed by the court general notions and shoe store. The 1
until the beginning of the fiscal year building will be clsed for 30 days
Remember the days when a child July 1.
for alterations.
asked for a penny? Now his requests
start at a quarter and you try to
hold him down to a dime. Tl.e only
thing you use pennies for nowadays
is to get your change from a two-
bit article that now costs 98 cents.
Mrs. Ross Heads
Women’s Clnb
Zoning- Plan
Sketched by
CBI Takes $145,OOt
In Housing Permit
The Mil) City Planning Commis­
sion Tuesday night worked out in
broa I outline a zoning layout f< r the
town, tentatively designating busi­
ness, industi ial and resident ial areas.
Fire Sweeps
J. C. Kimmel, president of the com­
mission. headed the meeting, which
was attended by Roy Beebe, Frank
Rada, Arlo Tilers, Ross, Neal
Marttala and Charles Wolvert >n,
Ear! Ragsdale, city recorder, at­
In bioa outline, the proposed zon­
ing manped out the following plan:
All First Street (Hilltop road), the
route of the h.igway. both oast and
west of the crossing, and the present
downtown area was planned as com­
Tn addition Broadway (the Linn
County route of Highway 222, also
was designated as commercial.
Suggested as an industrial aiea is
roughly that bound by the main line
of the Southern Pacific on the north,
the city limits on the east, crossing
the river to the Mill road; thence
west along the spur of the mill to
a point where the river is closest;
thence acioss the river to include the
Mountain States Power Co. site and
the Mill City Planing and Processing
All other areas would be zoned as
residential, according to the proposal.
Homes may be built in areas des­
ignated as commercial or industrial
but would lose certain protection of­
fered by zoning in specifically resi­
dential areas.
Further study will be mane y tlx
commission. Then a completed pro-,
posal will be made.
The city council then .will call a
public meeting, where objections may­
be offered. After the meeting the
next step is to submit the plan to
vote of the people.
Some misunderstanding has been
evident about zoning. Only by the
widest discussion and general con-
sent can zoning be undertaken.
Logger Reports
He Was Robbed
Randall shifted furniture from coi-
ner to comer and continued building.
A goo deal of the lumber was hand-
planed as it was impossi' le to get
what was needed in wartime.
The Randalls also raise beef stock.
continuously maintaining a herd of
, - to furnish
25 to 30 -white - face __ steers,
choice steaks for the table.
The lodge is now undergoing le-
A brush fire blazed through about
15 acres east of Idanha Friday, fan­
ned by a high wind.
The tire spread east from the home
of Henry Hietoeit, blistering t^e paint
on his house and coming dangerous­
ly close to several cottages belong­
ing to Merle Seitzinger.
The blaze was brought under con­
trol that evening by hard work of
the fore.-t service, the File Patrol
and townsfolk. A careful watch was
kept through the night.
The Fire Patrol laid six lines of
hose from the river and mill pond,
Detroit High School furnished many
volunteer workers.
Student Body
PTA Re-Elects
Mrs. Veness
Mrs. Robeit Veness was re-elected
The election of student body pres- president of the Mill City Parent-
¡dent of Mill City High School will Teacher Association Thursday even­
be between Lawrence Poole and Er- ing in the high school auditorium.
nest Pordabsky. They were nomina- Also re-elected were Mts. Eugene
ted last Friday.
Gregory, secretary, and Mrs. Irene
Other nominations: For vice pres- Podrabsky, first vice-president. New
ident Jack Stewart, Ernest Podrab- officer* are Mr*. Ed Goschie, second
sky and Leo Poole; treasurer—Ron­ vice-president, and Mrs. Carl Jones,
ald Ragsdale; secretary — Marlene treasurer.
An attentive and appreciative aud­
Verbeck, Wanda Vandermear and
Phyllis Timm; advertising manager ience heard Chief Parole Officer
Jo Roy. Beverly Timm, MarUne Utewgrt ClajJte of the Woodburn
V erbeck, Alona Daly and Iaiwrence Boy's School speak on the subject of
developmental factors in the mak;ng
Elections will be held about a of the adolescent personality.
Colorful entertainment was provid­
month before the end of school« Nom­
inations for atheletic manager will ed by costumed folk dancers who per­
be held next year for the benefit oi formed American, Mexican, Scotch,
and Lithuanian dances on the stage,
incoming f-eshmen.
Mr. and Mis. Arey Podrabsky, Mr.
The honor roll for the period in­ and Mrs. George Veteto, Mrs. Rob-
eluded the following, by classes:
art Veness, and Bert Allen weie the
Seniors: Marian King, David Karr, dancer*.
PTA PLANS DETROIT MINSTREL Eugene Thornley, John Straight and
Sanjlwiches and coffee were serv-
A minstrel show and a one act Virginia Jackson.
I ed by Mrs. Wilbur Meinert, Mrs.
Juniors. Dolores Brewer, I yllis laiuis Verbeck, Mrs. Frank Met rill,
play will b<- presented Apiil 28 and
29 at the old grade school build ng Timm, Ethel Skillings and Ronald anil Mrs. Claud Miller.
by the Parent-Teacher Assn. There Ragsdale.
will be no admissoon, but a free will
Sophomores: Wanda Vandei nicer,
offering will be taken.
and Marlene Verbeck.
An Idanha cast will enact the play.
Freshmen: Arlone Kuelman, Alona
It includes James Gordon, Betty Pit- Daly, Dolores Poole, Leia Kelly, Bob
tam, Rilla Schaffer-, Reba Snyder, Shelton ami Daryl Farnien.
Warren Stahl, Mary Gullifoid, Frank
Mrs. Rosa Roten and her daughter,
New and Rosella Vickers.
The senior class of Mill City High Mrs. Iaiuisa Romey, have received
The Detroit group will include 25 school will present ‘Have A Heart’, a word of the arrival of the body of
performers with a variety program. farce in three acts, Friday evening, their son and brother, S. Sgt. Tiney
Mill City Lodge No. 180. AI’&AM April 29 in the high school auditoi- Hugh Roten, who was killed in action
— Special communication Monday, ium.
overseas and will buried Sunday with
April 25, 8 p.m. E. A. Degrees. Visi-
The cast includes Louis Verbeck as military honors at San Bruno, Calif.
tors welcome. —Charles Secy.
Ted Watson, Virginia Jackson as Mrs. Roten and Mrs. Romey will
Peggy Watson, Marian King as leave Friday to attend the services.
Mr. and Mrs. lsrwell St'ffler and
Louise Mansfield, Kirk Wirick as Bo They will be joined by Mrs. June Ro­
family spent Easter in Salem at the
Larson, LaCretta Thomas as Fritzi ten and daughter from Tooele, Utah,
new home a? his younger brother.
¡Vining, and David Karr as Mark An- the widow.
diews. The play is under the direct­
S. Sgt Roten, 29, was killed in ac­
ion of Miss Hope Baney.
tion at Beaufort, Luxembou g, Dec.
T1 e story tells of the trials ___
and 16. 1944, while serving with the 60th
I trib auons of Ted Watson as he Armored Infantry. His body .vas re­
I trie to find a girl to pose as his wife turned on the U. S. Transp< ,t Bar
in <■ rder to obtain a position that nev Kirschhaum.
. modeling. A new dining room, to
I he i »anta badly. His real
_ wife
_ __
has I Sgt. Roten was bom June 15, 1915
20, is being a ide
bu’a ne ) \ ,has
­ at Klondyke, Ariz. He, with his par-
¡ been Tnstalle for cooking, refrigera-
ing and when she return* home the ents came to Gates a number of years
tion and heating.
The Gu estRanch, still a new un­ difficulties that Ted encounters go to ago. He enlisted in the Army April
dertaking, boast of guests from 14 j make an evening of good entertain­ 16, 1942 at Portland. He was report­
ed missing in January, 1944, and de­
states. They expect in the future to ment.
Tickets for the performance will be finite word of his death was not re­
’ train
C I ■
| ••«■VC
have OB-ruir
saddle nuinv.i
horses oil
an -• ! <■ a H"
for vacationists who enjoy this soit | on sale next week by the members ceived unbil June.
of the senior class. They will be sold
He married Mies June Bevan of
I of sport.
at the door also. A matinee perform Tooele, Utah, in 1944. A daughter,
ance will be given on Wednesday aft- Tina June, whom he did not live to
ernoon for the benefit of the stndenta see, was born to their union.
of the high school and grade school.
Other survivors are his mother,
Tuesday afternoon the gills ¡play­ Mrs. Rosa Roten, a sister, Hrs. Lou­
ed off their volley-ball tie. The soph­ isa Romey, and a brother, Amos R.
omore« won first place with the ten­ Roten of Havelock, N. C.
ors taking second.
Burial will take place in the Golden
In intermural football the junior* Gate National Cemetery, San Brun »,
' re ahead. There are two more games Sunday, April 24.
tn be plaved befo e football is ov^r.
Then miied softball will be played.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hornar lacently
visited the W. L. Barnes of Turner,
and Mrs. Nathan Hill of Fay- formerly residents of Mill City.
Aikansas are now residing in
Mr. and .Mrs. Newsome and daugh
«¡II City. Mr H II i employed by H ters Betty an Patsy of Jordan are
O. Montag Co. The Hill* have two new res
of Mill City, having
’ ’n« here. Rob and Rex.
rented the Nash property.
Mr and Mr*. Glen Meeks are the
Mrs. Gene Armstrong was called
parent* of a girl born April 17th in to the middle west because of the
sei ious illness of her uncle who rear-
< ’« are Mr. and M s. Dick Meeks wi her.
07// Folks Moke Good in Country
On the bank of the scenic Little
North Folk, flanked by the towering
Evans Mountain, stands the Elkhorn
Guest Ranch, one of this region’s
most arresting attractions and a v,-
Russ Stafford. Gates logger, report­ cation spot for city folks.
Owned and operated by two gen‘ai
ed to county authorities last week
that he was the victim of a holdup people, Kenneth and Frances Ran
while driving on the highway above dall, this lodge is proof of the fact
that city people can come to the
Sufford reported he noticer a car country and make good.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall had lived in
following him and when a siren was
blown several times he drew over to Salem for 40 years prior to moving
the roadside, be’ieveing it was the to Elkhorn. Mr. Randall had spent
the last seven and one-half year
state police.
One of the men. Stafford said, got there in the employ of Marion Coun
out of t heother car and orde ed him ty as chief deputy sheriff He
out of hi», at the same time demand­ graduate of the law school of
lamette University where, as an
ing $5. SUfford «aid to him:
“I don’t know very much, but I b.tious young man with three
know you are not a state cop." Tien dren to support, he attended night
he said he felt something pr k rg him school, driving a truck for the P»I*t
company by day.
in the back.
Five years ago the Randalls
“My hide
ed to Elkhorn, and virtually unaided
don’t want
1, erected the modern lodge they now
ha’nded over
have. The logs used in this modem
Tak ng the money, the man joined structure were previously the frame
his companions in the car and drove work of the ol Elkhorn portoffice,
off before Stafford could get the li | While Mrs. Randall cemented th4
cense number, he «aid.
flogs, using a pancake turner, Mr.
Idanha Forest
The pace of building, as indicated
by permits issued in City Hall this
week, took a big jump forward, w:th
almost $150,000 in construction au-
Biggest single permit was g anted
to Consolidated Builders, for $145,-
000 for their big real estate develop­
ment to house key personnel of the
Detroit Dam. Foundations were be­
ing poured for the homes .his week.
A $2000 permit to Cail Shields tor
a dwelling was issued; Pa'll Warg-
nier, garage, $300; Jack Carey, $200,
addition to home; C. E. Coville, $100.
real estate oftice; Pennick and Per-
i ck, $250, real estate office; ana A.
V. Herron, $500, addition to home.
The Army Engineers will open bids
June 15 on two 70,000 horsepower
hydraulic turbines and governing in­
stallations for Detioit Dam’s power­
Estimated cost of the turbines ia
Kin to Attend
Gl’s Funeral