The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, November 30, 1886, Image 3

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    The Daily Rsport©r.
McMinnville, Or.
Nov. 30, 1886
fl’est. Houck is now at home in his
new house.
Xote the changes in time of sailing
¡rom Yaquina bay.
Five additions to the Christian
fhtirch at Amity are reported.
Miss Olive Bell, of McCoy, is the
pest of Miss F. E. Russ of this city,
this week.
The ladies Guild of the Episcopal
church will meet at Garrison Opera
house to-day at 2 p. m.
St. Andrews day, services at St.
Janies church this a. m. at 10 o’clock
Rev. J. C. Fair officiating.
The firemens ball gross receipts
were $44.25. Expenses $39.20, net
profits $5.05, and ship loads of “a good
Ah Sam unluckily slipped on the
walk yesterday, and fell through the
St. Charles window, as he was passing
with a pack of clothes. He cut his
arm badly.
The new party organized by Henry
George, Bill McCabe, et al., expect to
ride into power in 1888 as easy as a
streak of greased lightning.
Ira Ruse of Portland, surprised his
brother and family, the Rev. Russ of
ihiscity, by coming up Saturday even­
ing and spent Sunday here. He re­
turned by the morning train yesterday.
The duration of the blizzard in
Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Minnesota and the territories is al­
most equal to its area. It began Nov­
ember 15th, and at last accounts was
«till a blizzard.
A six foot panther was brought in
by Joe Hendricks yesterday. The
panther was also hunted by Am Shad-
den, George Bangasser and Fred Kel
ler. When Hendricks shot the beast
it nude for Am, but the dogs got
away with it.
Postmaster Wiscarver, with a view
to the fullest accoinmodatation possi­
ble to the dear public, intends to put
in a front door 36 feet wide at the
post office. This will accommodate
all who wish to stand in the door way
while the mail is being distributed in­
side, without inconvenience to the
females on the outside.
It may be news to some persons
that persistent rubbing with oil night
and morning will remove scars. Olive
oil will answer, but neats-foot oil ft
father more rapid in its affect. • In the
taseof burns, when the tendons are
stiff and contracted, rubbing with oil
’ill render the part affected almost as
suppleas before the injury. In severe
cases the rubbing must be continued
for an hour, morning and evening.
In embroidery much use is made of
stout white sheeting. Some of the
Patterns of the India cotten bedspreads
are outlined on unsized sheeting and
’orked in crewels, blue, pink or green,
always in one color only for the whole
Pattern. Old-gwld colored silk makes
bftntiful etching outlines on white
-heeting. For the white enameled
farniture, Chiha-gloss painting, as it
** ’wiled, bureau scarfs and bed-spreads
°I unbleached linen are worked with
P<le-brown crewel.
A change of firm at Rogers A Todd’s
A social and instructive season
awaits each participant at the en ter­
aupper at Garri-
First National Bank
son Opera house to-morrow night on
the occasion of the ladies fair by the
Guild of the Episcopal church. Fol­
lowing is the program, to begin at
J acor W ortman ...................... President
7 :30 o’clock :
D. P. T hompson ............. Vice-president
Soprano solo. Mrs. Ramsdell.
Recitation, Miss Anua Turner.
J ohn W ortman ......................... Cashier
Duet, “Pretty Moth,” Minnie and
Florence Hamnett.
TraiiMkcte * General Banking buaineM.
Interval allowed on time de|>otiita.
Soprano solo. Mrs. Gaines
Collection* made on lavoratile tarma.
lablau, ‘‘Popping the question.”
Washington on the 25th.
Congress comences on the second
Thursday in December.
Dr. Goucher was called to Amity
yesterday to attend Rev. Dr. Doty.
A. 8. Bible, of Sheridan, passed
through, on business to Portland.
Services at the M. E. church every
evening this week, Rev. Mr. Satchwell
Sight Excbauga and Telegraphic Tran «fera
C. A. Sweet lost a fine fresh cow yes­
on Sew York. San Franoiaeo and Portland.
Indiana democrats expect to unseat Ottico hoar»—from V a. tu. to 4 p. m.
terday, by choking on a feed of pump­
enough republicans to secure the Uni­
D. B. Putman, jr., of Amity, was in ted States senator. It will not work
the city yesterday. We acknowledge without a more Payneful disaster than
JOHX worthaa
that which befel the Ohio scheme.
a pleasant visit.
Represents the following sterling compan­
1 he idea that Blaine snubbed Ed­ ies: iMvndon A Liverpool A Globe, North
Dr. W. H. Saylor, and Frank his
British A Merosiitile. Commercial Vnioa
brother, spent Sunday at their old munds at Arthur’s funeral perhaps l ire Asaoointion, German Aiuenoau, F Ira­
germinated in the addled pate of some nian's Fund. Hartford, Commercial, Anglo
home in this city.
Nevada, State Investment.
Fred Keller was confined to bis dude reporter. It is as silly as the Wheat insurance a specialty.
house yesterday by a billious attack, story annexed to it about Conkling’s
last interview with Arthur.
and called Dr. Galbreath.
A conflict between Agent Coflee and
E. M. Underwood gave such satis­
faction as teacher in District No. 6, Father Conrady, on the Umatilla In­
dian reservation, has caused Archbish­
that he has been re-employed.
op Gross to temporarily excommuni­
Mr. Bowers little boy, living up
cate Agent Coffey and his daughter,
near the mill, was hurt badly by a
and forbid them any more partaking
kick from a mule on the 28th.
of the communion of the Catholic'
J. M. Martin has transferred his Re­ church.
porter from Weston to this city. H.
Can it be possible that the Detroit-
D. Burdette from this city to Pendle­ Florida Senator Jones is in luck again.
The old man died last week leaving
Am Shadden has just butchered 13 the daughter Miss Clothilde Palms sole
head of hogs, averaging 180 ll»s each. heir to the estate, presumed to be up
He has boodles of sausages on hand in the millions. It is generally under­
now to dry.
stood that Miss P. is annoyed by Jones,
Chas. Flush, Uncle Sams efficient but as he elected himself United States
deputy marshal, passed through yes­ Senator it is not barely possible he may
terday upon official business to the yet cast a winning glance in the right I
agency at Grand Ronde.
London is no longer exempt from ■
The new Baptist church at Dayton
This is the time of year when
vilest of scandals. The latest con-1
was 'dedicated on Sunday, This is
all begin to show
the first brick edifice for church pur­ cerns Lady Colin Campbell’s applica-
low prices. We realize that
poses, built in the Pacific Northwest tion for divorce, which show that that
licentious old hog is lower in the scale permanent trade cannot be
by that denomination.
Mrs. Ramsdell, of Portland, is on a of humanity than the most despicable made unless one has the cor­
visit to friends in the city, and will off'scouring in America, hateful in the rect styles and correct prices.
participate at the entertainment to­ sight of God and man It matters not We are selling goods at aston­
morrow evening by the ladies Guild of that he is the son of the Duke of Ar­ ishingly low prices on the mer­
gyle, his rotten carcass should be ere-! its of our wares. We know
St. James 'Episcopal) church.
for the sake of decency. Roy- (
A little bag of mustard laid on the
that there are no better styles
ally, is it?
pickle jar will prevent the vinegar
Vice President Wheeler is a victim ( of Clothing, no better fitting,
from becoming moldy if the pickets
of disease that promises to relieve him no tatter made than ours, and
have been put up in vinegar that has
of existence at an early day. Hope­ we believe that no one in Mc­
not been boiled.
less insomnia renders his condition so Minnville is selling Clothing
Farmers on the west-side will not pitiable that death would not la* an
as cheaply as we are.
necessarily go to Salem more now than unwelcome visitant to him. He is
We only ask an inspection
previous to the construction of the
still comparatively a young man, and of our goods and a comparison
bridge, because they can buy goods his disease, being but a type of the
cheaper and better from merchants in same that has just added the name of ol prices.
Arthur to its long list of victims, warns
Flowers of sulphur sprinkled on a other men, whose lives are running in
hot shovel and the fumes inhaled paths parallel to those that they have
while they are fresh will cure cold in troil, to put down the brakes before a
the head. A teaspoonful of sulphur is similar fate overtakes them.
Russia appears to lx' consummating
sufficient and does not cause disa­
by marriage what she failed in for
greeable sensations
Capt. Jerome was buried in River­ want of funds. Thia comes about by
view Park on Sunday. The URN Co. placing Prince Nicholas over Bulgaria. Buy Fashionable Goods From the
placed his steamer, the Orient, at the His loyalty to Russia through his mar­
Head-quarters of Fashion.
service of family and friends on this riage to Princess Marie, daughter of
occasion, and the mournful errand Alexander Adlerberg, general and min­
was typified by the flags and emblems ister of the imperial court of Russia,
SIU ». B. HIM,
tlf Wintivtlle, Or,
at half mast on the trip. Peace to
honor to the empress, is assured, and
his ashes.
G W. Keen, of Washington, In­ means the death of Bulgarian inde­
diana, elder brother of W. B., reached
North Yamhill on the 25th with his mere ptipjiet of the czar, Russia can
family. He was in the city yesterday make Bulgaria and eastern Roumelia
purchasing his housekeeping outfit, I her own for any warlike purpose*
and called in to say that in future he whenever she chooses to occupy them
would take his Reporter nearer home. in pursuance of her purpose to jkmmx *«»
We welcome him to NV ebfoot.
Witch This Art Gallery.