The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, October 18, 1901, Image 5

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E. UOUvH^k, n. D.
and Surgeon.
Oilice over McMinnville National Bunk.
Culls responded to buy and Niglit.
and Surgeons.
Rooms in Jacobson Block,
O r soon .
c. MICHAUX, n. D.,
G. 8. Wright, dentist.
Dr. Lowe the optician is coming soon.
C. M. Agee of Gopher was a pleasant
caller on Monday.
Well bred Cotswold sheep for sale by
R. Baird, North Yamhill.
Mr. Milo Triem, late of Iowa, has ac­
cepted a position with Logan BA».
1 he Grange store is making some big
cute on the price of shoes for a few days.
A daughter was born to l’rof. anil Mrs.
Northup on Thursday of last week, Oct.
Lohan carries a good stock of light and
heavy harness.
Call and get prices.
Workmanship first-class.
G. S. Wright, dentist.
Investigate osteopathy.
C. 8. Ilulin has a fresh cow for sale.
Star 5 Star shoes at the Racket Store.
Consult free, Dr. Smith, the osteopath.
School Books at Williams' book store
See my 5c tablets. Geo. L. Williams.
Carl Michaux is visiting in Winlock,
The R kuokter and Weekly Oregonian
one vear for |2, strictly in advance
Mrs. Elizabeth Mills has been visiting
friends at Hillsboro.
To rent—House of nine rooms, Second
and I sts. Address “Snowden,” box 105.
W. T. Vinton was a delegate to the
grand lodge K. of P. this week.
Highest prices paid for chickens, but­
ter and eggs at the Grange store.
Dr J. D. Baker attended the Baptist
convention in Portland this week.
Wardle has moved his barber shop
across the street to Gaunt's old stand. 4
it. 0. Hoberg hue reuted a large dairy
Physician and Surgeon, f irm in Coos county, and ships his pro­
duct to San Francisco.
M c M innville , OREGON.
Buy your grass seeds of
J. A. D erby A S on .
office In Wright Block.
Potatoes are taking a second grow th,
Finest line and best prices in tablets
jjR. C. T. SMITH,
and farmers say the late spell of nice
in the county, at Williams’ book store.
weather has greatly helped the crop.
Colon Eberhard was over from Salem
Harris Bros., Photographers. Take
first stairway west of postoffice. First- on a visit Monday and Tuesday.
class work guaranteed.
The Grange store is selling good coun­
Allie Houck advertises a public sale try butter at 25c a roll.
for tomorrow’. He has rented his farm
Mrs. H. L. Boardman returned from
to Will Duerst, and he will visit Cali­ her visit to Eugene on Wednesday.
fornia for a few montbs.
The St. Charles Store sells good gro­
In feed and seed lines McMinnville ceries and provisions, and offers no baits,
produce market is the place. Three
doors south of McMinnville National /the league pennant for best base ball
for 1901 lias been awarded to Portland.
J. A. D erby & S on .
•^be following ladies are the new clerks
For Sale—Ten high-grade Cotswold and
We are located opposite ¡1. C. Burns* and aim at the Chicago store: Miss Edith Seit- one thoroughbred buck.
F rank S ully .
>give all customers good treatment for little
money. Batbroonis in connection. Your pat- ters, Miss Esther McCann, Mrs. Nena
Archie Crease went up to Halsey
>e solicited.
Martin and Mies Minnie Schenk, cashier. 'lately, and is attending school there.
Wanted, a strong young girl to help
We are paying this week 30 to 35 cts
with the housework and take care of per roil for good butter, and 20 cts for
tresti eggs.
W allace & W alker .
baby. Enquire at this office.
and Mrs. Wm.
In the award of medals on foods and
Manufactures and Deals in
their accessories at the Pan-American Houck attended the stale Baptist con­
exposition. Thomas Prince and eon of vention at Portland this week.
Home grown English rye grass seed
the great prune orchard at Dundee, come
in for a silver medal. Be it remembered for sale by R. Baird, North Yambill, Or.
^ndbrushes,and sells them cheaper than they that no national Exposition is ever held
The Grange store means business and
3un be bought any where nlse in the Willamette
Valley. Our all home made sets of harness are in this country in which Yamhill county the stock of goods will be closed out at
pronounced unsurpassed by those who buy them. does not capture one or more medale.
Having closed up our branch in Mi­
Those indebted to S. A. Manning
Minnville, we desire all accounts ami please call and settle at the office ot
notes to be settled at once.
You »ill K. L. Conner.
Proprietors of
Mrs. 8. I. Hibbs, Jessie Reid, Bert
find them with W. G. Henderson.
I’erkins and Bessie Houck have been
M itchell , L ewis & S t iver C o .
Rev. H. L. Bates of Pacific University, added to the force of clerks at the Grange
Choice, Fresh Meats, All Kinds
Forest Grove, will occupy the Climb. store.
South side Third St. between B and
Lambert Bros, want all the poultry,
Presbyterian pulpit next Sunday morn­
eggs and farm produce, ior which they
I It »I I \l «. I It A 4 «til’s s A 1.1C.
will pay Hie highest cash price. At
and all are cordially invited.
Palmer's old stand.
The undersigned will sell at public
A new remedy for biliousness is on
The ladies of the C. I’, church, in line
auction six miles northwest of McMinn­ sale at Howorth’s drug store.
It is
tlie spirit oi the age, will conduct a
ville, on the W. R. Johnson farm, on called Chamberlain’s stomach and liver
Tuesday, Oct. 22d, 1901, at 10 a. m. tablets. It gives quick relief and will rummage sale, beginning next Wednes­
sharp, the following described property: prevent the attack if given as soon as day.
One gray horse weight 1400, one black the fiist indication of the disease ap­
A reception was given to college stu­
horse weight about 1350, one bay horse pears. Price 25 cents per box. Sam
dents at the Baptistchurch Friday eve­
weight 1100, one brown horse weight pies free.
1100, one sorrel horse weight 900, one
President H. E. McGrew of Pacific ning, at which a Japanese wedding
sorrel mare weight 1000, 5 head milch
>llege, Newberg, occupied the Climb. was enacted.
cows, 5 head calves, 19 head of sheep,
The Grange store will close at 8:30 p.
21 head of hogs, one Bain wagon nearly Presbyterian pulpit on Sunday morning
new, one Mitchell wagon, one 1inch and had a good audience. He is a in. every evening during the coming
Newton wagon, 2 sets double harness,
week except Saturday to enable the
one set single harness, one buggy with quiet, argumentative speaker, and deep­
top, one stake rack bed, 125 cedar posts, ly spiritual. His effort was much appre­ clerks to straighten up the stock for the
one grain drill, one 12-iuch walking plow, ciated. Accompanying him were his next day.
one sulky plow, one Osborne mower, one wife and daughter, and l’rof. and Mrs.
Prof. Rutherford, principal of the com­
hay rake, one iron harrow, one land
mercial department, will conduct, a night
roller, .and various other farming imple­ Ke Isay
ments and articles too numerous to men­ . An archaeological exploration party school at the college on Monday,
hpaded by l’rof. Brumback occurred last Wednesday and Friday evenings. Indi­
Terms of sale: All sums of $5 or less, Saturday. The Indian burying ground vidual instruction given in penmanship,
cash; over {5, 5 months’ time will be
given on secured note with 6 per cent to the west of Amitj’ was investigated, arithmetic, book-keeping, shorthand and
interest 5 per r ent discount for cash. and the fruits of the search were several typewriting. No classes.
Tree lunch.
W.G. H enderson ,
old skulls of prehistoric aborigines and
Admr. Estate W. R Johnson.
divers sorts of beads with which their now, and there’ll be no better time to
A. A. W alker , Auctioneer
swarthy necks were adorned. A petri­ lay in winter supplies. The careful buy­
fied or mummified hand and arm were al­ er watches and reads everybody’s ad,
castoux - a ..
The Kind You Have Always Bought
so secured, y
Bears the
and the best business men recognize the
W. K. Newell, of the state board of value of the Reporter’s circulation to
horticulture, is writing on the great need reach the people. There is nothing bet­
of more canning factories and fruit ter to post yourself on at this time of
■•i-¡liti«’ sali :.
unions, and the morn for expansion of year than prices, which concern the
| The undersigned will sell at public the canning industry in the Willamette great problem of living, and living right.
motion six tildes wesf of McMinnville, valley. He says truthfully that if the
Fourteen members of Rebekah lodge
n Happy valley, on Saturday, Oct. 26, waste of fruit was taken care of, Califor­
901. at 10 a m. sharp, the following nia and eastern jams and jellies would of this city attended a session of that
[escribed property:
order in Dayton last Friday night. A
2 3 year-old geldings, Van S; 1 3-year- not be for sale in the Oregon market. It like number attended from Newberg.
Id filly, Van S; 1 2 year-old gelding, is believed that McMinnville is fast com­
'an S ; 1 4 year-old filly; 1 ro-year-old ing to the appreciation of this need. In Those going from here were W. G. Hen­
lire, bred to English Shire; I 8-ycar-old fact, “there is a hen on,” and we are derson, Mrs Susie Ford, Mrs. Laura
lire, bred to II nry & Perch.; 1 3-year
Nicklin, Mrs. C. F. Daniels, Mrs. Mollie
Id mule, 5 milch cows; 1 4 year-old cow only keeping quiet for the nonce for fear Klyver, Mr and Mrs. H. M. Bond, Asa
nd calf; 1 8-year old cow, fresh soon; of scaring her off.
dry cow, 3 yearling steers. 3 yearling
There is always a fellow after every Gant, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Woolette, Mr.
leifers. 4 steer calves, 1 heifer calf, 1 place, and sometimes several of them. and Mrs. 8. I. Hibbs, Miss Bergita Nel­
-year-old Hereford it Durham bull, 2
son and Miss Jessie Reid. A bounteous
Inland China brood sows and pigs. I This is the case w ith the Sheridan post­ supper was served.
meh steel skein wagon and box, 1 3’4 office, soon to be vacated by Geo, W.
E. J. Wood has closed out his partner­
’ X-'J1 complete, I 12-ineh steel beam Bibee for the receivership of the Oregon
il..w>rjf-section iron harrow, 1 28 inch City land office.
Five candidates are ship business with Albert Odell, and
iultman it Tavlor thresher. 1 io-horse
next Monday will depart for Aberdeen,
Voodbury power I), pattern, I set double named, viz: John W. Bones, ex-assessor,
larness, 1 cart.
John M. Chapman, county coroner, for a stay of several months, if not per­
Terms of salt: All sums of $1° or lpss- I John K. Sander», Thos. Scroggins and manently. The change is made primar­
ash; over |to, one veer's time will be I
Bell. Mr. Sanders was in the ily for the benefit of Mrs. Wjfod, who is
[iven on secun d notes without interest Peter
seat seeing the “influences” on in poor health. Mr. Wood will engage
t paid promptly when due; otherwise
1 per cent interest from date of sale. Mondav, Mr. Bones was a close second in the insurance business. He and bis
Six per cent discount for cash. All on Tuesday, and Mr. Chapman came family are the kind of people we dislike
property must lie settled for before be­ down Wednesday. It promises to lie a to lose. Ed is asocial, useful and cap­
ing removed from premises. Free lunch.
pretty fight. To the victors belong the able man, and his wife is a lady held in
A. F. C ate , Propr.
high esteem. That they may receive
A A. W alker . Auctioneer.
Mrs. F. C. Ferguson came np from every benefit, contemplated by their
Portland to report proceedings of the change of location, is voicing the wish of
I he Kind You How Always Bougtit
Bears the
court the first of the week, and all who know them.
George Cramer visited in the city
incidentally to visit a nunil>er of friends.
She tells how Frank C , her husband, briefly tbis week. Since his last visit he
Notice ol Stwrr Aoaessmenl.
came in for bis turn at being held up in has been at Ashland, Dunsmuir and
Notice is hereby given that the assess­ East Portland, that section which has be­ Hillsboro. While at the latter place he
ments levied tinder ordinances No. 226 come famed for the tough with the was called to the bedside of his mother
and 232, for the construction of a sewer,
are due and payable at the office of the masked face and ready pistol, ft hap­ at Monmouth, and death relieved her
city treasurer, ami if not paid at once pened last Saturday night. Frank was sufferings last Friday. George took tem­
the costs of collection will be added wending homeward, having spent his porary charge of the McCoy station on
last dime for a little wsd of lieefeteak. Wednesday. While a caller at this ui-
Given by order of the city council Oct.
comfortably reposing in his pocket. It fi«*e be picked up a sample of the Yam-
*• 1901.
T homas If. R ogers .
took but a brief moment to inform the hill Coal and Oil Co.’s rock, and re-
Recorder Citv of McMinnville.
robber of the financial shortage, but thia marked the striking resemblance to the
When vo>i cannot sleep for coughing,
it i* hardlv nece**ary that anyone should only enraged him, and he demanded material taken from the oil well
After now being sunk at Ashland.
He pro­
tell yon that von need a few doses of Ferguson’s watch and chain,
ChamlierlAin e convh remedy to allay the getting it, he demanded that Frank noun, ,-ed the rock identical, and each as
Ylrritation <,f the throat and mak" sleep march and say nothing, and Frank all the California oil experts declare is a
po“«ible. It is good. Try it. For sale
•ure forerunner of oil.
by Howorth A Co.
Osteopathic Physician
We Ask You To Compare Our
Prices on Suits and Overcoats with
any Store in Oregon
If You Do, We Will Certainly Get Your □
The Hamblin Clothing Co.,
M c M innville ,
The undersigned will sell at public
auction 5 miles southwest of McMinn­
ville, at the Jas. Owens farm, on Thurs­
day, Oct. 24th, 1901, at to a. m. sharp,
the following described property :
I John Deere plow.i 4-section iron har­
row’, 1 4-horse Monitor shoe drill, 2 sets
harness, 1 5-year-old black mare, by Du-
roc Prince, dam by Hambletonian Mam-
brino, grand dam by St. Louis bred to
Vinmont; I 3 year-old black filly, by
Duroc Prince, dam by Magnacharta; 1
4-year-old gelding, by Duroc Prince,
dam by Hambletonian Mambrino, grand
dam by St. Louis; 1 match team of
young gray mares, one by Duroc Prince,
the other by Adirondack; 1 yearling
bay filly, by Planter, dam by Hamble­
tonian Mambrino, granddam by St.
Louis; 1 well-bred colt; 1 1516 Clyde
2 year-old colt; 1 imported Clydesdale
stallion; 1 6-year-old black all-purpose
mare, and a number of other young
work horses; 2 young cows, soon fresh;
2 pedigreed red Durham bulls, one year
old; 2 yearling heifers, 1 full-blood
Jersey cow, 1 full-blood Jersey heifer,
some good billy goats, also some mixed
goats, a lot of full-blood Cotswold bucks
and other sheep, 6 nice shoats, and other
things too numerous to mention
Terms of sale : All sums of $10 or less,
cash; over #10, one year’s time will be
given on secured note without interest if
paid when due, otherwise 8 per cent in­
terest from date of sale
Six per cent
discount for cash. Free lunch.
G eo . O wens .
Horses from 1100 to 1250 lbs., age from
4 to 8 years, and from 15 to 16 hands
Colors, blacks, browns, bays and sorrelB.
All geldings. Must be broken to bar
nesH, and gentle under the saddle. Wil)
bain McMinnville to buy such horses on
Wednesday, October 23d.
W illiam F razier .
C hicago S tore .
I Retiring from Business
Never in the history of Merchandising in Yamhill
County has a sale created so much stir as the
Cost Sale now in full blast at the Chicago Store
Gvery Article in the
house bas been
Reduced in price
All our high grade stock placed on the market
at the commencement of the season at actual New
York Cost.
Eastern Finishing Touches.
Two McMinnviJle young ladies. Miss
Maud Hobbs and Miss Ethel Harris, tal­
ented in music and elocution respec­
tively, left for the east on Tuesday to
complete their education in these lines.
Miss Hobbs goes to Chicago and Miss
Harris to Indianapolis. All their friends
are pleased to know that their wishes
are to be gratified in the particular art
of their choosing.
Dr. Smith returned from Portland
Prof. W. I. Reynolds of Dallas was in
the city on Saturday.
The court house is to have cement
walks inside the yard.
New sidewalk ane fence are being built
north of the Christian church.
J. H. Chapin and Miss Maude Agee
were married at 6 p. m. Wednesday
evening by Justice J. M. Pugh, at his
office. The contracting parties are from
George Woolette is unfortunate. By
the explosion of a lantern in hie barn early
Wednesday morning the building caught
fire and he was powerless to stay the
Hames. The building was a new and
pretty structure, painted red with white
batten. Insurance >230.
Capt. H. L. Heath has organized a
party of Portland capitalists who will en­
gage in some line of business in the
Philippine islands not yet announced.
The Captain is to leave this week as
manager. During his long vacation since
returning from the war, he has not been
idle, and we sincerely hope his project
may prove all that he anticipates for it.
The ministerial association of McMinn­
ville will meet to reorganize for the win­
ter, at the Baptist church study, next
Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock. There
is important busiue«» to come before the
meeting, and the members are all urged
to be present; the membership consists
of the pastors in charge of the evangeli­
cal churches of .McMinnville.
Thousands of weak and nervous people
have found Puritan distilled water a
grand tonic and invigorant, but there
are still thousands of men and women
dragging their lifeless, listless bodies
around who could he made well and
strong in a few weeks by drinking larga
quantities of it anil driving out the
poisons. Try it. Mrs. 8. M. Cook of
this city is agent ior Yamhill county,
for the Puritan still.
We would request city trade to call as early in
the morning as possible, as we can devote more time
to their wants than if they come in the afternoon.
C hicago S tore
W. K. Church.
“Testing God” will be the subject up­
on which the pastor of the M. E. church
will preach next Sunday morning at 11.
In the evening the Sunday School will
hold its rally service, at which there
will be a special program. All members
and friends of the school are urgently re­
quested to be present at this service.
The program is as follows:
Song ser­
vice; address of welcome and explana­
tion of "rally day” by superintendent;
prayer by Chas. F. Mills; responsive
reading; Gloria; address, “Our School
and the Responsibility of Parents,” Rev.
Joseph Hoberg; "The Superintendent's
Experience,” Mrs. C. F Mills; address,
“Our Scholars and the Help They May
Give,” by Arthur Lambert; address.
“Our School and the Responsibility of
Officers and Teachers,” Rev. H. T. At­
kinson; offertory, benediction.
Tooth Sense
Did you ever stop to think how much
gold is hammered into the teeth? It is
estimated that one million dollars would
not cover the amount; it is also estimat­
ed that less than twenty per cent of the
people have perfect teeth. Begin at
once on the children's teeth, get a good
tooth preparation and see that the chil­
dren use it. Dentaline removes the lac­
tic acid, which is the direct cause of de­
cayed teeth. It is fragrant, cooling and
soothing to the mouth and gums It is
antiseptic and healing, deliciously fla­
vored. 25 cents a bottle.
R ogers B ros .’ P harmacy ,
McMinnville, Or.
Your Life is at Stake
When in the hands ot the man who com­
pounds your prescriptions. He must
know his business and have the right
kind of fresh, pure, reliable drugs for the
compound your doctor wants you to
have. We have both—the skill and the
drugs. Over twenty years at the pres­
cription counter, of hard work and study,
assures you that you get what your pres­
cription calls for. Our prices are always
the lowest. Yours, for business.
Prescription Druggists.
Mrs. W. H. I-ogan and children are
visiting relatives at Dallas.
Claire Brown, the Indefiewdence den­
tist, spent Sunday in this city.
I»e Wright of Douglas county is visit­
ing his parents in this city.
Jones A Adams have their tnen en­
gaged in getting out shingle bolts for the
new shingle mill which they will soon
Members of Friendship Rebekah lodge
are requested to meet for drill Tuesday
evening next. By order.
Campbell Hendricks and son bare re­
turned to Carlton from Dawson City,
after an absence of two years. They
will go back in the spring.
F. Dielschneider joins the procession
in the close out ssles.
Come in and
price our line of boots and shoes; w*
have cut ths prices down to meet th*
lowest. No humbug.