The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, September 13, 1901, Image 1

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    Entered at the Postoffieein McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
A Thrilling Narrative by Our Special Correspondent
of the Recent Lambasting of Our Defenceless
Coast By a Strange Foe.
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Early Friday morning sixteen pirates
came ashore in a wooleygogyle from a
rakish looking man-of-war hovering off
the coast and demanded the uncondi­
tional surrender of Happy camp. This
demand, coming, as it did, from a parcel
of fierce, mustached sea robbers, armed
I with dangling swords, created consterna­
tion among the campers. While the
men folks stood scowling, the female
contingent took fright, and dropping
chopping knives and hairpins, sought
safety in brack and bush of surrounding
By this time the male population was
on the verge of frenzy.
A panic was
happily averted at this juncture, how­
ever, by the timely arrival of Captain
Allen front the huckleberry patch on
Crab hill. Striding across the sands to
where the sixteen sea robbers stood in
line with drawn swords before the wool-
eygoggle, Captain Allen demanded an
explanation. For reply the first mate of
the wooleygoggle suiote the sand three
times with the blade of his sword, then,
drawing back his foot, he politely lifted
| the captain's morocco red fez cap nine
j *eet in the air with the point of his tooth
pick shoe, saying as his sole spat the
sand, “I have spoken.”
This insult so justly incensed Captain
Allen that he pardonably did a hasty
act that brought on international com-
plicatious with a strange people, and
plunged the entire Tillamook coast in
war. Quickly raising his hand to his
mouth and before the mate could dive
into the bowels of the wooleygoggle, the
captain everlastingly lambasted the pi­
rate at tlie butt of the ear with a well
chewed, luscious tobacco cud, saying:
“Ding ye, I, too. have spoken!”
“ Siax! Siax! Siax!” yelled the pirate
in an unknown tongue, as an amber col­
ored stream began coursing its way down
his bosom into his baggy, silk trousers.
“Siax! Into the wooleygoggle, men! Into
the wooleygoggle!” And to the relief of
those on shore, the pirates stowed them­
selves away and a moment later the
strange craft backed into the bay and
headed out to sea.
The relief afforded by the departure of
the strangers was short lived. On reach­
ing the man-of-war, the wooleygoggle
was hoisted on deck and preparations
were at once begun for the extermina­
tion of the camp and surrounding coun­
try as well. Up into the steel blue sky
rose two columns of dense, black smoke
from the yawning red and black painted
funnels. This was followed by a hoarse
megaphone order from the bridge to
beat to quarters. Then as the rat-a-ta-
tat of the drum and the clang and bang
of opening battle hatches was wafted
shoreward across the quiet sea, Captain
Allen and his men dove into tlie woods
and waited for the first crack of doom.
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Strangely enough, all preliminary ac­
tions aboard the man-of-war, such as
clearing the decks for action and ascer­
taining the range, liad a horrified specta-
■ tor. This was Keeper Hunt of tlie Cape
Mears lighthouse, through the nine-foot
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NO. 39.
opened the ball. This was in the shape have been nipped in the bud. It should
of a whizzing, shrieking 32 inch projec­ have been the mayor's duty to have
tile, which descried a beautiful curve called the people together anil conducted
and disappeared from view on the eastern them out of tlie range of the enemy’s
side of cape Mears. The battleship was shells, to a point anywhere from three to
theu about three anil one-half miles oft' four miles east of town. This Senator
the bar. Whether or not the gunners Maxwell endeavored to do, but by the
miscalculated the range is not known. tine he arrived in town the exodus was
At any rate after passing over the moun­ already on and his words were as
tain the projectile struck the ground, naught.
and, after plowing its way through 300
The senator, however, was equal to
feet of earth, exploded under the Tilla­ the occasion. Hurrying up the river to
mook court house, reducing that struc­ the Trask house he interrupted the
ture to atoms
This was followed by a pushing, panting battalion by telephone
screeching motor which burst with terri­ at the summit house, begging them to
telescope. Realizing that war was im­ ble effect in the rear of the Herald office hasten to the rescue. For reassurance’
minent, he hurried down from his perch reducing that building to kindling wood; sake the governor passed on ahead of the
in tlie cupola of the lighthouse and im­ scattering type as far north as Garibaldi troops in the sheet iron covered cage,
twelve tulles awav. On the heels of these reaching the Trask house at noon. Theu
mediately 'phoned tlie governor for in­ came a rain of shells which set the town with the senator and six sharpshooters
structions, calling his excellency’s atten­ on fire, causing a reign of terror, the like on the hurrican deck he hastened out by
tion to the helpless condition of both Til­ of which it is to be hoped will never a cut oft' to Beaver creek. Here he was
lucky enough to intercept the fleeing
lamook and Netarts bays, laying great occur again.
Leaving the burning little city to its mass just as they were entering the can­
stress, moreover, that an unknown ship fate we will again return to the unpro­ yon. Getting on the hurricane deck,
of great beam and immense armament, tected Cape Mears coast. Fearful of be­ alongside Senator Maxwell, the governor
and flying a strange three-cornered flag ing blown to atoms, Keeper Hunt of the begged them to exercise a little judge­
light house telegraphed the secretary of ment and abide the coming of the troops,
would soon begin a bombardment.
war for instructions, giving a brief sum­ assuring them that all would yet be well.
Realizing the magnitude of such an mary of what was going on. This report This had the desired effect and the en­
event the governor lost no time in phon­ was simply side tracked to the govern­ tire contingent went into camp on the
ing back that lie would at once call out ment’s terminal red tape yard, the far flats.
Meanwhile the battleship was not idle.
the Oregon National Guard, G. A. R. western light house keeper being told to
“douse his glims,” and wait for further Steaming 111 under the lea of Cape Mears
and Indian war veterans in defense. instructions
Having wired this labori­ her decks thronged with fifteen hundred
These troops, lie assured Keeper Hunt, ous message the secretary's private clerk silk trousered men, preparations were
would, no doubt, “hold the situation mopped his fair brow with his every-fif- made tor a landing. As if by magic a
teeu-minute clean handkerchief and be­ telescopic iron ladder was run up against
well in hand.”
took himself to his dinner of mushrooms the rocky side of the cape and a landing
In the meantime preparations still tarrapin, limburger cheese and beer.
made. Up this ladder with sword and
went on aboard the man-of-war for its
By tlie time the Washington message scimiter came man after man. Then the
siege. The yawning funnels still con­ had arrived darkness had settled two lower hatch on the battleship was
tinued to vomit smoke and flame, hours and thirteen minutes deep over the opened. Thirty cannon and sixty-two
coast. No sooner, however, hail Keeper
hatches were battened down, steam was Hunt turned down his wicks than the horses were taken from the bowels of
the ship and hoisted on the parapet
sent up in the boilers to the zoo-pound alert man-of-war put out what is known above through an immense hollow tube
pressure mark, decks were cleared for as a “scorcher.” This is similar in many by the use of compressed air.
action; and, as the sun slid past the me­ respects to our modern seaachlight, the were followed by commissary wagons, a
most noticeable difference being an thousand rounds of ammunition to the
ridian, the gaunt, polished steel and apexed end, backed up as if by the con­
man, fifteen hundred rifles, sixty-eight
brass superstructure of a great vessel centrated heat of hades
beef cattle, a ton and a half of con­
So, out over the tumbled, darkened demned beef, and seven stalwart cooks.
armed to the teeth with such guns as
Uncle Sam never saw, was lazily rolling sea, turned first this way and that way, Having landed her supplies, the battle­
this great, sickle-toothed shaped light ship pulled in her telescopic ladder and
on the swell of Maxwell’s point, under cut its swatli, the little fiery end falling
compressed tube and stood out to sea.
the September noonday glare.
at length on the light house basement.
Getting his men into position, the cap­
These preparations were followed at There it stuck, sizzling and frying, melt­ tain of the marines began to wind down
one o’clock by a megaphone message to ing stone and mortar to lava; then slowly the lighthouse road to the Netarts beach.
it went up from bottom to top and from
Captain Allen, hid in the brush, to se­ top to bottom, splitting in twain the In front of the troops walked a drum
major six feet nine inches tall, with a
crete the women and children in places j.100,000 edifice. This was followed by a lofty tread. He was followed by the mu­
of safety as the man-of-war would open swift right to left movement, half-way sicians, fourteen in number, playing
fire at sundown.
Having given this up, quartering the rent walls, and a mo­ strange airs on solid gold instruments,
ment later Uncle Sain’s beacon tumbled shaped much as our modern bologna
warning tlie battleship stood out to sea, into the sea.
sausage staffers. This music, while both
until but the tip of of her mainmast was
The next act of the pirates was to cen­ weird and wild,seemed to have the effect
Following the musicians came the
Meanwhile, the governor was not idle. Crab hill, splitting it in twain, and set­
ting it on fire. Many other trees in tlie thirty cannon, mounted on pneumatic
Telephone and telegraph messages were vicinity met a similar fate, being objects
rimmed wheels, astride of which rode a
flying all over the state, calling the seemingly, on which the manipulator of gunner. Then came the troops, cap­
troops together. In obedience to liis the light wished to try liis hand. Being tains, lieutenants, cooks, cattle and cat­
command, horsemen rode all night drum­ satisfied with the result the light was tledrivers. Once on the beach, a flying
trained on objects of more value. One start was made over the road to the val­
ming tnen up to the recruiting stands by one all the dwelling houses and barns ley beyond.
with dishpans and boilers. These orders visible up and down the coast were
Leaving the pirates enroute to the Til­
were followed by the seizure of all the searched out and set on fire, rendering lamook valley, pillage and plunder bent,
brass cannon, municipal and otherwise, homeless three score or more of people. we will return to our array just entering
Next to fall under the ban was the the Hoquartin prairie.
in the state, which were hastily mounted wooded slope of Cape Lookout. 9miles
Having quelled the fears of the people
and sent to the front. Itn the basemen away. This was followed by a rain of from the conning tower of his prairie
schooner, the governor resumed his seat
of the state capitol, a detachment of tlie
state guard was busily engaged cleaning could stand, and the inmates of the camp behind liis armored walls and rejoined
began a hurried egress toward a place of liis troops. Here a council of war was
rifles, examining haversacks, canteens, safety.
etc., deposited there at the close of the
The scene witnessed by your corre­
To better observe the action of the
enemy twenty-two picked scouts of na­
Spanish-l’hilippine war.
tional fume were sent out to report at
Twelve o’clock, midnight, the some­
try was in a panic-stricken mood, and no midnight
This being agreed upon the
what tangled red tape government skein man's life was safe. The main thorough­ army went into camp, just across the
began to unwind. Out from the woods fare leading out of town south was a dead line from occasional shots that
of the I.uckianiute, tlie canyons of Burnt scene of wreckage; overturned wagons, still fell from the guns of the obstperer-
river ami the watermelon flats of south­ dead sheep and cattle, runaway teams, ous man-of-war.
ern Oregon came the rank and file of the shrieking women and cursing men were
At 12 o’clock the scouts returned
G. A R. with flashing eye, forgetting one confused mass.
Every now and bringing information that the enemy
for the moment, many of them, imagin­ then there would emerge from the dense was nowhere to be seen. Whether satis­
ary aches and pains. These were fol­ cloud and smoke bank lining the road a fied with the destruction done or wheth­
lowed by a host of battle-scarred Indian runaway team lashed to foam by ex­ er gone for more ships for an extended
war veterans, a foot and a horseback, cited driver, which would crash into invasion is not known. Anyway, at this
armed with squirrel gun and musket. some object and be overturned and then writing, September 10th, the coast is
From the union depot, threading can­ away would go frightened animals, run­ clear of pirates and our brave army is
yons with lightning speed, rumbling ning down men, women and children, to holding the waterworks and have the
over bridges with a bang and a roar, be finally lost on down the road.
situation well in hand.
belching sparks and smoke far astern in
Such was the great exodus ns seen by
T hos . H. R ogers .
the murky September night, there passed your correspondent by the bright moon­
up the valley a long train of cars loaded light at 12 o’clock, midnight, September
Ilenlh of Win. It. Jolanann.
to the dashlioards with the flower and 6th. As he neared tile Trask river
youth of the land.
The above pioneer of 1852, familiarly
bridge six hayracks went by on the run,
This special train was well adapted to loaded down with feather beds, rocking knewn as "Blackhawk,” died at his res­
the task before it. On a flat car at the rear, chairs, chicken coops and grindstones.
mounted on a swivel, frowned an old The last to pass overturned with a crash, idence seven miles northwest of this city
time, bell muzzled piece, with which and went rolling down the steep em­ on Tuesday, September loth, 19m, after
Gen. O. O. Howard pasted buckshot at bankment into the Trask river. Follow­ a lingering illness from heart and lung
tlie Modocsin '76. This ancient veteran ing the hayracks came an old gray troubles. He was 77 years, 5 months
was capable, if well handled, of 16 shots haired couple with tears coursing down
an hour, and if the man behind the gun their cheeks, and all their worldly effects and 8 days old. He was born in Ohio,
was “next” would pitch shells 800 yards strapped to the backs of two gentle oxen. his father being Richard Johnson, who
with wonderful accuracy. Mounted on Next to pass at a belter skelter rate was was born on tlie Atlantic ocean of Irish
the cowcatcher was the state’s bulldog a heavy log wagon, drawn by six pairs of parentage, oA the voyage to America.
and pride—and eight inch, smooth bore horses, having on board the heavy steel
cannon, dug from the Fort Canby sands, safe of the Tilllatnook bank. Regard­ He was reared on a farm in Indiana, and
with a firing capacity of 24 shots per less of life or limb, the driver ran his later went to Arkansas, where he mar­
hour and a bellow that would shake the horses straight over the span of oxen, ried Miss Del Steward. In 1852, with
bark off the tree miles around.
killing one and badly maiming the other; his wife, one child and his mother they
With the arrival of the train at North the old people barely escaping a similar started with oxen, horses and wagons
Yamhill, the work of disembarkation fate by rolling down the embankment.
Sixteen span of mules Ludicrous an<l pathetic was the scene. on the long, tedious journey to Oregon.
were bitched to the Fort Canby gun, Following the treasure wagon catne a They traveled most of the way alone,
thirty-two horses on the Modoc howitzer woman carrying a hen and a rooster un­ and hail a pleasant trip. The teams with
and the two pieces drawn out into the der either arm, her husband bringing up which they started brought them all the
road; then knapsacks, guns, blankets the rear with the twins. These were fol­
He lo­
and sleepy soldiers were unloaded and lowed by sixty Chinamen from Hobson's way trhough to Lafayette, Or.
gotten into line, preparatory to a hasty cannery, hitting the pike as Chinamen cated his donation claim of 320 acres,
move; next to fall into line wan the G. A. never hit it before
and lairrowed money of M. McGinness at
R., a thousand strong. These were fol­
Thus, for a distance of four miles was 3 per cent per month to pay for it. He
lowed by 500 Indian war veterans, 95 the roadway a scene of foam-covered
supply wagons, 200 reporters and six horses, grunting, squealing pigs, rum­ added to his original purchase until he
brass bands. Following these were Col bling carriages, wild and haggard men— had 700 acres of very choice land. Five
Summers and staff, the governor and sec­ the great “prosesh" headed straight for children were born in Oregon, viz: Alice
retary in a sheet iron cook house, and Beaver, Big Nestucca and Yamhill.
G., wife of John Stallcop; Lillie H., wife
200 head of beef cattle. Thus as the sun
In almost every direction houses were
rose over the Cascades and the bands be­ burning, gates, barn doors and fences ofM. H. Messinger, Agnes and Kate,
All reside in this
gan to play this great cavalcade, over were down and open and stock straying and one son, G. R,
two miles long, of soldiers, civilians, in and out. All dairy houses were de­ county except Mrs. Stallcop, who now
beasts and wagons began a hurried serted, likewise cheese factories. As we lives in Tillamook
Mrs. Johnson, a
march over the Tillamook mountains to neared what was once a proud little city
and rare Chris­
the only building standing was a sawmill,
the sea.
leaving soldiers, civilians, mules, re­ all else was a mass of smoldering embers. tian character, died in 1869. greatly la­
porters, governor and brass bands toiling In the center of the burnt district, mented by family and friends. In 1882
up the steep mountainside, we will again armed with a log chain, which he was Mr. Johnson married Miss Mary Shun-
call the reader's attention to the rakish swinging round his head, was a gigantic way, who survives him.
Two children,
looking man-of-war. The hope expressed logger, chasing vandals from the scene
by Captain Allen for the hundredth time That some had ran amuck of the plucky Lulu and Willie, were born to them.
that the pirates would eventually draw logger’s iron lash was home out by three Deceased was a member of Lafayette
off without injury to the camp was for­ insensible bodies lying in the street.
lodge No. 29, I. O. O. F., under whose
ever doomed to disappointment with the
Cool headed men seem to have been a auspices he was buried on Thursday, in­
falling shades of night. Just as the sun scarcity during the conflagration. Had terment being made in McBride cetne
into the sea, the man-of-war there been such this great exodus could tery.
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