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    Yamhill County Reporter!
T. It. BAH* Il A HT, Editar A Erepr.
J. C. ECKMAN, Aaeaelat« Editar.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year.
Office of the City Treasurer,
McMinnville, Or.
To the Honorable Mayor and City Council:
In accordance with the requirements of the
charter and the provisions of the ordinances of
the city of McMinnville, I beg to submit here­
with for your consideration annual report of
the busineas transacted for the year ending
advertising rates .
Balance on hand as per report Dec. 2,
Reading notice» In local column» 10 cent» per
Hue for first week and 5 cents per line thereafter. Receipt»—
Display advertisements, annual rates, one Inch
1 1 ,Mü ÜU
per month 11; each additional inch .50 cents per From aalnon licena« s
Other license)» collected by
obituary and marriage notices not exceeding
112 50
10 lines published free. If lurnlshed In time to
51 40
i>e current tie * ». Additional matter 10cent*per Delinquent tax 1896
From recorder, tines and li-
45 85
431 23
1,809 75
Total receipts...............
FRIDAY, DEC. 10, 1807.
2,240 98
R ailroad men who voted for Mc­
Kinley and sound money last year,
without reference to their former
party affiliations, will not regret
their action when they examine the
figures showing the earnings of the
companies in whose success they are
interested. The July, August and
September earnings of eight of the
largest railway systems of the coun
try show increased earnings of from
one to two million dollars each for
the months in question.
E very little yelping democratic or
populist newspaper in the country
is raising a terrific howl because the
Dingley tariff' bill is not producing
as much revenue as is required to
meet the expenses of the govern­
ment. Let them howl.
No intelli­
gent person will be deceived. The
act has only been in force a little
over four months and has had neither
time nor opportunity to justify itself
as a revenue producer. Of one thing
rest assured; if it should prove inad
e juate in that respect, there is a re­
publican congress and president who
will see that it does the work. And
let it not be forgotten that its failure
to yield a surplus at the present time,
is the result of the partisan and un­
patriotic course of the opposition
members of congress, in delaying its
passage while the country was be­
ing flooded with foreign goods under
the Wilson act. By this means not
less than’f50,000,000*of revenue was
lost to the government—all for the
purpose of embarrassing the new ad
ministration. Nobody expected that
the Dingley law would at once raise
enough revenue to meet current ex­
penses, hut Mr. Dingley in u speech
delivered before the Home Market
club of Boston on November 10th, re­
ferred to the fact that the revenues
had increased sufficiently each month
since it went into effect to justify the
conclusion that by the end of the fis­
cal year it would meet the require
ment for current expenses, pensions
and interest and in the next year
create u surplus. It is safe to proph
esy that by the end of another year
these same newspapers will be howl­
ing about the large und dangerous
surplus in the treasury.
There are ruuiors afloat of a middle-of-
the-road populist newspaper likely to ap­
pear in thia city soon. The trouble witii
the populists is that they have too many
pap-sucking office seekers alioard, who
want tiie ofiivea at auy price, to make
that policy win. Starting seven or eight
newspapers wouldn’t restore virtue
where there never was any.
Transferred to water fund a»
per orders
Orders paid .
Interest paid on orders
1,200 OU
990 06
1 15
2,191 20
Total Disbursements
Dec. 6,1897, balance on hand
49 78
Orders outstanding endorsed
not paid tor want of funds.
71 50
Balance on hand as per report Dec.
Water and light collections
Sale of pipe by Wm. Campbell, ,
Sale to Newberg per recorder
Sale cord of wood Wallace
Taxes delinquent 1896
Transferred from Gen,1 Fund
53 02
6,386 10
Total receipts
Orders paid
Interest paid on same
Transferred to sinking fund
Correction error ls% report
6,419 67
Total disbursements
19 45
Dec. 6, 1897, balance on hand
Order« outstanding endorsed not paid
5,353 04
for want of funds
Bonded debt on account of the water
and light plant,.......................
Balance on hand as per report Dee. 2,
25 70
Delinquent taxes of 1896
Sale lumber by street Com’r
203 47
26 45
Total receipts
229 92
Order« paid ........
3 71
Orders outstanding endorsed not paid
for want of funds.. ...
187 30
Transferred from water fund
Interest paid on bonds as per orders
1,200 00
1,200 00
Cash on hand Doc. 6, 1897.
General fund, |49 78
Water fund
19 45
Street fund
.1 71
71 50
5 ,853 04
187 30
. .
1 5^11 84
Total of all indebtedness
»25,611 84
»72 IN
Bond» outstanding
in view of the fact that the water and light
plant 1» the principal source of expense to the
taxpayer«, I have examined the records of this
office since said plant has been in operation and
find that there has been expended in building,
maintaining and operating the same the sum
>‘»i IN (M
This amount has been raised
in the following manner:
Hale of bonds . .
. JÜ.UÜU uo
Proceeds of loan
Ta ata collected...
12,01» 0»
Transfer#/rom general fund 1KSM 41
Warrants ooUlonding, less
cash on hand
6,333 59
Sundry other items
161 08
Water and light collections 3V2XK &
|91,<7I M
Th* following la collections for «seh year
since tiieplant has been in operation:
I 3,295 42
4,789 62
5,458 85
f’,316 is
MW w
5,187 98
5,055 UO
J F Byers, lumber
1 20 18
C Loder, gravel
7 5(1
Elmer Miller, cordurov
• (Hl
MeM G A F Co, nulae for poor
18 50
Chita L Smith, htmlier
20 43
iMiiiel A Snyder, lumlter
9 45
C \V Talmage, dept atty
F Hotfstatter, wit St vs Lehman
Claude Ferkiua, witness
8 O Coolidge, worj on drift
E S Warren,
Newberg Graphic, printing
Orndnff Bros, lumber
t <
** *. M. m, .«J
straetaand public property—A M. Peery,
C. H. McKinney and H. M. Daniel;
health and police—S. A. Manning, C. H.
McKinney and R. Nelson, judiciary —
M. M. Daniel, R. N'elaon and 8. A. Man-
S heridan , Or., Dec. 8, 1897.
E d . R eporter :—The Oregonian of the
7th |inst. contained an account of the
Sheridan city election, which was held
here on the Gth inst. The Oregonian's
correspondent would leave the impres­
sion that party lines were drawn, and
the so-called people’s party hail scored a
signal victory. This however is not the
case. There were but two tickets in the
field, viz: the citizens’ ticket, which rep­
resented the old board or ring ticket and
the citizens’ ticket, representing the anti­
ring party, made up of republicans, pop­
ulists and democrats, which won at the
ratio of 2 to 1. There was no attempt to
draw party lines, but the people were
united for a change of administration,
hence no other result could possibly fol­
low. The victory will he shared equally
hr the republicans, populists and demo­
crats- all united for better city govern­
ment. When the count was concluded
anti the result was announced, some of
our most enthusiastic citizens repaired to
the hills just hack of town and celebrated
the victory by tiring dynamite cartridges,
which shook the whole country round.
Our sleepy little town has not had such a
shaking up for many a flay.
S heridan S ubscriber .
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AI 111»« I u I'otiverl.
M c M innville , Or., Dee. !♦, 1897.
To the E ditor :—A compliment with
a design to only convey an honest im­
pression of a young man in the ministry
of this city from a non-chureli member’s
Rev. Powell of this city preached a
practical sermon last Sunday evening
from a text on “Jealousy” that held his
large audience spell bound. His practi­
cal, everyday illustrations, his honest
purpose, Jiis Christian integrity is surely
winning for him not only the respect of
the Christian people of tliis yity but of
those who do not make a profession of
Christianity. The wriler heard a remark
from a non-chureli member that he is
the coming Talmage of this coast. His
text for next ,Sunday evening will be
“Protit and Loss" from the scriptural
wording of what will it prolit a man to
gain the whole world and lose his own
soul'' I would recommend to non-going
church people to turn out and hear the
young man, hi»'lessons ure truly grand
and elevating. N ota C iii hi h MK'I der .
The stock of dings, furniture and fix­
tures recently opened up bv Chee. Miller
ban changed hands. Mr. A. T. Hill, from
Newberg, being the puiwhaaer. Mr. Hill
has been engaged in the drug business
in Newberg during tiie past eleven years, |
is known as a good business man, and
has a wide acquaintance that will mater-1
jally assist him in eatebliehing a «ucceea’
ful trade
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HOOU S I IllS easy to operate. 26c.
R. R. Haye, a prominent citizen of
Tillamook and,, well known throughout
the state, died Monday of pneumonia.
He was chief clerk of the state legislature
two terms and was one of the Oregon
delegated to the national convention in
1872, when he led the delegation in cast­
ing the vote for Harrison.
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flict; every night leaves
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and dying.
The horrors of war are no
greater than the horrors of disease
If all
the uations of the earth were at war against
each other there would be no such carnage
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accomplished annually by one dread disease
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not without its remedy. It is no longer the
irresistible destroyer that it was considered
thirty years ago. An entirely new aspect is
put upon the possibilities of this dreadful
malady by the astounding remedial action
of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery,
which cures consumption by nourishing thé
lungs with an abundant supply of pure,
highly vitalized blood
This stops the formation of tuberculous
matter, and builds up fresh tissue, muscular
flesh and vital energy
It gives digestive
power to the stomach which is too weak to
assimilate oily emulsions.
Miss Lucy Kloeffler of Armada, Mich., writes
9'heu I was about eight years of age I had iu-
ttaiuu.auuU of the lungs aiid from that time upl
»as sick nearly all the time and had a doctoi
marly all the tune 1 would take cold so easily it
would go tight to my lungs At the age of nine­
teen I was very bad: there was paju in my lungs,
tickling in my throat and my throat was studded
With Illfcrs; there was hoarseness and partial sup-
Sressiot) of voice, and difficulty of breathing
octored with one of our best physicians and he
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liver oil aud told my mother I could not live longer
than three months I kept getting weaker every
day, when at last a friend asked me why I did not
try Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery. I
thought there was no use. no more help for me a.
consumption was in our tamilv Mv father and
also rn» sister died with it but after taking the
lust bottle 1 seemed to feel better
My appetite
Was bettei and I kept right on taking it with a
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Respectfully Submitted,
E. C. APPER8ON, City Treasurer.
6th, 1897
The new city council Iteiti it« tirat HPR-
•ion Cor buaineu Tueedav evening, All
member« were present. Be«i<ie«aliowing
•ever*! bill«, • new street cuntmieaioner
WMcbown in the peraou uf B.
man. The committee« appointed by Uie
oityor are a« follow« Way« «nd mean«-
R Nelson, Wm Campbell and A. M
Beery account« ud current expenses -
C. H. McKinney, Wm. Canipltall and H.
M. Daniel; tire and water
aaiei — Wm.
»» IU. <
C’ Mill
p- •
Mrs Sue Dudrow, care of poor .
Hannah Bond,
Dayton Herald, printing.
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J N Jones,
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< «
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N D LesChance,
1 00 A great many people and a number ot phy­
Frank Qnenel,
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Peter Petit, witness
< «
1 50 know that our little girl is like another
Win Hartless,
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Dr Kershaw,
( 4
17 40 of Hood’s Sarsaparilla.’’ M rs . M attie V.
I F. Fenton, coroner
S teiner , 716 Milton Av., San Diego, Cal.
NberidHis City Election
226 21
Dee. 6, 1897, balance on hand
T. L. Vanorsdel publishes a card in the
Record denying any knowledge of or part
in the union party ring-gathering men­
tioned in The Reporter last week. As a
matter of course. He lias not been let IM
into the star-chamber secrets, nor will he 1895 .
be, until it is determined whether he or 1897.
the other fellow is to be coddled for tlie
office of sheriff'. Vanorsdel says lie l>e-
iievee in the office seeking the man. and
maybe he thought publishing a card Dec
would aaeiat it in finding one
AU the different Sunday school« and
churches are moving in the matter of ap­
propriate Chriatmaa celebration. The
Methodists and Christiane will probably
distribute their gift« from the tiine-hon-
orad tr«e. The Presbyterian« are to have
a "grotto,” aud the Baptist» are plan
uing. and at the Catholic church there
will be three maaae«—5:90, 8:00 and
10 SO a. m—and Sunday services. At­
tractive program« will be arranged at
the several churches
Bitten by a Spider
Style/* Durability J Fit.
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A. J. APPERS0N, McMinnville