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    Yamhill County
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FRIDAY, NOV. 19, 1897.
Two relief expeditions from Nor­
way will patrol the Spitzbergen seas
to look for Andree. A cruise after a
missing balloon is something new in
marine navigation.
G eorgia is proposing to abolish
football foolishness by foolish pro­
hibitory legislation. A law to pro­
hibit people taking the itch or whoop­
ing cough would be as effective.
T he republican strength in the
south continues to grow year by
year and congress by congress. The
56th congress will have the largest
southern republican representation
in history.
The Cleveland football team was
mobbed and considerably battered by
a gang of loafers at Oberlin, O. It
was a great outrage, of course—not
because serious injuries were inflict­
ed, but because they were not inflict­
ed according to the rules of the game.
T he more the November election
returns are studied the more satis­
factory they appear. 140,000 ma­
jority in Pennsylvania; 28,000 in
Ohio, 31,000 in Iowa, and gains suf­
flcient in the Kansas local elections
to insure a republican clean-up in
the next state election, are good
enough for an off year. And then
there is a clean victory in the demo­
cratic stronghold of Maryland, in­
suring a republican to succeed Gor­
man in the senate.
The republicans have carried Mary­
land. electing a majority of the legis­
lature. This result was largely
brought about by the determination
of the intelligent democrats of the
state to get rid of Gorman and his
His term in the United States
senate ends on March 4, 1899, and
the republican victory in his state
means the certainty that Maryland
will send a republican senator to
succeed him. New York will also
send a republican to the senate in­
stead of Murphy. This makes 45
republican seats certain out of a
membership of 90
That body now stands 43 straight
republicans, 4G democrats, populists
and silver republicans, with one
vacant seat from Oregon. But Sen­
ator Kyle of South Dakota, while
nominally a populist, was re-elected
by republican votes, and can be
counted on to vote with the republi­
cans if his aid shall be needed on any
party question, with the possible ex­
ception of some measure touching
the currency.
Thirty states will elect senators
for the term beginning March 4, 1899,
of which twelve have been con­
sidered doubtful. Maryland was one
of these, and her seat is now certainly
republican. Of the states now rep­
resented by republican senators there
is no danger of loss except in the
cases of Washington and Colorado;
while the republicans will elect a
senator to the seat now occupied by
Murphy, and they stand a chance to
win in New Jersey, West Virginia,
Indiana, Wisconsin and California,
all now represented by democrats.
So it is pretty certain that the re­
publicans will have a clear working
majority in the senate after March 4,
1899, and will be able to control legis­
lation exclusively for the last two
years of McKinley’s term.
Yamhill Improvement Attain.
Public interest in the subject of the
improvement of the Yamhill is far from
showing abatement, but seems rather to
increase with every new assurance of the
success of the enterprise. Apparently
there is nothing in the way of its speedy
T he friends of silver are becoming accomplishment, the withdrawal of the
fewer and fewer. Senator Stewart protests from Lafayette citizens having
has told the people that they may as removed every reasonable pretext for
well fall in Line and get their share of further delay.
prosperity, as it is useless to talk
In the issue of The Rei»orter of Oct.
silver now; ex-Governor Altgeld has 2Uth was published a letter of Brig.
dropped silver, and is said to be or­ General John M. Wilson, chief of the
ganizing a paper-money party, and engineering department, in which an er­
ex-Governor Boies has denounced roneous statement occurred that may
have created misapprehension in the
the 16-to-l proposition as suicidal, in
minds of some. Gen. Wilson said : “In
view of the great discrepancy be­ the meantime nothing has been really
tween the coinage ratio and the com­ lost by the delay ; the funds available for
mercial ratios of silver. Many other the work are so small that it is hardly
democrats, being greenback iiatists probable that any contractor, even if
at heart, have advocated free silver awarded the contract would commence
as simply a stepping stone to true work uutil a further appropriation was
fiatism, and now that free silver is itnule.” This was an error, as most per­
becoming so unpopular they are sons familiar with the matter were
aware, and as further shown by a more
gradually dropping it.
recent letter from die same source. The
following lias been handed us by A. J. I
The Boston Herald calls at­ A'pperson, received through a corre-'
tention to the important fact that epondent in Washington :
the stock of gold now in the United “I beg to acknowledge the receipt of ■
States is the largest ever held here. your letter of the let instant regarding
On November 1, according to the the matter of the improvement of Will­
treasury estimate, the amount of amette and Yamhill rivers. While the
gold, coin aud bullion in the country act of June 3, 1896, provided only HO.
was 1712,660,417. The Herald points 000, the act of June 4, 1897, appropriated
out that this broke the record, an additional snm of $160,600, or the full
the largest previous showing at the amount estimated to complete the work,
anj no further congressional action is
beginning of a month being that of necessary. Mention of this latter ap­
November 1, 1888, which was 1711,- propriation was inadvertently omitted
705.050. This is an encouraging cir­ from my letter of the ofh ultimo. Since
cumstance. In the treasury, as the date of that letter 1 have accordingly
well as elsewhere, the stock of gold recommended to the secretary of war
is risiug. The treasury fund has that he authorize the preparation of the
gone above the 1154,000,000 mark, detailed plans and specifications for the
and the drift is steadily upward. work, with a view to entering into a con­
These are facts which should be kept tinuous contract for the construction of
before the country. They are bull the lock and dam. If this recommenda­
tion receives approval there will be no
factors of great consequence.
further delay in commencing the work
or pushing it rapidly to completion.
T hat great business improvement
Very respectfully,
bas come to the country since last
J ohn M. W ilson ,
July is »»needed by all intelligent ob­ Brig. Geo,, Ubw.f of Engineers, U. 8.
servers; and that this is largely due Army.”
It should be stated in connection with
to the passage of the Dingley tariff
must also be conceded. Whatever the foregoing that of the total $200,000 I
may be the operation
of the new tar appropriated for the improvement of the
iff, the restoration of confidence Willamette and Yamhill rivers, the snm
brought about bv its pussag
put in­ of $69,000, the full amount jot the esti­
mated cost was specifically set aside for
to operation millions of dollars the locks.
which had theretofore been lying idle,
That file recommendation of General
and that gave era ploy incut to hun­ Wilacn ¿net with the approval of the war
dreds of thousands <*f hands.
It llepartmetH ami that the “plans” are
caused the oauotry
undergo a again under way ie shown by the follow­
change such as had newer liefore ing :
“H illsboro , Or., Nov. U>, 1897.
been witnessed by uiauvof the pres­
ent generation, idle factories and fur 4 J- ArcKKsoN, Esq.,
My Dear Friend:—Have just received
naces to start into new life, aud the
hum of industry to sound from state * letter frrwa L'jtpl. Fisk in which he
to state. The new tariff is likely to states “we are finishing up the Yamhill
warrant the confidence placed in it, fuck plans on instruction from the chief
This looks like a go”
as its revenues are satisfactorily in­ of angineeis.'
and 1 sincerely hope it will be. Shall do
creasing month by month, aud it everything p<a^bU tp push it along 1
will be but u short time when the know this new
interest you.
treasury will have a monthly sur­
Truly and sincerely yours,
plus instead of a deficit, as has been
Taos. H. Tosui’i.”
the case for the last four years.
It is altogether probable, therefore, that
within two or thne months at farthest'
the work will be placed under contract.
The carrying out of an enterprise involv­
ing the ex]»enditnre of so large a sum of
money will naturally stimulate the tide
of local prosperity. It will make a de­
mand for men ami teams, which in turn ■
will have to be fed and cared for, but
this is rather ol small consequence com­
pared to the great and lasting lienefit to!
the whole of Yamhill county by opening I
a permanent waterway for the commerce
of the people.
There is a fact in connection with the'
building of the locks at Lafayette that I
perhaps many are not aware of. We
state it on the authority of Hon. James |
McCain, who is perhaps as familiar with ■
the Yamhill above McMinnville as any
lierson that could be named. He claims
that any improvement of the river that
will create a boating stage to this point I
the year round will make it navigable to
a point southwest of Amity, probably
about opposite Briedwell’s station. Be
this as it may, the city of McMinnville {
will be satisfied with her position on ttie '
banks of the classic stream, even at the
expense of annihilating the distinction
now enjoyed during the wet season, of
being the “head” of navigation.
Bushnell’s plurality is one of the
largest ever given a governor in
Oljio. Hayes was elected governor
three times, and his pluralities were
2983, 7518 and 5544.
plurality is about 28,000.
Bingley on Prosperity
Congressman Dingley, in his ad-
dress in Boston on the 11th, said:
“A great many people in this
country are wiser than they were
five years ago. Some, who study
maxims rather than markets, deny
that there has been any restoration
of confidence or any revival of busi­
ness. Others, who are not entirely
blind to facts, admit the improve­
ment but insist that it comes in spite
of protection, from what they term
‘natural causes.’ Still others, like
Bryan, contend that the improve­
ment is only temporary because of
a short crop of wheat abroad and
that business will presently grow
worse and worse unless we have 16-
to-l free silver on our hook. I leave
our free-trade friends to reconcile
their antagonistic explanations of
the failure of their theories, simply
remarking that the common sense of
the people concludes that the re­
peated coincidence between the pro­
tective policy and prosperity and be­
tween the overthrow of that policy
and adversity has established the re­
lation of cause and effect.”
Mrs. J. I’. Irvine went to Inde­
pendence yesterday to attend the
funeral of Dr. T. J. Lee, who was an
old friend of the family. Dr. Lee
was a member of the legislature from
Polk county, being one of the four
democratic members of the honse.
Mrs. Jessie Gray is visiting friends
in the city. Mr. Gray hasservedhis
time with the army at Vancouver,
and they will shortly remove to Santa
You take the local paper for the
local news and you get it in The Re­
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Mrs. Annie Henderson and sons left
yesterday morning for Watsonville, Calif
The strawberry season is in full blast at
Watsonville, a late California exchange
mentioning the shipment of two carloads
from that point.
In New York
short while
ago a baby was
bom in jail. Its
mother was be­
ing tried for
murder. Every
gives a throb of
sympathy at
thought of the
blight upon the
baby’s life. But
a baby need not
be bora in jail
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nate. Any baby
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lVTOTK'E is hereby given that the undersigne t
has been by the county court of Yamhill
county, Oregon, duly appointed administrator
with the will annexed oi the estate of Arminia
Higgins, deceased. Now therefore, all persons
having claims against said estate are hereby
notified and requested to present the.same duly
verified to the undersigned, at the McMinnville
National bank tn McMinnville, Yamhill Coun­
ty, Oregon, within six month
from the date
Dated this the 15th day of November, A. D.
Administrator with the will annexed of Ar­
minia Higgins, deceased.
R.L. CONNER, Attorney for said estate. 48 5
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■VTOTICE is hereby given, that the under-
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County Court of Yamhill County, State of Ore­
gon, executrix of the estate of James L. Stew­
ard, late of this county, deceased, and has qual­
ified as such executrix.
Therefore, all persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to present them,
duly verified, to me at the office of Ramsey A;
Fenton, at McMinnville, Oregon, within six
months from the date of this notice.
Dated November 4th, 1897.
ELZ1NA STEWARD.. Executrix.
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