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1889 . .
A S t . P a CL dispatch of the 10th
1890 ..
inst. says: “The railway companies
S. F. Bulletin: In business any- 1891
F. H. BAB.NUAKT, f.dnur & Propr of Minnesota were given a disagree­
• uing is better than uncertainty. 1892 ...
J. G. EtKllAN, Associale Editor«
able shock this afternoon by the
When the merchant or manufacturer 1893 . . .
1,079 483,172
state railway and warehouse com­
predict to his own satisfac­ These figures carry their own ar­
Subscription $1.GO Per Year. mission. which issued a general or­
tion the course of the market, he gument with them. They sohw an
der lowering rates on all grain 15
»isely takes the fewest possible increasing tendency toward the use
Read 1notice» tn local column» 10 cent, per per cent. The decision was in the
line for fir-t week and 5 cent, per Line thereafter. case of Elias Steenerson. who asked -:sks while awaiting developments. of liquors. How far this is to be, ac­
DUplay advertaenieau annua, rate», one meh
For nearly two years the business counted for by the heavy foreign
per month »1; each additional inch M cents per that the Great Northern railway
men of the United States have been immigration during that decade, it
Obituary and marriage notices not exceed) ng company be compelled to lower rates
B F. O. Koke and Daughter
! contracting their operations iu ap­ is impossible to say; probably that
10 line« published free If tarnished in time to
be current news. Additional matter 10 cent-per from Polk county to Duluth and-
prehension of the course of tariff leg- is a factor of considerable import­
Minneapolis 33 per cent. The com-
iation. The manufacturer would ance in the result. But how are we i
i mission took into consideration the
FRIDAY, SEPT. 21, 1894.
iot make goods with the prospect of to check this? What are the reme-' Said my friends and neighbors. I had Dj*
fact that wheat had fallen largely in
| a reduction in duties which would dial measures to be employed? To pepaia 16 years: physicians anil change ot
price, and on the other hand that
climate did nut help me. But Hood’s Sarsapa»
Ora export trade with Cuba railway earnings had largely dimin­ make them unsalable in competition us, the state c,f the case shows the I
Hood’s Sarsa-
doubled in four years under the rec­ ished and split the difference, giving
iprocity clause of the McKinley law. the farmer and the railway company
JL J b . parilia
and the new tariff law will practical­ each half the benefit. ’ Representa­ tnd pay the then current duties lest individual and social, inherent in the rilla did me more good
ly destroy it. This is the way in tives of the railways say the cut 1 within a few days or weeks new drink habit, among the masses of our than all the doctoring. ■
I can now eat. sleep and
which the democrats enlarge the for­ will bankrupt three of the largest shipments might come under lower heterogeneous population. You can­ and
work. My daughter
R 4S
eign market for American products. I grain carryii.g roads of the state.’
also had distress and rheumatism. Hood’s Sar­
-he consequence has been that to be reformed. You cannot reform saparilla made her stout, well and healthy. B.
The farmers of Minnesota have
T he state board of horticulture probably come to the conclusion -cocks of all kinds have run down. them by passing a law. We must F. O. R oke , Fal.-v.eA’, Kansas.
has received ashipmentof lady birds that as long as it is their choice Consumers have also held off on ac­ educate them up to a point where Hood’s Pills are purely vegetable, and do
not purge, paiuor gripe. Sold by all druggists.
from California, to eat the wooly which shall go bankrupt, the rail­ count of hard times and the uncer- they will seethe need of reform; and
intv regarding the future. Goods when a majority of them have
aphis that infests the apple trees. roads or themselves, it is. more in
been imported and piled up in reached this point, they will be will­ congress for a bounty, but that when
The lady bird may be a good feeder, I keeping with the spirit of eternal
but it will have to get up early in justice that the railroads try it ended warehouses awaiting the turn ing to join in the effort to pulverize t tbe bountj’ law was passed it was re-
oi tariff legislation.
the rum power. — Toledo Blade.
the morning to beat several of the on a while.
■ garded as a pledge for 15 years, and
native species in getting away with
caused the mortgaging of plantations
passed, uncertainty has been changed
the delicious aphis.
and the expenditure of immense
for certainty. Whether the situation
Enoch Davis, who murdered his sums of money, purchasing modern
A t a meeting of the state board The democratic claim of economi­ be good or bad, it is at least tempo­ wife at Provo, Utah, in 1892, was ex­ machinery and making" improve­
of prison directors of California they cal administration was briefly alluded rarily definite. The consumers who ecuted by being shot on the 14th.
ments for the manufacture of sugar;
decided to purchase 2,000 bales of to by Gov. McKinley in his recent have been doing without things that
Chauncey M. Depew returned from urge the organization of clubs, com­
they needed will make purchases.
jute at 12.92} per 100, and continue speech at Bangor, Me. He said:
mittees and conventions throughout
the making of bags, although it was The financial condition of the country Those manufacturers that can see Europe on Friday and at once de­ the, state with a view of electing
is anything but hopeful and encouraging.
clined to run for governor of New
shown that with the removal of the | With failing revenues, but no material their way to compete with the pro­
members of congress who will stand
duty on jute it was not possible to diminution in expenditures, we are rap­ ducts of foreign factories will resume
by the national republican party in
Senator John H. Mitchell arrived the organization of the house, and
make bags at a profit in competition idly running into debt. The receipts of operations to some extent to meet
in Portland Saturday night from finally declaring that the causes
with importing firms.
the government for the fiscal year 1894 the demand for commodities. Goods
were nearly $89,900,00<) less than the are being released from bonded ware­ Washington and will remain about which have led to the inauguration
two months.
B reckenridge was defeated by receipts of the government for the fiscal houses for the same purpose.
of this movement are of a financial
Democratic speakers and news­ Ex-Vice President Levi P. Morton and industrial nature, and that the
Owens in the Kentucky primaries. I year 1893. The expenditures of the
The only thing to regret about it is government for the year 1894 were nearly papers are now congratulating their was nominated for governor on the character and standing of its leaders
that the bear could not be kepttilive $17,000,000 less than in 1893, while the party and the people on this, which first ballot by the New York conven­ is a sufficient guarantee that that
until November, and knocked in the payments for pensions for 1894 were they term “a revival of business tion Tuesday.
party will advocate good govern­
head with the republican ax. His $18,180,u00 less than for the fiscal year under the influence of tariff reform.”
Robert J., the pacer, accomplished ment for the whole people of this
1893. In the campaign of 1892 a subject Such a claim makes sensible people
defeat is a triumph of righteous sen­
the fastest mile ever run by a horse state. A resolution also demands
much talked about was the extravagance
timent and sound morals, which of the republican fifty-first congress. smile audibly. To talk about a dem­ in harness, at Terra Haute on Fri­ fair elections and honest count at
have had a hard battle ground in the The fact is, that the appropriations for ocratic revival of business it would day. His time was 2:011.
the hands of Governor Foster, a fair
Blue Grass state.
| the first session of the present congress, be necessary to compare the situa­
The latest news from the war is representation for planters on all
democratic in all its branches, are $27,- tion now with that under the McKin­ that in a naval engagement the boards of registration and election.
S enator J ones of Nevada would 269,838.72 greater than at the first ses­ ley law before the election of 1892 Chinese lost two vessels and the Jap­
rather be a live populist than a dead sion of the fifty-second congress, which threw the shadow of democratic su­
T he nomination of Levi P. Morton
anese three. No estimates of the
republican hero. His state is strong­ was so ably presided over by that illus­ premacy over the country. Then
governor by the New York re­
business was booming, wages good,
ly populist and the legislature on trious statesman, Thomas B. Reed.
practically insures a No­
Mrs. Hartley who shot Senator
It is true that the appropriations at the work plenty, and new enterprises
joint ballot is populist by more than
of the old-fashioned
three to one. If he had remained I regular sessions of the present congress, branching out in every direction. Foley of Nevada, has been found kind.
true to the party that has honored just closed, are $28,0u0,000 less than at The present so-called revival is mere­ guilty of murder in the second de­
the last session of the fifty-second
him for twenty years h? would prob­
ly the necessary reaction from the gree. She will be sentenced Decem­ In an interview recently in this
congress, but it must be remembered
ably have lost his seat. He assigned that the democratic party had control of panic and depression of the last two ber 1st.
city. Mr. Richard Gird, owner of the
Colonel Thomas G. Lawler of j great Chino ranch, is reported to
as his reason for joining the pops the house then as it controls both years. Every thinking person of
that it was his only hope of achiev­ branches of congress now. It is worthy of whatever political opinion, expect­ Rockford, Ill., was chosen command­ have stated that the beet harvest on
ing free and unlimited coinage of of note, too, that fllis reduction is found ed it. Compared w’ith the situation er-in-chief of the Grand Army last the Chino ranch will comprise about
in one item alone. There was appro­ before November, 1892, it is still a week. He won by eleven votes over 4,000 acres this season, and there are
priated at the first session of the congress period of hard times, cheap prices, I. N. Walker, of Indianapolis.
about 2,000 acres more in the vicin­
A concern that looks very much $29,099,o04.15 less for pensions than was low wages and scant demand for
The claims which have been pend­ ity. He expects the crop to reach
like a meat trust has opened busi- appropriated at the last session of the labor. Of course there is nothing to ing before Secretary Carlisle for about 60,000 tons, and it would
ness in Portland. Three large mar­ fifty-second congress. Exclusive of pen­ do but to make the best of the situa­ bounty on the production of sugar j probably have been 100,000 tons ex­
kets have been opened and six others sions, President Cleveland expended tion and guard against future follies. have been declined payment on the cept for very dry weather. He al-
from June 30, 1893, to June 20, 1894,
will soon be started.
The retail
ground that the sugar was produced ' leges a gross profit from beets on his
$1,295,677.50 more money to carry on the
prices of fresh meats have been cut government than was expended in the
i ranch of $80 to $90 per acre, and a
before the Wilson bill took effect.
fifty per cent. People will greatly last fiscal year under President Harri­
! ’ net profit of $30 to $40 per acre an-
It is Comparatively easy to obtain
relish cheaper meats, but there is no son’s administration.
nually. Mr. Gird believes California
the figures as to the number of gal­
guarantee that they will remain
supply the world with sugar if
lons of intoxicating liquors of all
cheap longer than is necessary to
available beet land were util­
kinds manufactured within and im­
drive out the local butchers. The
ized. and states that the consump­
Under the reciprocity clauses of
concern is doing business in Seattle,
tion on the Pacific coast is 70 pounds
the McKinley law, Spain felt con­ through the medium of the official monstrosities generally, such as Cor­
Tacoma and Everett, Wash.
per capita.— California Fruit Grower.
strained to reduce her high duties records of the treasury department; bett, Sullivan and Madeline Pollard.
The Peary north pole exploring What it Costs tlic Beet Farmers.
on American imports into Cuba and but it is very difficult to ascertain
W eek before last the R eporter
Porto Rico. Under the reciprocity what the people who consume these party has returned from Greenland
It will be good news to those beet
called attention to the wide discrep­
agreement entered into, our trade liquors pay for them. We can esti­ after a year’s absence. The principal farmers of Pajaro and Salinas valleys
ancy between Portland and Chicago
mate the number of single drinks, of incident of note was the birth of
quotations in the pork market, show­ with these two islands rapidly in­ average size, contained in a gallon, Mrs. Peary’s baby during the expe­ in this state who voted in the fall of
ing that prices in the latter city creased. Our millers gained com­ and figure on the basis of the retail dition and thefreezing of several dogs. 1892 to “down the robber barons of
plete control of their flour trade.
protection” to learn that the thing
were about two cents a pound hign-
American pork, beef, lard, fish and price paid over the bar per drink. The north pole is as much a mystery that they voted for has actually hap­
er than in the former for the same
This gives us at best only an esti­ as ever.
pened, (to them.) The beet barons
class of hogs, as near as one vegetables found a vastly increased mate, but this is the nearest it is
The sugar planters of Louisiana who made contracts to receive $5 per
market. Machinery, hardware, cot­
could judge by reading market re­
ton goods, and manufactured goods possible to come to an ascertainment held an enthusiastic convention in ton for their beets in case the bounty
ports. Supposing the discrepancy
New Orleans on the 17th. The con­ law should stand, and 14.50 if it did
of all kinds went from this country of the nation s drink bill.
was owing to lack of facilities for
Let us take the official figures, and vention went over to the national re­
not, will be overjoyed to know that
handling the hog crop of this section,
There they will receive only the $4.50 rate
creased scale. The British consul make such an estimate for the fiscal publican party in a body.
we mentioned the need of a first-
general at Havana reported to his year ended June 30, 1893. Within was considerable speechmaking, in instead of the $5 as paid them under
class packing establishment in Port­
government that under the reciproc­ that twelvemonth there were con­ which the prominent figures on the the McKinley law. Thus we live and
land. Our supposition was evident­
ity agreement the United States had sumes iu the United States, as a floor took part, and the walls of the learn—some of us. The Pajaroian
ly in error, for in the Oregonian a few
secured the market of the Spanish beverage and in the arts, 99,890,331 hall were freely decorated with pla­ estimates the loss to the beet farm­
days later we saw the picture and
West Indies, and that it was hope­ gallons of distilled liquors. We will cards bearing mottoes of republican ers, who supply stock to the Watson­
accompanyiug description of the
less for British merchants to try to deduct 12 per cent of this sea of li­ doctrine. A representative body ville factory, at $50,000 this year by
Union Meat Company's establish­
quor for the quantity used in the was entrusted with the resolutions,
reason of the recent changes in the
ment, and afterward read the follow­
But the Gorman tariff bill repealed arts, and add 15 per cent for the which were adopted by an over­ tariff. If these be the first fruits of
ing editorial mention:
the McKinley law, including the rec­ water used to dilute it down to the whelming vote of the convention. the first democratic victory, may the
Since we have a company in Portland
average retail strength. This gives The resolutions indorse the platform
good Lord protect us from another!
—the Union Meat Company—which is iprocity clauses, and thus took from 101,089,015 gallons consumed as a
of the recent meeting in this city; —California Fruit Grower.
prepared to buy aud pack all hogs of­ the president the power of imposing
beverage. The average price of a i express belief in the doctrine of pro-
fered, there should no longer be ground duties on West Indian sugar and
of whisky, when sold at re- I tection to all American industries;
In Portland Sunday afternoon
of complaint that the farmer cannot find other products—which power was
market for his hogs, nor any real cause the lever which moved Spain to til over the counter, is $4.50. Hence declare that the people never asked John W.Stengele,a well-known young
for importing hams, bacon, lard and agree to reciprocity trade regula­ ae people paid $454,900,957 for it.
Besides this there were consumed
pickled pork into Oregon. Portland tions. The Gorman law also imposes
should become the central market of a 40 per cent duty- on all imported »,307,422'gallons of imported spirits,
hogs and hog products for the Pacific
raw sugars. Hence Spain has can­ which, at $8 per gallon, cost $10,459,-
coast. This Portland company’s estab­
celled the reciprocity agreement, and 376; of domestic wines, 26,391,235
lishment is a great one, and has facilities
gallons, at $2 per gallon, $52,782,470;
for meeting any demand that may be once more American flour and grain, of foreign wines, 5,596,584 gallons,
made upon it. No single thing can he meatsand meat products, vegetables, at $4 per gallon, $22,386,336; of do-
of more importance to Portland and to machinery and manufactured goods
aestic beer, 1,071,183,827 gallons, at
our northwest states than development must pay a high duty. English mer­
of this great industry.
chants can now successfully compete 0 cents a gallon, $535,591,914, ot
Something must be the matter, with us. Our export trade with •nported beer, 3,362,509 gallons, at
since up to this time Oregon farmers Cuba and Porto Rico will be cut I per gallon, $3,362,509. Adding
have not produced all the hams, ba­ down fully one-half. This is an ex­ these items, we obtain a grand total
con and lard used at home, while ample of the manner in which we of $1,079,483,172 as the nation’s
eastern prices with freight added are going to conquer the markets of
This is simply astounding—that
have governed the local market for the world according to Professor
people of the United States will
the finished product. Instead of be­ Wilson.— Toledo Blade.
tax themselves for something
ing a cent or two lower, it naturally
California, empire of the Pacific, salutes the world.
1 ■ hich is in no wise of the slightest
China and Japan.
looks as though Oregon farmers
Her Midwinter Fair closed in a midsummer blaze of glory
The troubles between China and aenetit to anyone, but rather an in­
ought to get a cent or two more from
only to the Columbian Exposition in extent, variety
home packers. A great deal of gra­ Japan bring to mind what Napoleon
tuitous advice is given to farmers the First said when urged-by some of
and splendor, the coast display was a veritable triumph.
about what they ought to raise on his generals to conquer China and | truth when he declared that “what
Out of her abundance the state poured her treasures—and
their acres, and just now they are make it a French province as the maintains a vice will bring up two
the nations of the earth came to aid her in her noble
children;” and it is certain that what
being vociferously counseled to raise British had India.
“Better let China alone. The Chin­
more hogs. The prudent person be­
Memorable were the exhibits—of gold and silver, of
fore he acts upon such advice is apt ese do no harm at present. If we
to look a little ahead to the prospects conquer them we shall teach them oat the truth of the saying. But
wheat and oil, of fruit and wine, of silk and wool—of all
of a market for his hogs after he the art of war. They may raise up tais is not the worst of the matter.
that man and nature could combine to produce. And nc
has raised them. If he finds the and equip armies, buy or bnild navies, The total volume of alcoholic intoxi­
exhibit attracted more attention or excited warmer approval
market cornered against him and endanger France and perhaps all Eu­
than that of
prices held at just about such a mar­ rope.”
gin below Chicago and Omaha quo­ Both the Chinese and Japanese greater ratio than is the population.
tations as would cover railroad are making rapid progress toward The following figures show the in­
transportation to those cities, he is becoming important factors in the crease in the cost of the liquors con-1
sumed for the past ten years. The
Official tests showed it to be highest in leavening power,
not greatly encouraged to enter the world’s politics.
same method of computing the
field as a competitor with Missouri
purest in quality, and most efficient in results of all baking
and Iowa pork-raisers. If the city
I t seems to be rather a pity that amount paid was used as in the com­
powders made. Accordingly, the Highest Award and Gold
•of Portland expects to maintain her the planters who raised sugar, and putation for 1893, given above:
Cost of liquors.
Medal were conferred on Dr. Price’s at the Midwinter Fair.
position as the great commercial the multitude of poor who used su­
1883 ................. .................... $ 708,089,2.63
metropolis of the northwest, her gar, both alike failed to know and 1J84 ................. ................... 717,818,945
The triumph at San Francisco confirms the victory at
business men and capitalists must appreciate what the republican par­ 1885................... ................... 678,374,931
Chicago. The Midwinter Fair verdict sustains and vindi­
not permit her avarice to become a ty had done for them, until too late. Ia86 .................. ................... 717,069,816
cates the bestowal of highest honors on Dr. Price’s by the
hanaicap <>n the agricultural re- It will take both time and labor to Iaô7................... ................... 762,599,015
jury of awards at the World’s Columbian Exposition.
sources of the surrounding country correct the blunder.
1888 .................. ...................
Yamhill County Reporter.
He Can’t Live
Golden Honors
Golden Coast
Dr. Price’s Baking Powder
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder
Saturday Sept. 15
It’s our pleasure
and aim
Times are Hard
to supply ail
Customers with
want and are
what they want-
entitled to the
and Best the
Market affords
and best
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Notions, Trimmings
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Next Week.
seen to
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displayed in
Yamliill County
At the Lowest Prices
civil engineer, shot and killed Mrs.
Mabel Colvin, of Worcester, Mass.,
who had been visiting with relatives,
and then placing the deadly revolver
to his own head, blew out his brains.
The tragedy occurred on the side­
walk on the south side of Yamhill
street about 100 feet west of Thir­
teenth street. Three shots were
fired in quick succession, and the
man and woman fell side bj’ side on
the pavement. Stengele died in­
stantly, and his victim gave only
one or two gasps after the arrival of
several bystanders who witnessed
the shooting.
Unrequited love
prompted the double crime.
There is more Catarrh in this section of
the country than all other diseases put
together, and until the last few years was
supposed to be incurable. For a great
many years the doctors pronounced it a
local disease, and prescribed local reme­
dies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it in­
curable. Science has proven catarrh to
be a constitutional disease and therefore
requires constitutional treatment. Hall’s
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney <fc Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on tlie market. It is
taken internally in doses from 10 drops
to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and tnucotis surfaces of the sys­
tem. They offer one hundred dollars for
any case it fails to cure. Send for circu­
lars and testimonials. Address,
F. J. C heney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Is Hatching at
It interests everybody who
desires to buy cheap Groceries.
You are asked to call and
learn the proposition
Real Estate Transfer*.
Week ending September 19th:
O P and Isabella McLaughlin to
Mary E Heider lots 1 and 2 blk
4 Bibee’s add to Sheridan.. ... I 225
John and Lucy M Glen and W T
and Jane H Pillman to Elizabeth
Bradley part lot 218 in Dayton
S E and J F Smith and L C and W
L Robertson to S H and J G
Dorrance blk 8 Deskins’ 2d add
to Newberg ............................ .
A P Oliver to Alfred Wheeler lot 1
“Little Homes”subdivi«iont3r3 150
II C Burns adinr estate H G Burns
to Mary L Burns lots 5 and 6 blk
9 and lot 5 and part lot C blk 4
McM and lots 7 and 8 blk 9 Row­
land’s add to McM............... •.... 2750
Juo W and A E Ilanville to Mary
L Burns 178 a pt Jno Monroe, G
W Phillips and J L Guinn die’s
t 5 r 4 and 5.................................
Mary Laud H C Burns toPermelia
A McClain lots 5 and 6 blk 9
McM................................................ 2300
Sam’l and Mahala Cozine to Ada
C Hopkins lot 4 blk N lots 3 and
4 blk M Cozine’s arid to McM
W and Ellen Simmons to Ada C
Hopkins lot 4 blk N Cozine’s 3d
add to McM..................... .............
Geo and Sarah Harty to Ladd &
Reed Farm Co 1.18 a pt Dennis
Hart}- die t5r4.............
J T and N A Isham to L C Forrest
lots 2 and 3 blk 2 Wheatland.
J S and Maria Martin to H M Dan­
iel % int in 7.19 a pt Solomon
Beary die t 4 r 4 and mill race
and riparian rights....................... loooe
the Circuit Court of the Stale of
W. P FRASER,* Plaintiff )
100 acres in cultivation; good pasture for cattle
two houses, two barns and two orchards. Wilf
sell all or a part on easy terms, or will rent on
condition that renter buys team and farming
implements. The above is a fine farm situated
four miles southeast of Dayton. Boat landing
and warehouse with cleaners less than one mile
Box 106, McMinnville, Or.
The Standard Dictionary
Oregon for
MAGGIE FRASER, Defendant.)
To Maggie Fraser, the above named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon, you arc here­
by notified and required to appear and answer
the complaint filed against you in the above
flamed court, by the first day of the term follow­
ing the expiration of the tune prescribed in the
order for the publication of this summons, to* wit*
Monday, September 24th, A D
and if vou
fail so to appear or answer, for want thereof the
plaintifl will apply to the court for the relief
prayed for in the complaint herein, to-wit: A
decree dissolving the marriage contract now ex­
isting between the plaintiff'and the defendant,
and for such other and further relict as mav be
meet in the premises.
This summon* is served bv publication thereof
for aix weeks, by order of Hon T A. Stephens,
Judge of the circuit court for the tth judicial dis­
trict, made August 'Jtfa, A. D. 1894
Attorney for Plaintifl.
Defines 75,000 more words and
phrases than any other diction­
ary in the English Language.
The best and most complete ever issued
to the English-speaking race. The most
learned men of this country and England
have endorsed it, and to their verdict is
added that of leading American colleges
It is just the thing for everyone in want of a
(rood comprehensive and reliable dictionary
that (»abreast of modern scholarship It is
destined to hold preeminence for roans
years to come. Henceforward our old friends
«ehster and Worcester must take a back
seat. Sold only oy subscription at a price
most satisfactory.
Publishers' Agent
Newberg, Oregon
In tbe circuit court of tbe state of Oregon for
the county of Yamhill.
Henrietta Mabel Bush. *)
)• Department No. 2.
Marston Bush,
Defendant, J
O Marston Bush, the above named defendant:
lu the name of the slate of Oregon you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com­
plaint filed against you in the above entitled suit
in the above named court on or before Monday,
the 24th day ot September, 1694. tbe same beimr
the first day of the next regular term of said court
following six weeks publicationot this summons,
an 1 you will take notice that if you fail so to ai-
penr and answer said complaint tbe plaintifl will
apply to tbe court for the relief praved for in tbe
complaint, to-wit:
l or a decree dissolving the marriage contract
no a * existing between plaintifl'and defendant and
for care and custody of Edmund Bush, Lula
Hik-h and Frederick Bush, minor children of
filaintifl aud defendant, and for 6Uch other re-
ief as the plaintiff may be entitled to iu equity
and good conscience, and I *r co ■
Ibis summons i - tv . I l.j , rdication in the
Yambill Reporter n new »p i » r i ni l: hed in said
county and state by six w e
p il i ation there­
of by order of Hon. H. H Hewitt, judge of the
aforesaid court, made lu the city of Albany, court-
tyw .t Linn, state of Oregon, tbe 9th day of August
E. E. SELPH, Atty for Pi tt