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By issuing a MAMMOTH EXTRA deroted
entirely to McMinnville. Look for it.
----- THE VALUE OF-----
Circulation Guaranteed Greater Than That of Any Other Paper Published in Yamhill County.
M c M innville ,
REGISTER Established August, 1881
TELEPHONE Established June, 1886
A ttorney
How to Guide Your Conduct
During; the Month by the
L aw
Office in Fletcher building, Third Street.
Jupiter now transits the place of
the total eclipse of the sun of the 1st of
January last, observes the seer ZadkieL
developing the trade and commerce of
D r . F. S. L ocke .
San Francisco, and probably causing re­
newed shocks of earthquakes in tlie
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
ninety-nine degrees of west longitude.
The stationary position of Saturn in Vir­
Professional calls promptly attended day
go 3 degrees and 55 miuntes afflicts with
or night.
. .
B )
Office at ol.l Printing office.
a certain royal horoscope. The king of
the Belgians and M. Rochefort will be
companions in misfortune now, for Sa­
turn afflicts the moon’s place in their
Calbreath & Goucher,
horoscopes. The conjunction of Mars
and Uranus in Libra 26 degrees and 6
minuteB brings a sorry Christmas to per­
M c M innville ,
O regon .
sons born on or about the 19th of Octo­
(Office over Braly’s Bank.)
ber, particularly to those born in 1849
and 1865. The conjunction of Mars and
S, A. YOUNG. M. D.
Uranus in Libra 26 degrees and 6 min­
utes bring a sorry Christmas to persons
Physician & Surgeon,
purity, strength and wholesomeness. More born on or about the 19th of October,
Oaxoox. economical than tlie ordina y kinds, and particularly to those born in 1849 and
cannot be sold in competition with multi­
1865. The conjunction of Mercury and
Office and residence on I> street. All tude of low test, short weight alum or phos­
phate powder. Sold only in cans. R oyal Jupiter in Capricornus 16 degrees 4 min­
i alls promptly answered day or night.
B aking P owder C o , 106 Wall St., N. Y utes benefits all who were born on or
near the 7th of January, especially those
born in 1866, or 1854, or 1819. The 4th,
8th, 18th, 21st, 23d, 25th and 27th of this
Practicing Physician and Surgeon,
month are fortunate birthday anniver­
o------ o
saries (excepting for those who were
Is now fitted up in first class order.
born when the moon held either the
Jan, 21, W.
Accommodations as good as can be fourth degree of Virgo or the twenty­
found in the city.
seventh degree of Libra). The 22d inst.
is an evil birthday anniversary for those
S. £. MESSINGER, Manager.
who were born in either 1870, 1867,
1855,1849, 1845, 1835, 1832 or 1826. On
the other hand, it is fortunate for those
born in either 1857, 1854, 1835, 1846,
1838, 1834, 1834, 1830 or 1829. Tbe king
of Greece finds fate pressing him bard.
If so be «tire nod call for your tickets
via the
Toward tbe close of this year we shall
hear of a destructive earthquake in
South America.
Raphael's Prophetic Messenger says:
“The new moon occurs early in the
morning of the 23d, at which time the
In building formerly occupied by Me I
end of Virgo will be rising, and Mars
Minnville News Co
will be located in the first house, Hersch­
el will be on the cusp of the second,
Mercury on the cnsp of the third, with
lights therein, and Saturn will just have
passed the cusp of the twelfth house.
The oriental jiosition of Mars, he being
It is positively the shortest anti finnt in quartile aspect to Jupiter, is ver}- un­
line to Chicago and the east -a nd south and favorable for the United Kingdom, and
On Short or Long Time in Sums to suit the only sleeping and dining car through will people serious dissensions in the
line to
lowest Rates and no Commissions.
land, distress, panics and failures in the
Omaha, KaniiM City, and nil Missouri money market; also many fires and ac­
Hiver Point.
cidents, more especially in the eastern,
| ’all on or address :|
Its magnificent steel track, unsurp ssed southern and midland counties. The
------ -----------
service and elegant (lining
v and I luminaries in square aspect to Saturn
W. T. SHURTLEFF, sleeping
cars has honestly earned for it the
will cause the death of great and noble
title of
At J. I. Knight A Co.’s McMinnvile, Or.
persons, and probably some sickness in
the royal family. Uranus on the cusp of
Tlie Royal IRoiite the second is unfavorable for money,
trade and commerce, and a marked fall­
^ù_tterLtion. I Others may imitate,but none can surpass it ing off in the customs receipts may be
Our motto is “always on time ’’
expected. Mercury on the cusp of the
Be sure and ask ticket agents for tickets third in semi-square to Jupiter will dam­
A new invention for Dress-Cutting that via this celebrated route and take none
age the railway interests and depress
can lie used by a lady and gentleman and others.
giye perfect fit Price of scale, including a
the market value of their shares. Saturn
No, 4 Washington street, Portland. Or
key of full instructions, can he had by call­
near the twelfth, and heavily afflicted,
ing on or addressing
points to much crime, robbery and
Notice of Final Settlement.
theft, and that pauperism will increase
Notice is hereby given that the under­ greatly. Jupiter in the forth in square
administrator of the estate of Elzira
Stater deceased, lias filed his final account to Mars denotes a windy month, with a
of his ailministration of said estate in the higher temperature than usual, many
Second door south of Postoilice.
county court of Yamhill county. Oregon
and said court has fixed the 7th day of Jan­ squalls and probably thnnder. Earth­
uary, WOO. at the hour of 10 o’clock, a m.. quakes will occur in the southern coun­
at the county court room at McMinnville, tries of Europe.
Oregon, as tiie time anil place for hearing
the same.
Following are the admonitions for each
Therefore, all persons interested in said day in the month :
Has the most complete stock of harness
1. Sunday—Travel and visit thy
aiqiear at said time and place and show
in the county. At present 12 set of sin­
cause, if any there be. why said estate be ■ friends.
gle harness, hand made, m prices
not finally settled and said administrator
2. A doubtful day. Be very careful.
ranging from 112 to $.30, and 8
Dated this 28th day of November. 1880,
3. Still very doubtful.
set of team harness as cheap
4. Buy, deal, ask favors, and hire
Administrator of said Estate.
I servants before 3 p. m.
Can be seen on the hooks in my shop.
5. Avoid the fair, and do not travel.
I have competent workmen employed
6. Sell till noon, after which doubtful.
to do all kinds of repairing and to make
J 00.04». L. st 115
Jwati h in the world. I’.rtect
any harness ordered. I also keep a full
Travel and negotiate business in
timekeeper Warranted heavy,
stock of oil and rubber robes, lap robes,
"XSOLID GOLD hunting’ cases.
the morning.
horse covers, saddles, etc. A full line of
IBoth ladies and pent's sizes,
«with works mid cases of
8. Sunday—Travel and court the fair.
extras for repairs constantly on hand.
/equal value. Oxi: FE::«OMin
^eath totality can secure one
9. Sell before 4 p. m., but do not buy.
/Tn*»’, together with our large
and xaiiidbl** line of Household
10. An nnpropitions day; be very
Maniples. These sample», as well
as the watch, are free. All the w. rk yon
need do is to show what we send you to those who call—your
friends and neighbors mid those about you—that always results
11. Court, marry; for other purposes
in valuable trade for us, which holds foryearsv. he r once started,
and thus we are repaid. We pay all express, freight, etc. After
the day is unprotitious.
you know all, if you would like to go to work for us. you can
House. Sign, and Orh.uneiital Painter earn
from «?« to SlIO per week and upwards. Address,
12. Travel, ask favors, deal with law­
Stinson «fc Co., llox *1«, Portland» Maine.
yers, buy and push thy business.
The Only Sign Writer in the County.
13. Very doubtful influences prevail
tfa have the Exclusive Contrôlât
Homes fitted up in the Neatest and Most
this day.
Artistic Style.
14. Buy in the afternoon before 6.
Designs furnished for Decorations
15. Sunday—Sign no writings this
Remember Paper Hanging an<i Inside Fur­
; day, neither travel.
nishing a Specialty
16. Court, marry and hire servants.
Work taken by Contract or by the Day.
17. Be careful of quarreling and dis-
perienced men employed.
Third Street, McMinnville, Oregon.
18. Deal with aged persons, 6ign pa­
I |>ers and negotiate thy business to tite
! utmost.
M c M innville national bank .
19. Much uncertainty prevails; be-
Corner Third and C streets, in Braly block.
20. Sell, but for alight else the day is
Transacts a General Banki ng Business,
21. Court, marry and hire servants be­
Anu don't have to offer a prize to eel! this
fore 1 p. m.
President.............................I. W. COWLS
Goode, for its the BEST MADE. Every Can holds
22. Sunday—Travel and visit all thy
Vice President.......... LEE LAUGHLIN
Cashier..................... J. L. STRATTON
23. Buy up to 1 p. m., after which be
Sells sight exchange and telegraphic
transfers on Portland. San Franco anil New
24. Ask favors and buy carefully.
Collections maile on all accessible points.
25. Christmas day—Court and marry.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
2G. Sell; for a ught else the day is evil.
Office hours from 9 a. ni. to 4 p m.
27. Buy, travel, negotiate business,
and push thy affairs.
M c M innville
28. An uncertain day; be careful.
29. Sunday—Keep quiet; the day is
W. J. El-
CARLIN & HIGH, Proprietors
vrite«: "I
30. A most uncertain day; postpone
Goods of all descriptions moved and care­
our album at
matters of irn portance.
ful handling guaranteed. Collections will
be made monthly Hauling of a 1 kinds
day 's work."
31. Buy, ask favors, and push thy bus­
done cheap
* ’« K*'« ea-
ettera. Every
McMinnville. Oregon
Absolutely Pure.
The St Charles Hotel.
R ooks ,
Musical Goods and Instrnmeuts
of all Kinds.
Improved Farm Property
<*ne who takes hold of tltisgrami
Stocked with the Choicest Wines,
ora and Cigars—Domestic and Imported.
Best Bar in tKe City
WM. MARTIN. Proprietor.
Euriskc Market,
Fresh Meats of all kinds constantly on
band. Highest price paid for Butcher’s
T hird S treet . M c M i ^ nviiti . (Y r .
i giand proliis
Shall we start YOU in Jhis business,
trader : Write tous and leant all nlmi t it •< r youiself We
are starting many; «e •. ill stmt you ii y < ti don t delay until
auothTgeis ahead of you in youi pmt <t heioimtrv h v<>u
take hold you will be able to pit k up g d«l fast D.f’ jleCild —
i hi account of a forced mnnatm ;un r's sale 1 ii»,0170 ten
dollar l,hoh>|.'r:i]>li Albimi.
t > l.t-< I io the
l•• .pl - fi r
< aeh. Hound in !;• x-.i < rim*on Silk \ i S t
l’lii’li. (Iiannhiglv decorated in«idc«. H •nd-< • ■ >«••.» a!b:tni- in !l:j
world. Largest Size. Greatest bargain’ ever known. Ag- uts
wanted. Liberal terms. Dig nvmey tor ag‘-nt«. Anron>’iin
become a successful agent. Sells ii-. if <n sight—lit’le or tio
talking necessary. Wherever abowu, .v rv < nexvmit’ i*> pur­
chase. Agents lake thousands of <-r<lers with rapidity ne’er
before known. Great profits await every worker. Agent’are
making fortune«. Ladies make a« much a* mtn. V«»ti. n:ui> r,
can do as well as any one. V:ill information aud tern • fr»u«,
to those who write for ».line, witli particular« and ii-rrii« :’..i our
Eeniily Bibles, Books and Periodicals.
After y n kn-o. a.I,
»!.■ ul 1 yon conclude to go no further, n by no liiirni i- done
Address E. C. ALLL.X i UC
AlUUMA M aine .
M flIIE*
V Ell QTId"
I IwCllw
°r others,who wish to exarr.-n*
this paper. Of obtain estimates
on advertising space when in Chicago, will find it on file at
the Advertising Agency pf
D. S. Terry’s Life Insurance.
The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance
company has sued Sarah Althea Terry,
Clinton II. Terry and C. G. Sayle ad­
ministrator of the estate of David S.
Terry, deceased, to compel them to ac­
cept the amount of a $5,000 life insurance
policy which the late Mr. Terry had on
bis life, less $166.95, which he owed the
company as a premium. The company
says it is informed that Mr. Terry died
intestate in Lathrop, Cal., on the 14th of
last August, and as there is dispute as to
who is entitled to the life insurance tbe
company asks permission to pay the
money into court and let the heirs settle
their differences among themselves.
oreg - on .
Uses of Very’ Higli Towers.
T hursday , D ecember
Tlie Great Artesian Basin.
19, issò .
A Chinese Romance.
VOL. I. NO. 46.
A Wrecker I Life.
Luxury in tlie Tomb.
An obscure American girl, born and I “There goes a man whose life was iu-1 Mrs. Henry Hiller, wife of the late Dr.
It appears that we are really going to
In the upper San Joaquin valley, or
have a second, revised, and enlarged edi­ what is more commonly termed the Tu- grown to womanhood on tbe island oi ined by forgetting the simple character 0 Hiller, of Wilmington, Mass., lias made
tion of Eiffel's tower in London. Prob­ lare valley, is to be found the greatest Martinique, became empress of France, said a prominent railroad man yester­ for herself a burial robe at a cost of $20,•
ably the first object of the promoters of artesian basin in California, if not in the but the story of a woman’s life even day, pointing to a ragged, besotted man OOJ. The robe is made of w hite Ottanian
such a tower would be to make it pay; United States. It covers a territory six- i more remarkable than that of Josephine shambling along the street unmindful of silk, corded heavily. There is also a
wilderness of white silk lace running in
but there are other uses of a lofty struc­ ty miles in length, and from fifteen to conies from China.
the rain.
ture of this kind might be applied to, twenty miles in length, and is gradually
More than forty years ago, when Tseng
“He was a train dispatcher on the perpendicular |>anels aud tucked ai d
and its interest to ourselves and many extending. Many of these wells dis­ Kwo Yon was governor general of tbe Ohio and Mississippi once, having work­ gathered and fluted UDtil it stands out to
others would be that it would undoubt­ charge over 2,000,000 gallons every twen­ Chinese province of Kwong Yung, a ed up to that position from messenger a distance of five inches. Between tlie
edly afford valuablo means of scientific ty-four hours, and there is one in the pretty and bashful little girl about elev­ boy in the telegraph office. One Sun­ panels of silk and lace are intermediate
observation, especially of a meterologi- Smith colony in Kern county which en years old was sold to him as a slave. day he had onlv two trains on his divi­ panels constructed solely of daisies made
cal character. The proposed tower flows 3.000,000 gallons every twenty-four The governor's wife liked the little girl, sion, an express train running west and in France of pure silk after an original
would allow of an inquiry into the at­ hours. Such a well is said to be capable whose name was Cbi Shi, and under­ a fast stock train running east. The day design. It is estimated that 3000 of these
mospheric conditions up to 1,200 feet. of irrigating two sections of land, and a took to raise her as one of her own fam­ was warm and sultry, and Bill, for that daisies are sewed into the gowu. The
Instruments for measuring the beat of good-sized canal is required to carry tbe ily. Cbi Shi was bright and quick and is his name, had hard work to keep robe opens in front and is fastened by
the sun’s rays, such as black bulb ther­ water. Another well spouts water to the at sixteen she was the mo6t beautiful awake. He knew that as soon as he 200 solid silver books.
mometers tn vacuo, and actinometers., height of thiity feet whenever the well and cultivated girl in the province. It made the meeting point for the trains be
When the doctor’s funeral took place*
disposed at the top and bottom of the is uncapped. Just south of Tulaie lake was time for her to be settled in life. could doze, and be impatiently awaited year ago, the corpse was carried to its
tower would also give very interesting and within a radius of ten miles, there The old governor, as well as his wife, the time. When the trains were close resting place in a silk-lined, gold-plated,
readings, tlie instruments at the highest are about three dozen of these wells, av­ was much attached to her, and was will­ enough together lor him to figure a meet­ and elaborately carved casket of solid
station probably showing an excess of eraging a flow of nearly 2,000,000 gal­ ing to furnish a dowry, but it was impos­ ing point he sent an order to the passen­ uiahoganv, enclosed in anothei casket
the sun’s heat over the other, because lons to the well for every twenty-four sible to find her a suitable husband. ger train to meet and pass the stock extravagantly appointed. The body is
of the atmospheric humidity intervening hours. Some of these wells send up There was an insurmountable barrier. train at a little station called Willow guarded night and day.
The widow during the interval has
between the earth’s immediate service considerable natural inflammable gas; Chi Shi was big-footed. Being a slave, Valley, Gxing the time at 12:50. To the
and an altitude of 1,200 feet. Thermom­ and there is a well near Tulare lake, her feet had never been compressed in stock train he sent an order that it could been constructing two casket» and sarco­
eters disposed at various heights, and where, it is said, coffee can be made by infancy, and when Bhe grew up to wom­ have until 1:25 to make Willow Valley phagi, one for her husband and one for
properly screened from radiation, would the heat furnished by the gas as it comes anhood she wore sandals as large as the for the passenger. See tlie mistake? lie herself, which surpass anything ever
show the temperature of the atmosphere up out of the well. A short time ago the shoes of a fashionable American young forgot the 0, and hence gave the stock seen. The material is solid mahogany,
at different levels; the air would probab­ well borers working on the farm of Clias. lady. Poor Chi Shi’s feet were agains* train thirty-five minutes more time than specially imported and elaborately pol«
ly be found colder on rising higher and Lamberson, near Tulare lake, brought her. All her beauty and accomplish­ he should. Bill saw his mistake ten ished and carved. Corded silk, costing
higher, giving this curious result—that up peices of petrified wood with their au­ ments went for nothing. Many a wealthy minutes after he had made it, but it was $40 a yard, is used for lining. The
the sun would be warmer at the top gers when at a depth of 1000 feet. How young Chinaman would have been glad too late there being no telegraph stations hinges and knobs are of solid gold, one
than at the bottom ; but, in the absence it came there is a matter for conjecture. to take her, had her feet been modeled between the points where the trains were knob weighing six pounds.
of the sun, the air would be colder at the During the summer a gentleman living according to Chinese etiquette, but they given the orders and the meeting point.
The niansouleum will be of hammered
top. At night the distribution of the in Kern county was surprised one day at were not, and she therefore could not be He sent for the superintendent and or­ granite. In the feur wall» will be built
temperature in the atmosphere is known finding several small fishes in a trough admitted to society.
dered out the wrecking crew, then sat at windows, through which it is planned to
to be the reverse of the day-time. On a where the water ran out of an artesian
For a long time the governor did not the key pale as death, awaiting have rays of coloied light enter, a differ­
fine clear night the temperature will be well located on his ranch. At first he know what to do with little Shi, but at news of the collision. It came. Tlie ent light from each window, which,
found higher at 1,000 feet than it is on supposed that some one was trying to last it occurred to him to place her in passenger train reached Willow Valley blending, will fall upon the caskets rest­
the earth, while on a cloudy night it will play a joke on him. He took the fishes the emperor’s harem. That was es­ on time, waited the required thirty min­ ing side by side. Within the caskets
be much tlie same at both stations; but out cf the trough, but his surprise knew teemed an honor in China. It was true utes under the tim> card rules for the will stand, each on four brass legs, and
we have much to learn on the laws of no bounds the next morning he found the emperor might never see her, for he freight train and then pulled out. Three chair» of magnificent design will be cut
terrestrial radiation, and the proposed quite a number of the finny tribe swim- had several hundred wives, but she minutes later the two trains mot on a in the mausoleum for the accommoda­
tower would be very useful in that re­ ming around. There was but one way to would be taken care of all her life. Chi curve, both running at a high rate of tion of sightseers.
Mrs. Hiller will soon hold a reception
spect. Of course an observer would be account for their being there. They had Shi consented, and she became a mem­ speed. Fourteen lives were lost in the
expected to race day and night up and come up out of the artesian well. An ber of the harem. Almost by chance collision, besides $100,000 worth of prop­ for the exhibition of the caskets, in the
down a tower, 1,200 feet high, to make examination of the fishes bj’ different tlie emperor became acquainted with her erty destroyed. Bill resigned at once invitation» to which is a picture of the
observations and read thermometers; persons resulted in their being pronounc­ and was fascinated by her beauty and and the next day disappeared. For a coffin, with “Admit One,” written be­
this would be too great, and indeed an ed a species that is to be found in the intelligence. He did not mind her big long lime it was thought he had commit­ neath. The total outlay by Mr». Biller
unnecessary devotion to science. The Owens river country, situated almost di­ feet, for, being an emperor, he could af­ ted suicide, but I met him on the street will not be far short of $5,<M)0,000.
whole thing cau be done from below in a rectly on the opposite side of the Sierra ford to override fashion.
here one day just as you see hitn—a total
The Mysterious Stranger.
comfortable building by means of Sie- Nevada range. In the month of Au­
Bj’ and by, when Chi Shi became the wreck.”
nien’s electrical thermometers. Such an gust one of the wells lying near the father of a son, she was raised bylaw
The sun was just rising. Its rays lit
up the distant bluffs on the Kentucky
instrument has been used for some time, northern shore of Tuiare lake gave indis­ from the position of imperial favorite to '
The Knrth
side of the Father of Waters’ .yellowest
and is now at work at the Lincoln cathe­ putable sighs of a subtei ranean disturb­ that of empress, and was, next to the
dral, giving correct thermometer read­ ance. The water suddenly fell in the emperor, the greatest personage in the
No particle of Band which goes down son and strove in vain to pierce the dense
ings on the earth's surface from a height well and as suddenly rose again, but in empire. When the emperor died his into the sea ever comes buck. Yet mil­ and mephitic cloud that liung like a pall
of 270 feet. Besides observations for that short time the color it assumed was other sons were set aside, and Chi Shi’s lions of particles leave the surface of the over the Buckeye metropolis. A stranger
temperature at various altitudes, the an ashy white. It also became tepid boy, then only five years old, was made earth every second and are carried, sus­ alighted from a railway train that had
state of humidity of the atmosphere, a and remained in that condition for sever­ sovereign, with his mother as regent. pended in the waters of more than 20,- successfelly penetrated the 714 odors,
condition greatly concerned in the for­ al hours, when it resumed its natural In that capacity she became the absolute 000 rivers, out into the ocean. There each nne worse than the others, that had
mation of fogs, could be readily exam­ condition.
ruler of China, and proved herself not are inoie than 100 streams classed as to be passed through before reaching the
ined, dry and wet bulb thermometers
inferior in either will or intellect to Eliz­ rivers, in the state of Louisiana alone. station. He aptieared uninjured, but
History of Roman Punch.
disposed at various heights and in elec­
abeth of England, or Catherine of Rus­ Each one of these lias several hundred wore a tired look nnd u long linen duster.
trical connection with the station below
creeks, brooks and spring branches tri­ In his hand lie carried n sharp, wedge-
The history of ponche a la Romaine is sia.
would yield interesting observations, curious. It has been the summer refresh­
In 1875, Chi Shi’s son, the emperor, butary to it. Each brook or spring shaped valise. Disdaining the spontane­
and assist materially in conjunction ment of successive popes for over eighty died and was succeeded b}’ a son of his branch, with its countless rivulets, ous reception heartily accorded to him
with the barometer in forecasting the years, and their chefs were threatened half brother, who, like his predecessor, clasps the hillsides and drags down the by the hack men and other brigands that
weather. The force and direction of the with a'.l kinds of horrors aud punishmen* was only five years of age on his acces­ surfaces thereof—down into the brooks infested the vicinity, he strode up town
winds at various altitudes are subjects if they ever divulged the secret of its sion. He is the present emperor and —down into the creeks—down into the with the general external appearance of
for meterological inquiry ef much inter­ preparation. When Napolean invaded lias been completely under tbe influence rivers—down to old ocean. And there a man who bad a public duty to perform
est and importance; there are eddies in Italy in 1797 this terrible interdict was of Cbi Shi, who, in spite of the size of the atoms rest patiently; each atom and was going to do it if the world came
the atmosphere, spiral and upward cur­ broken through. A son of Pius VI.’s her feet, and that she was reared in waiting for others now resting in the to an end the next minute after. Exci­
rents, of which little is known, and a chief confectioner, by name Molas, as slavery, has been for thirty year.«, and green fields, blit soon to join the com­ ted, determined and strong lunged, that
tower such as that now contemplated soon as he found the French were con­ is still, the real ruler of China.
man stood erect in a hall a few hours la­
rade gone before.
would allow of very interesting observa­ querors, ran away from his father and
To-day an atom forms part of a farm in ter and looked fearlessly around at the
tions to be made on winds. We may al­ united his fortunes with them.
The Dog Had to (iimb
Iowa or Missouri, to-morrow it is on its bare walls and empty benches. In a
so venture to suggest that the informa­
way to the gulf. This process has been loud, imperious, commanding voice that
The young man became the favorite
tion thus obtained would have an im­ servant of the Empress Josephine, and
We were comfortably seated around going on since the beginning of time— echoed ami rc-eclioed in the lonely build­
portant practical bearing in an engineer­ after her death became cook to the Rus­ the hearth at Horter Lake, Pike county, since ‘‘the earth was without form and ing he spoke of the deadly perils that
ing point oi view, as showing the sian Prince Lieven, whom he accom­ Pa., and the spirit of story-telling was void;” the primeval rocks have been menaced the country. In accenta of
strength of the wind buildings may have panied to London when that prince was strong upon us, because the fishing had disintegrated and spread fertile withering scorn he asked how ninch
to withstand at great heights. The appointed ambassador to the court of been unusually good and the supper was field, to be slowly sifted out and washed longer this nation could exist, or ought
measurement of rainfall, made simultan­ St. James. This Russian first made bounteous. The flash and sparkle of wit into the ocean, perhaps again to lie up- to exist, unless it heeded his solemn
eously at 1 200 feet and on the ground, this papal beverage in London by intro­ Billed the upper air as with a fine aurora heaved and formed into islands and con­ warning. There was no reply. There
would add to our knowledge of the laws ducing it at the prince’s table. The and a halo of calm bliss encircled the tinents—abiding places for coming gen­ was no one present to hear or to answer.
of rainfall; it would be found that less prince regent asked for the recipe and brow of each entranced listener. But erations. All life, animate and inamin In tlie busy city outside the tide of com­
rain falls at the top than at the bottom. permitted copies to be given to a select first the drug and then the antidote. The ate, is simply an illustration of this merce ebbed and flowed, and the nation
The connection of this phenomenon with few of bis friends, and by degrees it be­ benevolent colonel drew us down gently grinding down process; of the master continued to rush recklessly on to de­
atmospheric humidity and temperatuie came better known and is now well from the giddy heights with a story of a rubbing down the bumps to fill up tlie struction. It was not Lis fault. He liad
would be very interesting to investigate. known all over the world.
done his his duty, lie read a series of
coarse plebeian locally known as a cat­ hollows.
Finally, earth tremors, the forerunners
The final outcome, after millions of ringing resolutions, declared the meet­
The original Vatican recipe is: “Pre­ fish. Thus ran the tale: “A man and
of earthquakes, would be felt at the sum­ pare a very rich pineapple or sherbet; his dog went fishing in the Mississippi. years, of this smoothing down process ing adjourned, and came out of the hall
mit of a high tower much more readily have it a little tart with lemon juice, In a shott he felt a mighty pull on the on the surface of our globe, will make with a faraway look that a patriot wears
than in contact with the earth, and taking the greatest care that none of the line, and he knew that a catfish had tak­ the earth partake of the nature of a huge alio lias done bis best to save an un-
earthquakes might be expected to pro­ zest or oil from the yellow rind, or tlie en hold. The giant came on peacefully billiard ball sailing in the sky—devoid of giutefull country that doesn’t want to be
duce greatly magnified effects at such an bitterness from the white underlying enough until he happened to change his hills or valleys, mountains or plains.
elevation; hence a seismomeier would pith, be allowed to enter into the com­ mind, and then he decided to donble on
He was the greenback party ot the
find a fitting place at the top of the pro­ position of this sherbet. In order to be his course, and take the man along. The The Mighty Annies of Europe. United States holding a national confer«
posed building. A great deal might be ceitain of this it is better, first, to grate faithful dog, seeing his master’s danger,
ence meeting.
Statements vary as to the magnitude
added to this subject. We have not off the yellow rind from the lemons, rushed to the rescue bravely enough.
The editor of the Astonan has an al­
touched on the astronomieal uses of a then carefully remove a’.l the white pith, The wily catfish, when he found the dog of the army which Xerxes brought
very high tower from the gi eater clear­ and ‘to make assurance doubly sure,’ pursuing, turned upon him and terrified from Persia for tlie overthrow of Greece, manac in which is calendared the exact
ness of the atmosphere at such an alti­ wash the skinned fruit in clear water; the dog who incontinently turned tail but, even if oriental imagination is al­ davs of the month upon which certain
tude. There are also other points of after which press out the juice free from and swam vigorously toward the land, lowed to dwell upon the figures, this ar­ “animal” stories are due each year.
physiological interest that could have the rind of the fruit; strain the juice so the catfish hotly following. Presently ray would be smaller than the armies Heat him : “It was slow in coming,-but,
that several of the modern European like the bug that lias no wing«, it got
been dwelt upon, such as the influence
as to remove all the seeds or pips from the dog gained the land and ran hastily,
of an altitude of 1,200 feet on respiration, it; then add to the pineapple mixture. the catfish surging madly after him. governments can now call out in case of here just the: ‘Wilson Reid, of Samp­
or on the nervous system. It might be It must be then very well frozen. This The dog, sorely pressed and fearing a need. A complete mobilization would son's mill, killed a grouse a few weeks
give France an army numbering between ago that had in its gizzard a piece Of
remarked that there would be little fear
sherbet being very rich, will not freeze painful death, in his extremity climbed 2.500,000 or 3,000,000 men. Indeed, solid gold of the value of 75 cent». It
of feeling giddy when looking down from
hard, but will be a semi-ice. Just before a tree, the catfish still hotly pursuing some recent authorities have estimated was one of this year’s grouse. The
a tower such a height, although the view
chicken in Josephine county that lay» a
the punch is to be served add and work him,----- ”
over a precipice of 1,200 feet would not
“Hold on! hold on!” we cried in clio- that, under the new military rule, in a double-yelked egg every other day was
into it for every quart of the ice one gill
due on the 18tl>, and hasn’t showed up
bs unlikely to produce a most unpleas­ of Jamaica rum; and for every two rus; “dogs can’t climb trees.”
yet.” After the above is digested tie
ant sensation.— British Medical Journal.
“Can’t climb trees!” responded the
quarts one pint of the best champagne.
looks in his almanac, finds another story
Never use the wine from damaged bot. colonel; “but the catfish was close upon erations, would not fall short of 4,003,- that is due, and thus sets it forth : “They
Forgot Something.
in Yaquina, of a Wisconsin lady,
ties or leaky corks, as it will be sure to him, and lie had to climb.— Forest and 000. Germany could now put into the tell,
now there, who years ago, when quit« a
“Now, you’re sure you have every­
deprave and perhaps entirely spoil your
field an army of 2,650,000, which will little girl, swallowed a needle. That was
thing in the trunk, my dear?” asked
much as fifteen years ago, aud last
punch. After you have well incorpor­
doubtless be increased by tlie proposed as
Mr. Younglove, before beginning the
week the same identical needle worked
ated these liquors add cream or mer
back-breaking process of roping his
out of the right ami of lier youngest
ingue mixture.”— American Analyst.
There was a most touching scene in 3,000,000. Austria has prepared for war child, a healthy boy baby, 4 months old.
wife’s trunk when they were about to
start for a little trip West.
an Arizona courtroom a few days ago— a force numbering about 1,300,000. The
Ingersoll on Immortality.
The value of the life-saving serviue is
that of a son, a lawyer, defending his Italian army, upon a war footing, num­
“Yes, dear,” she said, “I’ve every
Colonel Robert Ingersoll, writing to father, who was charged with the crime bers about 2,500,000, while the Russian shown anew by the superintendent’» re­
single thing in.”
the author of a recent book on immortal­ of murder. The father of Assistant City army has resources in troops which port for the past year. Tbe number oi
“Well, be sure, now; I wouldn’t un­
rescued persons was 7.903 and the value
rope and rerope this thing again for a ity makes this literal statement of his Attorney Callen, of San Diego, Cal., re­ amount up to 5,000,000.—A'etf York Star.
I of propertv in estimated at $6O,O0Q«O0O.
fifty-dollar bill.” And, half an hour la­ belief in the possibility of a life beyond cently shot and killed a man, as he
; The cost of the whole service is less than
The Need* of the Field
ter, when he was lying on the floor, the grave: “If we admit the existence claimed, in self-defense. The son took
one sixth of that sum. and the superin­
charge of bis father’s case and went into
panting and gasping from his efforts,
Winter is coming on and tbe fields will tendent is amply justified in asking Jor
sion we must say that there must be a Arizona to defend him. He is known as
Mrs. Younglove said sweetly:
be at rest for a time. The soil will not an increase of pay tor the hardy »urf-
“There, dear, I have forgotten some­ world better than this; but bow do we one of the most eloquent lawyers in
be taxed to give up its strength, but it | men.
thing after all. How careless of me! account for one worse than this? That Southern California, and that in the de­
will lie out in the rain, snow, sunshine I
fense of his father his eloquence did not
Would you mind opening the trunk,
The astonishing njwa comes that Em­
and frost, and renew itself for the work
forsake him, is well shown by this little
dear, and putting in my dressing sacque?
peror William of Germany thinks of re­
I entirely forgot it, and 1 really can’t get dread in this world, why not in an­ extract from his plea before the jury:
perform its task toward enriching the turning to Constantinople. Naturally
“If every mountain side from where
along without it. And here’s my box of other? Certainly Gcd will be no better
soil which the hand of man has exhaust­ the sultan is alarmed, as a visit from
yonder scaffold in the court house stands
handkerchiefs ; and my slippers are here
ed, but man can and will, if he is wise, William is an expensive luxury, ft Be­
in the closet, and—oh, here are my cuffs that a God of infinite love and compas­ to the relator’s home in Kansas, far
do his f>art. lie should consider hi» gins to look as though the young trnfier-
away where his wife and children await
and collars and my little shoulder shawl.
or was fonder of tlie Sublime Porte
“Love and hope are universal. As our Christmas coming, unconscious that fields and carefully, through fall and win-1
I believe I left my box of ribbons in the
1 ter, and summer too. save up all the fer­ Ilian of beer. .
this hearing is going on, were covered I
drawer—yes, here it is, and my common
tilizing elements of the farm. Almost
Sarasate has tiecome a greater idol to
fan, too, and one of your shirts. Here’s in heart and brain a splendid dream of with scaffolds, and hungering for bis
I every farmer has land that may be called | certain New York women, young and
body, and if every valley between were j
my rubber* and waterproof and my little
“hungry.” It needs nourishment, and impressionable, than was Kyrle Belle*
black turban and the basque to my blue more; that we go back to unconscious yearning to give it a burial place, I still
| responds liberally to all the food you can or Herbert Kelcey. His photographs
suit, and my watered silk sash, and my
should say that he would have been a
give it.— Ex.
are selling at a rapid rate and hia mail
little workbox that I’ll be sure to need ‘Perhaps there is another life.’ But coward and unworthy of the love I bear
before we get home. How careless I whether there is or not, let us all paint him were he to have left me fatherless ( At Not th Lansing, Tompkins county is filled with scented notes. BntSara-
am, anyhow!
Hurry and open the on the canvas ot the future a picture by doing less than he was unfortunately New York, lives the oldest postmaster in* sate cares only for notes of his art—not
that delights and satisfies the soul. We compelled to do.”
trunk, dear; it’s most tram time!”
• the United States in point of service. His for notes of tlie heart.
know that in this world after joy conies
It is not given to many young nr.en to | name is Boswell Beardsley, and for sixty-
grief, as after day comes night, and it
Children Cry for
a father in a court of justice, but four years lie has distributed mail to his Children Cry fOT
may be that there is some world where defend
in this
thin case Mr.
Mr. Callen
upppsh - ' j neighbors.
Aa held this office under
Callen wn«
was mn«t
most « success-
He i.
after grief comes jov, as after night comes in
"eijoiseo sjoqo^id day.”
Pitcher’« C a «tori a.
fill and hi» lather was discharged.
| nineteen successive president».