The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, June 17, 1887, Image 2

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Me M innvii . i . k . F kiday J i ne
Exem-sion tickets are selling for $1.00
17, 1887. from I’o.'tland to Astoiia and return.
Inform ition lias been received in Lon­
don, which leaves no doubt that dynam­
iter« have arranged to commit an out-
ruga or a s.iriea of outrages during tlie
jubilee week, but the authorities have
mil knowledge of tlie conspiracy and
those engaged in it, ami are confident
they will d foal the plotters. For
months past reports of movements of
prominent plotters abroad and their
probable acco nplie -s in E :g an I h tv i
received in London almost
daily. Tim chief poits have been
watched dining the same period in view
m the arrival of cei tain suspects «¡th
out previous notice having been receiv­
ed from Biitis'i agents abroad, 'llie
movements of Patrick Casey mid his us
eociates in Paris, who have been active
lately, has been closely followed by
special detectives, and others outside oi
the Casey ring are also known to be
The San Francisco Call editorially
says: The arrival of the steamer Abys­
sinia at Vancouver means that the Cana­
dian Pacific is in earnest, and that if San
Francisco Wants to protect its Asiatic
trade it must begin to bestir itself. It
will not do to despise our northern com-
jietitor. Port Moody has a good harbor.
B in 43!) miles neater Yokohama ■ than
this port. It has two governments be­
hind it. Political as well as commer­
cial consideiations aie involved in its
struggle for trade. Il it can make itself
the Pacific landing place for the trade of
Asia with Great Britian, a point will be
secured in favor of the muintainance of
colonial connection, and simultaneously
a blow will be struck at the supremacy
of San Francisco.
The order of President Cleveland to
return to the authorities of the late reb­
el states rebel flags captured during the
war, lias excited more indignation
among union veterans in the east than
anything that has happened in many
years. The order came like thunder out
of a clear sky. For foity-eight hours
rumors were afloat that it was to be is­
sued, but no man who had been a sol­
dier could be found who would believe
in the report. But the order has been
issued, and the Adjutant General of the
army hastens to declare that it is "his
pleasant duty” to communicate it to the
governors of the late rebel states.
The second trial of Sanders the Alba­ E ditor T elephone .
ny murderer was conduced ut Salem
Having graduated
yesterday, and the case given the jury.
A fiie broke out in the St. Louis street
ear stables Wednesday morning, burn­
ing to death 325 mules. Total loss $50,
Win. E. Chandler has been elected
U. S. Senator from New Hampshire, to
fill the unexpired term of the late Sena­
tor Pike.
Tacoma suffeied a severe loss Wednes-
lay in the destruction of Carson A John­
son’s sawmill. The fire originated from
asl cs of an employe's pipe. The mills
■mbraced a sash mid door factory and
complete plant for thinning out finished
lumber. Tne loss is estimated at $-'a,-
MIO; insurance $(>,000.
Monday’s News says: The wo> k of
lining off a portion of Elk rock, to allow
the extention of the Portland A Wil­
lamette Valley railroad into Portland, b
progressing us rapidly as circumstances
will allow. About fifteen men have
been at work, and to-day the numbei
wifi be increased to 100. The grade w ill
be finished to the level of Jefferson
street in two months.
Adelnli Liehnow shot and kfilled Mrs
i lie McCourt at I’luenix. Benton coiin' i
Tuesday, The murderer surrenderee.
himself, He says the shooting was at:-
cidental, It is believed, however, that
the act was caused by jelotisy. Mrs.
McCourt left her former husband, Lie-
benow, a year ago and was divorced
from him, but lie wanted her to return
to him.
In the supreme court Wednesday the
case of Dan Moran, appeal from Mult­
nomah ; judgment of lower court affirm­
ed. Defendant was found guilty of man­
slaughter in the circuit court of Multno­
mah county in November 188G, for kill­
ing Frederick Kalusaha, and sentenced
to imprisonment in the penitentiary for
15 years. The case was appealed to
the supreme court, and is affirmed.
Opinion by Strahan, J.
A. D. Stoddard, of Venona, Columbia
—At the new store of -
from a third-
class Grocery store in one of the
Eastern states, I concluded I would
come to Oregon and engage in the
drug trade. I understood that the
(Successors to Baxter A Martin)
people of that region were so ignor­
ant that almost any quality of
third st , M c M innville , or .
drugs could he palmed off on them
if they were properly advertised,
and the dispenser from the east.
Laboring under this impression I
camo to McMinnville and was A new, neat mid clean stock Every ar­
ticle A No 1 Fruit Jars. Butter frocks,
greatly astonished to find the peo­ Colored Glassware, Cutlery, Cased Goods,
ple were as enterprising and intell - Tobacco, Pipes ami Cigprs
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in season.
gent as they were, Where I cam.
iVe have put our prices down low Give us
from. I called on Rogers & Todd a call, inspect our stock, and we will guar­
the leading druggists of the county antee prices to suit you
and from them I learned that it
was necessary to use pure and re­
liable drugs in order to secure and
retain customers, and also that
Grocery Graduates would not be
trusted to dispense medicines, I
also ascertained that by reason o:
the extensive trade this firm enjoys
they sell the very best class of
drugs and medicines at the lowest
prices in the county. As I am
about to seek fields more “green”
I send you this in order to warn all
concerned that “merit” and not
cheek and blow is necessary in or­
der to win in McMinnville. Know­
Come and see for Yonrself.
ing that this will be greatly appre­
I remain yours respectfully.
Opposite the Grange Store.
A. B ilk . .
Fresh Family Groceries.
inery goods as was
ever brought
to this
w. V. PRICE,
Up Stairs in Adams' Building,
Lowest Prices !
Lyle ’Wright.
Job Printing
The New York municipal council of
the Irish National League have issued
heavy bordered cards of invitation to
memorial services commemorative of
the Irish patriotic dead, to bo held on
June 21—Queen’s Jubilee date. The
cards are signs of mourning of the
deepest kind.
Roseburg people »•e rejoicing over the
appointment of flyman Abraham, ns
collector of customs at Portland. Dong-
las county congratulates l er old citimn
Upon his richly tieset vs,I success.
Tho Apache war situation has not
been changed. General Miles has es­
tablished headquarters at Wilcox. From
there he ia directing the movements of
the troops. Captain Wint has not been
heard from and ia supposed to bo on a
hot trail. A section foreman at a small
«tation on the New Mexico and Ariaoua
railroad, called Elgin, saw seven hos­
tile Indians c on the railroad there,
evidently making for Patagonia moun­
tains. Lieutenant Hatfield was imme­
diately sent in pursuit. This must be a
remnant of the first hand that crossed
the Southern Pacific track near l’entano
about a week ago, as only eleven return­
ed. They were mounted and making
rapid marches. The report of the burn­
ing of the Inter-Ocean Cattle Co.’s place
near the east end of tlie Santa Catalina's
is not corroborated. Governor Torres,
of Sonora, Mexico telegraphed that he
had all the mountain passes on the So­
nora line guarded and will heartily co­
operate with the United States troops.
M c M innville , M c M innville
carltqn ,
O regon
Warehousemen and Grain Buyers.
Splendid warehouses. complete with latest improved imiehinerv. Thorough anil I
experience in handling grain. Highest cash price paid for all kind, of Grain "ng
■ ■ Also, dealers In-------
Farm, Dairy and Mill
Wagons, Buggies and Carriages.
Binder Twine, Belting, Oils, and
Machine Supplies of all kinds.
Call and See Us.
Acme nan ow,wis>
ue-eier Hoosiei rvree real oceuersand Drills
with tru— axle and wide tiles
Most effective and serviceable farm
implement in use
Latest improved and best seeder in use'
For tlie next Sixty Days at the old reliable Pioneer Boot and Shoe Store,
sign of the Big Boot, opposite the Grange Stor e
The subscriber hereby announces to the citizens of McMinnville and vicinity the above
A career in the Boot and Shoe line for the pnst eighteen years in this city hrs estab­
lished a business character for competency ami integrity, with a minute knowledge of
rhe local demands favors him in the wholesale market and enables him to undersell
houses ill the same line that arc not possessed of equal advantages. Moreover, he pro­
poses, in the proffered sale, to divide the margins with the customer for tlie specified
nine The public will please call and examine. No trouble to show goods.
triflo with any Throat or
•* - Lung Disease. I f you havo
a Cough or Cold, or tho children are
threatened with Croup or Whooping Cough,
use Acker’s English Remedy and prevent
further trouble. It 13 a positivo cure,'
and we guarantee it. Prico 10 said 50c
Geo. W. Burt, druggist.
----- Sole Agent for the Celebrateci—
Oregon & California R. R.
Broadliead Dress Goods.
And Connections.
Fare from Portland to San Francisco, $32
Sacraniento $30
An Assortment of these Popular Goods
In all the Latest Novelties, New and Desirable Colorings, Just Received.
Close connections made at Ashland with
stages of tlie California, Oregon and Idaho
Stage Company
• Time between
42 Hours.
California Express trains run dailv
Portland 4:00 1*. M.IAshlaml 9:00 A. M.
Vshhiml. .5:00 1*. M.ll’orthiml 10.10 l‘. M
Local Passenger Dally, Except Sunday.
Portland 3:00 A. M. I Eugene.. 2:40 P M
i’higene 9:00 A. M.lPorltand. .2:45 p M
Palace Sleeping
To bo made from the very best material, by skillful workmen, with the latest and mast
approved machinery, and to be tlie cheapest goods in the market when service is
Are so thoroughly finished that they can be worn in damp weather ora shower, with­
out fear of being ruined by curling or shrinking
The manufacturing, dyeing and finishing is done in such a manner, that the goods
can lie washed if desired, without the least injury to the fabric
Our goods are wool dyed, and the colors arc as fast as the purest dyes and greatest
«•arc and skill can make them
Goods show just what they arc and will be until worn out, as there is no weighting,
stiffening, or artificial lustre used to increase the weight or finish ; as is the case wdh a
large class of goods in the market, hut which disappears after a few days’ service
As manufacturers we have taken great pains to supply an article in every way re­
liable, and unsurpassed by similar good«, either foreign or domestic, and would respect­
fully ask an examination of the various styles and shades to be found on sale by mer­
chants who are agents for the goods
All goods of our manufacture should hear tlie name and trade mark of
Portland and San Francisco,
What wo Guarantee for the Dress Goods of our Manufacture:
Only 30 Miles Staging,
Daily between Portland and Ashland.
Daily between Portland and Ashland
t he O.
R. R. Ferry makes connection
vith all the regular trains on the East Side
Division from fool of F Street
West Side Division»
Mail Train.
Broadhead Worsted Mills. Jamestown. N. Y.
McMinn .10:12 A. M.
Corvallis 12:25 I’. M
< orvalli.s
.McMinn. 3:13 I’. M
.. 0:15
...... _, F. ....
At Albany and Corvallis connect with
• rains of tlae Oregon Pacific R. R. for Ya-
mina Bav
Express Train
Except Sunday.
Portland 4:50 P. M ¡McMinnville!8:110P.M.
MeMin'ville5:45A.M.Il’ortlan<l 9:00 A. M.
laical tickets for sale ami baggage checked
it company’s up-town office, corner Pine
iml Second streets. Tickets for princiiial
•oints in California can only be procured at
■onipany’s office.
Corner F and Front Sts., Portland, Or.
Freight will not Is’ received lor shipment
liter live P. M. on either the East or West
'ide Divisions.
G. F. & Pass. Agt
McMinnville Baths!
C. H. FLEMING, Prop.
—A Full Line of—
Shaving, Hair Cutting and- - - -
- - - - - Shampoing Parks
—At the Millinery Parlors of—
Ladies’ and Chiidren’s Work
Xliss E. E. I tiiss
Hot and Cold Baths, 25 Cfs.
—Have Just Added—
The Finest Line of Cigars
M c M innville
In tlie City Try Them
(Successor to A M Taggart,)
liisy to ad to Stakhs,
Merchant Tailor
Cor Third and D streets. McMinnville
Call nt the office of the WEST
will guarantee you
I mino.e and aieel bkem carni w ..
Sprn g Wagons, Buggies anj
everything on wheels
Iliii'iiekoff, Thomason & and Swanson,
Mrs. H. P. STUART’S,
county, was murdered Friday by a man
named Backus, who has so far escaped
capture. The deed was tlie result of a
dispute over a fence. Stoddard was
formerly a resident of Michigan. Back­
us was afterward shot and killed by
Constable Mellinger at St. Helens. He
McMinnville, Oregon
was armed with a Winchester rifle, and
when ordered to halt, by Mellinger he
The Caniuli-’ii l’aeiflu railroad Rceinn refused to do so, whereupon Mellinger 250,000 GOOD HARD BRICK
to be a thorn in the flesh to the Pacific shot him.
------- AT-------
railroad bystern. It lias reduced the
On Saturday afternoon John T. Gil-
rates on eastern bound freight by cap­
turing wool and beans going that wav, frey, of Creswell, Oregon, and Mrs.
and now proposes to catch the western Charles Wilson and her daughter Julia,
bound freight by making a new tariff both of East Portland, were in a buggy.
Just Across the Yamhill River.
schedule, in which domestic goods are They were going from Creswell to the
Good for walling wells or building founda­
brought, down from $1.50 for lflOH’S to residence of Mrs. Wilson’s father. The
tions, and are offered for sale at the
$1.30 from New York to San Francisco.
Business is business and the Canadian
Pacific seems inclined to do business at with fearful violence,her arm and leg be
ingbroken. She died Tuesday morning
all hazards.
Mr. Gilfrey was seriously hurt about
The board of foreign missions of Bos­ the head. The other occupants of tin
ton, have received news of a terrible buggy were more or less bruised, but
famine in Asia Minor, bordering on the none were seriously hurt.
Dealer in
Mediterranean, and embracing the nn
A prominent hop merchant of San
Harness, Saddles, Etc, Etc,
cient cities of Tarsus and Adami. The Francisco, said yesterday that the
state of iifT.iirs is so desperate as to
Repairing neatly done at reasonable
alifomia hops tire not as they appeared rates
render an appeal Io the benevolent pub­ they would he ten or twelve days ago
Wright's new building. Corner Third
lic an immediate duty. The harvest “In Oregon” he continued, ‘ hops are re­ ind Fstreets. McMinnville. Or
time has just p issed, Imt not a single ported to he looking very well. The
sheaf of grain will be ent on all the plain cards geneiallv in good condition and a
ordinarily fertile, save in a few Helds very good yield is promised. In Wash­
artiflcally watered.
ington Territory too, I think tlie yield
Proprietor of the
will be good, although I am not positive,
Chicago Inter Ocean : ‘‘The well au­ as iny advices aie not as late as those
thenticated report of a scheme to land trom O<ego;i.” Hops both in Oregon
thousand ot convicts und paupers from and Washington Territory will bring th.
The leading
New Caledonia hik ! point! in the Soutl glowers good prices as tho yield is so
Pacific at the port« of California and gi >od.
Oregon should arouse the authorities
there to increased wati’lifelines. The
country can stand its annual dose oi that while it has power to inquire inU>
honest immigrants, but it has no room the affairs of railioads, and suggest
for tho off-scouring elements of, either ch mges in tariffs, etc,., of its own mo­
Third Street, McMinnville, Or
tion, still the wot k is greatly facilitated
Europe ortho South Pacific Islands.”
wlien formal complaints are made, and
ground is given upon which to work,
In the Saunders murder ease ut Salem,
file beard will meet again on June 27,
Wednesday, Judge John Burnett, oi
when it is undeistood that it will consid­
Corvallis, speaking of the drinking
er the advisability of recommending the
habits of the murdered man, Cliarlie
reduction of fieight on the O. & C., from
Campbell, made a forcible speech re­
(Kiints south of Harrisburg. After its
You want anything in the line of
ferring to the temptations on every hand
adjournment it will visit tho Narrow
and touchingly asked whose boys were
Salo unless the p'tiding prohibit try Gauge mad for the purpose o. investigat­
ing complaints which have been
amendment be carried as he hoped, in­
deed it would. It created considerable made to the effect that tho road is run­
ning Guinn over ties that are old and un­
effect in the court room.
Already the prohibitionists and anti­
prohibitionists have advanced to “the
lie directone side alleging that there
is more drinking and drinking places in
Maine, Iowa, and other stales which
are trying prohibitory laws, than under
the license system; tlie other side as
sorting quite the contrary. If we try it
awhile in Oregon, we'll Know more
about which side tells the truth.
Steel and Chilled Plows, Sulky, Gang
and Walking Plows, Harrows and
Cultivators of all kinds.
Third Street, between E and F
Fine Tailoring a Specialty.
Good Fit Guaranteed or Io Sale.
The Best Rigs in the City. Orders
Promptly attended Io Bay or
O regon
New Blacksmith Shop!
We make a specialty oi Fine
McMinnville, Oregon.
Henderson Bros. Props,
First-class accommodations for Ccmmer-
cial men and genenil travel.
Transient stock well cared for.
Everything new and in First-Class Order
Book and Card Printing.
— Dtll.F.R IN—
SAM LIKENS. Proprietor.
Hides. Pelts and Fur3
Blacksmithing and carriage ironing of
every description.
Second door north from city Market
Cash paid for Hides. Furs, etc
is warranted, is because it Is the best
Blood Preparation known. It will posi­
tively cure all Blood Diseases, purifies the
whole system, and thoroughly builds up the
constitution. Remember, wo guarantee it
Geo. W. Burt, druggist.
rxxx would enjoy your dinner
and are prevented by Dys-
>epsia, uso Acker’« Dyspepsia Tablets.
' They are a positive cure for Dyspepsia. In­
digestion, Flatulency and Constipation.
We guarantee them. 25 and W cents.
Geo. W. Burt, druggist.
And plow work a specialty.
Also manufacture the
Celebrated Oregon Iron Harrow
ty consisting of 51S acres one nil’?
from North Yamhill, Oregon This piece <»i
land will be sold cheap on easy terms TH
property has a good house and
I unn-
'ng>, two good wells a first-c!as« bri«’k va «1,
i gcod young orchard and sniall fruit ot a.t
<inds Will also sell a good butcher snrp
'n North Y famhill For further part ’*"‘*'r’
J L ( A>T1.F
North Yamhill. Orcgun
Horse Shoeing
Patronage respectfully solicit,d