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Theory that
the Office
Should Seek the .Man.
The first itersoti to inaugurate the baneful
theory that the office should seek the man—a
theory which li.r ran • t more unhappiness
than any other advanced in the great realm
of politics—was a party called Lucius Quin-
tius, or Cincinnatus, because he wore his hair
in curls, also because he had at one time re­
sided in Cincinnati.
In the fall of 458 B. C., after a long, dry
season and a prolonged and futile bull move­
ment in which Cincinnatus went forth to
summer fallow the west field, hoping by that
process and a judicious rotation in crops to
head off the chinch bug and the bears. He
was a good deal depressed mentally and physi­
cally. Ho had been trying to break a new
pair of wild and fractious 4-year-okl steel’s,
and it had required a good deal of timing
and perspiration to accomplish this. He had
not yet fully succeeded, in fact, for every
little while the steers would light out for the
marsh nt n high rate of speed, and Cincinnatus
would have to follow them through the dew­
berry patch in his bare legs, for Cincinnatus
did not wear pantaloons winter or summer.
I have given the reader a good view of
Cincinnatus, as I remember him, in the ac­
companying drawing, which I have made in
order that those who wish may set; the fea­
tures of the most celebrated po itician of all
time. He was the man who fli’st advanced
the doctrine that the office should seek the
man, and ever since that time it is no uncom­
mon thing to see a man holding on by the
plow bandit's and looking over his shoulder,
expecting that a good office will climb the
fence pretty soon and kianap him.
Cinoinnatun waitin'/ to he kidnaped.
Here, then, is Cincinnatus, the man who
first made this discovery. The artist has
happily caught the expression of this eminent
man just as the office is in the act of seeking
him. He has resolved to sell his life as dearly
as possible. He will yield at last, however,
and tear himself away from his precocious
In the distance, too far off in fact to work
into this issue of the paper, is the toga of
Cincinnatus. It is hanging on a tall pole as a
flag, where he has used it to “sight”across the
field while he struck out a long furrow. To
look at the furrow few would lxjlievo that the
great dictator intended to strike out for the
The artist has caught the true idea in this
picture, and shows the great statesman and
general in the pose of a thoughtful andphilan-
thropicul man, who has fully decided that at
the prevailing price of wheat he would care­
fully and prayerfully consider any overtures
that might be made by those having the good
of the people at heart.
Cincinnatus was an austere man of the
patrician stylo of architecture and carefully
reached 1ns hair, as well as the tail of his
Roman mule. He was im|Mu ious in the ex­
treme and courted an investigation whenever
the papers got after him. He was the pioneel
in this line.
The day came at last when a dark horse
wits needed and the chairman of the Roman
central committee went to Cincinnatus to
seek out the great man. The chairman is
just getting over the barls'd wire fence and
the eminent Roman agriculturist bus at that
moment got his eye on him, as our artist
rapidly transfers the portrait to canvas.
It was but the work of a moment to unyoke
old Brin and Bally and accept the office of
dictator. Putting on his toga, the great man
began to dictate in less than forty-eight
hours. He wont to tin; house, washed his
hands in a tin basin of cistern water, with
soft soap, put some fresh fine cut in the in­
side pocket of his toga, and was drawing a
salary on the following Monday at II o’clock.
The first thing ho did was to call for more
troops. He then marched against the enemy
and captured overylx»dy. He then returned,
having been dictator sixteen days at S2 per
day. Ho drew his pay and resigned to accept
the portfolio of buckwheater on his own
VVe have no American today wlio could
accept the command of our regular army,
whip the Apaches, and bo back on the farm
in sixteen days. And yet Cincinnatus con­
quered a hostile nation, paid the public debt,
and got homo in time to do his fall plowing.
If we read the history of CincinnAtus care
fully and look thoughtfully at his equestrian
portrait as it is her» presented we are forced
to Admit that he was either one of the greatest
men of whom wo know or that he wrote the
matter up himself for one of the Roman
magazines. Bdl Nye in Chicago News.
Where n Lie Might be Improved.
The champion liar hails from Pike county,
Ind., and the following yarn is probably the
greatest effort of his life: “A young lady who
was watching my binding harvester at work
fi’ll upon the tublo ami was carried up with
tho grain. As the girl was about the size of
a bundle, tho muchine did not recognize the
difference, and so she came through with a
neat little string around her waist. One of
the harvest hands caught her as the machine
‘kicked* her out, and set her on the ground
right si<le up, when it was found that she had
been more frightened than hurt.” Now, if
this veracious agriculturist «had only added
that tho machine threshed the young woman,
anti shook from her faro the flour without
which no self-respecting young woman’s
toilet is complete, and laureled said flour for
market by the aid of the young woman's
I km >] is , his story would possess a coinpl«»teness
and symmetry which would cause it to pa>«
current everywhere as a great and unap­
proachable work of art.—Bostou Transcript
Sauce for the G« iom >.
A diminutive ls\v was trying to please the
passengers and get a few p nnies by singing
comic songs in a railroad car on a recent Sun
«lay. When ho had finished and was pushing
along tho aisle with outelretclicd palm, mak­
ing his ctfllix tions, a lady said to him: “Don't
you know it's w ick«s! to sing songs on Sun­
day f” Tho youngster l«M»kud at her for a
se< <»n<l and, with a twinkle in his black eyes,
replied: “Don't you think it’s wicked to travel
on Sunday
The passengers roavoit and no
more «piestions wen» asked.—Buffalo Courier
A Recommendation.
Johnson—Do you know young Join's!
O'Kelly—Yis, nor, I know him.
Johnson—Can a person believe what h«
Pat—Faith, an’ it’s jist this way: Whin he
tell« ye the truth, ye can Itelave iwiv word
h«» says; but avhin lie lies to y< z, ye betth*-r
have no «'onfldinro in him at all. —
Free l’i'ess.
War Uetweeu the United State* and the
Turks Happily Avrrtrd.
Men Who Showed Fhyeloal Strength Be-
Embarra** in rut Not a l>l*tlnguisliing Char­
acter - i .«• «»• lb»* (
Prof. Mortimer E. Cooley, who holds
No Costa R can lady or g-1111610110 is
the ehair of mechanical engineering at
Ann Arbor University, used to be Lieu­ ever embarrassed. They always know
how to do and say the proper thing,
tenant Cooley of the United States
and while the r courtesy and goód
navy, and, although lie holds a grave
manners are sa d to be only sain deep,
and honored position as a member oi
lhey are the most charming of com­
the learned faculty of that institution
panions, the most generous of hosts,
and is quite an enthusiast in his pres­
and the mod polite of gentlemen. No
ent work, he still looks back with long­
laborer ever passes a lady in the street
ing at tlie jolly times he used to iiavv
without 1 fting his lia’, and he always
on board the good ship Quinnebaug.
“During that cruise to Europe on the touches that alwavs d rty and gener­
Quinnebaug," said tiie professor in tin al v d.lapidat. <1 port on of his apparel
course of a chat a few days ago, “w< when a gent eman passes him. If a
anchored tor awhile oft' Consta itinoph lady approaches a group of men d g-
opposite the Sultan’s pelace. The ofli- ' ng a cellar, repa r ng the street, or
cor» at the palace somehow got the im­ what not. even though some of them
pression that we were trying to flirt may Le hall naked, they always salute
witli the women of the harem—the her res) ectfullv. and in the rural ais-
harem looks out upon the water—and tricts no one ever meets you w thout
to flirt with the Sultan’s women is a -aying “Mav God prosper the object of
crime of very great magnitude in Con­ vottr journey,” or “May heaven smile
stantinople. 1 don’t believe one on upon your errand,” or something in
shipboard knew any thing about tlie -panish like that The same man w 11
harem, but that made no difference. swindle you out of your eve teeth if he
Anyhow, to oblige the officials we gets a chan e, and it von ask him how
moved down tlie river. One day twe far it is to the next place he will un­
of our boys—one < f them a hot-blooded doubtedly tell you a falsehood. He
Kentuckian —were out on a little pleas­ doesn’t care a copper whether you ever
ant trip, and were being poled down reach the end of y our journev. and has
ard for y our welfare than
the river in one of those Turkish boats no more rega
by a native. One of the. boys soiled his the tica in the grass, but he r recognizes
fingers somehow, and dipped them in a beautiful custom and says, “God be
he meant
the water and then dried them witli his good to you.” as if And
>t for
handkerchief, tlie boat being at the politeness
moment directly opposite tlie harem. and castes. If you entera store with a
A soldier on duty at the palace saw the lady evi ry man there will salute you
incident and thought, or pretended tu and remove lis hat out of respect Io
think, that tlie young fellow was try­ her. On the streets the people will
ing a handkerchief flirtation. He hailed stand aside to let you pass and it is
the boatman and commanded him to nec -ssarv to do so, for the sidewalks are
pull into land. The boys strongly ob­ often less than two feet wide.
If y ou
jected, but tlie soldier waved his yata­ go Ato a hotel oilice. a baiber shop,
ghan anil tlie boatman, who seemed restaurant or any other public place
much frightened, shot the boat to’ everybody present will salute yon with
shore. The soldier could speak no ■ Bm nos Deos.” or some other friendly
English and the young men could welcome. While there is not apártele
speak no Turkish,
Dut it was of sincerity about all this: wh le the
evident tlie two were to be made <>b ect and eml of life in the Spanish
prisoners. Notwithstanding their pro­ mode of ethics s to get along w th as
tests and resistance they were locked little work and as much swindling as
up in the palace guard-room and held poss ble. they are ce tainly to be
in custody several hours. Then they praised for cheating you in the most
were marched out and brought before pol te and agreeable manner possible.
a magistrate. Tlie soldier told hi­ V >p in sii highwayman d es not swear
story. Tlie young men tried to ex­ it you and command iou to g ve liim
plain in English, and in French and in our money or your life; he makes a
German, but neither the magi Irate 'rolemid l ow. p aces his hand upon h »
nor any one else in tlie court could un­ icart. asstir'S you that lie is devoutb.
derstand. The Kentuckian was hot ;i atetul that > ou are look ng so well
and showed it. Just as the magistrate .nd regrets that he is .compelled by
was about to pass sentence—and a se­
■ess ng necess ties to request that von
vere sentence it would have been —a v 1 lo in h m whatever valuables yo
gentleman chanced to come into court
ave upo 1 vour person. Then thank
who was able to act as «interpreter. ng you for your promptness and
Tlie young men explained that they out tesy in s; ar'ng him the pa nful
were otlieers of the United States navy , I ty of slmot ng you through the h ad.
and knew nothing about the Sultan's e vv 11 mount his horse and ride o
harem, and would not touch one of his vitli a prayer that the Almighty will
women with a forty-foot pole, any how.
rotect you from the perils of your
The boys were discharged with a ournev.— Ros ton Herald.
caution. But tlie Kentuckian was too
—•Ties open all night" ’is a sign in
mad to let it rest there. As soon as he
a New- York restaurant, and a Bowery
got on board he told the story to the
Captain, a hot-headed German; he got placard reads “Home-made Dining­
A West
mad, too. He swore black and blue, rooms, Family Oysters.”
and by all that was higli and holy, that Broadway restaurateur sells “Home­
if ample reparation and apology were made Pies. Pastry and Oysters.” An
not forthcoming lie would shell tlie East Broadway caterer retails “Fresh
Salt Oysters and Lager Beer.” A Sixth
palace. 1 niigiit mention that the
Quinnebaug was a little sloop with a avenue barber hangs out a sign read­
few old guns; and the whole Turkish ing "Boots Polished Inside.” On an­
navy, including a British man-of-war other street tlie following catches the
■ Going Out
tlie Turks had just bought, was then eye: • "Wasliin
tho Day
Done Here.”— N. K
lying in the harbor. But, donner und by
blitzen! the United Stales flag had Graphic.
been insulted, and We would have to
get satisfaction. The Captain went
straightway to United Stales Minister
Maynard and told the story, and he, People Who Invest Small Amounts and Se­
too, got mail. Why, he was the mad­
cure Large Returns.
dest man of the three. He started for
a month passe» but what
the palace, and pretty soon had a big
complaint laid before tlie Sultan. The the papers are called upon to record
result of it all was that a few days later what might be termed the luck of
the Sultan and the Admiral of the
Turkish navy came with all their some Californian in acquiring large
guards and paraphernalia to visit tlie sums by means of small investments.
Qiunnebaug and apologize to the in- It is an old saying that "nothing risked
’’t-- young men
nothing gained," and the practical ap­
were called
the Ad­
mirai made a speech i in Turk- plication of this time honored maxim
isli. The Captain received the apology to every day life is sufficient explana­
with gracious dignity, ami thus peace­ tion of the so-called “ luck” of many
ful relations were once more estab­
lished between the Turkish nation ami business men. For several years past
the Quinnebaug. The Sultan did the the daily papers have periodically con­
thing handsomely by sending us the tained itoniB detailing the manner in
next day a present, of two brass cannon
from his private arsenal.”— Chicago which well-known residents of this city
and State have won prizes in the Lou­
isiana State Lottery. The drawings of
this admirably managed institution
Interesting Fact. Concerning the Second occurs everyimonth, and with the same
regularity as the rotation of months
Large** Opera lIoiiNe in Europe.
The Scala is situated in the very the announcements are made of peo­
heart of the city, within a stone’s ple who have risked a trifle and won
throw of II Duonio ami not very far large sums—frequently a fortune. The
away from the park. Wlirn you look last drawing occurred on Deceinlier
14th last, and as usual a resident of
at it from tlie square ill front, standing
San Francisco won a tenth part of the
near the pedestal of the statue of the capital prize of $150,000. The fortu­
great Leonardo da Vinci, the Scala is nate holder of a coupon of ticket No.
a plain, commonplace, uninteresting 93,174, which won that prize, was Nat.
ediliee. devoid of laceworklike facings M. Raphael, the well known jeweler at
or pompous Carrara marble. Its only 732 Market street in this city. To a
outward ornament, in fact, is a minia­
reporter the gentleman said : “ I have
ture arcade built on smooth pillars
over tlie principal doorway . The in­ been buying a few coupon tickets every
terior, however, is quite grandiose and month for the past seven or eight
superb, witli its tesselated pavement, years. In the last drawing I held a
its exquisitely groined roof ami artistic­ coujsin which was a tenth of the ticket
ally set galleries. Next to tlie world- No. 93,174 and on the day following
lenowned theater of Naples, the Scala the drawing when I read in the tel«1-
is the largest opera house in Europe. graph columns of the Morning Call
Its stage is of such immense propor­ that one of the number» I held had
tions Unit in tlie recent ballet, “Amor” drawn the capital prize I was almost
oue thousand dancers of both sexes dazed with surprise. I could hardly
piroueted on its boards in one of tlie convince myself that I hail at last I n '-
scenes with the utmost facility.
eoine one of the fortunate ones of
A11 lion gli it is open to the public
only a few months every year, its pro­ whom 1 had so often read. However,
prietor» make more money annually I finally realized that I was actually
than those of any other similar estali- entitled to the money, so I immediate­
lishment in the world, for the price of ly went to the London and San Fran­
tickets varies from ten to three hun­ cisco Bank and de|x>»ited my ticket
dred francs, and it rarely happens that for collection. Eleven days later I re­
there is a single seat vacant at anv ol ceived the full amount of $15,000 in
the representations. Big "nobs’’ o' gold coin.”
the aristocratic order ami rich banker-
Another lucky man was Fred. R.
and burgesses patronize it night aftei Brown, a shoemaker, living on Bitch ,
night during tlie season, ami conse­ street. To a rejsirter he stat«! that
quently, altliongh the expenses an he had very frequently bought coupons j
high, the receipts are far more so, en­
abling the managing company to com in the Louisiana State Lottery, but had
maud the best talent, so far as actors, never won a dollar. He had almost
actresses and musical eontposers ar< given up in despair when he bought1
concerned, while the stage accessories one-tenth of ticket No. 92.507 which
are in all cases iinexecptionably sii drew one-tenth of the third capital
prize $20.000.
During the holiday
perb. - Cor. San Franctsco Chronicle.
week he had received the money, and
he rejoiced that he had persisted in his
effort» until success came to him.—
San Francisco [Cal,) Call Jan. 5.
yond Orillnury Mortal*.
One of the most remarkable of these
was Thomas Topham, who, about the
year 1740, kept the Keil Lion public
house at tho corner of City road. Al­
though of average size an I appearance.,
he soon attracted attention by his pro­
digious strength. Some of his feats are
almost incredible. By striking an iron
poker an inch thick on his bare arm he
could bend it to a right angle, and
pewter measures were crushed between
his fingers. Standing on a platform he
raised a weight of eight hundred
pounds. He could break two-in li rope
as a shopman breaks twine. VV hilst at
Derby his performance was patronized
by Mr. Chambers, the vicar of All
Saints, a man of great weight in in­
parish—weighing, iu fact, twenty-seven
We know not whether the performer
adopted tlie modern fashion of asking
gentlemen from the audience to step up
and assist him. but presume this to nave
been the ease, and that among tlie rush
of small boys on receiving the invita­
tion the reverend gentleman was ob
served to gain tho platform. Here he
was induced to lie down, and Topham.
placing one hand tinder his body, gently
raised him from the floor. The delight­
ed audience then beh dd Topham pros
trate on his back, with three men, each
weighing fourte -n stone, sitting upon
him to keep him down, which they
failed to achieve.
In addition to his strength of body
he possessed a powerful pair of lungs
and a voice of great compass, of which
he was intensely proud, so much so that
ho sang a solo to tlie organ in St. Wer-
bury’s Church, completely drowning
that instrument and emptying the sa­
cred edifice of its terrified congregation
Many of his feats were of a humor
ous character. A hostler having had
the temerity to insult him, he tied an
iron kitchen spit round his neck, leav­
ing the ends protruding under his chin.
Passing a watchman who was asleep
in his box ho took up both box an I
sleeper on his back, carried them some
d stance, and threw them over a wail
into a church-yard. The thoughts of a
superstitious old man on being tlius
rudely awakened from his dreams to
find himself mixed up with his box and
gravestones m ty be easily imagined.
On another occasion a butcher, strug
gling along under the weight of nearly
naif an ox, which he carried on lr«
back, happened to pass an open window
at which Topham was seated in calm
meditation, with his mug of b ler
before him, and was
to find himself suddenly relieved of
the weight, and as, oa looking up, lie
failed to see any indications of his beef
floating in the air, he fled in great ter
ror, fully persuaded that his meat had
gone to supply the table of the evil
one. But Topham’s strength of mind
was in inverse ratio t > that of his body.
Maddened by his wifb’s inconstancy,
he put an end to his existence, previ
ously. lest site might too soon forget
him. bestowing upon her a tremendous
A man who was for many years em­
ployed in carrying and delivering to
subscrib rs tlie weighty opinions of
tlie Hereford Journal, undertook, for a
wager, a more difficult task. Nin ■
hundred and seventy pounds of wheat
was packed into three bags specially
constructed, and carried by him three
times round the Hereford town hall.
()ne of the bags was placed on each
shoulder; the other placed across an.I
s icttrely fastened to them.
Daniel Cu rton, a shoemaker, dis
covering that he possessed enormous
strength in his jaw, gave up his hones'
calling and took to exhibiting himsell
in public houses. One of his tricks
was to place h:s hands under his arm
pits, and, taking the glass between his
elbows, carry it to Ills mouth, and in
this way drink as much liquor as his
admirers would pay for. He raised a
large mahogany table with his teeth
and flattened pewter pots by beating
them between his elbows. Ho ha I a
strong appetite for drink, which caused
him to die in want. — London Til-llils.
Since January 1st . mi . oou men
on «trikt» at the E hm ._____ _
In the cure of severe coughs, weak
lungs, spitting of bltKMi, and the early
stwues of ( unmiin)dto», Dr. t ierce s
“Golden Medical Discovery
(shed the medical faculty. W bile
the severest coughs, it strengthen« the
system and purifies the blood. By drug-
gists.______ __ ________ _
The Abyssinian» lost 5,01X1 nmn in their
recent battles with the Indians in the Sou-
When Baby was sick we gave her Castorla,
When she was a Child, she cried
for Ca- toria.
When she became Miss, she dung to Caatoria,
W hen she had ChUdren.Bhe gave them Castorla.
We will bay your fare from any part of
United States to Portland and hotel expenses
while here if we do not produce indisputable
evidence from well-known bankers, doctor»,
lawyers, merchants and farmers as to our re­
liability in the cure of reduceable rupture or
hernia, without knife, needle or sharp instru­
ment. You are secure against accident from
the first day until cured, and the cure guaran­
teed permanent or money refunded.
1 on can
work every day, no matter what your occupa­
tion. without Ganger or inconvenience.
( on
■ultatious free. Office hours from 10 to I dally.
Correspondents will enclose slump for reply
and address lire. Forden & Luther, rooms 8 and
II. First National bulk. Portland. Oiegon.
Mention this paper.
Absolutely Pure,
Tt.’ls powder n«2/er
A uwei ot »artt»
wad whoK s mmeer. Mon «doaomlndu '
U m » onltaary kiu.ta, «.i d c&iinot be uold in ^2*
’«x» with ttho multitude of »ow tert4 shortw2!
Ai’am or p! W’/i-te powdan
oru . l
?»3Yaih lEUMXwa F dvdib » Ca 108 *'al.
fl j”
Cheap Land!
Free from Opiates, Emetics ami Poison
SlOOl) Forty acres 111 the ¡«hash Fruitm
Raisin Colony. Level clear Vineland
adapted for raisins; good water ea«lt »i!
tallied; wood cheap: no irrigation: annuU alt
fall, thirty-nine inch, s; mild climate■ Muni
three miles to Cottonwood. Terms. ItuoJa
balance in tour equal annual paj-n,entfi
eight per cent Circular free. Lltiivi,
ItKON.. Cotton» ood. Si bust a <o t.ij
Also goon for (’old In the Head,
Headache, Hay Fever, <tc. fiüreuu,’
A ,
Piso’s Remedy fur Catarrn is the ft
Best, Easiest to Use, an J Cheapest, H
The Van Monciscar
Young, niiddle aged tod
old, single or married ma
and all who suffer with
Nervous Debility, Sperma­
torrhea, Seminal L am
F-; Euergy. also Blood hod
Nkiu Diseases, typhillii,
Eruptions, Hair Falling
Bone Pains, 8 welling»
Sore Throat, Vlcera, E:
facts of Mercury, Kidneys
and Bladder Trouble«,
Weak Back, Burning Urine, Gonorrhea, Gleet, Strict,
ure—prompt relief and cure for life.
Both HexeH t'oiiwult Confidentially
Cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Bucknrlic H<u<!nrbe, Toothache,
Sprnliu, Brtilac», elc.,e«c.
N. P. N. U. No. 1(58-8. V. N. U. Na 945
To the 500 .ulweriU r. tirsi -inwvrrfng correctlv. on or before March 30th. 1X37, our nénplc Bible quMtloa, "Wbvn
Io the Bible Is First Fottuti the Wool “ GOIII" we will donate the following revurdi:
1— Gath Present in Gold
12.500 8 -Caz’h Present jn Gold............. $4,’<| >5—One Set Furniture.............11»
2— (’ash Present
~ ■
.2 000 9 Cash Present in Gold.............
200 16 One Solitaire Oi.nionA Riet 1»
3— (’ash Present in Gold..
. 1.500 10 (•ash Present in Gold.............
100 17 -One Krerel.loMling sholtua TO
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. 1 200 11 One Upright Piano, val.........
500 H One I.^li.« W.teh ... »
5—( ’ash Prisent in Gold..
. 1,000 12 One Fine Top Buggy.............
2<M> 19 < >no Ledie.’ Fair BrueleU. «
8—<’ash Present in ( L.’d..
.. 600,13 One Cabinet Organ.................
150 ■JO Oue Sowing Maolini«.......... "
7—C m I i Present in Gold..
. 500 14 One Diamond Breastpin....
»«. To ,lh*'U'”.'.
|,|’ch '* "oll'tC'il l Watch, worth »11» each
To the next 50. each a Solid SIIvo Watch, »«nk
To the next
/• i
nfcXt 100, each
cac I i an Elegant Photograph Album, worth 15 each. To tho next 125. each * Soil«
Gold Ring,
King, worth *2 each To
T.. the next 185. an Elegant Book, each worth $1 50
If a coini>etitor should fail on the tirat lie will stand a chance for one of our
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Fourth l ant, 1'r.wnt in Gold.............................................. 175 , Riji u, Ca,h
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The Strength of the Ancient Craft in All
Parts of the Globe.
From a careful estimate made from
reports to the ditlerent Masonic bodies
for the year 1880, the following figures
have been obtained which will be of
interest to members of the order and
others: In Germany there are 342
lodges; Switzerland has 33; Hungary,
44; Roumania, 11; Servia, 1; England
and Wales, 1,187. Scotland, 334;
Ireland. 299; Gibraltar. 5: Malta, 4;
Holland and Luxemburg, 4G; Belgium.
15; Denmark, 7; Sweden and Norway.
18; France. 289; Spain, about 300; Por-
tuiral, 22: Italy, 110;Greece, ll;Turkey,
1G; Egy pt, 28; Algeria, 11; Tunis, 2;
Morocco. 2: the west coast of Africa,
11; African Islands, 25: the Cape, G1
Arabia (Aden), 1; India, 118; Indian
Islands.lG; China. 13; d:i|$in. 5; Austra­
lia. 229; Australian Islands, 41; New
Zealand. 4: United States, 9,824; Can­
ada, 535; Cuba. 30; Hayti, 32; West
Indian Islands. 65; Mexico. 13; Brazil.
256; other South American States, 179;
making a total of 14,625. The number
of members is estimated at about
5,000,000. which makes an average of
about 842 members to a lodge. The
number of lodges ami members has
largely increas-d in the last six years,
and tlie next report will show a great
increase throughout the world.—A/ftany
— ♦
He Came Down with a Thud.
Seedy Party (confidentially)—The
doctor has recommended me to take a
large glass of rum six times a day, and
I have come here-----
B.irkceper (interrupting him suspic­
iously)—Did the d >ctor recommend
you tc bring along» large tweuty-ceut
piece for each drink?
Seedy Party (with dignity)—You
have not heard mu out 1 came here
because your liquors have such a repu­
tation for deadlines». I thought per-
haps if I stood up here six times a day
to remove that impressiou you might
be willing -----
(Sickening thud on the marble hall.)
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' "■*rd" * "tieci«1 chan«, ramalna. To the 353 who» MM
,‘a"n> on the Hat, »500 In cash. The neat to the laat «W
The lof* 50, each »10 in caah. The neat 100. <«h » »
"end i'8"" ’ ’r one roar'. .nhmtrtpHon to THK POPUU*
MONTHIA with their anaw.-r Ze^ No anawer will be recorded unleaa accompanied hr the oaah, for whlob ••
will aeod. l«>-tpa"l, our .plee.dl'l Majazi,,,. and FIFTEEN of the 10 hooka llated below. Preaent aulenti»»
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on«, »nd their names published In w AprU
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the Prioe N° sniwer* »’♦•oordext beirij
30 ' 1887 9e,,d before that dBU »«nd money by new poetai noU. moo-f
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MÌ5iiTIÌ8iÌì,l,*n«''K'T.*.V^t,Bi«lrt iofi ih®rvn*n,e< of
who wer® »w*rded presenta In ®ur January.
M t
1 i ’ e Competitions, viz: (’ha. Fishwick. Atchison. Ka- «.500; * £
Rai Verni tv2Mf. m ’im
V i ’”’7 ’’ rawford .
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Mkl Anni?5! I
M_1 H*""1 tittle Rock. Ark., 51,20". Beni Avery. E«q . Garland Ark , W
T,‘r 5200t Frederick Kimb-r, (Sondava Valley N Y $100; Mrs. Georgs K
«*■"?• \rk
$500; Geo E Hiyme^ Atleta. T«k. Cabinet Organ. 5150;
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Ohan JohSon. Rockford. Ili, S-.ltaire Diamond W*
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. d. W»tc^
Mrs .T R Hichcock.1123 Tr.montars. 0*’*
port. Iowa, Wh.te Sa wmg Machine, $.-0. 1 he following receipt speak, for Itaelf :
P’!rSr aSÌ*pl “7 lhank* for the W ^°in<’icÒM preSlfl
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IlahM1'’ D
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r’*d w,th P«’ »*”™ The poetryand short «torta
It H fa i t" i . . Ìlz h
. !? »‘ubl'*h®r are reliable, and will do all they promise."
assume the una arrant 1 Hl^-«?
'*« ” ' »J*1*
to whom we refer, must be acquainted. We
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f r »Ù un«'j. i',,1 -Jtai ?
‘h’ buatne» and anelai -Umllnr of Ihraw pMent»«
June, XW’ICT Al d ir LX . K ' "’TV' w ho. with atamp. will receiae prompt attention.
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’rrraRWKlTrtt for Ladlea and Gentlemen: compie»: t8*”
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