The Oregon register. (Lafayette, Yamhill County, Or.) 18??-1889, December 30, 1887, Image 5

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yxie Oresro»-
At Littlefield's hall last Friday even­ Or
there was a fair audiouoe to witness
8°. 1887-
* local
and general .
Happyt,e< Y®Br’
Dr E. Davie, resident dentist.
Htdem is to have a toboggan slide.
Mr. Hicxs Fenton, of Monmouth, was
In town this week.
Robert Henry left for Portland Thun»
ana visit to relatives.
p W. Fenton and family spent Christ­
mas with relatives in Polk county.
The ball given on Monday evening was
well attended.
Tlie Wut Share for December is an ex-
cefienl number.
P. W. Sears, derx of Polx county,
i visited friends here this week.
A Portland architect was in to*n WeiL
eaday loosing after county business.
Hon. E. C. Bradshaw, of The Dalles,
is spending the holidays in Lafayette.
| Mrs. Chas. Powell returned to her
Ibome In Astoria the^flrst of the weex.
I Judge R. P. Boise, of this district, is
lagain very sick at his residence in Salem.
I Horace Littlefield, Henrv Aiderman
|snd John Dixon are Bpending tlie hol­
idays at home.
I Senator J. N. Dolph will please accept
|tbe thanks of this office for valuable pub­
lic doouments.
I JO. and Mrs. Dicas, of Monmouth,
■spent Christmas with their daughter,
Mrs. Dr. Davis.
I The Masonic installation on Tuesday
■evening was a very nice affair, so say
■'E m « who were there.
I G. L. Roland, of North Yamhill, made
Xhi. office a call on Saturday, and left his
Lune for the R egister .
■ Miss Nettie Henderson, of this city,
■has gone to Oasland for the purpose of
Kuching music at that place.
■ Miss Mattie Henderson, who has been
■caching a successful school iu Alsea
Bralley, returned home a few <iays since.
■ Money to loan on improved farming
landf, from ono to live years time in sums
Ko suit F enton .i F enton , Lafayette, Or.
I All xinds of ladies’ anil gents’ gold and
fcver watches for Christmas presents, at
■he McMinnville jewelry Btore.
The Yamhill county temperance st­
ance will’ineet in McMinnville Wednes-
lay,_ January 18th. Full particulars
Silverware of every descriptions, cloCKS
id spectacles at the McMinnville jewel-
r store, Win. Holl, which Is the best
Isce to buy them. * > '
Her. Burlingame is holding a series of
mtings at the Anderson schoolhouse,
itli good success. Thirteen were taken
Ito the church last Sunday.
For cash in hand I will make ten-per
nt. discount from Sept. 20th, 1887 to
uniary 1st, 1888 on all dental work. Re-
Isctfully, Ba. E. D avis , Lafayette, Or.
Kx-Sheriff E. B. Collard returned last
ktnrdav from an extended trip to Puget
pad. He reports business lively and
Inas he will invest in some property at
fr. and Mrs. W. F. Gilkey, who have
n east on an extended visit, have re­
lied to their home near Webfoot. They
ort having hod an enjoyable time, but
glad to get home jjl the same.
i- 8. Nelson called at this office on
dnesday and made arrangements to
i» the R egister visit him in the
are. Mr. Nelson is fireman iir the
rmill of Stater & Savage at Tualitan
lira on the narrow gauge.
' ™- Grant, who has been working on
i new school building for the Indians
Grand Ronde, returned to this city on
Way, the government appropriation
ting run out. When the buildings
finally completed they will be ample
Wommodate all the Indian children
a Grand Ronde will ever see.— Item-
few days ago Almond Fletcher Killed
large swan and wounded another,
wounded bird was captured alive,
has been on exhibitionat Wester­
’s hardware store during the weex.
I one is a whopper, measuring seven
and nine inches from tip to tip of
r.Butler,of Monmouth .called last eve-
I »nd said that two Chinamen were
dly murdered in that town Wednes-
night. Their throats were cut from
o ear and they were horriby bruised
* their heads. The Chinamen were
1» lucrative business and probably
considerable Ihoney in their posses-
I The bodies were thrown into a
P**r by. Our informant left before
Proner’s jury returned a verdict.
the entertainment given by the school.
The programme consisted of vocal music,
recitations, etc. The ringing by the
school was good and proves that the
training given by Prof. Young is having
its desired effect. We have not the
' space to notice each performance, but
cannot pass without mentioning two or
three. “Mr. Mulcghey, Esq.," song, by
Paul Kelty was rendered in good style,
Item VI lloKAA 1 41
-.^ A ■UUltniCv
— — — WiUl
..'iL 1..
mau wuvutrjvu
ter. “Against American War,” recita­
tion, by Frank Billington, deserves more
than a mere mention. This young man
was perfectly at ease upon the platform,
and, if we mistake not t will some
soiue day
make an oratot to grace the
L. of
_ ____
grass. “Foes Unite in Death,” recita­
tion, by Miaa Bertie Parker, was spoken
with that degree of feeling, which plainly
showed thAt she understood the subject.
“What Can the Matter Be,—Why don’t
Parente Visit the School T” song, by
three little girls and tfifeqp little boys,
was-very amusing sb well as instructive.
Parente should think of this matter and
visit the school more, especially the
primary department to which these six
little people belong. Miss Graham, of
Butteville, who is visiting in town, was
recitation, “Green Mountain Justice,”
which was loudly encored. One object of
this entertainment was to raise funds to
purchase charts, etc., for the school, and
about $2« wctb the reffutt.----------------------
AaaoNAUT T ills W hat
or ins R ecent Tare.
S aw
The rood from R; ading to Roseburg is
one of the most picturesque in America,
we may say the world, for we have seen
no other railway so tong through a
country so whplly--beantiful. The scen­
ery of the Denver and Rio Grande, and
here and there a bit upon the Sierra is
more startling and sensational, higher
elevat'ons of rocks, scenery more abrupt,
but for sustained and varying beauty,
mountains, valleys, farms, fields, forests
and streams, great mountains, grand
rivers, we recall nothing comparable
with the trip we .have recently taken.
Our own Mount Shasta, with the snow
covered Buttes of the Lassen, Mounts
"Hood, Rainier, St. Helene, Baker, Jef-
feraon, and Adams together form a group
not exceeded for beauty and grandeur
elsewhere in the world. There are a
hundred miles of forest lying along the
upper Bacrainento, and thence to the
summit ol tlie Siskiyou mountain, that
by some «»-operation between congress
and the railroad company, should be
preserved as a national park. The saw­
mill is already doing its devilish work in
demolishing the beauty of the forests.
D on ' t .—When the R egister says a
good thing about a neighboring town, we
don’t like to see. the item credited to
another paper. Will the Itemieer please
remember next time.
We will sell you Drugs, Medicines,
School Books, Stationery, Scrap and
Photograph Albums, Blank Books and
evdfrything in Our line cheap3r thh
any . ■ ’<c'>
in Yamhill
■ ' ■ •
> <s
When Jou are in McMinnville
Gome and See Us.
We have the most complete stock of HOT.m av
GOODS coming that has ever been in McMinnville,
and at the LOWEST PRICES.
Call and see them and we know that wo can suit you in goods and
■*: Rogers & Todd,
To citizens of the Pacific states during
the past week and'reported expressly for
this paper by C. A. Snow A Co., patent
lawyers, opposite U. 8. patent office,
Washington, D. Q. :
*• »
JS. W. Bingham, Portland, Or., sec-
tional horseshoe.
C. Elliott. San Francisco, Cal., purify­
ing water.
W. Filmer, San Francisco, clamp for
securing stereotype plates.
J. I. Irving, San Francisco, artificial
J. W. Keeney, Riverside, Cal., orange
C. F. Kendall, Stocton, Cal,, mill stock
N. N. Laufenburg, San Francisco, plow
standard. ~~ '—■—
J W. C. Meyer, South Vallejo, Cal.,
cloth cleaner.
JI 8. Muir, Hanford, Cal., electro med­
ical appaiatiis.
A. G. Page, San Francisco, device for
opening trap doors.
G. W. Peck, San Luis Obispo, Cal.,
blacking brush.
G. W. Perkins, Palouse, W. T., chum.
C. A; Pitkin, San-dese,f Cal., fruit
We have made arrangements with the
New York World publishers, whereby we
can furnish the R egister , the Weekly
World and any one of three valuable
books for $2.50. The books are the “His­
tory of the ’ United lyates,” “History of
England,” and "Everybody’s Guide.”
Price of each book alone is $2.00. The
R egister will keep abreast of the times
the coining year. It is our intention to
enlarge and otherwise improve our al­
ready popular paper on or before January
1, 1888. dur subscription list is increas­
ing constantly, and the. future for the
R egister is bright. Present subscribers
cun take advantage of the above very li­
beral ofler by paying all arrears and $2.50
for tho R egister , World and choice of
books for the year to come. Yon can get
a sample copy of tlie World by. sending
your addess to the publishers, and you
can see tlie books by calling a t this office.
Thede rates apply only tq cash mail sub­
scribers, to those who pay a full year in
advance, and will close promptly on Jan­ ” The Portland papers have let loose
their “dogs of war” on the Oregon Pa­
uary 1, 1888.
cific, an institution that has done an im­
C hristmas T ree .—On Saturday even­ mense service for the Willamette valley
ing last our townsfolk enjoyed a real old- as well as the state generally, and when
fashioned Christmas tree. The-church a Portland paper gets started there’s
was crowded and all seemed to enjoy the Liniburger cheese around. The whole
scene. The one large tree, filled with business shows spite work and jealousy.
presents of every description, was grand Portland is just naturally afraid sojne
to look upon. Dr. Watts delivered a other part of the state will also prosper.-
short address, and the choir sang a ¡few No railroad was ever built under mor
selections; and Santa Claus appeared to adverse circumstances than the O. P.
the delight of the children. The presents and the management is entitled to great
were distributed, and all went home credit for the amount of progress made.
with light and happy hearts.
All railroads sometimes get behind; why
not the O. P. Messrs. Hunt and Bennett
- A t the H ub .—Prof. F. H. Grubbs, A.
should remember that they live in verit­
M., who graduated from Willamette uni­
able glass houses when they seek to be­
versity in 18(13 anil who afterwards taught
little this road. Tlie smallest of all things
in liis alma mater for several ■ years, is
yet is the attack on the Yaquina bar in
spending the winter in Boston. Mass.,
the connection with the .matter. The
and enjoying the advantages of that cen­
wreck of the Yaquina City has nothing
ter of learning and culture. His daugh­
to do with the bar and Portland. papers
ter Ethel is taking a course in tlie New
know thia. The fact is they have long
England conservatory of music. The
been watching for an excuse, but the
professor expects to return to Oregon
present will prove reacting. The Oregon
about the middle of next February.—
Pacific will proceed next year with a
rush, notwithstanding the present un-
G old B adge .—Governor Pennoyer is pleasantness.— Albany Democrat.
very proud of the gold badge presented to
him by tlie Californians at the last spike
exercises Saturday. The badge is really
Following is the programme for the
a large gold button, on which are artist­ open temperance meeting to be held nxet
ically engraved the letters “C” and “O,” Wednesday evening, January 4th :
joined together by a spike. Above are Reading......................- - ■ Emma Sampson
the words “Dec. 17,1887.” The button Recitation..................................... Katie Bird
.......... Mr. Stephens
is a very handsome souvenir of the oc­ Reading..................
........................ Choir
casion. The governor wears it in the Music......................
........ Libbie Robins
Recitation.. ............
lapel of his coat.
. . Walter Gardiner
Maud Johnson
LirAYiTTi P resbyterian C hurch .— Recitation.......... . .
... .Thaddeus Dunn
.......... Birdie Nelson
Rev. Wm. Clyde will preach in Pres­ Recitation. ......
............ Louise Allen
byterian church on Sabbath. January Recitation............... .............................
Music. ....................
1st., morning and evening. All invited. Recitation............... . .. Maggie Ferguson
............ Willie Carey
There will be a practice of music in the Reading.................
... Maggie Stewart
church to-morrow, (Saturday) at 3 p. m., Recitation..............
,.................. Choir
to whicli all willing to join the choir are Music......................
.... Geòrgie Mattey
Recitation............ ,
W m . C lyde , Pastor.
.......... ,. .Mr. Clyde
Reading. ........
C onvicted .—The three Chinamen who
have been tried in Portland for killing a
fellow-countryman in the Chinese theater
were foufid guilty of murder in the first
degree. Tlie attorney has asked for a
new trial.
_______ _
"< O
Druggists, McMinnville, Oregon, —
Next door to the First National Bank.
On Monday evenidg, December 20th.
thè good people and children of McCoy
and neighborhood assembled in the Pres­
byterian church to celebrate Christmas.
The pastor, Rev. Wm. Clyde, opened the
meeting with prayer. A beautiful ever­
green tree had been erected in front of
the pulpit and platform, on which gifts
had been placed of various sires, hues
and brilliancy, which must have exceed­
ed in value $400, and were very attract­
ive. After an excellent programme of
songs, readings, recitations and music
luyllbeen enjoyed the Christinas tree was
unloaded of its fruit by Dr.Worthington
and others, and the many presents dis­
tributed among the happy recipients^
Thereafter, Rev. Wm. Clyde, in an
appropriate address presented the Sab­
bath school superintendent, Mr. E. T.
Hatch, with a beautiful album, the gift
of the Sabbath school scholars. Mr.
Hatch feeling terms, and the
audience, which filled the entire building
separated with joyful hearts to their
Dec. 28, 1887.
A Happy New Year to the editor of the
R egister .
Our school will commence again next
Wait till Bro. Bannister gets that new
Washington hand-press and enlarges his
I>aper, then tally ono for Dayton in par­
ticular and for Yamhill county in general.
V. E. Beno, of the firm of Alexander
A Beno, is in Portland visiting friends
and relatives. ,'
Charlos Spaulding, of the ExcMsior
Mills, was in town Tuesday qq business.
The Christmas Ladders at this place
were held in the M. E. church on Satur­
day evening, December 24th, and were
attended by a large audience. 1
A. M. Peery, our efficient postmaster
and druggist, went to McMinnville Tues­
day on business.
Willie Logap, of McMinnville, has been
clerking in Peery A Harris’s 'drtig store
during holidays.
Geo. Reisner’s new furniture store now
looms up on Ferry street, one door above
the millinery store.
Died—December 22d, after a long ill­
Miss Ella Jones went to Independence
ness, Mrs. J. Mills, aged 59 years.
Monday, where she will visit friends and
Born—December 25th, to the. wifo of relatives during holiday week.
Russ Glandon, a fine daughter, weight
M1T Goodell has the contract of moving
ten pounds. Mother and child doing I. Nichols’ old boot and shoe store.
well. Russ may recover, but doubtful.
The moving of the old Fisher house is
W. C. Brown lias been appointed re­ not progressing very fast on account of
corder of the town, and B. H. Springer bad weather.
town attorney.
Dayton lias the contractor of contract­
Hawkeye received his pen but he failed' ors. He took the contract of siding up
to send Rufus his little ax.
the windmill tower for $20, paid $19 for
The Masonic lodge elected the follow­ hired help, and reserved $1 for his own
ing officers and installed them December benefit. How is that for contracting 7
B lack H awk .
25th: Ira Townsend, W. M.; Paul
Kingston, 8. W.; Marion Townsend, J.
W.; Rob’t. J. Lancefleld, Trees.; C. H.
Burch, Jr., Sec.; James McDonald, 8. D.;
Dec. 26, 1887.
Willard Wood, J. D.; G. Z. Edwards,
Merry Xmas to all.
Shooting match on last Friday. _ Lots
Mrs. Tom. Holcomb is slowly recover­ of geese, ducks arfll turkeys clianged
All or most all the old batches and old
Married—At the residence of P. C.
maids received dolls on the Xpias tree; Thomason, by W. E. McCutchen, Miss
and Marshall Newby received eight or Mary Thomason to C. H. Bodie, ail of
ten pasteboard stars, but then he kept or­ Carlton. May their pathway through
der all t'.e same.
life be all sunshine is the wish of your
Mrs. M. Mulkey is quite sick, at her reporter.
residence, some five miles from here.
C. H. Bodie made a dinner for his
Mr. E. P. Emmit and Mr. Worthington friends yesterday, being his infair dinner.
from Sheridan were in town last week.
The young folks had a dance at Hutch­
J. W. Cary continues to slay the ducks croft hall last Thursday night.
and he knocks all the other nimrods silly
We knew that Charlie wasn’t looking
when it comes to scoring points.
.st that little white house for nothing.
Flash’s oldest son, Flash, takes the
We are under lasting obligations to
place of his pa as the Sheridan reporter. Uncle Rufus, late treasurer of the Lime­
We are O so sorry Bro. Bannister, thut kiln club, for a spread eagle pen. If
you got mad last week; but you must re­ that Is a sample of the pens he writes
fer back some three issues and see how his items with no wonder they are bo
you gave it to us—even Gen. Jackson flighty sometimes. Thanks, Rufus, here
would strike back; but, come, smooth is our fJtF".
down pour ruffled feelings for if you get
We hod a fine Christmas dinner at the
vour back up your raiment will not fit as residence of D. f>. Stevenson to-day.
they did in days gone bye.
Lota of turkey’and, Oh my, too mant
M tb . Miranda Smith, of Forest Giove, things to mention. We thought of yot>
is visiting lier son, Dr..Smith at this place Mr. Editor while enjoying that turkey.
The grand Holiday hunt fell through,
Lots of water in the river—good time'
as all were taken up with the Xmas tree, for ducks.
Gus Ricky, of East Portland, was up
Twenty acres of goal bottom land for
during the holidays.
sale for $320, one-half in cultivation?
John Colwell, while leading horses out Call on tho postmaster, Carlton.
H awk -E ye .-
of the barn on the Phillips place, occu­
pied by Mr. Wiggins, formerly of laifay-
The board of directors of the Oregon
ette, su'-tained a fracture of the arm be­
low the elboA. Drs. Goucher A Smith pioneer association have selected Port­
were called and set the broken bone and land, June 15, 1888, as the time and
place of holding the next annual picnic.
N ew S teamship .—The San Francisco
Examiner publishes the statement that
the Oregon Developement company has
purchased in the east a new first-class
iron ship to take the place of the strand­
ed Yaquina City, which will as soon as
possible be put on their line between
San Francisco and Yaquina bay. From
this it is evident that the loss of the Ya-
quina City will in no wise cripple the
business or. traffic of the'line.