The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 05, 1925, Image 4

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your bam or garage, it may
spoil your hay or impair the
efficiency of your stock or your
machinery. If it is on your home, it
means not only discomfort for your fam­
ily, but possibly serious illness as well.
It simply isn’t worth it when the remedy
is so easy.
We carry in stock materials for re­
pairing every type of roof. If you are
doubtful about what to use, tell us about
your roof and we will help you select
the proper materials and tell you how to
use them.
Everything to Build Anything
Pure Pork Sausage
What’s better these cool days,
which have suddenly come upon
us, announcing the approach of
winter P
Fresh every day and seasoned
just right.
Nothing Bat Th. Beat”
Foods For The Season’s Appetite
As fall days come on and the mornings grow
cooler, our appetites cause us to think with longing of
certain food products. It is Sauer Kraut time, and
we have it fresh and savory. 5
feet to go with the Kraut, and
day, the finest
Fresh Canned Goods in Fruits and Vegetables.
Good Groceries - Cheerful Service - Right Prices
We want you to be satisfied. Drop in and
try us for vour Staple Grocery Supplies and for
any little fancy article that you may wish.
Tel. 1361
Information Required
(Siv Advertisement on 1 receding Page)
is vour full name?
_____ _____
(b) Hex
/ ........ . ...
2. (a) What is yonr age?...... (l>) When were you born?
' •) What is your color?
(d) Weight?
(e) Bright?
ft rt
8. Where do von reside? No. .
Htrcet .
..... State
4. What firm are you (a member of?)
(employed by?)
What is their business?______ _____
Where located? No.
... Street
City of____________
«tate of.
5. What is your occupation?....
To whom Is policy to be
Name In full.
payable in case of death
under its provisions?
7. Have you in contemplation any special journey or haaardoua under­
taking? ____________ :____________ ____ _____ __________________
8. Are your habits temperate, and are you in sound and healthy con­
dition mentally and physically?........................
Policy applied for this__
day of
Signature of applicant :
(Thia insurance takes effect only upon receipt of policy by assured)
'Hie Methodist church program fol­
lows: r
- school
* :. promptly
- at
---- 10
I, b ., a t progressive school and equlp-
ment. Morning
_ worship
_ at 11 o’clock,
subject, “The Crown of Pride at the
Head of a Fat Valley.” Junior church
at «.30 p. m. The pastor will be there
with a junior sermon and special fea­
tures. Epworth I^eague, 7 p. m. sharp.
Our Epworth orchestra will assist at
this service. The evening hour of song
and sermon at 8 o’clock. Sermon, “A
Convict's Freedom,’’ by the pastor.
Plenty of music. Odell church is run
on the broadest possible community
basin This then la your church; make
it your church home, no class restric­
tions. .
A Pa rent-Teacher meeting will be
lield Tuesday evening at the high
school. The grade school will give a
E. J. Gilstrap, representing the Eu­
gene Bible University, called on Bev.
8. H. Kimball, minister for the Chris­
tian church, Wednesday of last week.
Mr. Gilstrap expects to come to Hood
Rivtv some time in the near future
and speak at the Christian church in
llood Biver tn the morning and at the
Christian church in Odell in the even­
The W. C- T. U. of Odell will meet
next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock In
the Little White church. Reports from
the W. C. T. U. convention and refresh­
ments are promised.
Those who attended the meeting of
the Ladles’ Aid society Wednesday af­
ternoon of last week spent a busy and
pleasant ■ afternoon. About 80 mem-
ix-rs and guests were seated at a table
decorated, appropriately for the Hal­
lowe'en Season. Delicious refreshments
were served. Mrs. W. L. Sheirbon,
Mrs. L. K. Rhoades and Mrs. W. N.
Weber were hostesses.
Wilbur Holman spent the week end
at Corvallis visiting friends, seeing the
game and all the festivities connected
with homecoming at O. A. C.
On cam» the
Mrs. Fred Hies, who has been here
monstrous dino­
through apple harvest left Odell Bat-
saur, with glow­
urdsy afternoon to return to her home
ing eyes and cav­
in California, where she will begin
ernous mouth,
immediately packing oranges.
disclosing mur­
Holman A Davis* store window at­
derous fangs,
tracted much attention with its line
driving all before
of Hallowe’en decorations. Lafferty A
it-crushing trains
Wood also trimmed a window in aut-
and smashing
ump products and Hallowe'en colors.
buildings, till it
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jakku were bust-1
crashed through
near visitors in Portland Friday and I
Tower bridge in­
to the river.
Rev. W. 8. Gleiser motored from)
Newberg Monday for a business visit
in Hood River. He was accompanied I
by Mrs. Gleiser, Charles and Margaret.
They made a few short calls in Odell
Monday afternoon, returning to New-1
Iterg that evening. Their friends here|
were pleased to greet them and to
know of the fine church and its various
Research and Technical Di­
organisations to which they have been
rector, Willis H. O’Brien
T. A. Bolen has sold his pool room
and confectionery business inOdell to
M. P. Beers, of Prineville. The new
owner expected to arrive here Tues­
Mrs. T. A. Boles Is planning a visit
with her daughter, Mrs. R. J. Streich­
er, at Reedsport, Or. She will prob­
ably leave for Reedsport Bunday. Mr.
Boles will accompany her as far as
Portland, where he will stop for a few
days* visit.
Bunday and Monday 10 box car«,
each containing 1,000 boxes of New­
town* ranging from else 176 to 308,
were loaded at the local Apple Growers
Association warehouse. These are for
export and go to Portland, thence via
untor to their destination.
J. H. Margeeon and Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Holman motored to Portland
Tuesday for the stock show. During
his parents' absence Wilbur Holman
and HaroliM’emberton will keep house.
Eddie Forsberg went to Portland
Thursday and returned to Odell Bun­
day. He is attending Odell high school.
Mr. and Mrs. Allison Fletcher and
sons, Geo. Allison and Loren, motored
to Portland today for the stock show.
Announcements for Bunday at the
Christian church, 8. N. Kimball, min­
ister : Sunday school, 10 a. m; preach­
ing service, 11 a. m., subject, “Founda­
tion Stones of American Civilisation." I
By Arrangement With Watterson R. Rothacker
Celebrating Armistice day, a special
service for patriots. Junior Endeavor,
p. m.; s e nio r Endeavor, Tp. tn.;
preaching service, 7.30 p. ns subject,
“Quitting Your Meanness.”
The Hallowe'en social given under
the auspices of the Epworth League
Haturday evening at the Methodist
church was well attended and thor­
oughly enjoyed by those who were
There were many friends in Odell
and vicinity who were very sorry to
know thst Mrs. Harry Emery passed
away Haturday in Portland. Iler body
was taken east Tuesday for interment
in IJneoln, Nebr.
Junior church «16 p. m. Sunday at
the Methodist church, Preston Young, I Clair Larson and his chum, Ray business and visit the stock show.
Mrs. Emery Davenport and daugh- ting up a petition and forwarding cop­
Towne, motored up from.Portland Hat­
Rockford Grange ball Is having a
n‘,,,r,l'd from an extended ies to the Seventh District radio ln-
urday to spend Bunday at the Larson new kitchen with good equipment built : visit . in ve
A reception was held at the Metho­ home.
*]>ector, O. It. Redfern. We wonder if
by II. E. Wylie.
The young people of the Baptist It baa occurred to our local power com­
dist church Wednesday evening wel­
Diphtheria at Parkdale proved to be i church had a very pleasant social last pany that profit, from even 50 radio
The Bqy 8<x>uts of Frankton are in­
coming Rev. John D. Woodfin and his
family to Oddi. A more complete ac­ creasing in number each week. In the something else, as the Irishman would I llnirsday. The committee In charge fans who use the midnight electricity
near hi tore the parents will entertain say. We are glad it is not spreading of the entertainment is to lie highly for light and battery charging, amounts
count will he given next week.
and that our Barrett teachers and congratulated for their work.
them witk a luncheon.
to a considerable monthly item. We
I Mr«- O*>- r. Johnson gave her hus- board are watching the children so k VT.
Voung Ptxiple's Union suggest that it Is greatly in their In­
Imnd a surprise party test Thbnday, well.
bad its business meeting at the Bap­ terests to cooperate with the radio pub­
Henry Wwk returned from
the <H-caai<m being Mr. Johnson’s 77th
Mrs. Irene Chubb is ill with typhoid, tist ¡Mirsonagc Monday evening The lic in providing lietter conditions for
Ind., Werlneaday, where be has been birthday.______________
it is believed. The health officers are meeting was well attended and the rweptlon.
Removal of tree limbs,
the ¡>a*t two months.- He left here
trying to find the source of the disease. young people made plans for the month change of lines and insulators help but
August IV with his wife's Ixidy to I
Thieves who have been <>|M«rating on of November.
do not remove the steady roar which
«vuwterv* mSr’Mx*11 ’u* "¿J1 home
I »avid Pylea and Roy Ilayee made a Methodist Lane should look out for
The monthly men's banquet will be comes dtrect from the Powerdale plant.
I liuainess trip to Portland Monday ln grape shot and trape.
There is a distinct directional effect
held at the Baptist church Thursday,
ll'<*t<Kk during the
the Farmers Ditch Co.
tonight, at 7 p. ni. AU men who want in Hood River valley. Southeastern
a pleasant association with one an­ stations form the majority of long dis­
This la Apple Week and we notice a other are United to come. A good pro­ tance liigs. Directly east is the most
interesting talk at the Advent beautiful window decorated by Hol­ gram is promised
difficult direction for results. Visiting
erected a small dwell“,^Z»d
now <’hr*«t'«
family, of North Da­ fans from southern Idaho remark on
man A Samuel, which is worthy of . P*1*1 r<m”
kota, are guests of ills brother, Frank the limitation of reception here. Has
living in It. In the near future they I
Workers gave a Hollow­ mention.
anyone here ever heard Boston, Mass.,
will build a lnrger home
' e'en party Friday night at the Guy
Joe Fletcher and family are leaving
from here?
The 1-arent-T.ncher »station held
^yri^’^re'«Tv^' this week for a motor erip to Califor­ rior^U dyH",nin<’' °”r K<’"lal mB11 e"r-
Mr. Marlor reports a special pro­
7r n,< 'nal‘ ln hl" n,‘w car. gram
nia. They expect to return in the n^t1
an Intereating meeting last Thursday
from Council Bluffs, la., last Fri­
Garvie Carrigan also has n new sedan. day night
evening. Mrs J. R. Nickelson bad
Mr* ♦’'OlTin. wbo has been critically spring.
at 10.30 p. m. Prises for
8. M. Iielepine and family, of Port­ telegrams for long distance reception,
charge of the program. IJttle Jerita •'•• 1" «bis ta be up and around.
Witham A Carr are decorating their
Kilgora gave a MecUon about the
Mrs. Roy Hays entertained her Sun- sales room with some very attractive land. spent tlie week fnd with his !>ar <>n the occasion of their Increased
ents. Rev and Mrs. c. r Dehxilno power. Those Iowans had better come
"Nine Little Goblins,'' which was well day school ctaan Saturday afternoon, pictures and plants.
rrtidered. Dr Hifton spoke on the pre-
Elder George Armstrong, of Port-
Mr. and Mrs B. I* Van Cise mo- Mr. Dekpine played a violin sob, at west so they won’t have to stay up all
ventlon of the spread of contagious land, preached a rousing sermon at tored to Portland and attended the tlie morning services, which was a night to give us evening entertain­
tohear it"
T** fortunate enough ments. Makes us think of the man
diseases. 8u)>t. Crites touched on the Advent Christian church Thursday horse show Sunday.
training of the children. Among the ni/bt Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong were
who stayed up late so he could get the
L. II. Afueson and family, of The
musical select Ions was a saxophone ,m their way to Clarkston. Wash., Dalles, spent the" week end with Mr.
E. M Ilohnan is raising his store morning exercises from New York.
solo by Holbrook Gallaway. Mrs. Mar- where Elder Armstrong will assist and Mrs. J. R Rees.'
building and will add a sausage room.
The ftsittiall game next Saturday
lor read some trde hlrtory of the last Eider Grant Dixon In a revival meet-
will be broadcast at 2.30 p. at. by the
Pirc Chief Votetorff and wife, ac-
sad hours of Abraham IJncoln's life. in.
Oregonian. Oakland vs. M. A. A. C.
Alrjine Notes
cotnpanled by Mrs. C. D. Haven, at-
a story written by the late Gen. Tan-1
let the liest man win, and even a
Miss Kula Mahaney. of Portland, vis­ tended th« stock show in Portland
< By J. G. Bradford)
ner. Of New York. Light fresh men ts
radio audience can get its thrills.
ited her aunt. Mrs. Willis Thornbury, Tuesday. .
were served.
*n'1 mysterious silence
Carroll, th« four-year-old son of Mr. narks the expected opening of Port Chamber Appoints Water OwrnM«
George Finley Marlor entertained the first of last week.
and Mrs. Ernest Samuel,' who was op­
some of his idaymates at a Hallowe’en
K,*»ti<.n The Port-
The Chamber of Commerce will inter­
party Haturday evening Mrs. Frank
erated on for appendicitis at the Hood Hn BTReTr"’
BWk” mention of
Smith assisted Mra Marlor with the
H. B. R<ads station KQP rivimrstn» est itself in a campaign to secure a
Mr and Mrs. J. L. Hotey are re-
more adequate water supply for the
innch and making cape for all. Those modeling tke house
_____ they purchased re- proved that he was taken home Tues­ gardin '"tí ”f "',.v"ncp •''formation
premmt were Misses Kathryn Frasier, ’•Icently
th* opening day. We have no city. The chamber has appointed the
B B-
E. Helfer. They
cently from B-
Tin. are day.
following committee to make a survey •
Kathlene Cronyn, Mildred IHkeman.
t other
Richard Talboy of Portland la here further Information to offer but expert
of available sources of additional sup-
dlrect- Overseeing the lirtproving of his house announcement dailv, The wave
Piy to be tapped by the dty: Leroy
of 21.1 meters is in
Graber. Irene Ordway, and Masters'
on Thirteenth street.
< bilds, C. M. Hurlburt, H. O. Ball. A.
George Ftnley Marlor. Carlisle Smith,
Sherman Frank is visiting in Port­
Stanley Rand. Boyd Miller. Byron
Mnt B*««» Cummings has gone to
J. Derby and Chas. H. Caatner.
Miller, James Gaily. Daniel Mak? Madras-to be with her mother, who ie land and taking in th« stock show,
The chamber has appointed the fol­
Malcolm Ordway and IJoyd Ordway.’ convalescent after a eerlons operation.
W. P. Wright and family have as^ilrt!’
"o'* lowing committee to investigate plans
for establishing a retail merchants' bu-
Wm. Craaaley, J. R. Förden, Harold, moved to Spokane, and Arthur Whor-
The Four Leaf Clover club will meet
R m - p « r 7.r" d”r,n«r the last
thia. Thursday, afternoon with Mrs. Eleanor and Lesley went to Portland low will continue'' the auto top and w^ek
wwk . Hovers I callers have murrrat»d resn; w. A. Hackett, E. M. Holman.
I- D. Parkina, E. H. Hhadk and R. I*
Sunday afternoon to attend to ana»« painting business.
Otis Eastman on Phelps creek.
means of abating the nuisance by get- Bartol.
Absolutely Astounding
in the
R. E. SCOTT, A gent
That’s the only way we can desoribe it!. Never before have
you seen anything like it!
Imagine a group of explorers discovering a spot where the
foot of man never before had trod. And this group of men
and a woman trapped-Imprisoned in this lost world.
Where ape men roam-where animals the size of 16 ele­
phants, and flying reptiles the size of an aeroplane, mon­
sters of 10,000,000 years ago still live, battling each other
and this group of adventurers.
And after a series of hair raising adventures, escaping with
a captured monster and carrying it back to London where
it breaks its shackles and raises havoc in the city streets.
>ur eyes,
eyes. You will gasp
Now these marvels are bared to your
with astonishment and wonder. Something never forgotten.
Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle’s Stupenduous Story
A Real Grocery Service
A First National Picture
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