The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 03, 1922, Image 3

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It has been proved that as much as 20 of the
power delivered to the driving wheels may be
lost through friction, due to the use of an incor
rect oil.
This friction may be of two kinds the friction
of metal on metal, due to the failure of the oil
to preserve a lubricating film between the bear
ing surfaces, or the friction of oil on oil the
internal, molecular friction of the lubricant
Too heavy an oil, or an oil lacking in "oiliness"
the quality that makes it cling to the bearings
while at the same time offering a minimum of
internal or fluid friction constitutes a direct
drain on the available horsepower of your
The right body at all operating temperatures
Made from carefully selected crudes and scientifically
refined by our patented high-vacuum process, Zerolene
has great "oiliness." It clings to bearing surfaces, while
offering in itself a minimum of fricdonal resistance to
the engine power.
Zerolene maintains the right lubricating body under all
conditions. As the engine gets hot, bearing clearances
decrease. Analysis of Zerolene shows that the variations
in its body, at the various engine temperatures, follow in .
close relation the decrease in bearing clearances.
Because of their "oiliness," stability and purity, Zero
lene oils give perfect lubrication and help to develop the
maximum power, speed and gasoline mileage of the car.
California t
more power speed
less fiiction and wear
thru Gomel lubrication
IcCormick Mowers
and Rakes
McCormick Machines have been built
continuously since 1831
It will pay you to investigate this price
The Hood River Fruit Co.
The Beauty of
Cut Glass
Its tinkle and the sparkle of Its crystal
What Is more attractive for the setting of
a summertime table?
See our stocks.
Our Cut Glass and Silverware offerings
can not be bettered In any lare met
ropolitan Jewelry store.
Anderson Undertaking Co.
C. C. ANDERSON, Sole Proprietor
Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director
Licensed with Oregon's tlrst cla js of Embalmers. Phone I3SI, 3S2I
Business men and orchardists here
generally express keen regrets over
action of the board of commisaionera
of Multnomah county last week in
holding up the Mount Hood Loop pro
gram by failure to meet the Mate
Highway Commission in plans of sur
facing the road in Clackamas county
No forml action has been taken, most
of the directors of the Commercial
Club and other civic organizations are
out of the city on vacation trips.
The appeal of Hood River county
citizens, however, was carried to Port
land yesterday by Kev. Billy Sunday
in an address before the Ad Club at a
weekly luncheon. While the Multno
mah county commissioners' decision is
not expected to retard work of the
valley trunk of the Loop Highway,
which will serve as a market link be
tween the Upper and Lower Valleys,
it is feared that it may result in post
ponement of the surfacing program
within the Oregon National Forest,
where grading crews are expected lo
finish 17 miles of new road this summer.
Small Fire Last Week
The Volunteer fire department re
sponded in time, at an early morning
roof fire at the home of Harold Black-
man last Friday, to limit damage to
a small amount. The fire was started,
it is presumed, from sparks from a
kitchen chimney.
Cause of Appendicitis
When the bowels are constipated, the
lower bowels or large intestines be
come packed with refuse matter, that
is made up largely of germs. These
germs enter the vermiform appendix
and set up inflammation, which is com
monly known as appendicitis. Take
Chamberlain's Tablets when needed
and keep your bowels regular and you
have little to fear from appendicitis.
Notice ot Sheriff's Sale
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Hood River.
Jessie I. Luther and Julia E. Fer
guson, rlaintins, vs. David J. btone
Lber R. Bradley and Sarah A. Brad
ley, Defendants.
By virtue of a writ of execution in
foreclosure, duly issued by the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of Hood River
County, Oregon, on the 8th day of
July, 1922, in a certain suit wherein
Jessie I. Luther and Julia E. Fergu
son are plaintiffs and David I. Stone,
Eber R. Bradley and Sarah A.' Bradley
are defendants, whrein the plaintiff.
essie M. Luther, recovered judgment
on June 6th, 1922, against the defend-
nt, David I. btone, for the sum of
S2.000.00, with interest thereon at the
rate of eight per cent per annum from
ebruary 1st, 1921, and the plaintiff,
ulia E. Ferguson, recovered judgment
on the same day against the said de
fendant for the sum of 500.00, with
nterest thereon at the rate of eight
per cent per annum, irom fepruary I.
1921, and said plaintiffs recovered
judgment for the further sum of
$250.00 as attorney's fees.Jand $12.00
as disbursements, which said writ of
execution commands me, as sheriff, to
make sale of the property therein de
scribed, and hereinafter described, to
satisfy said judgements.
Notice is hereby given, that I will
at the hour of ten o'clock in the fore
noon on the 12th day of August, 1922,
at the east front door of the County
Court Hou9e in the City of Hood Riv
er, Hood River County, Oregon, sell
at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, the following described real
property situated in Hood River Coun
ty, Oreogn, towit:
All of the North half of the South
west quarter ; the Southeast quarter of
the Northwest quarter, and the South
west quarter of the Northeast quarter
of Section 29, Township 1' North of
Range 9 East of the Willamette Merid
ian, containing 160 acres, more or less.
according to the Government survey,
or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy said judgments in full,
with accruing costs. Said property
shall be sold subject to confirmation
and redemption as provided by law.
Dated July 8th. 1922.
jyl3al0 Thomas F. Johnson.
Sheriff of Hood River County, Oregon.
That the northern part of Harney
countv and the Boice valley of Idaho i
growing into one of the country's most
notable trucking districts was the in
formation brought here lapt week by
Mayor W. H. Doolittie, of Ontario,
who with J. W. McCulloch is tourin
the state in behalf of plans palling for
rail development of central Oregon
Mr. Doolittie says that this section
will have 5.000 acres set to head let
tuce this fall, and that the tonnage of
potatoes for the season is estimated at
15.000 cars.
"We grow a superior quality of head
lettuce." says Mr. Doolittie. "Its
greatest value, however, anees from
the fact that it is ready lor market in
October, at a time when r:o other dis
tnct is shipping this product., lt
tuce men of California are die playing
keen interest in our lettuce land, and
the' bulk of our crop is marketed
through their extensive distributing
machinery. Some of our growers have
realized as high as $700 per acre for
their lettuce crops.
We get our seed from California
It is very valuable, costing severs
dollars a pound. We received a ship
ment not long ago, and the experiment
station was asked to send an expert to
test it. He drove to a warehouse to
see the seed, but was informed that he
would have to go to the bank. For
safe keeping the seed had been placed
in a safety deposit vault.
The Pheasant
Where you will find the
most appetizing
Steaks, Chops
and Roasts
tender and juicy-cooked
to perfection-and served
with a variety of
piquant sauces
The Pheasant
New Rule for Bootleggers' Families
The trend, according to local author
ities, lere and in other counties has
been for the families of convicted
bootleggers to throw themselves on the
county and peek public maintenance
while heads of families are serving
jail sentences. In instances, it is de
clared, Hood River county has found
it necessary to make appropriations
for such indigents. In other cases the
existence of dependent wives and chil
dren has operated to secure a parole
of prisoners.
Judge llasbrouck states that no fur
ther funds will be appropriated to
maintain families of convicted boot
leggers except they be willing to
accept such aid at the Wasco county
poor farm, where Hood River s indi
gent poor are cared tor under an
agreement between the two counties.
Wheeler lias Flower Farm
J. II. Wheeler, rancher, whose place
18 on the River road, between Dee and
Tuckers Bridge, has started what is
known as the Hood River Valley
Flower Farm, He will specialize in
the production of gladiolus bulbs. The
harvest this fall, it is estimated, will
provide 10,000 bulbs for market. Var
ious other species of flowers, however,
are being grown on a small scale, and
the coloring of his blooming tracts now
attracts the attention of motor tourists
using the River toad.
12th St. Improvement Planned
The city is taking steps to improve
Twelfth street, the main thoroughfare
leading from town to the West Side
orchard district, by securing property
from Mrs. Dolly Scott. Twelfth street
makes a jog, at its intersection with
May. street that is an annoyance to
The Pheasant and Oregon Hotel Di
ning Koom under same management.
Club Breakfasts Business Men's Lunch.
Evening Dinner. Continuous Kervice,
30 A. M. to 11 r. M. jeltf
Fare 15c each way
L-jve Heights at Bart EoteL
Leave don towi at Eectric Licks.
Other drive at reasonable prices
Office : Dectric Kitchen.
Phone 1191
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Hood River County.-
State Land Board of the State of
Oregon, Plaintiff, vs. Gertrude Van
Voorhis-Parker and E. H. Parker, De
To Gertrude Van Voorhis-Parker and
E. 11. Parker, the above named de
fendants :
You, and each of you are hereby re
quired to appear and answer the com
plaint in the above entitled suit on or
before six weeks from the date of the
first publication of this summons, to
wit: On or before the 2Gth day of
August, 1922. If you fail so to appear
and answer, judgment will be taken
against you. and each of you, for the
relief prayed for in the complaint, to
wit: for the foreclosure of that cer
tain mortgage, made and executed by
the defendants Oertrude Van Voorhis
and B. E. Van Vooihia to the plaintiff,
the State Land Board of the State of
Oregon, dated the 1st day of April,
l!lll. recorded Vol. 5, page 30ti, of
Mortgages, Hood River County, Ore
gon, securing tne promissory note oi
said last named defendants for the
sum of $1500 of even date therewith.
due one year after said date; and for
the further sum of 5150 attorney's
fees : and for plaintiff s costs and dig
bursements in this suit, and for a de
cree of this court forever earring you.
and each of you of all right, title and
interest, in, and to said mortgaged
prenrses. to-wit:
The north half of the northwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of
Section Four, in Township Two North,
Range Ten East of the Willamette
Meridian, containing twenty acres,
more or less; bIho all your right, title
and interest in that certain private
roadway from the tract above de
scribed across the south half of the
northweet quarter of said Section 4 to
the County Road, which roadway is
more particularly described in two cer
tain deeds from John I -eland Hender
son and wife to Fred N. Bornbecker,
one of said deeds being recorded in
Book 37 at page 505 and the other of
said deeds being recorded in Book 39
at page 183, of the Records of Deeds
of W asco County, State of Oregon; al
so all cf your right, title and interest in
that certain roadway acros the east
end of the south half of the northwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of
said Section 4. above described, to the
south line of the north half of the
northwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of said Section 4, and which
road rieht of way is described in a
deed from Samuel C. Elliott and wife
to B. E. Van Voorhis recorded in Rec
ords of Deeds of Hood River County.
Oregon, in Book 3, pace 256; there is
also excepted from this mortgage a
five foot right of way heretofore con
veyed to the Hood River Irrigation
This summons is published in the
Hood River Glacier, a weekly newspa
per cf general circulation, printed arid
published at Hood River. Oregon, for
six successive weeks, in accordance
with the order of the Honorable 11. L.
Hafbrouck, County Ju1?e of County
Court of Hood River County, Oregon,
dated the 12th day of Julv. 1922. re
quiring you to appear and answer the
complaint herein on or before the 6th
day of Aueut, l'.2i
Date of firft publication of this sum
mons is July 13. 1922.
A. J. Derby.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
jyl3a24 Hood P.iver, Oregon. :
District Attorney Baker, charged by
a. u. tiershey, paroled thursday from
a 5-day jail sentence for traffic law vi
olation, with profane and abusive lan
guage, was fined $5 Saturday by Mu
nicipal Judge Howe. A hat was passed
among county and city officers and
newspaper men and the fine raised be
fore Mr. Baker could write out a check.
Mr. Baker pleaded guilty and made
the following statement to the court
before sentence was passed :
"1 presume I am guitly. This man
Hershey has been a constant violator
ofithe law. When arrested he defies
the officers. He thinks the law is
made for everybody but himself. We
had him under a 10-day suspended sen
tence, and here the other day he was
re-arrested and sentenced to five days
in jail. Serving his sentence, he
seemed to get to thinking the thing
over. It appeared that he would lose
everything on some hauling contracts
and he stated that he was heavily in
debt on his trucks. He broke down
and cried like a baby. The jail officers
came to me and to Justice of the Peace
Onthank. We were called to the lat
ter's office. They took pity on his
family and offered to befriend him as
they have done before. He was paroled
again, then this man began to abuse
the officers of the law, these men who
time and again have kept him out of
jail. It was at this noint that I start
ed in to tell a few things. ' On his con
stant interruption I lost my temper.
and I used lancruacre that is not in the
dictionary. But in expressing my con'
tempt, I think I was mild when I con'
sider what I should have said.
I made mv remarks in the court of
Justice of the Peace Onthank, and I
was not fined for contempt of court
Everybody here has helped this
man. i pity him. He is wrong in the
head. If he were at my office now 1
would tell him some things, but 1 do
not think it would do any good. Under
these circumstances, 1 plead gulty. It
is the first time in my life that I have
ever been notified even of suspicion of
law violation.
"I am goiwr to instruct the officers.
however, to watch this man hereafter.
and to bring him into court immediate
ly in case of law violation."
Judge Howe in nagsinir sentence.
admitted that the circumstances offered
provocation for anger, but he declared
that he did not think them a justifica
tion of.a breach of the ordinance. He
addressed Hershey, telling him he was
n tne wrong.
1 know and evervbodv knows, said
Judge Howe, "that you have violated
city ordinances and state laws, and
you may expect no more mercy from
the courts."
Mr. Hershey left the court room de
claring that he was being persecuted
and that he would appeal to the grand
Hershey Released
A. O. Hershey, after serving a day
and right of a 5-day jail sentence im
posed last week for transferrins the
icense plates on motor trucks, was re
leased. Mr. Hershey. who operates a
string of trucks locally and in Portland!
mid-lolumbia service, in earlier hours
his incarceration walked continuous
ly up and down the corridors of the
jail. His nerves seemed to go to
pieces, as the time of hii imprison
ment increased and be began running
from one end of the loom to the other.
ail attendants expressed fears of a
nervous break down on his part.
Mr. Hershey. according to traffic
fiicials. has been giving them constant
trouble because of a repeated minor
nfractions of the law. Last year a
jhiI sentence was imposed on him but
waa suspended on his promise to mend
is ways.
Iloerlein Boosts Skiing
Hans Hoerlein, after a tour of the
snow fields of Mount Hood, declares
that skiing aa a summer sport can be
brought to prominent development on
what is known as Coleman Chute on
the north Bide of the mountain. At
this point, Mr. Hoerlein declares, a
natural declivity is available .every
rummer. Ski enthusiasts, he says,
may enjoy every feature of the recre
ation, including a jump at the bottom
of the chute.
While an hia highland tour Mr.
Hoerlein found a pocket flashlight lost
by him on a similar excursion five
years ago..
Hunger the Best Sauce
Sauce is used to create an appetite
or relish for the food. The right way
is to look to your digestion. When you
have good digestion you are certain to
relish your food. Chamber lain'a Tablets
improve the digestion, create a healthy
appetite and cause a gentle movement
of the bowels.
Hood River the cleanest town in the
state. It can be if you will help by
cleaning np your own place. After that
a little tresh paint will do wonders.
Eouy Lumber & Fuel Co. a'.'Ttf
Lawn Hose
Tire & Rubber Co.
Best Brand
Cut to any length
Lower than Ever
This Summer
Round-trip tickets routed over the
Union Pacific System
returning same or any direct line
Yellowstone Park !?8.05 St. Louis $ 81.50
Salt Lake City 4S.K2 Cincinnati 100.30
Denver 4.00 Philadelphia 144.95
Kansas City 72.00 New York 147.40
Omaha 72 00 Boston 158.35
Chicago 80.00 To other cities in proportion.
Ticket Rales DAILY until August 31st
Return limit October 81st
The Union Pacific operates the only THROUGH SOLID TRAIN
between Portland and Chicago,
"Oregon-Washington Limited"
Leaves Hood River 10:55 A. M.
Arrives Chicago 1 1:00 A. M. (third day)
Through service also on "Continental Limited."
Every foot of the track is protected by AUTOM KT1C SAFETY SIG
NALS. . Equipment is the best in the transportation world. Dining
car service the very maximum of human skill and art. The service
as a whole represents the supreme effort of the management to please
and satisfy patrons.
Call on our Agent w hen you are ready to go and he will do the rest
J. H. Fredricy,
Hood River, Oregon
Win. McMurray,
General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon
One Eleven Second Street
Meyer & Brazeau
The City Tailors
We have the largest stock of lumber in
Hood River County to select from.
You will save money by letting
us quote on your require
ments. Yours for
prompt service.
General Blacksmithing
Machine Work, Wagon Work,
and especial attention paid to work
on Orchard and Farm Implements.
Automobile Work and the Repair or Springs a Specialty.
I will be glad to greet my old Hood River friends again.
Phone 2723 Twelfth Street
A light used truck will pay lor itself this summer. We have several,
complete and ready to run, for a. small price.
1 tin lotrrnattonsl, good condition, good tires, body, windshield and l""?
llWDM .'.
1-tou MorelaDd worm Drive, license 0(l)
!,.Uid OldtmutiilK, 1WJU. electric lights sodsuuer, looks and runs like new... 400.00
1-ton Bepuhllr, overhauled at a cost of ftTS.OO, nearly new tires 4.V Du
1 ton Repoblle, overhauled, body alone worlb S.juO.00. will compare la vorably with
a oew ooe 10ui i
tm nve-laod Iellvery, good condition, floe body, electflo light end
imru-r lkuw
I ton Packarl. floe condition, cab and wtndableld .VOTO
Stun Packard, wotk done cost about law 00. Our price now 400 M
1 ton Cnevrolet, overhauled, good body and tires C 0ft
1-ton Federal, overhauled at a cost ot 1IW1.CM, all new tlrea, good body and V'i
Itcrnne kViW
Matnjr others All sizes
390 Flint St.. Portland Ore.