The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 01, 1921, Image 7

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WATER for the home and farm.
1- :
IS; -;
SAVE LABOR No more pumping
ing of water by hand.
BRING CONVENIENCES Water for kitchen,
bath, toilet, laundry, etc.
PROTECT HEALTH Keep the home clean
and sanitary.
PROTECT PROPERTY Water, under presture
for fighting fire.
abundance, for stock and irrigation. -
dred ways.
The cut shows one of the popular equipments to he installed
in your b.Kmuntur other convenient place and connected with your well or cistern. Pro
Ji plenty oi pure water lot every purpose. Self-operating, reumLle,
At Less Than Factory Prices
One of our dealers finds himself financially unable
to take delivery of a full carload of these systems.
We have to turn them at once and WE'RE
To do it quick, we're tfoing to
Cut Our List Prices Just About in Two
THINK OF IT ! One of these wonderful labor
be at Hotel
Our representative, Mr. Jajrer,
Oregon, September 1st, 2nd and
Telephone him right away for full particulars.
Northwest Auto Company
18th and Alder Streets Portland, Oregon
John C. Hull, secretary and pales
manager of the Friend Manufacturing
Co.. operating one of the nation's larg
est plants for making orchard spray
machinery, declares that Hood River
has sold herself to him as a result of a
visit of a few days here with F. A.
Olmstead and A. B. Bennett, of the
Hood Kiver Spray Co., representatives
of the manufacturing c;oncern.
"Our efforts at tying up in a busi
ness way with Northwestern orchard
districts resulted more last year from
curiosity than anything else," says
Mr. Hull, who is a pioneer in the man
ufacture of spray machinery. "We
thought that the growers of these dis
tricts would tell us that we were too
far away to ship our implements here
and compete with concerns locateed
closer. Hut we have found the North
western grower the most eager of any
in the country to secure efficient ma
chinery and apply scientific methods.
We are glad that we were ruled hy our
Mr. Hull, who made the first power
spray machine and the first spray gun.
hoth now in universal use in orchard
districts, pays a very high compliment
to Oregon orchardists.
"You growers out here are on a
higher plane than are we fruit men
back in New York state, where I own
orchards. You take as much care of
individual trees as does a stock fancier
of members of his herd of cows or
horses. You know those trees. You
grieve if anything happens to them.
And you can beat us for apples of
quality. You also get a color that we
can never attain. We can only produce
apples that are characterized , chiefly
by their quantity in our eastern com
mercial districts."
Mr. Hull says he sees no reason why
Northwestern growers should not se
cure good prices for their fruit. Apples,
he says, are now selling from New
York orchards at $5 and $( per barrel
and on the Buffalo market, he says,
apples of good, clean quality are
bringing $3 per bushel.
"In view of these prices back
there," savs Mr. Hull, "I cannot see
why you growers of this section, where
the fruit is of such high quality, would
not get excellent figures.
"1 believe that you will eventually
be shipping huge quantities of apples
by water to New York City. Our plant
is located on a barge canal at Gasnort
and we contemplate ultimately ship
ping our machines to the I'acitic coast
by way of the Panama canal."
flirt ano oia mi ana apply smRii quan
tity of Standard Household Lubricant
along the edges of spring leaves. A
small hru?h may be used for this pur
pose, or the oil applied by means of
Standard Household Lubricant Handy
Lan with spout attached.
Crease Cups. Daily, or every 100
miles, turn down all grease cups two
complete turns, refilling cups with
fresh Zerolene Cup Crease when emp
ty. Particular attention is directed to
grease cops on all steering Kear links.
6, 20, 23. 27- K, P, S, V; clutch shift
bearings, 11 I ; steering gear shaft
bearings, 20 U ; distributor shaft, IX
uenerai uaDncauon. 1'aiiy, or ev
ery 100 miles, use squirt can to apply
Zerolene JNo. ; to all oil cups and -mall
working parts not otherwise lubricat
ed. Parts to be oiled in this manner
include all spring bolts, 3, 9, 13, 10,
in. 26, 84, M B, F, K. M. O, T, BB,
I)L) ; steering knuckle bolts, 4, 21--C,
U; brake shafts, 14, 33, 30 J, L, AA,
CC ; brake clevis pins; steering wheel,
31 a ; spark and throttle connections ;
clutch and brake pedal shaft, 12, 29
X : etc.
Since the announcement of Buiek 4
Farl Franz talks of nothing else. In
fact neighbors say he talks about it in
his sleep so loud as to be heard several
houses away.
After seeing the new Buick 4 dis
mantled in Portland at a dealers
meeting, he claims there is nothing
that will touch it as to accessibility
and workmanship.
w iin its long stroKe motor, says
Mr. rranz, 'it acts more like a six
than a four and the way she rides, oh
boy! Just like a Pullman car. The
hing that worries him most is factory
delivery, lhey are selling unsight, un
seen. "We are taking orders and have de
posits on all cars that are coming up
till October 10, while in Portland or
ders were taken for 104 in three days.
In talking with Mr. Lean, manager of
Howard Auto Co., Buick distributors
of Portland, 1 said, 'Why do they buy
this new Buick without ever a look un
der the hood.' 'That's easy,' said Mr.
Dean. 'They know that the Buick
name plate on a car is like the bond
on paper. They take no chance with
that name plate on the car they buy'."
22 23
Clipped Here and There
Engine- 24 A. Daily, or every 100
miles, pour fresh Zerolene No. 3 Into
erankcase through filler pipe until oil
level guage on erankcase registers
"full." Avoid overfilling. Best re
sults will be obtained if the oil level is
maintained between "half full" and
"full" marks on the guage. To get a
correct reading of the oil level guage,
the atuomobile should be approximate
ly level and the engine not running.
When engine is running, the oil pre.--
sure Indicator on dash should show-
pressure which will vary with the
speed and temperature of the engine
If no pressure is regisered, the indica
tion is lack of oil in erankcase, oil
pump not working properly, or some
obstruction or break in oil passages.
The engine should immediately be
stopped and the trouble located and
At regular intervals, as recommend
ed by the manufacturer, or, in the ab
sence of such instructions, every 750
miles, the oil in the erankcase reser
voir should M entirely renewed in the
following manner: First, remove
drain plug in bottom of erankcase, al
lowing all old oil to drain. This should
preferably be done when engine is
warm, as the old oil when heated will
drain faster, and less of it will adhere
to the inner surfaces of the erankcase.
Next, replace drain plug and pour four
quarts of Calol Flushing Oil into
erankcase through filler pipe. Then
start and operate the engine under its
own power at moderate idling speed
for from one to two minutes, by which
time all oil passages and inner sur
faces will have been cleansed by the
action of the flushing oil. Again re
move drain plug and when certain that
erankcase is thoroughly drained, re
place plug and refill erankcase reser
voir with fresh Zerolene Oil as speci
fied. Approximately six quarts of oil
are required. Before refilling with
fresh oil, the strainer or screen sur
rounding the oil pump intake should be
removed, thoroughly cleaned and re
placed. When filling the reservoir
through filler pipe, care should be
taken that no foreign matter is carried
into the engine with the fresh oil.
Electric Generator 1 H. Every
BOO miles apply a few drops of Zero
lene No. 3 through oilers provided at
each end of generator. Avoid surplus
of oil at bearing on commutator end of
Electric Starting Motor- 7, 8 W.
Every 1,000 miles apply a few drops of
Zerolene No. 3 through oiler provided
at commutator end of motor. Avoid
surplus of oil at this point. On
i Six, an oiler at rear end of starter
gear shaft should receive the same at
tention. Every 2,0(10 miles starter
gear reduction housing should be filled
with Zerolene Cup Grease through
grease hole provided. Starter clutch
on Big Six and Special Six should be
oiled with Zerolene No. 3 every 1,000
Steering Gear Housing 26 U. Ev
ery 500 miles remove oil filling plug in
side of housing and with oil gun fill
housing with Zerolene Transmission
Lubricant "A."
Clutch (Big Six and Special Six
only)- 10, 28. If the cluteh is slipping
because of greasy or gummy condition
of the leather, it should be thoroughly
flushed with Pearl Oil (kerosene.)
With the engine running, the clutch
jtedal should be worked back and forth
to allow the kerosene to cut and dis
lodge this greasy deposit. A small
quantity of Auto Leather Clutch Oil
should then be applied to the leather.
If tne clutch is inclined to grab by
reason of the leather beinir hard or
dry. apply a little Auto Leather Clutch
Oil to the leather. The application of I joints with
oil to the leather can best be accom-1 loints hold
pnsnea ny mocking the clutch pedal
about half-way down. The clutch cone
can then be revolved by hand and the
oil applied to the leather at several
points. Further turning of the clutch
cone will distribute the oil evenly over
its entire surface.
Every 1,000 miles remove plug from
clutch core bearing housing and with
grease gun fill interior of housing with
Zerolene Cup Grease.
Clutch on Light Six requires no lu
brication. transmission 30 Y. Every 500
miles remove oil level plug on side of
transmission case, and, if no oil runs
ou , use oil gun to inject fresh Zero
lene iransmission Lubricant A un
til it begins to overflow through open
ing. Then replace plug.
Every 2,000 miles remove drain plug
from bottom of case and allow all old
oil to drain. Then remove cover and
wash all gears, shaftH and interior of
case with I'earl Oil (kerosene). When
Light j transmission is clean and thorough
drained, replace drain plug and fill to
correct level with fresh Zerolene
Transmission Lubricant "A."
Rear Axle Housing 17 N. Every
600 miles remove oil level plug in rear
of housing, and, if no oil runs out, use
oil gun to inject Zerolene Transmission
Lubricant "A" until it begins to over
flow through opening. Then replace
r.very i,iMJ miles remove rear cap
or cover on housing and wash gears
and bearings with Pearl Oil (kerosene)-
Wipe out all old oil and kero
sene from bottom of housing with
clean rags. Do not use waste. Re
place cover on housing and fill with
fresh lubricant to proper level.
Note: As hearings in both trans
mission and rear axle are entirely lu
bricated by splash from revolving
gears, hard grease should never be
used as a lubricant in either place.
Universal Joints (on Big Six and
Special Six only) 32, 35. Every 500
miles remove grease plug in both uni
versal joints between transmission and
rear axle and with grease gun fill
Zerolene Cup Grease. The
only a small amount of
grease, ano as mey are constantly in
action and trasmit all driving power
from the engine to rear axle, it is im
portant that they be kept well lubri
cated. Wheel Bearings 5, 15, 22. 37 D, R.
Y. rv 2,0(10 miles remove both front
ard rear wheels and wash bearings and
hubs thoroughly with Pearl Oil (kero
sene). Repack bearings with fresh
Zerolene Cup Grease and replace
wheels, being careful to gt proper ad
justment on wheel bearings.
Spring leaves. Every 500 miles, or
whenever springs squeak, clean off all
"Bill" Doyle, prospector and trap
per, slept in a hotel in Spokane for the
first time in his 07 years, when he en
tered the Coeur d'Alene a few days
ago. It was the first time he occupied
a bed in half a century, according to
"Dutch Jake" Goetz, who drove logs
with him on the Clearwater river 44
years ago.
"He allowed the electric light to
burn all night because of a fear that
something would explode if he touched
it, and on arising climbed from the
second floor fuiiward in an effort to
leave the house," said Mr. Goetz.
"Only when he saw women enter an
elevator did he enter the cage. He
seemed to be mystified on stepping out I
into the lobby.
"Before taking a room he told me
he was going out on the rocks to find a
place to sleep and, knowing him pretty
well, 1 did not try to dissuade him, but
two hours later he returned with his
blankets and the announcement that
'it was too much settled.' Men who
lead the life of a hermit differ from
city folk. They like to be at least half
a mile from the nearest habitation
when they camp.
"Bill recently came down from the
Slocan region and entered the Clear
water country to stake a rich gold
ledge he found 44 years ago, but the
site of the ledge was occupied by a
town and, although he is honest and
square, people looked at him as if he
were a train robber, he told me, so he
left. Bill is six feet two and slender
and can walk 80 to 45 miles a day. He
captured a fawn by outrunning it and
outstripped athletic men in the stam
peue ior the I oeur d Alene region
years ago. He has departed for Ida
ho." Spokane Spokesman-Review.
Plans for the organization of a $20,
UOO company hy local business men to
undertake the purchase and operation
of a government sub chaser on a com
bine 1 freight and passenger run be
tween The Dalles and Portland has
been placed before chamber directors
by Secretary Van Schoick at the re
quest of Mayor P. J. Stadlcman.
Mayor Stadleman is willing to head
the company with the purchase of
$1,000 worth of stock and J. L. Kelly
h;ia also signified his willingness to in
vest $1,000.
The money would be used to pur
chase one of the speedy eagle boats
irom the government at a cost of ap
proximately $12,000. The remmnder
of the $20,000 would be exnended in
the purchase of docking facilities and
for other expenses incident to putting
the vessel into service it was pointed
Chamber directors decided to seek
further details alout the project before
taking any definite action". The matter
was placed in the hands of the transoor-
tation committee for further investi
gation and a reiiort at a later meeting.
1 he Dalles Chronicle.
p w , iBahMMjir- ''' "i
A dog in Hood River has been con
demned to die, and orders issued to
the sheriff to execute him, followed a
sentence handed down from the county
judge. The dog was no common cur.
lie had educated his appetite to the
extent that he seemed to require spring
lamo every few mornings for break
fast. Neighbors for miles around
found their flocks decreasing and final
ly the cause was fastened onto the de
fendant. He had a fair trial, his own
er stood faithfully to him to the end.
But the wages of sin is death and the
dog paid the penalty. Baker Herald.
The Rev. Billy Sunday, at Hood
River last Sunday, denounced the dr. M
of the modern "Janes," and after
minutely describing the modernlv
dressed young woman, declared : "No
man can look upon a thing like that
without a moral blowout," The rev
erend gentleman can sneak fir him
self, but from the newspaper accounts,
we should say that listening to his de
scription would be more likely to cause
a moral blowout than seeing the dress.
bsshssbbjbi iews.
The insane man who escaped from
his guard near Hood River and walked
back to The Dalles was not as crazy as
one might suspect for he at least had
sense enough to pot distance between
himself and Btlly Sunday. The Dalles
. nronicie.
4 49 lb Bags Best Family Flour $8.00
3 Lrg Pkgs Citrus Wash Pwdr .81
3 16 oz Pkgs Gloss Starch .33
3 16 oz Pkgs Corn Starch .33
24 Bars White Laundry Soap
4 Large Cans Sliced Pineapple
12 Large Cans Condensed Milk
1 No 5 Compound, Best Oregon
1 No 10 Compound, Best Oregon
1 No 5 Lard, Best Oregon
1 No 10 Lard, Best Oregon
1 No 8 Snowdrift Compound
1 5 lb M. J. B. or Golden West Coffee
2 Cans Velvet Tobacco
1 1 lb M. J. B. or Golden West Coffee
Our store is crowded daily with people who are
buying and storing goods at our low prices. Grasp
this opportunity and buy while we are making prices
so low to you.
H. GROSS, Prop.
E. E. HUNT, Mgr.
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
5 1 0 Cascade Avenue
PHONE 4121
We have some coming and
it is real wood. Good large
slabs, no edgings. Call us.
Cut from large trees and
best wood money can buy.
Utah Lump, Egg and Nut
Sizes. Let us deliver your
Winter supply.
Everything in the Building Line
Krxlak finishing S loom - Don nerbertr
Co. One up-t -.late dark mom, an up-to-date
expert finiaher, a real 24 hour
service- thata ua. jy 22tf
Rubber Stamps for Apple Boxes
at the GLACIER