The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 09, 1918, Image 7

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    lloub K1VIIU GLAl'llUt TUl'KSDA. MAY u, lulS
1 I 1 I I I 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I 1 i I 1 4 i I 1
1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 I i ; 1 1 i 1 I i i 1 1 I i
11. I., llaslipiuek, On.,metr:-t.
Shie mad or rei.airwl at .Tol.n-ti'n
KiirU- does .;iiutitiif, stirn urk and
t.llsiiriiltun. Tel. :jill4. H:Hi
Get tarnation fur Mother's luy.
Tel. the Heights Greenhouse.
Geo. I'arlU is now employed at the
F.lite grocery of J. R. Kinsey.
II your ohoeg have gone wrung ta,e
them to Johnson.
J. VV. Pengu. who has Wen on the
sick list, is able ta te out again.
A. O. Adams was up Saturday from
Cascade Looks visiting friend?.
ltahlias for Sale at the Heights
Greenhouse lo and 25 cents.
House Piaster For Sale.. Kellv P.ros.
ihonelt'l. ;lll4l
VV. B. Cole, of Husum. was here the
latter part of last week on business.
W. H. Marshall, of Lee. was here
the latter part of last week on business.
H you want Mines that don't no
ron it no to Johnsen'ti.
(let a carnation for Mother's Day.
Tel. :C!".i:i, the Heights Greenhouse.
Claude K. Copple has recovered from
an attack of mumps that confined him
Ui bed for several days.
Have just received a 10 day consign
ment of suits, coats and waists. Mon
ner's. Carl V. Ross was up the latter part
of last week from Portland visiting
friends and attending to business.
Jack Will ami W. H. Hobson, of The
Dalles, were here the latter part of
last week on business.
Highest cash price paid for your used
furniture, stoves and rugw. t ali MiChim
at K. A. bran. Co. sL'Otf
J. C. Marshall, of Portland, was
here lastweek on business and visiting
A. J. Graham was in Wyeth and
Mosier last week in the interest of the
Red Cross.
See Texas Guinan as a gun woman in
the play of the same name at the Lib
erty Sunday, one day only.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Frazier arrived
last week from Oakland, Calif., for a
visit with relatives here.
After a visit with her mother, Mrs.
John Zolls, Mrs. Percy Gibbons re
turned to Portland last Saturday.
Mrs. W. R. Greene spent the week
end in Portland visiting relatives and
F.yes scientifically examined bv II. I..
Hasbroiuk, Optometrist, lleilbronner
Itlilg. IS-1 f
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. F.ilgar were down
from Dee last week to see the Beast
of Berlin at the Liberty.
R. H. Weber was here last week
from The Dalles visiting his Fast Side
I have taken the agency for the Spir
ella Corset. Cull at Buelow Tailor Shop.
Mrs. Karl liuelow, Hood River, Or. tf
J. L. Firebaugh, of Portland, was
here the first of the week on business
and visiting friends.
Mrs. Leon Stoner, of Long Beach,
Cal., is here visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. II. C. Deitz.
Fresh ground graham, whole wheat
Hour and corn meal at Kelly P.ros'.
warehouse. nl-tf
Miss Mae Davidson spent the week
end in The Dalles visiting Mrs. John
Van Dellen.
M. S. Bird has completed a handsome
bungalow cottage on his Oak Grove
ranch on Lover's Lanf.
Have just received a 10 day consign
ment of suits, coats and waists. Mon
ner's. Mrs. B. M. Sattertield and daughter,
of Portland, have been here isiting
Mrs. Gladys W. Brock.
Cabbtiue, tomato, egg plant and pep
pers, 15 cents per doen, Tel. '.MX), the
Heights Greenhouse. mlio
Mrs. Harvey Junes and children, who
spent the winter in Indianapolis, have
returned home.
Mrs. Hargreaves arrived Monday
from Portland to be with;her daugh
ter, Mrs. P. E. Bul'am, who is ill.
Mrs. Jennie Whitcomb, who spent
the winter at Anacortes, Wash., has
returned to her home here.
Born- To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fur
row at the Cottage hospital Sunday,
May ft, a daughter.
Mrs. George Haslingor is at the Cot
tage hospital recovering from a seri
ous operation of last week.
O. P. HOFF, republican, lr State
T reasurer. Road The Political I',
pages 2b-l7, election pamphlet, i I'd Ad
Hot cafeteria dinner will he served
by the ladies of the Methodist church
Saturday noon. Prices reasonable.
Miss Addie Davidson, of Lebanon, is
here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. II. A.
A 10 per cent discount sale on every
thing in stock, including hats, coats,
suits, dresses and corsets. Sale began
Saturday. May 4, to last 10 days.
... Your Satisfaction or Money
For the Whole Family
We Stll the Rest Brar.ds Made
$4.98 to $9.00
$3.50 to $8.90
Cotton Dress Goods
Draperies Suitings
Sheer Wash Goods
White Goods and Silks
It is our aim to carry the best goods in every department in our store and price them
just as low as we can and live. We have reduced our expenses and our connection with
A. M. Williams & Co. permits us to do business with very low overhead expense, as their
$150,000.00 stock is available to us at all times and we are carrying no dead stock.
Try Us on a Special Order and Watch This Business Grow '
in White and Flesh to Fit
Any Form. We show both
Front and Back Lace
Priced . . . 98c to $5.00
Special orders carefully executed.
Miss Vera I.atFerty is visiting frH'nds
in t'orvallis.
Judge Wilson was down from The
I al les Tuesday on a short business
Miss Mae Shay hits returned to I'ort
land to resume her studies at a bust
ness college.
Cabiiii'jre, tomato, eggplant and e'
ers, 1") cents in r dozen, Tel. '' '' tin
sister, who went
husband, Harold
i.t Fort I'an-
tir rubber st a iiiw. used
-. and if ymi need any
1 V"iir older to The (ila-
Picnic Time
is here and you need some of
these for that nice Picnic Lunch:
Ripe and Green
Pork and Beans
Sweet and Dill Pickles
Sandwich Meats
Sandwich Cheese
Sardines Salmon
Potato Chips
Cookies and Crackers
Fruit and Coffee
The Star Grocery
"Good Things to i'.ot "
Heights t ircclihoiise. in-i'l
Glen I'. Niles. of the Butler Hankinc
Co., was in Salem over the week end
to be with his sister, who was ill.
The billies of the Methodist chinch
will serve a cafeteria dinner at the
church dinine; muni Saturday at noun.
Mrs. 15. Powell was here from
Portland the latter part of last week
visit injr friends.
O. P. HOFF, republican, tor State
Treasurer. Read I he Political Puvle,
pages 26-27, t lection pamphlet. ( I'dAd
Mrs. 11. S. Iluttettield and daughter,
Miss Genevieve, of Portland, have
been here at their Felnmnt country
J. R. Harroll, of the I'pper Valley,
was awarded a Second lieutenancy at
the Camp Lee, Va., training camp just
Marguerite Clark in "Pah's Ditrv,"
at the Liberty Monday and Tuesday,
together with one of those funny Mack
Setinett comedies.
Hanks Mortimer, now sergeant in
the aviation corps and in charge of
headquarters garage in Portland, spent
the week end here with Mrs. Mortimer.
Searches of record" and reliable ab
stracts made by Urcuoii Abstiact Com
punv, ,. V. Uiit!iuii', Matiaii t, :i5
Oak Street. I'botie ! ! . jy'.'0-tl
G. A. Shaffer, formerly a local resi
dent, writes that, he is now living at
Rogers, Ark. Mr. Shaffer
returning to Hood Kiver.
Misses Vivian Junes and Lulu Pra
ther, who have been teaching respect
ively at Gateway and Prineville, re
turned home last Friday afternoon.
Miss Hernice VVildin left Friday for
Portland to be with her aunt Mrs. J.
VV. lMckinson, there having her eyes
Accnmpanving his
down to be with her
Sexton, V. G. Weber
by last week.
'Mr. and Mrs. Paul VV. Childers, Mr.
ami Mrs. Preston and Mr. and Mrs.
Yontish, of The 1 tulles, were here Sun
day visiting Mrs. titmice Woodard.
Mrs. Fowler, of Pendleton, en mute
home f(om Portland, stopped here last
week to visit her niece, Mrs. 1. If.
Look over v
fur h.rry boxi
extra ones, giv
cier at orce.
Fdward Weiss, manager of the Junes
Lumber Co., of Port land, w as a week
end guest at the home of Miss Lucille
G. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. (
S. King, their so
part of last we
Side orciiatd place.
You can get a good dinner at the
Methodist church Satiuday noun cheap
er than you can getjit at home. F.very,
thing will fie good, too.
After a visit here with the fanjily of
her daughter, Mrs. J. Ii. Robertson,
Mrs. A. A. Couch returned to her home
In La trrantle 1 uesilav.
Or. and Mrs. Chas. Scears and fam
ily, of Portland, spent the week end
here visiting Mis. I-imma Kpping and
The recent card party given by the
members of St. Mary's Catholic church
Altar Society netted the Red Cross
Chapter f.Vt. '
Sgt. VV. J. A. Laker and Fred VV.
Coshow, stationed at Fort Stevens,
Wash., spent the week end here visit
ing relatives and friends.
Mrs. A. VV. l'.ishep and daughter,
Mary, went to Portland Sunday to spend
the summer with Mr. Bishop, who is
there in one of the big shipyards.
Judge and Mrs. A. S. Bennett, II. T.
Hopkins and baby daughter motored
over fmm The Dalles Sunday to see
the apple blossoms.
After a visit here with Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Flagler, Mrs. Geo. Dryer re
turned to her home in Spokane Mon
day. Miss Florence Carson has succeeded
H. M. Francis at the clerk's otlice at
the court house. The duties of this
ollice are now administered by women.
P. J. Kychaney, of Denver, accom
panied by his wife, has arrived fur a
visit with his sister. Mrs. C. S. Fields,
and family.
Delegates and visitors at the En
deavor convention will be able to get a
good cafeteria dinner right at the
church Saturday noon.
The Red Cross Rummage Sale will
be open to' receive appropriations of
articles next Saturday, May 11. The
Rummage Sale will be open for busi
ness the following Saturday.
Julian Kltinge, in the picture that
was partly made in Portland and en
the Highway, "The Clever Mrs. Car
fax," at the Libertv Friday and Saturday.
Roy Roberts is now w ith the Hood ;
River Produce Kxchange, V. 1). l.ill ;
having gone to Bend to take chare of j
the concern's branch, the Bend Pro- j
duee Exchange. i
Miss Helen Davidson, who is teach-;
ing domestic science at the Wasco high j
schoul, spent the week end here with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Da- j
Lieut, and Mrs. James E. Montgom- ;
ery spent Sunday here visiting friends, j
Lieut. Montgomery is on tlie start or
t ol. Disiiue, of the spruce gathering
OIVIPIUO Ol llie MKMCU lUipn IM luiwnu.i. i jnm,a!ie,j
Mrs. P. A. Tolman is back from boxes.
j The Apple Growers Association
Tuesday increased its realty holdings
by the purchase from C. H. Stranahan
and VV. L. Clark of a two story brick
I warehouse located just west of the
i storage plants of the Association. Re
j frigeration pipes may be extended to
l the building conveniently, and the
storage facilities of the concern will
by more than In, nun
Molalla, where she had spent the past
winter keeping house for her daugh
ter. Miss Nellie Tolman, who lias been
teaching there.
Mrs. Chas. Lancaster and daughter.
Miss Irene, were here last week
where the Lancaster
ides, visiting Mrs. E.
VV. King am
, were up t h
k visiting
their Fast
A 10 per cent discount sale on every
thing in stock, ineiuding hats, coats,
suits, dresses and corsets. Sale began
Saturday, May 4, to last 10 days.
Camas., Wash.,
family now res
li. Kaesser.
"Flames of Chance," a story taken
from the Ladies' Home Journal story,
"The Three Godsons of Jeannette Gon
treau," will be shown at the Liberty
The Red Cross Rummage Sale will
be open to receive appropriations of
articles next Saturday, May II. The
Rummage Sale will open for business
on the following Saturday.
Lieut. Hay Furrow, en route from a
California cantonment to Camp Lewis,
stopped oil' last week fur a visit with
his parents, Mr. anil Mrs. VV. H. Fur
ruw. Harry lleth, of Seattle, representa
tive of the Polk Directory Co., was
here the lirst, of the week checking
over data for a new edition of the
i state's business directory,
j Harry Wirrick, of Dee, and VV. C.
j Cohoon, of the department of manual
I training in the high school, have en
i listed in the navy. Mr. Cohoon will
remain here until school closes.
A 111 per cent discount sale on every
thing in stock, including hats, coats,
suits, dresses and corsets. Sale began
Saturday, May I, to last lb days.
! Muimer's.
i We have 7 per cent money for Farm
! Loans with prepayment privileges, and
jean '.rive you prompt service. Abstracts,
i Insurance and Survey ing. Hood River
I Ah-trnct and In v. Co'. Phone 1X11 . tf
! L. C. Heizer was stricken suddenly
i with ptomaine poisoning while here on
! business Thursday afternoon. Mr.
! Heizer, in a painful but not serious
condition, attributes the attack to sar
dines eaten for lunch.
i Miss Helen Knight, who has been
attending the I'niversity of California,
is home for the vacation. Mrs. Dean
' Ballard, of Seattle, is here visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. VV. J.
I Kniirbt, and to be with her sister.
I Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Grant, of the
Oak Gmve district, have just received
j word from their son, Earle E. Grant,
. announcing his promotion from a sec
ond to a lirst lieutenancy at. t amp
Miss Elsie McLucns, who has re
cently resigned her position as Lents
librarian, whs here over the week end
visiting friends. Miss McLucas ex-
peets to spend the summer with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I). McLucas,
at Gateway.
The Butler Banking Co. has trans
ferred the building of the old Hood
River State Bank to G. F. Brown, of
Corvallis, in exchange for the Jackson
building, which was purchased by Mr.
Brown from A. F. Adams and VV. A.
E. A. Youngstead, who has won
fame for the cowboy boots he has
made at Victor Marden's shop at The
Dalles, was here last week at the J. C.
Johnsen shoe shop, taking the place of
Gust Senger. The latter and all of
his family were atllicted with Liberty
After a visit, here with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wilson, George
VV ilson left, Friday to return to his
home at Ojiincey, Calif. He was ac
companied as far as Portland by his
mother, w ho remained there for a visit
with her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hini-di,
ami tamiiy.
Accompanied by their respective
mothers, Mrs. E. J. Baker and Mrs. S.
A. Colburn, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Baker,
returning home from Seattle, where
they have been to attend the wedding
of their daughter, Miss Dorothy, to
Walter VV. Tuttle, 'to their home at
Sioux City, la., spent the week end
here visiting friends.
Lieut. Chester Huggins is now at
Camp Fremont, Calif., having been
assigned to a company of machine
gunners. He writes that he expects
to be sentto anjeastern port for em
barcation for France at any time.
Win. P. Huggins, who went from
North Yakima to Camp Lewis recent
ly, was made a corporal the first week
he was at the big . cantonment. He
writes his father that he is working
In hilling from her pursurers, Bab,
fully clothed, took refuge in a bath
tub full of very cold water. J. Searle
Daw ley. director for Marguerite Clark,
remarked that the enthusiasm with
which the star performed this stunt
was truly remarkable, as in doing it
she ruined one of the most attractive
gowns of her expensive wardrobes.
The star, however, declared it was
worth it. At the Liberty Monday and
The Association recently purchased
six lots, just south of the warehouse,
formerly used for grain storage by
Stranahan V- Clark, contemplating fu
ture construction of a large storage
,..i I.... ,.,..(.i ...ui. ,u..
c I unii, iu nr LuiuiLLitii nun lilt
from I it ... . i ... .. ... , ...
oiu pianis, ciutei oy Luuoei 01 a oiiuge
across Railroad avenue.
Woman to Address S. S. ('(invention
Mrs. N. A. Daunehower, who for
many years has been a prominent Sun
day school worker of the state, will be
here to deliver an address at the an
nual Hood River County Sunday School
Association convention to be held at
the Pine Grove church next Thursday
and Friday. Mrs. Donnehower will
proceed from here to New York city
to make her home.
C. A. Phipps, secretary of the Ore
gon Sunday School Association, who is
now pastor of a church at La Grande
and general secretary of the Y. M. C.
A. there, will not be present for the
convention, as planned.
Mrs. J. E. Ferguson, president of
the comity association, states that the
people of the Pine Grove district are
enthusiastically preparing for the
Through an oversight the name of
Mrs. E. E. Lage, one of the county's
delegates to the state convention, was
omitted from last week's paper.
John A. Biaser is in Trouble
John A. Biaser, recently convicted
of bootlegging in Portland, was bound
over to the grand jury Monday by Jus
tice of the Peace Onthank, following
his trial on a charge involving Myrtle
Craines. Charged with rifling a pri
vate mail bag of the Oregon Lumber
Co. and the theft of $.U!M) from a let
ter, Biaser was sought Saturday night
by officers. He was located at a local
boarding house where the woman had
registered as his wife.
Biaser confessed that he and the girl
were not married. He says they were
planning to get married and had ar
ranged to go to some Washington point
last week for the wedding, but failed
to make the trip.
Papers were found on Biaser indicat
ing that he had at one time been em
ployed as a detective and special dep
uty slieiilf engaged in tracing down
bootlegging cases in Minnesota.
biaser broke jail Monday night.
OHiccrs had given him the run of the
main building before locking him in a
cell for the night. When they returned
it was round that he had torceu a rear
door with a board. He was to have
been taken to The Dalles Tuesday.
Iladlev Predicts Low Water
W. 0. Hartley, of The Dalles, here
last week on ollicial business, declares
that he has never seen the flood river
any lower during the spring months
than at the present time, Mr. Hadley
predicts a serious water famine for
Hood River valley orchardists.
Columbia river, too," sa'
(By Georgia Lynn) j
The playlet, "The Elopement of EI
leu," which the Adelphic Literary So
ciety presented to a very large audi
ence Thursday evening of last week,
was a success in every way. Every
part was a star part and showed talent
produced and improved by thorough
practice on the part of the partici
pants. The net proceeds of the even
ing, approximately $.'!8, will be ex
pended for the Adelphic share in the
service llag and for Junior Red Cross
supplies or other war work.
H. R. 11. S. added another victory to
; its record when White Salmon lost to
us in baseball Friday. The game,
which was very onesided, was scored
with 17 5 points in our favor.
I Another of our high school boys has
been called to service. Saturday af
ternoon Kenneth Hicks left for Camp
Lewis to take the position of stock
keeper in the Y. M. C. A. supply
, houses. This will not affeot his gradu
j ation.
You are not in style now-a-days if
you do not have the measles. Hood
River Hi is a very stylish and up to
date school in the "measley" sense of
the word. This week's Junior Four
Minute Man, Clara Haas, was unable
to speak in assembly on account of
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Services will be held in Church
Building, idh and Eugene, Sunday, 1 1 :ti
a. in.; Subject: Adam and Falleu Man.
Sunday School at 11 a. in.
Wednesday service, H p. in.
The reading room is open daily from li
to 0 p. hi., in the Hall building."
Sen ice,
E., o ii
p. in. Cordial w
Christian Church
CllOOl, il.Jll
ft. ill. ; Preai:
1 1 a. m. and H p. in.; J unii
in.; Christian Endeavor,
count to all.
r t .
McDonald Kite
Local friends have just received an
nouncements of the wedding at ion
City, 111., Friday, Apnl VI, of Aegus
Carthur McDonald, son of Mr. and
Mrs. D. McDonald, and Miss Georgia
Evelyn Rice, daughter of Rev. and
Mrs. B. M. Rice, where Rev. Rice is
pastor of a church.
Mr. McDonald. who with his brother,
Clifford McDonald, enlisted in the navy
last spring, is now first class hospital
apprentice in the pharmacy depart
ment, stationed at the Great Lakes
naval training station. He expects to
secure u furlough this summer when
he and his bride will visit his parents
Mr. McDonald telegraphed his par
ents on the date of Ins wedding an
nouncing that he had entered the realm
of benedicts.
P. N. Co. Has Daily Service
For the first time this year, the mid
Columbia again has a daily boat ser
vice with Portland. Unable to accom
modate the traffic between mid-Columbia
points and Portland with the
steamer Tahorna, the People's Naviga
tion Co. has seeuredjthe service of the
J. N. Teal and the two craft now make
trips alternately up and down the Co
lumbia. The daily service is an accommoda
tion to motorists blocked by the incom
pleted portion of the Highway around
Ruthton hill.
Arsenate of Lead Kills Animals
Dr. M. K. Welch, county veterinar
ian, has issued a warning to orchardists
to use more care in the handling of
arsenate of lead and other poison
spray materials. Dr. Welch says that
numerous tine milch cows and other
animals are killed annually from eat
ing foliage covered with 'the poison
I t-M-H"l"l"l"!"l"l-M-l-l"I"l'-i 1 1' 1 M'l-l-f
T 4.
I ' I , 1,1 ' 1 I, . . T..T, 1 ,T. 1, I,, I I, T I 1 f Ti
I 1 . 1.1.. .IP ... ,1,1111,1111
The largest sturgeon seen in Hood
River in recent years was exhibited at
the Filz meat market Monday. The
big fish, weighing 120 pounds ard seven
feet long, was caught by Ed Wright
in a dritt net.
Sturgeon, formerly caught here in
numbers, some of the biggest weighing
as much as .VK) pounds, are very scarce
now in the mid-Columbia.
Prominent Portlanders See Orchards
Aboard Mr. Farreil's private car, the
following party of Portland people
came here Sunday to see the orchards
of the valley in bloom: Mr. and Mrs.
.1. D. Farrell and son and daughter;
Major Kern and w ife and sun and J. T.
Hume. The visitors were taken for
motor rides through the orchards by
the following men: Truman Butler,
E. O. Blanchar, J. II. Fredricy, C. H.
Vanghan and A. VV. Stone.
While here Mr. Farrell, commenting
on the car situation, stated that he
thought growers would have no trouble
this fall in securing the cars for mov
ing their cmps.
forey to Attend Camp
Glen L. Corey, who has been granted
his full credits as member of the year's
graduating class of O. A. C, is home
for a visit with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. VV. 11. Corey, before leaving for
the fourth officers' training camp.'
Mr. Corey, member of the Sigma Chi
fraternity, which will furnish five men,
he says, for the coming camp, does not
know whether he will go to Camp
Lewis or the Presidio.
An inspection will convince you that
the service of the Palace Hotel, Port
land, t iregon, Washington and Twelfth
streets, is second to none. Convenient
to shopping and theatre districts, clean
est moms in city for 50 cts. and up.
.-3-i' . 1 ;
says Mr.
Hadley, "judging from the talks with
oldtime fishermen up and down the
stream, is going to be unusually low
this season.
The fish warden says that interest in
salmon fishing is unusually active in
the mid-Columbia district thia year.
A number of local men began the op
eration of traps last week.
Asparagus Harvest On
The asparagus harvest here is now
at its height. John Koberg and Harry
Monumoto, whose truck gardens on
Columbia river lowlands to the east of
the city are the most extensive of the
district, are shipping tons of the prod
uct weekly. They employ more than a
score of men and women cutting the
succulent sprouts.
The asparagus is shipped to Portland,
Seattle and Spokane.
Si .W U V V .' !' ' iV ,.l
1 fi i. ?
Kenneth Hicks at Camp Lewis
Kenneth L. Hicks, a member of the
senior class, has left for Camp Lewis,
where he has received a appointment in
Y. M. C. A. work. Young Hicks was
a member of 12th Co., but when the
company was called out for federal ser
vice last year he was unable to pass
the physical examination. He has been
endeavoring since to get into some
kind of war service.
Tollman Sent to Asylum
VVilliam Tollman, 64 year old Upper
Valley rancher, brought before a san
ity commission for the second time in a
week, was adjudged insane and escort
ed to Pendleton asylum Thursday. The
aged man had been declared sane at
another examination. His abberatiou
is expressed in fits of anger and tie has
threatened neighbors.
Rust Proof
Red Cross work
other service.
The correct Corset, properly fitted, will insure your
comfort and conserve your enorpy for the activities of
these busy days.
The Corset is the base of all good dressing.
Buy a WARNER'S and pet the ripht foundation
and get full value for your money besides.
Front Lace
There's a
Warner's to suit
you and fit you
i V
$1.25 to $5.00
They are rust
proof, will not
break or tear
' rat l'i-HCf
Come and See Our
Bargain Square!
Here we have grouped together
a number of items that are real
Bargains. We have been watch
ing our chance for several
mouths to get these good things
and now they are beginning to
come in and we believe you will
agree with us that they are real
ly, sjre enough bargains.
We will have more to add to
our Bargain Square from time to
time, as this is to be part of our
"Personal Service."
Here are some of the good
things in our Bargain
Square this week.
38-inch Chambray
25c yard
plain shades good colors
Praid and Stripe Ginghams
19c yard
New Flowered Dimities
18C yard
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose
15c pair
Men's Black Cotton Socks
15c pair
Men's Canvas Gloves
leather faced gauntlets
25c pair
Child's Kid Pat. Tip Button
Shoes, wedge heel
sizes 2 to 4
98C pair
and other good things.
Molden, Huelat, Sather Co.
"The House of Personal Service"