The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 21, 1911, Image 2

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IjMil. ftturr (Blartrr SKAMANIA COMPANY
Subscription, SlJiO Pt-r lear.
Id his otijectiunn to sign the
warrants fur the purchase of the
Pacific Power & Light Company
water plant, Mayor Hartwig says that
the city has taken no steps toward the
amendment of the city's charter
ai.ked for in the communication to the
council from the New York attorneys
of the Chicago bond brokers, Ulen &
Co. With these amendments, he
sUtesI the! city could go into the
market with the bonds and receive
bids at a greater advantage. 1
seems, noting the fact that Mr. Hart
wig. himself, has been chairman of
tu charter amendment committee ap-
tiointed by the council more than
months ago.that he should have made
some effort to call the committee to
gether for action. However, the fact
is that the Charter Amendment com
mittee has been called together but
once, and then at the instigation of
Councilman Howe. Mr. Hartwig
deliberations are too lengthy.
The following misconception of
apple culture is clipped from the
Ottumwa, Iowa, Courier:
" 'There is more money to be made
in fruit raising in Southwestern iowa
than there is in the West I his state
ment was made by A. It. Cooper, an
apple expert from the Hood Kiver.
Oregon, apple country, who attended
the Iowa state fair. 'I believe that
with excellent care an orchard would
pay better profits along the Missouri
river than out where I am located,'
Mr. Cooper added. 'It would take
three or four years to get the trees in
proper condition. But the soil, the
climate and other conditions are con
durive to raising good apples.' What
Mr. Cooper sayu of the southwestern
part of the state is true of the southern
and the southeastern, as well as other
sections of Iowa. There are no better
apples grown anywhere than those of
southeastern Iowa. The only trouble
is that the Iowa orchard has been only
a side line, with very little attention
given to u.
It is rather difficult to believe that
an "apple expert from Hood River"
could show such ignorance; for the
editorial statement clearly evidences a
luck of knowledge of the elements con
ducive to the most successful apple
culture. It is possible that his state
ments were misinterpreted by the
writer of the article.
However, it is very gratifying to
know that the statements are not
taken seriously at Ottumwa. The
following letter, relutive to the arti
cle, was written to W. F. Cooper by
W. F. Dykes, a prominent citizen of
the Iowa city.
Ottumwa, Iowa, Sept. 4, 1911.
My dear Mr. Cooper: Will you
please just read the marked item in
pajier enclosed herewith. What do you
think of that, anyway? And to come
from a Hood Kiver man at that ! Do
you realize now what you missed when
you left Iowa when in search of an
apple country? Now will you be good?
Our old friend, Fred Hukey, once
mailed me a copy of the Portland
"()regonian."or what ever it is called,
with a marked item about some man
who had been arrested and fined for
offering wormy apples for sule on the
streets of Portland. Here in Iowa, we
would arrest a man for selling an
apple without a worm. Vou know we
want all that is coming to us, and if
the worm goes with the apple, then
we want the worm. Seriously, I never
regaidcd Iowa as much of a fruit
state. I think climatic eonditi ona art
against it. We excell in many crops
but not in lruit. Possibly, with the
same care and cultivation given the
orchard that is grown in thiWestcrn
inni uisiricis, it might prove, in t
manner at least, true, as this Mr,
iaio er savs. i.erininiv uifh nnnr
laws regulating the spraying and care
oi trees the quality of the fruitr could
uiiiriveu, out i am oi the opinion
that climatic conditions would make
the crop;too uncertain. I also believe
much deH'i)ds upon irrigation, so as
to get the right amount of in oiaturo
ui the right time.
Sam Samson, who was a resident of
this valley during the winter of 1905
and I'., but who is now presiding at
Stcvenson.where he is owner of ithe
Stevenson Hot springs, accompanied
by engineer F. Vai divert, was in this
city yesterday to confer with the local
business men and members of the city
council relative to furnishing power to
the city for a municipal plant. Mr.
Samson is developing a site on the
Wind river, where he says he will be
able to secure 6,000 horsepower. He
plans to sell his electrical energy to
different municipalities along the
Columbia at wholesale prices and allow
the city governments to retail the
power through a municipal plant.
Mr. Samson, who will in person or
through a communication present his
proposition to the council tonight,
states that he will be willing to make
a cut, furnishing power on a wholesale
basis, of 60 pel cent in the present
rate schedule or the Facinc rower &
Light Co. In the event that the city
wili entertain his plans, he will be
willing to submit sealed bids in com
petition with any power companies.
He left here yesterday for The Dalles,
where he will make the same proposi
tion. He has placed the proposition
before the cities of Vancouver and
Washougal, Wash., where it is looked
upon favorably by the citizens.
the MevenBon man, has spent
several years in Alaska, where he
made a large fortune in mining
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N. C. Evnsa, one of the chief stock
holders of the Hydro Electric Co., met
with the common council at The Dalles
ant week and asked that body for
franchise in their city, tiis plan re.
ceived favorable attention since the
people of The Dalles are at present
protesting the heavy rates of the
'acihc Power & Light Co. I he matter
was referred to a committee, which
will make a report October 3.
Mr. Lvans said in part to The Dalles
The situation here at The Dalles is
the same as at Hood River. Myself
and associates are getting ready
Copyrlgbi Hrt Scbaffner & Muip u
A.' J. Brunquist, who has been repre
senting Better Fruit at the'htate Fair
returned from Salem Saturday even
ing. He reports that although it wus
too early for the best in the line of a
0 fruit display, yet it was a great fair.
nstall an electric plant at Hood Kiver Ine agricultural exhibits this year
and w nrniin and wish tn mka it were more elaborate than ever and pro
larire enough h.i that wa cm !,, vided a striking demonstration of the
supply The Dalles with juice. We ' that every section of our Mate,
have secured a franchise at Hood although differing In soil, topography
nd there is no reason whv people here "n" ornate wun intelligent anu up
hould not give us the same privilege
unless they want to be held up and
robbed. We will guarantee to furnish
electricity 20 per cent less than the
rates nere at tne present lime, and in
reality the charges of our comnanv
would probably be nearer what they
are now,
D. Chubb, according to a dispatch to
regoniun, aged zt. was arrested hv
hhorilt Cresiin mid lleiiutv Sheriff
Woodward lueiiday at La Center, on a
charge of stealing two horses valued
at $MM) from timer Bcrtelsou, of Cam
Prairie, Wash, last Wednesdav
night. Chubb is held in the county
nil here until he can be taken back to
Camas Prairie for trial. He confessed
to the theft.
Lhutib, who says his home is at
rout Lake, Wash
to date methods, is capable of enor
mous yields and good profits.
lhe camping features of the Oregon
State Fair is a distinctive one. All
State Fairs have a few campers, people
rwho are either exhibitors or have con
cessions, but there are hundreds of
people who are already looking for
ward to their week of camp life at the
Oregon State Fair next year.
lhe attendance at the Fair was very
good considering the fact that it rained
nearly every day. A fine string of
races had been arranged but as the
track was heavy no records were brok
en. Better rruit received gratifying
words of appreciation for the work it
is doing both from subscribers and advertisers.
Minstrel Show Next Thursday.
The amateur minsrel. to" be eiven
for the benefit of the St. Mark's
Episcopal (Juild. will be eiven next
Thursday evening at the Electric
Theater, which has been chartered for
the occasion. Numerous somrs and
reached La Center stunts will be rendered by the city and
For Sale This Week Only
Household Furniture
Inquire at 721 Columbia Street, at the Corner
of Eighth
It is time to think about those roses and bulla you are going to put in
fall, to have bloom next spring. Better see the roses in bloom ami pick
what you want. We have a full line of shrubs, vines and pereuial plants,
flowers and designs to order on short notice.
Phone 1972 M
Fletcher Q Fletcher r. i.
Hood IUvei
last night in a starving condition, valley 8 most talended artists and
having had no focd since Wednesdav are assured an evenine of mirth
except two sandwiches and
a counlo of
cookies. After leaving Camas Prairie
followed the old McClellan trail
and forded the North fork of the
ewia Kiver in the darkness. He savs
he had a nurrow escape from drown
ing. The stolen horses were aban
doned in a pasture by Chubb shortly
iter ne crossed tne river.
TI. f .. !l .1
i ne innure oi tne sugar licet crop
on the European continent ia said to
Le the cause of the high price of
sugar, which has reached such a figure
as to cause the housewife look for
suitable substitutes. Unless the rise
breaks, candy lovers Bhould purchase
from their confectioners before he has
to visit the market again. The Ore-
gonian says:
"It costs something to satisfy the
pruveniiai -sweet tooth of the
nation these days. The day in which
an advance in the price of sugar is not
iuivu uuiujiu-B u luneNonie place on
the week's calendar. It really looks
as if we would be compelled to return
to "blackstrap" for sweetening our
conee, .taiiy lor our daintiest sweet-
iiiuei, aim gmgeroreiiu lor angel cake,
However, self-denial was scheduled i
saving grace by our Puritan forbears,
and this may be a good point at which
to begin the pi actice of this old-fash
iiicu vii me. ai any rate, sugar is
higher than in some years-highest, it
is even said, in the history of sugar
refining. Evidently we have got to
"stand the rise" and make the best
ci it.
The Hood Kiver school board is cred
ited with having passed a resolution
forbidding High School students from
participating in any form of athletics
who fail to mantain a standard of at
least 8(1 per cent on weekly markings
in their studies. If all school boards
would adopt like measures it would
raise the standard of athletics by elim
mating a lot of the "unfit," and it
would also induce others who are in
clined to be lax in their studies to
brace up and make good. Newberg
Mayor Signs Ordinance.
The news was received at a late hour
yesterday afternoon that Mayor Hart
wig had signed the ordinance provid
ing for the transfer of the $'. 000
water bond issue from Ulen & Co., the
Chicago broekers, to Morris Bros., of
Portland. i
i Mir.u appii? runi)
Novelty at the Cem.
I'atrons of the Gem theater had the
pleasure of seeing the wonderful pen
anu-niK SKeienes or the famous car
toonist, McKaid, Monday aid Tues
day evenings. The program for to.
night is: "The New Dress," A
tragedy in Toy Land and "The
tan,bler s Chance" The excellent
playing of mandolin club on Tuesday
evenings draws large crowds.
" Sewer Work Progresses.
City Sewer Inspector L. A. Hedn ler
son states that the work on sewer con
struction on the Heights is prosgress
lng rapidly. i'raetiea v all of the
grading of District No.7 is complete
lhirty-five carloads of apples, 1(50
barrels to the ear, all from the orchard
of W. S. Keeline. near llouncil Bluffs.
---j, . uu p, it.; iiuiiuerMON stales mat the seenaire
haa hotm hion nuul for i h.i u....... I .. . t.c
th0 T,,,,r, T., ,1 ""-.."''"? " water irom tne old water mams has
they hang on the trees. 1 he orchard caused a great deal of trouble in the
.. ituivii una Kit.-tit iTup im.i ueen
sold consists of fifty-three acres, and
nas ueen cultivated troin the begin
ning under the direction of tha scien
tine department of the Iowa State
Agricultural college at Ames.
construction work. Work on District
no. z will soon beirin,
University Club Smoker.
The entertainment committee of
Several times this cron of annles htm University Clnl. nnniunmu n,,.t i.
been saved bv the use of oil burners Colleizians will irivo mu.i:
i. i i .. . . . " ....v. .ic
j " oeen ire(iientiy inspected by rooms oi the Umimerial Club Saturday
Profs. Beach and Greene, of the Amex niirht. Seutemher .'to. whn it ia i,ri
school. that all members of thp
ineueai oetween Mr. Kee ine am be present tn i Iwnwu tha f,,i,,
i itiiiiur v,u. was n,aoe on the tollow-
policies of the
will be served.
ng quotations: Jonathan and Grimes
Golden, $2.45 per barrel; Winesops and
Genitalis, $1.90; Ben Davis and similar
varieties, $1.45. Half of the crop is
uj me jonHinan varieiy.
Mr. Keeline is president of the Na
tional Horticultural association. The
price received for his i pples yields him
aooui ma an acre. Sioux City, la.,
Mr. Keeline is the futher of Frank
Keeline, who has been in the Hood
Kiver Valley for the past year making ocrhestra.
a niuuy ui appie culture.
club. Refreshments
Tennis Club Holds First Dance.
the first dance of a series nf niii-tina
to be given by the Tennis Social Club
was held luesday evening at the Heil
bronner hall, which wax
decorated with tennis rackets anH
balls, and beautifully colored vin
maple leaves. About a score nf
counlcs werp f..i- ik. ...,...
the Hood The music was furnished by the Vogle
oernesira. a delicious fruit punch
was served throughout the evening.
Little Dorothy llarwood follie
Train Demolishes Wagon.
nnen tne local morning passenger the funeral services of little
train was arriving in the city Thursday Dorothy Harwood Collie whose death
iiiuiiiiiik ma locomotive strucK the de-1 was caused the afternoon of Wednes
nveiy wagon oi Mcuuire tiros., com- day, heptesmber 13 in the East Side
pieu-iy ueinoimning it and hurling Krn- automobile accident, were conducted
cat rum, wnu was driving ine team, oy uev. ft. A. Harris at the home of
uirougirine air oe.xioe the track. How- ner parents. Dr. and Mrs. W. K. Collie
ever, fortunately, young Ford's injuries Friday afternoon. Buriel at the Idle
amounted to no more than a slight wihle cemetery. The litte girl was
A'. 1 . . oorn in Illinois, the former home of
me uiinii:i ui me collision ireed the "er parents, in l'.'U.l.
team irom tne wagon and hurled the
Horse Injured on a Platform.
One of the horses
ing to II. A. Moore, whirh
used on the excavation of thp Annl
Fair Association building, fell last
week through the raised platform on
which the scrapers are driven th
purpose of dumping the earth into
wagons. In its struggles the animal
badly injured one of is legs.
top ot the vehicle over a wagon that
was standing near the track. The
driver was unable to see the approach
oi tne train because or several box
cars standing on a siding.
Taft Begins Long Trip.
President Taft left Boston Fri
day night on his l.'i.OOO mile speaking
tour, which will embrace about 75
cities and will continue until Novem
ber 1. lhe presidential party will he
in Portland on October 11.
resident laft celebrated his fifty
B . I. ' A L 1 -1-1 ... .. . J
lorm oirtnuay rruiay. ti is Heverly,
Mass., home was Hooded with ronirra't-
ulalory messages. The following was
received from King Georue of Eno
i . "
ami : " iv'im; ui me entire miner
L.. . l . AtHn.ilniln ..h 4)
i nave great pleasure in sending " uu me cnoice,
.. . . . . .. .
you my most nearly congratulations on
the anniversary of vour birthdav and
trust that the friendly relations exist
ing between our two countries may
ever continue."
I'pper Valley Club Will Elect Officers.
The Upper Valiev Progressiva a..,
ciation hold its annual meeting for the
election of otlicers at the Parkdale hall
Monday. A large attendance is de
sired in order to iret a full nvnrodum.
-II L .. ' . .. "..v.
on me ucupie oi tne entire
Miss Lucile Smith, nf
here visitinx her aunt. Mr p 'u
Wallace. Mrs. Wallace alst, ha ho
guests Miss Newhall, of Portland, and
I Miss Merrill, of Boston.
A Battle of Alcrtnost Betwun
HunUr and Hit Prey.
The Eskimo method of bunting aeala
shows a primitive calling improved to
a Que art When a seal la discovered
the direction of the wind ia at once
noted. Then the hunter, keeping
himself to the leeward of the seal,
walks up to wlthlu about a quarter of
a mile of It Beyond this he begins to
crouch and advances only when the
seal's head Is down.
Now, as the seal Is one of the most
wideawake of animals and has the
habit of throwing up Its head quickly
every few seconds, to guard against
danger. It follows that the Eskimo has
to be extremely alert if he would get
his seal. When the seal's head Is
down upon the Ice Its eyes are shut
and It Is said that in these brief Inter
vals It takes Its sleep.
The hunter by carefully watching
the seal's movements Is able without
much difficulty to get within about 200
yards of It, but at closer quarters he
Is obliged to employ other tactics. He
lies down at full length on the ice.
Then the real sport begins.
When the seal's head Is down the
hunter, who keeps a keen eye on his
prey, is able to approach still nearer
by dragging himself forward on his
elbows. This maneuvering continues
for some time until the distance be
tween man and beast has been re
duced to a few yards.'
When near enough to make a sure
shot the Eskimo takes his bow and
arrow from his side and sends a swift
shaft through the head of his outwit
ted companion. Sometimes instead of
the bow and arrow a harpoon is used
w'lth eqtful effect Harper's Weekly.
Th Parents' Joke.
Some pnrents seem unable to resist
the temptation to make a Joke with the
Christian names of their children, says
the London Chronicle. The Somerset
House registers testify to the existence
of a Mr. Mineral Waters, a Frosty
Winter and an Alfred Days Weeks.
There Is something to be said in favor
of naming children In the order of
their arrival Primus. Secundus, etc.
but it is unfortunate for a well known
Canadian named Cunibcr that it
should hare fallen to his lot to be
Qulntus, for his name Is always ap
pearing In the papers as Mr. Q. Cumber.
A Beaton 8treet.
It was one of the older conductors
breaking In a new recruit who bad
shown that be was not particularly
quick to catch n Idea. The car came
to Webster street, and the older con
ductor whispered the name to the re
cruit The latter did not understand,
aud the conductor, losing patience.
said. "Webster-Webster's dictionary."
And the passengers were amazed to
hear the new man bawl out "Web
ster's dictionary." Boston Post
Yarnd For Excitement.
"Tes, the great society leader is ab
solutely enuuied."
"Tired of eeryth!ng, ehT
"Positively. The last time I saw
her she was faintly wondering In a
bewildered wsy whether she'd better
take up aviation or get a divorce."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Quick Reoovery.
Miggleton-It looks like rain. Ham-
baugh-Wbat looks like rain? Mlggle
ton (taken by surprise but equal to the
occasion) A shower bath In action.
Chicago Tribune.
Maud After all, a hammock Is noth
ing but a net Jack-Right! Many a.
girl makes a good catch In one. Exchange.
One may ruin himself by franknea.,
but one surely dishonors himself Ity;
Instead of Charles Castner going to
Boston to conduct a packing school ns
was erroneously stated in last week's
Glacier, the name should have been
that of John B. Castner. The dute of
the Hood Kiver Apple fair should have
been November instead of October 9,
10 and 11.
L. F. Morris, cf the Heights, and a
party of friends enjoyed a "coon
hunt" down the river Tuesday ' night.
They.had an excellent pack of dogs
with them and secured one of the ring
tailed beasts.
Miss Bertha Masters, of Portland,
is spending the week here with the
family of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs
in the Willamette
Wm. Ehrck. who has he.
ill at his home in the city, was report
ed better yesterday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H.'H. Baih y, Sr. of
Portland, visited their son Harry Bail
ey, the first of the week.
Mis. A. B. Jones has returned from
an extended visit at Willow Kanch,
Ralph Laruwaf visited
Valley last week.
Wanted-Mau toclrar ten acrea of willow
land, in ayuviit for which will give SB acre,
3ft of which are tillable, a) on a gentle Klupe, 16
ai-ree uu side hill, M UiiOor more feel of raw
1 1 inter. This tract Ilea Juat east oi the Mid.
die Valley. Wee owner on place or address C.
K. Burues, Ml. Hood, Ore. oU
Wanted A young woman to anoint Id gen
eral housework. Mrs. Murray Kay, phone
S2 B. OU
Wauled-HIMintlun as bookkeeper, general
office man or clerk In Hood Kiver. Best of
references. Kugeue O. Kexford. Telephone
1HU.K. 012
Wanted A woman for general housework
In laiully of lour adultx In Hood Kiver. Uood
pay for good work. Telephone 17S-L. a'28
Wauled Woman lor general housework
for particulars call SS-K.. to 10 iuorulng or
eveulug. nil
Wanted 35,(100 t'lark Heedllnid strawberry
plant, from youug plants. Kellogg it Marquis,
phone 32.r3-M. 06
Wanted-By September 25. a place for a man
and woman, or a man, to work on a ranch,
i'iioue M-odell. oft
Wanted A good young horse, weight not
less than I'M). Must be Hound and gentle.
C'has. Allbrlglit, routes. Ml
Wanted to Kent A 15 to 20 H. J. tract lor
engine. Write JiuHibwm-Hade Co, 4H7-41;.
Stanton St., Portland, Ore. 821
Wanted Position as housekeeper on ranch
by middle agea iudy. Address li., cure ol
Miucier. sl
For Sale Light team of horses. Call MW-X
tar Wale-Klne Alberta aud rrawfurd
peaches lu Oak Urove district, Ptioue lidi-X.
ror Hale-Hrst-class cow, rich in I Ik. One
good buggy; law pound mare, all rouud
single worker, and Hood Kiver Apple land
Phone Udell 17. P.O. address. Dee, Ore. W
K. W loans. (j
II you wish to Improve your stock of Pi.
moulli Kock chickeus now is the lime. Tlia
Koklord yards have some grand young uul
leiaandroosteisfor sale at low prices" )U.
slderiiig their quality and the marking of
the birds. These chiukens surpass ail pre
vious year' aUick. Kockford poultry yards,
phuue 1S3 X.
Kor Sale-Twenty acres first class aunle
land lu Willow Klat district. acres comuier.
clal orchard three years old. 4 anres ready lu
net lu trees, 8 ar res in stumps, 2 acres lu tlm.
bor. Price J8.000. one-half cash, balance long
time. K. ..liue, Hood Kiver, wliu Light and
Power lyt ...
For Sale-Bmall quantity of live, seasoned Phone or call ou W.
H. warren, Belmout District, plioue MOL. ol
For Hale-Kunge, dining table, six chain
lloosier cabiuel. Mee O. P. Christie, The
Kor Sale Cord wood,
F. W. lirowu,
Wanted to Kent A furnished or iinfur
n lulled house, prefer five or six rooms, mod
em, close In. U O. rilius, with U. Y. Ed.
wards & Co., phone !H. srtf
Vary 8impl.
"Pvo been working two or thres
evenings making an umbrella stand,"
says the man who has taken up arts
and crafts endeavor.
Two or three evenings!" exclaims
the other man. "Why waste all that
time? Why don't you lean it in a cor
ner or stick It In the ground 7"-Judge.
The Trouble.
"What's the trouble?" Inquired the
"This lady lawyer wants to make a
motion." explained the clerk, "but her
gown Is too tighf-Washington Herald.
Wanted A position as bookkeeper. Twi
years' experience. Addrea H. K. F., care ol
uiacier. s's
Wanted Non-church goers and strunger
io ioiiow ine loots eiunuay-mornihg or even
lng to the people's church. Mixlli and Oak
Kindly, J. ft. Parsons, Hmce U. li. Minister
BesldenceWBOak HI. Teleplione 11S-K. !
Wanted iirl for general housework. Uood
waxes, laquire of Mrs. Frauk A. Cram. k2c
For Hale or Trade Modern 5-rooin cottage
o. u.rruitK. i'iioue Z17-M. 11
A Lesion For George.
Betty George intends to have his
own way in everything when we are
married. Grace Why are you going
to marry him. then? Betty-Just to
relieve bis mlud of a false Impression.
Can You Beat HI
Tm afraid. Tom, dear, you will find
me a mine of faults. He Darling, it
shall be the sweetest labor of my life
to correct them. She (flaring up)-In-deed,
you shan'tl-Boston Transcript
Perseverance is more prevailing
than violence, and many things which
cannot be overcome wheu they are
together yield themselves up when
taken little by little.
9'i acres of fine deep mellow loam, all In
cultivation but one acre that has a chicken
park aud a cow lot; there are 8', acres of
garden, such as potaUM-a, cabbage, corn,
beans, onions, cauliflower and small fruit
such as strawberries, loganberries, rasp
berries, young grapee and a lamlly orchard;
It-room frame house, good barn 24x28, wagon
tied, chicken houee, well aud spring water;
good Jersey oow, good horse, weight Into lbs.,
40 chickens, wagou, buggy, farm tools, hay
aud giain; only one mile from graded school,
K. V. D., phone, cream route, less than I
mile from Oregon City and It miles from
Portland on good road. If It's garden, berry
land or a chicken ranch you are looklhg ror
don't fall to see this one, as It Is (one or the
nicest little farms in this clnimimitv Priro
fAsjq, fAlM cash, balance per cent.
f. Elliott & Son
End of Suspension Bridge,
Oregon City, Or. . 012
Notice to Apple Tree Planters.
Htart your orchard right by buyl g the
tree you need ol Nealelgh Bro. Square Deal
Nursery Co. We are going tn have some
fi ne trees for sale for the seasons of lull and
lli. Our price are right and our motto:
"Live and help others lire." Come aud In
spect treee. Nursery l1 mile south of Houd
Kiver. on West Side. Write J. T. Nealelgh
K. 1). No. X Phone 21S.K.
Yours truly,
Lost Light brown and white collie dog
youog; wearing plain strap collar with ring
attached. Call SHi. Keward. o!2
Kound A silver cuff lluk with Beta cont-of.
arms on lu Loser cominuuicate with B-3.
care Glacier.
Lout Key ring with three kevi aud a but
tounook. Return to Ula 'ler office. oil
OsJI 147 X.
To rent a plauo for the
ror real corset comfort, a Splrella Corset
fitted to your form. Splrella Boning of ocu
construcll iu, admits of free ventilation, ssnt
lury aud comfortable. Retains Its Bhape per.
manenlly. Send ixwlcard, or phone lor up
polntmeut Willi Mrs. Hattle iM. I'aatuer, i!;v
cascade ave., liood Kiver, Ore. Phoue I1S-K
ror Sale Two Jersey cows. One will be
fresh u a few days, the other Is a 2-year-old
wcmci. tt . in. owicK, AVUlon n ay. IKS
rnr Hale collie Pup, very good pedigree. (J.
v.. lyurpemer, puoue aua, ola
For Sale Full blooded
cockerel. Phone Odell S3.
ror saie-rurnlture, piano, stove, etc. am
leaving town. One mile west of Couuaway
uuuc vfuru isy. u. u. risn, sal
rornaie n ice nurse, weight IW0 lbs., work
alugleor double; also light barnesa anil lluhl
wagou, for 1115. Inquire No. 14 oak Si.,
For Sale-Two doueu lirowu leghorn hens.
Phone 103 Odell.
For Sale Fox Terrier, male, black mark
ings, one year old, hou-e broken, good ratter
due pedigree, suitable for stud aud show dog,
A. X. t:. No. 147.V4S. Address Howard Parker
K. . 1). No. 3, Tel. latKiM, Hood Kiver. uv
For Sale-Light Old Hickory wagon, with
shafts ami pole for one horse or, price
fc'ft.uO. Hee 1 Hick wall A Kvlvesuar iwvmwl
Tucker's bridge.
Kor ISsle Household goods,
street, phone 171 M.
Apply Mt! Oak
For Snle-A pair of bay mares, weight UM)
good workers single or double. Will sell
separate, and as 1 wish to close out my busi
ness, ill sell at a great sacrifice to the first
that conies with the cash. Kockford Wore,
Hood Kiver, phone 183 X. s21
K01 Sale Uood ranch horse cheap If taken
at once, A. J. brunquist. sl
F'or Sale-Fresh young Jersey cow.
C. K. Miller, phone 211S-M, .
phone sfiF'.
F. H.
Taylor; Oak Orove,
For Sale-Any amount of good dry oak and
pine Wood. Phoue 3JUX. i
For Sale Lot and 4 mnm hnnui.iK,.
electricity; city water iu kitchen," with sink
aud dralu to cesspool. Call 272M or No. 3. tf
For Sale 1 Team and harness, true pullers,
;ood travelers; 1 No. i Faultless stiiaip
xnnplele; jersey oow 4 yers old. These are
'ery cheap buys. It will pay you to Invest!
rate. 1. Currier. Jr.. odell K4, imile 2. ui4
For Hale Prunes, 75 cents per apple box.
I'hnne lill-M. oe
For Hale-Ursy Ally, four years old. Work
Ingle or double; fair horse ou road. Phone
4 Odell. o5
For Sale Violin cello, good condition, will
ell cheap. Phoue 54 Odell. o;"i
For Male 1 have $4(l,U(KI equity In Chicago
ipartuient house building which 1 will tiaile
mr Hood Kiver beariug orchard. This bulld
og Is first class In every respect, ouly oue
year old, well located aud will stand strictest
investigation. 1 will consider only lower
I alley strictly commercial bearing orchard.
ireferubly clear aud with modern Improve
neuts. Write ,for persoual interview. Ad
tress U. care Olaeler offlce, oft
For Hale -Cheap,
eutle and sound.
horse, weight about 11 fill:
Ptioue SD1, o;,
For Sale A horse cheap or will trade for
ituiuppuller. See K. B. hragg.or phone I mi K
For Sale 20 acres of land at a bargain. See
K. ti. liri'gg, or phoue lUti-K. o5
For Sale Apple trees, Newtowus, Hpll2 aud
Irtley. m per hundred. Philip Kollas, 2
miles 8 W. of Odell. if
ForSale-ai acres 5 miles out, west side, lu
foot hills, under Irrigation, deep rich soil, no
ruck, 21 acres cleared, IKA4 acres plained to
commercial varieties or apples full bearing
down to 1 year; never falliug spring, good 7
room house and out building. Terms ' casli,
balance li per ceut. Address X. V, '.., care
Ulacler. (
For Hale-Tuexedo Suit In good condition.
A bargain. Hee Buelow, The Tailor. tf
For Sale Uood farm team and harness, or
sell oue horse. K. H. Wallace, phoue 1HU.M. If
For Kent-Barn.
See K. H. Bragg, or phoue
For Hale A very neat one or two horse
hack in very good shape, uot had much heavy
work, will last 5 or H years, will lie sold at less
I ban haf lhe price of anew one.Thl Is a snap
II taken at once as we need lhe ejuh. kock Mr. I
Store, Phone Ih3-X. " u6
F'or Rent Nleelv furiiisiiiHl nwtm ipifhfur.
mice heat. 717 Eugene SI. Phoue 273-K. s21
For Keut Rooms fur houiAkeenintr. either
furnished or unfurnished, suimhle for Hun
School students. Near Cor. Twelfth St. aud
Slranahan Ave., two blocks from High
school, or, room and board for young ladies,
itrs. Kmina o. Willis, uear Cor. Twelfth St.
aim Dirauituau Ave. S3)
For Rent. Moilern ft-riuitii liiinrulnw
located at 505 May street. Call aud see It-
hone 21U.L. . ol'l
We Want rellaille BtfentJi ul.n ciin sell nnr
high-grade fiuit trees, irniwn at Kennewlck
aud SpokAne Valley. p:xpenses advanced
weeieiy. r ree expert advice to fruit growers,
by Prof. Van llolderbeke, for five years
Washington state horticulturist.
Van llolderbeke Nurseiy Co.,
Wtf . Skokaue, Wash.
For bale-one -year.old Clydesdale mare
light bay. nentlennrt true 11.11 .-..,.,.1- ,...,.
.w'ttie0v.?u5.tle- 'ne orchard animal.' Phone
20H2-L. w.H. Warren. k;
TYPEWRITERS For gale or rent on easy
te.-ms. A. W. outhauk. a3i.f
For Sale Chean a.i i
ftr small place, fprwiiu ...a .!..,,
ers. bioketo dr.veor ride, weight Vol pounds!
ruones.H2M. al7tf
Land F'or Sale jra nt iuh ... ,
from i-t) per acre up. W ill sell In 20.ncre
tracts with part in trees. C, J. Csiklns, phone
50 K.
For Sale Wearennwtn nsiui.n ...
nlsh rough and dressed lumber of th vun!
ons kinds. Apple boxes and strawberry
crates tor this feasor, order mil k'1
Promptly filled. IV; miles southeast of Par' .
dale. Hay A Wlesel, Parkdale, ore. taiit
For Sale-
eally new.
L. C. Smith typewriter.
Phone 2WV.X.
For Sale Chean rnrti.. Lit mti. ...
luiublaSU. Addre ll,ll M.
7th St., North Portland, Ore. ' ,
For Sale. Fresh ntw at 111 u .
. Paltrsou,
Loet-Ladlea' mild Butch with IiiIIIhI H. A.
inscribed ou back. Kinder please return lo
Ulacler offlce for reward. oU
Lost-White horse, weight about lUW lbs.,
12 years old, rope around neck. Notify
Ulacler oftlce. oitf
I ost Pair of cross tan woman's kid driving
gloves, one brass button. Lost, lu business
portion of city between Ml Hood hotel aud
Bntgg's store. Return to this office. . sSl
lost-Small gold locket. Initials J. M. 8.,
Under leave at Ulacler offlce for reward. 06
Lost Black .hand hag containing books,
card, etc., bearing name Nita L Brlggs.
r 1 uder please leave at Ulacler. Reward. s2l
Found-Two Inner tube tires bn Heights.
Owner msy have same by calling Jno. Casou,
t3M,aud paylag for this ad. s21
Lost Pair of ladies' gold culT bnttons with
small diamond in center. Keluro to Ulacler
for reward.
For Rent-Ten acres unimproved with
house land barn, ou Methodist Ijine, near
Herret school bouse. Frank Davenport, Jr.,
phoue 344 L. s2tl
For Hire Eight-passenger Stearns touring
car. Special rales to dances. Thus. Sbere,
phone ;i:K; stand, 150; garage, 3U6U. ol