The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 21, 1909, Page Two, Image 2

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Issued K.vrry yinui'day by
AttTHl'K l. Mue. Publisher.
Tbe election ot George Chamberlain !
at United States senator (or Oregon
should not ro laid at the door ot the
mi-id bora ot tbo legislature nor abould
they be blamed. In fact It ia to tbeir
credit that tbey have chosen tbe man
aeleoteJ for tbat ollloe by the will ot
tbo people aod wbora I bey were pledg
ed to support through tbe workings of
tbe state'a freak primary law. Laying
aside tbe question of tbe law's consti
tutionality and other defects, it was
put iu effect as a result of tbe wishes
of tbe majority and was aooepted in
good faitb although it bus resuitel i'l
disastrous failure, aud is a menace
to the progress of tbe state.
Like other states, Oregon, by tbe
provisions of tbe constitution of tbe
United States is allowed two senators
to represent its interacts ia tbe na
tional ooogress. The manner la wblob
. they shall be eleoted is povided for
aud also a provision for changing their
mode of eleotion by an amendment to
tbo constitution. It does not, bow-
aver, atloulato that Oregon baa tbe
power to make this amendment or any
other one or half dozen slates. I'ba
constitution provides that an amend
merit to the law urovidina (01 the
eleotion of United States senators can
originate In either bouse of congress,
requiring a three-fourths vote ot both
houses and th ratification ot tbe leg
lslatures of two-thirds ot tbe states, to
become a taw. Or it can originate
from tbe states and become a liw by
the ratification ol both bouses of con
gress. Thore la no questlnn that tbs
trend ot public) opinion ia toward tbe
election of United States senators by
direct vote and It would also appear
that the time may not be far distant
when thin maunei of electing tbem
may prevail.
To do this will require a more or leas
united demand on the part of tbe va
rious states and all makeshift and
compromise manures such as the di primary law which must of neces
sity be ineffective and abortive will
undoubtedly retard rather than bast
on action tbut will lead to tbis end.
Under tbe primary law tbe voters ot
the state bad plaoed themselves ou
record as favoring as their choice
Ueorge Cbamberlaio, supposedly a
democrat, but In fact allied with oc
Admitting that Mr. Cbamberlaio
may bave tbe ability to qualify bim
for tbis most Important posltiou, it
will be Impossible for bim, to any
exteut, or any otber man without a
party to secure for the state tbe legis
lation that it ia In need ot nor to
materially advance its interests
Slow to acknowledge the demands of
a member of the majority party for
bis constituents what wilt be the re
suits of the attempted accomplish
meot ot a senator who represents do
party in the United States senate?
It cuu best be summed up at ex
tretuely vagus.
In tbe meantime the great publio
needs of tbe state must go only par
tially represented and its progress be
reriously impeded until suob time as a
change can be effected tbat will put
a senator In office wbose efforts iu its
behalf will be considered and who will
iiave tbe slate's influeuoe to sup
port bim.
This Is the serious situ .ton in wblob
the state Is plaoed in regard to tbe
senatorabip. Tbe eleotion of Cham
berlaln means that Orugon will be
without Its majority representation in
tbe United States senate and tbat the
abortive law whiob brought tbis state
of aflalra about allows of no immedi
ate remedy.
The Independent, a live well priut
d ami well edited new weekly has
been started at Uoldeudale and came
to us Inst week for the II ret time.
Otcar U. Nelson la tbe editor and
owner and states tbat bis paper is in
depeudent'lo politic h.
There is so ardent a chorus of ap
proval or Mr. Kuox's election to the
Seorotary ot State tbat it might make
him unoaHy, Usually when tbe A mor
ion people put a man on a pedestal
they come around a week or two later,
ask wbo liis"nibs," is aod begin to toss
rocks at bim.
Mr. Abe ISuef, ex boas aud kiug ot
(rafters says be hopes "to get justice
troni the Supreme Court of Califor
nia." Right here is where we say
Amen to Aba's obssrvatiou.
Now, here's a test case: When you
stood at the top of the stairs and saw
tbe kids get their Brut glimpse of wist
, iSho a CliUs brought tbem, did it I ot
prove what an old book says about it
being "more blessed to give tban re
ceive," or didn't it?
The Oil Trust will bave to put in
new underground flpe line into Mis
Any person wbo says the president
will not bag at leant t n elephants in
Africa Is a candidate for tbe Ananias
Mark Twain has been legally incor
porated. That's what corned from as
sociation with trust magnates.
Tbe winegrowers waat a high tat I If.
They will never let tbe ambitious poor
cultivate a champagne appetite.
Johnson, of Minnesota, Is said to
be thinking already about 1012. He
baa tbe support of McCarren and tbe
opposition of Ilryau,. Seema to be a
The Herman Emperor is reported as
broke. Perhaps be has just gut
through with bis holiday chopping.
Root, Wright, Loeb, Lodge, Knox
these are some of tbe names con
nected with the Taft Cabiuet posi
tions, it looks ai if tbe "now-I-tay"
man was correct in suggesting a cabi
net In words of one syllabic.
Some people are so rioh that
can go to the opera and bave
steak too.
It Is to be feared tbat seven
in the Presidential chair has a
enoy to spoil even tbe sweetest
Tammany Hall, having been repud
iated by about everj thing political, la
oow figuring to save itself by repuili
ating MoClellau. Tammany's trouble
ia tbat tbe greater city of New York
has outgrown It, and the fact would
at well be recognized.
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Ia the lloue
It laoked but a few minutes to tbe
hour when Speaker McArtbur asked
all present to turo so as to face a pbo
tographer located on a high platform
in the northwest corner. At the flash
niuny women started io their seats
and uttered exclamations of alarm.
When tbe laughter bad subsided tbe
Speaker said tbe House might rest at
Members in tbe House voting for
Chamberlain were: Abbott, Altmao,
Uarrett, lledillion, llrady, Brandon,
lyaut, Campbell, Clemens, Corrlgao,
Uoooh, Davis, Uimick, Dodds, Katon,
llatteborg, Jackson, Jaeger, Jones of
Liucolu and Polk, Jones of Do'igliis,
Jones of Clackamas, Libliy, Mahone,
Mariner, McDonald, Miller, Minify,
Munkers, Orton, Futon Phillpot Pur
dln Hiohardaon aud Husk.
For Cake Applegate, Heals, Done
brake, lliicbanan, Carter, P'arrell,
(ireer, lllnes, Hughes, Mahonay,
Mann, MoKluney, Reynolds and
Speaker MoArlhur.
For Fulton llean, lielkunp, Roues,
Krattalu, Hrooka, CalU I ,is, Oouyus.
Hawley, Leinenweber, , MuCue, Meek
and Smith.
Uean of Lane cast his vote for Har.
vey W. Suott, but obangod to Fulton
before the ballot was nnuounced.
Williams Wratliy
"(ioorgo K. Chamberlain owes bis
election more to beuatnr. lom Kay
than to any other man," Halt! Ralph
K. Williams, National Committeeman
for Oregon. "Had Tom Kay come
Into tbe game, we could have defeated
"1 can say absolutely that bad we
wanted to we bad enough Statement
men in the House to Llock Chamber
lain. I hey would bave come to us
whenever we wanted them. Kay spoil
ed It all, however, when bo refused to
assist. It was only iieoeasaiy for us
to secure 30 votes in tbe House to du
feat Chamberlain, aud this could have
been done."
Chamberlain Makes Statement
Ou being Informed nf bis election,
Governor Cbamebriain said:
"This is a great victory for Oregon
and the poople of our state. 1 am
thoroughly glad of tbe honor which
the people of this statu aud their
chosen representatives have accorded
me. The people are the law and their
voice has been obeyed. 1 (bank tbe
press wbloh was wltn (ho people in
their light, and I thank the legislators
for fulfilling their pledges, ibe re
suits of this day will stand in our po
litlcal calendar as a victory for popu
lar government.
I'pper Hood River Valley
I huiwilu nvnlituinoln iniriu IliioH
iinuuio OAUIUDIIVIJi u J v 1 11UUU
River valley lauds Parties having
land for sale can dispose of it
through me, the terms Me fair
W. 11. Marshall, Doe
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the notched curs were neaily healed.
1 lien (Kime the magp e. Muddled Io
geiber for Aarieth the bogs lay like'
sardines, aaHiMng the uext meal li e
magpie sure nut looking Io. loon
! ttiiiM Io cat, tnr.
lite Mr. Kly baa 40 far been unable
to drive tb- birds off and does not
Ha'e try poison fcr fear the bogs would
be the consumers.
peiplied on a fal o'g'
a til op ol bloor' ou II e
! One bird,
i back notice
1 1 ha! log m ear The bird r i !te ) at it
ad found it oii Ibe line M; p' ed 1
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fiis-'erl the go.) vti.rd eloi g, i
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aa ha'f an ei Ibe beasts aie d--.
fenceless unheals I rv tfl get tbelr'
beads under some o' ber hog to dodge
Instl'ntes Commimirealth Day
Hereafter on February 14 1 , the au
niter vary of the admission cf Oregon
into tbe Union, an annual confereuoe
will be held at tbe University of Ore
gon to discuss whvs of enhancing tbe
serrice of tbis institution to the pro
pie ol the teste. Ibe appropriate role
of a state university in the lite of a
progressive commonwealth is rapidly
expanding;. Ibe need of Oregon for
expert aid from the university in tou
ing up its Institutional li e is partic
ularly apparent. Tbe radically demo
cratic organization tbat tbe people of
lie HIM, llllt the Iliagl leS are rOO this atit hira aaanm.H mil lh m,.
quick and never leave the Job a rum-1 niBoent prospeow it has Id all lines
make sugges'ion from
sources especially desirable,
It will also greatly stimulate tbe ac
tivities of tbe university and give it
larger purpose to get into helpful
touch with tbe practioal needs aud
ronstrui tire upbulldiug . f the state
Aiu strongly and distinctly di.
reotad to tbe promotion of the cenr
mod good will have a rant salnUrj
ethical ioHaence opon the studenl
Tbe subjec'i for disms-lon at M B
first of these annual confeienoes trill
b (I) Oregon's lleii'age, ocnserv -tlou
of it for tbe people rs a brl
and (2) the coordina-ioo of tbe aotit.
itles of all tbe educational agencies In
the state. Proniiaent men from all
parti of Oregon will participate. Ihe
complete irogram will be announced
io few dajs.
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box 45. and paying coatjof this ad.
w.y fr!lle"iIimothy' alfalf' t
HlnnJht l0SU-Pound aorrell horst Ralph