The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 08, 1908, Page Seven, Image 7

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Just Puts Back into Your Pocket
1 0 Per Cent, of what you expected to pay for whatever you require in wearing apparel
for the family or yourself. Buy early and secure this advantage
The Pietz Studio for photos.
Best line of Spray Nozzles at McDon
alds. Mew styles of Gordon bats at Vogt
Lime and cement in any quantity at
Peaches for canning. Pbone or see
A. Whitehead.
For men's suits sea Vogt Bros, be
fore purchasing.
Petalutna Incubators for sale at
McReynolds & Co.
Slranaban A Clark meet all bona fide
quotations on cement.
Full line of Lowney's Bonbons and
Chocolates at Ross'.
Fine line of tobacco, cigars and con
fectionery at the runtime.
Don't roast her buy her an electric
iron of the Light & Water Co.
Schram Fruit Jar, easy to seal, easy
to open, for sale at McDonald's.
Lund plaster both kinds, Utah am1
Ore., at Whitehead's feed store.
Timothy, red and white clover, vetch
and alfalfa seed at Whitehead's.
GotoW. 8. Gribble. Mt. Hood, for
the District No. 70 Shoe. tf
Hazel wood Double Jersey ice cold
Buttermilk at C. P. Ross.
A One line ot confections and freh
fruits at the Red Apple confectionery.
Itlai-k Leaf Tobacco Extract, sure
death to aphis, at Whitehead's.
Ibe finest line of cigars and tobaccos
in the city at the Bed Apple confec
tionery. Vogt Bros, have received their fall
and winter lines of clothing and
shoes. See thm before purchasing.
Come and bring your friends to tbe
moving piotuie show at the opera
bouse. Knn and amusement foi all.
Admission only 1U cents.
For R .nt In the Davidson block,
two as fine office rooics as there are in
town. Inquire at room 4 or in the fruit
office. - si"
The Y. W. C. T. U. will meet at
tbe borne of Mrs. Geo. Crowed Satur
day night, October 10th at 7:30
Call at Soule's Piano House for
Edison phonographs and records.
With tbe exception of one bouse in
Portland this is tbe largest atook in
Don't fail to see the Royal Tailors
line of samples for fall and winter at
The Toggery. No cotton mixes in this
lot, nothing but absolutely all wool
shown for this fall.
If you want to buy or sell real estaie
go to Ootbank A .Otten. Money to
loan on first mortgages. Abstracts and
legal papers carefully prepared. Nota
rial work of all kinds. -
Is there a better way to
keep the family longer at
table, to keep it together?
Your f rocer returns your money U ru doa't
like Schilling's Bail: wt par bin.
Our work guaranteed. Deitz Studio.
Finishing for amateurs at Deitz Stu
dio. Wood For Sale Phone 3595. L. E.
Wheat and Timothy hay at Whitehead's.
For Flower and Alfalfa Seeds go to
J. II. Ferguson took a trip dowu
tne road riiday.
A. J. Derby was a business visitor
at toe Dalles, Friday.
Our Light make dag op Night.
The Light & Water Co.
Pbone or see. A. Whitehead tor
peaches for canning.
See W. 8. Gribble for Duck Eries,
Fead overs. tf
Yucca Tree Frotectors, kept in stock
at McReynolds.
Rex spray in any quantity at White
head s leed store.
Clover, Timothy and Alfalfa hay at
ftlcKeynolds & uo.
Best clover pasture in the valley,
C. K. Masiker, Odell.
Stock foods of different ' kinds at
McReynolds & Co.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. S. E.
Miller, Ootober 2, a girl.
Wheat, alfalfa, clover, mixed clover
and timothy hay at Whitehead s.
Have quantity of peaches for can
ning. Phone cr see Whitehead.
Ten teams wanted by Oregon Lum
ber Co., Phone Oregon Lumber Co.,
at Dee, or Mr. Early's office in town.
There are letters at tbe Glacier
office directed to G. 11. J., J. F. and
Don't " Rocut Her"liuy her an
Electric Iron.
The Light & Water. Co.
Mr. and Mr. Shelley Morgan who
bad been visiting in Portland for
several days returued to Hood River
Mt. Hood ioe cream served at the
Red Apple confectionery. Nothing on
tbe market quite equal to this cream.
I handle excluisvely Upper Hood
River Valley lands. Call upou me at
Dee and I will show them to you.
W. H. Marshall.
J. O. Rountree, tbe well known real
estate man of Portland who is inter
ested in Hood River propercy came op
Saturday and spent Sunday here.
Try a Royal Tailors suit and you will
have no other. Fully guaranteed in
every particular. See the samples and
have your measure taken at The Tog
gery. L. W. Tomliuson who has been
living at Asbwood in Eastern Otegon
for tbe past year, returned to Hood
River last week and will go to live on
his ranch
Jno 11. Stephenson, a tnemoer of the
Democratic state central committee
was a visitor at Hood River Friday.
Mr. Stephenson beld a conferene with
tbe Demooratio leaders of tbe county
organization while here.
Dr. H. W. Coe, of Portland, Re
pnlioan state chairman of tbe com
mittee on county organization spent
several hours at Hoorl River Thursday
in oompauy with Unas. I. Early look
ing after the interests of the oiganiza
tion here.
Alarm clocks, 11.25 to 120.00 at
Frank Stanton was a visitor at Tbe
Dallies Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Bone were in
Portland for a few days 'his week.
Miss Nan Cooper, of Tbe Dalles
was a visitor at Hood River Monday;
A. A. Jayne la oooupying office
rooms la tbe Davidson Block tempo
rarily. Have yur watches and clooks repair
ed at Coolidge's. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Wm. II. Ecoles, of Dee, returned
from Portland Satuiday after a abort
business visit.
Are you all run down? Get run up
by taking Nicbol'a Blood A Nerve
tonic; prioe 50o.
Mrs. S. P. Rolpb wbo baa been
away for some time visiting friends
in Wisconsin baa returned home.
Dr. M. A. Jones, wbo is now locat
ed in Portland spent a few days bete
last week returning to the city Sun
day. ' A complete line of watches at Cool
idge's Elgin. Waltham, Howard A
Hamilton and all standard makes car
ried iu stock.
It you have a stiff neok or sore
joints, try Niobol's Liniment. Once
tried you will never do without it
afterwards. Price 50c.
Mrs. Failing and daughter of Port
laud, returned borne Sunday after
spending a few days at tbe home of
Mrs. E. H. Shopard.
When you get burnt, sent quick for
Nlnbol's "Cool It". Prioe 50o. It
takes out the lire, relieves the nain.
and prevents a scar.
.1. W. Tnvlnp niinnnatafl with thm
San Fianclsco Examiner spent Sunday
here getting data for a writeop ot tbe
apple industry at Hood River.
Get a trial bottle of Dr. Niobol's
Rbeuraatio Remedy, Kidney Remedy,
every ill, that will do tbe work at
small cost. Manufactured by Dr.
Niobol's Pbarmaoy, Hood River, Ore.
Albeit Sutton, of San Francisco,
wbo bought a big part of tbe Jarvis
hainestfftd. Bnmit HAvAral riasa hara
during tbe last week. Mr. Sutton ia
having a large part of ' hia purchase
cleared and will build a fine house on
A box oar halnnnina tn tha Mt
Hood Railroad Cmnnanv nanohr. flrh
Sunday while being hauled to Dee
and nartl oonamnd hafnra tha flu
could be extinguished. It was brought
oaof to HOO'l Klver and will be repaired.
Ensina Nil. 2 hnlnnolncr to Hi a Mt
Hood railroad whinh ha haan iinrlor.
going repairs arrived here Sunday
evening after being thoroughly over
hauled and painted and will be put
in use oy me company to held handle
tbe big business it is doing at uiea-
ent. - r .
Frank Schmidt formerly employed
at tbe Glacier office, but baa been in
tha printing bsiness at Heine's Ore.
for tbe past nine months has dispos
ed of interests there. Mr. Schmidt
ariived here Sunday for a few days'
visit after which be will go to South
ern Oegon to jolu his wife wbo was
foroed to leave the Eastern Oregon
country ou aooount of ill health.
This week we will White Enamel Ware The
have a new lot of Post best ware for your
Cards & different views kitchen. Cost a little
of Hood River valley mor.'.looksalittlenicer
and city. Pommellpost and lastsyoulotslonger
cards. Also a new lot (
of Post Card Albums, j Closing Out Our line of
. .. . i i ' ' Underwear. What 'we
Artist Materials , wt is h for
Lverything for oil and j r . , pricw
water color work. '
Baskets IWt.vni Butter Paper Wax paper,
tiei'd oin'? We have nil : Tissue Paper, 1'up.r
kinds from a kid's has-. Napkins, Corduroy pa
kef, to a hamper basket per, Shelf PaMr.
! , .
Crockery If you
a re needing dishes come
in and see our line its
a money saver.
For house clean
ing you will find the
necessaries here. Sa
polio, nmmonia, sul
phur candles, carpet
stretchers, brooirsand
scrub ..brushes, mops,
window cleaners at ,
A fine assortment. Plates. Salad Bowls,
Celery I rays, Oil ve Dishes. Lake IMates,e1c.
You will njoy looking
Beautiful New China
t them. Come and aee them.
A. A. Jayne was a Portland visitor
this week. .
W. S. Chapman, of Portland, spent
Sunday here.
F. W. Angus made a flying trip to
rornana Saturday.
II. M. Huxley and wife spent the
day at M osier Sunday.
Grandpa Ellis came up from Wyeth
for a day'a visit Inst week.
A. F. Gray spent Friday at Ibe
Dalles where be waa called on busi
ness. Mrs. May L. Oilbert returued from
Portland Monday after spending a
few daya in that oity during tbe past
St. Mark's Guild will meet with
Miss. Seabrooke at her borne in tbe
Jenkin'a bouse, Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
District-Attorney Fred 'Wilson of
Tbe Dalles was called here Monday
for a tew hours in connection with
legal business.
Come and bring your friends to tbe
moving pioture show at tbe opera
bouse. Fan and amusement for all.
Admission only 10 cents.
Miss Anna Fowler, who formerly
lived at Hood Kiver, but has been
staying in Portland for some time,
was a visitor here Wednesday.
Hood Fiver's school teachers are
this week attending teacher's Insti
tute at Tbe Dalles and it is needlem
to say that they are also probably tak
ing in tbe fair.
Tbe Ladies' Aid society of the
Congregational oburob will meet Fri
day afternoon with Mrs. II. D. W.
Plneo. It it requested that all the
membership be resent at this meet
ing. R. J. Brum will open "a tin and
sheet motBl works in tbe rooms for
merly occupied as a law office by A.
A. Jayne. Mr. brims came here this
week and ia at present busy getting
the plaoe ready for business.
Rev. Walton Skipwoith, D. D., will
bold quarterly conference at Asbury
Methodist Episcopal cburob Thursday
evening Got. 8th at 730. Kveryone
interested n tbe upbuilding of tbe
cburoh is invited to be present.
The sacrament of tbe Lord's sapper
will be administered at tbe close ot
tbe morning sermon in Asbury Meth
odist Episcopal church next Sunday.
Tbe'pastor will preach at 11 a. m. and
7;30p. m. Vou will flpd a cordial
A. P. Batebam, of Mosler, waa a
visitor at Hood Kiver Wednesday.
Mr. Batebam bad just relumed from
Portland where he went to bear Sen
ator Ueveridge wbo spoke there Tues
day evening and states that be deliv
erd a fine address on the issues of
tbe campaign.
Earl, aged Jtwo 'and 'a half years,
a son ot Mr. and Mis. .1. P. Thomp
son, of Pine Grove, died Monday
after a short illness. Tbe funeral wa
beld Wednesday morning from the
bouse under the direction of S. K.
Bartmesa and interment was made iu
Pine Grove Cemetery.
A. C. Cass has oought tbe three
acre tract of oity property belonging
to H. C. Coe back of the Crnwell place
and will split il np into building lots.
If Mr. Caea wants to do the city and
himself a good turn he will put as
many houses on it as the lots will
onmfortably stand.
Jack Lackey is spending tbe week
at Tbe Dalles wber.e be baa his ball
bearing bub and look-nut on exhibi
tion. A vehicle eouined with these
devioes is being used to demonstrate
their good qnnlities and in said by
visitors irom here to he attracting
much attention.
Chris. Geisen wbo spent a week at
Wentaobee, in the intetest of Better
Fruit, returned borne Sunday even
ing. Mrs. Greisen wbo baa been
making an extended visit with hei
father t Dallas baa also returned to
Hood Kiver to spend tbe winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Root. Treat Piatt, of
Portland Mr. John Carson. Mrs.
Piatt's brother and,' Mr. Wm. Moore,
of New York Cot oity, came to Hood
Kiver Sunday and were tbe guests of
K. P. Loomis for tbe day. 'Ibe party
was taken for a ride over tbe valley
visiting the orchards ot A. I. Mason
and M. M. Hill In the lower valley
and aftewards continuing their trip to
Mt. Hood Poetofllce, and foim there
to tbe Lava Bed Fruit Farm where
they lunched iu camp in tbe timber.
Returning tbe patty came back by
way of Dee and tbe river road.
Tbe Dalles fair is attracting; a eood
man; Hood River visitors this week
many of whom bave gone np each dav ;
returning In tbe evening Ibe Hood
River bund will furnish mnsio for the
fslr today and a big crowd is expected
to aoonmpanv it tf The Dallas To
morrow the High School hoys will go
up and try their muscle and wiud
aglnst tbe High School boys of that
city and many wbo were going up to
day bave put off their trip until to
monow to root tor tbem.
Mrs. Adah Hose weut to Portland
for a short visit Wednesday,
Dr. 11. L. Dumble was a piiKsenger
for Portland Wednesday ou tbe local.
J. B. Goit and Senator Nick Sin
nott were visitors at flood Kiver Mon
day. T. W. Uadder, of Cascade Locks
was in attendance at tbe session of
the county court Mouday.
Mrs. W. J. Baker left for Portland,
Wednesday, where she will spend a
week visiting with her daughter, Mrs.
S. Fouts.
Tbe burial of an infant child be
longing to Mr. and Mis. Clareuce
Shaw, which died Thursday took
pice Friday, lntormeut was iu Idle
wllde Cemetery.
Tha ladies of the Committee of the
Hood Kiver Fruit Fair are anxious
that a good display ot canned fruit be
made at tbe fair and requests that the
good housewives ot Hood Kiver make
a special effort to provide a good ex
hibit in this line.
At the Baptist oburob next Sunday
at 11 o'clock Pastor Nutly will preaoh
to tbe children ; a juvenile quartett
will give a speoial number. Tbe
young peoles meeting will be at 7
o'clock, followed with the usual gospel
service by the pastor. Topic, "An
Uedgo ot Thorns."
A rat that ambled out into the
middle of the street Saturday after
noon when the crowds were thickest
on the street coiners oreated some
exoitement. Uyi-taiiders wbo saw
it Indulged iu an impromptu game
f foothall and bis ratship paid tor
his venturesomeness by being killed
Tbe literary and musioal entertain
meut to be given In tbe Capper die
trict, Friday evening, Oot. Utb will
be beld in Oak Grove Hall. An ex
oellent program has been arranged
under tbe direction ot Mrs. Louis
Goddaid who will be assisted by ber
pupils and tbe Ladies' Aid Soolety
under whose auspices the entertain
ment is being held hi pes that it will
be well attended.
Managers of tbe Fruit Fair an
nounce that no names will be allowed
on fruit exhibited until aftei the
prizes are awarded this year. Kxhibi
its will be designated by numbers un
til after the prizes are awarded. It
is expected that tbe premiums will be
announced at the end ot the first day
so that growers who so desire oan
tbeu plaoe their names or tbe name ot
their respective ranches on their displays.
A very pretty wedding occurred at
tbe home ot Mr. and Mia. N. M.
Ostergard, a daughter of tbe bride, on
Ootober 4, wben Mrs. Mary E. Baker
was joined In marriage with Mr.
Joseph D. Milligan. Rev. H. O.
Clark of Cascade Looks officiating.
Alter congratulations a dinner was
waived. The bride wore a gown of
blue silk, and the groom a suit ot
black. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. N. M. Ohtergard. Mr. and Mrs.
B. K. JJertelsen, a daughter of tbe
groom. Mr. and Mrs. Bert K. Wild
er, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. II. Wilder,
sons or bride. Mr. J. (Jlmtie and Mr.
J. Ostergard. Many beautiful and
costly presents were received.
Harvey Slusher and Miss lrma Mo
Reynolds were married In Portland
Wednesday evening, Sept. 30, at tbe
home ot Mrs. J. K Dtiggene, on Wil
liami Avpiiup, by Rev. W. C.Gilmore
Mi. and Mrs. Slusher after spending
a few days in Portland went to Dufur
where tbey visited with Mr. Blusher's
telutives. Both Mr. and Mrs. Slusher
are well known here and will iake
their borne at Hood River.
Spent the Bay In the Valley.
A party of seventeen of tbe ladies
of the United iirethten Church aid
eooiety took advantage of tbe line
weather last Ihursday and spent tbe
day at the beautiful borne of Mrs
Kilsingei out in tbe valley. Eaob
took a well filled basket with every
thing that waa good to eat. Tbe
ladies were royally entertaiued by
Mr. and Mrs. Filsluger and were so
enthusi8ntio over the good time they
bad that they were inspired to in
vent an aid society yell wbiob goes,
"Rab, rah, nb, who ate we? Tbe
Ladies Aid Sooiety of tbe U. B. C
Don't fume and fret and fm,
Come ttraiffhtwa to iu;
We'll fitrnixh you with light and (duo
It mutter not the neanon, our price
arc, in reaxon
And ire ntver make a hit of faun.
THE Ltd 11 T 4 WA l'Elt CO.
Engineers and Surveyors
Olllce Willi HiIkkk. Anient Und Co,
Hnrvey, tinn and Ktlinto. Ritllmiid
drlga Iron an I Wmer l'.wr Hrnle.-1-i 'lowu
luKstulte Laud Surveys, Contour Map.
50 cL Values 35 ct.
This is not a sale to clean up old
stock, but a stock of Stationery of
the best grades that was bought at
an exceedingly j0w price. We Offer
you the benefit. WATCH OUR WINDOW
Slocom's Book Store
The Place that Does the Framing
We are placing on the market this week twenty sightly lots in Coe'a Ad
dition. These lots are the best building sites that are to be had In the
City of Hood River, boing within one block of the new High School build
ing, with sewerage connections, city water, and on well improved streets.
The prices are reasonable, ranging from $250 up. Don't wait but aecure
some of these lota while yon can. They are all good, but if you come early
you can get your choica.
Do it today-tomorrow may be too late
The Reliable Dealers
Portland Offfce
Hood River Office
i .. v.i :
... ; , i a
The Toggery
Is now showing the best
line of fall samples for
Men's Suits and Overcoats
ever shown in Hood Kiver.
The Royal Tailors
line which are absolutely
all pure WOOL. Not a
sample in the lot that has
a fibre of cotton or mercer
ized stock in it. Suit or
overcoat made to measure,
fit guaranteed, style guar
anteed, and the cloth is
guaranteed ALL WOOL.
A written guarantee from
the Royal Tailors goes
with each suit. Prices from
$20 to $45
Whether you are ready to order or not we want you
to come in and inspect these samples.
Uf)e Tog'g'ery, "VSftT
P'Me Bioitiifi
Eye, Kar Nom tod Throat ,
Office, Hew Hroalus block, oak Hlieet
Offlie Horns phone 43 Hood Klver, Oregon
Oakdale Greenh
Cut flowers and plants at KeirA Cass.
Choice Roses Shrubs, Vines A Gladiolaa.
White VVyandotte Eigs for Setting
from Mated Pens. $1.50 & $2.00.
Fletcher & Fletcher.