The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 28, 1908, Page Six, Image 6

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That the loxl flub ' our tut need
better prptwtirn torn ii now ltd Of lu J
t gred.
Vcu bate slre.dy or dotibUet. will
receive ooneiderable literature ou (be
tubject, but do matter bow attractive
tbe argument, atop and consider bow
much It may be colored by tlf lutei
it. Ihe United Statea Bureau of ('lib
erie are tbe Rrflateat expert mtunrt.
tiot on tbe aubjeot aud have do ax to
grind. - Kead wbat they eay :
J)epartDieot of Commerce aud Labor,
Office of tbe Secretary, Washing
toD, D. C.
Hon. Cbaa. W. Kultoa, Uuited State
SeDate, Washington, O. C.
Hit : Ihe department realize! tbe
Importance of tbe rarlooi questions
aliectlng tbe aalmon flkbery lu tbe
Columbia rlrei brought up In your
letter of tbe 18tb ultimo, and bat ta
ken tbia opportunity to nikk h tbor
ougb inetiatiou ot tbe matter.
Ibere can be no qneitloo that the
status of tbe fishery is uutatiilactory,
and tbat ouder existing oonditlons
tbe trend may be expected to be
steadily downward, with tbe result
that in a comparatively flew years tbe
run of aalmon in tbat stream will be
reduoed to suob a degree tbat thous
ands of flsbermen may be thrown out
of employment and much capital ren
dered Idle. Ibe federal government
in w'tbout any Jmisdiction whatever
iu tbe creatines, and tbe duty of cou
serving tbe salmon supply in the Co
lumbia devolves cn the states ot Ore
gon, Washington and Idaho; but this
department has been cbargfd by con
gress with Important fish cultural op
erations lo tbe Columbia basin, and
has felt Impelled from time to time
to direct attention to tbe necessity
for glflog adequate proteotlon to tbe
vnrloaa ipeoiea of salmon frequenting
tbat stream. Tbe department Is con
vinced tbat the ran of salmon In tbe
Columbia can be amply maintained
for an Indefinite period If artificial
DroDoeatioo Is supplemented by
rational protection: but artificial
proportion alone oannot cope with
tbe situation, and, as a matter of fact,
tbe reoent experience o: tbe depart
ment baa shown tbat its benetloent
' labois are rendered almost futile by
tbe failure of tbe states to appreciate
tbla faot. '
The department sees no reason for
dvooating the elimination of flab
wheels from the river, as there la no
evidence to abow that this form of
apparatus Is paitloolarly destructive
to salmon. A condltlou tbat la spec
I ally favorable tor tbe passage of sal
monnamely, very high water ren
ders tbe wheels unserviceable and, on
tbe other baud, periods of very low
water, when tbe fish are much re
stricted in their movements, are also
ontavorable for tbe wheels. During
the at two or tbree seasons tbe
oatch of salmon by wheels has been
comparatively atuall; but even If it
were very large It would be a faot of
uo special significance in the present
The Columbia river Is. however.
made to yield a quantity ot salmon
tar greatet than regard for tbe future
supply permits, and tbe diain la year
ly becoming more serious. No one
familiar with tbe situation can fail
to appreciate the menace to the per
petuity ot the Industry that is fur-
pished ty tbe concentration of a tre
meudous amount of fixed and floating
' apparatus of aaptute In aud near tbe
mouth of the river. This apparatus
comprises about 4UO pound nets 01
traps, over HO long-sweep seines and
more than 2, 200 gill nets, tbe last
bating an aggregate approximate
length ot over 570 miles; and these
appliances captuia ' more than DO per
cent of tbe flab taken iu the Oregon
and Washington wat rs of tbe liver,
tbe figures for 1904 being nearly 31,
000,000 pounds, or 98.7 per oeut ot tbe
total yield. Under suoh conditions
it is self-evident tbat but compara
tively tew flab are premitted to reaub
tbe upper waters where tbe spawning
grounds are located.
lbs details of tbe measures ueces
snry to place the salmon Industry of
tbe Columbia river on a permanent
basis can not fce elaborated by tbe
department ut this time, but in gen
eral it may be said tbat there should
be (1) a restriction on tbe amount ot
apparatus employed In a given seo
tion; (2) u adequate weekly clone
iMason covering possibly tw i days at
first, but reduced later if tbe circum
stances warrant it; (3) an annual
close season, preferably at the begin
ulng of the salmon run, aud (4) joiut
arrangements between tbe states, so
tbat protoctive measures may be har
monious Respectfully yours,
(Signed) Oscar S. Straus,
, Bill No. 318 embodies government
recommendations and should pass. It
is a square deal for all.
wm 6 to
vviiai uiuvc
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convenience in summer weather
like a New Perfection Wick
Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove.
Anything that any stove can
do the "New Perfection" will
do. and do it better. Bakes,
roasts, boils, toasts; heats the wash water and the tad
irons, and does it without dissipating its heat through the room
to your discomfort The
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
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for you while doing the family cooking, because, unlike the coal
range, its heat is directed to one point only right under the
kettle. Made in three sizes, fully warranted. If not
with your dealer, write our nearest agency.
RenTo lamp
S light that is very
affords a
to tired eyes a perfect student or family
lamp. Brass, nickel plated, hence more dur
able than other lamps.
If not with your dealer, write our near
est agency.
Woman Snfl'rag-e Once More.
The woiuan suffrage nmeudiueut Is
to come before tbe people of Oregon
for tbe fourth time on election dev.
Why should it bo neoessary to vote
opon this queHtlon every two years?
Ihe sufiragUts kuuw, as do all wo
men, that when a majority of womou
want a thing done, tbat thing will be
done. Then wby have they for years
been besieging legislators, presenting
petitions, working, arguing and, late
ly, fighting for their "rigbl8."as tbey
call them? Because a majority of wo
men are not behind tbe movement.
This is not a man's questlou ; it is
a woman's question. lLet tbe women
of the state decide tbat tbey want a
vote before you force it upon tbem.
Consult tbe women you know and
vote as tbey wish on this matter, but
VOTE, or tbe measure may slip
through by tbe Inuttention of voters
or the Qaielofisuess wbioh will follow
tbe large number of proposition submitted.
Vote No. 318-X-Ves
, BUI No. 333 was framed to foster
the sel flali Interest ofasiugle locality,
it Is against the govern rue n recom
mendations, and will mean a heavy
tax on tbe state to carry oui ltd pro
visions. It favors monopoly and is
unfair. It should uot pass.
Vote No. 333 X-No
All Itching Skin Illnesses Which Are
Mot Hereditary Relieved by
Oil of Wlntcrgreen.
. Can Eczema be cured?
Some physicians say "Yes."
Some say "No."
The real" question is, "What is meant
by Eczema?" If you mean those scaly
eruptions, those diseases which make
tlietr first appearance, not at birth, but
years afiorwurd, and perhaps not until
middle age then there can no longer
be any (mention that these forma of he
itema are curable.
Wimple vegetable oil of wlntergreen.
mixed with other vegetable lugredi
hits, will kill the germs that infest the
skin. Apply this prescription to the
skin, and instantly the awful itch is
gone. The very moment the liquid is
appliu t that agonizing, tantalizing itch
disappears, and continued applications
of this external remedy ajon core the
disease. -
We carry In stock this oil of winter
greon properly compounded Into 1. D.
I), prejeription. While we are not sure
that it will cure all thete cases of akin
trouble which are Inherited, we posi
tivnlv know that this D. l. D. Pres
cription, whenever rightly used, wil-
cure every last case of genuine Eczema
or other skin trouble, which did not ex
ist at urtii.
We know this. Anyway you, your
self, will know that D. 1). I). Prescrip
tion instantly takes away the itch the
moment it is applied to the skin. Keir
& Cups, flood River, Oregon. Stop that
itch todav instantly. Just rail at our
store and try this refreshing and sooth
ing liquid ; also ask about D. D. D
Boa p.
We are pleased to announce that Fo
ley's Honey mid Tur for coughs, colds
And lung troubles is not affected by the
National Pure Kond and Drug law, us it
contains no opiates or other harmful
drugs, and we recommend it bb a safe
remedy for children and adults. Clarke
Drug Co. '
Kan Double Race.
Ibe Hood Klver Glacier this week
contains the announcement of the
marrlsge of Andrew . Jackson Derby
aud Miss Elinor Adele Young near
Lents, Ore. Mi. Derby Is one of our
good Hood liivor friends, is ho enter
prising young attorney unit cue or tue
most popular young mvu of flood
Klver. He camo within lire votes of
being nominated ou the domocratlo
ticket for the legislature i.t the receut
primaries. We are glad to note that
be woo out iu tl e other nice uud join
Nartly with bis Hood River trienda
in best wishes f ot the fuiiiro ot the
happy young couple. Silver Luke
The World's Rest Cllniiite.
is not entire'' free from disease, on
the high elevations fevers prevail,
while on the lower levels malaria is en
countered to a greater or less extent,
according to altitude. To overcome
climate affcclioiiH, lassitude, malaria,
jaundice, biliousness, fever and ague,
and general debility, the most effective
remedy is Electric ititters, the great al
terative and blood purifier; the anti
dote for every form of bodily w eakness,
nervousness, and insomnia. Sold under
guarantee at ('lias. N. Clarke a drug
stoie. Price, f0c.
Who Said Machine 1
Tbe Oregon Daily Journal is reek
log to make a martyr of Governor
Chamberlaiu by Haying that the Re
publican "machine is against him,
baa vowed to get bis scalp, .Mis set
out to accomplish bis utter defeat.
it there is a "Republican mncbiue '
since tbe primaries nobody has been
able to discover it. Tbe people cf the
Republican party are In oou'rol. The
rank and tile of ihn party has asserted
its perogative and will select its can
didates. Wb'le ou tbe other band. Governor
Chamberlain is head and boss of one
of the most perfect politioul mnoliines
ever organized lu Oregon. It is so
perfect that no one dare to aspire to
the senatoiship iu the Democratio
ranks, but Governor Chamberlain. It
is so perfect that the Democrats ray
no heed to the primary law, tHke uo
part In the primary election.
The "machine" simply uames ran
dldates and they run, and nobody
else dares to run as a Democrat,
This little attempt to make a martyr
of the chief machiue manipulator lu
Oregou is laoghiime. llie governor
himaelt will doubtlesa laugh when in
the safety of bis private otlleo, alone
with blmaelf. KaBt Uregouiau.
Whooping Cough.
"In February our daughter had the
whooping cough. Mr, Lane, of Hart
land, recommended Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and said it gave his cub
tomere the best of satisfaction. We
found it as he said and can recommend
it to anyone having children troubled
w:th whoouing cough," save Mrs. A.
doss, of Purand, Mich. For sale by
Keir & Crtfx.
book ot ers that is lntving good
rale locdly. Telegram.
When vour food seems to nauseate
take Kodol. Take Kodol now and un
til you know yon are right again
There im't any doubt about what it
will do and you u ill find the truth of
this statement verified after you have
used Kodol for a few weeks. It is sold
here by Keir & Cass.
An Outsider.
Suitor Vour daughter, elf well,
ei that Is she t"ld roe to oome to
yon she says you
Pater Quite so 1 understand.
Let's see. are you Mr. Bronson or
Mr. Wibbles?
Suitor Wby, I'm Mr. Untchkiss.
Tbe Most Common Cause of Suffering
Rheumatism causes more pain and
suffering than any other disease, for
the reacoit that It is the must common
of all ills, and it is certainly gratifying
to Huffurers to know that Cliamlierlain's
Vain Balm will afford relief, and make
rest nnd fleep possible. In ninny cases
the relief from pain, which in at first
temporary, has become permanent,
while in old people subject lo clironio
rheunmtimn. often brought on by damp
nous or changes In the weather, n per
manent cure cannot be expected; the
relief from pain which this liniment af
fords is alone wortli many times its
coct. 25 and 60 Bizes for sale by Keir
& Cass.
In the County Court of tho Statu of Oregon,
tor the county oi w awo.
Id the mailer of the Oiittrd an.
aliln or Holm .1. Tnekei . Flor
ence H. TuHtrr. r.eha K. Tuckerf Order to
and ItoMim Tnek.T. minor ehll.) tliow cuiune
dren of Koba .1. Tucker, derew-i
ed, by Com He lie Klaus, gunr-dlun
In the tiitme (it Ihe Stale of Oreiton:
It apppHrliie to this court from dm net I Hon
tills day tiled by Cora Bel In KIuuh, truarillan
of l lie imiih ami extnle of Itobit J. Tucker.
Ploremw K. Tucker, lll K. Tucker nd Ko
blna Tucker, all minora, duly appointed by
order of this court, vrnylnir for lh( sale of the
Inturexts 01 her until wards In tbu real e.hle
described In Hnlil
Klrst tract Tim wiutln iist quarter of the
annlhenat quarter of section twenty seven ('.7,
township (ij) north. ranneten(lO) east Willam
ette Meridian, containing forty (40) acres, ex-
re tine I hereout the following described por
tion thereof, heretofore sold and conveyed
by order of the court lo L. 1. Hoy tt, vl:
11 Klnnlnir ut the corner lo seel lon twenty.
six (Jti) and twenty-seven (37), Ihlrly-fuur Clt)
and tlnriy-llve (;i'il, township two (S) north,
raiiK (ID) east, or tne winnineiie meridian;
thence runnlnic north along the section line
between sections twenty-six (2111 and twenly-
even (27), len (1(1) chains to an Iron bar sel
tor tne nonneiiai corner oi wie iuiiu nerein
des rllied; tnence ruu south 8J decrees f7
minutes west parallel to Ihe south bonndary
of section twenty-eeveu (27), ten (10) chains lo
an Iron bar sel for the northwest corner of tbe
land herein described: thence run south par.
Hi lei to the east boundary of said section
twenty-seven (271 ten (10) chains lo an Iron bur
on the south boundary of section twenty-
seven (27), set for the southwest corner of the
land herein described: thence run north K
degrees!)? minutes, enst ten (lO)ciiains to the
southeast coiner of said section tuenly-seven
'tl), township two (i) north, raiiu'e ten (10)
east, of the Willamette Meridian, alter a sur
vey made by Joh . Inland Henderson, sur.
veyor. In accordance with a loriner order of
Ihe County Court of Wasco County, Oregon.
Second trad commencing at trie south
east corner of the nortl eat quarter of the
southeast quarter of seel Inn twenty-seven 127)
in township (2) tinrin or range ten (lu) ea-t ot
Ihe WlllamelUt Meridian running thence
north thirty (30) rods, thence west eighty (Ml)
rods, thence smith thirty (NO) rods, thence
east eighty 5(HI) rods lo the place ol hegln-
ninir, comsoong mieen (in) scitm more or less.
And u apjiearing to tne conn, mat tne in.
come from the estate of said mi
nors Is IniuhVtetit 'o maintain the said
wards, and lhal It Is lor the heat Interests ol
said wards and necessary Ihsi seld real es
tate should tie sold, it Is hereby -dered that
Ihe next of kin of the said wards, slid all ner.
sons Interested In said e-lale, apie-ir before
this court on the Silth day of .lime, at 10
o'clock a.' in., al Ihe court room of the county
court of Wasco County, ' iregon, et the eliy ol
The Dallua. In Hie said County of Wasco,
Slate of Oregon; then and there to
show cause, II any there be, why an order
should uot lie granted for the sale of said real
It Is further ordered that a copy of anid or
der shall be published for four aucccaslve
weeks In the HihmI ltlver Olacler, a newspa
per of general circulation, published weekly
in the City of Hood Klvoi, County of Wasco,
Suite nfOregon, and circulated In said coun
ty, the first issue or which publication ahall
be the JSIh day of May, W0H. according to the
statute lu such csaca made and provided.
Ordered this lath day of May. 190.
County Judge
"A Week of ltenea."
A neat little souvenir book-program
for the Kose festival has been issued
by Miss Marion Cook, called "A week
ot Hogei." It is designed not ouly
to take tbe place of a program, but
after tbe schedule of each day's etenU
la a place for a memoranda, wbeio
the visitor may jot dowu hia impres
sions of Portland and the Kose Festi
val. Appropriate: to the neek are
verses descriptive of the dill or ant
kinds of roses tbat are grown lu
Portland. Most of these are from
well-known poets. Tbe little books
will be on sale at many places, and a
window dispUy has beeu put in (Jill's
book store. Mhs Cook la the author
of "Wbeie Flows Hood Klver,"
Department of the Interior Land Office hi
The lialles, Oregon, May 'Jtth, IW
Notice Is heieby given that
of Hood Hlver, Oregon, hn, on IWcmlwr
IS, lima, made Homestead Kntry, No. lftlll, lor
Northeast ljuarler, Hectlon 21. Township 1
North, Kange II K.ast, Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of Intention to iiiskfl final
comminution proof, to cslaollsii claim to Ihe
hind alaive ncHcrioen, beiore the tteglsler and
Receiver at The lialles, Oregon, on the 3d day
of .Inly, liw.
Claimant luimes aa witness s: (.corpe It.
CuliaTtson. of tloitd Kiver. Oregon; John
West, oi Hood Klver, I reron; Oscar h. WII
son, of Moslcr. Oregon; William 1 Kinney,
of Moslcr, Oregon.
Stanley-Smith Lumber Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Lath. Shingles, Etc
Lumber Delivered tu Any Part of the Valley
Blacksmiths and Wagon flak ers
Wo Lave the lcKt up-to-date machinery and expert work
men und are prepared to do all classes of
ff .7
Better Than Pills
1 vt O i ! t --l V r. fr
For Liver Ills,
NATURI't REMEDY ti better than pllli, because It acta In the right way.
It strengthens the Stomach, aids ingestion, cores Ilyipcoia, cleanses the
IJver and llowels, enrhig Constipatlou.
Uinillr one N Tablot Is ail tliat 1 neeossary to correct tho averim tron
ttle. It starts In the Stomach nod scan he through tho Liver. Khmcy i,ud
Intestine, dlisolTlng ana soothing as it r'ic-
UH Tableu are always Ju rli-ht ana ne.tnor tlcion, giiDO nor tnvo acy
hmfol after elect. ET 18o SOX.
Chaa. N. Clarke, Hood River, Oregon
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned,
the tlnly n)io!nteri, qiiHlltied nn'l eel I tig
guardian of Clftra Mity Wlniler, Oeorge Hlu
ney Wlimler, Mtiud KleHnoi Vln.ler and
Lura Culli Wlnr.ler, minors, will by virtue of
a 'itieiisc mid order of ssle duly made and
entered by tho County Court of Wasco County
Oregon, sell ut private sale, for cash In hand,
on and after the lrd day of June, 1008. the
following real estate belonging to wild minors,
Lot Thirteen (W). being the South west quar
ter or the Southwest quarter of Hection 27,
Township I North of hange 10 East of the
Wlllunielle Meridian In Waaoo County, Ore
gon, containing 41 acres according lo the
government gurvey thertof.
Proposal for ttio purchase of said real
estate should be made to the undersigned at
hia otllce In The luilles, Oregon, on and after
too date hereinbefore mentioned and aald
sale will tie made miblect to ronllrniatlou by
the Coutily Court ol Wasco County, Oregon,
luting h a court In the trimsiu'liou ot' probate
I'llkllie-HS. PlSAMK M K.NKFKK,
Hated May 15, 1H08. niOI 17 Uuurdl.'tn.
Xotlce Is hereby given that H. C. Hengst
htu Hied in the County Court of the Hlalo ot
uivgon. fur Wnsi'O (Joitnty, hlR final account
aa udintnlstiator or ttie estate of I'rlsclllH
lletigsl, deceased, and said County Court liss
made an order fixing and Hpnolntlntr .Satur
day, tne Mill day id Juae, l'.io. at I he hour of
'tne VliHk p. in., as the time for Ihe hearing
it objections to said final account and the set
tlement thereof. All heirs, credllor or other
IH-rsous Interested In the estate of said de
.eased sre hereby notified and required to ap
pear on or before the day appointed for such
lie. ring and aettleinenl, and to tile their ot
Jectlons, If any toey have, to ssld account r
any particular thereof, specifying tin
pitrtliuiliirsoi such oiijectlons.
Dated thU9th day of May, 118.
mU-Jll Adininlatrator.
Depaitment f the Interior, l-und Office at
The I 'si ics. oivgon, May 9th, mis.
Notice la hercbv given Unit
of Mosler, Oregon, who. on April lHth, inm,
msde lloniestcnil Kntrv, No. I.VSftJ. for HK'.N
V4 and 8WNKl4. Section a. Township a
North, Range II East. Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice ol Intention to make Final
commutation Proof, to es ab Ish claim to the
land above described, before Ihe Iteglster und
Heceiver, at The Dalles, Oregon, on tbe 25lh
dav of June. 1!WN
Claimant names aa witneaaea: 8. Odell, of
Moslcr, Oregon; Charlea frather, of Mosier,
lircgoti; I.. Huskey, of Mosler, Oregon; N,
8t urges, of Mosler, Oregon.
inilijn C. W. MOOKK, llcglater
1'epiirlnienl of the Interior, U. 8 Land Ottlce,
iu rue iiuiiea. Oregon, may vin, iisn.
Notice la hcreliv given that
r1 Hood Hlver, Oregon, ho, on August 2lh,
111. made llomealead Entry, No. W1V, lor
'K4, HWNKit and NWSE'j, Sccilon vt,
Towndilp i! Not lb, Kcnge lu Kast, Willamette
Meridian, nasniea not ice oi niiention lomaae
Finn I rlve-venr Proof, to establish claim to the
land aliove deaciihed, lietore tbe Register and
.teceiver, at 1 lie Danes, Oregon, on tne Aira
lay of June, ItHW.
t laiinant names aa witnesses: ,i nines
Kngllsh, of Hood River, Oregou. Oeo. SV.
Kiillas, of Hood Kiver.Oregon Clinton Wood ,
Hind River. Oregon. John Kroeger, of Hisid
Hlver, Oregon.
inaiJlS C. W. MOORE, Keglst-r.
Notice Is hereby given that the hoard of di
rectors of the Hood B'ver Irrigation District
In Wasco county, Oiegnn, will sell the bonds
of said district in lots of!00 or nuiltiplna of
aaid Vum, to irtU.iHXi, at 10 o'cloi k a. m.,
hatnrdav, the 8 0th day of May,
IvXIb, at the olliee of sa!d Hoard of Di
rectors at the residence of Percy A. Hnilth
In said District, und that scaled proposal) for
said bonds In the lots or amounts abova spe
cified will be iceelved by said Board at said
place for the purchuae of said homla until the
dy and hour above nientlnnml, at. w hlch
time the board will open the proKsala and
award the purchase of tho ioids to llie high
est reaponsible bidder, Hie ilii:t.'-l res'-rvinz
the right lo releet tiny and nil hlils: bids to he
accompanied by a certltted check for 10 per
cent of the amount of flu bonds for which the
hnl la submitted.
Kaid bonds shall be payable in money of
the United Slates in ten seiics as follows, to
wlt: At the expiration of 11 years Mvu per
cent of the whole number of wild bonds; al
thcexplrati.m of 12 yea-a. six permit; at the
expiration oithelti'li yi n , 7 per cnii; utthe
expiration of tint I IT ti year, n (t i cent: ul the
expiration of the l.itlt veur, per ceir; at II. e
expiration of the Kir ti year, 10 per rent; id the
expiration of the 171 It yiar, 11 per cent; al the
cxplrutlon of the 18th yi nr, hi per ccni; tit the
expiration of t lie Will year, in pet ceni; nl the
expiration ot the aoth year, U. per cent; and
ahall bear Interest at the rate of six percent
per annum payable a inl-nnmtalU' ou tl-e
lliat di.y of January and July of each year.
The principal and interest siiui I he payable at
the ho-e designated In thehondsiaid bidder.
aie vi i-ii inc opllon of liaving said bonds
pnya'ile al Portland. In the state of Oregon;
or at New York City, In tho state of New
York, and said bonds will be Issued In ac.
corriiuice wllh the election of the successful
i-ald bond" .-hull be chMi of tne denomina
tion of not hss I tin n (me Hundred Dol.
lara or more ilian ElVe Hundred Dollars,
and shrill lie in negotiable form, and coupons
jor the interest snail be attached to each and
signed by Ihe Picsidel.t and Secretary.
Dated at lloo-l Hlver, Oregon, this Will day
of April, l'Ji)8.
Department nfthe Interior, l.nud Office at The
Dalles, uregon, jiay i:tn, ijos.
Notice la herehv given that
ol Hood Klver, t iregon, who, ou April 18th,
190H, made Timber Application, wo. lull, mr
HW'W sW of Section .'-i, T. S North, Hange
10 East, Ixit4 ol Hectton Lot I and HKNE'
Hectlon il, T. 1 Noilh, Hanee Id East. Willauu
etta Merldlau, has II led nolkeof intention to
make Final Proof, to eatantisn claim to tne
land above described, before the Heglsterand
Receiver, at the Dalles, Oregon, ou Ihe 'iini
dny of July, 1908.
The claimant name ai w . K'H
NVInans.of Hood Hlver, Oregon: ThomasCol.
Una. of Hood River, Oregon: Charles R. Houe,
f Hood River, Oregon; Oeo. K. Wlllains, of
iiood Klver, uretfon.
ovjn-m C. W. MOOKK, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Dei nrttnent of the Interlo ,
Land (nice at The I 'all' s, i'icipn,
Ma 1 2, In Y
Notice l-i heieby given tbat luih. . i W,
Caldwell, of llrod Htvei, i gon, v o, on
April HUlli. WH, made Homestead Enti v. f.o.
l.'CHM. for NK4HK of Section '.H, NiHW't m d
SK4sWi4, txetlon So. Township 2 North
limine East, Willamette Meridian, hae tiled
noilco of Intent lua to make final five-year
prooi, to vitshlish claim to tbe land above
described, heron tl e Register and Receiver,
at The I -allca, fr. gon, on the 22nd day of
J due, IliOS. .
t laiieant names aa wltneesea: E. E. Lyons,
H Iph Jarvis, Charles W. Reid aud Karl K.
Hartinesa, all of Hood Klver. Oregon.
ni21J '. W. MOOKK, Register
To be held in
June 1 to 6, 1908
Will be tbe moet brilliant
. uver held in tlie Pacific Nortliwo.t
Portlan.l, "The RosoCitv," will be a
mM-.o of cplentlor and the center of
w orld-wide interest for one week.
Several important conventions to be held
in Portland on lliat occasion.
Hunts Paint & Wall Paper
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
Our stock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, Gilts
and high Grades, From 10c up. A full stock of room
molding, Picture rail. Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, the
latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone 671. First and Oak Streets.
Deoarlil.enl of the Interior, II. 8. Land Office
et t he Halli-s, ibegon. May IStb, I'JOS.
Notice Is hrrei.v given Ihst
of Hood Kiver. Oiegon, who, on Hecember
2:rd, ll02, made lb mestead Kntry, .No. lltvtl,
for WNKVt, Hectlon . Township 1 North,
Range in tort, Willamette Meridian, has filed
ml ! or Intention to make Final live year
Proof, lo establish claim to the land bIkjm1
described, before the Replstcr and Heceiver.
at The lialles, Oregou, on the 22nd day of June
Claimant names n wltnesse: Thomas
Ilrodrlck.of Horat Rivtr. n-on; John Dod
son. of Hood Hlver, Oregon: Charles A. Hlutts,
of Hood River, Oregon; James O. Csmeinn, of
Hial River, Oregon. .... .
m2gi8 C. W. MOORE. Register.
Will Sell Special Tickets
On This Occasion From
lo Portland and Heltirn at
J. H. FREDRICK, Local Aent.
General Ciissenter Agent
The l'niclicjil Shoemaker,
At Hills' Old St iml.
Kine Work a Specialty.
For Snle.
Rho;le Island red roosters; also egg,
1 per M.-t tMijr. Mrs. E. 1. Ih n ewocd,
13th stm-l, below ('oltiinbiti. Pacific
phone S.114. ml 4
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fruit Boxes
Highest Prices Paid for High Grade Fruit.
Attorney-at-Law and Notary l'ubli.t Vice President
S. E. HENDERSON, Sec.-Treas.
Hood River Land
Real Estate, Loans, Conveyancing
and Surveying
Conveyancing and Surveying a Specialty,
The President of the Company is prepared to do
Surveying and Civil Engineering Work of all kinds.
Home and Pacific Telephones.
iregon Lumber Company
Lumber, Lath, Shingles
Piling, Cedar Posts
and Poles
'i Can also furnish Slab Wood $2.50 per cord, f. o. b
$ Hood River 1
? City Office: Phone Main 51 Mill Office: Phone Dee Line f
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
..Livery, Feed and Dray ing..
Hood River, Ore. .
(lorpcg bought, soli! or exchanged.
Pltwnure purlieu can secure first-class rigs.
Special attention given to moving furniture and
vVe il" everything horws can do.
Dealer In
Fresh and Cured Meats
Lard, Poultry and Fish
Phone Main 471 Free Delivery
St i