The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 04, 1907, Image 3

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Two Kinds of Com That
Once Grew In Georgi
.1 ra wu noted for bis wit and the
w ability of always having a better
tory ready tiiau any "whopper" be
might be told by a friend. The year
1818 was an exceptionally dry season
In Georgia, and corn did not mature
at all In many portions of the state.
"I bare got the corn. Judge Dooly,
mac win stand tnis drought or any
ttber one." said Austin Edwards one
day while they were discussing the
poor crops. "I got it from a Tennes
see cnttleman and plunted a piece of
K In my garden. It came up lu about
week, and every stalk bad six large
ears, and banging to the tassel was
nice little gourd full of shelled corn.
It beats the Dutch, Judge. Did you
ever bear of anything like that?"
The Judge listened with great grav
Ity and when be bad finished said
"Why. Mr. Austin, that Isn't a shade
to the corn made by Tom Haynes of
Hancock county. I was at court there
last week and stayed with Tom. He
bad Just finished gathering in a piece
of lew swamp land which he cleared
last year. Do you know It never rain
ted on that piece of land at all, and
Tom didn't expect there was going to
be any corn, so he turned bis hogs In
to eat up the dry stalks. The hogs did
not come back as usual the next morn
Ing, so be went to look after them.
What was bis surprise to And one of
tbem with a large ear of corn in her
mouth. He could not Imagine where It
came from, but on examination found
that she had rooted it up from the foot
of a dried cornstalk. He looked
other cornstalks and found that on the
roots of all of them there were from
Ave to ten large ears of corn. Then be
bad his field dug up and gathered the
best crop be ever had."
"Well, well!" said Austin. "That
beats my corn. I must have some of
that seed." St Louis Republic.
He Got Off Eay.
An eiaeriy darky in Georgia was
charged with the theft of some chick
ens. The negro had the misfortune to
be defended by a young and Inexpe
rienced attorney, although It Is doubt
ful whether any one could have secur
ed bis acquittal, the commission of the
crime having been proved beyond all
The prisoner received a pretty severe
sentence. "Thank you, sab," said he
cheerfully, addressing the Judge when
the sentence had benn announced
"Dat's mighty hard, sah, but it ain't
anywhere near what I expected.
thought, sah, dat between mah charac
ter and dat speech of mah lawyer dat
you'd bang me shore."-PhlladelphIa
It's an 111 Wind.
"Well, Parker, how do you do? I
bear that your missus has Joined the
suffragettes. You have my sincere
"Don't mention It, old chap. It's the
best line she ever struck. I never was
ao happy In my life. You see, she goes
for those parliamentary chaps so
strongly that she hasn't any stenin to
spare for me now." Punch.
Vsaltr laknown.
Bobby How vain you are, Effle!
Looking at yourself In the glass!
Effle-Valn? Me vain? Why, I don't
think myself half so good looking as I
really am! Woman's Home Companion.
Bit One Request.
"Have you any request to make?"
asked the sherifT of th erstwhile so
ciety man who was t t nanged on
the morrow.
"Yes, one," replied the condemned
man. "Let roe tie the noose myself.
I never y et wore a ready made tie."
New Orleans Times Democrat
Kaows o Specific Treatment.
J The following sccoant ot the ymi
torn of the drecded scourge, piiml
meningitis, is reported by tbe ISioku-
Tbe treatment for spinal meuingi is
is toac used In cares cit bigb ferer,
soma I'bysici ius u iig an ice cup, but
I do uot ti ink Him tbit nitthoi i
necessary, lliere n:e a uuxbei ol n
coveries recorJed lu sj iuul uieuiugi
us, out i tie uuiortunate usually is a
bnpeless invalid because of tbe shut
tared nerving system.
xne disease is r iu ciax.p, rainy
weather, aud I do n ,t bntL'ip te t.u.v
spreiid of it in Spokauu of no gt't
warm ana dry weulber soon.
"There are two forms of meniugi
tie," said Dr. Harry & Mai tin Wt
night, "ceiebro-epinal meningitis,
wblob is more dangerous, and the
spiual meningitis. ibe syinptuiie are
coins ana lever, and in tbe cum of
oildren vomiting. Sudden deutnese
olten Bttendsan attack ot tbe diaea.-e.
and fiere is a rigidty of tbe luutcle
oi the neck, bptual meuiuuitis i
usually fatal aud medicine kuows no
speoino treatment foi H. Ibe disease
atfeota the spinal oord and tbe brain
uerebro spinal meningitis attacks the
covenug of tbe bra'n alone aud is
ameudablle to treatment. The dis
ease is due to a germ vh oh enters
tbe hnmau system ttiiougb 'he raein
biane of tbe throat aud uottrils. It
is contagious, but not lute tios."
Dr. C. P. Thomas, a suigeon, taid
be was not entirely familiar Kith tbe
trouble, bat that is symptous tr
blgb fever accompanied bv cLI;l-.
and that it is usually fatal.
mere is a diawina back of the
beaj aud heels, due to rigidity of the
tnuicles," lie said. "Ibe palkut U
rendered half unconscious, aud iu
case death does not enBue the patient
seldom complains of having exntri-
enced pain. Usually, in cases where
tbe i.'iseaee bag not proved fatal, there
is attending a nervous trouble that
results in oouvulsions."
"The coverings of tbe bra'n are
known to medicine as meninges, and
from tbe fact that tbe meningitis
attacks tbee aud results in a partial
or complete paralysis ot tbe biaio.
and its influence on the spi ral cord,
tbe deiivation of is name is easily
teen, How it apuears is a moted
question iu u,bdioine, and bow the
infection enters the system is aUo un
decided. It Is believed that it Muds
entrance through the membrane of
the throat and nostrils, aud is in the
form of a germ."
In Jilooin Near Fliiley.
Finley. Wash.. March 31.-Stiaw-
berries are iu bloom iu tbe Kenue
wiok-Finley valley. The Uret bloom
diroovered in tbe valley weie found
on tbe place one mile west of riuluj
It was this same pluce that last year
captured tbe prize for producing the
nine crate ot ripe strawberres iu the
entire .Northwest, being three days
ahead of Kennewiok aud from 10 days
to a montb abecd of other elrawlerry
producing points In the JNorthwesi
Buds are appearing iu many other
fields. The prospeoU are favorable
for the heaviest cton ever produced
n tbe valley. Tbe cool weatl ir baa
kept tbe plants back until now, when
the danger of tbe frost is practically
over. Apricots aud peaches are bud
ding rapidly and will be iu full bloom
in a few dnv
liiiiiil Jn(linii nt
is the essential ohamctei ittiu (if ireu
and woman, lnvaluablo to good Ima
iue8 men and nerestrv to house
wives. A woman show-snood imk't
meoc wueu sne ouys wine s U.eam
Vo mifuge for her baby. The lies
worm medicine erer ottered to nii.tb
rs.- Many Indeed nro tbe sensible
UiOtbers, who write xnressina their
gratitude for the Good health of theii
children, which they oe to tbe use
or white's Cream vermifuge. Bold
by Cbas. N. Clarke.
3 of e2lSt
(ientlv mover the bowels and at the
8:i me lime slops the cough. IVe's Laxa
tive Miuuli t-vrup. Contains Honey
and Tar. No opiates, liegt for Coughs
enn Id, croup and whooping couuh.
.Satit-faelion guaranteed. Children like
it. .Mothers indorse It. Sold by Keir
& Caen..
Kitten by a Spider.
Through blood poisoning caused
by a spider bite, Joliu Washington,
.if liosqueville, Tex., would have lost
bis leg, wbicb became a mass of ruu-
n iu sores, had he uot been persuaded
to tiy iiucklen'a Arnica Salve. He
vrites: "The tlrst application re
lieved, and four boxes healed ail the
snies. " Heals every sore. 25o at
(.has. N. Clarke, druggist.
For Sale
For Sale I hkve theairimev for thu Vlninra
Roraver. and hIko takinirnrdnrH for Iu.ih ml
sulphur solution spraylna; malcrial. (Jive
me your orders. Q. D. Wood worth. n29-20
Verdict for Dr. Pierce
Ladles' Home Journal.
Whitewashing Jlmmr,
"Jimmy's got a great schema to get
oat o' school on these nice days."
"How does be work It?"
"He goes out an' washes nig fact),
an' tbe teacher thinks he's 111 an' sends
him home." Philadelphia Inquirer.
Indae Not Caschardened.
Farley What are those two eminent
attorneys trying now?
Barley Tbe patience of the Judge.
Florida Times-Union.
Mr Heart.
I sent hint my heart. 'Twos a risky thing,
But what, pray tell, can a maiden do
If time is swiftly taking wing
And he he cannot come to you?
I sent my heart 'Twai broken quite.
And his the only power I knew
To mend the breach and set aright
What else could hapless maiden do?
I sent It, yes, and 'twas returned;
It rests just now within my view.
"And was It thus so rudely spurned?"
You question, and I answer true,
Twu .but a golden heart, dear friend,
Enameled with a bit of blue,
Which for repairs I had to send.
And It returned as good as new.
Lunula W. Sheldon In New York Times
. "Pneumonia's Deadly Work
bad so eeiiuusly affected my right
lung, ' wiitea Mrs. I'annie Conner,
of Rural Route 1, Ceoigetowo, Term.,
"that I coughed continuously night
and day and tbe neighbors' predic
tion consumption seemed ine ita
ble, nntil my husband brought borne
a bottle of Dr. King's New Discov
ery, which in my case proved to be
tbe only real cough cure aud restorer
of weak, sore lungs. " When all
other remedies utterly fail, you may
etill in in tbe battle against lung
and throat doubles with New Discov
ery, the leal cure. Guaranteed by
Cbas. N Claike, ilnvgist. 50c and
bi. iriai uunie iree,
Sending truth after a He. It Is an old
maxim that "a lie will travel seven
leagues while truth is getting its boots
on," and no doubt hundreds of thoiiKnnds
of good people read the unwarranted and
malicious attack upon Dr. R. V. Pierce
and hisTavorite Prescription "published
in the May (1904) number of the Ladies'
Home Journal, with its great black dis
play headings, who never saw the hum
ble, groveling retraction, with Its Incon
spicuous heading, published two months
later. It was boldly charged In the sland
erous and libelous article that Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, for the pure of
woman's weaknesses and ailments, con
talned alcohol and other harmful Ingredi
ents. Dr. Pierce promptly brought suit
agalrtst the publishers of the Ladies'
Home Journal, for 1200,000,00 damages.
Dr. Pierce alleged that Mr. Bok, .the
editor, maliciously published the article
containing such false and defamatory
matter wltjf the Intent of Injuring hit
businesiffurthermore, that no alcohol, or
other fujuriou. or habit-forming, drugs
are, orWcr ivere, contained In his "Fa
vorite rresafiptlon"; that said medicine!
la mndi funm nntlva moHInlnal rnAle on1 !
contajinyjio harmful Ingredients what
everad that Mr. Bok's malicious state
raft were wholly and absolutely false.
. Ifrthff retrar tion nrintHftYMllJamuLl
they wore, ferccjtoicJuiBf Tj-)l1,' ,
fiad oiitameuamiTyses of "Kjiviiri Pre. !
fcnption." torn "eminent chemists. al)7Tf I
vlium certified That Tt dd im, riit!ijn;i. i
crihoioxany oLthc alleged harmful drugs?
' These tacis were also nroveriin the tnul of
the action in the (supreme Court. Hut the I
Duslness of Dr. 1'leroe was trreatly Injured b
the publication of the libelous article wil
Its great display headings, while hundreds of
thousands who read the wickedly defamatory
article never saw the humble groveling re
traction, set in small type and made as incon
spicuous as possible. The matter was. how
ever brought before a jury in the upi-eme
Court of New York State which promptly
rendered a verdict In the Doctor's favor.
Thus his tradncers came to grief aud their
base slanders were refuted.
At the Churches.
Methodist Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Sabbath school 10 a. m.; Kp-
wortli league 7 p. m. rrayer meeting
Thursdav evening. All cordially invit
ed. W. C. Evans, pastor.
Kuii-eopal -services at 11 a. m. the
third Sunday in each month, conducted
bv Archdeacon H. D. Chambers. Sun
day School every Sunday at 10 a. tu.
U. B. Church Sabbath school, 10 a.
in.; preaching, 11 a. in.; l. 1'. U.
45 p. in. ; preaching, ";.'W p. m. Prayer
meetiiiK at 8 p. rn. Wednesday. All are
cordially invited to attend all or any of
these services. Pastor, J, W. Sprecher.
Christian Church Preaching services
nt K. of r. Hull each Sunday evening
iiiul at II a. m. each first and third Sun
day, and at Udell at 11:30 a. ui. each
second and fourth Sunday. Sunday
school at 10 a. in. and Y. P. 8. C. E. at
(i:;0 i. 111. each Sunday at K.of P. Hall.
Cordial imitation to the puplic.
W. A. Wood, Minister.
Christian Church. Servicer at K. ol
P. hall the first, third, foprsli and fifth
Sundays of each iik nth. Services at
Odell the second Sundav of each month,
W. A. 'WOOD, Pastor
Baptist chinch Suuday school 10
a, m. ; preuc I ing 11 u. in. ; Juuior IS.
V.P. U. H p. m. ; evening service 7.30.
Riverside Ci ugi-eationa! Church,
W. C Ullinore, puftor. Services Sun
day at 11 u. in., Christian Endeavor
at 7 p. ui., evening worship at 8 p. m.
Belmont M. K. Church. 11. C. Clark,
pastor. Services, Belmont: Sunday
school at 10 a m ; Class meeting at 11
a. m.; Epwnrih League 7 p. in.; preach
ing every Sunday evening and 2d Sun
day in month at 11 a. m.; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7:30 p. m. Services at
Pine (irovetame as above except preach
ing, which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
11 a. in. Crapjier. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3;l!0; Sunday auhool at 2:30. Mount
Hood. Tbe 4ih Sunday at U a. pi.;
Sundav school at 10 a. m.
Catholic Church Regular sefvicee
very Sunday.
1. 10 acres suburban property, lays
fine, all under cultivation, 3 acres in
berries, 2 in applss of tbe beet varieties.
2. SJ acres che to town, all irn
provel, 100 apple t ees and variety of
other fruit. House and other buildings.
3. 7 acres 11 miles out, 6 acre in
bearing orchard, in.sstly Spitzenlierg and
Newtowns. Fine location, w ater w th
the place. Easy terms.
4. 10 acres 2 miles out, finelv im
proved, 3 acres in apples, 2 in berries,
good soil aud good buildings, good buy.
r . - T
o. ;.tj acres o nines out, a acres in
apples, rest easily cleared ; nearly all
good apple land.
6. 20 acres 7 miles out, all choice
apple land ; nearly one half cleared and
5 acres in best varieties of apples.
7. Sia 40-acre tracts of fine apple
la ml in goon locations, etlier partly mi
proeu or uniinproveu on easy terms,
The above are only a few samples of
the bargains we have to offer. We have
a vanety of other properties listed In all
parl8of the valley, also anything you
want iu city property
Onthank cfl Otten
Hood River Oregon
Eureka Meat Market
MeGUIliK P.KOS., Props.
Dealers iu Fresh Cured Meats, Lard
t ouiiry, rruits and egetables.
rnee Delivery. Phone Main S5.
U. S. Commissioner Notary Public
The Oldest Insurance and
Real Estate Agent in town
Insurance Loans Abstracting
Hood River, Oregon
V tArbnlcNCE
Unusual Opportunity
Lots in Kivervlew Park at a big re-
auction lor su usys.
18n W.J. Baker A Co.
For Sale, Timber Land
The SF4 of NWj, SW of NKJ, NWJ
of SEl, NEi of SWl of Section ll. Town
ship 1, north of range it, Wasco county,
uregon. Auaress
f21-3m 400 N. 2d St., Ashland, Wis.
Trade Marki
Copvriquts An
Anyone senittnn a Fl..t.-i Rm rtwriptum mar
0uplr Meoniim , nr i'.im,m free wliiher mi
tloinneII.n(l.iill. HniullKKkn CmentS
f'1 'rw. tllili-M mfi-iicy fur MHiinnir iialvnia.
tptrta) n.,t(c wllhnut chnrso. 111 tli telTa
Scientific JHnericatt.
A hndomly lllnrteit mrt-Wy. 1rmt dr.
rulMUin of ny leieniltto Journal, nvrma M a
Yiarai'T Bo"by11 nei.lealr;
MUNN & Co.3e,B"a5-". New York
Branch OIBco, 626 f M, WuhliiKtun. D. C.
D R. JONES, Dentist
Crown and Bridge Work.
Teeth Without Plates.
Treatment of diseased teeth aud gums.
OfHoe Brosiug Building. Phone 1083.
Horse Blankets and Robes
Tents and Wagon
All ronairiiMr nromntlv nt-
r i I X 1
tonded to.
We have just received a Fresh Supply of y
Nitrate of Soda,
Muriate of Potash
R Hood River, Oregon
3 C
We can save you money on
freighting household goods.
Write u for ratci and other particulars.
Oregon Auto-Despatch Co.
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
The poatotflce la open dally between 8 a. ni.
and 7 . in.; Bunday frni 12 to 1 o'clock. Malta
ror tne Ktutt clone at ll.A l ui., 8.10 p. m. and
9 p. m.; tor the West, at ' 30 p. ni. and t p. m.
TUe carriers on K. F. li. routes No, 1 and 2
leave the potitoflice at 8,;w a. m. Mall leaves
For Mt. Hood, dally at U in.; arrives 10.20
a. in.
For Underwood, Wash., dally, except Sun
uuy, ni in,, arrival al it a. iu.
For White Mnlmon, Wash., dally at 12 m.;
arrives hi 1 1 a. ill,
For Hood River, dally at a, ra.; arrives at
L. 111.
For Husum, Trout Lake and Ouler, Wash.
wmiy ui .oi a. in,; arrives o p. in.
For Ulen wood, FulUa and Uilmer, Wash,
dally at 7.30 a. ra.; arrives at 6 u. in.
or Plue Flat and Hnowdeu. Wash., at 1 d.
m. T uesdaya and Saturdays; arrives same
auys at iz in.
i-i ir Klugen, da at 4.iS p. m.; arrives at
b.w a. in.
mm Oef
a-, coe
I i:
:Hs5 vo-
akd Union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Through Pullman HtHndanls and tourist
"leeiilnir cnrR dully to Onmhn. fhUago, Hih
tel sljH.pli.K cars dully to KanK
t Ity, tlirouub l'nlinn tourist Bleeping car
(wrsm,sly oon.lui-terl) weekly to VhleaKO.
daTiy C CSrH (tiPR,s rriM,) lo tne KttSt
,.i!L"!n",I,,,'l:V,-. . Iave. Arrive.
... hi, .isiri ,,i Munii prriiii iir
the Fast via HuiillriBi.ui, dully 9:30 am 7:30 pm
... . , ' J "'i r.MMeill
Ynniion. walla VVbIIh,
LeWlHtnn. TnOllr lIM lnnAn.,,1
. .Y ,,rI"'',n pmni-, dally 7:00 pra 8:00 am
At Ian tie Ex press lor the East
via Hmitinifton, dally 8:15 pm B:!am
- ,,nii,,-i,Ki:n hh-hi, lor H 1 1
points helween lilggg and
run iniiii , uilliv
.Roller Skating Rink.
Monday Night, Wednesday Night
Saturday afternoon and Evening
Admission, 10c
Skating, 25c
G W. GRAHAM, Prop.
8:15 sin
5:15 pm
Shop opposite O. B. Hartley's residence
Phone 571
FOR ASTORIA " anil (! 1' M
way points. mniHH'tinic' Oallv
with steamer for II .'. nei: finin
andNorlh lieaeh sleam-i Hnnday,
er Hassnlo, Ash street Saiunliiv,
dock (water per.) ilO.IX) I'. M
FOR Dayton. Orivon 7-(il a m
City and Vainlilll Riv-.j Mailv
er points. Ash street1 except
dock (water per.) j Sunday.
MK l,KWlNTOS,I:l A. M.4.-00 P. M
5:00 I. M
:M P. M
Idaho, and wav iinintj)
from Ripaiia, Wash.
Blacksmiths and Wagon flak ers
Special attention given to making ami repairing
Grubbing Tools and Loggers Tools
riciKin iiinise s a. m, 10 vi noun; 1 to IS n.
"uiiciulii. ititTiveu ur uenverea aiier i
p. in.
PassenRer Depot Pours for delivery of et
press and bajjgase will be 8 a. m. till 8 p. m.
Oeneral Passenger Agent, Portland. Or.
H. W. BOYI.K, As;ent,H(Kid River.
Atlorney-at-Law and Notary Public
Notary Public
Vice President
East bound
o. a, I'hlCttKO Hnecial, 11:43 a. in.
No. 4, Mookiine Flyer, ll:li p. in.
No. B, Mall and Kxuress. 10:42 u. m.
No. K. 10:411 a. III. Ni mail.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:15 p. m.
No. 22. Fast Freight, 4:05 a. in.
West bound-
No. 1, Portland Special, 4:55 p. m.
No. 3, Portland Flyer, 6:l'.i a. in.
No. 5, Mall and Express, fi:S0 a, m.
No. 7. 3:15 n. in. No ma I.
No. 2.H, Way Freight, t:lh a. m.
No. 55, Fast Freight, 1:05 p. iu.
..Hood River Land..
Beit for
Colda, Croup,
Cough, Eta.
An erort trmp eontlnit opiate! eonftl-
rit the bowels. Ece'i Laxativ Bone; and
u aovoi tbe boweii and gooUum so opiates.
KIER & CASS, Druggists
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We'a re prepared in a special manner to handle all
kinds of business in any of the above lines and have
u large list of improved: lands and city property
from whit, h to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a stock farm or a home in the city.
With, an Extensive Correspondence
We are able to handle your prop
erty advantageously and will be
pleased to have you list same with us
The president of the company is the city engineer,
and is prepared to do.surveying and civil engineer
ing work of all kinds. Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
Collections a Specialty. Phone Main 141.
Have in their New
Harness shop n
large line of
Whips, Tents, Axle
Grease and Harness Oil
We would like for you to come urul ex
amine our liameas repair work which is
quickly attended to.
...Barber Parlors...
The place to get an easy
shave and first-class hair cut.
Our shop is metropolitan in
every respect.
Porcelain Baths in Connection
A Family Library
The Best In Currant Literatim
12 CoMPLtTt Novels Yearly
$2.50 per year ; 25 era. a copy
every number complete in itself
New Location.
We are now located in the Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. E. Hand, where we will be
pleased to see all of our old customers aswell as new ones.
This large and well-lighted store has been fitted up
with the best and most complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries. Flour and Feed
ever displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
daily. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD & SMITH BKOS., Proprietors.
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phone 131.
...Mount Hood Store...
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Dry Goods Ammunition Boots and Shoes
Hardware Graniteware
Hay Grain Flour Feed Full line of Groceries
... Apple Trees
All standard varieties grown from selected scions of the
best bearing orchards in Hood Iliver valley. Guaranteed
true to name and free from disease.
Hunts Paint & Wall Paper
lave added a complete'line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
Our stock of paper includes latest'designs in Blanks, Gilts
ana nign uraaes, rrom luc up. A lull stock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, theJJ
latest thing in room tinting, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone 671. First and Oak Streets.
Job Printing at the Glacier Office