The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 25, 1906, Image 6

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1 w
All-silk Taffeta in 40, GO, 80, nil colors, 4
valuer up to 20c. Special, the yard I UU
Ladies' fleece lined Lose, double heel and toe, Q
regular 15c values. Special while they last, pr. V
Wool Hose
Ladies' all-wool hose, good quality, double OCm
heel and toe. Rurson fashioned. Special..
Children's Hose
Children's all-wool, heavy ribbed hose, regu- OCt
lar 35c value. Special
Men's Flannel Shirts
Heavy flannel Shirts for men, blues, and4 4C
grays, good weight and quality. SjM'cial '
Premium Trading Cards
can look as well (that is be dressed as neatly and in as
good taste) as any boy in your neighborhood if he wears
clothes bearing the "KNTVEAROUT" brand.
Boys' "Kantwearout" clothes are not high priced, neither
are they as low priced as those made of shoddy materials,
poorly tailored and with nothing to recommend 'them but
the price.
When you buy a "Kantwearout" Suit for your boy you
can feel that you are getting good materials and good
tailoring at a price you can welT afford not a penny too
much for the quality you receive.
For this Autumn and Winter we show several novelties in the new double
breasted sailor (also the regulation sailor model as illustrated) in many attrac
tive weavea of Cassimere", Cheviots, Wonted and Serge, CO CA A tflA
ages from two and a half to eight years dj.OU lO'aJMV
If your boy Is a little too old for a Bailor Suit you can find just what you want
in our line of Jacket and Pants Suits for boys from six to tto CA M1
it $J.5U 10 $ l
Boys Yoke and Double Breasted Norfolk Suits for bov t A CA tfiA
from six to sixteen .. A4.dU 10 3)IU
In Our Boys' Clothes section you will find every style, every make of garment
that is entitled to your consideration, not only in Youths', Boys' and Children's
Suits and Overcoats but the other articles of Boys' apparel such as furnishings,
hats and shoes. -
We are exclusive agents fonhe"Hercules" in Hood River
Boys' Double-knee Sweaters ic cardinals and fiftf
blues, a good garment at a facial price DUC
Boys' Underwear, a nice Derby ribbed in good 6C
weights, a regular 45c garment. Special wJC
Dr. Wright's Health Underwear for boys. Good
weight, 3ilk finish. Regular 85c and 1.00 QC
retailers. Special this week wJC
Nice all-wool camel's hair, heavy weight, soft EC
smooth finish. Special WWW
Misses' medium heavy fleeced union suits, sizes QQ a
10, 12, 14, a 50c retailer. Special each. wOC
Underwear for All. These nrices are onl v a few that
we have picked at random from our large assoit-
We are giving with $5.00 pur
chases a beautiful picture in 18x22
gilt frame, FREE. Fifty different
scenes to select from.
The Store that is Growing More Popular Every Day
We Sell Honest Goods at Honest Prices
Tkclr rirat Mtnnnti la Rrola
tloa. Are U.aallr Geaeroaa.
I know the men of the people In Tor
Is too well not to know that tbelr first
movements In times of revolution are
usually generous and that they are
best pleased to spend the days Imme
diately following tbetr triumph In
boasting of their victory, laying down
the law and playing at being great
men. During that time It generally
happens that some government or oth
er Is set up, the police return to their
posts and the Judge to his bench, and
when at last our great men consent to
step down to the better known and
more vulgar ground of petty and mall
clous human passions they are no
longer able to do so and are reduced
to lire simply like honest men. Be
sides, we have spent so many years In
Insurrections that there has arisen
among us a kind of morality peculiar
to times of disorder and a special code
for days of rebellion. According to
these exceptional lawa, murder Is tol
erated and havoc permitted, but theft
Is strenuously forbidden, although this,
whatever one may say, does not pre
vent a good deal of robbery from oc
curring upon those days for the simple
reason that society in e state of rebel
lion cannot be different from that at
any other time, and It will always con
tain a number of rascals who as for as
they are concerned scorn the morality
of the main body and despise Its point
of honor when they are unobserved.
"Recollections of De Tocquevllle."
Complicated MoTcmamta of the B1U
lawa of the Oeaaas.
Those who see the rise and fall of
the tides In our Atlantic harbors sel
dom think of the wonderful course
of the ocean waves which cause the
tidal flux and reflux. Such billows not
only cross the sea, but flow from ocean
to ocean, and In this way complicated
movements are set going.
Thus, for instance, once In every
twelve hours the moon raises a tide
billow In the southern Indian ocean.
When this billow passes the Cape of
Good nope at noon Ita successor Is al
ready born, and by the time the first
billow has reached the A sores Islands
at midnight the second Is rounding the
cape, and a third baa come Into ex
istence In the southern ocean. By 4
o'clock In the morning following lis
passage of the cape the tide billow
reaches the English channel, and there
the shallow waters delay It so much
that It does not arrive at the strait of
Dover until 10 a. m. Here the nar
rowing channel causes the tide to rise
very high and almost puts an end to
the wave.
In the meantime another branch of
the billow runs around the western
aide of the British Islands, rounds
the north point of Scotland and moves
lowly down the eastern coast of Eug
land until It finally flowa up the
Thames and lops the wharfs of Lon
dniw Philadelphia Record.
This uplift of volcaulo matter, rest
ing on baked sandstone and Inclining
westward at a gentle slope, presents in
Its river ward aspect the columnur or
palisaded appearance that bo Impress
ed the early voyagers a gray wall
beetling from 300 to COO feet above the
tide, shagged with trees at the sum
liilt, half burled behind a. scrap of
talus, that Is also verdurous. At Ny
nck It bends Into the amphitheater
where that pretty town has nestled,
surges rlverward again to form l'olnt-no-Polnt
and, still ascending behind
Ilaverstraw, reaches hi High Tor a
lift of 820 feet. As the dike extends
southward also to Bayonne, Its total
length is forty miles, but the Palisades
proper front the river for half thut dis
femoo. Charles M. Bklnner la Century.
Nothing- bat Frail.
1 ay, I'd give anything to be as
strong and healthy aa you are," re
marked the lacy man. "What do you
live on?"
"Nothing but fruit," answered the
"What kind of frultr
"The fruit of Industry," was the brief I
but significant reply.
P.oallar Medical Methods tied la
taa Far Gnat.
Great virtues are ascribed to the
claws and horns of certain animals
Tigers claws are in great demand with
tue common people.
Land Bargains
Price and terms of the Dellusey
lands three and one'balf miles cast of
M osier on Dalles road :
40 acres or over 950 an acre.
30 aoie tract 8(10 an aore.
20 aore tract 175 an aore.
10 acre traot tlOO an aore.
5 aore tract f 100 an ann
One half down, balance to suit pur-
" A. I
ireuyio. uui ur iwo ciaws uu u" uuwu, uHittuce 10 suit pur
may be worn near the loins, but should, chaser at at eight per cent interest
atl-lA nnoama aa 1n.Mna a,.. 1 1L M a... l fill fl Af AfT Afl nDVmanifl
one possess a larger number the fortu
nate owner makes a srarland of thn
and wears them around his neck.
Deer's horn ground Into the Daate Is an
A more curious use Is found for the
same substance; It Is sometimes made
Into a powder which la supposed to aid
the growth of stunted women. The
Joints taken from the long and slender
tail of the black scorpion are supposed
to keep Illness at arm's distance when
children wear them on their waist
A red or swollen eye Is cured by hav
ing it touched with the bolt or chain of
a door. A remedy which I have seen
applied with considerable effect In more
than one epileptic fit ta to place a
bunch of keys in the palm of the suffer
er. I have heard It said that the fit
passea away as readily If the keys are
placed on the head. A rather quaint
remedy In the case of a sprained neck
is to use nn iron measure for a nlllow
Bore throat Is cured bv anlttlmr nn
redhot Iron, quite the simplest and least
expensive cure known to the native
doctor. Peacock's flesh and plg'a ghee
are tne best medicines for acute rhew
matlsm. Madras Mall.
on deferred Dsvmenls.
Will accept as part payment team,
harness, wagon, plows, harness, culti
vators and other farm implements;
oows, hogs, poultry eto. Also farm
work at ruling wages.
Bee our new list next week.
The First Strain Powar.
The power of steatn was known to
uero or Alexandria, who exhibited
what seems from the descriDtion to hava
been a small steam engine to Ftolemy
Fhlladelphus and his court about 150
a. u. may describes a small boat
built by a "magician" of Rome which
moved by means of a wheel "driven by
a pot of hot water." Watt's Invention
of a rotary steam engine was Datented
In 1700. The first railway locomotive
wae built by Trevlthlck in 1804. The
first practical locomotive was perfect
ed by Stephenson in 1829. As early as
1707 Denys Papln built a model of a
steamboat, which was destroyed by a
mob of boatmen. The first practical
steamboat was built by William Bym
Ington in 1802. In 1808 Robert Fulton
In connection with Chancellor Living
ston built a steamboat, which was
tried on the Seine. In 1807 the Cler
mont began trips from New York to
No Iaflaenee With Hlaa.
During a municipal election In a
town in the west of Scotland a young
lady who was canvassing on behalf of
one of the candidates called at a bouse,
the door of which was opened by the
goodwlfe. "I have called to solicit your
vote on behalf of Mr. said the
young lady.
"But it's not me that's got the vote.
Ifs me man," replied the woman.
"Yes." said the young lady, "but I
thought you might perhaps use your
Influence with hira."
"Me Inflooenoe him?" said the good
wife. "I hiv nae Innooence wl' him.
Only this morning 1 asked him to wash
the floor afore he went out and he
wadua dae It"
When the heat of the oven Is slow It
may be Increased by putting hot stove
lids under the pudding or dish which
is baking.
If you will always set the dlshpan
with the handles at the front and back
Instead of at the sides as you face It
you will have fewer nicked tea sets.
If when covering a kitchen table
with oilcloth a layer of brown
wrapping paper is put on first It will
prevent the oilcloth from cracking and
make it wear three times as long.
To prevent bright pans from being
blackened by smoke, rub with fat be
fore putting them on the fire. Wash
with hot water and soda after using
them, and they will be quite bright
In order to keep the odor of cauli
flower, turnips and cabbage from per-1
meating the house, lay a cloth over
the top of the pot in which they are
boiled and then sprinkle a little anlt
over the cloth. This Is a simple remedy
and is said to be effective.
i. JlUJ?nrl??t.TTUli ,'naf our B,w wa of Attalla, Weshtarton, located
in tha Columbia Blv.r Vall.jr in taa part of Walla Walla County. Waah
inrton, oppoaita tha Xann.wick Irrigation canal, and at tha junction of tha
Northern Pacific tha Washington Columbia River and the Or.e-on Railway
Kavig-atlon Co. Railways, and also at tha head of navigation on tha Columbia
This Is one of tha richest agricultural districts In tha United States, and
the soil la perfectly adapted to the miaing- of berries, fruits and vegetables.
Which ripen earlier than in any other part of tha state. T.geiaoiea,
Owing to the superior railroad advantages it is possible to market produce
as lata aa 7 o'clock p. m. and have shipments arrive in B.attle, Tacoma, Port
land, Spokane and Intermediate polnta in the morning, traveling In the cool of
the nlghtt which meana tha largeat income in ti-.e Northwest la received from
these lanaa; it being possible to CI.EAJ TROK SSOO TO $700 FEB ACRS PER
Alt A u K.
Portunes are being made every year from Irrigated Lands. There are no
crop fallurea, and prices are always high. Theie lands, with perpetual water
riorhta. caa be aacurad a mavinir L .n.u ... r. v . 7 wi
favorabl. term.. ' " ' " " "
An Investment of this Kind Beats Life Insurance
- rr. ynuA mm yiuuaiUB IBTWWO HI UTlgm.a lftndg Will UOOU
family "aftas ita. ' '
' You do not have to Die to Win
or further particulars, naps and elrenlara address! "
. - V. X. loose, president and Oenaral Xanagea
B0, 610 Marlon Building, Seattle, Wash, or Attalla. Wall Walla Co.. Wa
R. H. WEBER, Prop.
Patti'a Good Look..
England's most famous singer, Mme.
Pattl, although over sixty-three years
old, still enjoys the best of health and
good looks. Her beautiful rose pink
complexion, which has ever been her
most striking attraction, she attributes
to fresh air, careful dieting and rain
baths. With respect to the latter curi
ous recipe she says:
"By all means let the rain beat
against your face as often as you have
chance. The rain has a wonderfully
freshening effect on the Dores of the
akin. Of course you must otherwise
wrap up well to prevent taking cold."
Mme. Pattl takes over three hours'
daily exercise lu the open air, which
ahe considers should be a regular fea
ture In the dally life of every woman.
Cvergreens, Rosea and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Keeping a Skillet Shiny.
A dark brown, greasy skillet is a
trial to a neat housekeejer. Unfortun
ately, though, the cleansing process Is
so disagreeable that it Is too often
slighted. It will be found comparative
ly easy to keep them in good condition,
however, if they are first rubbed with
a chain scraper and afterward with
brown paper before being washed. It
Is also well to fill the skillet with wa
ter and lot It boll on the stove while
the rest of the dishes are being wash
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 931 HOOD KIVEIl, OR.
Box Wood
Box Factory
Phoue 71.
o Hurry,
The minister was shocked when the
young woman declined an introduction
to some of his parishioners. "Why,
my dear young woman, did you ever
think that perhaps you will have to
mingle with these good people when
you got to heaven?"
"Well," she exclaimed, "that will be
soon enough." Life.
Another War to Pot It.
"After all," said the moralist, "the
almighty dollar la man'a greatest ene
my. It"
"If that's so," Interrupted old Rox
ley, "I guess that young wife of mine
merely loves me for the enemies I've
made." Philadelphia Ledger.
Knee Protestors.
Excellent knee protectors for chll
dren muv be made of women's atoeir
Ings that are worn In the feet and of
practically no further use. Cut off the
upper part of the stocking a piece
about eight Inches long, nem the top
and bottom and run In elastic bands
and you will have a serviceable pro
tector ror stockings and drawers.
Rot Intended.
lie (after Introduction) Allow me to
Inform you that I am the last of tha
great family of the Van Slltena. Sht
(thoughtfully) Delighted to hear 1
I'm sure. Le Hire.
Brief Mentloa.
Reporter Now that I have described
your dress and those of your maids,
the house decorations and the presents,
what shall I say of the bridegroom
when we print the account of the wed
ding t
Bride Elect-Well, I suppose bis name
must go In. You might say that he
iwas among those present Woman's
Home Companion.
I ' Aa Expenelve Luxury.
Hewltt-These ,-ikhis I am suikhu
are pretty expensive. Jewett That"
true enough; the lust one you gave s:.
coat mo a doctor's bill -,ev.' Yv
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
The nratnfflrw 1annn A
And 7 n. in.: Hnndav fnir 12 tol o'nliwrk. Mulls
for the Kuxt clfMA Al II in K in n n. ami
9 p. m.; for the West, at 30 p. m. and t p. m.
i no camera on K. r . u. rouiM o. 1 ana g
leave the poBtofflce at 8.S0 a. m. Mall leave
i-ui mi. noou, aany ei iz m.; arrive, ju.zu
4. in.
For Underwood, Wash., dally 'except 8nn
lay, at I.' m., arrive, at 11 a. m.
For White Salmon, Wash., dally at 12 m.;
trrlvee at II a. m.
For Hood Klver, dally at a. m.; arrives at
! i. in.
For Huaiim, Trout Lake and Guler, Wash.,
(ally at 7..1I a. in.; arrive. B p. m.
For tllenwoort, Fulda and Ullmer, Wash.,
.ally at 7.30 a. m.: arrive, at IV p. m.
For Pine Flat and Snowden, Wanh., at 1 p.
in. Tuemtaya and Saturday.; arrlvea aame
Inya at 2 in.
For Rimrt'n Hall., A a iK n m a-pl.o. at a-
...General Merchandise...
U. S. Commissioner ' Notary Public
The Oldest Insurance and
Real Estate Agent in town
Insurance Loans Abstracting
Hood River, Oregon ' :
DELIVERY DAYS. Mondays, Wednesdays
and Friday Mornings and Saturday ,
Order Direct from Factory
. Phone Main 71.
Tlie Dalles, Pnrtlanfl &Astoria
Steamer, leave Portland and The Dalles
daily, except Sunday, at 7 o'clock a. m.
calling at Hood River, eaatbound. al
about 4 p. m. ; westbound at about
8:30, p. m. Direct connection at Lyle
with the C. R. A N. Railway to and from
Goldendale and Klickitat valley points.
For any further information address
any agent of the company or f
M. TALBOT, V. P. A G. M.,
Portland, Oregon
Square Deal Store
"Honest Goods and Square
. . Deal for Every flan" . .
The Ideal Weeder
Iswhat its name implies, a Genuine Weed Killer
and the nearest to perfection of any orchard
tool yet introduced in Hood River Valley. Try
one and be convinced. Satisfaction Guaran
teed or no sale.
Osborn Spring Peg-Tooth Harrows
Acme Harrows
Plows and Cultivators
Potato Diggers
Wagons, Hacks aud Buggies
Flour, Feed, and a Full line of Groceries at all Times
Car Load Stumping Powder just received
Yours for Business
Phone 741
3rd and River Street.
f ci Rrver, Ore.
F. S. STANLEY, Pres.
E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pres.
E. 0. BLANCHAR, Cashier
V. C. BROCK, Asst. Cashier
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus $12,000
We offer you the facilities of a well managed and
well equipped bank. The interests of patrons receive
our careful attention.
Lady Assistant
I hold jlicense from the
State Board of Oregon
and Washington, and am
qualified to ship bodies
to any point. Prompt
service either day or
night. Hearse furnished
on all occasions
Parlor Phone Main 1513
Schiffler Building,
Residence Main 1511
Hood River, Ore
Hotel Waucoma
A First-Class House
Moderate Rates Good Service
Farmers' Dinner 25 cts
Hood River. Proo.