The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 25, 1906, Image 5

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The Irrigation Congress, of which
l,e writer, among others, waa id ms
- ore'littd dolugate, cloned ita aeseioos
at llood Kiver on Friday last. While
the attendance was not ao large, the
enthnaiatiu and interest manifested
liy tboee present, made up for the
paucity of nunibeia. It waa voted to
hold the next aesion at Grants Pass.
The congress k as held during the
Seventh Liieomal fruit fair of the fa
mous llood Kiver valley, and of this,
1 partimialrly wUh to speak.
The atteudauce from Clackamas
county was fair, and yet as an object
lesson for it certainly is an object
lesson to visit these fruit fairs the
attendance ought to have been great
er. I have attended a number of these
fairs, and at no time have I been ao
impressed with the possibilities of .ap
ple culture in Clackamas county as
was brought to niiud at this exhibit.
As is pretty well known, the fame
of the Hood River apple is world
wide, and justly so, therefore, it was
expected that the attendance would
be large, and from ail parts of the
counti y. Buyers a plenty were there
to auap up the exhibits, which sold
at oo siderubl more than $U a box.
The red on the Hood liivtr apples
is a deeper red, and the yellow on a
Newtown is a richer golden color than
is found eluewbere. Hub your hand
over a llood Kiver apple and you get
u vurnisb like appearance to the skin
that is marvelous. Nowhere else has
the apple reached such perfection aa
in the Hood Kiver valley.
The cilmate in this little gem of a
paradise is all that might be desired.
1'he air comes from the mountains
ladeu wit'i sweet smelling fragrance
of fir and pine, giving health to the
Inhabitants as it spreads out over the
little valley below.
The precipitation, muoh of which
is in tho form of suow, is somewhat
less than that of Clackamas, the aver
age being 42 inches, litis, ho evei,
is being augmented by irrigation
which is cariied on by t' e growers
throughout the valley. Public owner
ship being the rule, and has solved
the water problem to the entire satis
faction of everybody interested. The
exhibits of apples were superlative
grand ; more thau one thousand box
ea, artistically arranged in a oanvasa
pavilion 15U feet long by 50 wido, was
a sight worth while to go to see, and
while I have not talked to any of my
fellow delegates. 1 venture to say that
the display was a pleasing sight, if
not a revelation to them. Our genial
neighbor from Milwaukee, Mr. Kich
ard Koott, was there, and to show his
loyalty to old Clackamas, brought an
exbibit with him.
Yes, "Dick" was there all right
and hud a line display of pears and
apples just to show what Clackamas
could do, when ouce she takes up
fruit culture as a business. "Dick's"
exhibits occupied a promiuent place
among Hood Hirer's famous red
cheeked beauties that were ouly rival
ed by the bloom on the cheeks of the
equally famoui Hood Kiver girls, and
this is saying a great deal, foi Clack
amas can boast of a goodly number of
maidens with the poach blow on theit
Our fellow townsamn, Judge Ryan,
was there viewiug the "Big Ked Ap
ples," aud occasionally casting fur
tive glances on the fair maidens as
they paraded through the pavilion.
Owing to a prev.ous engagement, the
Judge remained but one day, much to
his regret, as he was denied a 15 mile
drive through tho valley to see the or
chards, which are just now laden with
fruits, aud joy to behold.,
If the Courier will grant the neoes
Bnry space for a more extended article
on the Hood River apple, the reasons
why it has reached its present state
of perfection, and what can be done
along these lines in Clackamas coun
ty, 1 will avail myself i of the oppor
tuuity to point out a few facts, and
oiler some suggestions to the farmers
and others why the growing of fruits
and especially applos should be taken
up as a business in Clackames coun
ty. Jas. P. Shaw in Oregon City
Wanted A Master Mind.
Hood Kiver and its applet, are in
the publio eye. Many Oregonians
jouruejed Hood Riveiward last week
to see the apple fair. The display of
fruit is said to have been beautifuL
It was the talk in Portland that the
exhibition, was as flue as the world
can make in tho apple line. Great,
indeed, is Hood Kiver and her apple
There is, howsver, something re
markable in this story of apples and
the beautiful valley up the Columbia.
It is a valley known in the markets
and busy stieets of New York City.
It is known in the weatlhy homes of
that great town. It is known in the
London and to London apple buyers.
"Hood Kiver apples" emblazoned on
a box of fruit sells the apples without
question on the part of the buyer.
Three dollars and fifteen cents a box
for Spitz nbergs aud f2 50 foi New
towns, is the price Hood River n-ow-
n.a . ir,r rhoir nnnlufl tlflifl HAAPOn.
CIO t . . i ' "11'
I be crop is all sold. Three dollars
and fifteen cents a Diisuei-is a Beaut
ifully profitable recompense loi tue
trouble of growing apples. The snug
sum of $4,5(JO is what a 20-acre or
chard netted one mau, and there are
dozens and scores of similar instances
in the Hood River valley. The grow
ers are all getting rich, just as bop
groweis have made fortunes in the
Independence district the past yeais.
Yet st is a truth, a solemn, sacred
truth, that great as is Hood Kiver,
famed and fabled as are hor apples, it
is possible to grow aud sell apples
just as well in the Willamette valley.
Equally good apples can be produced,
and equally fancy figures can be se
cured for them. A box of apples dis
played for sale in the Corvallis market
fast week and grown on Benton ioil
were just aa fine apples-as the best ex
hibited at the Hood Kver fair. That
is the statement of a man Who eaw
the box at Corvallis and saw the ap
pl.D at the fair. He is an apple ex
pert. He knows whereof be speaks.
He bss uo motive that would cause
hiru to misrepresent. What he aaya
is not iu derogation of Hood Kiver,
but in glorification of Benton and
other Wiliamette vauey couuuea.
lint why has Hood Kiver all this
fume, and why are her apples clam
ored f tr all over the world at fancy
prices? The answers easy, according
to this apple expert. It ia a case
where one far-seeing mind and one
ji'domitttble woiker lod bis communi
ty up and on iu progress. ,Thia man
taw tuat the world wanted perfect ap
ple?, and ould pay liberally for
them. There is nojfruit so standard,
o stable, so all valuable in a borne as
an apple, and ba knew it. But it
must be au unblemished ppl. H
must look right It mint be olean
and attractively pacsed. All this the
Hood Kiver leader understood and be
began to preach it to bis nieghbors.
Id season aud out he talked, explain
ed, demonstrated. He proved It by
what be grew. By degrees be con
vioced bis neighbors. He induced
them to spray, to cultivate and to
adopt every method suggested by
eoientitio Inquiry. Tbe trees now ere
gone over when the apples are babies,
an inch or two through. If too thick,
the apples are thinned by picking.
Ibey are not allowed to grow nearer
than five Inches apart. That makes
ao apple of prefect size sod shape. It
lays tbe loudation for fame end Ian-
cytlgare. A skilled association pecks
and ships all the fiuit. Tbe private
orchard l.t doeeu't do it. rJuligbt
ment diroets every department of tbe
industry. Experience shows that it
is easier to do it thai way than by tbe
old-fashioned, slipshod method. Tb
consequence is that every grower is
getting neb.
It could be tbe same in tbe Wlllam
et e valley. The soil is here; Bo is
tbe climate. In all tbe nplands of
the foothills is the place. That is
what an apple expert who knows says.
Tbe industry, tbongn, lies doramot,
dead, unawakened. I here i no mas
ter mind to arouse it There is no
firm band to lead it There is no
clear headed prophet like they bad at
Hood Kiver to foresee end go ahead
and blaze tbe way. There is no E.
L. Smith, for be is the man who,
more tban all others, is th maker
of the fame and fast multiplying
wealth of Hood Kiver. Corvallis
Nothing to fear.
Mothers need have no hesitancy in
continuing to give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their little ones, as
it contains absolutely nothing injur
ious. This remedy is not only per
fectly safe to give small ohildren, but
it ia a medicine of greet worth end
merit It has a world wide reputation
for its cures of coughs, colds end
croup and can always be relied upon.
For sale by Kler A Cass.
See Them Klght Is Baa Franeisee.
Easterners who think San Franoiaoo
is an abandoned heap of debris,
should catch e glimpse of the army of
men who are building San Franoiaoo,
the new. To tell this story to tbe
East for tbe first time, the San Fran
cisco Examiner will publish a mag
nifloent special edition on Sundsy,
October 21st, entitled "San Franoiaoo
Six Months After." It will be beau
tifully illustrated and will contain all
the things that one would wish to
tell Eastern friends, concerning the
reconstruction. Each person who
malls a copy East will be doing mis
sionary work for California. Exam
interests you because of the variety shown for your srlec
tion, and the price impossible under ordinary buying.
We invite inspection
An Unconditional Guarantee with Every Stove
In selling thousands of these Universal in the past 22
yeas we have never beeen called on to make good the
guaransee on a single Universal
"sssr stewarts as;
810 Reward.
I have been informed that some
person is pasturing bis cattle on my
place at Crappef and that my young
orchard baa been considerably dam
aged in consequence. 1 will pay tbe
above mentioned sum for information
leading to arrest and conviction of
the guilty party. L. N. Blowers.
Advertised Letter list.
Advertised letter list for week end
ing October 22, I960: Ikirges, Mrs.
Sylul; Carnes, Mrs. E. W. ; Oilla
baugb, Miss Belva (2); Jones, Miss
Marvel; Johnson,Mrs. Cbaa. ; McCart
ney, Margaret; Reed, Mrs. William;
Sharp, Miss E. E. ; Weals, Miss Elsa;
Bayley, C. E. ; Bailey, R. M. ; Bailey,
A. J. ; Billups, F. C. ; Blain, Frank ;
Bowman, Ed. ; Caatel, C. ; Clinton,
Kiabards; Cooper, John P. ; DeCan,
Abe; Dierks E. F. ; Dodson W. 8. ;
Douglaas J. R. ; Duffee M. ; Ewers J.
W. ; Fletcher Allen C. ; Flue John ;
Frakes J. H. ; Fowler J. S. ; Griffith
John; Hepburn Jack; Jenkias C. &
E. ; Knowles Sam; King J. ft ; Kirb
son Mi. ; Littlefield S. ; Miller Albert;
Mills William; Price U. P. ; Rioben
baoherJobn; Sarron, David; Smith
Herald ; Sullivan W. E. ; Sunnlson W.
C. ; Wales Harry; Wbetzel E. L. ;
Wilson L. B. ; Woods F.
Wm. M. Yates P. M.
May Have Smallpox.
A message received by Dr.. J. A.
Geisendorfler this afternoon from G.
T. Parr, at Moro, says hia wife baa
a light attaok of smallpox and he de
sired tbe doctor to find some one who
would go up and nurse her. She baa
one of those light cases which were
epidemic a few years ago. Chronicle.
Are You
If your liver is working
right you probably are
not. When the liver is
overworked, as it fre
quently is, the system be
comes clogged. It is then
that sallow complexion,
bnd taste in the mouth,
headaches, dizzy spells,
continuous languor, etc..
indicate that the poison
ous matter which should
be carried off is slowly
tainting the blood. If not
remedied at once this
condition will, cause se
rious trouble.
provides just what is
needed to quicken the
liver into natural, healthy
action. If you take these
pills when needed all
danger of this slow poison
ing is avoided. Poei- .
live cure for constipation.
Ji Price 25 cents
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public ' Vice President
J. M. 8CHMELTZER, Sec.-Treas.
Notary Public
..Hood River Land..
Keal Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We are prepared in a special manner to handle all
kinds of business in any of the above lines and have
a large list of improved lands and city property
from which to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a stock farm or a home in the city.
With an Extensive Correspondence
We are able to handle your prop
erty advantageously and will be
pleased to have you list same with us
The president of the company is the city engineer,
and is prepared to do surveying and civil engiueer
ing work of all kinds. Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
Collections a Specialty. Phone Main 141 .
Walk-Over Shoes The Gordon Hat
This is the Popular Store
with Young Men
because it is imt a relic of former methods but an every
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preciate this store with its modern Mean its ability to
sell them proper clothing with out a prohibitive price its
disinclination tourist a pompous manufacturer in taxing
extra for au unsullied ouiHTiority of fabric and fit.
GUIGNARD& ROSIGER, Local Agents, Hood Rive
We will have for the Fall trade. 5(1,000
one and two vear uul Yellow Newtown j
Pippin and Spitxeuburg apple trees,
also all t lie leading vai ieilies of Apple,
Pear, Plum, Prune, Peucli, Cherry and ;
Euglish walnut trees, ornamental trees, i
shrubs and Koses. our trees are inn
to name and give good satisfaction. For
prices call on AugiiHt (Juignard, llood
Kiver, or address N. B. Harvey, Milwau
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S. D. Garner having bought the J. T. Holman Gro
cery on the Heights, desires to call the attention of
his' friends in the city and valley to the fact that
he will have the store stocked with new goods, and
intends to run a clean, neat little Family Grocery
Give us a Call Phone 1401
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Fruits BUY of the
Russellville Nursery Co
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G. H. Wilson, Hood Kiver, local agent.
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Next Door to Heed's Cigar Store, Hood Kiver, Ore.
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Harness Sfc Saddles
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
Hood River Milling Co.
Job Printing at the Glacier Office
chased 200 barrels of our Golden
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3 C