The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 23, 1906, Image 3

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Sulum Is experimenting with oiling
tin- .-tieula to lay the dust, and is well
bHllMiwl Willi Uio letiilLa. ilia Stutes
nitiii KHys :
The udvoratea of an experiment
with oil on the etreeU derlare that
there in no ground for opposition to
it on the Hcoro ot diHHgreeable grnoll
lesultiiiK, or of the oil being tracked
into the LuiidiugB, or dresses being
injured on the crossings. 1'be sug
gestinu U made that the crossinga
should not be oiled, or that the
streets for two or three feet on either
side of the crossings ; also that some
attention should be given to keeping
the main crossings swept, and these
precautious would leave no possibility
of disagreeable experience.
Auotlicr point in favor of extensive
use of oil upon the streets is that it
would destroy all the growth of grass
and weeds, leaving the entire surface
clean, which of itself would add much
to tho beauty of the oity. Witb the
purpose of obtaining direct informa
tion on the subject, a Statesman re
porter interviewed some of the Salem
citizens who have had personal obser
vation of roads and streets where oil
is used.
Ueorge W. Johnson, the clothing
merchant, who spent last winter iu
Los Angeles and Long Beach, Cal,
said on the suiect:
"They use a great deal of oil on tbe
streets and roads down there and the
effect is to make good solid roads
without any dust, it forms a tough
flexible surface similar in appearance
to asDhult. so that vehicles run over
it without noise. 1 u tioed iuo com
plaint whatever on account of smell.
Immediately after being put on, 01
for three or tour days, theie is a lia
ility ot adhering to the shoes and be
ing tracked into buildings, but that
liabilitv passes away and there is no
"The character of the soil in that
((iniitrv is a sandy mixture, but I can
not see but the nutuie of our soil
would insure even better results.
There is more body and substance to
our soil and it ought to make a more
compact surface. The country roads
there are all oiled and give tbe best
satisfaction. I think only one appli
cation of oil each year is necessary,
thoiiL'h I am not positive on this
"I did not learn the actual oost of
tbe oiling but am iufoimed that it is
not expensive. I am not informed,
either, of the best arrangements for
applying it. An oiled roadway makes
hard liding for bicyclists. The soft
rubber tire seems to hing to the
springy, tiexbile coating and it is very
dittimilt to "nuiup" with speed.
Hard rubber bugy tires, however, are
nut nilm ted bv it.
"1 believe the oiliug experiment is
worth trying in Salem and that if
tried it would be brought into
.'PTipral use. "
K. (look Puttun. the stationery
chant, who returned a short time
ago from an extended tour of South
ern California. Bald: "by all means
give us oiled streets. From my ob
servation while in Southern Cnflifor-
ii m raion tlv. 1 imiil a treat deal of at
tention to the oil streets there and
they certainly looked goi.d to me.
They bad tbe appearance of asphalt.
1 did not notice any disagreeable
smell, and I rode over places that
were freshly sprinkled. Of course
v.hen tbe oil is first applied, tbe
(streets do look rather sticky, but this
appearance soon becomes changed.
Why, do you know, the Pacific Kloc
tric Railway Co. sp'inkle all of their
out-of-town liues witb oii, and tell
you it's mighty flue for their passen
gers, for it gives a cooling look and
there's not a bit of dusty atmosphere
to breath. 1 would like to see Snlem
give it a trial. We are willing to
stand our share of the expense iu the
try-out. So let's pull together like
our sister state of CalifomU and give
us better streots and a Greater Salem.
orchard after oichard, at 75 oenU per
barrel for tbe fruit.
Western New York operators are alow
to get started but a few contracts
have already been made.
Several orchards have been sold for
11.50 per barrel for the fruit. This,
of course, means number Is. How
ever, this price cannot be taken as a
standard. Operators and growers
alike have been widely apart in their
views and wbile some buyers are talk
ing "5 cents and 81, tbe growers Have
tbe 12 and S3 idea buzzing in their
bonnets. The Packer trnn heard of
one buyer who got. uarreis oi
Baldwins fot $1.7u f. o. b. shipping
station. lie beaid ot mother con
tact made at 11.65 for 1,500 barrels.
One big apple packer offered an ex
porter 10,1X0 barrels of number la at
12 f. o. b. New York The exporter
said bo would think it over, lie de
cided to take the stock but when he
went to look for tbe seller be oould
not And " him and did not succeed in
making the oontract. Packer.
Use Coal For Fuel in Crook County.
If contemplated plana of the Hay
Creek Coal Mine company are not
forestalled bv unforeseen accidents,
Prinevillle's offices and stores will
burn ooal this winter instead of juni
ner cord wood. If these plans can be
carried out. Hay Creek ooal mines
will be a Godsend to the people of
this oity, as coal is always preferable
to wood for otllco fuel.
The matter of auailtv of tbe ooal
has already been settled. Tbe Hay
Creek ooal is so much like the Rock
Snrings. Wyo.. product that tbe two
cannot be told apart except by an ex
pert, tbe seams being exactly tbe same
even to tbe small stratum oi aninra
nite at the base of each vein.. The
Hav Cieek seam is a true bituminous,
of a very cleau texture and about
three feet in thickness. Tbeoompany
has drifted a 100-foot tunnel under
neath the vein, tapping tbe same 1(30
feet from the oronninv. and drifting
an extension of 100 feet, following tbe
vein this t'tne, is now under way. A
larue bunker has beeu competed on
the ground in which several tons are
constantly keot for looal delivery
Farmers come from many miles lound
to pay $3 per ton of coal at the mines
and then haul it themselves to their
homes for their parloi use. Review,
Trust to Nature.
A great many Americans, both mm
and women, are thin, pale and puny, with
nr circulation, because they have 111
ited their stomachs by hasty eating
or too much eating, by consuming alco
holic beverages, or by too close confine
ment to home, office or factory, and in
consequence the stomach must be treated
in a natural way before they can rectify
their earlier mistakes. The muscles in
many such people, in fact In every weary,
thin and thin-blooded person, do their
work with great difficulty. As a result
fatigue comes early, is extreme and taste
long. The demand for nutritive aid Is
ahead of the supply. To insure perfect
health every tissue, bone, nerve and
muscle should take from the blood cer
tain materials and return to It certain
other. It is necessary to prepare the
stomach for the work of taking up from
the food what is necessary to make good,
rich, red blood. We must go to Nature
for the remedy. There were certain
roots known to the Indians of this
country before the advent of the whites
which later came to the knowledge of
the settlers and which are now growing
rapidly in professional favor for the cure
of obstinate stomach and liver troubles.
These are found to be safe and yet cer
tain In their cleansing and invigorating
e fleet upon the stomach, liver and blood.
These are: Golden Seal root. Queen's
root, Stone root, Blocxlroot, Mandrake
i-nnt. Than them la Black Cherry bark.
The medicinal principles residing in these
native roots when extracted with glyc
erine as a solvent make the most reliable
and efficient stomach tonic and liver in
vlnorator. when combined In Just the
rifht proportions, as in Vr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. Where there
Is bankrupt vitality such as nervous
exhaustion, bad nutrition and thin
blood, the body acquires vigor and the
serves, blood and all the tissues feel tho
favorable effect of this sovereign remedy.
Although soma nhvslclans nave been
aware of the high medicinal value of the
above mentioned olants. -yet few have
naMi mir irlvntrlnA as a solvent and
usually the doctors' prescriptions called
for the Ingredients In varying amounts,
with awuhtil.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" u a
scientific preparation compounded of the
glyceric extracts ot tne above mentionea
vegetable Ingredients and contains no
alcohol or harmful habit-forming drugs.
Prof. Tyler, of Amherst college, said
recently : "A man can live comfortably
without brains: no man ever existed
without a dicestive system. The dyS'
nentic has neither faith, hope or char
ity." Day bv day people realize the
importance ot caring lor tneir digestion;
realize the need of the use of a little
corrective after overeating. A correc
tive like Kodol For Dyspepsia. It di
gests what you eat. Sold by Williams'
Reduction In Flour and Feed.
Special cash price on Flour and Feed
at warehouse. Bran $11 per ton; shirts,
$16 per ton; (lour, $4 per barrel. I).
C. P. R.
Next Door to McGuire Brothers,
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done with Electric
I ron and guaranteed
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Why does the sun burn? Why does
a mosquito sting? Why do feel un
happy in the Good Old Summer Time?
Answer; we don't. We use DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, and these little ills
don't bother us. Learn to: look for the
name on the box to get ine genuine.
Sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
A Mystery Solved.
"How to keep off periodic attacks of
biliousness and habitual conetipation
was a mystery that Dr. King's New Life
Pills solved tor me," writes jonn n.
Pleasant, of Magnolia , Ind. The only
pills that are guaranteed to give perfect action to every nony or money ri-
ftimled. Only 25c at Clias. . Clarke's
drug store.
Not for your dealer's sake, nor for
Benson's fiake but fr your own sake
get some of lienson's fancy new
potatoes. They will maun you smiie.
.Must Xotirv Land Ofllce.
Kelm. Or.. August 20. Tbe noticei
rriren tv registered mail to boiue-
.tnnilarB nn ndil numbered sections of
the Nortbom Pacific lieu lands to notlj
Ify the and o ce that tliey aesne to
retain their tilings and to do so with
in (SO days are piling up iu the post
orltce here.
The binds are claimed by the North
urn W.iritie. and the recent act of con
the railroads tbe lands
where the settler does not notify the
government that be desires to com
nletn his Drools. This will work i
hardship on some who uie away at
nrnrlt in the harvest fields and who
will not receive their notices in time
to comply with the instructions.
Many of the settlers in tbe dry por
tions of the Umatilla county are uu
ui.iu in mukn a livine on tbe lauds,
but have loeii holding oil in the hopes
f vurimiM unvernment and private ir
rigation projects being ultimately
completed. These men during bur
ido. some of them be
ing in British Columbia and others
iu California, trying to make a living
and obtain means to uiuae iminuvo
mini ta in the winter, puts in crops.
etc. Many of them are careless as to
their addresses and mail reaches them
iKPuipnlui Irr
Others, of course, are not bona fide
settlers, but are speculators awaiting
n Minn ichnn t in claims win ue vaiu
. ahl The oood with tbe bad will be
swept out.
May Overestimate the Crop.
i. Vn,-if Aiioiist 21. Not a few
itoriu(t convention of iTbe
vvunmil Annie ShitmerB' Association
at Niagara Falls tgree with the crop
r,t thn committee. W niie it
known that the apple crop tbis year
is much lamer than a year ago an
,,.. n, mmlitv of tbe fruit is very
n u . . J 1.1.... ,-Vw.t.t.
fine, it has Ueen remarseu iu.
is some fear of over estimating the
crop The executive committee did
not see fit to give out tbe crop esti
mate by states this year because they
thought the groweis would I'pmedi
teh accuse them of withholding tbe
report in the Bbortorop year and mak
ing it public in the large crop year.
This year's crop is a very hard one
to estimate. Several apple growers
from Missouii and Aikausas at tbe
,-onvention did not mince matters
when they said they bad an enormous
crop out there. It is known the crop
in the uppei part of New Vork state
is verv large, but tbe crop along tbe
Hudson rivei will not run 50 per oent
of last year and the quality is very
nn, a that the Hudson river dis
trict ean be counted out of the game
so far as cutting Buy great figure in
.L.. -.f Hnn fruit.
Prices are tbe all absorbing topic of
t;.,n umnno annle men now
and cousideiable gossip was going the
lounda of the hotel corridor at the
v oti,u W week. It n known
h,,-,,,! ! S.-' o- p. the big St. Louis
opei. tor, is g'-ing into tbe deal this
"ear up to bis ears and is buying
Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas fruit,
Board! DC mnd day chool for young iai.
Uutlc (Leachttsky method). Art; Complct
Academic Course; iperlal Inducement, For
Information addraai Slater 6uparlrr.
Pacific 13 til versity
fopest grove, oregon,
high-grade College with
superior equipment.
Beautifully located iwonty-six miles
from Portland
Full regular college courses.
Academy gives s'.rone preparatory and
Hrgh SchM.l courses.
Conservatory of and chool of.
Art, with ni;cr;or instructors.
Business branch tnrht
Gymnasium a-.l I k ..i .Uhlctics under
a Physical Director
Well-equipped Laboratories.
Library of 13,nw Volumes.
Healthful life: lehtfious influences.
All student enterpr.scs active.
o Chi-1
When Durchasinz ticket t
cago and the East, see that it
reads via the Chicago & North
western Railway. Choice of
outes via Omaha or via St. Paul
and Minneapolis.
It is the route of The Overland Limited
and the direct line to Chicago from the
U Coist Four fast daily Chicago trains
make connections witn an wtumcwum
nental trains at St. Paul and Minne
apolis. The Vest of Everything.
All agents sell tickets via this line.
For further information apply to
a. euwsi Aawrt. e. a. a.-w. i
tt TMrtf si.,
White Salinon-llood Kivcr
Two biir sail boat.-
r perfectly safe asoline
aunclies nml two iMji' terry
Expert sailors in
Boats leave tit all
Licensed Ferrymen.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds f-f -est
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
Best line of Cigars in
tho City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
Leave Hood River 8:00 a. m. Leave Dee 4:00 p. m.
On June iOth, and each Sunday there
after, Mount Hood Railroad will run an
Excursion Train between Hood R iver
and Dee.
A more pleasant trip than
a few hours ride through the
Beautiful Hood River Valley
cannot be taken and the
Fishing' in immediate
vicinity of Dee is unsur
passed. Round Trip $1 Round Trip $1
Tickets on Sale at Office, Mount Hood Hotel.
Hunts Paint ($X
Wail Paper Co.
R. 11. WF.BHR, rrop.
Through Utah and Colorado
Castlf (into, Canon of the Giaml,
Black Canon, Marshall and Ton
neBeee I'bhl-ch, unci the World
Famous Royal tiorge.
Pordeaciipiive and llliislrnted pamph
letK, wrlt lo
W. C. McBRIDE, General Agent
124 Third mrerl, PORTLAND, OK.
Have arflt'l a complete lim
ESand brushes:
Our stock of paper inelmles latest designs in Planks, (iil
and high (trades, From Kc up. A lull slock of room
molding, Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line of
uoveltieHin Framed Pictures. CALCIMO, the
latest thing in room tint ing, mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging, Sign work etc.
Phone (',71. First and Oak Streets.
Rose and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Houses and Lots
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
The Domofflee Is open dally between 8 a. ni.
and 7 p. ni.; Sunday Iror 12 to 1 o clock. Mall"
ror me iuihi ciom at ii.a u m., o.iu p. m. uu
. m.; for the Went, at ' so p. m. ana p. m.
he can-lent on U. K. 1. routes No. 1 and!!
leave the Kwtottlce at 8.31) a. m. Mall leaven
ror flu. tioou, uany ai la ui.; nrrivea iu.-u
For Underwood, Wash., dally.Texcept Sun
day, at 12 in., arrives at Ham.
For White Halmon, Wash., dally at 12 m.;
arrives at 11 a. ni.
For Hood Klver, dailyat9a. ra.; arrives at
p. m.
For llusmii. Trout Ijike and Oilier, Wash.,
dally at 7.;) a. in.; arrives 5 p. m.
For (iienwooa, ruiua ana uiiiner, nunu.,
dally at 7.30 a. in.; arrives at 6 p. in.
ror rine riaiinu nutiwuuu, n p.
m. Tuesaaya una Saturdays; arrives same
days at 12 m.
I M ...... r. rfullu at A IK n m arrives nt
.45 a. IU. '
to print here, hut if
you are interested in having the BEST get acquainted with
Oliver Steel and Chilled Plows
Moline Orchard Disc Buckeye Cider Mill
Sharpels Tubular Cream Seperator
Kimball Cultivator
peon Rnvnv PiiTnn. Aermoter Wind Mill
Syracuse Spring Tooth
Acme Harrow Buckeye Force Pump
Vehicles and Farm Machinery
Coe's A
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
is the Time to
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phone 031 HOOD UIVEK, OR.
O. R. & N
East bound
No. 2, Chleauo Hpecial, 11:45 a. m.
No. 8, 10:33 a. in. No mall
No. t. Hpokane Flyer, S::io
No. 8, Mail and Kxpress,
:io p. r
i, 10:42
p. m.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:15 p. ra.
No. 22. Fast Kreliiht, 4:06 a. ra.
West bound-
No. l, Portlana Hperiai. z:; p. m.
No. 8, Portland Flyer, 6:f a. m.
No. 5, Mall and Ex press. 4:42 a. in.
No. 7, 8:40 p. m. No mail.
No. ti. Way Frelglit, :i' a. m.
No. 66, Fast K refill, lrt p. m.
Union Depot- Iave. Arrive.
'hitMivu.Porilund Rneclal for
he Kant via Huntington, dally B::tf)am !M pin
Hpokane Flyer for Kastern
Washington. Walla Walla,
ljewlHIon, oeur u Aiene mm
Great Noil hern points, dally li:lft pin :() am
A I luii tic- Express lorinerjwi
via Huntington, dally 8:15 pin 7:15 am
Poriland-lliggs local, lor an
points between Ulggs and
Portland, daily..
8:15 am 6:00 pm
Shout Line
and union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Through Pullman standards and tonrisl
leeplmr cars daily to Omaha. Chicago, Hkv
kunc; tourist sleeping cars dally to Kansas
("lly: through Pullman tourist sleeping car
liersonsaiiv conanctea) weemy 10 inrmio.
Declining chair cars (Heats free) to the Kust
lummer Outings
Yellowstone Park
The Finest Place in America for a vacation of a week, a month or the season.
Special Kxeiirsion Kales Hast, in .Inly, Auust and September during Park season. Tickets will
permit of Stopovers, nfrordinj;' an opportunity to visit the Park at u slight additional nxpense.
wav points, connecting. Pally
with sleamer for ll'taco except
and North Beach steam-' Hnnday,
er Hassalo, Ash street Hat nrday.
dock (waU-r per.) . iHMO P. M.
and IWO P. M. 6:11 P. M
7:30 P. M
VMn, Oregon 7 flf) A. M.
Cttj and Yamhill Klv-i lially
er point. Ah street except
dock (water per.) nunoay.
KOR LEW ISTON, 1:40 A. M.4.) P. M.
Idaho, and way point,; Dally j Daily
from Hiparta, Wash. I except except
j Haturday Friday
Freight House 8 a. m. to 12 noon; 1 to 5 p.
ro. No freight received or delivered after 6
p in.
Passenger Depot Hours for delivery of ex
press and bag-gate will be 8 a.m. till Up. ni.
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or.
II. W. BOYLE, Agent, Hood Blver.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, and
the East.
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, St.
Joseph and the Hast.
Livingston and Gardner Gateway
is the Government Official Entrance
Send Six Cents for Wonderland, 1906 Full particulars on Application at
Ticket Office 255 Morrison Street, Corner Third
Or by Letter to
A. D. CHARLTON, Assistant General Passenger Agent