The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 16, 1906, Image 3

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Colonel Bryan ia trying to make it
plain that be is going into the cam
paign as a radioal couaetvative.
"Bryan and Bailey" may remind
oue i( the name ot a certain circus,
but Bryan and any old name will be
sure to promise some kind of a cir
cus. ,
The negro bishop who referred to
America as the vestibule of bell
should be taken and admonished not
to go any further. Washington Post.
Butter urge bim to go all the way.
Several of the 17 or 18 ditlerent fac
tions of the Democratic party in Chi
cago are already figuring ou bow tbey
can use Mr. Bryan to advertise them
selves. Cincinnati has indioted the mem
bers of its laundry trust, and la pre
paring to clean them up. Secretary
laft'a attempt to break the solid
South will probably end like those
numerous attempts to break the bank
of Monte Carlo.
Anyway Mr. Bryan must admit that
this country gets ilong muob better
on one leg than the Demooratio mule
does on four.
Mr. J. G. Phelps Stoks, apparent
ly, like the young Mr. Patterson, has
tired of Sooiulism of the "skin-deep"
variety, and now wauts the real thing.
"It was merely a little mistake"
suys France to Captain Dreyfus. "The
joke is on me."
A Kansas City ice man testifies that
be went iuto business with 1000, and
the following season made $45,000.
Evidently, the Toledo fellows wanted
to beat this record.
It is now up to Mr. Thomas Tag
gart, of Indiana, to decide whether be
will run the Democratic party or the
gambling joint at Fienob Lick
John D. Rockefeller is going to
write a book. Is this the begiuing of
the Author's trust?
Taft says that he doesn't want the
piesideutal plum. It's green now,
just wait until it ripens.
Save your money and buy a Panama
canal bond. Tbey are said to be as
pretty as pictuies.
A Cleveland paper tells Us readers
that there is no exouse for idleness
now. The editor ought to hear some
of the short stories listened to by the
women who take in washing to sup
port their husbands.
Whatever else may happen to bis
reputation, Harry Thaw is now in a
fair way to escape tbe terrible dis
grace of dying rich.
Colonel Bryan intimates that be
stands just about where he did in
18i)6 and 1900. It will be remembered
that be stood just outside tbe White
House gate iu those years.
'Secretary Wilson surprised a Cedar
Rapids firm of packers bv dropping in
unexpectedly for an olilciaj inspec
tion, lie found nothing to criticise.
Cedar Rapids is in Iowa.
If it is true tha: Thaw once bet
J'200,000 ou a pair of jacks, Mr. Je
rome might as well go to sleep for
that insanity plea will hold.
As we consider the Dreyfus case,
we are led up to the conclusion that
all things come to him who figbta.
Several chorus ladies have not yet
been mentioned In connection with
the Thaw case, but tbe tiial oannot
take place until Ootober, so they need
not despair.
"Win. Raudol b Hearst refuses
the presidency" says a New York
evening newspaper. "I canuot wed
you my pretty maid." "Nobody
asked you sir," she said.
Says the Chicago- Record-Herald :
"We feel safe, however, in assuring
tin) pubiio that Kntiliab walnuts are
comparatively clean." Yes, they are
grown iu France.
lleywood, the Socialist who is in jail
iu Idaho for murder, has been nomi
nated by that party as their candidate
or lioveruor of Colorado, bviaeuuy
they want to know where their can
didate is.
Mr. Bryan is touring Scotland in
au automobile, but then he does not
expect to run for president in Scot
It will be a bard day for tbe Czar
when all the little revolutions scat'
tered through Russia succeed in af
footing a merger.
Presumably Pittsburg bas another
sensation hatching to take the plaoe
of the ilartje case as soon as it is tin
Wliv whs Thomas laggart so
shockeJ at being shown up as a gam
bier? Nobody else was.
Secretaiv Sbaw should nut run
awav with the notion that he bas
done anything original by dlooer
ing the shortage of small bills.
Senator Tillman is scheduled for a
few sneecbes in Iowa, and all tbe far
mers are hoping be will bring tbe
pitchfork with bim, as tbeira are all
in use.
In the meantime David B. Hill con
tinues making a noise like a Woltert's
rooster gone to rest.
H. Clay Evans says he is very fond
of ioiut debates, aud possibly Tom
Taggart would have a better liking
for them too, if the talking would
turn to some other fellow a joint.
Col. Bryan expresses surprise that
the United States bas made sucn pro
cress a on oue leg. Still the Colonel
hae done pretty well ou the stump
"God will not look you over for
medals, decrees and diploma, but for
anrs" savs Elbert Hubbard. There
ought to be a orunib of comfort in
this for the man who owns an auto
Pnunt Knni is a failure as an ora
tor, partly because be got into tbe
habit of letting bis wife's money do
all tbe talking.
"You nny gamble on Tom Tag
urt " his friends have always said
Nobody disputes the statement now,
A Londoner has paid $13,000 for
a.ima n 111 nre- Shakespearean plays,
lint that's nothing to what "Flora
dora" cost White and Thiw.
Cassia Chadwick pleads for a
simple little Parip gown, with hat to
match. She doesn't like the prison s
summer styles in stripes.
Snlilmiuv of the Czar: "Would that
my generals bad bad bait the deeper
ate valor of my anarchists."
tq nrnairient has been showing tbe
country that he can pitch bay as well
as he saws wood.
Pittsburg young bloods broke up a
performuce at Madison Square Gar
den. What a fuse would have been
raised if tbe disturbance had been
caused by visitors from Oklahoma or
Texas. .
Wliv does tbe sun burn? Whv doM
a muiiiuito sting? Why do feel un
biippv in the Good Old Summer Time.
nV"er: we don't. We use DeV, itt 8
Witch Ha?l ilve, and these little ills
don't bother u. Learn U' look for the
name n U box to gel the genuine.
Hold by Williams' Pharmacy.
Boundaries of Shore Lands.
Shore lands along tbe navigable
streams of the state of Washington in
dude those lands between ordiuary
high water and low water outiade the
meander line. A deed from tbe state
does not couvey title to auy agricul
tural lands above high water mark,
even though tbey may be outside the
meander line. All lands above ordi
nary high water mark belong to tbe
iparian owner. Likewise do those
shore lands where the meander line
oove-s them. Meander lines are sup
posed to have run nt ordinary high
water mark, but. if turn is suown not
to be tbe fact, tbe riparian owner bas
title reaching to ordinary high water
mark, though such may exoeed the
acreage iu tbe government's deed.
Meander lines are surveyed for tbe
purpose of computing tbe aoreage of
riparian lands, adjoining lakes and
tbe ocean. While it is presumptive
evidenoe that the meander Hue fol
lows ordinary high water maik, as
such is the instruction to United
States deputy surveyors, it may be
proven that tbe surveyor did not fol
low sucn instruction. io Duyer oi
shore land gets title to any land out
side of tbe meander line wbiob is
above ordinary bigb water mark.
While tbe eta'.e land office formerly
held to the contrary and sold land by
the acreage, since tbe supreme court
baa rulet'i on tbe matter, it is sold by
tbe lineal chain. Goldendale Sentinel.
Rattlesnake la Bed,
M bton, Aug. 15. Richard Arm
strong, who lives in the wheat conn
tiy 15 miles south of town, took.. Ma
niattreis and bedding- outside last
Saturday night and made a bed along
side of the bouse on tbe ground on
account of tbe extremely hot weather.
He was awakened near morning and
at once realized that a large snake was
crawling across bis neck just below
bis chin.
Mr. Armstrong maintained bia pres
ence of miud and made no move until
tbe snake bad orossed completely over.
He then leaped from his bed and se
cured a large stick witb wbiob be
killed tbe rattler. It measured 3 feet
aud 8 inches, and contained 11 rattles.
Mr. Armstiong is a man 70 years of
age and is a civil war veteran, ami
bas bad a varied experience witb all
kinds of danger, but be says this e
perienoe with the rattler exceeds tbem
all. It is probibly tbe largest rattle
snake ever killed in this part of tbe
oountry. Chronicle.
A Mystery Solved.
How to keep off periodic attacks of
biliousness and habitual constipation
was a mystery that Dr. King's New Life
Pills solved tor me," writes Jonn x.
'leasant. of Magnolia , Ind. The only
pills that are guaranteed to give perfect
sntisfaction to everybody or money re
funded. Only 25c at Chas. N. Clarke's
hi? atnrp.
Board Id at and day school for roun llia.
Muilc (LeschtUky mathod), Art; Complata
Academic Court; special InduccmtnU. For
Information add raw filttar Superior,
Beautifully located In Portland. Orefsa.
offera unaurpataed facilities lor tha cul
ture and education of young women. Special
opportunities in Music. Art. Languatei and Liter
ature. Well equipped Physical and Chemical Lao
oratories, Herbarium and Mineral Cabinet. Tha
largest and oldest Ladies' Seminary in the Pacific
Northwest, it enjoys a national reputation for im
parting tha best physical, mental and moral train
idlt aud developing true womanhood. Equips
socially and educationally for tha moat suited
stution. Confers Academic and Collegiate Uegreea
by State Authority. Interference with convlctiona
of non-Catholics is scrupulously avoided. Academy
is ideally located, amid inspiring scenic advan
tages. Social opportunities such as are available
In no other city on the Coast. Buildings large and
commodious, well -ligl. ted. healed and ventilated;
dormitories and private rooini supplied with all
modern conveniences. The institution Is liberal
and progressive without sacrificing the character
and traditions of age and achievement, ierms
modest. Satisfactory references required. Write for
announcement booklet. Board and tuition $180 per
year. Address Sister Superior. St. Mary's Academy
Pacific University
Beautifully located twenty-six milea
from Portland
Full regular college courses.
Academy gives strong preparatory and
High School courses.
Conservatory of Music and School of
Art, with superior instructors.
Business branches taught.
Gymnasium and Field Athletics under
a Physical Director
Well-equipped Laboratories.
Library ot I3.ihh volumes.
Healthful social life: religious influences.
All student enterprises active.
BEST in LOUkanon
S When purchasing ticket to Qar
H cago and the East, Bee that it
K reads via the Chicago & North
western Kail way. tnoice oi
routes via Omaha or via St. Paul
and Minneapolis.
It U the rout of The Overland Limited
linst til Phlrauro from the.
fi Coast Four fast daily- Chicago train
(take connections with all trannconti-
EO ... r, . ti . i . l ir:
Dental trains at ow raui ana mnw
Tht "Best of Everything.
All agents sell tickets via this Una.
For further information apply to
a. v. hoi. dir., smmi e. a. si.-w. ay
ISt TMrst St.,
Do Yon Want to Know
What You Swallow?
There ta a f rowing sentiment In this
country In favor of medicine or known
comfomtiox. It Is but natural that one
abouM have some Interest in the com po
sition of that which he or she Is expected
to swallow, whether it be food, drink of
Recognising this growing disposition
on the part of tha public, and satislied
that the fullest publicity can only add to
the well-earned reputa. on of his medi
cines. Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
has 'taken time by the forelock," as It
ware, and Is publishing broadcast a li"t
of all the Ingredient entering into his
load Ing medicines, the "UokJeu Medical
Discovery the popular liver iuvlgorator,
stomach tonic, blood purifier and heart
regulator; also of his 'Favorite Prescrip
tion (or weak, over -worked, broken
down, nervous and Invalid women.
This bold and out-spoken movement on
the part of l)r. Pierce, has, by showing
exactly what his well-known medicine
are composed of, completely disarmed all
harping critics who have heretofore un
justly attacked them. A little pamphlet
Las been compiled, from the standard
medical authorities of all the several
schools of practice, showing the strongest
endorsements by leading medical writers
of the several ingredients which enter into
Dr. Pierce's medicines. A copy of this
little book la mailed fret to any one de
siring to learn more concerning the valu
able, native, medicinal plants which enter
Into tha composition of Dr. Pierce's med
icines. Address Dr. Pierce as above.
Dr. Pierce's Pleaaaat Pel leu are tiny, sugar-coated
antl-btltoua granule They rvir
ulaM and Invigorate Stomach, Liver and
Bowels. Do not beget the "pill balilt," but
Sure constipation. One or two each day tor
a laiatlre and regulator, three or four for an
active cathartic. Once tried always In favor.
n nnn oivbn awav, in copies ot
fUVMflMW The ptopio'g Common Hens
Medical Adviser, a book that sold to tbe ex
tant of KJO.UX) copies a lew
yean ago. at si.M) per copy.
Last year we gave away
tao.OOt worth of these Invalua
ble books. This year we aball
give away (60.000 worth of
them. Will yon share tn this
benefit If so, send only XI
one-cent ataanps to cover cost
of anaUlnar onlr for book In
stiff paper covers, or SI atampe
or eiota-bouDd. Address ur.
fierce. Bugalo. n. X.
C. P. R.
Next Door to McOuire Brothers.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired
All work done with Electric
Iron and guaranteed
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
White Salmon-Hood Rivt'r
Two big sail boats, two
big perfectly safe gasoline
launches and two big ferry
scows. Expert sailors in
charge. Boats leave at all
Licensed Ferrymen.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds a, lowest
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
I 1
t .r"am at TaTS&kJX IN il
Through Utah and Colorado
Castle Gate, Canon of the Grand,
Klack Cnnnn, Marshall and Ten
nessee 1'aHjt'B. and the World
FainniiB Uoyal Gorge.
Kordonerlplive und lllUHtruted pamph
let, write to
W. C. McBRIDE, General Agent
' 124 Third street, PORTLAND, OR.
Arrival anil Imparl lire if Mails.
The tMMiurlif lMut.-n diillv between 8 a. ni.
.mil 7 1 . 111.; Siimlii.v nor V2 10 1 o'clock. MuiIm
tor me I'.iiHi -iuw at u.a 1. in., s.iu p. rn. ami
p. 111.; lor the West, ut DO p. in. ana p. 111.
The carriers in K. K. I. routes No. I and i!
leave the oitorni e at 8.30 a. m. Mall leaves
ror mi. iiiMHi, uany ai u in.; arrtvea w:a
For Underwood, Wash., dally "except Sun
day, al 12 111., arrives at 11 a. 111.
Lir UM.It. h!..l...,,n Wuul, Hnllv nt 't m '
For Hood River, dally at 9 a. ra.j arrives at
p. m.
For II UKiiin. Trout Lake and tinier, Wash.,
dally at 7.) a. m.; arrives 6 p. m.
For Ulenwood, Fulda and Ullmer, Wash.,
dally at 7.30 a. in.; arrives at 6 p. m.
for fine r lai ana nnowuen, wiuu., ai 1 p.
m. Tuesdays and Saturdays; arrives same
days at 12 m.
For Bluicen. dally at 4.45 p. m.; arrives at
8.45 a. m.
East bound-
No. 2, Chicago Hittclal, ll:4a a. ni.
No. 4, Hpolcane Flyer, :So p. in.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 10:42 p. m,
No. 8, !:: a. in. no mm
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:16 p. m.
No. 22. Fast Frelifhl. 4:06 a. m.
West bound-
No. 1, Portland Hpeciai, p. m.
No. 8, Portland Flyer, 6:88 a. m.
No. &, Mall and Express, 4:42 a. m.
No. 7, 8:40 p. m. No mail.
No. 23, Way Freight, :26 a. m.
No. 56, Fast Freight, IKK p. m.
TTnlnn Dennt- Leave. Arrive.
Chicago-Portland Special for
the East via Huntington.dally 9:80 am 5:00 pm
Spokane Flyer for Eastern
Washington. Walla Walla,
Lewlston, ( :oeur d Aleneann
Ureal Northern points, dally (1:15 pin 8:0u am
Atlantic Ex press for the East
via Huntington, dally 8:15 pm 7:15 am
Port lana-Hlggs local, lor an
8:15 am :00 pin
points between Higgs ana
Portland, dally
Best line of Cigars in
the City
Also handle line of
Pipes, Tobaccos and
Fishing Tackle
I Leave Hood River 8:00 a. m. Leave Dee 4:00 d. m.
On June 10th, and each Sunday there
after, Mount Hood Railroad will run an
Excursion Train between Hood River
and Dee.
A more pleasant .trip than
a few hours ride through the
Beautiful Hood River Valley
cannot be taken and the
Fishing in immediate
vicinity of Dee is unsur
passed. Round Trip $1 Round Trip $1
Tickets on Sale at Office, Mount Hood Hotel.
Hunts Faint $X
Wall Paper Co.
Have added a complete line of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH
Our ttock of paper includes latest designs in Blanks, Gilts
and high Grades, From l()c up. A full stock of room
molding', Picture rail, Plate rail and a small line ot
novelties in Framed Pictures. CALC1MO, the
latest thing in room tinting', mixed to order.
Painting, Paper hanging', Sign work et c.
Phone G71. First and Oak Streets.
R. II. WEBKIt, Prop.
Rotes and Shrubbery.
Remember, Our Trees are Grown Strictly Without Irrigation.
Houses and Lots
are many, too many
to print here, but if
you areinterested in having the BEST get acquainted with
and union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Thiouirh Pullman standards and tourist
alerptna: mra daily tn omahn. rtiicafro, Hpr
kane; tourlat aleeping cara dully to Kanaaa
City; throuiEh Pullman tourlat aleeplng car
(permnaally conaucil) weekly to t iiicaaro.
Rrrllnlng chair cara (neat free) to tbe ksat
Oliver Steel and Chilled Plows
Moline Orchard Disc Buckeye Cider Mill
Sharpels Tubular Cream Seperator
Kimball Cultivator
Bean Spray Pump, Aermoter Wind Mill
Syracuse Spring Tooth
Acme Harrow Buckeye Force Pump
Vehicles and Farm Machinery
oe s Addition
Cheap for Cash or on
your own terms.
is the Time to
Phone Farmers 1233.
H. C. COE.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties. Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Phono 931 HOOD RIVER, OR.
Summer Outings
Yellowstone Park
The Finest Place in America for a vacation of a week, a month or the season.
Special Excursion Rates East in July, August and September during Park season. Tickets will
permit of Stopovers, affording ati opportunity to visit the Park at a slight additional axpenso.
FOR ARTOK1 A nnd s:U0 P. M.
way polnta. connecting Dally
with Hteamer for ITarco except
nd North beach atcfim-' Kunday,
r Haaaalo, Axn street Haturnay,
5:00 P. M
lock (water per.)
110:00 P.
FOR Dayum, Oreiron A. M.
Uy and Yamhill Rlv-, Dally
v polnta. A ah atreet: except
lock (water per.) Sunday.
7:30 P. M
FOR LEW 18 TON, 1:40 A. M. 4:00 P. M
(daho, and way polnta,
Irom Kiparia, w aan.
Dally Dally
except except
Saturday Friday
Frela-ht House a. rn. to 12 noon: I to S p.
m. No freight received or delivered after 6
P. ITl.
Pitaaenarr Depot Houra for delivery of ex
preaa and baggage will be is. m. till p. m.
General Paaaenger Agent, Portland, Or.
H. W. BOYLE, Agent, Hood River.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, and
the East.
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, St.
Joseph and the East.
Living'ston and Gardner Gateway
is the Government Official Entrance
Send Six Cents for Wonderland, 1906 Full particulars on Application at
Ticket Office 255 Morrison Street, Corner Third
Or by Letter to
A. D. CHARLTON, Assistant General Passenger Agent