The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 09, 1906, Image 7

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S We Close at 6:30 p. m.
Don't buy the
cheap Racket
Store Shoes
v y
5 I
ones are so easy
to get besides we
fit your feet
'Cram's" Ladie's Shoes Attract At
tention Anywhere
good clotheo jhould commence at
Ithe feet. Poor shoes andStockincs
wont fool anyone not even Your.
It 1
uwuiKT n.1 ta luirca IUWH toCmto FOOT NOTE
you have heard of the built on
the .5 and of hov when it came to the
test it toppled over because it had no
foundation. don't you think you want
To build your appearance on a good
looking, GOOD feeling, good wearing
If your Shoes come from
' 'Crams" you can depend
that they are all Leather
He sells no other kind.
u3 CtwbT'1
Our Shoes Starve out the
Corn Doctor
3 C
3 C
3 CD
The Dielz Studio for photos.
Mr. Bartmess is on a cash basis.
Finisning tor uinateurs at Deitz Stu
dio. Newest, best fishing tackle at McDon
ald's. Fresh Columbia river salmon at Mc
Guire Bros.
Push, pluck and prices. V'ogt Bros.
Exclusive clothiers.
Olives in bulk, bottles and cans at
Hicycli) enamel at McDonald's, Square
Deal Store.
Bicycles for sale and for rent at Dodge
Ilros. & lieid's.
Freeh Olympla and Eastern oysters at
the tiem randy Kitchen.
Finest line of hip dusters ever shown
in the city at S. J. Frank's harness shop
New Orleans Molasses in bulk and
cans at Jackson's.
Just received at McDonalds, half ton
clover seed.
Three pounds halibut 25c at McGuire
l'"nr M usury's colors in oil go to Mc
Donald's. Something new Puffed Rice Candy,
at the (iem Canday Kitchen.
Sait mackerel, eastern white fish and
pickled salmon at Jackson's.
Money saved by buying your flour
and feed from McDonald.
The Gem Candy Kitchen makes fresh
candy every day.
Lettuce, cabbage, rhubarb, asparagus
at McGuire Bros.
Maple Syrup and New York State
Buck Wheat at Jackson's.
If you want cracked corn for chicken
feed go to McDonald.
Fresh lish at Met luire Bros. Tuesdays,
ThnrMlnys. and Fridays.
.McDonald sells house paints. It will
pay you to net prices from him before
11 you are wanting a tent it will pay
you to i:et prices at S. .1. Frank's har
ness shop.
All kinds of fresh and cured meats
have advanced, but we are still gelling
w tin same old prices, and will con
tinue to do so. Yours for business, Mc
Guire Brothers.
Constipation makes the cold drag
al ma. Get it out of yon. Take Ken
nedy's Laxative Ilonev and Tar cough
M-rnp. Contain, no opiates. Williams'
Summer lliurrliocn in Children.
During the hot weather of the sum
mer months the first unnatural loose
ness cf a child's bowels should always
have immediate attention, so as to
check the disease before it becomes
kerioni. All that is necessary is a few
doses of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera Diarrhoea Keinedy fo lowed by a
dose of carter oil to cleanse the gystein
ilev. M. O. Stockland, Pastor of the first
M. K. Church, Little Falls, Minn.,
writes: We have u-ed Chaimherlain's
'olie, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
for several years and find it a very val
uabl" remedy, espoc ally for summer
ifi-oilers in children." Sold by Keir A
Axel grease, all brands on the market,
"an I found nt S. J. Frank's.
Mrs. W. B. Waite came home Satur
day from a trip to Portland.
Fresh creamery butter and newly
laid Hood River egge at McGuire's.
Fresh rhubarb, lettuce, green onions
and cabbage, at McGuire Bros.
Earl I'uttou is borne from San Fran
cisco for his summer's vacation.
K C. Wright has returned from bis
prospecting tour in the Mt. Helens
' Just received from the east, a half ton
of pure maple sugar and syrup at Jack
son's. Miss Lena Newton oame home from
Salem last week, where she has been
E. H. Hartwig left Tuesday for bis
already announced visit to bis mother
at Shawano, Wis.
E. II. Shepard was in Portland the
latter part ot the week in the interest
ot "Hotter Fruit."
Proprietor Wood, of the Caudy
Kitchen, and family, are taking an
outing on the Litttle White Salmon.
Watch for the big circulars announc
ing Muggins & Co.'s immense stock re
duction sale. Prices and articles printed
in plain figures.
Mr aud Mrs. Elmer Rand wbo
have been camping on tbe Litte White
Salmon for a week, returned to their
home in this city Saturday.
Mrs. R. K. Hartsook, of Albany,
Ore., spent teveral hours last Tburs
day visiting at tbe borne of Mr. and
Mrs. R. P. Ovrr.
C. i'J. Hayward came down from
The Dalles Thursday with a shipment
of powder from Sexton Walthers to
tbe iorth bank contractors.
David M. Dunno and wife and
daugnter, of Portland, spent Thurs
day end Friday with Mr. aud Mrs.
Chas. T. Early.
Earl Pratber, of Bellingbam, is
spending a few weeks in tbe valley
aud will work in Rawson & Stanton's
nursery budding seedlings.
If you want to buy or sell real estate
go to Outhauk & Otteu. Money to
loan ou first mortgages. Abstracts
and legal papers carefully prepared.
Notarial work of all kinds.
W. H. Peugb, wbo baa been iu Sher
man county for some time looking
alter bis wheat crop returned to Hood
River Monday.
Tbe brickyard of A. T. Zeek near
this city resumed tbe making ot that
very necessary material Mooday. Tho
large stock of brick wbicb tbis firm
accumulated last fall having become
almost exhausted they find it neces
sary to replenish it.
Mrs. Bert Ktranahan is very accept
ably filling tbe position of clerk in
the ''ry goods department of Bragg &
Co. 's store at present. Mis. Strana
huu is not a stranger to tbe dry goods
business, having been lu charge of
that department at The Paiis Fair for
seveial years.
McGuire Bros, are making country
deliveries of meat on the east side) of
Hood river, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Country customers desiring orders
filled should telephone their orders
Mondays and Wednesdays. . . )
For sale by Emporium. Five farms
in one body, 320 acres, 5 improvements
cleared land with each, 7 miles from
White Sahnen on Goldendale road,
plenty of water, $30 per acre. Can be
sold in separate tracts for 30 days only.
Terms easy.
Wade H. Dean, of Husum, returned
Saturday from a trip to Hood River
and The Dalles. Goldendale Sentinel.
Mrs. Ed Murray, of Camos Prairie,
has taken ber son Raymond to Hood
River for medical treatment. Golden
dale Sentinel.
D r and Mis. J. E. Hall, of Port
land, oame tip last week to spend a
few days with their cousin, Chas.
Hall, the druggist.
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Clarke went to
Dufur Saturday to spend a few weeks
in an outing on tbe ranch. Mrs.
Clarke went in tbe morning by train,
and Mr. Clarke drove over In tbe Bf
Mrs. W. I. Gadwa baa returned
from Pendleton and is now staying on
ber homestead in the Mt. Hood dis
trict. Mr. Gadwa is at present em
ployed in Pendleton, but intends to
come to Hood River soon.
W. J. Baker & Co., announoe the
sale of six seres belonging to Hoy)
Green situated on the way to tbe Bel
mont district to H. F. Davidson. The
land is berry and orchard laud and is
under cultivation.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. L. CarUr, who
have hem spending the summer at
their homestead at Mt. Hood settle
ment, have gone into camp near Lost
Lake tor an outing. With them are
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Maisball and Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Birkford, of Portland.
Miss Ortha Walters left tbis morn
ing on the early passenger train for
Hood R'rer, expecting to join ber
mother and Mr. aud Mrs. Charles Mc
intosh in camp near Hood River.
Later she will accompany her mother
to her homestead, faitber up tbe val
ley. Chronicle.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Thomas, ac
companied by their daughters, Evah
and Izetti, left Hood River Tuesday
for an extended trip east. They will
be absent three months and will visit
with relatives and friends at various
places in the middle western states,
but expect to spend most of tbe time
during their abseuoe at Rockford,
Arthur Cole, formerly employed by
the Davidson Friut company and a
resident of Hood River for some time,
but now located in Portland, was a
visitor here between trains last Tues
day. Mr. Cole was accompanied by a
friend and both were on their way to
Wisconsin. Their stop here was lim
ited to tbe time between the local and
No. 2 and was spent by Mr. Cole in
visiting friends and acquaintances.
Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins, wbo with
their children and Mrs. Jenkins' par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Odell, of
Tbe Dalles, have been camping on tbe
Little White Salmon for some time,
ieturued from there Tuesday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Odell went to
their borne at Tbe Dalles. Dr. Jen
kins says that there have been so
many people camping on the Little
Wbite Salmon this season that many
wbo weut there with the intention of
finding good fishing were disappoint
ed, lie says that be has been inform
ed that there have been at least liOO
campers there in a short time and that
there was a camp near tbe one occu
pied by bis party that contained 40
people. Being more forutnate than
other fishermen aud knowing the
stream well be was more successful
than many of tbe would-be anglers
and made good catches. He brought
borne one trout manuring 11 inches
and days bis largest fish measured 15.
Tinware. Milk pans, bread
pans, cake pans, pie pans, pud
ding p ins, dish pans; muffin pans,
biscuit pans, patty pans,' etc.
Little Prices.
Mixing Bowls. All sizes
in yellow, brown and blue mot
tled. Thev are very useful about
the kitchen. Little Prices
Artists' Mate ials. ;.N"W
is the tiu.e to use them. Tubs
paints, brushes, canvass, oils,
varnishes, canvass on stretchers,
academy board, etc. Little Prices
Box Stationery. The lat
est effects in fine society papers,
ruled and unruled. 25c to40c
per lsix.
Cushion Tons. Birthday !
cushion tops, printed Dinem and
oil printed tops. 35c to 50c
Stamped Linens. Doi
lies, center pieces, scarfs and table
covers in plain and hemstitched
linen. Litle Prices
Men's Fine Underwear
Verv high grade silk finish shirts
and" drawers, f 1.50 values for
$1 per garment.
Notions. Hair curlers, safety
pins, stocking darners, tracinx
wheels, hair rats, dress shields,
hair pins, dress stays, toilet pins,
mending tissue, etc. Little Prices
Brushes. Hair brushes,
Tooth brushes, nail brushes,
clothes brushes, shoe brushes,
paint brushes, scrub brushes, win
dow brushes, etc. Little Prices.
Shoe Polish. Blackola,
lUxolu, Jet Oil, Gilt Edge Crown,
. mart Set, Common Black Paste,
Tan Polish, White Dressing, etc.
Little Prices.
Hair Combs, Back and side
com Id in white shell, pearl bbek,
and amlier. Newest seapee.
Granitewear. Coffee loit
ers, bread raisers, preserving ket
tles, tea kettles, stew pans, rice
boilers, dish pans, water pails, etc
E? A 1A rniinfocc Attractions added continually. You'll always find sonn-thiny
5 111 Q IUC wOUniCrb ew and useful on them at these little prices. H will be wel1
worth vour time to come in and look them over.
Dr. Watt went to Mosier Tuesday
in oonuloction with is interests there.
Capt. Coe, was a visitor in Port
land for several days this week.
Jos. A. Wilson who has been at
Portland for a week, where he has
been under the oare of a physician,
returned Sunday, feeling somewhat
Miss Lizzie Elder is at present ou a
vaction trip wbioh will include Moro
and other raloes In eastern uregon
Mies Elder left Monday and will be
gone some time.
Tbe lecture to be given iu tbe Uni
tarian church next Sunday evening
at g p. m. will be on the topic. "Pes
simist or Opitmist Wbioh? "Every
body will be made welcome.
N. B. Harvey, of Milwaukee, who
is an extensive dealer lu nursery
stock of all kind, swas in Hood River
Mondav in the interest of his bus!
uess. Uingnard & Rosiger are tbe
local agents for tbe Harvey nursery.
J. T. Borden, traveling represeuta
tive for tbe Portland Evening Tele
gram, was at Hood River Tuesday in
the interest of tbe oiroulatiou of that
paper. Mr. Bordeu was offering iu
dtioeiiieuts to subscribers in the shape
of some handsome colored pictures.
Mrs. J. C. MoOratb, a well known
resident of the Belmont section, left
beie Tuesday for Portland where she
will take the Soutbern PaolHo tor
New Orleans. Mrs. McGratb will be
absent several weeks aud expects to
visit other eastern and soutbern cities
while away.
The coutract for tbe new addition
to the building of tbe Hood River
milliug company was let Monday to
Fredericks & Arnold. 1 he new build
iug will add about 12,000 feet of floor
space to the Mining company a build
ing. Tne contract specifies that work
must be commenced immediately.
F. C. Shorrieb went to The Dalles
Monday to complete the sale of tbe
Water Supply company to the Hood
River Irrigation District, and draw a
deed for the same. After a meeting
of the stockholder to take steps to
dissolve the corporation, said com
pany will be out of existeuoe.
A bonfire and ice cream social will
be Riven by the patrons of the Barrett
school district tomorrow evening,
lbe affair will take place on tbe site
of tbe Kaat Barrett district sobool
bouse aud will last from 8 to 10:30 p.
m. Every b.)dv is invited to attend
and enjoy the evening. The corn
toasting will be tbe feature of the
eveuiug. The proceeds wili be used
t3 purchase au organ lor the new
school house.
U. II. Robbius aud C. D. Thompson
have formed a partnership to conduct
the nursery business under the firm
name of Robbinsl & Thompson, witn
headquiters in the Barrett district.
I hey will make a specialty or Hood
River grown nursery stock which they
already have growing at Barrett and
Willow Flat. Mr. lliompsou uas had
considerable experience in the nur
sery business aud Mr. Bobbins is au
old nurseryman, having been engaged
in tbe busluessl n tbe Willamette val
ley before coming to Hood River.
Prof. Chas. A. Barry, member of
the faculty of Washington state col
lege, located at Pullman, was a visitor
at Hood River several days this week.
Mr. Barry is at tbe bead of the Ger
man and French department of tbe
college, and is well known as a teach
er of languages in tbe Paiflo North
west. He was enroute to Gearbearr
for an outing and stopped off at Hood
River for a tour ot tbe valley which
he made Sunday, leaving for the coast
tbe next day.
In leply to a question, Mr. G. D.
Woodworttb, of Hood River, says be
has never shipped tbe Royal Ann to
London, IV ew lork, otner far cist
ern cities, or to Mexico, and did not
think they would ship as well as tbe
dark varieties; eveiy touch, no mat
ter how slight, seems to show on the
so i face of tbe Royal Ann, wbicb
would, of course, detract from the
appearance of a box of fruit. He
would not recommend tbe Ho al
Ami for long-distance shipping. He
approved of the use of cartons as
snown by his exhibit, for packing
cben ies. Horticulturist
On Saturday afternoon last Claude
N. Lambson, of Portland and Miss
Margaret Gatcbett, of Hood River,
were marrried at The Dalles. Hit
ceremony took place at the residence
of Rev. I), v. Poling wbo tied t e
nuptial knot. Mr. Lambson, wbo for
merly resided at Albany, where be
was a member of Mr. Poling's congre
gation for several years, was desirous
of having bis former pastor officiate
on tbe occasion of bis marriage aud
so tbe Important event took place at
The Dalles. After tbe ceremony the
young couple came to this city and
went to tbe lealdence of Dr and Mrs.
E. I. Carnes the latter leing the
bride's sister. Mr. LHinhson, who is
employed as a bookbevi er lry au elec
trie company in Portland, lifter re
maining over Sunday In iloed Hirer,
returned to bis duties tbeie, bis wite
following a day or two later.
L. N. Blowers made a business trip
to Ileppuer yesterday.
W. L. Clarke, of Cascade Locks,
went to Boise on business lust eveu
iug. Dr. Nichols, a well known physician
of Spokane, took the stage for Cloud
Cap Inn today.
W. D. Noyes will lecture at the
Unitarian church the lith and luth.
Subject: "Spiritural Life."
W. A. Wood will preaoh at Dukes
Valley Saturday evening, and at
Odell Sunday morning and evening.
Lutheran services Sunday August
12. Sunday school at i p. in. German
preaching at p. m. 11. J. Kolb, pas
tor. W. B. Gafko, of Portaud, at one
time caudidate tor mayor of that
city, was u guest at the Mount llno-1
hotel Wednesday.
Roy Jackson, who has been work
iug iu and around Hood River during
the summer, left for his homo at Van
couver Monday.
Mayor liloweis, C. II. Stranahau
aud H. A. Skinner loft yesterday for
Minneapolis to attend tho G. A. K.
The popularity of the Hood River
apples gives rise to the suspicion that
they le the kind that Adam ate.
M. E. McCarty luit this week lor
Newlorkto make his annual pur
chases for the Paris Fair. He will be
gone several weeks.
Misses Josephine Westermau and
Genevieve Wallace, of lies Moines,
la., paid this city a short visit Wed
nesday, enroute to Cloud Cap Inn.
J. W. Simmons, State Deputy Con
sul, M. W. A., has moved his head
quarters to Hood Rivet while his fam
ily are iu camp iu tho mountains.
Mr. aud Mrs. Jacob Fox, formerly
of Indianpois, lud., arrived iu Hood
River Tuesday and went to the home
of Frank Fox, at Husum, where they
will reside In the future.
Mr. ind Mrs. K. L. Smith left town
Tuesday for llelinghatn, Wash., for a
two weeks' visit with iiev. and Mrs.
Nelson, the latter being theii daugh-tei.
W. N. Gatens, private secretary to
Goveruor Chamberlain, accompanied
by his wife, visited Hood River
Wednesday. Thursday moruing they
left for Cloud Cap Inn.
Phillip Spauglcr loft for his old
home iu Missouri yesterday. Aftei
a visit with old friends aud relatives,
he will go to California to the sol
diers' home. Mrs. Spaugler will go
east later.
Miss Nettie Kemp, stenographer
for tbe firm of Heilbrouner & Co., is
at present on ber vacation and is
spending it in camp near Lost Lake.
During Miss Kemp's absence Miss
lloadley is substituting for her.
A. R. Thompson started Wednesday
morning for Hood River, accompanied
by bis children, Allied, I'.dua aud
Lois, and Charles Huntington. From
there they will go on to Lost Lake to
spend some time iu camp. Chronicle.
Tbos. liptou, goueral iiurchaHinu
agent of the D. & R. G., und his as
sistance. C. Coukle, both of Denver,
were in town several days this week.
Tbey made a trip to Dee and are said
to have beeu hi re for the purpose ol
purchasing railroad ties.
I). Yagdiogloua, a native of Vladi
vostok, Siberia, registered at tht
Mount Hood hotel Wednesday. ThU
geuttemau came here fiom Portland
and in company with W. 15 Glafke,
who is In the commission business iu
Portland, took a drive over the valley.
Mr. L. E. Morse and wife, accom
panied by Mr. Ash aud wife, all ol
Hood River, iiu-seit through Dufui
on Monday on their tour ot Fasteni
Oregon. They propose to go to ueai
the south line of the stute, "kill tht
fish and "catch tho deer aud then
return by the most desirable route.
J. D. Fletcher, who bought Oakdali
of Robt. Rand several months ago, it
turning his attention to the raising
of flowers for market. He has somt
of tbe finest gladiolus ever seen in
Hood River, and bus the bulbs foi
sale, as well as cut Mowers. He in
tends to build a gieen house thii
summer and w ill make a specialty oi
cut Uoweis.
D. J. Cooper, of The Dalles, win.
recently was a candidate for the nom
ination of representative to the statt
legisalture and who is the father ot
Miss Nan Cooper, the well known and
popular school teacher at Mount Hood
ettletnent, while on the way to tht
wedding of a daughter at Iudepeud
once, received a telegrum from auoth
er member of bis 1 a ti : I J y auuouucini
tbe state of matrimony iu the petsoi
of bis sou Keuueth, which took plact
at Oakland, Cal. On perusing tht
dispatch Mr. Cooper is said to havt
remarked that things usually came ii
bunches iu the Coopei family.
(1 008 a long wny toward making a poorly
written letter look well.
We are showing a line of the
iu boxes, tablets, and bulk. Envelopes in
all shapes and colors.
To the Farmer
Do you know our Feed, Fresh
from tho mill has Double the feed
ing value of stale food ? All the pro
gressive Oairymen are buying
feed from us. Beware of Bargain
Feed. It is worth Less than they
charge for it. Wo will sell you the
right kind of feed for just what it
is worth. No more, no less. Our
prices aro the Market prices. Pa
tronize Home Industry, it's to
your advantage and ours.
Hood River Milling Co. j
awheye Picnic
Thursday, August 16th
Arrangements are about complete
for the annual picnio which will be
held this year in tbe beautiful grove
at Wau liuiu-Ouiu, Thursday, Au
gust 10. AJ1 lowans aud their friends
are cordially invited to attend.
Bring your lunch and stay all day. A
fine program has been arranged, con
sisting of speaking, music, etc Out
side sports and games will be indulged
in . Several contests and races will
he pulled off, and theie will not be
a dull hour iu the day. The Hood
liiver band will furnish music.
Mrs. Ora Summer and Miss Stella
Summer, of the Willamette valley, are
visiting their uncle, C. II. Strauaban
and family. ,
Robt. Smith, of the Stanley Smith
Lumber company, accompanied by J.
J. Stewart, of Portend, was at Hood
Itiver for several days tbis week in
specting bis property at Oreen Point.
"Deacon Davidson, Mis. W. H.
Chipping aud Mrs. Adelia Moe stait
ed tbis morning for tbe east. Tbe
two former go through Ohio and tbe
latter will visit frietds aud relatives
iu Minnesota, Wisconsin and at Oma
ha. They expect to be gone a couple
of mouths.
About twenty of tbe members of
Pine Orove Orange attended the so
cial given by Fiaukton Orange Tues
day evening, at which ten gallons of
ice cream were consumed, and a gen
eral good time had. There was a
good program rendered, one of the
features of the eveuiug being tbe
playing of Ruth and Jacob. Tbe so
cial was for tbe benefit ot tbe organ
Place your order for s nice chickfn for
your Sunday dinner with McGuire Bros.
It, is to your interest torefer to Mr
Bartiuess' ad under the new system.
Sam Samson, well known in Hood
Kiver where he resided for some time
several years ago, returned Tuesday
from Nome, Alaska, aud is at present
visiting with friends iu this city.
Kev. K. II. Ilarnes, who will leave
here soon, anuouuees tnat be will sell
bis household furniture, as he will be
traveling about aud does not care to
be encumbered with it.
Toiirangran Keady to Meet Itlalr.
Dave Tourangean, who is noted for
his prowess in falling timber and has
been working most of the summer at
Oreen Point, but is now at Dee, paid
the Olaoier olllce a vi.sit last week.
Having seen an article lu the Port
land Teleigam to the efteot that Paul
Itlair could full more timber iu ten
hours than any man iu tbe country
Tourangean says that he will bet t'M)
that he can defeat iilair in a timber
falling content. He says that the
money is leady in a Hood River bank
to buck bis assertion at any time.
.Notice to Contractors.
For the construction of a bridge
across the West Fork of Hood Kiver
near the Punch Howl, The stringers
and abutments to be constructed ot the
standing; timber in the vicinity. Work
must be commenced within ten days ol
date. Plans and specifications fur
nished and bids received by J. H. Shoe
maker, Secretory of Hood Kiver Irriga
tion District, ,. a!