The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 28, 1906, Image 7

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9 1 CmwD I C
No Imperfect or Short
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IS a I
Look out For urpr1 j
IS THE Elot policy jwt w
BEING DliHonLJ 1 while;
InWKH.r lOot I"" t" BHuv. t.U H.Cffl
iiim iniigg 1 m 11 1 ! 111
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New Spring and Summer
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be sacrificed to the limit
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'mmmmH CZmSZ Ji'i'im "1 iii"V Cmmwii iii m ii "I CrnZTrnTT? Cmmw
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Deal Store.
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McGuire Bros, are making country
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Hood river, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Country customers desiring orders
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Mondays and Wednesdays.
For sale bv Emporium. Five farms
In one body, "320 acres, 5 improvements
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Unknown Friends.
There are many people w ho have used
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy with splendid results, but
who are unknown because they have
heeitated about giving a testimonialof
their experience for publication. These
people, however, are none the friends ol
this remedy. They have done much
toward making it a" household word by
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105, A. F.
June 30.
M. M. Sayer, of Mill A, was in
Hood Kiver Tuesday.
Sheriff Sexton was down on official
busness Tuesday.
H. E. Rinebart, of The Dalles,
spent Tuesday in Hood River.
Hod. A. A. Jayue and Chas T.
Early went to The Dalles yesterday.
Mrs, Uerowe, of Portland, is visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Butler.
Mrs. L. W. Enysrt, of Portland, ar
rived yesterday on a visit to Mrs. II.
Li. Humble.
Martin Emstrum, of Oregon City,
Is looking after business nia'ters in
Hood River.
H. W. Rand, of Portland, spent
several days here this week with
friends and relatives.
Sunday was tbe warmest day of the
season, tbe government thermometer
registering 92 iu the shade.
Dr. Van Oessler, wife and two
daughters, of Eastern Oregon, are
taking an outing in Hood River and
the valley.
As will b noted in another columi ,
there will be four applications made
to tbe coaimon council next Monday
evening for liquor licenses.
Burnett Duncan, of Portland, who
bas a ranch on the East Hide, anil
also one in the White Salmon valley,
was up the first of the week looking
after bis interests.
Mrs. dura Huddleston aud nephew,
of Portland, came in on No. 2 yester
day on a visit to the family ol W. A.
Lock man, at Udell.
Hood River Lodge No.
& A. M.. will bold regular
oation Saturday eveniug,
Visiting brothers welcome.
Chas. Davidson, the "Deacon," as
be is more familiarly known, is suffer
ing from a varicose vein In tbe calf
of bis leg, and bas been oonnned to
bis bed for several "ays.
V. C. Brock was called to Wasco
Saturday on aooount of the serious
illness of bis mother, returning iues-
day morning. He reports bis mother
as considerably better.
R. II. Wallace was a passenger on
train 7 to Portland yesterday.
Trains 1 and 7 were beld several
hours vesterdav afternoon on account
of a wreck of two work trains near tbe
Geo. Edwards and wife, of Chicago,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kerr,
on the East Side. Mr. Edwards is
largely interested in Chicago real es
tate and is here for tbe purpose of
puicbasing land.
The Adveut camp meeting is attract
ing considerable attention. Tbey are
being largely attended and quite a
number have been converted. The
meetings will probably close tbe first
of tbe week.
The new block system that is be
ing put in on tbis divison is nearly
completed around Hood River. It
will be an additional safeguard to
travel, as in tbe mountains tbe many
curves of tbe road allows a view of
the track but a short ways.
The Hood River mill and tbe cider
factory have made application to tbe
oouncil to grade the load from Colum
bia street north to tbe road leadng to
the mill so that it will be passable for
teams. It is necessary to make a cut
of a few feet in the road, and tbe
rest of tbe way will be graded by par
ties iuteies ed. The work is neces
sary and will be done.
tm7 "zf"ff "
Lao Robes. Dusty weather Perfumery. Delicate, re- Ribbon Special. Satin
som,PtuVs wtf ave your clothes, freshing odors, in all sUe pack- Taffeta, 4 inches wide will wash
'ya'ndWinlinenlc 75c 1.00 gcs. 5 cents to t rSii
1? km. Sa,"""' D-eor tlon Bunting. Purses and Hand Bag
ni.lni.v fl sie II 25 Red, white and blue in many dif- A huudred different kinds lose.
" ' ferent pntlerns. 6 els. per yd. led from. Little prices.
a"ortnfemTextrf god vK'ut Shirt Waist Sets. Don't Combs. All tbe late styles in
in S and fa" cv hemstitched. oi. want a new pretty one to side and back W...I., lur Ud.oa
Uidles'lirLta special price. 8 wear tbe 4th? 25c 50c 75c. ear little Pr"'ea-
cents. j " "" m
Gloves and Mitts. White
Ladies' Belts, silk, oatin Belt BucRles. in silver, bia. k and gray, (ilk lisle and mer-
hnsh leather form fining pearl and gold, to wear with light cer led lace effects. 2oc Joe
s " U 75c Z I Mc value, for 5tV Colored belts. 50c 75c fl.OO pr.
, . . Skv Rockets, Roman Candles, Mines, T.rdos, txploiuing canes, lap 1 1
rirCCrflCKClS Cannons, Bombs, Cannon Crackers, Pin Wheels, Triangle Wheels, and novelties
gJJ of all kinds J
R. Smith cam up from Portland
Friday on business.
Dr. Piueo made a business trip to
Portlaud last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Jayue went to
Portland on train 7 Friday.
Miss Bess Iseuberg visited Portland
the latter part of tbe week.
Miss Fay Orr is visiting ber sister,
M18. J. A. Dunbar, in Portlaud.
Jag. Stranaban went to Portland on
tbe local Monday to transact business.
Mis. C. H. Cyrus, of Boise, Idaho,
is visiting her nieoe, Mrs. V. C. Brock.
A. J. Derby has returned from
Portland aud has bis office in with
Mr. Jayne.
Walter Ilinriohs, of Sisters, Ore., is
visiting bis parents, Mr. aud Mrs. J.
W. Ilinriohs.
Mrs. M. Dnn and son, of Anaconda,
Mont., were visitors in Hood River
last week.
Mrs. Amanda Taylor, of Newberg,
I ml , is visiting the families of Dr. J.
10. Edgington aud O. B. Hartley.
Mrs Briickman, of Portlaud, who
bas leeu installing electrical machin
ery at Dee, returned home Monday.
M. Smith and family, of Sioux City,
Iowa, were iu the city last week looti
ng over the valley with tbe view of
L. C. Stanley, of the Stanley -Smith
Lumber (Jo , was a passenger on No 7,
iduy, I rnm the eastern part of the
state going through to Portland.
Mrs. Edwanl Holmes, who bas beeu
visiting ber sister, Mrs. W. F. Rand,
for a shoit time, returned to ber
home in Poitland Monday.
N. J. Levisou, editoi of the Sunday
Oregon inn, came up on No. 2 Satur
day to stay over Sunday with bis
family at White Salmon. They are
summering at the Jewett place.
Miss Adele Goff returned from the
university st Eugene last Friday, na-
compHiiied by Miss Sue Hayes, of Ba
ker City, wbo will make a snort visit
before going 011 to ber borne.
Mrs. Ewing, who has been visiting
her sister, Mrs. C. E. Warren, while
tbe latter bas been staying in Hood
River with her husband during the
berry season, returned to Portlaud
The telephone company on Fiiday
finished the private line of tbe Mt.
Hood railroad company fiom their
general office to Dee, and the tele
phone will lie used for the present, at
least, instead of telegraph.
Mrs. Sleetb, ttate organizer for the
W. C. T. U., will be iu Hood River
July 5 and 0 and id dress the local or
ganization. One evening will lie de
voted to a lecture aud the following
evening ill be a program aud the re
citing of origual poems by Mrs.
Services every Sunday in the Uni
tarian church at 11 a. m., J. A. Bald-
ridge, minister. Topic for next Sun
day: "HowBball we interpret Truth?"
Irutb is one. universal and eternal,
but bow shall we know what is truth?
All are welcome.
A rattlesnake with seven rattles was
killed near the Catholio church last
Thursday, the first rattler seen iu the
city limits in two or three years.
They are being gradually exterminat
ed, and it is very leldom that one is
now seen in the valley.
Mrs. McRea, a writer for the Oie-
gonian, who bas a ranch In tbe Crap-
per district, near tne Jordan rancn,
was Iu 11 oon Kiver tne nrst 01 tne
week, looking after ber interests.
She will do more improving on the
place this season and expects to tet
out several acres ol apples in the fall.
Miss Minnie Richardson, wbo bas
been employd as operator on tbe type
setting machine at the Glacier office
foi several months, bas resigned her
position, and left for ber home at
Welser, Idaho, Monday. She expects
to resume ber pos tion 011 the Welser
J. F. Stranaban, recovered suffi
ciently from his attack of rheuma
tism to go to Condon Monday, where
be is supei vising architect ot build
ings being constructed there. He will
tie gone several weeks, and Mrs.
Strauahau will visit ber parents at
Aberdeen, Wash., while be is away.
Go. E. Pineo, who returned home
to Berwick, N. S., a week Bgo, is get-
lng bis affairs in shape to remove bere
with bis family by the Irst or the
year. He is Daviug nis land im
proved, wbiuh De pure I) a -ted mis
soring, adjoiniug tbe Woodwortb
place, and will make a line Dome or
tbe property.
The Transfdr company are raising
their barn nearly two feet, and exca
vating under it to make room foi tbe
borne stalls. All of tbe stalls will be
placed Mow and thenpper floor fixed
up for their various vehicles. This
change was made necessary on account
of having to give up part of their barn
rooru. and tear down sheds to
room for tbe new Mt. Hood rni;rni
dennt. Tbe change will be an im
provement over tbe old conditions,
nitrite thorn torn antlpA flnnra instaiid
j of one.
S. D. Fischer was over from Muster
Tbe Oregon State Fair will be held
at Salem Sept. 10 to 15.
U. J. Uessling made a bustnes trip
to Portlaud Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Mary GafTney, of Portland, is
visiting the family of 11. S. Rich
mond. G. Paulson ,ofl)enver, was among
the strangers looking over the valley
tbe Hist of the week.
E. J. Watt, W. E. Stowe aud II. G.
Colton and wife, of Portlaud, visited
Hood River Monday.
G. Y. Edwards and wife, of Chi
cago, weie iu tho'city Saturday and
took a drive over the valley.
N. W. Atfield, of The Dalles Opti
mist, was in Hood River Monday In
the interest of that publication.
Frank MoFarlaud, of Portland, was
up the first of the week looking after
his business iuterests iu the valley.
Mr. White aud wife, of Blooming
ton, 111., and Mrs. Riualdo M. Hull,
of Portland, spent Sunday at Wiiians.
O. R. Davenport has moved from
Green Point to Menominee, where he
Is working iu tbe Newby & Kuutz
Lou Morse bad business at Dee Fii
day and Saturday, and put in some
time on the side whipping the stream
fur truut in that neighborhood.
E. F. Heath, of Heath & Sou, real
estate dealer at Grass Valley, spent
a oouple of days iu Hood River lust
week, returning home Saturday.
A. L. Craig, wbo recently resigned
general passeuger agent of the G. R.
O N. and Southern Pacific linos in
Aregou, was n passenger on No. 2 1'ri
pay. Mrs. C. Crouse arrived Friday from
Louisville, 111., where she went nearly
a year ago to visit relatives, aud was
kept thore until the present time on
account of illuess among them.
Dr. Alex McKenzie ,of Portlaud, re
turned Tuesday from the meeting of
the American Medical Association In
Bostou, and bad a short visit with
Dr. Watt at the depot while No. 1 re
mained. E. C. Eldridge has resigned his posi
tion as cashier at the Hood River
station, and left Saturday with Mrs.
Kldridge for Wisconsin, where he will
resume bis old position with the
Northwestern line. His place was
tilled here by Alex Jones, who comes
here from Spokane. Mr. Jones learned
railroading In England, and comes
here well recommended.
Mrs. K. S. Walton fell from a chair
in the woodshed at her home yester
day afternoon, striking the back of her
bead 011 a chunk of wood. She called
feebly for help, aud Mrs. Ganger, who
lives next door, went to bei assist
ance. M 1 shall Ganger was also at
home, and summoned a physician.
She bled profusely and was badly
sbakeu up, but apparently not sei ions
ly hurt.
Gould & Mears were awarded the
contract to put in a system of water
works at Wallowa Thursday, to cost
110,028. It is to be a gravity system
taking the water out of a stream near
ly three miles from the town and
bringing it in through pipes to tbe
city, wbero it will be distributed
over the oity by regular pipes. They
were the lowest bidders, underbid
ding Portland parties bo t'MH.
J. R. Nunuomaker, of Heppner, has
taken the option of Mi. Xwick 011 the
Woodworth borne farm, which was re
cently sold, and will complete the
deal aud become tbe owner of that
tine propeity. Mr. Nuunemaker liked
the place so much that Mr. wick sur
rendered tne place co 111s menu, and
will look for another good place iu
tbe valley that will make him a nice
S. E. Bartmess says that he has at
last persuaded the Odd Fellows to ex
tend the concrete walk down past bis
building, for the use of his part of
tbe street while their building was be
ing constructed. What bothers Sam
now is whether or not he will have to
pay for tbe walk himself after it is
done. The new walk will be a fine
improvement to that part of theblock
and it is up to the council to pass an
ordinance requring cement walks to be
built in the busiuess distnct when
ever a new walk is laid. They are the
cheapest in the end, besides being
fireproof aud a great help iu the looks
of tbe town.
Superintendent West, of the Mt.
Hood Railroad, left a surveying nut-
fit in tbe Mt. Hood hotel one day last
week while he was out of tbe city. A
few days later a stranger told th
clerk that Mr. West had sent for it
and said be had come to take it away,
Not suspecting anything wrong, the
outfit was delivered. When Mr. West
came back and inquiied for the
things, be found out what had hap
pened. There is no clue to tbe thief,
nor does anyone remember seeing a
stranger leave town with a surveyor's
outfit. Sheriff Sexton investigated
the case while liare Tuesday, but there
are do developments as yet.
(ios a loiif? way toward making a poorly
written letter look well.
We nre showing n line of the
in boxes, tablets, nnd bulk. Envelopes in
nil shnpes nnd colors.
r :
rvi w 1 uu rciiiiuiiv;
If so patronize Home
Industry.. Use Hood
River Flour and Feed.
Come right down to
the mill and get your
Feed fresh and see how
much farther it will go
Hood River Milling Co.
wtmmmmmwmmm mammmmmmmmmmmmKw
Miss Rose Carey, who has been vis
iting the family of II. S. Richmond
for six weeks, returned to her home
in Portland luesday.
U. S. Loughary, state senator from
Polk county, visited J. L. Hershner
and family the first of tbe week. Mr.
Log liar y lives at Dallas.
Km 11 Theyson, who has beeu visit
ing his brother here for a oouple of
weeks, left for his home at Basin,
Mont., Monday, taking the boat to
Portland, and will go from then
Riverside Congregational church
will conduct special services next
Sunday, both at Sabbath school at 10
111. and at worship, 11 o clock.
Speolal music. The choir with the
pastor will sing aud study lino Eng
lish hymns at the evening services at
H p. ni. Miss Hartley will sing.
J. O. Thompson will move his fam
ily to Morrow the first of the week.
He bas beeu living in Hood River for
several months, but finds It difficult
to look after his property while bere.
He intends to dispose of bis holdings
iu Sherman county and make his
home in Hood Kiver as soon as that
can be accomplished.
Allen Shattck and wife, of Juneau,
Alaska, were registrned at the Wau-
coma for tluee days last week. Mr.
Shattuck is in the mlniug business iu
Aalska. and is taking a vacation of a
few weeks. They were niuoh pleased
with tbe valley, and spent some time
driving over the country.
W. J. Baker has traded the remair
der of his old home place, of which
be had left about 18 acres, to Oscar
J. Willlamosu, for tbe old Bridges
place, about three miles touth of
town. The trade was made on a basis
of 1100 au acre for tbe Baker property
air. isaser oougnt eighty ; acres
twenty-two years ago of which this is
the last part, for $1,550, and has sold
this proprety for $2,000. This is
' ouly one iustance ot the Increase of
real estate In Hood River val ey.
Mary M. Davis and sou, Frank, ar
rived Friday from Whiting, Mo., to
visit Dr. 1. E Edgington aud family.
Samuel C. Horsey, ot Baker City,
stopped off on his way borne from
Portlaud over Sunday to visit the
family of R. P. Orr.
This week saw a general breaking
up of the strawberry camps, aud tbe
conversion of pasteboard into cola
has made business good with our mer
chants. Cherry picking is on hut the
crop is light and the fruit will all be
gathered by the first of tre week.
The ladies of the Uniitdrian church
will have choice, home cookiug on
sale Saturday, June IK), from 10
o'clock until sold out, iu the window
of Wood & Smith Bros, grocery store.
lliis will be a good oppoitunity to
get good things to eat for Sunday.
The ladies of the Congregational
church have just closed a oontraot
with the Midland company, of Dea
Moines, Iowa, for a stiictly high class
musical and lecture coin se. A series
of five numbers are secured, which
will be woith a great deal to evsry
Jasper Wickham presented the
Glacier with a box of berries from bis
ranch in the Crapper district, which
he says is the kind t Ley "quit pick
ing ou." Tbe last ot the pick is us
ually small and of poor quality.
I'hese weie three and a half tier, aud
as fine as we have teen this season.
If these are a specimen of tbe Inst
pick in Crapper, we have a curiosity
to know what the first of tbe crop was
Early Richmond,! Kentish) now readyi
Order by phone l'JSti.
II. C. Bateham.
Special Bargain For Sale.
8 room bouse with closets and lot
;0xr0. Most desirable louation on
State street. Only l,'20O.
J. II. Ileilbr.iuuer & Co..
Hood River and Portland,