The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 28, 1905, Image 2

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A I HlW O. MOEi Pubuiber
Terma ol ubwiripliun-l.oO a year wtu pale
In advance.
In another column e publish an
article on the subject of overproduc
tion Unit no doubt will be perused
wlH Diucb Interest by present grow
erg and alto those contemplating tbe
, talBinff of apples in the valley and
, elsewhere,
Much of the success in mining flu it
of a superior quality at Hood River
bus been doe tu the fact that uothing
ha? been done blindly. The growers
have ever been ready to experiment,
iivestlguta and improve on oil tbe
known method of fruit culture. To
look ahead and not backward and not
to keep on lining a method because
some one eke used it.
It la well then to look the mutt or
of overproduction in the face an it
w.ere and see if there is anything in
it. From tbe figured adduced there
1 apparently nothing to fear. There
in always a market and a good one
for the boat and t Is not probable that
Hood River (rowers are going to take
any stops backward in tbe growing or
packing of thoir fruit. The standard
. has been established and thoto who
intend to enter the linld hereafter will
be compollod to aspiro to it.
The convention of the Oregon De
velopment League is one of the most
important events of tbe year. There
ia no elty in the ctatu that has created
more intercut in tbe league than Hood
River. Last year the presidency of
this organization was won for this
city by tbe syctoinatlo methods em
ployed by the rlolegiiUa in presenting
the name of K L. Smith and tbe
personal popularity of the gontlim tin
himself. If you are a dolegnto, you
owe it to your home town to attend
the convention ami soe that its repu
tation for progressiveneMS is upheld.
There is a movement on foot to bold
a horticultural meeting here after the
meeting to be hold at Portland in
January. It is thought that while
the information gleaned from tbe
state meeting Is still fresh in tbe
minds of thoso who will attend It, that
.it would prove of great benefit to
those interested to have a discussion
on the. papers read before the State
Horticultural Society in this city.
Christmas was quietly observod In
Hood River. Saturday was a very
busy day for the merchants, however,
some of them having done the largosl
businesd Jtr1 their history. The rail
road station presented the busiest
scene of activity, as there were many
home comings to spend the holidays
Under the parental roof.
' Tbe day itself was wet and dreary
and the streets deserted and those who
could do so stayed at home, c ntont
lng themselves with a good Christmas
dinner and examining their gifts.
- Tjie churches held services appro
"pritite to the seusuu and the Sunday
schools of the various churches held
' Tbe Sunday school of the Unitarian
church held apprporlate services for
I hrltttiima Saturday evening. Bongs.
recitations and dialogues umdn up the
program. After the entertainment
the distribution of gifts was made und
nipper was nerved. There wiib a large
attendance una the children spent
cry pleasant evening
KxorctHpM were held by the Sunda;
solicol or the Congrogatoinai ohurc
Saturday evening. with a program that
recitations, aft .cr W'hich the gilts were
riiHtrlliuted from the Uhrlstanm tree.
A very enjoyable sacred concert was
given in the church Sunday ev u
ing In which Miss Hershnei, Miss
vueason, nirs. Hieuin and Mrs. f. a,
Davidson and Messrs, McOallev aud
Clay Hrnck took part. The choir also
rendered several selections. Mrs.
Jenks presided at the organ. The
church was .crowded aud the concert
much enjoyed.
The Christina exercises held by the
nutinny scnooi scholars ot the r.piaoo
pal church Sunday afternoon were
well attended mid a program was ren
dered lu which songs and reclU'tions
were given. Ibo altiiir was concluded
with the distribution of gilts from
the Christiuaa tree, which was verv
prettily decorated, Superintendent
Wood was In charge of tbe exercises.
The teachers In the new Sunday school
reel quilo encornged al the good show
ing made by t he scholars and the in
terest manifested by them in the Hun
day school v ork.
The exeieii-cs In tbo United Broth
Jen church were given on Saturday
evening, und us Usual, were verv eu-
joyable. The audience was nnt the
characteristic jmii of the place, but
mat added to the pleasure of the cu
tertaiument, for every one was com-
rortamv gealed.
The cantata, "In Search of the
King," 'was well rendered. The rcci
tationa by the children were all uoud
Miss Florence Henna's solo deservra
special mention, because of the excel
lent maimer in which it was rendered,
The chief feature of the evening to
the children was the treat following
the exercises, when all formality was
cast aside and every one entered Into
the spirit of tl.e occasi in, without
Whteli I hristiuas) Is not Chr stmas.
Young and old, rich und poor should
oe made to led hnppv over the world
greatest gift of nineteen centuries
ago. In this matter of gifts we are
an moro or less childreu.
blocks on Kxliihitien,
The Hood River Artificial Stone Co.
have placed several chimney and
foundation blocks on exhibition at
liragg's corner. They present a neat
and substantial appearance and will
likely be used quite extenshely by
our people in tho future, (ieorge
Rankin was the llrst one to place 1:11
order for chin uey blocks, and is hav
ing a Hue placed on his new residence
in White Salmon composed of tbote
concroto blocks.
The company informs us that they
liRve already , Looked sevcrnl -orders
aud that they ts vet to erect a large
building fur their works at once.
' "Am luslaa Im Serpent LeseaeU
The red men of the west have many
turlous legenda concerning the riven,
lakes and mountains of that region.
Done more weird than that which li
told concerning Rock lake, Washing
ton. Since time out of memory th
Indian tribe of that vicinity believed
the lake to be Inhabited by a sea mon
iter which never grows old and whosi
chief diet la Indian flesh. Accordlnf
to the legend, no Indian ever entered
Its waters and returned therefrom
alive, no matter whether tbe rash ad
(was committed by approaching its mar
gin for a drink, for a plunge and a
awim or for a canoe ride upon its
placid bosom. AJ1 of the Indians of
the northwest know of the terrors ol
Kock lake, and each and every one
would prefer death with a poisoned ar
row rather than to touch its waters
The last Rock lake horror, according
to tbe legend, wag in 1858, when f
whole bond of noble red men we
sent to the happy bunting grounds by
the monster.
Tit Gate of Paradise.
When the plague which visited Flor
ence in the year 1400 hud subsided tlx
people decided as a thank offering tt
add bronze gates to the baptistery ol
tho Church of 6t John the Baptist
and the guild of merchants Invited tin
best artists of the day to compete. Tht
design of Ghibertl was considered
faultless, and he was intrusted wilt
the work on Nov. 22, 1403. It wai
tweuty-oue years before the two fold
ing doors were completed, and so cr
qulslte was their design and workman
ship that Michael Angelo a century lat
er said of them, "They are worthy tc
be the gates of paradise." This up
plied also to another door wrought
and designed by the same artist, which
was put in pluce June 10, 1452, a mosl
Important creation of Florentine art
and one which evidently Influenced Mi
chael Angelo himself.
Storklnra of Human Hair.
They were black stockings, thick,
stiff, lustrous, and the price mark on
them was $10.
"From China," said the dealer "from
northern China. Every family has a
few pairs of human hair stockings
there. t They are worn over the cotton
stockings they are too prickly to be
worn next the skin and, properly
treated, they last a lifetime. The Chi
nese exporter who sold me these stock
ings said that when a child's hair is
shaved la northern China tbe hair Is
preserved In a special hair box of lac
quer. As soon as the box Is full enough
the hair Is taken from It, and a pair of
stockings Is woven. Such stockings
have a sentimental, almost a religious
value, and they are rarely parted with.
It would be safe to bet that there are
not six other pairs of hair stockings on
sale In America." New York Press.
Titer Tell a Different Story.
There are peculiarities of our Eng
lish language which no other language
exhibits. Did you ever notice how
many English words are formed by
simply dropping altc-rnato letters for
example, wheat, heat, eat, at; sham,
bam, am; wheel, heel, eel; whale, hale,
ale, and scores of ethers?
. Aguui, wo htfcH'la our mother tongue
two words which, Joined together,
mako a distinct word of an entirely
different meaning, Just as a single
word disjointed does. Tako the words
"since" and "rely" or the separate
word "sincerely." To Illustrate:
Tour letter came. In words that tempt m
Tou wrote them, sweet, most truly and
for praise like that heroes might gladly
But on another's love you slnoe rely.
Tbe Final Blow.
It is said that often when a woman
says "no' she means "yes," but there
are signs which discourage even tbe
most hopeful and persistent wooer.
"I didn't so much mind Hetty's say
ing she'd as soon' marry a Jumping
jack as me," said Ethan Hatch for
lornly to a sympathetic friend, "nor I
didn't much care when she said she'd
rather stay at home than go out to
Jordan's park with such a slow coach
as I was, but when she told me she'd
got to help her mother iron when I
asked her to go with me down to the
Center for some ice cream soda I saw
'twasu't much use banging on any
Bryant always thought he could
write much better poetry than that
contalued in his "Thanatopels," which
was one of his earliest. During his
later days he on several occasions ex
pressed some surprise at the prefer
ence shown by his admirers for this
particular poem, "when I have done so
many things better." Ue believed the
translations of Homer to be the best
work he ever did.
What Paaalcal Ulna.
Wife I mended the hole hi your
trousers pocket last night after you
had gone to bed, John, dear. Now, am
not I a thoughtful little wife? Hus
band (dubiously) Well er-ye-es, you
are thoughtful enough, my dear, but
how the mischief did you discover that
there was a hole In my pocket?
Wise Willie.
"You should be like the chickens,
Willie. Just see how early they wake
up lu tho nuirnlug."
"Oh, well, I could wake up early, too,
a, if I stood up all night"
lier Vocation.
She Yes, bhe married him to reform
him. lie-But she Is trying to obtain
a divorce now. She Well, I suppose
she wants to reform another man now.
Tho first aud most Important quality
of woman Is sweetness. J. J. Rous
seau. Advertised Letter List.
For wtek ending December 25:
Allllln F.iliimn Cluru l-'Aiitrtn 9. .1
C. II. Brown, J. C. llaye, W. R Cam
eron, i. v. i reeman, j. tv. urnujee,
Mr. ll..ff,ui. Can M.M.,,. 1 II
Mekelsen, J.' M. Ferry, Martin Popp,
Sam Richardson, Almon Twiner 2.
W. M. Yale?, P. Al.
W. H. Moduli left this week for
Seattle and Colfax, Wash., where he
win visit relatives aud friends.
All persons who are indebted to n
come and setile at once in some way,
J. T. llolman.
9 oMte
hats. Our line includes all the latest styles in soft and stiff hats, nnd we guaran-
antee everything to be juwt as represented.
Men's hats, Fedora and railroad shapes, each.'..;.....' ....'kuQ..l'..;;? 600
Men's hats in Fedora, golf, planter and Pasha shapes, wiith f ft. 50 ancj f r.,
11.25, each .....,...:.... ....J..' 1.00
Men's hats in black, brown and gray, good clean goods mid '-laW shapes, I U
worth $2.25, $2.00, 11.75 and $1.50, for $1.50, $1.25, $1.00 and..,.......;.... 9O0
Commencing Friday, Dec. 27 and continuing . one
week, we will sell vou anv of our S'Kincrsburv hats
7 '
All 4-1, mi ri i m -l 1 -v-1 1 n
iui uic iiuiuuiuuoi
These are not old
The (ilrl From Sweden.
Mananer Clarke Informs us that he
has tccu ed an cxceptionrT uttructiou
for our theutre-iioers in "The Uirl
From Sweden." a oomedy drama in
which heart interest and comedy are
provided in about equal pints.
This atolraetion will be presented at
tbe opera house January 0, by JHnn
aeer Fred FaJkner. It tells - an inter
esting story woven about the lives of
a Swedish trlrl and ber Swedlsli lover,
aud while it Is largely ot the domestic
style of drama, it odors a tbriliinu
touch or two of melodrama. The
Swedish dialect charoctor is a favorite
with man; theatre goers, and tbe tun
evolved in tbe stage stories of the ex
periences in this country of the hardy
immigrants from the Northland is of
a sane and enjoyable kind. "Tbe Uirl
from Sweden," tho heroine of tho
play, is a lovable character and wins
the sympathy a:d emdnuse of her
audiences by ber simple devotion to
truth and duty, aud her courage in
dangerous ci isises. The hero of the
play is a young Swede who Is ever
ready to do battle with his wits or his
lists lu defense or wohc is jutt and
right. An unusual amount of comedy
Is developed in the action of the play,
and many specialties are introduced.
Chrlslmas Dinner 1'srly.
A merry party, -'2 in number dined
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. li.
Hartley on Chiislinas day. Kvery
tbliiit one could think of lluit was uood
to eat was partaken of. Aside in oi
turkey and elm-kens a young roust pig,
garnished with holly ribbon, and one oi
Hood River's big red annles in lis
mouth, reporod in a gracctul attitude tit
one end oi tbe table. Tbe lutu-r was
prepared and nasted by Mis. A. t),
Kutrican. Those present "wore l Dr.
and Mrs. Kduingtun, tlauizl ters ,'emiio,
Grace and Heih; Air. ami Mrs. S. K
Harmless a;,d family; Mr Wrighi; Mis
Wright ; MisB Shannon of Forest (i:ove;
Clint Dicken ; Robert I'.nigo of i'oit-
lun.l- l.'llia tl... II... ...
family. The same iarlv, joined liy the
ll inna (umilj , continued and concluded
.1... t t .i . j ... ... . i .. t
tou itswviu s oi uieuay m luo iiohib oi
Mr. aud M'H. a.t:uess in ti e evening.
The Snndar Stone.
The "Sunday stone" of the Oxford
museum was taken from a colliery
drain aud is a perfect calendar of Sun
days and holidays. It Is composed of
carbonate of lime. When miners were
at work, the water running through
the drain left a black deposit colored
by coal dust. At other times the water
ran clear, leaving the stone deposit
wiute. lu coi.rse of time these black
and white layers formed a stone of
considerable thickness, which consti
tutes a ery complete calendar. Each
day of work has as Its record a black
Btreak, followed by a white streak,
which marks the hours of rest at night.
Wider White streaks mark the Sundays
and whole holidays, aud thus It has
taken Its uaiuo as the "Sunday stone."
London Mall.
Hnaalal'n Memory.
HussluPs memory was lacking lu re
tentlveness, especially In respect to
tho names of versous who had been
Introduced to hiui. This forgetfulness
was frequently a cause of amusement
whenever Rossini was among compa
ny. One day be wet liishop, tbo Eng
lish composer. liosslul knew the face
well enough and at once greeted him.
"Ah. my dear Mr."'- but the niim .
coped his memory, and to convince biiu
that be bad not forgotten him Kossinl '
began whistling ltlshop's glee, "Wliou !
tbe Wind Blows," a compliment which
"the English Mozart," as Bishop had
beeu dubbed, recognized mitte as i-eaill-
ly as if bis ecclesiastical surname bad
lxHn mentioned.
"' '' i .' S:,, ;:. 'J'!, i
We have one of ihe fineist iiiiw of men's and
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-hats,, iff hat.H, felt hats for dress and knock
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Bovh' hats of good felt in black and nutro .
color, each. J.......... ...... ; 500
Boys' hats of first qualitv in Fedora and
golf shape in black, grey
In the line of men's hat h we carry the celebrated
Star Brand hats, made by BotliKohild, Bros. the,
Kingsbury hats and the oiiinal "John B. Settson
ATTT VV! nr f
iuw piiuc ui.. .uu
styles, but good, clean, new stock.
"North Coast LimiteiP
The Electric Lighted
Observation Car Train between
Portland and St. Paul.
Pullman First Class keepers, s
Pullman Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Car, , Day Coaches,
Observation Car.
The Acme of Travel Comfort
is found on nnv of tho
Swiil four cent's for our Lewis and Clark Booklet,
or six cents for ''Wonderland 1905."
Yellowstone Tark Literature
fiin be bad for the asking.
The Ticket Office at Portland is at 255 Rlorrison JL Cot, Third.
Assistant (Jeneral Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Hotel Waucoma
A First-Class House
Moderate PLates Good Service
Farmer's Dinner, 25 cts
SIcod River
PT A li
and brown, each...,. .$1.00
CJ f ' - - -
; Wood For Sale
All Kinds at lowest
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
For Sale '
r'or Hle Bay mare, weight ll&O, reotle, ln
gle or double; good cnlUvator. I1 bone laox
(uruwr. Murmy May. - J IS
For Male Sweet corn fodder cheap. J. H.
Kobei. J1S
For Hale A flue Poland, China brood now.
E. Hawken, K, K. P. No. 1. JI8
For Sale-High Grade Wild Went iboeefor
men and hoya, et Cow ley ' ihoe atiup. Oppo
lie rat Ultlco. asi
For Mle, learn, sorrel hone and black mare,
broke aluiile or double: weigh irom 2,800 U
S.uuulba. Kouulre of M. I CarnabaD, liukee
Valley. &U
For Bale- -A good term bone cheap; also a
good cow. Inquire of Win. McKrynolda on
C. K. Warren'a place, 14 nlleeeoulb of lowu.
For aale, aeveral aecopd-band bugglea and
oarrlagea. Faaiilou bUtble. Jf
For aale cheap, one two-borne wagon. Ha
liulre of J. C. ritener, oue-balf in lit) eaat of
Crupper aubool bouae, on an Uoddard'a
railed. ji
For aale, full blooded PI j month Rock moa
tera and pulleta. Oery tine atock; will grace
any ponltr yard; nothing belter guarantee
topltuueoou. only a few for aale. Mra. K.
Braylord, KK-kford wtore. Ji
For aale, one gent e Iiorae. N. W . Bone. " J4
For aale, home-made Jell lea, 1190 per doi.
'vplnu; chow-chow, a.M) per doi.. 1 pt.; apple
butter, etc., qui. 1160 per dot. Alao cauued
frul.a at 12.60 to ti.,b per dox. qta. Delivered
In dozen lota anywhere In olty limits, all put
up in glHs. Mra. K. Vaubau. faradlae Farm.
Phone (. J6
BoY8 OR UIRL8 or attractive young ladlet
warned If you have only a few apaie ' oura,
you can employ them profitably and earn
money for Xma; If o j want to give your en
tlie lime to tbe work jou can earn a nlee liv
ing, Tbe best of It la, you dou't need any
money to atart. A complete outfit free.' H. O.
lirawer No, m, Buffalo, N. Y. All
KtrayeU Oi.e red beirer with wbite spot on
face, two years old past, marked with crop
off each ear, brand O K on hip. Hulloble i
ward will be paid for information concerning
same. L. a Hboadea, H. F. 1., aevea milea
out on eaat aide. Jll
Wanted-A man to clear ten acres that have
been bund grubbed. Mu.l aboot atiinipa and
clearott and burn brush. C, K Copple, Route
No. I d 81 1 f
To Lend-1M)0 lo lend on Improved lnnd.
First uiortgsae. ahorl or louir term, or on un
improved laud part at atmie aalmproviuenu
are mauc. Auuress, j, care uiacier. J li
FARilKR, do yon know tbe Hood River
Artificial Hume Co. I manufacturing Just
the kind of concrete blocks to build an apple
or milk Iniuset While you have time think
Hover, Thecoatlatiiflliig. Uet price. 118
For sale Ureat Ba'galu Ten acrea Sniilea
out; small orchard, best variety of trees; two
small houses. Price, 87B, H'it down. Inquire
For Hale 10 acres, nearly all Improved.
Good house and barn, 10 lncbea free water;
2n0 apple treea. 160 bearing; 40 cherry trees. 1
acre of strawberries, 14 pear trees and other
iruna; u mueairom town, will sell at a oar
gain. Address b care uiacier. ax
For sale, IS or 20 acrea of the beat berry land
In Hood River, 1 miles from town, nearly
all nnder cultivation and In fine condition, at
a bargain if taken now. Address Owur. box
oti, roruaua, urt. naltf
For Bale-Fifteen aorea land, unimproved;
will contract lo clear same If purchaser de
sires, r. w , Angua! B-ii
For Bale Ten. 20 or 80 acrea: smile and
clover; cleared; under ditch. L. Helllman,
For Bale 886 tier acre. 40 acrea of level land
four miles southwest of Hood River, near
church, atore, R. F. 1J. and good 3-r om an' ool.
Will sell in small trsots If desired. For for
mer particulars inquire of A. J. bmerson, rfd
-u. s, noou uiver. jiu
handsome wsll of panel or rock face concrete
bloc ks placed arouud II If your residence la
on ui siue dim. ine iiooa tiiver xrunciai
stone (Jo. is ready to book your order. J18
For Rent.
For Rent Five-room cottage. H. M. Hux
ley. 028
Bids Wanted-For75 cords of four foot Or
wood will be received for 30 daya by school
district No, 8. same to be delivered before
epi. l, tuuo. u. it. vaugban, clerk. aa
HO VlSYOURCHIMNEYt Isn't It better
to put In a concrete one rather than run the
nwK oi ine nouse ourning down with a defec
tive flue? Belter see tbe Hood Klver Artificial
ione to. about It. Ive order now. JIU
Lost Packaire eontalntmr six vsriia nf silk
Rum r day cveuing. Return lo Williams'
rnarinacy. jig
Lost Lady's gold watcb. Please leave at
i ins omce. jis
Lost Or taken by mistake, a silver mount
ed umbrella with "W. M. H." engraved on the
handle. Finder will please leave at Htewart'a
' Lost Man's mackintosh, between freight
depot and the Franklon school bouse, Friday
a fie r noon. Return to Daisy E. Thomas,
8trayed-One year old heifer; red with
white spots, bole In right ear, left ear crop
ped; baa borne. Owner can have aame lv
paying for lb Is advertisement and expense of
ic mug. n. a. woo re, aeven miles southwest
oi noou niver, ds
Strayed-A cow, red streaked with roan.dry;
no horns, -lit In each ear and wire twisted in
euge oi rigiu ear. niul ni r since IJecember 1.
a, u. uersney, a. r . u. yo. 1. d'J8
PLACE YOUR ORDKKH at once with the
mxiii niver Ariincial Htone Va. lor chimney
blocks and foundation or retaining wall work.
They will do It for you cheaper than you can
iwisiwuDcuiiuT miiu uviier. us.
Wnnted-Torent, s furnished house In tbe
the lower pan of town by small family; no
If a sufficient number or horses can be ob
tained R. U. Hhelloi w II take them to pasture
agent for all persons w shlug lo see the coon
try around West Crapner. J.J.Jordan, all
IBNT IT ABOUT TIME that you had your
residence raised end a concrete block wall
placed under Itt l will look so much better
and cellar Is handy. The Hood Kiver Artl
flclal Btone Oo. will do It cheap. (jg
tha snhnnl rannt-t
The following lg
ror mpntn eoaiog
JJeo. 22, 1906: '.
ep- daya daya tar
toll, pres. ab. dv
Miss Mathews, I.I
11 J.. .
M ias Bowerman
Miss hicks
Miss Wright
Mr. Eereit
Mls Dleta
Mrs. Kocbe
Miss Xtewsrt
8 K
Mrs. (Jove
Hlgil School , HUH"
st n
ToUls M4 HUbK
- Aversf- allepdance 44.
Average nnnjuer belonging 4H6, '
Per cent of punctuality
Daya taught IS.
A mob la usually a creature of very
mysterious existence. DartlcuiariT in .
large city. Where It comes from w!
w tinner it goes few men can t..n i.
embllng and dispersing with equal
uuuennesa, it. ia aa difficult to follow
to Ita Tartoui sources as the sea itself,
nor doe the parallel atop here, for
the ocean la not mere fickle and i.l
tain, more terrible when aroused, mora
unreasons Die or more cruel. Dickens.
Real Estate
160 acre mountain ranch, all under
irrigation ditch, twelve miles from Hood
River; aix acres cleared, one acre or
chard; good bunch marketable timber.
Also four lots on hill near residence of
Charles Castner; terms resnonaMe.
6 acres, one mile from Hood River;
all apples, l acre bearing. I'rice for 30
days, $1850.
40 acres 6 miles from town, east Bide;
20 acrea cleared, 10 acres orchard. $125
per acre, cash.
10 acre, 2 miles from town; all in cul
tivation. Prii-e, $2400.
4 room cottage. East 45 by 150 feet of
lot 2 block 9, ParkhurBt, $1050; $750
House and two lots in Barrett-Sipma
addition. $700.
Fine business lot on main street for
$1600 on installment, or $1500 cash.
6 acres at Belmont, 6 acn s in cul
tivation, cottage and outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres strawberries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; $750 or more cash.
New tt-roomed cottage, patent bath
and closet, four lota, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $550.
Two lots, new 6-roonied house, patent
bath and" closet, 3 blocks from depoti
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the hill, $1200; terms reasonable.
For Sale HOOO acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 pr day; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,500; 1 hotel aud contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness; 9 road wag
ons, 3J H: 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs ; 30 head cattle ; 50 head hogs ;
600 feet lumber ;'2000 cords wood. All
located at and near Hilgard, Or.
For Bale New two-story 9-rooin
house; Btranahan addition; $1100; terms
14 acrea across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $00 per acre.
Terms easy.
160 acre mountain ranch, all under ir
rigation ditch, twelve miles from Uood
River; six acrea cleared, one acre or
chard; good bunch marketable timber.
Also four lots on hill near residence of
Charles Castner; lerms reasonable. In
quire of John Leland Henderson.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of valley on county, road. Price $1,500;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Beautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
8. 160 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
Lota 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,600; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year ; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, incluilinu 3 lots.
For Sale or Exchange for Hood River
property Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money to loan.
21 a. at Frankton; improved; $2400.
First-class Surveying Outfit
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property In lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
City Engineer.
Hexcursioji tocTlIforxia. ,
Under Auspice of the Oregon Devel
opment League, Leaves Portland
on Special Train Jan. lit.
Secretary Tom Richardson, of the
Oregon Development League, is very
anxious that the state at large should
be well represented on this excursion.
Tbe party, whiob will be composed
of ladies and gentlemen, leaves Port
land at midnight, January 13, 1906,
stops being made at Sacramento, San
Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Paso
Roblea, Santa Barbara and Loa An
geles. Speoial entertainment will be
acoorded tbe party at these points.
Tbe rate from Portland will be 903
for one person, which includes three
meals to be served on dinner between
Portland and Sacramento, and Pull
man berth to Los Angeles. A rate of
$58 will be oharged where two people
occupy a double berth. A deposit of
$25 ia necessary on each ticket to se
cure leaervatio'n. Section reservati ns
will be held until December 25tb.
Tbia ia an excellent opportunity to
visit California, as the auspices under
which it is given insures a most en
joyable outing.
The exourslon ia to be run only
provided that not less than 125 per
sons make the trip. All communica
tions in in reference to reservationa
and to tbe trip In general, should be
addressed to Mr, Tom Richardson,
Manager Portland Commercial Club,
Portland, Oregon.
At the Churches.
Rolmnnt M. P. Phm-ch U n r1.
Dastor. Services, ftlmnnt fimwluJ
school at 10 a. m.; Class meeting atll
a. m. ; Epworth League 7 p. in. ; preach
ing every Sntiday evening and 2d Sun
day in month at-l a. m.; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7:30 p. m. Services at
Pine Grove aAiiip ah ahovo evco., viMa.).-
ing, which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
11 a. m. Crapper. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 8:30; 8unday school at 2:30. Mourn
Hood. The 4th rinnrluv ot 11 a n f
Sunday school at JO a. m.
MethrxliBt-T-l'rpncliincr ot 11 u m o,,,t
8 p. ui Sabbath school 10 a, m.; Jpi
WOrtll LefttfllR 7 n m Prutrur miMtlinii
Thursday evening. All cordially invit
ed. W. ('. Evans, Mgtor.
St Mnrk'a F.niacousl fl,i.,r.l, II. ,1.
Communion at 8 o'clock; morning
prayer at H, and evening prayer at
II R f'l.nrcl, l.l,ll, ..I. 1 n ..c.
s. r t" - ."h .-'"uiu etiiuui, .r;to;
preaching, U a. p.; Junior services mi
ner me leadership ot Mrs,
o nf Mm h'li;u
Hp. m.; Clm.-tinii Endeavor meeting,
6:.;0: sermon bv nualor 7 'ill in nru
invited to any and all of these sei vices.
U. M. Beeler, pastor in charge.
Valley Christian Sunday school at
10 a. m. i Diaanhlna at. ii. v v a
' " ' r,r"; ' tti w
I, tu at 0.30 p. m, ; preaching at
l unaltt talk every Sunday even
ing. We extend a cordial invitation
to all tn nrtAnri 4 ha bqwU. . v,
. . . . -u 1 1 . n,t. tUO
day. W. A. Elkina, pastor.
Riverside Congregational W. C.
Gilmnre. naatnr. .MunHnv ohl ia
a. m. Worship 11. C. E., 6:45. Song
tervcle aud pteachiog, 7:30.
Lutheran Services will be held
again on New Year's day, at 2 o'tlock
in the a'ttrnoon. Herman rreucbing.
After the rervices tbe quarterly con
gregationbl meeting will be held. H.
J. Kolb, pastor.