The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 03, 1905, Image 4

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!y Roewoll Shelley.
Odell, Kast Hood River Valley, Aug.
2. L. N. Blowers and family and Sam
I'.lowere and family passed Odell last
Sunday morning on their way to the
bridge ou the Mount Hood road Ke
turning in the evening, they lunched at
the Little White Htore park. Although
w arm and duBty, they enjoyed the day's
outing. In speaking of the develop
ments of this eection, L. N. was eur
prised at the improvements here, and
ventured the prophecy that Odell would
foon develop Into a respectable village.
The advent of the railroad will hasten
this result, for then it will not be necei
sary to haul the ranch products to town,
and the apples and othur products from
this and the Mount Hood section will be
shipped from Odell. This accomplished,
the mercbanlse stocks will be increased,
for whenever there is a demand the sup
ply soon follows.
James Kggart, his father and Frank
K. Huncorn went to snow-capped Mount
J lood last week. Mr. Huncorn climbed
to the summit, while some of the party
looked at the mountain top from a point
eighteen feet below.
Recently there have been some able
ministers at the Union church here. For
a week past Rev. II. W. Jones, who was
formerly pastor of large church at
Buffalo, N. Y,, has been conducting
meetings. Mr. Jones is an earnest,
forcefulspeaker. With choice language
coming from the heart, he holds the au
dience. Quite au interest is manifest
and a number of persons have respond
ed to his call and Bignilied their inten
tion of leading a higher and better life.
Mont people, 1 think, desire such a life,
yet for reasons which do not reflect upon
the efforts of the most consecrated niln
inter of the gospel, they listen to the
most touching appeals from the pulpit
orator, still failing to respond. And
why? Most of us who are in the shadow
of the evening of life have had lessons
burned Into our hearts with letters of
fire, until we are compelled to think and
act our real selves. Intelligence and
reason make demands upon tin that we
cannot, try hard as we may, discard
Hence a certain class of people are con
stantly misunderstood and cons I'tieiitly
misjudged by those conducting evangel
istic work. And sad as it limy appenr
toothers, there are many persons in thin
world, who in mature years, are forced
to change the convictions that youthful
environments had made, and perhaps in
so doing they get upon a broader anil
higher plane of life, rather than being
in a lost condition. We are always glad
to note and commend any gxd work of
this kind, for we realize that the rise
and fall of nations depend upon their
moral standard, Cities and government)
builded with blood money cannot Ion
endure; yet remembering this, it is well
not to forget that you "cannot gather
grapes from thorns, nor figs from this
tles; neither can the leopard change bin
The writer is In receipt of a letter
from J.L. Ferguson, of Minn., who is to
arrive here on Thursday, the 'M of Au
gust, to investigate coinlilioi s here with
reference to the immediate building of
a creamery. Mr. Ferguson has large ex
perience in the creamery business mi l
writes that he would like to meet the
people interested in this enterprise. In
asmuch as the IliueUood people. Iiadii'
ready taken the matter up, there is little
encouragement to offer -Mr. Ferguson. I
mention this that your readers may lie
informed that ti.ere is good prospeci for
the building of a creamery if the people
want it. Tills must he it good field and
the creamery businessa paving one from
the fact that people of experience ami
with capital are readv and anxious to
engage in the business. Let's have one
and on the right kind of basis when we
get it.
At a sohool meeting laHt Saturday
veiling, the 2'Jth, the directors wore
authorized by a unanimous vote to
Issue warrants in the name of the dis
trict to pay for the enlarging of the
sohool house. The now building is
rapidly assuming shape and v.ili I e
enclosed this week. It will bo an im
posing structure and complete in
every detail, and a credit to the dis
trict. The Odell brothers. Will Smith and
D. R. Shelley left Odell lust Wednes
day afternoon on a prospecting trip
In the mountains. They visited Lott
Lake and Lako Chitwood and not
satisfied, scaled tiie mountain fast
ness (f mi almost impenetrable region
and discovered another lako, the
banks of which they claim no white
iiihu had over trod. These fellows
were flushed with victory ou their
return and are now the only or
iginal Wild Hills, of the woolly West.
Tho music of tho hunter, his horn and
his hound is a precious rnlio of the
primitive Western days and Is sweeter
music to the writer than "Lilwratti'i
bund." Such incidents remind the
old pioneer of the days of long ago,
when he watched by night for thi
deer to come into the lick, or took
iiis stand by duy with his ear tunocl
to the first fresh sound of the hound
on the hot trail, and as the souud
irow louder and maror. how hi-
I nerves toned up and his blood bound
ed through his veins on the approach
of the stag in his race into the jaws
I of death. Then the pride that follows
I as he nails the velvety horns over the
doorway of his log cabin, a trophy ol
I tho chase. With the parting of the
I ways and tho passing into the history
i of the West the days of the hunter,
I comes many a regret to those who
j blazed the trail and who only knov
I tho rure sport of a free unfottorod life
i in the once far off Western couutry,
I where rolls the Oregon. Such mon got
I moro out of life than does the trust
magnate or the bloated millionaire of
tho 2'ith century.
Mrs. Crockett left last Monday night
to join her daughter, Ola, who is now
at Moaoliem in the Blue mountains.
Trouble, illness and death have visit
ed the Crockett family during the
past year, and her friends wish her n
respite from trouble soon.
Tiie Only Way.
There is no way to maintain
the health "nil strength of mind
and body except by nourishment.
There it- no way to nourish except
through the stomach. The stomach
must he kept healthy, pure and sweet
or the "trenuth w ill let dow n and dis
ease will set up. No appetite, loss i f
strength, nervousness, headache, con
st ipal ion, I m I breath, sour risings, rifl
ing, indigestion, dyspepsia and ull
stomach troubles that are curable are
quickly euied by the iw of Kodol Dys
pepsia ( 'ore. Kodol digests what you
eat and strengthens the whole digestive
For Chapped Hands, Sunburn and Rough Skin
Superior Toilet Cream
It is tho fluent preparation for chapj.ed hands, .-sunburn,
rough skin, smarting from shaving, dialing from
raw-edged collars, and other skin ailments. It has de
lightfully soothing, clearing, softening find healing finali
ties, and is just the toilet crenm to use for eases of .sun
burn. It is not greasy or st icky, drying in (piickly, so
that gloves can be worn immediately after using, and
leaves the skin soft and white. Try it once, and you can
not help wanting to use it again.
Price, 25 cents per bottle.
Smith Mock.
Reliable Druggists.
I mm
Falling hair means weak hair.
Then strengthen your hair;
feed it with the only hair food,
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It checks
falling hair, makes the hair
Hair Vigor
grow, completely cures dan
druff. And it always restores
color to gray hair, all the rich,
dark color of early life.
" Mr hntr wu fulling out badly and I wai
frmd I woitl loft) It all. Then 1 tried Ater'i
iUir Vliror. It quickly stopped the railing aud
made my Imlr all I could with It to be."
ItKiitoicA K. AI.LKM, Elizabeth, N. J.
91 oo a bottle. J o. ater cn.,
A II ilrui'tfUti. T.nwHt. MuM.
I''' IUI mmmmmtmmm
apparatus. Sold by G. K. Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor and baby
Ruth returned on latit Thursday after
a week's visit to Mrs. Sbippey of
Liyle, Washington.
Mixg Vina ilackett returned on Sat
urday, after upending several weeks
at Portland.
M w;i,. nt n,.,,..,,.. n,,i
..... it iiiuv;ig ui rvt . vv1. , vinii.
ed with L. Ji. WiUon on Thursday of
lust week.
MrH. Llndsoy in seriously 111 at the
present time.
Albert A. (Iraham, F. C, (Florida
Cracker) of Hood Kiver spent a few
days litHt week visiting at K. Duncan
Martin 'h.
I j. B. Wilson and his friend Wilmore
of Denver left for Portlnd on last Fri
day. They will visit the coast and
various points of interest in Western
Oregon before returning.
There will be au ice cream social at
the school hoiiHe on Friday evening,
August 4. Mrs. Goddard, a well
known elocutionist, will entertain the
company with a recitation, and Mrs.
Kogestor will render gome flue music.
Voylo Lindsey met with a serious
accident at Carson, Wash., on last
Saturday afnrnoon. I!y the fulling of
a tree lie got his leg broken just above
tho ankle, lie is now in the hospital
in Portland.
Mount l'ood is still doing buisness
at the old stand. The predicted flood
failed to materialize and the farmers
still have to irrigate. We have not
heard any unusual complaint of Hies
or yellow juokels.
Mrs. lielle Knight, aftor visiting
eight weeks with Mrs. Charles Ctiun
lor, left for her home in liutler, Ky ,
on hint Thursday. While here she
and Mrs. Chauler visited the seaside,
tho Lewis and Clark fair And Mount
Dr. K. Morton and wife and daugh
ter of Green, Kaunas, have been vis
iting at the home of C. E. Markham.
The Dr. is a brother to Mrs. C. E.
Mrs. Waldo and Miss Kdria Waldo
of Hood Kiver were visitors at the
home of C. K. Markham last week.
Mrs. Cook and sister, Miss iilanche
Woodman, loft for The Dulles ou Sat
urday hint, where they expect to visit
for a few days.
Vo are invited to call and inspect
tho new stock of men's, women's and
children 'a shoes just received at the
Abe Olmstuad and wife with Miss
F.dith Watts arrived at the Kockford
on Saturday. Mr. Oliustead ia from
lown, but hearing about the noted
Hood Kiver valley, has decided to
cast his lot with the people of Hood
Kiver. l!y the way, Mr.Olmstead has
bail Homo exerience with milk separat
ors and is somewhat surprised to know
that we have no separators or butter
factories in our beautiful valley Mr.
Olnisteud can cite numbers of farmers
in Minnesota ami Iowa who are mak
ing good money every month. We say,
let the farmers get right at it at once.
..W. F. LARA WAY..
f Eye Glasses and Spectacles
Specially Ground
C. II. Thonton has begun keeping
boarders. He has one boarder who
will stay the whole summer.
Allen Campbell, oue of Thontou's
boarders, fell in the White Salmon
river last Friday while catching fish
above the dam, and would have been
drowue 1 if he had not hwuiii to a log
and got out safely.
Three of the honored boys of White
Salmon, George Cnrtin, Johnnie and
at Underwood and are sure they had a
gland time.
Miss Klsiu Underwood is tinder the
doctor a care.
F.lnier Wise of Cheuowith went to
Hood Kiver todn.vand on his way home
took dinner with his Uncle Charlie
j J horuton.
h. N. Wi returned home on a
visit trom Wind river Friday, and
went to wink again Monday morning
in spend tho remainder of the tsuin-
mei .
F. Thornton and F. Lnrseu were
missed very much at tho dance last
Friday night.
C. 11. Thornton is papering his new
house todav.
No extra charge for engraving.
Did you ever notice the 1 win nee wheel in vour watch? The balance wheel id -i w-itrh .ive live vil.r:iti.n ..v,.,-v
second, three hundred every minute, 1S.000 every hour, 4. 12,000 every day. and ."7. Mi.UiM evt ry year. At ouch
viorauon n roiaies aiHiui one anil a quarter limes, making l!Mi,S,U,00() icvolutions ovorv vcar.
In order that we may better underlain! the stunendons amount of labor uci formed lv these t inv w . rL let in
make a comparison with a locomotive having six-foot driving whevN. l et it be run until its n heels shall have
given the same number of revolutions that a watch balance irivos in one vear. and it w ill h
equal to twenty-eight complete circuits of the earth. AM this a watch uWs without other ntwiiti. n t luiu indium
once every twenty-four hours.
Now, suppose both machines started in trood order. The locomotive is oiled evorv lift v 111 i mites ii !i r.ifnl I v
wiped and cleaned before being oiled. So that while doing the work of a watch for one eur'. it ha lu en cleaned
6,9f5 and oiled 23,(110, (and Is now in the shop for repairs. While vonr wntcli suppose it docn'l look very dirty
and even if It still keep pretty fair time wouldn't it do lietter service and wear much longer if carefully cleaned
and properly oiled ONCK to every 14,OXI time a locomotive is?
A great many people are visiting
the "lava beds'' ou tho Louis Hurk
lianl place I tu.- days. This is one of
tho most picturesniie nluees in the
valley. From the top of tho lava beds
a view of the entire valley may be ob
tained. From beneath the lava rock
streams of pure ice cold water flow
and wind their way northwesterly,
shaded by tho tallest tir trees, making
an ideal place to camp ami rest.
A party, among whom were Frank
Stanton, M. M. Hill and W. Fiko,
passed through here Saturday on their
way home from a week's outing. They
climbed to the summit of Mount
Hood, camped on Dog river, Tony
creek and other places. Hut they
said the prettiest camping place they
louiid or in fact ever saw, was at the
foot of the lava beds, between Koger
creek and the Middle Fork.
Our genial postmaster and store
keeper has fallen in lino with the
general impovement of Mount Hood
and is enlarging his barn to twice its
original si.e. Next we will hear of
his Imying cows and selling cream.
W. S. Cribble left for Kingsley yes
terday, having heard his lout horse
was in charge of Mr. Hix of that
place. .
Mr. U liooth is visiting frieuds In
this place.
By a Staff Correspondent.
Mosler, Or., Aug. 2. There never
before has been so much activity In a
buildings way in this city since its
inception. The people of Moiser have
awakened to their own importance
and while ti e country in and around
the city U ins', ly till i Eg up. the town
is experiencing a fine growth.
There are none who have made a
oa refill study of the soil condition in
the vicinity of Moeier but what will
say that it is splendidy adapted for
the growing of fruit. The settlement
was made here in an early day, and
there are still families or remnants of
families who were the early settlers.
There ia no prettier or more fertile
valley than where grows the. big apples
and the line berries. The ranchers who
have bad tho nerve and grit to stick
to it are today reaping the rewards.
While the apple crop this year will be
a light one iu the great fruit growing
valleys and in many cases only about
a fourth of a crop, the yield at Mosier
will average over a third, and in many
cases a half crop will be iu evidence.
Taking into consideration the high
price that apples will rule at this
rear, the farmers will tare very well.
Laat year's crop was so extremely
heavy that many of the orchards are
resting up this year as a result.
Will send you a few items to let
you know we are not all dead un here.
Everybody is busy haying and trying
to keep cool. The bay crop ii; Hue
here and In Camas Frame.
Mr. Holtman built a new barn
24x40. He went to Vancouver last
l'riday to commute on bis homestead.
Mr. Mauley proved up his home
stead last week.
Mr. Jones, an old soldier, also
proved up at Vancouver last week,
Mr. lJbll, a lumber locator, is here
locating some people near the sum
mit. F. A. Snow is up from Portland ou
his vacation visiting his brother Tom,
and old acquaintances.
Mrs. J. W. Tompkins has gone to
Hood River to visit her mother lor a
while, Mrs. W. S. Moorman.
Will Gilmer and Memor Young went
to Portland to take in the fair
Hailstorm at The Dulles.
At The Dalles, Sunday afternoon a
sudden drop in temperature, bringing
with it a severe hailstorm, accompanied
with thunder, swept suddenly over the
city. The storm was entirely unexpect
ed, and after the drop in temperature
had occurenl the thermometer took a
jump and the heat was almost us op
pressive as before.
The day had been a warm one. About
3 o'clock the temperature began to drop
and rapid.y receded from i)4 degrees to
t5 degrees, a drop of 2'J degrees occur
ring in 12 minutes. Heavy clouds came
up from tiie southwest and were accom
panied by considerable thunder, hut no
lightning. A hailstorm followed of a
peculiar nature. Small, irregular
chunks of ice, dill'cring entirely from the
regular etoneD, poured from the clouds.
During the time the bail fell little dif
ference was observed in temperature.
The storm passed rapidly over the river.
Those who had witnessed it from above
the city described its appearance as in
the form of a white sheet of great di
mensions moving over the ground. As
a result of utin.ispheric conditions a
tlmiider-torin took place there that
Public is Aroused.
The public is aroused to a knowledge
of the curative merits of I lint great med
icinal tonic, rJectnc Hitlers, for sick
stomach, liver and kidnevs. Mary 11.
Walters ol ftlti M. v hnr ave., I oliiinhia,
()., writes: "For several mouths 1 was
given up to die. Iliad fever and ague,
my nerves were wrecked; I could net
sleep, and my stomach was so weak
from useless doctor's drugs, that I
could not eat. Soon after beginning to
take Electric Kilters I obtained relief,
and in a short time I was entirely
cured." Guaranteed at Ciarl e's drug
store ; price 50c.
W. A. Durham and Kldora K. Nel
son were married at Dukes Valley
Sunday, July .'), at 10::!0 o'clock, at
the home of J. (). Cameron, a well
known citizen of Dukes valley. Mr.
Durham is employed by the Thomp
son Shw Mill Co. Their niuuy friends
wish the young couple a life of happi
ness. YV. A. Klkins of the Valley
Christian church, conducted the
marriage ceremony.
They Appeal lo Our Sympathies.
The bilious and dyspeptic are con
stant siiU'erers and appeal lo our sym
pathies. There is not one of them,
however, wlio may not lie brought,
back to health and happiness by ihe
use nf Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Taldt ts. These -lab lets invigor
ate t lie slonuich anil liver and streng
then Ihe digestion. 1 liev also regulate
the now els. l or sale by Williams
The following business was transacted
at The Dalles, Ore., land olliee during
the Month of June, 1005: Homestead
entries, 72; t inlier laud applications,
B8; homestead commutations, 10.
Peculiar Disappearance.
J. D. Kunyan of lititlerville, (., laid
the peculiar disappearance of bis pain
ful symptoms of indigestion and bili
ousness to Dr. King's New I.ifo I'ills.
He says: "They are a perfect remedy
for dizziness, tour stomach, headache,
constipation, etc." Guaranteed at C.
N Clarke's drug store ; price :'5c
Card of Thanks.
We desire to thank our many friends
for their kindness and sympathy iu
the hour of oiu bereavement and sor
row. Mr. and Mrs. Oerking and fam-
iiy. .
Take Kodol After Eating.
After a hearty nual a dtwe of Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure will prevent an attack
of Indigestion. Kodol is a thorough
uigestant and a guaranteed cure for in
digetMiou. dvspei sia, gas on the stom
ach, weak heart, sour risings, bad
breath and all stomach troubles. Sold
by G. E. Williams.
Don't Want to Sell.
The farmers ground lwiston, Idaho.
are holding their wheat for a better
price than WS and t! cents, w hich has
been offered them.
Preparatory to in:. kino; gome changes now under
under eon-dderntion, we will make
Reductions on all
Summer Dress Goods
Underwear, Hats,
rj 4 it and almost every-
Clothing, , ,,
Dry Goods, Shoes
If you are troubled with dizzy spells,
headache, indigestion, constipation,
llollister's Kocky Mountain Tea will
make you well and keep you well. If it
fails, get your money back. That's
fair. 35c. C. N. Clarke.
Have 'Yon Sprayed Yet!
Get your material of Clarke and save
All watch. Clock and iewclrv renair
work guaranteed by Clarke.the jeweler.
Batistes and Lawns, ranging in price from 7c
to 10c, go at, per yard
A nice line of Cotton Challies, in exception
all y pretty patterns, for wrappers, Kominos AX.t
anil Quilt tops 2
Veils, Mousselline, De Sois, ranging in price 4 OA.
from 15c to 17c, at Il
Embroidered Panamas and Plaid Crepes,
ranging in price from 2"c to .'52c, go at Ofg
per yard CUU
Ladies' Shirt Waists
and Wash Skirts
Only a few of them left, but will close them out at
exceptionally low prices.
Children's Clothing
.T) Suits, i to 10 years old, at half price. If
your boy needs a suit, you can't afford to miss this
We are prepared to
deliver ICE to tiny part of
Ihe city. 'Phone No. 313
Tompkins Bros.
Please 'phone your orders 10 a. m.
Some Bargains.
Our list contains about 4(1 different
tracts of fruit and peneral farm lands in
Mosier; about 500 acres in Underwood.
divided into tracts of from 40 to 3L'0
acres each; also about 18-" different
tracts of farm property in Hood Kiver
valley, and some very desirable resi
dences in Hood River and Mosie.r
3:t. 6 acres mile out: berries and
orchard. A beautiful location. Will be
sold at a bargain.
t)2. .to acres one-lnilf mile from Mt.
Hood P. O. 14 acres in clover, 4 in hay
U in strawberries, 1 share water,
bouses, all for $14(10.
24. 42 acres 5 miles out, lti acres in
orchard, 10 full bearing. First-class im
provements. A beautiful home.
25. 80 acres, 5 acres 7-year-old apple
trees, balance in clover and general'
farming. New 4-room house.
2. 4ii acres in the most beautiful por
tion of the valley. 4 acres in orchard
one year old, 3 acres in berries, 4 acres
in annua, iialance general tanning.
HI. 10 acres 4 miles out: snlendid
soil; 1 acre apples, best varieties; one
year planted. U acres in strawberries,
2 acres in potatoes, 5 acres in clover.
114. Inn loo-acre t 'acts about nine
miles out; one on east side, other west
side. Choice for $1100.
A number of o, 10, 20 and 40 acre
tracts of unimproved land that will
bear investigation. Also a number of
huge tracts from Kill lo 320 acres in Ore
gon and Washington
Some few residences ami lots iu every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agents
Hood River, Oregon.
When you go Camping
take along some of
tho e fine
Lunch Goods
you will find at
S, L. YOUNG, Prop.
Phone, Main 5.I.
White Salmon-I Food River
Two big sail boats, two
big perfectly safe gasoline
launches and two big ferry
scows. Expert sailors in
charge. Boats leave at all
hours. I) KIN & PK ARSON
Jjicetmrd Ferrymen.
"The Half Way House"
The Falls Hotel
The most beautiful spot on
the White Salmon river.
New house, 20 fine, large
rooms, newly furnished.
Large feek barn in connec
tion. Husum, Wash.
Well Digging.
Itorlng or drilling. Inquire of K. M. Hunt.
The very finest line of Pianos, from the cel
ebrated ( 'bickering, the renouned Weber, the
fine Kimball, which is used and known for its
purity of tone and easy action, the silver-toned
Hobart M. Cable, and on down the line of
'Pianos to suit your means and pocket book.
Pe sure to write for terms, or come and see
The Dalles, Oregon. I