The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 27, 1905, Image 6

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$10,000 LAND SALES
S. Waters, the Izaak Walton of
White Salmon, who wai in the city
Friday, brings the good news that the
White Salmon Land Co., the recently
organized real estate oompany In that
town, has transacted land sales within
the last three weeks aggregating
$10, (XX).
S. W. Condon, who disposed of bis
ten acres and reaidenoe to V. A.
Bradley of Spokane for fcWOO, has
made one of the latest transfers. Mr.
Bradley was attracted to White Sal
mon hecauso of the fruit Industry;
is duliguted with his purchase and
intends to move there with bis fmily
within a month or so. People from
all parts of Washington and Oregon
and the Kant are inquiring for White
Salmon Fruit laud, and Mr. Waters
expocts to see many new settlers in
that part of Klickitat county within
the coining six months.
Mr. Waters has contended for years
that the White Salmon valloy has
some of the best fruit land in Wash
ington, and has done considerable to
attract immigration to his town and
country. Mr. Waters believes that
some day White Salmon will have rail
road facilities, but even if these con
veniencies do not come for several
years, the farmer who is looking for a
place where he can secure good land
at a reasonable price should look np
the White Salmon country.
"When I was married I went on a
farm in Wisoonsln that was 50 miles
from a post office, and today that
country is one of the best counties
in the state of Wisconsin," says Mr.
Dr. Dumble bad a force of men last
week setting out apple trees on his
recently acquired property near tbe
school bouse.
Alton Cunning is moving his house
hold goods to Kggermont. The fam
ily will come In the near future.
(. E. Williams was in this neighbor
hood last week looking over his apple
orchard, and making arrangements
for its cultivation and additional im
provements. A little sou of W. F. Gregory was
seriously ill last week, but we are
glad to note that It Is now fairly on
the way to recovery.
Miss Swlgert has made considerable
Improvement ou bor farm this spring.
Among other things she has had quite
a number of apple trees set out.
The doctor was called on Tuosday
morning to see the youngest daughter
of Mr. and Mis. P. 11. Martin who
is on the sick list.
The prevalence of the whooping
cough in this neighborhood has re
duced the attendance of the school to
a considerable extent.
(Jreatcst Man In California.
San Francisco News Letter.
it Is said Unit tbe man who does
tlm most for humanity is the one who
can make two blades of grass grow
where but one grew before, liurbank
Is doing moie than this, lie Is mak
ing fruit aud flowers and plants grow
which never grew before, and those
wliloh he originates are better than
those which were grown in former
years. He bus put agriculture and
horticulture in California on a new
and better basis. The list of his ac
complishments are too long to enu
merate. And they are diverse. He
has removed the pit from the plum
and given as a result the plumoot,
containing the best properties of
each. Ho has produced a potato
which means the salvation of agricul
ture In Ireland. He has painted the
blackberry white and the California
poppy red. Through his experiments
the spines have peen removed from
the cactus, and a forage plant results
which means untold thousands of
dollars to tbe cattlemen of the South
west. The list of his new varieties of
plums and prunes reaches past half a
hundred. The sugar prune, the best
grown in bis state is his; tbe giant,
the best canning plum was originated
by the California wizard of horticul
ture. From an Insignificant flower
from Australia he has produced a
large beautiful one which never fades,
and which bids fair to revolutionize
tbe milliner? business, for it has
been purchased by a firm of Parisian
milliners, who propose to use it in
the trimming of women's hats.
And the man Is only at the begin
ning of bis work. For long years he
struggled along wrapped up in what
be was doing, but obliged at the same
time to look out for the hread and
butter end of the game. Since the
grant to him by tbe Carnegie insti
tute of $10,000 a year, this has changed
and now he is at liberty to devote all
bis time to his chosen work. It will
not be long before he is acknowleged
to we what some now proclaim biin
the greatest man in California.
Enjoys the Odell Xotes.
C. A. Hamilton of the Mutual Life
Insuranoe Co., of New Vork in a
lotter to the Glacier says :
"I lind In reading over the Ulacier
many things that are interesting to
mo, and I read the correspondence
from Udell and other places just as
enthusiasticallly as if I knew the
locality and the people (which I do
not only through your paper), but
each week the reporter from Odull
usually does well, whether some
dear one has been laid to rost, or
a happy event bas been celebrated."
For a Weak Digestion.
No medicine can replace food but
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets will help you digest vour food.
It is not the quantity of food taken
that gives streught and vigor to the
system, but tbe amount digested and
assimilated. If troubled with a weak
digestion, don't fall to give these Tub
lets a trial. Thousands have been
benefitted by their use. They only
cost a quarter. Hold by William
Pharmacy .
Local Firm Secures Contract.
Out of Seven bids submitted the
city council of Wasco awarded to Mears
& Gould, of this city, the contract of
furnishing, laying and oompletiug
11,000 feet if 12, 10, 8, and 0-Inch
wood-stave pipe for water works, for
constructing a reservoir to bold 200,
000 gallons and furnishing and lay
ing 5500 feet of 8-lnch sewer pipe.
Tbe total contract amounts to 11,
410.80, and Is to be completed by
June 20.
Wandes, two pant suits for boys.
Vogt Bros., the store of today.
For Irrigation of City Lota
Notice should be given at tho oflice of
the Light and Water Co. when water
is used for sprinkling. We tav snrlnk
ling because It is the only method by we agree w luriusu water tor irri
gation. Beware of the man with the
wrench. If this point is overlooked, like
wise the proper time to sprinkle as no
further notice will he given,
Consumers whose residences front the
south sides of the streets named below
will sprinkle between hours of 5 and 11
a. ni. ; those on tbe north ride between
3 and I) p. in. j Columbia, River, Oak
and Stat streets, and Slieriuun and Ha
zel avenues.
IncHHeof alarm of fire all sprinkling
should be stopped promptly.
K. K. GOKK, Mirr.
Make Wasco Kxhiblt the Best.
To Whom it may Concern: It is im-
Dortant that aco county, aa a county
make a creditable exhibit at the Iwitt
and Clark exposition to lie held i it
Portland the coming Milliliter. Thif.
can 1 done if the people of the county
act as a unit, that is each individual
contribute what he has worthy of ex
hibiting, whie'i taken an a whole will
make a large and wont attractive ex
hibit. Wasco county has more varied pro
ducts than any other county in tbe
state, therefore can make a more at
tractive exhibit at the fair than any
other. lis fruit, vegetables, grains,
grasH'H, wools, woods, minerals, etc.,
are the very bestno other county can
equal it. But to make a display of its
products requires combined effort, the
cooperation of every producer in the
To interest you in the importance of
making an exhibit at the fair and to se
cure your co-operation is the purpose of
(his letter. You are requested to pro
cure something exceptionally tine this
year, something worthy of being shown
to the people of the world, and when it
is produced turn it over to(;. 1.. Schmidt,
who has been appointed by the c mnty
court,, to take charge and arrange Wasco
county's exhibit ill Portland. There
will be no expense to you, the county
court having provided for bearing tbe
expense of making the exhibit. W hat
is desired is exceptionally gooil samples
of fruits, vegetables, grains, grasses,
word, timber, etc.
Kvery county in the state w ill have an
exhibit at tbe fair. lt Wasco county
be in the very first rank. It can pro
duce things that will startle the world.
Lei.d your assistance in making tins ex
hibit. Show vour uride in our own
county, by helping to display its best
Adiiress all commumcatiouH tor infor
mation to C. 1.. Schmidt, Ihe Dalles,
Oregon, Superintendent Wasco county
exhibit at Lewis and Clark fair.
A. K. Lakh,
County Judge.
C. II. Stouoiiton,
(UMoline Engine fur Sale.
The Davidson Fruit Co. have left In
stock a new No. it Stickney three-horse
power gasoline engine arranged for fast
or slow so ed suitable for numnina
water for irrigating purposes or other
power. Yi 'v simple and easy to oper
ate. For e :it a bargain. Ibis is not
BHucond-ha el, cheap affair. Price. 1175.
I ii .1 Hope Vanished.
When i. ' i 1 1 u physicians said that
W. M. S i Mont, of l'ekin, la., bad in
curable consumption, bis lust hope va
nished ; but lr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs anil Colds,
kept blm ' in of bis giave. Ho savs:
Always the same.
Not up then down.
Not good today
bad tomorrow.
J. A. Folger & Co.
San franclieo
"This great specific completely cured
me, and saved my life. Since then I
have used it for over 10 years, and con
sider it a marvelous throat and lung
cure." Strictly scientific cure for
Coughs, Hore Throats or Colds; sure
preventive of Pneumonia. Guaranteed,
50 cents and l.0o tiottles at C. N.
Clarke's drug store. Trial bottle free.
Have You Sprayed Yet?
Get your material of Clarke and save
Three fine lots on ti e hill at $125
acb. W.J. Baker A Co.
(Notary Public for Oregon-)
Money to Loan on Farm
Must be good security.
Farm Lands
40 acres 4 miles out, $1200; easy terms
first-class apple land: all tillable; but
5 acres uncleared.
BiO acres six miles out: 1000 worth
of timber; balance first-class apple land
uncleared ; price fflWU; easy terms.
30 acres, 8-year-old orchard ; $500 per
acre ; easy terms.
UM) acres in Washington, between 10
and 20 acres fruit trees; balance hay
and grain jmodern improvements ;terms.
100 acres four miles out, J'.ai-t hide;
excellent goat farm; about 20 acres good
tillable land; big perpetual spring; bar
gain for right party.
(Is acres three miles out; six acres
cultivated, 2 acres strawlierries, 2 acres
hav, 150 apple trees; cottage and out
buildings; terms.
ISO acres excellent apple land all
cleared; in 4-year-old apples ; $250 per
acre; will sell in ten acre tracts.
acres strawberry land ; 4fj acres
cultivated ; acres berries; two small
cottages, outhouse, $1100; lKK) cash.
20 acres ti miles out; 8 acres cleared,
three acres Hpit.enbci'tis and Newtowns,
new cottage, barn and outbuildings; 1 '4
miles to school; rural delivery; irriga
tion water; $1:15 per acre, $1500 cash,
balance one year at 7 per cent.
Hit) acres 10 miles from White Sal
mon, 011 county road, all tillable, river
and two springs, some good timber; $25
per acre, easy terms.
Two 10-aero tracts three miles out;
40 acres unimproved, Ii0 acres tillable,
creek running through ; one share of ir
rigation water; fruit land, boiiiu timber;
a snap at $25 per acre, all cash ; in up
per valley.
City Property for Sale.
One or two beautiful residences for
Three lots, 511x110, two-story !)-rnom
house, basement, city water and well,
outhouses; overlooks Columbia and
White Salmon rivers; $2000; half cash,
balance easy tonus.
Two lots, have outhouses, fruit trees
and strawberries; below the bill, s.ix
blocks from post ollice, west end of city,
$850, easy terms.
3 lots, 00x150, well, outhouses; on the
hill ; a snap for $100 cash.
Two lots, 3-room hou-w, plastered,
outhouses; $550 cash; $(100 on time.
8-room house, hard-oil ami plaster,
large barn, 3 lots on the hill, beautiful
view , terms.
ft-room bouse, -plastered, lot 50x130,
fruit trees, out bouses, terms $1200 cash
I'eautiful lots all over the city.
Two sightly lots on bill, view of Mt.
Hood and Adams, Hood and Columbia
rivers ; $550, terms.
For Rent.
I'lirnisbcd and unfurnished house
keeping rooms; also houses to rent.
Phone, Main 551.
E. R. Bradley
Wo are here to do your work today
tomorrow and every other day, and
our money (what little we have)
is spent in Hood River. We want
your work and can do it neatly and
Why pay 200 to f M0 per
acre for land tit Hood Iliver
when C'C. Wetherell, of Car
son, Wash., will sell you 80
acres three-quarters of a mile
from White Salmon P. 0. for
f 50 per acre?
You Can Buy Good Goods
lint to buy them at the right priee is
not so easy.
Makes low prices because he wants to.
Others may sell at the same priee lie
cause ttiey have to. 1 carry
Lime, Sulphur, Salt, Cement,
Blue Vitriol, (Harden, Flower
and Grass Seeds, Poultry
Sui;i'i"s and a full line of
Peed ami Flour, Utah Land
Plaster. tc-
Minorca s & Orpingtons
KIikI-cIii. u k Ksm SI ii mid H.W per
W'lllllK. -li li. Lewis, I'.i'llnonl. 531
"North Coast Limited"
The Electric Lighted
Observation Car Train between
Portland and St. Paul.
Pullman First Class Sleepers,
Pullman Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Car, Day Coaches,
Observation Car.
The Acme of Travel Comfort
is found on any of the
Send four cents for our Lewis and Clark Booklet,
or six cents for "Wonderland 1905."
Yellowstone 'Park Literatim1
can be had for the asking.
The Ticket Office at Portland is at 255 Morrison St., Cor. Third.
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Mood River Development Company
Owners of Riverview Park and Idlewilde Additions
e rices,
Containing Choice Building Lots for Resid
Including Manufacturing; Sites Fronting on the 0. R. &. N. Track, with Water Power.
We are receiving a large number of inquiries from non-residents for Acreage Tracts. Parties having Fruit Land for sale,
improved or unimproved, should list them with us.
i i
Office Next to Waucoma Hotel.
iver Development Comp