The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 23, 1905, Image 2

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Issued every Thursday by
AK1HUR D. MOB, Publish-.
fanni ot ubiorlptlon 1.M Ji iMi fM
In advatioa.
We have leu asked to buy stock la
the American Type Founders trust,
the company forwarding confidential
letters telling what a good opening
there is to get a bunch of choice
shares. We would suppose the type
foundors to be satisfied with their en
ormous poflts and systematic robbery
of publisher and printing houses,
and content to let the printers rest at
that, rather than to launch a scheme
of frenzied fluaance, with weekly
newspapers as victims.
A Eugene real estate dealer has re
ceived 117 inquiries from the east since
January 1. From this basis, the
Register figures out that Oregon's pop
ulation will be increased by a quarter of
a million inside of a year
With fruit trees in full bloom and
graHB on the lawns, the Easterner who
has just arrived to view the Oregon
country, writes back home at once for
liia family to come on. Oregon It the
finest country he ever saw.
The portage railroad at Celilo is to be
completed by May 15, but where is the
steamboat line on the upper Columbia,
which in competitiou with the railroads
is to reduce the freight rates f
Thecounty fruit inspector at North
Yakima last week coiidemmed 00,000
fruit trees sent from Missouri. The were effected with wolly aphis.
and were ordered burned.
The Japs have taken Tie 1'bhh, which
assured them a tie nasB to Harbin
suggests the office devil.
Would Force People to Subscribe,
A solicitor representing an afternoon
paiHtr In Portland, called at too ot!K
of Attorney Jayue one day last week,
In his endeavor to get a subscription
from Wasco county s representative,
the young man remarked, "Why don
you know that the did more than
any other paper to kill the Jayne
bill? Jayne smiled blandly and re
marked, "In that sor The young
man began to get his bearing" and
slid out.
Next door he endeavored to get an
other subscription. Meeting with no
better success he Iwgun a course of
blackmail, throwing out the hint that
If looplo of a town did not support
the 1'ortland paper they could le
made to regret it. The smart Aleck
got very few subscriptions.
Hood River Flour to the Front.
The Hood River Milling Co. are
now turning out fancy family flour.
They have made a heavy investment
and are enterprising, progressive and
are doing everything they can to help
dovelope Hood Itiver valley.
Thoy aro turning out throe grades
of flour for the local market liesldes
the export brand. They also make
all kinds of Graham. They aro par
ticularly proud of their "Hood Riv
er" and "Cupid" brands of flour and
they intend to make the "Hood Riv
er" flour as famous In the Oreogn
markets as Hood Kivor apples and
strawberries are In the markets of the
world. Use home made flour and
thus help build up your own com
munity, They cordially invite visitors to go
through the mill.
Whist Club Meet with Mrn. Hone.
The ladies of the Cascade Whist club
were entertained Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. N. W. Hone. Mrs
Moe won first prize, a picture of tiie
"Little Dutch Girls'' framed in burnt
wood, which hns been designed by Mrs.
Hone herself. Mrs. Htranalian was the
winner of Clifford's Indian medona,
flamed in burnt leather, which she
very highly prizes. Painty refresh
mnets were served by Mrs. Hone.
Those present were : Mosdanioi J. F.
Ktranahan, J. F. Watt, K. O. Hlancher,
A. M. Kalsay, C. R. Hone, Arthur
Davidson, U. K. Williams, C. T. KBrly,
A. A. Jayne, M. F. Hhaw, N. W. Hone,
T, J. Kinnaird, Will Haines, Hurt (ira
ham, 11. L. Vorse.
The next meeting of the club will be
a party tonight at the nome of Mr. and
Mrs. V. M. Stewart, on State street.
At the Churches.
Unitarian. Corner State street and
Park avenue; Rev. O. J. Nelson, pastor;
Services (Sunday morning. Sunday
School at 10 o'clock, Preaching at 11.
Subject of sermon: "Superficial and
(lonuino Salvation." Evening: "The
Uses of good Reading." With papers.
Riverside Congregational. Rev. W.
C. tiilniore, Pastor; Sabbath School at
10 a.m. Monring worship anil preaching
atll. Young people's meeting atl:!10 p.
in. Evening worship at 7 :'M p. m.
Valley Christian. Sunday school at
10 a. in. ; illustrated sermon at 11 ; Y. P.
S. C. K. at :.'H; pleaching at 7 :'M).
A cordial invitation is extended to all to
attend the services of the day. W. A.
El kins, pastor.
Haptist, Regular preaching services
lit Carniichael's hall every 1st and 3d
Sunday morning and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at II) a. in. Cove
mint and business meeting the first
Wednesday night in each month. J. II.
Spight, pastor.
Methodist Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p-m.; Sabbath school 10 a. m.; Kp
worh league 7 p. in. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. All cordially in
vited. W. C. Euim, pastor.
I'nited Brethren. Sunday school at
10 a.m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Junior
I'.ndcavor, :i:;ttl p. in. Christian En
deavor, 0:45 p. hi. Preaching at 7:30.
All are cordially invited. Rev. J. S
R heads, pastor.
Mrs. C. 1 1. Rogers, who has lieeu
confined in the North Puclllo Sanitar
ium, Portland, with typhoid fever.
was on the way to recovery when she
was suddenly attacked with a hemor
rhage of the brain the first of last
week and Mr Rogers telephoned for,
When ho rear hod his wife's bedside,
the phvsician told him she bad about
one chance in anno of ever recovering,
but Thursday, the report came to
llool River that she was gaining
rapidly aud her case was now quite
Land plaster at llolinan & Co.
Have not jet Received Permit.
"If the Mountain View Ditch Co.
hud its permit from the government to
cross the forest reserve, a gang of men
in a months time could complete the
work to bring out all the water the
Upper Mount Hood farmers could make
use of," remarked Henry (ioff of .Mount
Hood, who was in the city Saturday,
arranging with Commissioner I'ratlier
for final proof papers on his home
stead. "We have been waiting for this per
mit for several years and it is the only
thing holding back the improvement
to the ditch. When this ditch in com
pleted and we get plenty of wuter it
will be the making of our country."
Vegetation is making rapid strides in
the Mount Hood country, and Mr. Uoff
says that in some places clover has made
a growth of four inches.
Robbers made a wholesale raid in
Hood River early Tuesday morning,
entering the houses of Postmaster
Yates, Dr. Hroslus, A. IX Moe, liev.
J. W. Rigby, C. II. Vaughan, the
Commercial Rooming house and the
rooms of Frank Quinn in the Artisan
ball building.
Ralph Laraway who, was spending
the night at the home of Curl Vaugliaii
was the heaviest loser. The thlcw-K
walked away with a good pair of
trousers, a 100 gold watch and several
pieces of jewelry. llie watch hud
been a gift which he very much
Postmaster xaies says ins wue nan
gone through his trousers the night
before, and the robtierg did nothing
more than take them down stairs,
turn tbe rockets inside out and leave
them on the floor.
Dr. Hroslus missed $12 in cash and
his account book.
In some of tbe houses entered, the
thieves left mud tracks made by their
stocking feet. They effected entrances
with pass keys, and lelt the doors
open when they went out. It iH
thought the robliers were professional
housebreakers. Several people recall
seeing suspicious looking characters
about the city previous to the rot.
The hen house of 1). McDonald on
State street was entered the same
night, and a setting hen robbed of a
dozen eggs on which she had been sit
ting for two weeks.
Deputy Olinger believes it to have
been the work of oue man. He sent a
description of the stolen watches t
Portland, but says he docs not expect
the police in that city to do anything,
as it is their custom to give no at ten
tiou to such matters unless they are
given a lilmral supply of money in ad
The thief made an attempt to enter
the bouse of Bam Hartmess, but was
scared out by a little dog in the
kitchen. Bam says the dog burked so
furiously that he went down stairs
and opened tho door, when tho dug
tore around the yard at a great rate
At the Commercial house, Charley
Morse's watch was taken ; also a watch
from Jess, the Japanese, and some of
his money. Borne 7 in money was
secured from a roomer In the Rigby
The robber discarded an old slouch
hat and a pair of trousers on tho side
walk on the West River street. No
further evidence has been found of
the thief.
Ilecauae it wan impoHHible to coino
to an agreement with the railroad
companion concerning niton to the
April convention or the Development
league, the meeting han been culled
rr n. " '
This) decision cornea an a remilt ol
a meetiiiK between Tom Hichnrdnon,
aecretary and treasurer of the league,
and A. L. CraiK, general paHHener
aKent of the O. 14. 4 N. Co. ; A. I).
Carlton, atMMxtant ueneriil piihhoiikci'
aeut of the Northern Pacifilo; V. K.
Coman, general freight and paxKeiiKcr
axent of tho Southern fiicillc Iiiien in
Oreiron. and A. li. Smith HHHihtimt
Keneral piiHBencr Hent of the North
ern Pacific of St. Paul. Secretruy
Kiiiliiirduon anked the auentM for a
one-fare rate which waa rofiiMod. No
amount of (UbcuhhIoii rtwulted in an
iiKreeinent, and after a ntoiny hiwhIoii
the conference brokeup, Mr. Uiclmrd
soii'a iiiiHHlon came to naught and the
intended annual convention of the
Oregon Development lenKUO In Port
land went up iu Binoke.
K. L. Smith, president of the
league, regrets very much that no
agreement can lie reached with the
railroad concerning a rate to the con
vention, but heartily endorHoH Tom
Kicharduon'H action iu calling the
meeting off. The league wanted 11
one-fare rate, while the roadn would
ooiiHont to nothing Iohh than that of
a fare aud a third. Mr. Smith he
leivea the ronda would have made
money at thin rate.
"Wo had planuedto have a gigantic
convention and large uumbera of del
egntea had already been appointed to
attend," ttaid Tom Kichnrdmin. "The
Martiuam theater had boon doimtoil
free for the tine of the dolcgaten anil
our pluus contemplated a convention
of such magnitude that we were plan
ing to hold it in HoctioiiH, each sec
tion to be devoted to ditl'erent inter
"Wo could not uirord to run any
riak of a niinill attendance. The only
guarantee agaiunt thin wan a one lure
rate. We auked It and were retuneil.
An otTor of a oue-nud-one third, the
regular rate, wan made tin, but thin
would not have nerved our purpose. I
will Hay that Oregon in the only ntnte
I know of where the railroudn do not
allow a one-fare rate. They do bin
for auch movements an the Oregon
Development league in every nection
of the country where 1 have ever boon.
They can afford to do it for the note
purpone of the league In the develop
meut of the state that large."
Hall Playing Starts Itiinaniiy.
lioys plaving ball on Uiver street
Thursday afternoon canned Milton Pen-
ler i team to runawav. llie team wits
in front of McDonald's store, when they
jerked loose and danhed down the uve
nueat utire engine pace. In a moment's
time the horses crashed into the porch
of the lew el building, which collapsed
like an awning.
The wagon broke here, and with tin
front the horses ton" up 1 irst street
toward I.uckev's blacksmith shop, am
were finally stopped, hut not until ti c
harness was torn into nl reds. Pealer
had just come in wi'li a load of brick
for the Pavidson warehouse.
Do Veil Suffer tilth Pyspcpsla
or indigestion? Clarke's Dyspepsia
Tablets will cure you. Price only oOc.
l'r. W. V. Iaraway and son Kalph
arrived Saturday from Iowa to re
main for some time in Hood Kivor.
Mrs. (1. L. Kobiuson of the Bust
Side received the sad news of the
sudden death of her mother at Strong
City, Kaunas. Three daughters re
main to mourn the loss of their
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S3 VSFKfXZEseszi
Ah niinoiincDil by the (iliiciec lust
week in an interview with V. II. Ke
cleH, president of tho Mount Hood
liiiilroad Co., the proposed road up
Hood Kivor valley will be in opera
tion by the lli'nt of October. A ciin
tnict ban been signed with Mason,
lliebisclis ,V doplin for grading to be
in April I. The conlractorn are un
der penally to have their pint of the
work completed by duly 1, when rail
laying will coiliiiieuce.
The route surveyed for the road,
and the one which will probably be
selected, leaves the O. li. A' N. just
east of the depot, sw ings around the
point above the count v bridge anil
crimson to the Knst Side about a mile
and n half up t lie st leiun.
A 'JiHl fool tunnel will have to be
bored at JoIiiisod'h point. Coiitinue
iug thence about, a halt' a mile above
the power house of the Light Co.,
the road makes a turn on i'.vaus'
land, aud continuing on a three
per cent grade follows up Cedar creek
to Mason's place. The line passes to
the right of the timbered but to, on to
the Harbison ranch; upl.cii. creek
and on to Odell, passing near the Kit
tle White Store; I hence southwest
past the property of (ieorge T. I'ra
therand A. H. ISIowern and on to the
timber of the Oregon Lumber Co.
sunt h of Winans.
The exact terminus of the roiul has
not been established. The road will
lie continued no fiuthei than the tim
ber thin summer, but Mr. West says
it is t lie intention of his company to
cont inue on to .Mount llooil In a voar
or two.
C. W. Nibley, president of the La
(irnnde Lumber Co., and a stockhold
er in the Mount llooil liailioad Co.,
wan in Hood Liver Tuesday. Ho ex
pressed himself an ci v much favor
ing a route up tho West Side. Thin
being so much cheaper, and easier
to build, besides being nearer the
timber of the company.
Accepts Advert isimf I'ropesition.
At a meeting of the Commercial
club Tuesday night, nil advertising
olfer from the Kveiiing Telegram for a write up of Hood Kivor was
accepted. The Koiiiuieicial club is to
pay sM." ill, and reiviio otn copies of
thcapcr. This special edition will
be sent til !iili,'t uaiiies of people who
are coming west in t he niont h of April.
The subscription paper passe,! about
town last neck was annulled and a
new one put out instead. It was
agreed by tho cl ib to raise n ?hM0
guarantee fund by the club for adver
tising purposes, it n, i that no further
donations be asked of (he business .
men this year. ,1.1'. I !al holder placed ;
his inline on the list for slmi.
It is the intent ion of the club to
circulate the subscription paper
among t he tanners ol the valley who
have land for sale. Contributions1
will also be expectid from all fann
ers w ho w ish to at tract immigration
to the valley.
Have Yen Spray cd ct .'
lift your material of Clarke and save
The Chine-e who li.ivc rented giouu.l
on the I'ar.elise faun for a truck garden
appear to have ninie than their share
ol trouble. While plowing u few weeks
ano, an old while horse ran off and
smashed up all the Lirmiiu: maciiiery.
I. list week one of the cmiipativ wished
to puil out and go lo lVit'and, and a
lainilv racket ensiled. I'licsd.iv, while
ItiivliiL' rented the liiiliillnit known as tho
iiiliiiiiiKollli-e, la iiuiee lo the inihlic In ijciieriil Mm, 1 sunn ie rciuiy 10 1111 mi nie s ior
Senior Millinery on Kiel alter March Sth. I have spared neither time nor money In order m
i.roeiiie llie correct styles In head wear. My niiinv Unais will iipprei'la'e my ureal variety
;,. , i ....Kt.u,- u.l.. M. ,.,mul- utvl , liiiinlv sliuims tlinl every twee ciiM he
A i nlnu. whli li w ill tie
liiiini-'iuiiil to imv shown III Hie lurt-i r cities.
wlsiikmf u hut duplicated.
taking a trunk to the new home of the
Chinese on the farm, the horse runaway
aiiiiin, this time smashing the wagon
ami disappearing in the woods, 'llie
Cclesticl wan heard to remark as the
wagon crashed against the sidewalk:
"Ihimn ; no good."
Oeo. D. Ciilbertson A Co., sold this
week 10 acres of laud for W. K Netf
in the Mount Hood country.
President Kooscvelt has lieartly ap
proved the plans for a conference on
tin' relation of tlio l.nittd Slates to the
Orient, whirl, is to he held
next snni
e position.
mer at the Lewi ami (Murk
White horse with rope on neck. Kewanl of $2.60
for return to me. Homy, the Laundry man. alii
On Fast Side, bet we
Hiick con (.urn itaK lady's
cit-r ollit-e.
n t'eter Mohr's and rity,
shoe. Finder leave at Gla
al;i !'nrty wlin thriMit;h nnntuke ttk parKae
cnntitniliiK Id nek shirt, with niimo ot l-'rimk
rnim tm paper, tnnn WonU 11ms. roeery will
otihi by roimiiliiK sitmu to U.K. 1'rnther. ui:i
Viaitos. Organs, "Cti-ilian" Tiano flayers, all
kinds 'f uniatl instruments. Sheet mil sic, strings
etc. Hest and cht'iipcst hmise in the state. F. U.
Wll,L,:U) AI.DKKST.. l'OKTLANl. ORE. One
block above Oreuiii;in Huilding.
New Spring Suiting.
I have just received a fine line of samples of
Hummer suitings. Call aud see them. 1 am also
prepared Lo m;dte buttons from any maternl ue-sireil.-Jane
CwiP s.
oiti:t;oN. at nil-: closf f m si-
NKSM M Alt. U,
joaiLN and IMseounts 9 M.010 SH
Ovenirafts Mvnrt'd and to Meiued .. .. ,l'.is Ni
Cnitotl fstnit's lltmds i svur eliru-
i'lvmiinus in C. s, bonds...,
Momls iiinl seeuritteft
Knowing bouse, tui'iiUure and h-
Current expenses and taxes paid
One I'mm national bunk, tnol reserve
lm- from approved reserve a;entn....
Cheeks and other cash items
Notes ol other iiittiuiial bank-
Fraetional paper eni rene , nickels
ami crnls
Spce'M ti,,VJ r
Cenal lender notes 4).tHI ...
lieiti inption hind with C. S. lieaiii-
er i-'i per cent d cireulationi
;:ii. ii ;
"MIM !
bt.x-O.OT i
41 :ti
;ui ot) :
.vi.;i7 i
S!K, 1 IS !C)
1.1 Vltl 1.11 I KH,
Capital stock paid in $ iMum 01
mm plu mini .'t.tmti mt
National Hank notes outstanding. .. it JO' tut
Individual deposiis Mibjeel toclieck l.i.'i- Ni
ltfitmnd deposit 5
Time eert llieates ot deposit Il,7s7.:m
Cash ler'b eh eksnusutnditif; 10 tm
Total T',l i
stale of (Hecoii. County of Wiisco, ss;
1, F O. Hlan.'liar. cashier ol the above
named bank, do solemn u swear that the
Htov e statement is ime to The best of m
know lcdi;e and belu-t.
K. o. Ill, Wi ll Ml. i asiiicr.
CoKKinr, Aitesi: F. s. Stanley, F. 1.. Smif',
.lobu Hiurtebs, ireelors.
Sulist lilted Slid Minru to be lor. 1110 llli ''1st
dav ot March 10
V. C liliiH'K, Notary Public.
For Mite of i tret n.
Civil and Architectural Engineer
and Surveyor.
Oitlee, second St., adjoin ULg W'saiooma Hotel,
liesidetuv alter April 1st, Country lub Inn.
K. b. Smith nlllce, nltusted next to Itriidley's
lele. . i I show h ili-C'hlss lmvell ies 111 bless
I ..-.elusive -'itns imuie to order for those not
M MK. aiihott.
Noii .o of Election.
Notice of ar aWction l.jr iV Lurnoiw of di'ter-
mininR wh -i i.. r or not the i i i-oKuii Hood Kiver
lrriialic.' l i;i;'ri''t lifrp'n atu. t. HirnUiil Khali
be oryar. .. u uit . ' iirtivinions ol the uvi of
the Legislative Ai.n .inb.y f theHtnte of OrtRon,
aiiin)ve( Fubrcary IH1' i.
Notice in kvn by piven ibat Uit Giunty Court of
tho state ot On K'ti ttr liit-t'ounty of Wasco, on
thelbthdnv at Xtiuivh, 19o.. miule an onii'r
tabliwhiriK i he proposed HwkI Kiver lrritrution
UiMtrict, the bounnariea of which are as follows,
to wit:
Commencing !a i the Northeast corner of the
i northwest quarter of Section thirty-three,
Townshiu three North. Range ten Fast, W. M.
I In Wasco County, Oregon, and running thence
West one half mile to the Northwest corner of
t said section thirty-three; thence South one mile
j to the corner common to Sections thirty-two and
; Lhirtv-three. Township three North, Range ten
Fust, and Sections four and five in Township two
North, Range ten Fast; thence West one mile to
the Northwest corner of Section five. Township
, two North. Range ten eaat; thence South two
1 miles to the Southwest corner of Section eight in
said Township and Range; thence West eighty
i rods; thence South eighty rods; thence Faat eighty
! n !: tn tho Sect i m line tetween Sections seven
. ttren and eighteen! in said township and range;
thence South eighty roils; thence Fast twenty.
seven nxls; thence South eighty rodee, thence Fast
: one hundred and thirty-three rods; thence south
i forty rods; thence West one hundred and sixty
rods to the Section line between said Sections
I seventeen and eighteen; thence South two hun
dred rods to the tiuarter section corner between
Sections nineteen and twenty in said townshp and
Range; thence West three-quarters ot a mile to
point eighty rods West of the center of said
Section nineteen; thence South one half mile to
the sect ion line between Section nineteen and thirty
in said Township und Range; thence West one-
quarter of a mile to the corner common to Sections
nineteen and thirty Township two North, Range
ten rjist; and twenty-four & twenty-hve in Town
ship two North, range nine Fast; thence South
two miles to the Township line at the Southwest
corner of lownship two North, Range ten Fast
thence east along said Township line to the point
where the same intersects to the left bank of the
stream of Hood River; thence along the left bank
of Hood Kiver to the point where the same
tersects with the irrigating ditch of the Farmers
Irrigating Company; ihenee along the North and
West line of said irrigating ditch to a .xsint eighty
rods Fat and eighty rods South of the center of
Section thirty-three. Township three North,
Range ten Fast; thence North one-hundred and
sixty rods; thence West eighty rods; thence North
eighty rods to the point of beginning.
Notice is turther given that said Court by said
.l.,i;13i,,ntuJ 0...4 u.,wl .1 ''II I
onlenlisignatei and named said district the 'Hood
River Irrigation District," and for the purpose of
determining whether or not the said purposed
irrigation district shall he organized under the
provisions of Chapter V of title XXXIX of Bell
inger & Cotton's Annotated Codes and Statutes
of the statenf Oregon, the same being an act of
the Legislative Assembly of the state of Oregon,
approved February 2(1, lHIift, an election will be
held at the Barrett school house in said district on
Saturday, L'th day wf April. liMtS, which said elect
ion will be held and conducted as nearly as pract
ical in acent dance with the general laws of the
state of Oregon, provided that no particular form
of ballot shall be required, ami that the provisions
of the election laws as to the form of ballots
shall not apply. At said election, the electors
shall cast ballots which shall contain the words:
"Irrigation district-Yes" or "Irrigrtion dist rot
No" or words equivalent thereto, and said ballot
shall also contain the names of persons to be voted
for to lilt the various elective uihces prescribed in
said act aUwe mentioned, namely: an Assessor, a
Collector, a treasurer and a Board of three Diret
tors for said proposed irnfation district.
The whole of said proposed irrigation district is
situated in one election precinct, and the election
in said Bane't school house within the proposed
district shall tie held for the entire district.
Witness the Hon. A. F. Iake, County Judge,
and Hons. H. J. Hihhard and C. H. Stoughton
County Commissioners of the County of Wasco,
state of Oregon, and the seal of the aasi Court,
th's iOth day of March, A. l lHon.
lSeai.1 S. BOLTON, Clerk.
Annual Meeting Apple
Growers Union.
Tht tminbtrs of the Apple Growers Union are
horchy nut itied lhat their annual meeting will be
hi'M Satimlny Aitail I at 2 p m. AM members are
nutti to lie present. The seltvtion of a new
boarti of threctors, the biuldinir of a new ware
house ami many other important questions pre
taming to the general welfare of the apple trrow
eift of imr valley, will be carefully considered.
Come one. come all. Let us reason together.
A. I. MASON. 1'res.
V. . I'HUKCH.Sec y
llt'sl Spravlnit .Katrrlal
at the lowest prices at C! rite's store.
For Sale
W will sell our real est te businesa. Good bu.
sine and fine prospect fur coming year, fire
life and accident insurance; collections, noou
River Real Estate and Exchange Co.
30 acres of fine orchard land adjoining new
county road; all unaer aitcn; o ;
take contract to clear part ot land a ton r
desires. Cali on or writ to A. bchiller,'.
Rick m.m In venrs old:, Hamiltonian stock;
weight about 1100. Price $76. John Lawless, K.
F. O. No. 1.
cu.iu,m. r.Unt.- 1': miles from town on Bel
mont road. J. L. Mulkins. 'S
Seven-room house and four lets on Hood River
heights; 60 fruit trees: strawberries and other
mull fniiui: also fine shrubbery. Call on or ad
dress F. P. Brown, Cor. June and E St. mil
Hay at J. W. Jenkins place. F. Fossburg. a!3
Vnr Hv I will offer the Brace place, six
Kirwii oront nf nrmt nrtiee. for SI 500 cash. Large
eight roomed house, plastered and papered. Two
lots 100x100ft; large two story nam. x ne price uu
this property goes up aoon.-Kdwin A. Hender
son, Agent;
A SNAP.-Large eight room house, two lota
and barn, a bargain for cash. In lower HcmhI
Kiver and corner Iota worth $2000; will sell for
llftOO; offer expires in a few days, aftr which the
price will be ra;sexl.-fcdwin a. nenuerson,
Agent m
Hon hp nd t wo lots at the office of T. W.
Tweedy on the heights. Bargain for $1100. al3
High-class top buggy; also single harness.
Bee U.J. OeHHling. a!3
Krean Jersey cow. H. R. Tucker.
Bnff Orpington and leghorn eggs for hatch
ing, i'rioen. Auna M. auuerauu.
To be sold cheaD a light spring wagon In
good order; would take some hay Ineiuhange
Apply at Hock ford store, near Barrett selmol
house. ultt
Best tested mated Homer pigeons. Fach
pair registered and guaranteed good breed-
era. H. L. ram sti, Tabor Helguta, rortland.
(ire. mw
An 8x10 tent In good cnndltlnn; about 1IXU
ftwt rough lumber; new drop-licul Hewing
machine; bed spring, kltch n furniture, luuiil
ifrist mill In good hIiri e; new eurpi tiler tool.
u. ( . rercy, w :nnn uuiiiip ii. ai:i
If you are lookintr for ersa fu.-m f ull-bluc'Ica'
Barred Plymouth Rocks with pi:ie yellow Icks und
beaks from pnze-winninK sttK-k. y:u can (ft jusi
such ckjb that will bri :g ; oi pil7.r-win:i.fiK
chickens. Alletrirs are Kunianteed. Mis. IWay
ford. Rockford Store, near llanett schixil. au
.ease on lots for 111 vciiis, 'tore tuiililn ,
flrst-cltiss bakery und orTil'ri'tlonery, ulso
uwentng nouse. j. 11. wiinnm. nnni
IhRveforsale one spun of inures, ' weight
about 154)0 pounds etich; also kooiI set tnmii
harnes, one set chain harness, 1 witgon, 1
hack; 1 field cultivator. 1 garden cultivator,
about 5 U)ns loose clover hay very cl an; also
one full-blooded Jersey cow 4 yours old. V. ;.
trockjllotidjllver. inlltf
Old hickory S-ln tire waon nearly new.
Frank llourdiuan. m;E0
2 acres and 6-room house on LyniHn Smith
avenue; small orcianl, garden und clover.
Cheap Ifsold quick. K.W.Udell. iu:l
An Iversi& Tond piano. In ood condilion.
will sell at about half price. Any one wish.
I inr a piano will do well lo look me up. II. M.
Horse, weight atiout H.'iO, true to work and
dr've; price rlitht. Also A I bicycle. Ad
d.ess It. W.Caldwell, cure Fashion Mtuble. m:W
(!Kd milk cow six years old, Rives a gal
lons milk a day. One ftne yearling heller for
sale cheap. Frank Neff. in'iif
Thorough bred Cocker Spanlel;8 mos, old.
('all on Dr. Jenkins.
101)0 acres best Hood Kiver fruit land In
tracts to suit the purchaser. Cheap. Seethe
owuer, W. K. WINANS, at forks nud falls of
H(H)d river, also some good homesteads on
government land Hood River, or. mill
I have close to town severnl hundred cords
of wood, cut last October, for sale Inlnritcnr
small quantities; 4-foot pole oak 4.7:1 ir cord
delivered; 10-Inch body oak 85.rJn per cord de
livered; 4-foot pole pine or fir $l.i" per cord de
livered. Am also ready to contract lor Hi-Inch
pineal H.75 per cord delivered, of which I
have several hundred ricks not yet thorough
ly seasoned. All wood best quality. Prompt
dellyery. Call me up ou phone.
ni30 Murray Kay.
tlood driving horse for sale; weight 1WK); 7
years old; or will trade for heavy work horse.
Murray Kay,
One mile from town, lower Kast Side roud.
T.m horses, wetgtit S1O0. ;nt-np if tnU'en
at once. in:W Edwin Knowles.
Clover, wheat and timothy lilv: price from
$13 to if 15 a ton. J. o. Cameron, lnikcs Val.
Lady's bicycle In good repair, price SI'i. Ap
ply at Keyslone ranch. Idel woodworth.
Kpan of blacks lor Hale. Known as the
John Rogers team,
feblt) ty. O. I). WOODWORTH.
Will sell or rent 5 acres, all In cultivation,
wilh Irrigating water, within ten in I mites'
walk of school house. Inquire of Dr. Wall.
For sale, first-class ( 'lark Seedling straw ber
ry plants, until thev are gone. Ueo. Mcintosh
AlMITa, clover, wheat and timothy hay,
also dry pine wood cut In stove lengths,
al P. I). HINIUCIIH. It. F. I). 2
For sale, my farm, tulles fro n town,
mile from school honseand church, consisting
of 140 acres; 80 acres improved, 400 one and
two-year old Hpiuenherg and Yellow New
town apple trees, !0 trees old orchard; fi acres
In clover, 8 acres wheat. Will sail In whole or
In part. al.S Jerome Wells.
Dry lG-iuch pine wood. Sl.liO at place, 81 M
delivered. H. . Ordway, on I.yman Smith
place. aii
S.OiH) Newiown and i-pltzenberg trees, 2 year
old, 10 cents each. F. k. Hroslus. a0
Clark's Heedling strawberry plants, 81 ..") iwr
l.lWO. J.T. Nealeigh, Hood River. si
10 acres, 5 cleared, y. acres In early Merries,
ISO fruit trees, good Mouse and stable, one
mile fiom White Salmon postolllce. Fine
cherry and apple land. Kasv terms. Trice,
S1.V), including tools. Inquire H. M. Abbott,
'"J'llnery store. all
4-room house, 2 lots 100x130; water In house:
easy terms. H.M.Abbott, millinery store.
8-room house, 2 lots; overlooking T'oiuuihla;
In Wauenma addition. Terms. H. M. Ab
bott millinery syire. at)
Horse, hack aTid 'ubl"eharuei5r- II. M
Abbott. m;
Span of heavjiukliiTrses for sale "by Frank
Chandler. Phone Till.
Will sell a a'vin. wagon, orlraifelor li -'C
In. wagon FAMassee, Willow Flat. all
K0 acres at I'henowlth; house, iiarn; about
14 acres In cultivation; spring water; mosilv
fenced. 1'rlue I2UI. K. .1. Mills, Hood Hivef.
I'lynioulh Rock eggs; phone 12HI). H. F.
Moses. uu
Ihi ion want n driving team or riding
horse? irso see Tucker. I will have six hesd
Saturday, IHtli, at any old price. H. It. Tucker.
Second-hand well drill In good order; o ie
that will drill about 4(0 or 600 feet. John
Lawless, R. V. D. No. 1. al l
Wanteds showcase, five or six feet long.
Wend particulars lo I', o. box 31' Hiaid Kiver
or. n li
Man to work on strawberry ranch at White
.Salmon, steady work to gisid man. Can fur
nish house to man with lainilv. Address or
apply to W. jCAHH. Underwood, Wash, m o
A one-horse hack must be In good order, o.
M. DeWllt, Hiaid Kiver. all
2 good wood cutters on big pines.
M urray
Information about some household B'mmN
and a trunk which were sold Nov. 1ft, l'.sn, in
Hood Kiver. They were shipped to M. T
Thompson. Address Mary Hoalnmu, care ol
Frank Moenty, Tampico, Wash. mil
Wanted to rent, a giant ranch. Tor a term ol
3 to 5 years, Impilre of T. H. Weekly, at llu
second Hand store.
Wanted, six or eight young hens, I'lytnonlli
Rock preferred, l'hone 20:1. M. I.. Kmry. li.
I'alr Lady's kid glove aud child mitten,
l-efl at thlsolttce.
Wishing to set-tire land under the ov, m
nienl Minadoka land and water projii-t, Ida
ho, see H. M. Abbott. aa
Carpet Weaving-.
All kinds 01 carpet
from old carpets,
f. If
weivir.g. Iiiit made
MI'S. (ioDSKY.
lliKidJtlv.'r Heights-.
Minnrr.jis Xr. nv-nino
w uuuj
rlrst-eiass stock si. ID an.l 4t il n
etling. Ralph K. Lewis, llelmoui. Ml
Real Estate
Fine biiHLii'iM lot on '""'"i ftreet for
tltiOO on insllilliiK'iit, or 1 "MR) cash.
5 acri-H etrawU'iry lni J, i ucri'8
cleared, 2-1 acri-s in l i i h n. 2 Hinoll iot
t:iurs ;i niilesout on Wni iuli-, $1100;
iW0 or more eaitli.
ii.' acres nt Ut liiiDiit, (1 neri g in cul
tivation, eottaue aud uulbuiiiliiii.'S, 150
apple trees, 2 acres BlniwborrieH, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; $750 or more cash.
New U-roomi'd cottngc, patent bath .
and closet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100: terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $5f)0.
Two lots, new tl-roomed bouse, patent
bath and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-ronmed cottage, lot 70 by
U0, on the bill, $1200; terms reasonable.
For Sale 9000 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,0(10 per day; 1 planing
mill, capacity ;i,000 feet per day; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
WKK); 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 bouses, rented; 10
head horses and harness; 9 road wag
ons, 3J H; 1 longing truck; 5 pair
sleighs; 30 head cattle; 50 head hogs;
000 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near Uilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-rnom
house; Straimhan addition ; $1100; terms
I or Bale The Abbott Store property
on the bill. 1'rice, $3,000.
14 acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. t'iO per acre.
Terms etsy.
A h0 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, I I miles from liar
rctt school house, fl.liW.
Manna house and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by ). K. (ialligan; tiOacre.
30 'cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy; well irrigated ;largo
U-stry mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price $10,000. lirook runs through ranch.
Kasy lei ins; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood Kiver.
For Sale The Donahue block on the
hill. Improved anil fenced. Fine resi
dence, barn and outbuildings. $4r,(H).
Will sell the KK for flKX), the NF-U
for $700, or the WJa for $3500. One
third cash, balance time at 8 per cent.
The Hunt place mile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Price, $1450.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of valley on county road. Price $1,500;
has small house, running w ater, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale lliautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood Kiver, lielonging to George K.
Forsyth ; 100 acres good fruit land;$4000.
8. KiO acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
!. The ti-acre place in Crapper neigh
borhood, known as the Kenshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc.
Five acres at Frankton; cottage and
acre and a half in cultivation. Creek
and water power; $1,000.
Lots 10, 11, 1L block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $l,(i00; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Funr-fiiths interest in the
M. 0. Wheeler Kill ac-es near Hood
River Falls.
For Sale H evidence on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Kxchanuc for Hood Kiver
property Fine residence in business
center of Suinpter.
Money to i . ;i .
Ten acres impnned, on White Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. al F':ii:s.i,,:i ; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Fniporiiini are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, ami the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From and after this date, April 9, 1903,
tho rates will he as follows; $10 a day ;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Bargains jnjeal Estate.
3-room house, lot 100x100, oppo
siUschool house; sightly location; very
cheap, (iet our price.
2. 4 room house, two lots TiOxKIO feet
each, city water; three blocks fr"iu
sheool house; pleasant location. Price,
3. 10 acres Rood apple and strawberry
land, four acres cleared, 12o fruit trees,
one acre strawberries, 4-rooni house,
well, stable, wood shed and pack
ing house nud chicken bouse.
Price $12)0
4. 5-rooni house, brow of hill, over
looking Columbia, one block from high
school building, (jnotl well and city
wntjr; large wood house; good chicken
house; ha oOxloO; or if desired, lot
". (i-rnom bouse, fine location, over
looking the Columbia. $iO0.
II. lour tine lots for $17") each, 4 for
$loO each, below brow of hill, overlook
ing the Columbia.
Hood River
Real Estate & Exchange Co.
Hood River, Ore.
For Rent.
4 unfurnished Mousekeeninw looms- I.nth.
hot an i-o, water: lllowers ail J. Inoirlienf
Mil II. .1. Fredericks
al I
li-rouin house; Inith: hot and cold water- Hon
yard mid lu rry patch; lllowers add. Inui.ire
Mrs. II.. I. l-'tede,icks.
ill rent the summer resort buildim; on
Iaradi-e lurin for a number of lears to ie
sponsiMp party; ulso t wo ivchafds of cboii-e
apple---, a'vi ten le-n s sown ti wheal and s It
lor one year. Here is a chance for some live
man to uiiike money. No man who does not
intend to comply with his eonlruct need ap
ply. Also a house lo rem at Ji, n nionth. lief
crenel's reunited. Adams, I'aradlse Farm
For term of :l or s years, a good healthful
home; bes 111 1 1 ul scenerv : known as 0.1k ( lid's
home; opposite Hood Uiv.-r, and In plain
view. 1.001I ! n 1 house and convenl nt
oiitliiiildie.Bs; L-o.,,1 fences and pasture- over
li) hearing fruit tree.-: acres in grain; onlv 1
mile from postolhce arid store. Natural home
"I the stra-liciry: earliest on llie hill. None
hut Mlable tanners need apply. No.lestrnc
tive families U rite to or call on Harry Olseu
I nderwood. Wash. -J,.
Lower il.H.r ot coitage'faeliii state street on
I aradise lartn, either with or without gar l.-n.
l'. furnished 1-iHnn to rent. Mot ami
water. Inquire of Mrs. II J. Frederick. niO
r:,n,:J''i,'mr'' f"n.wne.i by M. nm .
at Mt. Hi aid. :!l) acres In hav. acres st-w'
N'rries, and enough ireefru. Is for home use.
..Kid buildings, plenty of water. For parti.-ul
lurs applyo tin iM lllls.rtson ,v I'o.
One seven-p,m house: free water" aridirar.lOT
gmund: H,l Rive, . heights; inquire Star " VrT
nMisp. Mrs. E. C Hftv-iwrry. ftfi
Treasurer's Notice.
,LZirv"ant- ir
j- .. '; " ' "epa 1 on eie-enii. on
..... . .uvnmt en is niier Mire 1.,.
ounty Irei-urer,